FPS Mailing List Links recorded from the Funday Pawpet Show Mailing List, everything from news and current events to even more assorted net weirdness! Also contains (when I can find the URLs, or get them in channel) links to animations that appeared on The Show, or in the Live IRC Chat room of folks watching it each Sunday.
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Generally, the closer an item is to the top of the list, the more recently the link appeared on the Pawpet Show mailing list.



PAWPET SHOW IN THE NEWS! – TvTropes has an article about the show, and a huge list of injokes and events during the run. Even has a picture of Poink posing with Conan O’Brian (photoshop) Show is on the map! Tropism. Wiki.
COMPARE THE MEERKAT – Photorealistic furry short commercial. Meerkat.com “Featuring the Most Awesome Hat in History” Lookout Geico gecko.
ORIGIN OF “OH NO I’M A TOMATO!” – Simba says he got the catchphrase from an episode of Love with Louie, the episode “Pains, Grains & Allergy Shots” It’s linked here a few moments before the phrase.
THE TALE OF THE FOX – A 1930’s B/W video, stop motion. Fully furry puppet cast. Fairy Tales.
COWS & COWS & COWS - .. .. .. Words.. fail.. to describe.. this.. but… it.. will.. *DESTROY*.. *YOUR* … *BRAINNNNNN*… DRUGS.
KAT DANSAR FULDANS – “THE CAT DANCER” An *AWESOME* little goofy web toy, where you control a dancing cat in a stylish suite and ballroom dancing shoes! You can select dance styles for BOTH his *ARMS* and his *LEGS*, resulting in *CHAOS!* Furry! Foreign language pop song in the background. Drugs.
SQUIRREL RIGHTS SONG – Two guys dressed as squirrels sing a garage band song about why they’re upset about their humans nearby uploading videos of them to the internet, and turning them into memes. “We didn’t sign a release! You didn’t get our consent.. to put our privates lives, on the internet!” Fox lawyer helps them out. “Don’t want people to know the secret place where we hide our NUTS!..” Learn how to make your own squirrel noises!
BADGER MAGOO’S GROWING UP – Lady who has a RL badger as a pet! Had to put steel plates underground to keep him from digging out into the neighboor’s yards while allowing him to dig to his hearts content as well. “Badgers do make great pets!”
OSCAR THE BIONIC CAT - RL medical history as a cat who lost its two hindpaws is refitted with metal shafts with a pattern that allows skin and bone to grow INTO them to provide a seal against infection, and allow two artificial paws to be attached, with a realistic wobble. See Oscar walk about right after he wakes up!
CHEESEBURGER SUSHI! – Exactly what it says. Food that the Green Leaves would like to eat. Dispensed at the Yatta truck.
WALKING WITH THE HERDS IN KENYA – Travel piece on traveling in Africa. Only in Kenya.
THE END OF HISTORY – Brewdog’s video. It’s about fursuiters brewing beer. And one guy gets assassinated by a thrown sausage. “This is a 50% BEER! It’s the strongest beer every made by a human-penguin-German and Forest Animals.” Drink up.
PROPER OPOSSUM PEDICURE – If you have a pet opossum, you’ll probably find this weird.
VID BLASTER PRO – Software pitched to make video shows easy to make.
UK WOMAN THROWS CAT IN THE TRASH – Security video shows a UK woman throwing someone else’s pet cat into the recycling bin. Fortunately, she was found before the trash people came.
REVENGE OF THE CAT – Followed up on the story of a cat that was left in a dumpster, fursuiter Sylvester decides to put the old lady in the dumpster himself.
SPRAY-ON CLOTHING IN A CAN TO BE LAUNCHED – Wand clothes that fit like a glove? This mix of cotton and polyeaster, in Fabrican, sprays on, solidifies, and then peels away to form a garment, tailored to whatever you need. Future tech.
SPRAY – EVERYTHING’S BETTER WITH MUPPETS – Rocking Fan music video featuring clips of the Muppet Show, especially Miss Piggy.
LITTLE SUPER STAR DANCE WITH TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE – Spanish language video where a little kid dances with many characters from a theme part. A dragon rawrs, Bumblebee grows and bonks him on the head. Decent special effects, kid rides on Bumblebee’s shoulders and spins. From movie “Kutty Pisassu” 2010.
AARDMAN ANIMATION CREATES WORLD-RECORD-BREAKING FILM for NOKIA – World’s smallest stop-motion character. Dot runs through a scrap book, much like Alice in Wonderland. Literally filmed right under a cell phone camera.


BEST BIKER STORY - STUDENT'S BIZARRE ATTACK ON HELL'S ANGELS - It's generally a bad idea to tick of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club. It's even a worse idea to moon them, throw a puppy at them, then hijack a bulldozer and drive it into their headquarters in Munich, Germany.
CHILDREN OF MUPPETS CREATOR EYE 3D, DIGITAL FUTURE - An update about the Henson company and the family.
ALPHA AND OMEGA - MOVIE TRAILER - An Alpha Wolfess and an awkward Omega wolf are both captured in this goofy, romantic, furry CGI film, sent as part of a Repopulation programin Idaho. Omega "I'm fine with that!" Alpha puts a paw over his muzzle "Hello? No." Begin the situation comedy cartoon awesomeness! Cute!
DULUX COMMERCIAL - MARLIE - Unending HORDES of RL sheepdogs run through the streets in this paint commercial!
80's TEEN HEARTTHROBS - THEN AND NOW - Before and after pictures of 24 teen stars, and the middle-aged adults they've become.
SHEEPDOGS IN COMMERCIALS - Relative of Mutt or Ezra? Singing dog sings about brilliant colors of pain. Dulux.
COUPLE DISCOVER THEY CROSSED PATHS AS KIDS IN DISNEY WORLD - A prophetic early photo shows two kids who grew up to be husband and wife. Apparently Captain Hook's sidekick Smitty has a magic touch. Maybe the magic is real?
LATE NIGHT LAWSUITS - THE LYING WEASEL ON TWITTER - Garrison things someone might be copying Poink out there?
FACE IN SPACE - NASA offers to let you fly your face in space. Weird.
THE DARKEST OF DARK PIES - HOW TO MAKE A SCHADENFREUDE PIE - Enjoy the essense of the misfortune of others with a taste of this dark, rich, bittersweet desert.
2010: FALCON 9 (SPACEX) - The independent space company SPACEX makes its first successfull launch! The start of a new era!
THE CAT TWEETER. Makes a cat sound like a bird.
THE TRUTH BEHIND THE GIANT SINKHOLE IN SOUTH AMERICA - Many new recent photos have shed light as to what actually caused the mid-city sink hole. Are you ready for.. A GIANT KITTY CAT? And that's JUST the beginning... conspiracy theories. Just plain GOOFY.
ZAKUMI - Lion mascot for the FIFA World Cup 2010 soccor tournament in South Africa.
EQUINE LEG EXTENTIONS - DIGILEGS DEMO - Gives the skin-on, skin-off view of how a set of fursuit digitigrade legs work! Very realistic! Furry technology. Girl dances in them a bit.
SHIT MY KIDS RUINED - A website photo archive of all the things the author's young children managed to destroy in the course of growing up. "I asked my song to bring me the Ipod.. in the time it took him to cross the room, he disabled my Ipod for 39 YEARS (21247248 minutes).. I'll be 79 before it unlocks." Parenting is fun ^_^
2 SENSE - 2 the Ranting Griffin now has his own video show to go along with the audio rants, the latest of which can be found here.
ANIMATED SHORT - "POP" A cartoon rooster and a fox find themselves in a large field FILLED WITH CHAMPAIGNE BOTTLES! They try them out.. only to discover that blasting corks make very good weapons! Matrix moves as each take turns bombarding each other with corks, dueling until they're both senseless. Sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing. Beware the chicken in your glove compartment. FIGHT! Battle. War is DUMB.
THE SHAK SLEEPING BAG - A Shark Sleeping bag, in which the user pretends to having been eaten up to the neck by a giant great white shark. Fun for all the kids! Up there with the Star Wars tonton sleeping bag.
CONAN ILLUSTRATOR FRANK FRAZETTA PASSES - Pioneer in modern fantasy adventure art.
TOYSREVIL - THE SHAK ACTION FIGURE - An inflatible shark that almost looks menacing."
RIOT DOG - Oddly, in many of the photos from riots in Greece since 2008, one dog has gotten into the photographs again and again and again.. coincidence?
POINKCASTS - Poink's recently made updates to his website, found here.
THE VERY FIRST DISNEY ICE-CAPADES - Wow, early costuming was EARLY. Fursuiters. Old School. Circa 1957.
IGGY INVESTIGATES AN IPAD - A RL cat checks out music and goofy games on an ipad, finally starting to bat at the touch screen, and actually getting it to work! This is SO CUTE!! Cat plays the PIANO!
CITY'S TOP SQUIRREL - Pearl the Squirrel just because the mascot for the New York Parks Department "As the wags at FARK.com put it, she narrowly edged out Vinnie the Rat"
MODERN WONDERS "I HAVE TO DIAL MY OWN PHONE? PART ONE" "DIAL COMES TO TOWN" Old Black and White instructional video, as actors explain to the worried populace how replacing all their phones with ones with DIALS is no cause for alarm. Grandpa is up in arms at all this newfangled technology! Old school. Public service announcements.
RAABE, 'WIZARD OF OZ' MUNCHKIN ACTOR, DIES AT 94. "Munchkin Coroner is really most sincerely dead".
AVATAR DANCES IN FERNGULLY'S DUNE - Comic chart that shows all the detailed plot similarities between the movies Avatar, Dances with Wolves, Disney's Pocahontas, Dune, and FernGully. Right down to the hippie moments. Plot hooks, plot holes.
THE ELECTRONIC DIGERIDOO - No, really, it's like an electric guitar, only it's a FREAKING HUGE HORN instead. Kangaroos and other Australian folk will rejoice as aboriginal technology reaches the internet age. Still hard to pack in a suitcase though. Wind instruments. Musical instruments.
FURRIES DO INDEED MAKE THE INTERNET GO - "FERRETS KEY TO BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE BETWEEN CITIES AND RURAL AREAS" - RL Ferrets are being put down internet cable pipes to help lay cables and detect breaks in existing ones. Cute picture of ferrets hissing at a Ferret Working sign.
HOW TO MAKE PEEPSHI = PEEPS SUSHI - The apex of evil doom itself, how to construct decently-looking sushi out of marshmellow peeps, rice krispie treats, and fruit by the foot. "Do not eat an entire Peeps roll. Unless it's a challenge. (Honor must be kept at all costs)" Spits or Swallows. Easter. Peeps challenge deluxe.
SCOTTISH SUSHI - Uncyclopedia article about making sushi in Scotland. Parody of Wikipedia.
GUNTHER-LA LA LA DING DING DONG - Totally shameless music video where a guy wakes up with four girls and sings a song about romance. Very little is left to the imagination, yet somehow it stays PG-13 all the while. Valentine's Day with a bullet! Cheesy romantic foreign accents. Gunther and the Sunshine Girls.
FUNDAY PAWPET SHOW #452 BLITZ SINGING ABC! - What it says, Pawpet Kareoke! Jackson 5.
SALVAGE LOVE - DEATH BEAR AND FRIENDS - Is Romance getting too industrialized? Here are several groups/companies that specialize in making breakups less painfull. Death Bear (bear decked out in Darth Vader gear) will come to carry away any momentos that bring on painfull memories for you. Pay $10 to IDUMP4U.com, and a friendly impersonal person will give your boyfriend the dark message you don't have to guts or courage to deliver yourself. Love in the internet age. Evil Valentine's Day.
THE SQUIRRELS WHO LOVE TO GET STUCK INTO COCONUTS - RL wildlife photo as garden variety squirrels try to clean every last bit out of two coconuts suspended on strings, ending up standing upright wearing coconut HEADS Jack-o-lantern style. Halloween? Foods.
BUCKS FIRST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION COMMERCIAL - Fursuiter deer pretends to be hit by a car. "Oh no! Should we take him to the vet?" "No! Take him to Buck's First Credit union!" they haul him in. "Ladies, you did the right thing." Bucks are treated well there, get massages and everything, even the chance to make more bucks! "We took our first buck to the bank." "Oh NO! What happened?' Fun with puns. Lucky buck.
BUTT DRUGS COMMERCIAL - Commercial for "Butt Drugs", an actual pharmacy owned by Mr. Butt in Corydon, Indiana. Done as a goofy music video. Lots of kind patrons say "We LOVE Butt Drugs!" while the ironic band plays "You can tell Walmart, CPS and Walgreen.. excactly where to stick it!" "Free parking, in the rear!" Fun with subtley. From ILoveLocalCommercials.com Amazingly, it's G-rated.
THE PREDATOR MOTORCYCLE - For those who wish to consume the flesh of pedestrians.
MORTAL KOMBAT REBIRTH - As linked by Penny Arcade. Reinventing MK in the real world, as a gritty urban drama in the crimal underworld. The police want a convict to go down and infiltrate a planned tournament of the world's top fighters and serial killers. Who is he, and who are THEY? Fatality.
CREATION OF A SAND MANDALA - An amazing time-lapse chronicle of a team Buddhist monks creating a masterpiece of art out of colored grains of sand over the course of six days with "Detectors in the Eyes" by Andrew Shapiro playing in the background. Once finished, the masterpiece is destroyed.. and the sand used to compose it is poured into a river, so that 'the blessing will travel throughout the world'. You might remember a mandela from 'The Napping Cat's Dream' early comics.

THE PREDATOR MOTORCYCLE - Perhaps something a bit scarrier for relaxed members of the Pawpet Motorcycle Gang to drive.. the last thing pedestrians see is Arnold Swartzenegger's nemesis growling at you as you ride them down.
ADVENTURES OF A HUGE MANATEE - "The life of Hugh G. Manatee" Poinks friend goes to the doctor, the dentist, kisses a cow, reads managines while listening to Muzak.. he's a pretty regular guy, really, aside from being a stuffed sea creature.
POINKTCAST - EYE OF THE TIGER - Poink tries his hand at being an international news presense. Something is coming, go to DEFCOM 1, hide from.. Tiger Wood's Club? o_O It has a mind of its own. "Candygram." The News makes sure everyone knows exactly what The Club is doing 24 hours a day, a public service. Role models for kids.. it COULD be worse.. remember Michael Vic? Plenty of role models in politics, movie starts, even the clergy. Wait.. nevermind. "How dare he screw up, and be human?" Last guy who pulled this was in the White House, and we had a budget surplus. Time to move on and start hitting golf balls again.
THE KIDDLE KN-COEG-3 NIGHTHAWK CARBON MONOXIDE AND EXPLOSIVE GAS ALARM - A device that might be very helpfull on the Pawpet Show set. "Poot Detector"
THE FUR COLLAR - A mixed drink, and how to make it.
CAT ROULETTE - Feline form of Chat Roulette.. where you not only have webcams of random people.. you have cams of what their cat companions are doing as well. Still can get racy, though.
POINKCAST - VALENTINE'S DAY - The most romantic day of the year.. Groundhog Day! Oh, and the V-day. Getting the most out of Greek words. Shooting people in the butt with arrows is supposted to inspire love? Best ways to celebrate Valentines Days, Poink Edition. *CANDY* What does your Little Candy Heart say to you? *CARDS* Cthuhlu loves you. So do the Snorks. Don't let parents pick out the cards. "Why don't you show your love for those special to you every DAY, instead of just on Special Occasions?" Be good to your right hand. No, nevermind. Don't get him started about flowers.
POINKCAST - PRO STATE - At home, Hugh is flipping channels. "God, that Matlock is one sexy bitch.." shattering bathroom window. A public service annoucer that sounds a lot like Poink starts talking to Hugh about his prostate. "That's why we're endangered! We can't tell the mens from the womens!" "Why is that?" Hugh beebles. Hugh's prostate is the key to destroying Ed Asner? You.. really just have to listen to it, it defies description :) (o_O) Seriously.
THE GADGET HACKWRENCH RUSSIAN CULT - Fans of the Girl Genius-class inventor mouse from Disney's "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" (Chipindale.. was that joke -intentional-?) hang up posters of her on public buses, and gather before the winged visage of her awesomeness on murals they take with them as they travel the world.
REDNECKS DOEN BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Queen, the Country Western version. (Does EVERYONE filk this song??)
RL SQUIRREL LOVES TO RIDE ROLLERCOASTERS - 'Squirrel banned from riding rollercoast' Daredevil squirrel pictured jumping onto cares at the Alton Towers theme part,
MORE CLIMATE CHANGE INFO. Yes, global warming can cause severe weather.. LIKE THIS WINTERS'S SNOW STORMS. Clip from the Daily Show as it does an unusual weather report.
SCREAM GUY SPOTTED ON TV - Guy in mask goes "Yaaaaa"
THE FUNNIEST (BANNED) SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL EVER! - "Rolling Rock" beer commercial, where the ball gains a mind of its own, then repeatly nutshots one person after another all over the stadium. "Nobody's safe! Everybody's running!" Two guys with piece guards stay. "Nut Shot of the Week."
FUR TV LINKS - DO CONDOMS REDUCE SENSITIVITY? - Puppets test this theory.. by having a condom stretched over one Grover-clone's head while the other one beats him up. Frog stops just before the meat cleaver "Gentleman! This is not the scientific way to test a condom!" He then starts pumping into the backside of a RL woman bent over. "That's what I call sensitive!" 'Rubber rocks. Use a condom.' Public service annoucements.
MORE FUR TV LINKS - "Why Do I Need a Condom?" "What is Unsafe Sex?" "Fur TV - MTV CRIBS" "ED's Furry Fucking Guide to Metal (Polskie Napisy)" "How to Cook Whit With Mervin HD"
THE GEEK HIERACHY - Once again, with Furries on the bottom. I'm pretty sure somebody made this as a troll. Disses Star Trek fans too.
GNILLEY PRESENTATION AT GAME JAM SYDNEY - A brand new game interface! Heard of the telepathy game controller? In this one, the ANGERIER you get, the more damage you do to the Legend of Zelda enemies! "RRRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" they explode. Basically, the guy finishes the whole game by screaming. Fun :)
GOAT GUN SHOES - A bizzare high-heeled show, fashioned from a goat's bigitigrade hoof.. and an actual handgun in the back for the stilleto heel. This is GOT to be for some sort of movie. Hollywood costumes, furry clothes. Emelda Marcos would love these.
TRY TO WATCH THIS WITHOUT LAUGHING - HAMPSTERDANCE REMIX - Lots of animal photos of pets in human clothes going O_O at the camera while it plays.
WATCH THIS 100 TIMES YOU WILL STILL LAUGH - On a serious Dutch talk show, Boemerang (Boomerang) the host interviews a disabled couple in front of a grim audience. Unfortunately.. the husband has a -VERY SQUEAKY HIGH VOICE- due to botched medical treatment of his vocal chords, and the host, inspite of himself, can't help cracking up, although he tries to put a brave face on it. Finally, it's time for questions from the audience.. and a guy with a SUPER DEEP VOICE talks, sending the host rolling. Is it a prank? Maybe, who knows :) Host works in radio now. Sad.
DRAWING WITH MUTT - 0:18:15 to 0:25:30 of Show #317. Mutt shows people how to 'draw an angry person' with some misgivings.. some sort of in-joke is going on? Drawing quickly goes awry as triangles turn into other things, and the stage starts to disintegrate. Family Fued *EEEEEEH!* buzzer. 'Wacky NuNu'? Trogdor?
SLEEP TALKING MAN - Blog about the random mumblings of a woman's husband as he sleeps, recorded here for all the world to see. Sleep Talkin' Man. "I'm sorry. I just ate asparagus. You'll have to clean the toilet."
MANATEE BUMP - Repeating Gif of a manetee floating toward the glass enclosure of its underwater pen, then nosebumping and drifting back like a bouncing ball. "Something for Hugh."
FOX STEALS MY BAG - RL video of a feral fox that visited some hikers out in the woods, very hungry, and willing to approach for some gummi bears. It tries to steal one guy's backpack at one point. Arctic fox.
A FOX THIEF! - A small red fox tries to steal a guy's tennis shoe at the beach, leading to a frantic camera-holding chase, then another as he tries to get back to camp with the fox following him.
PHIL HARRIS & SCATMAN CROTHERS REMINISCE ABOUT ARISTOCATS - Guys from the Disney movie do some music from the movie, from a 1978 Special for the Wonderful World of Disney. Baloo guy. Bear Neccessities song.
POINKCAST - SEXY - The best way to destroy Osama Bin Laden? Find what women want. (?) Guys want to know how to get laid. Girls figure out guys easily. "We're like Gremlins.. except we can eat after midnight and we don't mind getting wet *SPLASH*" Three rules for pleasing guys. Yes, no controversy here. Guys bend over backwards trying to please mysterious women. Suggested reading: '237 reasons why Women Have Sex'. "This is the Harry Potter and Twilight of guy books!" One big reason? "To get help with the housework." Record screeches. Cue the rant. The Shamwow guy Owns You.
Info about 'Why Women Have Sex', the book of 237 reasons. (God I love Google)
FURRY VENGEANCE! - New movie coming out, where a green community is about to get nuked by a big developer, and the RL animals want to protect their forest. So they gang up on the agent of the company, making his life a living hell in the cutest, most creative ways possible. "Warning! Cute skunks and raccons ahead!"
RUNNING FROM CAMERA - Well, these are a bunch of photos of people doing.. just that.
POINKCAST - FULL SERVICE - Poink serves Hugh breakfast, with freshly squeezed Diet Coke. "Just like my privates!" While Hugh enjoys himself, Poink goes to make the broadcast. Customer Service, or the lack of it. Folks putting pickles on your food that would rather fantasize about Spongeebob? Girl at gas station greets people with "May I help the next Guest?" Abused words. People who use your first name for pseudo familiarity. Guests aren't Customers.
POINKCAST - SAUCED! - It's a Poink Christmas. What do the gifts people give say to you? Colone for Christmas? o_O Carefull, it burns. Cook books lead to a greater chance of kitchen explosions. Frappe and drinks don't mix, may impode the universe. Guys like to improve things, which often doesn't. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire.
ARNOLD STANG, Sublime Sidekick, Dies at 91. Voice of Top Cat, the felinine incarnation of the Bowery Boys and Phil Silver's Sgt. Bilko in the 1960's cartoon from Hanna_Barbera, and Herman the Mouse.
THE MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY ON WHAT'S MY LINE? - Garrison upload "For all the prehistoric video game system lovers out there. The contestants think they're doing -something- on the screen.. think it might be risque? Genesis of video games.
ALAINA REED HALL HAS DIED. She was 'Olivia' on Sesame Street back in the late 1970's and early 80's, and in '227'.
POINKCAST - PET PEEVE - Poink on Pets. Fish and a cat. Good for people who 'want to have children, but aren't sure they're ready for the responsiblity'. Won't reveal the Balloon was a publicity stunt. Pet Holiday Sweaters "If YOU wouldn't wear it.. your pet shouldn't either!" Poodles = Garden Sculpture? Pet tattoos in Russia? Overweight people, overweight pets. Bowlingball = bad.
SHARK SURGERY - A plushie Shark (Shak?) is dissected in a series of detail photos on a Russian website, and a lot of strange things are found therein, like in the movie JAWS. A Nintendo control belt-buckle?
HD: FOX SNOW DIVE - YELLOWSTONE - BBC TWO - RL video of a red fox curiously stalking a mouse underneath the snow, moving ever so slowly.. then jumping to POUNCE it. Very cute! Those big ears come in very handy.
The "FOXY ELF" animation that was once on the YAHOO! homepage for Christmas
THE SUNDSVALL DRAGON PARADE - A city in northern Sweden holds a celebration each year. The town was once almost totaly destroyed by fire in 1888, so it was rebuilt in stone, and they placed dragon figurines on top of the buildings to ward off future fires. The tradition became an festival, and today all things Draconic can be found in Sundsvall.
POINKCAST - WISH LIST! - What are you getting for Christmas? What do you WANT for Christmas? What will the next Hot Toy be? Who decides? Manic kids, that's who. Don't drink the eggnog. The joy that are Pokemon/Care Bears. Alternate Care Bear names? Care Bears vs Cabbage Patch kids. "Look, if one of these popped out of a womb, the Doctor would whack it back in with a croquet mallet." Mortal Kombat over dolls. Beanie Babies and Happy Meals, be hungry. ZuZu robot hampster. Trends come and go, like Furby's. Careers for out-of-favor toys. The Poink Toy? Be afraid, be very afraid. Hugh is the first customer.
CHRISTMAS SPIRIT EXPLODES IN CARROLLTON HOME - Lady fills every square inch of her home with Christmasy things all year long. People who are obsessed.
THE BIG SWALLOW 1900 - A very early Black and white B&W short film, more of a stunt than anything else. A guy walks toward the camera, then pretends to EAT it, mouth opening wide. Cut to the camera being consumed by a black tarp, and the startled cameraman trying to retreat, then also falling into the oncoming void. Cut back to the guy smacking his lips. The end. Cool, yet a bit creepy as well. When people were just beginning to play with visual effects.
SUBNORMALITY - Online webcomic with a Sphynx trying to get by in the modern world.
SHANGO THE ATOMIC COWGIRL - From Subnormality, Adventures in Crag County. In the Wild West, a cowgirl in futuristic powered armor and a talking cybernetically-enhanced mule walk into town, teaching a few rowdy guys who's boss with her gravity gun. Furry since the mulk talks advanced calculus and kicks a guy over the horizon. Comics. "Problems of an Atomic Cowgirl."
DEATH BEAR - (Darth Bear?) Bear in a Darth Vader mask goes about, taking things that invoke painfull memories in others to help them heal. Part of the Club Animals series? Bunny Butterfly goes next.
UNEXPECTED FOX VISITS - RL photography of foxes in England in urban environments. A fox climbes an escalator? Foxes invade homes, lounge on sunchairs, get into potted plants, very cute!
BIRTHDAY PARTY AT CHUCK E CHEESE CAN GET A GUY CHEESED OFF - Column article about Chuck E Cheese, it's good to bring weapons these days? (by total irony, the advertisment on the page was also about Chuck E Cheese) Fight Club?
2009 ANNIE AWARDS NOMINEES - Awards for best animated material, like the Oscars and Academy Awards.
ELF YOURSELF! - The elves have left the building for the holiday season.. but check back next Christmas!
CAPTION PHOTO? RL POLICE DOG IS STUCK IN A POLICE CAR WITH A RL BUCK, both of which have their head out the same window, almost as if kissing. The dog looks very attentive. Wildlife.
THE MUPPETS: BOHEMIA RHAPSODY - You'd better HOPE this is just fantasy.. Gonzo and a chicken chorus starts off the famous song about the cruelty and injustice in the world.. and somehow.. it's kid safe. Animal says "Mama, Mama? MAMA!" repeatedly. Fun with conference calls. Filking, parody. The Music of Queen, as you've never seen it before..
ANIMALS WITH LIGHTSABERS! - High concept fun. Star Wars.
CLINGY CAT BUGS PATIENT COP - A RL cat climbs all over a policeman how's TRYING to write up a ticket. He's good natured about it, but then the cat tries to climb all over his face and eat his hair. LOL cats.
YOU SEE CAT AND MOUSE LOVE? - RL video of a housecat being bugged/nipped by two mice that actually chase her around the house. Funny! When things are reversed and opposite. LOL cats.
POINKCAST - THE 100TH POINKCAST! - Poink talks about how nice his Grandparents were to him. The Old Generation knows how to dish out punishment. Piccasos of Pain? Shopping with Grandma. Deviled eggs after Sunday School Brunch "I was basically a walking weapon of mass destruction <BOOM!>" Grandma walks behind. Farting on your Grandma is bad. How to pass the blame for farts, the art of Misdirection. Grandma swears. How Grandparents get even. It's not pretty. Grandma farts, then locks and seals the car, in the middle of summer. "And that story was part of the very first Standup I ever did." Yay 100! Salutes folks who listen.
HAND PUPPETS ARE LATEST VICTIMS OF H1N1 SWINE FLU - Libraries in Minneapolis MN will no longer let people check out hand puppets, for fear of spreading the plague. Pawpets are carriers!
POINKCAST - FINANCIER - You've got extra money! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT!?? Several suggestions.. but remember that with the economy your future could evaporate. Invest! "Here at Poinkcast, we're not all about just creating award-winning comics.. <RIMSHOT!> Hey, I won Doushbag of the Year two years running <HAPPYWHISTLE>" Invest in the only thing that will Stand teh Test of Time. "PORN!" Don't waste time with t-bills, go for t-backs. Suggestions for Porn Movie names ready for your investment. Good for taxes! Good plan, assuming you make it to 65. Introduction of the ICBM "The Intercontinental Ballistic Manettee! 'Moo'" Poink fires Hugh into space. Gifts that keep on giving.
FREEFALL CLIP - Cop "SAM!!" Sam "COP!" Sam runs off flailing his arms while the Cop slowly walks behind him. Robot "Natural enemies often react by instinct. I'm going to follow and provide a soundtrack." Wolfgirl "National Geographic would never have set one of their chases to "Yackety Sax." ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnHmskwqCCQ ) Furry Webcomics. aka The Benny Hill theme.
GAG REEL - THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME - The crew of the Star Ship Enterprise argue wether to go Forwards or Backwards repeatedly. Spock repeatedly headbashes the console. "Monotonus, isn't it?" Goofy music in the background. Fun with Star Trek. The Enterprise watches Nimoy's own "Bilbo Baggins" video. "What is... THAT?" "Unknown, Captain." "(shrug) Try another channel." Crew covers their ears from the mind-destroying audio. Spock looks agast. The Enterprise explodes. Funny! The Middle Ages defeat the Future.
NEW YOGI BEAR MOVIE COMING OUT. CGI goodness. Dan Aykroyd is in it?
FURRIES "My Song Hates Being Homeschooled" - Image (fake?) of an online message in which case a parent laments their kid's lack of interest in Furries "Yesterday, during our scheduled Furry Hour, my 7 year old refused to be cooperative right from the start.. "I don't want to learn about furries anymore. This is stupid. I wish I could go to school like all the other kids." "Needsless to say, I was devasted. I tried to tell him that the reason I homeschooled him is because the public school system does not respect our believes and practices. I reminded him of the time his first grade teacher called child services because I barked at her during our parent-teacher conference." And I thought Religion had problems in school. Joke.
CRYPTOKIDS(TM) - "Again, irony is dead.." Happy cartoony furry site made by the NSA, inspiring children to become hackers. Yes, it's real. Uncle Sam wants you.
HAPPY DOGGIE - CELESTIAL CLOTHES AND SLEEPING MATTRESSES FOR DOGS - Karate Woof, anyone? Fun with accessorizing. For when you really want to pamper your pets.
KNOW YOUR MEME - "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC HELPS EXPLAIN AUTO TUNE - The history of the Auto Tune software, first developed and used by an EXXON engineer to help find oil, then used to correct singer's voices. Soon, it became a runaway technique for robotic voice effects, even allowing webbers to remix videos so that people talking appeared to be singing.
CARL SAGAN - 'A GLORIOUS DAWN' FT STEPHEN HAWKING (COSMOS REMIXED) - An Autotune treatment of the Cosmos TV show, turning it into a musical odyssey into time and space and the awesomeness of nature.
ALMA - A Pixar-quality 3D animated short, yet with a creepy quality foreign to such works. A little girl writes her name on a wall, then sees a doll that looks -exactly like her- in the window of a nearby shop. Then it vanishes. She tries to enter the shop and take a look, and finds herself in a room filled with dolls, including hers. Be carefull what you wish for. While timed for Christmas, this one is best viewed on Halloween.
GREEK ROCKET WAR - Every year there's a festival in Greece where two town fire approximately 50,000 rockets at each other.. trying to hit each other's church bell tower. You like fire? They've got fire. 4th of July.
THE MARVELOUS TOY - PETER PAUL AND MARY - Time-honored children's tune, full of wonder and happiness. The base song for the murderous parody following things.
THE MURDEROUS TOY - Fabulously twisted filk of "The Marvelous Toy" by Tom Paxton, about a Science Fiction toy that destroys the house and escapes into the world, blowing things up. Folks songs.
POINKCAST - WEE-ZELL - The History of the World, Ferret Edition. "Over hundreds of thousands of years, we've been nothing but a boon to mankind!" Best pet ever, doubles as attack animal. Weasel poop as an afrodesiac? Everything goes better with spin. And still.. people stuff ferrets down their pants. "We do bite.. we will KEEP biting.. what did you expect!?" World record for ferret-legging, better than waterboarding. Ferrets as special weapons "I got your special weapon RIGHT HERE!" Still illegal in California due to rabies, but you can still stick them in your pants. Smart.
FLUFF AND SUCH PUPPETRY - Relink to the main site. Nonsanity is helping to host the Pawpet show high def download, and wouldn't mind a bit of donation help.
SOUPY SALES IS MR.X - On the show 'I've Got a Secret' the contestants have to guess Soupy's secret, which is "I've had 14,000 pies.. thrown in my face" He also demonstrates the art of being hit by a pie after telling a bad joke to the live audience, and convinces the reluctant host to take a turn at it himself. Funny :) Old School.
POINKCAST - FLOW - Poink discusses the elderly, the uses for Vics vapor rub. Invading Walmart, mechanized wheelchairs. Florance Henderson attacks.. doom by Brady Bunch. F-L-O-H Club, what does it stand for? Corporation dedicated to help seniors navigate the internet. Twitter by seniors "I can't find ma teeth!" What's the internet for again? (1-2-3..) Yes, he works that 'I've fallen, and I can't get up!' line in there somewhere.
LOUIS WAIN'S PSCHIZOPHRENIC CATS - Art gallery of an artist slowly going mad, showing anthropomorphic cats acting like humans, then having them burn and change into fractal patterns (from what I've heard, the order wasn't nearly that neat, and some of his sane pictures were done between crazy ones, but oh well.)
ANIMAL MAKERS - 'Hollywood's finest animated, animal replicas' has a few robots that tell jokes as well. Range from realistic to cartoony.
TRANSLYVANIA TV - (posted a long time ago) An adult-theme Puppet comedy show featuring short skits, snappy, ironic humor. Vampire notes garlic doesn't work, and actually tastes good "It's an anti-oxidant." wants to take over the world, but found Jerry Seinfeld already did that earlier. Happy Halloween!
RIP SOUPY SALES "COME PIE WITH ME" - Another legendary comic as passed, master of the Pie-In-The-Face Soupy Sales. The Ed Sullivan show.
ICE-SKATING BEAR KILLS CIRCUS DIRECTOR - Why it's important to give your employees those extra fish.
POINKCAST - TECH NO! - Ah, the wonders of modern life. Poink continues his love/hate relationship with technology. What happens.. when progress goes TOO FAR? Your house lets your dog go out? "And here's the problem.. deep down.. all our gadgets and technology HATE OUR GUTS!" HAL on your cell phone isn't wise, he remembers everything you've ever typed, and picks the worst word that fits. What do you do.. when you can't trust the voice of your GPS? If it tries to off you...
THE MAKING OF "THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX" - Upcoming furry stop-motion movie gallore.
SALVAGING A SKATEBOARD CRASH - A kid stumbles from a railing, only to land on his still-moving skateboard. Time to say 'I meant to do that'. 'Nut shot denied'.
DEEZLBERRIES'S FERRET DANCE! - A fast, awesome, and goofy animation of bouncy ferret puppets boinging along to 'The Moog Cookbook' by Buddy Holy. Another intro for the Pawpet show? Rinky dink. Fun! Music video.
A WEASEL HUGS ITS BABY - Awesome wildlife shot, very touching.
DIRECTIONS TO FAP, NEBRASKA - Two rusty signs in the middle of nowhere, both pointing to FAP, and both point the opposite direction.
FUN WITH NUMCHUCKS - Two guys get a bit too gung-ho showing off their flashy martials arts moves and gear on a Japanese Buy It Now show, and one of them accidently smacks himself in the nuts, Chuck Norris style. Great fun for everyone watching, if not for him. Fatality. Mortal Kombat.
DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL, HAS WON THE XBOX LIVE INDEPENDENT GAME COMPETITION. The game is by Dean Dodrill, artist of the Jazz Jackrabbit games, and features all all-furry cast with beautiful world design. Should be downloadable soon.
THE MEAT CAKE - 'It's not the Meat Pie, but it's close' Pictures and step by step instructions for making a realistic-looking cake made entirely out of meatloaf, with mashed potatoes for the frosting and ketchup on top. Food. Spits or Swallows. Mentioned on Radiolawn?
KAJIMBA ANNECY 2009 TRAILER - A 3D Pixar-quality animation (has some frame rate issues, you'll want to turn HD "OFF") of the furry owner and patrons of a bar in the Australian Outback. Drinking, swearing, losing at darts.. it's all good. Just drink the beer, don't smell it.. it can make a buffed crocodile lady pass out. Cartoons. Oh, and there's a Golgotham in the outhouse. Just because.
THE BERLIN REUNION - Puppetry on a truly epic scale, as Berlin celebrates the 20th anniversiary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. As part of the celebration, two GIANT puppets (40 feet tall!) of a deep sea diver and a 'little' girl are reunited, after the wall thrown up between them by sea monsters is destroyed. They walk down the streets of Berlin just like ordinary people (although their string cages are pretty obvious) and eventually leave together on a boat. The performance took several days.
DISSAPPROVING RABBITS - You've heard of LOL CATS, right? Well, this is the depressed, lapine version. Each of these bunnies is Not Amused.
WILDLIFE EXPERT: 'Raccoons are little bears on crack'. Coons attacked someone? Raccoons are taking over!
PETCENTRIC - SNOUTS IN YOUR TOWN: CAT CIRCUS! - A mini circus featuring performing cats! Even has a three-piece band! They have an Ocelot too? I guess you can herd cats.. when they let you, and you have treats.
A MODEL DAY AT DISNEY PARKS, EXCLUSIVE TILT-SHIFT VIDEO - An elaborate model set of Disneyland and Epcot, featuring tens of thousands of models, and almost photorealistic detail. All the rides and roller coasts, and time-lapse of the park from day to night.
MR BEAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Part 1.1 - Everyone's favorite Bizzare British Person is back, watching television. He ends up in a fox fursuit later on to try and get a picture of a fox family, and ends up being chased by a hunting party through downtown London. Remember, it's the cartoony world of Mr. Bean.
1976 CHEF BOY AR DEE MINI RAVIOLI COMMERCIAL - A fox and a rabbit salivate over canned food in this animated TV commercial. Yappy and JR doing lunch?
WARNER BROTHERS COMING TO YOUTUBE - Google and WB have reached an agreement, allowing people to post WB content on Youtube! This means the Time Warp is fair game again for subservient videos.
BUNGEESKUNK'S VINYL SHOW - Where you can find his streaming audio show, where Bungee plays vinyl records on Monday and Thurday nights from 7:30PM Eastern to 11PM, baring tech issues
TRICK-OR-TREAT AS DANNY TREANOR - Central Florida 13 News gives you a mask you can print out and wear to scare people, as a horde of meteorologists decend upon the world.
TOUCH MY BODY - Youtube, a wolf-girl does a sexy dance. Links to many other fursuit videos.
POINKCAST - ITOUCH - Point reflexes on ever-changing technology. "A set of earphones, with one for each ear!" Tapes vs MP3s, or having the real band follow you around. Tiny little things always get hidden. Touch screens? Machines get too personal.. "Manly men DO NOT TOUCH!" Ok. What John Wayne and Chuck Norris would do to the Wii.
TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! - Believe it or not, the art of Pirate Speech has a website.
THE POETRY OF HENRY GIBSON: A TRIBUTE - Henry Gibson has recently passed away. This video shows some of his work for Laugh In, in a series of quick little clips. John Wayne walks in, carrying a giant daisy, looking disgruntled "The Sky is Blue.. The Grass is Green.... Get off your butt and join the Marines." Funny :)
CAB CALLOWAY - THE SKUNK SONG - Black and White very old school music video, a quartet of singers sing about the troubles of being skunks "Nobody loves me.." then they wig out and play happy music. Furry.
SLAP CHOP RAP - That guy who sells Shamwow sells the Slap Chop, a food processing dodad, which a guy remixed into a rap that actually rocks very well. "You're gonna love my nuts!" Spits or Swallows.
SLAP CHOP REMIX - LOVE MY NUTS - Remake of the same clip as above, but with "Love my nuts." repeated frequently with maximum irony. Parody.
IT'S THE MOST HORRIBLE TIME OF THE YEAR - From the Scary Solstice album. Yes, Cthuhlu has a band, and it loves to filk Christmas songs for Halloween. Parody of 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year'. Evil Christmas.
WTF - THE FURRY FETISH - G4TV - ATTACK OF THE SHOW - A quick summy of Furry Fandom in three minutes, lots of detail about conventions and fursuits.

POINKCAST - FIESTA - The US does corndogs right, but doesn't do so well on the international stage. Competing with Japan? Pichacku's goona get you. America doens't listen to people, which is why they're making a 3rd Scooby Doo movie. Fiesta, a great American car, made of balsa wood? Friends like to put the car on the roof. Apparently Poink likes the Mach One better. Fun tricks to play on a Fiesta, all of which he found out the hard way.
POINKCAST - SUPER POWERS - Poink loves comic books! Batman wasn't so impressive at the convention, 400lbs and all. Superheros would be a good addition to today's mixed up world. Guys always seem to have more clothes, while women have skimpy outfits. Poink has other things he would do with super powers. Everyday super powers that suck?
POINKCAST - MICRORAVE - When Microwaves Rebell. Could use the stove, but this isn't the Dark Ages. The joy of churning your own butter? "God I love the Amish." How Microwaves changed the world, trading taste for speed and convience. The secret origins of Gormets.
POINKCAST - RICHARD ENVY - It was a nice, happy day, when Poink hears someone with a friend named Richard, who wants to be called "Dick", and the other objects. People who are too obsessed over proper language. People know dirty words from kindergarden. Richard is a Dick! Get used to it. Not every word is dir
THE CAT PIANO - An 8-minute animated short from Australia. The blue and black furry film noir village of cats is a happening place full of music and song.. until the Human came from the lighthouse, catnapping felines to build the most horrible musical instrument in the world.. the CAT PIANO, where each touch of the keys puts a NAIL through the tail of a feline, making it yowl to produce the note. Now the city lives in fear. Is this the end of the story?... Grim, yet with a surprising touch of hope. Definitely not Disney. Hand-drawn animation. Brilliant. Awesome.
THE NEW FOLKMANIS PUPPET CATALOG - Features a stripy new ferret.
BIBLIOBURRO - In columbia, a teacher has a portable library on the back of his burrow
Poink has a contest idea on his livejournal page.
THE ANIMATOR AND THE SEAT - After drawing bears for entirely too long, an animator begins to imagine his chair is rubbing his back and following him. Which it is.. and it won't let him leave. Twilight Zone time! Must.. draw... BEARS!!! Herbie? 3D animated short.
"THE LETTER M" PEPPERMINT PARK - A creepy imitation of Sesame Street as 'Ernie', a fleshy human puppet, sings a song about the Letter M. "Come aLONg GanG! SiNG aLONg with MmEe this tIMe!" o_o I'll order my M&Ms off the web.
AFTER THE FOX (CACCIA ALLA VOLPE 1966) OPENING TITLES - "Where is the fox?" The fox is a cartoon thief, a red fox chased by blue police. Old movies.
RANDOM HAM RADIO TROLLFIGHT AUDIO - Guys on ham radios talk about health care, it gets angry. Lexipro and you.
THE SADNESS BOWL - KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken's move evil creation yet.. the Double Down Sandwich, using two chicken breasts instead of a bun. Wow. Over 1200 calories.
WHAT BERT AND ERNIE *REALLY* LOOK LIKE - Angling the camera down to see the puppeteers underneath.
THE MANY FACES OF MICHAEL JACKSON - A photo history of all the chances his appearance took during his life.
POINKCAST - MACH ONE - Poink loves his fast cars. Then the alarm goes off. Back when cars could survive a crash. The history of Automobiles, Poink edition. Crank that 8-track system! Fun with collisions. At least it wasn't a Pinto. Have a Fiesta.
QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG! - A literal video, where a feral fox tries to play with a very relaxed dog, eventually pouncing and jumping over it. Real life animals. Furry. Cute!
FAIL BLOG - "Torture Chamber Unsuitable for Wheelchair Users". sign at Medeval Times?
POINKCAST - BUBBLES - Hugh the Manette hijacks the show, and asks Bubbles the Chimp, who speaks only in chirps and shrieks, what happened to Michael Jackson? A very interesting conversation. JR walks in by the end. "Hugh, when did your mother get here?" Bubbles goes nuts. Fight scene. Good luck JR.
POINKCAST - HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - Poink feels angst when invited to his High School Reunion. Favorite things to suffer through during high school. Still lighting farts on fire after all this years? Uh oh, here comes a flashback... Poink almost becomes Homecoming King??
MOVIE TRAILER - THE FANTASIC MR. FOX! - Furry stop motion animation of an anthro fox and his friends trying to save their home from invading humans. Goofy, full of awesome lines and shameless groovy style.
JAPANESE PIZZA COMMERCIAL - Freaky animated dance number where pizza topping ignore their pizza slice. "IGNORED!" They're fresh, anyway. Dancing pizza toppings
1000 WAYS TO DIE - EM-BEAR-ASSED - A psuedo-documentary where a dweeb named Randy trips out on magic mushrooms, strumbles through the desert and runs across a group of fornicating furries. While spurned by the fursuiters, they guy finally get lucky.. with a REAL BEAR. "This is your brain.. this is your brain on drugs.. and this is a bear ripping out your throught while you were tripping out on drugs." #412. Hack piece, but funny.
FLICKER SHOTS FROM SAN DIEGO COMICON - Lots and lots of Cosplay! Anime. Slide show. TONS and TONS of pictures, from every movie, comic and anime you can IMAGINE.
REMOTE CONTROL - In this clip, a dog follows a laser pointer, ever after its aimed at the crotch of someone sitting nearby. Ouch. Nut shot.

INVADING THE VINTAGE - Cute aliens invade classic post cards. Who knows, maybe they were always there to begin with...
TOXIC AUDIO'S NEW VIDEO "THE SOUND GUY" - An emotional tribute to That Guy Who Takes Care Of The Sound Board. Goofy and fun as always, with lots of post-production and goofy audio mixing effects. The guy just sort of listening and eats a sandwich while pushing buttons. LOL. A tribute to tech support people.
ROLLER SKATES ON A ROLLER COASTER - A *CRAZY* person uses special in-line skates and connecting equipment to turn *HIMSELF* into a roller coaster car. This guy is *NUTS*! But it looks like one heck of a ride..
ENVIRO-BEAR - Page for a furry cell phone game. Prepare your bear for hibernation by grabbing food, then driving your car into a cave. "You can throw stuff out of your windows and sunroof!"
ALL TOGETHER NOW - Garrisonskunk posts the video as seen on the Pawpet Show. All over the city, the words 'All Together Now' keep appearing, on tshirts, umbrellas, and toy airplanes. Creatively filmed in RL. The Beattles.
POINKCAST - ODE TO SPRING ROLL - Poink has lost a loved one.. his special Betta Fish, Springroll. Dealing with Pet Store Employees. Wins two Betta fish by being 60th customer? Other fish is named Sushi. The pain is felt by all. The Adventures of Springroll, what -did- happened at band camp?
NUM 8 DYING IS A LIE - Evidence now is that Num8, the fur who people donated money to so he could come to the US and visit about before his inoperable tumor kicked him.. was lying from the start. That's right, the guy from the mailing list.
MEAT CARDS - THE CHALLENGE - Got meat? Got Lasers? Got Fun.
VITALIC - PONY - Music video of several RL dogs in slow motion, bouncing on trampolines with Super Sayan hair and lasers in the background. WAHOO!!! Behold the teeth of the raving poodle! Furry. Drugs? Techno. Dogs taking bathes.
SAM THE EAGLE DOES 'STARS & STRIPES FOREVER'. The Muppets beatbox to the famous march as patriotic images play in the background. There has never been a more "memorable" version of the song as this one done by Animal, Beaker, a giant bear, The Swedish Chef, a chicken and a penguin. Sam "To protect our country from weirdos!... oh nevermind..." 4th of July.
CROSSED GENRES EPISODE 8 - ANTHROMORPHISM - "The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy with a Twist". The Furry edition, foxes and girraphs riding a merry-go-round with humans.
PUSH TRASHCAN - Another robotic remote-controlled attraction at Epcot.
CHEF REMY FROM RATTATTOIE AT EPCOT, travels on a rolling cart.
LUXO JR. DEBUTS AT PIXAR PLACE - Animatronic version of Pixar's famous Desk Lamp maschot, who dances to the background music idly. Second video is at night.
POINKCAST - SPLISH SPLASH - Fun with water in the summer! The vampire effect between white skin and bright sun. The joys of Strategic Sunburn when you fall asleep while reading a book in the Sun. Being able to swim is a plus. The love of waterpark slide collisions.
PAPER TACO TRUCKS - Print them out, and fold the paper to make your own toys!
ALTERNATE REALITY PHOTO COLLECTION - Alternate look at comic characters. Superman fighting Goku, Popeye the sailor as a WRINKLED OLD FART, anime version of the Peanuts gang. TONS of Mario art. Harry Potter in a duel with The Punisher.
SHOE-STEALING FOX IS BUSTED! - RL red fox caught carrying off people's shoes.
POINKCAST - TACO ENORME - "Are you kids ready for a healthy meal?" YAY!! "Then why the *(*#$ did your parents drop you off HERE?" What really goes into Taco Bell taco meat, burritos. JR foils Hugh's attempt to hold up the place by playing Barry Manilow music. Anyone still hungry?
POINKCAST - FLAME ON! - The joys of overpopulation, things that will help solve the problems, stupid things kids do, and the adults they turn into. What's the dumbest thing you ever did? Don't hug sleeping cats. Jumping into a pool with alkaseltzer in your shorts? Gassy.
SCIENCE MERIT BADGES - Boy Scout badges for grownups into particle physics.
AFV MEETS TF2 - WORLD OF CRASHES - As lots of funny American's Funniest Home Videogs clips play, they're voiced over by awesomely well timed sound cips from Team Fortres 2! "WE MUST STOP LITTLE BABY!"
THE GMOD IDIOT BOX: EPISODE 1 - Comedy variety show made by a guy using Gary's Mod, making comedy with the cast of Half-life, Left of Dead, And Team Fortess (anything Valve). Guy using hacks owns everyone in the office, then gets owned himself by Dr. Hacks, who bashes his head in with a computer monitor. Fast, insane Warner Brothers cartoon action in 3D.

POLICE SHOOT STUFFED ANIMAL WITH TASER - Apparently sausage is the least of people's worries. Don't Tase Me Bro!
THEY CAN'T SHOOT SAUSAGE, CAN THEY? - "Nationals mascot Screech had issues with the team's sausage cannon" Your guess is as good as mine.
BLEND YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! START HERE - Ever seen those Will It Blend videos, and wondered if it's all real? A guy has produced a series of Choose your Own Adventure videos, where you can actually click on what two things you want blended on the screen, then see the result. Try it out! He actually drinks it at the end, too. Spits or Swallows.
POINKCAST - DA RUDE - Dealing with rude people who cut in line. Nice guys finish last? People getting ruder, not just with farts. Slow fast food people. Techniques for flinting a full cup of soda. Bullies to gas station attendants. "You know who I blame? Bobby McPharen." Don't Worry, Be Happy. Grammy song becomes viral, overloading people's sense of niceness until it explodes. "Do unto others, then run!
POINKCAST - IDIC - Yay, Star Trek is back! "Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Shaggy and Velma are BACK". The joy of extreme fandoms, and it's not furry fandom this time! Trekkies and Trekkers and Kilingon linguists rejoice. Poink "It's a @#$@ MOVIE!" People still drink Budwiser in the 24th century. Dr. Who sound effects.
TRUMPET THE COMPLIMENTARY DINOPUP VISITS EPCOT CENTER- (relative of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?) 20 minutes of goofiness in the world's largest Golf Ball. Disney World. Relative of Zorlack?
AACHI & SSIPAK - "Soon MTV's programming will literally be crap.." South Korean film in the near future where all fuel is gone and the world is powered by human extremement. It just gets weirder after that. Anime-ish.
ODE TO SUSAN BOYLE - Stargazer makes a parody of the song Susan sang for Britian's Got Talent, "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserab. It's on the Docter Demento Show page.
SUSAN BOYLE - SINGER - BRITIAIN'S GOT TALENT 2009 (WITH LYRICS) - This is a story with a fairy-tale quality. Susan, 47 years old, is solid and dumpy-looking, with high dreams as she enters the show where so many have made fools of themselves, but she has a quiet confidence. The judges and audience are very skeptical as she introduces herself on stage, and annouces she's like to be a professional singer. Then.. she calls up "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, and has the entire audience in *3 SECONDS*. She's absolutely wonderful, and hits the sad song as if it were the greatest triumph. Dreams really do come true. This video will make you cry. Surprises.
CARTOON CHARACTERS IN FINE ART - Snow White, Peter Griffin, Inspector Gadget and other notables appear magically inserted into several famous works of art, as if they belonged there in the first place.
SHEEP WEARING SCREAM MASK SCARES HERD - A sheppard puts a death mask on one of the sheep, and the rest all avoid him. Happy Halloween. Don't answer the phone.
THE SECRET BEHIND TOOL'S "LATERALUS" - A rock song set to starling images from the Hubble Space Telescope, with text added describing how many aspects of the song follow the Fibonacci Sequence. Math.
FURSUIT RECORD ALBUM - From Quebec in the 1980's a fursuit group sings The Hits! Flashy cover art.
POINKCAST - HANDY MAN - The injustice of Handicaped parking spaces and bathroom stalls. And a lot of randomness. Poink wants laws where people can beat people who aren't handicapped but take a handicapped spot, so they then qualify for them.
CAT SHIT ONE MOVIE TRAILER - THE ANIMATED SERIES - For reasons I can't guess, a Japenese animation studio has made a CGI series of nearly photorealistic rabbit marines, fighting in the middle east against a group of camel terrosits. Your standard Meet-the-Guys-In-the-Platoon buddy war movie.. just furry, and racist too, in a furry way.
SCARY BIKER HELMETS - The Russian Flickr-like picture site strikes again. Demon helmets, dragon helmets, bug eyes, all the technology motorcyclists need to scare little kids even more on Halloween.
NAKED VIXENS HAVE MORE SEX? - An actual scientific article detailing the changing behavior in the arctic of regular foxes, and those who, due to warm climates (or global warming) grew less fur. While it's bad for guys, it seems to be a plus for girls.
THE MICHAEL JACKSON AUCTION FLICKR - See all the various things found at the Neverland Ranch.
THE WORLD SUPERHERO REGISTRY - Are you a Superhero? There's an internet space just for you! Sign up, post your photo, and save the world! Or just make some friends. Eh, can't wear a cape all the time.
HOW TO DEAL WITH HECKLERS - A long text article for Maledicta 'the International Journal of Verbal Aggression" about what to do when people try to wreck your live performance. "NSFW - Thought it sure would be satisfying.." Author any relation to Kage? Has an entire *LOOKUP LIST* for 'heckler lines', things you can do to shoot down an annoying heckler. "Go take a piggyback ride on a buzzsaw! (to a child)" is my favorite, I think.
POINKCAST - PHYSICAL - Poink gets even more in shape. Trick to make yourself glow- rub yourself with a Crispy Creme donut. Pedometer - Tells feet to the next snowcone place, not an indicator of child offenders. Beware Billy Blanks! "I'm NOT Billy Blanks!" Positive life-affirming personalized butt-kicking. Reaching your goals without OVERreaching.
POINKCAST - IDIOTS - Thank goodness for modern medicine! Medicine for everything (EVERYTHING, this is Poink) except being stupid. 'Caution, might be hot' on your coffee cup. 'If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911.' Calling a church for emergencies? Things people call 911 for, McDonalds ran out of nuggets. 'Mace: May irritate eyes.' New warnings to watch out for.
POINKCAST - HAPPY EASTER! - The uplifting story of.. well, death. How do we get bunnies and eggs out of this? Bacon-flavored beer. The History of Easter According to Poink. The virtue of Rabbits.. um. Rabbit's ovaries used in preganancy tests? Gory Watership Down rabbit civil war.
THE SEGWAY PUMA - A two person wheelchair version of the famous two-wheeled Segway, this one has a roll cage, seems built for the road. Quite a show! Three minute test drive. Artists rendition of an alien pod army of Segways defeating noontime traffic. GM and Segway.
THE INCREDIBLE INDELIBLE MAGICAL PHYSICAL MYSTERY TRIP - The last 30 second credits to the ABC special where grandkids get to see the inside of their Grandfather's body.
POINKCAST - LEXICON - The wonder and joy of language! Words used just the right way get taken the wrong way. Some words are just wrong to begin with, like Kumquat. Swear words in Ancient Rome. The more popular a thing is, the more words for it. Breasts defeat cheese handily. How to destroy a language by making a few million new words. LOL. PWNED. Googling becomes a non-risque word. What makes you Twitter? Rejoice in the Ultimate Word!
SUBSERVIENT SPLENDA - Video clip from the Pawpet Show from Pawpets Down Under. The camera is upside down. "Act like you're eating EB's Brains!" Fun stuff :) Show 404.
POINKCAST - ROCKIN THE PUMP - JR starts exercising! Wonders if being in prison would be easier. The joy of losing weight, new clothes. Trying not to be be vain while being vain. "If I'm paying more fun sunglasses than a decent videogame system, my priorites are Fucked! Unless you can play Left 4 Dead on them.." Finding the right Look. The Fonz? Hah. Guys and salons, instead of seedy mafia-run establishments. Weedwhacker-chiapet barber to the rescue.
MR. SKUNK OPPOSES THE TIRE PLANT - Skunk fursuiter doesn't like stinky tires in the area. "Stinking up the place is my job!" Kid asks him "What's the matter with tires?" "I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S THE MATTER!" and with that, a peacefull, relaxing folk song starts. For 'The Different Show'. Environmentalism. Clean air!
LOLCAT GENEALOGY - The Family Tree of lolcats.com. Beginning with Happy Cat and moving downward to all the favorite goofballs on the site. Furry!
DRESSAGE EXAMPLE - ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - A six minute clip from the WEG 2006 Freestyle Dressage Final, with an awesome music-synthed dancing horse.
POINKCAST - HOME COOKING - Dreams (Nightmares?) of things eaten in childhood. Burnt is just a further stage of Crispy. Cornbread is actually supposed to be moist. Don't argue with Grandma. Cast Iron Skillets never forget. PIZZA?? O_O What.. is it?
EXTREME SHEEP LED ART - In what nearly has to be a dub, herders herd a series of black and white sheep into the image of a walking sheep. They they put lights on, and renact playing "PONG" from one side of a field to the other. Or maybe they really DID do this with sheep? Using images of sheep to make the Mona Lisa. Fireworks. Lots of cool sheepy-effects.
POINKCAST - BLUE DANUBE - Why is Poink afraid of Crustations, along with Maneties, Squid, and Decepticons? "Rock Lobster" plays in the background. Methods for opening crabs and other evil things. Tale of The Blue Crab. Don't mess with crabs, they have rocket launchers. Grandad catches a crab with a fishing line, tosses it into the car where Poink is, and it charges.
HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE? - To get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll pop. Earlier version, kid asks Mr. Cow, Mr. Fox, Mr. Turtle, and finally Mr. Owl, who also bites, ruining everything.
BEWITCHED DOG FOOD - Early B&W clip of Ken-L-Rations pitched by the show Bewitched.
DIGGER - EPISODE 1 - A gopher with a Nascar fetish makes life interesting for a badger policeman, who chases him about as he rewires the camera system from a gopher's eye view. The Big Boss likes it "Our ratings among humans have fallen.. but our ratings for GOPHERS have skyrocketed! You're hired!" Goofy CGI cartoon fun.
HUSTLE PUNCH - An early B&W Japanese series (I guess, can't read it)
SITA SINGS THE BLUES - Garrison "The strange and awesome animated film - whose release was long held back by copyright trolls, has now gone Creative Commons and is available for download on-line." Over an hour long, story of a goddess, and an animator whose husband dumps her by email. Ancient and Modern comedy, modern retelling of the India epic "Ramayana".
HELMET ART - More fun with that Russian picture website. Spiderman helmets, predator helmets, evil clows, you name it.
THE CADBURY CARAMEL BUNNY MAKES A COMEBACK - After 8 years, the Bunny if Back. And this time, she has curves and make-up. Interesting.
POINKCAST - GOLDEN TICKET - After waxing his dolpin, Poink gets stuck in traffic, then gets fined for 'improper lane usage'. Poink has a great respect for police officers.. just not the two encrusted ones who gave him the ticket. Doing pass on the right kids. What would you do for $3000/hour? Police also put him on a spam list for driving schools. State finds ways to make up lost revenue.
POINKCAST - DEEP FRYING - Food! Lots of food, funny food, how Deep Frying can make anything edible. How the Colonel used ancient Egyptian secrets to found Arby's. Yes, there will be a test later. State Fairs and You. What grease does to you. Just listening to this is guarteed to help you lose weight. Mmm.. Moon Pies. Deep Fried COKE?
BLOOD SPILL PILLOW - A nice comfortable bit of fabric which makes it look at though someone has exploded your head. Macabre. Halloween.
LOL CATS IN PRINT - "The Laught-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out" cartoon book
MAUVAIS ROLE - In a professional 3D animated sequence, a Dungeons and Dragons-type hero takes on goblins and a horned boss. And looses. But that's not the end. Downstairs, in the movie room, the Boss argues with the French director "I'm tired of being the bad guy all the time!" Boss goes to his artist's flat and puts on some music, chugging a beer. The next day, the ogre boss goes to interview for a job, wearing a stylish shirt. But everyone has to wear.. MARIO OUTFITS? Oh unholy death.. Boss is Mario. But he's too fat for the pipes, so he tries another one. But he's too big for the race cars too. Video game after video game. Pichachu and Sonic don't work either. Finally, DISCO works. Rhythm games for the win, baby. Garrison "The video Yappy cut-off on this week's show"
POINKCAST - PICK SIX LOTTO - Poink takes on the Lottery, the people who play it, what it doesn't do for society. Addiction. People who slow down checkout lines with their obsession.
BBC - VIXEN SHARES FLAT WITH FAMILY - Video of RL fox that stays with English family. Vixen was adopted as a baby, thinks she's people, looks happy, just like a dog. Well, not quite that same, being noctournal and all. "As soon as I've made coffee, she has to have some." Loves being brushed. Cute! Furry.
THE STITCH USB HUMIDIFIER - Cute little alien regurgitates moisture into the air by your desk.
THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEPHANTS - Science with a twist. Elephants, not Elements. Each element has a cute cartoonish elephant in the box, with some odd reference to the elment involved.
POINKCAST - CARS - Poink comes back to the parking lot, to see a car that looks a lot like his car but with a dent in the fender, chuckling at the poor smuch who doesn't take care of their vehicle. Spouses vs cars. Taking your Barbie Corvette to bed. Kitt vs Optimus Prime, Kitt wins, helps Michael Knight get laid.
POINKCAST - FANTASY - Fantasing about things, to make classes more interesting. No matter what you're into, there's a convention for it. Reality slipping into fantasy and vice versa, then movies started looking real. Superhero origins and lack of interest. Baby doll that actually take a SH*T. "What's next, the unwed teenage mother Barbie?" Stick your head out a window if you want realism. Fun is fun.
Mickey Mouse's Family Tree
MUPPETS RICK ROLL - Beaker, Animal and friends do that Rick Rolled song, while the audience holds up signs in the background, letting you know you've been punked.
Yappy asks for help with a friend from Europe's last wish.
POINKCAST - A WORLD OF HOPE - Poink takes on Disney, says it's pretty cool actually. "You can see wonders only dreampt of by people with severe ADD!" Direct to DVD sequels. R-rated Tarzan toy? High School Musical underwear? "Dive In" underwear? Better than Microsoft. Maybe.
"NEVER TEASE A WEASEL" A new children's book, combined with the finger puppets. Will they fart? Who knows.
POINKCAST - SOUNDS OF LOVE - Poink's tribute to Valentine's Day! The songs that get stuck in your head during 'memorable' moments. Choosing the right music for the right occason, and wether or not you get lucky. Country. Dreaming about sheep? Rock. Bad to the bone? Rap.
DISASTER-READY TEDDY - A Russian teddybear opens to reveal an emergency compartment for all the essentials. Namely Cigarettes, condoms, a book, some vodka, and rope.
POINKCAST - CALL ME - The love of telephones, and their many, myrad uses. From giant clunkers uses as child obedience weapons, to cell phones for all "Thanks to cell phones, assholes are everywhere!" Phones like MTV, no longer actually used for telephone calls. Using the KISS drummer technique on people interupting the radio in your car.
CHIAOBAMA - In a bit of opportunistic merchandicing, you can now get a Chia-pet in the shape of a Barack Obama head. Website comes complete with "Hail to the Chief" music and an annoucer, although somehow I don't think Barack had anything to do with this. "Humans are so weird"
SECONDSOLAR MMP - A starship-shaped children's playground, from concept art to the actually assembly and completion, told in a long parade of full-color pictures. Quite something to look at!
CAKE WRECKS - Professionally made bizarre cakes! Mushrooms, dragons, a fairy falls upside down -inside- a cupcake. Beautiful! Happy Birthday.
DRAGON CAKE - An amazing lifelike-looking dragon made entirely out of cake! Flickr to the rescue! Happy Birthday, Blow up the house along with blowing out the candles.
SECRET OF "THE SECRET" Review of "The Secret", a story of an inmate in prison finding within the book the means to avoid being brutalized. By finding a weapon literally within the book. Sort of a gag review after you read the whole thing.
POINKCAST - I WANT CANDY - The tastiest candy every created from angst and broken glass. Poink finds Old Time Candy ( http://www.oldtimecandy.com/ ) a website devoted to all the strange, awesome, and out of print candy you've every heard of! Great stuff.. except for user comments about memories the candy evokes, which can be drama-laden. Insert lots of creative words and adjectives and sound effects here! #60.
THE ANIME PERIODIC TABLE - A colorful instructional book featuring all the elements in the scientific periodic table.. as anime Babes. I have no idea.
POINKCAST - 2008 IN REVIEW - Prognosis: @#$@! Gas prices, first scary, then 'Just Kidding'. Buy American, buy Pez. Airline services. The Year of 'Meh'. Squid noise research? Hadron collider breaks down instead of destroying the world. Indiana Jones 4, Howard the Duck 2? The P-word(s). Mass public circumcisions. Happy Old Year. #59.
BANANA DERBY - AMERICA'S FAVORITE MONKEY JOCKEYS(tm) - Behold the RL spectacle of little monkeys riding dogs like horses at your local Fair. Why? Because. End of story.
SHAG HAUNTED MANSION ART EVENT - California artist Shag has an art exhibition about the famous Disneyland wall-stretching ride, in a series of stylish watercolor(?) paintings. The Hitchiking Ghosts never seemed so classy.
THE CREEPIEST CHAIR YOU'LL EVER SEE - Beautiful white fluffy sheepskin covers this artisticly inspired lounge chair, featuring not one, but *THREE* taxidermified sheep's HEADS featuring as both the headrest, and the ends of both armrests, so you can stroke your fingers lovingly through the fur as you refine your plans for taking over the world. Complete with sheep's-leg chairlegs for that authentic mutant abomination feel. Throne of the wolf king.
WHEN FIRE MEETS DESIRE - And advertisment for Flame(tm) body spray perfume "Puts you in the MOOD for whatever MOOD you're in the MOOD for..." travels through each of the exotic scenes with every spray of the bottle, encountering a falling field of roses, hands pouring wine and... The Burger King(tm). You can start running now.
POINKCAST - THE KRINGLE INITIATIVE - The Ferret takes on The Fat Man. Strangers who put their arms around you and start HOing. Diabetis spokesperson. Santa Claus and The Great Childhood Deception. He's coming to your house, so be GOOD dammit. #58. Merry Christmas!
POINKCAST - 3 2 1 Contacts - Eyeware and you. The joy of wearing glasses in school. Picking out a good eyeglass frame when you can't see. Contact technology improves, like Gom Jabbar in Dune? Eye Dialations and shopping at Target. Depth perception. #57
POINKCAST - MAKEOVER - The Joy of Remakes, rehashes, country artists doing Sting. What happened to the creativity? "Did anyone ever listen to 'Rocking like a Hurricane' and think, gosh this needs a TUBA?" New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 'closer to the book' "Read the @#$#@ing book!" Forbidding Forbidden Planet. Barry Manilow returns. Again. Pixar proves you can still do new things. #56
POINKCAST #55 - ITS A GAS - Different people all have one thing in common "We all fart." The history of flatulence. Gods of Flatulence. WOMEN FART TOO! These and other revelations await you. Florida arrests student?
POINKCAST #54 - SEPERATE LIVES - Virtual Reality. Playing God with the Sims. Poink tries Second Life, can't find the talk key. RL careers on Second Life? Training classes on Second Life? "And of course there's the sex and violence." Avatar private detective catches avatar husband cheating on avatar wife, leads to RL divorce. Building the Matrix.
LAST YEARS TELETHON WINNERS - .. got these pictures from Brian Reynolds. Confused cosplayers and Java trying to give clues to the mystery word "Flatulence" "Deviled Eggs! Cabbage Soup! Raw Sewage!! Satan!"
POINKCAST #53 - PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT - A manatee holds Poink hostage so he has to give a pro-manatee message speaking out against 'feebling', flipping a manatee's lips up and down so they make a warbling sound. Sea cows looking for love, invading the land? "So please, join with me and maybe 10 other people in speaking out against this threat" The manatee throws in a few comments MST3K style.
AUDIOSURF DEMO - MAN IT'S SO LOUD IN HERE - Audiosurf is a game that turns any song on your computer into a Rhythm Game level of a jetfighter dodging grey blocks and trying to grab the colored ones while racing down a bending 3D track, with lots of visual candy that fits in surprisingly well with the music. Song is by They Might Be Giants.
LAURA PLANSKER'S ART PAGE - Artist specializing in Photography and Dioramas, featuring furry characters for most of the art exhibits.
POINTCAST 52 - HALLELUJAH - Viagra adds and breakfast don't mix. The Birds and the Bees. The world is a LOT different than 20 years ago. People.. talk about things. Those things.
IN THE MUCK - Lyrics to the Song about Furrymuck, the oldest text-driven online furry meetingplace, contains a download link at the bottom of the Furry Wiki page. Lyrics include lots of obscure acronymns that only a Furrymucker would recognize! (POD = Palace of Dragons, the Truth or Dare hangout, for example) (Couldn't find it on YouTube)
VROOOM VROOOM - A costume involving a guy posing as both a car, and the raccoon being run over by it. Reference to that CSI episode?
POINKCAST VOTE - Poink wants to know which idea (Christmas/People Who Use their phone to browse the Internet/Technology and Kids/or The care and upkeep of your Pet Manatee) he should use next. Vote on your fav.
KUMA PHONE TEDDY BEAR - Now you can have your phone and hug it too.
TASTE TEST, CHEESEBURGER IN A CAN! - No, seriously. A food club cooks and opens a Cheeseburger in a Can, providing some Youtube videos of the defining moment when the can is opened. (Beats having freeze-dried milk for dinner when camping)
CRAPPY CAT! - An absolutely bizzare game/interactive flash animation. Crappy Cat is drunk, and gets tossed into a hollow tree trunk by the -things- living in there. He wakes up in the World of the Dead. Walk around and interact with things, absolutely -anything- could happen.
POINKCAST 51 - Behold the Beast - Halloween Happiness. Teaching kids how to extort candy from people. Police mistake ghosts for KKK members? The horror of cute Garfield costumes.
Flickr - 700 Mole-men. Basically what it says. I think the Spartans are safe.
WOLFMAN TRASHES FURRIES - Comic from The Thinking Ape Blues. The Wolfman is freaked out that Googling 'werewolves' now brings up Furry links rather than family photos. "A need a big dish of beef chow mein." Werewolves of London. Awwoooooo.
Poinkcast 50 - Orange Tang - Living with a pet monkey. Monkey steals the potato chips, rips them open "And it looked to me as if to say -YOU'RE NEXT-" Grandma vs The Monkey.
POINKCAST 49 - Highway 40 Blues - Poink reflects upon turning 40. Sensible gifts. "Nobody is going to give you a slot car racing set again!" No more free Chuck E. Cheese tokens, Poink devises a suitable revenge.
VIDEO GAMES LIVE - CLASSIC GAME THEMES ORCHESTRATED - The very first 8 minutes of the touring show. It begins innocently with Pong and hits just about every game you ever played in an arcade as a kid (Frogger, Elevator Action, Dragons Lair, Ghosts and Goblins, Outrun) in a way that celebrates video game music as the artform it really is. You will relive 15 years in these 8 minutes. And that's just the intro. This displaces Riverdance in my book, maybe even CATS. http://www.videogameslive.com/ Absolute geek freedom.
LOOKING FOR GROUP: SLAUGHTER YOUR WORLD - A preview for the Looking For Group (the webcomic) traditionally animated movie. Richard the undead mage slaughters a village of happy peasants with great style, all the while singing this filk of "Part of Your World" from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". The perfect thing to destroy your childhood memories. World of Warcraft. http://www.lfgcomic.com/
DEATH STAR OVER SAN FRANCISCO - As the busy city goes about its ordinary routine, a huge Star Destroyer pulls into a hover right over the Golden Gate Bridge, AT-AT walkers patrol the beach, Tie fighters oversee a Chinese communist demonstration in the street, various Imperial vehicles take off and land from rooftops, and the Death Star, still under construction, looms like a silent second moon in the night sky. And nobody says anything. A wonderful job of video editing, everything looks REAL! You'd think only New York could stay this calm. Star Wars fan videos.
The "Furries Anonymous" t-shirt! Company makes lots of tshirt and bumper stickers, but got hit badly by the recent hurricane.
Spaceballs, the Animated series? Loads into the iTunes store.
DOMO KUN AT TARGET HALLOWEEN 2008 - Domo-Kun, the "Poop Monster" mascot of a Japanese TV, was seen here at Target in the States.
TAKE ON ME: THE LITERAL VERSION - A filk on the Ah-Ha music video to "Take On Me", with the same video but differetn lyrics, making the whole thing goofy :)
FLICKR HALLOWEEN COLLECTION - A series of very old Halloween photos, going back to 1900.
"Smile!" A Flickr photo collection of all sorts of strange objects and signs with a smiling mouth sticker attached to them. Mildly disturbing.
OKTOBERFEST GROUNDHOG YODELER - A new animated toy that dances as it sings. Puppet?
CINEMATIC TITANIC - The New Show from the original MST3k Mystery Science Theater 3000 team, rather than Joel and the robots the cast stands on various platforms as if on the railing of the Titanic. The movies are still very, very bad though, and filked accordingly.
RIFFTRAX - The OTHER project by the MST3K crew.. these audio tracks are designed to be played in synch with movies, usually A-list blockbusters instead of the usual B-movie filkfests. 70 so far, and mostly modern hits.
"I just noticed this. This lamp (#1) Is Atlantic City's Lucy (#2)"
A Saudi Muslim Cleric has pronounced a death sentence on Mickey Mouse. As if the ban by the Southern Baptists wasn't bad enough.
http://poink.furryhost.com/ (main page)
http://poink.furryhost.com/poinkcasts/ (Direct list of available podcasts)
POINKCASTS - Poink the Ferret's weekly rant podcast, Adults only.
"INFLATION. MALE. KANGAROO..." Goofy 3D-rendered furry animated short. Oz Kangaroo tests out the Inflate-o-belt, making the mistake of leaving the remote control laying about so Deezleberries the weasel can pick it up. Deezl starts randomly hitting the on and off buttons, sending Oz bouncing around the room, then into a manhole. Deezl shrugs and tosses the device, which then gets picked up by giant green Duncan Kangaroo. The End? Cartoons.
TRANSYLVANIA TV - Another puppet show! Featuring monsters and stuff. NSFW! Adults only.
BAG RAIDERS "FUN PUNCH" MUSIC VIDEO - Two teens get a signal from space.. and adopt their Power Ranger-like alter egos, battling Carbon and his henchmen (who look a LOT like the Greys from Sockbaby?) in a well choreographed 3 1/2 live-action fighting adventure, then try to make it to school on time! Their teacher is a bit odd.. The End?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMq5YCQWQ14&feature=related (Youtube Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfCSpxnXzlc&feature=related (Youtube Part 2)
SOCKBABY - EPISODE 4 - Yes, it's not over yet. -This- time Ronnie Cordova battles hordes of guys wearing underwear over their scuba gear who emerge from his swimming pool. He also meets his father. -*Maybe*-? Awesome cheesy B-movie Science Fiction pointless live-action water-splashing overacted dramatic combat. Fight scenes. Power Rangers have NOTHING on this guy! http://www.sockbaby.com/
KAIKESTSU ZORORI - This.. is a downright amazing 50 min furry anime movie. Zorori the fox daydreams about finding a wife and a castle, then is practically run over by a land-bound pirate ship moving on rollers, chasing a feline girl. Thus starts a wacky action-packed adventure full of treasure, traps, romance (maybe?), a tiger with a gun for an arm, and a mad scientist who carries a boombox everywhere to play just the right spooky music. Must be part of a series, I *have* to track the rest down. Too many in-jokes and jabs to count. Awesome! Japanese with English subtitles.
MAKE YOUR OWN SEX TOYS - A handy guide to give you that helping hand. Um, NSFW?
THE ULTIMATE SPOILER TSHIRT! - A tshirt red and white logo that manages to give away the twist endings to about 30 different famous movies in one photo. Darth Vader = Luke's Father, Soylent Green is Made of People, Neo is The One, Snape Kills Dumbledore, Rosebud is the name of his Sled, etc, etc. For those geeks who love to ruin things for other people (I haven't actually seen The Village yet, good to know about that Policeman thing)
DAVID LYNCH: PROBLEM SOLVER #1 - 5 - Fan video, 'David Lynch' shows up to help people in need. The register is short! "What you need.. is a German with Strawberries, who is wearing rabbit gears, and is wearing a manical grin on his face" People just stare at each other. "What you need.. is a gogo dancer, who is feverishly applying lipstick, to the plastic wrap that is covering her mouth. She is also holding a toothbrush, for no apparent reason." Twilight Zone. Guy who talks backwards. Geeks and freaks. Comedy. Parody! David Lynch eventually meets his parodier, and sees a lot of images of cats. This is awesome! Halloween?
EL LABERINTO ESFERICO - A Spanish-language flash adventure game about a guy who's dead thinking about the mistakes he made in the maze.. multiple paths you can choose from, and several (annoyingly hard) minigames to progress through. Comic book style. Mr. Coo.
MTV plans to remake "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"?
THE LAMPS OF DISNEY - Collection of all the different types of lamps in all the different incarnations of Disneyland.
SEAWEED - "Awesome new hardbound funny-animal comic book by Ben Balistreri"
Photos from the Pixar Campus, once again on that Russian photo website.
http://www.youtube.com/user/patrioticeagle (Sam the AMERICAN Eagle)
http://www.youtube.com/user/weirdowhatever (The Great Gonzo)
http://www.youtube.com/user/meepmeepmeepow (Beeker, everyone's favourite lab assistant)
http://www.youtube.com/user/deumnborkborkbork (The Swedish Chef)
http://www.youtube.com/user/heckleu247 (Statler and Waldorf)
Several New Internet-savy Muppet videos have been posted on Youtube!
PICTURE OF YAPPYFOX WORKING IN NEW YORK? - Logo from "Johnny Foxes NYC" a Tap House and Grill, looks a lot like him
SUPERHEROES PICTURE COLLECTION - A group of goofy superheroes made up by various artists and put together.
UNDERWATER PHOTOS COLLECTION - This is another one of those themed picture collections on a Russian website.. this showcase features psycadelic splicings of surf pictures at the top, then images of improbably underwater scenes -directly below-. Surf over giant spikes, pumpkins with EYES, a band without scuba gear walking on the ocean floor, as well as giant sea creatures and girls riding motorcycles. You want to say these are spliced photos.. but people have hair waving in the water and bubbles coming up.. very hard to tell. Fillyjonk says it should "creep out Herbie"
VORITECTURE - A Russian website with a collection of pictures of buildings that.. eat people. Giant shark heads, clowns, any sort of doorway shaped like a mouth. Vorephiles.
SLAYING MONSTERS FOR SCIENCE - A sociology conference is heal.. INSIDE WORLD OF WARCRAFT. One of the participants is torn to pieces by hyenas. Such is the danger of those who study the Knowledge.
I'M A BIG BEAVER! - Stargazer Bear made this filk of the Beattle's "I'm a Believer!" with a furry fursuit bent. "Then a saw those teeth.. now I'm a big beaver!" Being different, standing out.
AD WORLD - Another Stargazer Youtube video. Local Star Trek forum gets targetted with a "Try Viagra" ad. Parody of "Mad World" by Gary Jules. Flamewars. Advertisments on the internet.
The Webpage of Stalking Cat
The Journal of Ride Theorty (JORT) - For those extreme roller coaster enthusiasts.
HOW TO MAKE A SESAME STREET YIP YIP COSTUME - Those Martian aliens that keep going Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep. Or, Yip, I guess. Video.
THE CLOUD - Strange construct made of thousands of little -hair- optical fibers, that can react to touch. It likes to be petted. Modern art.
The Tron Guy now has a Tron Plane matching his outfit. Cosplay.
A Stitch CD player. Open his head and put the disc in.
DICK IN A BOX - A fursuiter parody of the original Saturday Night Live of the same name. Smooth hip-hop music makes it good :)
Robot Teddy Bear car navigation system.
LAS VEGAS STRATOSPHERE X SCREAM RIDE - Roller Coaster-like thing, that tilts people up and slides them backwards, 909 feet above the ground. Crazy.
CRAZY RIDE 909 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND - A machine in the Las Vegas Stratosphere that carries you over a sheer 909 foot drop.. then SPINS until you're leaning foward and looking straight down.
CELL PHONES ARE EVIL - A guy puts a cell phone into a microwave, and it burst open, turning into an alien monster, which bites the camera! The lights go out. Video editing.
THE AUSSIE MASH - As played on the July 6th, 2008 Pawpet SHow - "An adaptation of the Monster Mash written by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Leonard Capizzi, New Lyrics by Erich Reinhardt. Lots of Kangaroos and Dingos hopping about. Furry song filking.
AUSSIE MASH - As shown on the Pawpet Show July 6th, 2008
PORK AND BEANS - A super-wacked video absolutely LOADED with in-jokes and references to Internet Memes. Mentos and Diet Coke is fired into the air by guys in scientist gear while the rock band plays in the forground. All our base, Dramatic Hampster, Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa guy (actually looks like him too) Chocolate Rain, with the band members dued in Forest Gump style into the background. Guy wearing 155 XL tshirts. And lots of things not even *I* can identify.. which is not easy to do. AWESOME! Comedy. Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana guy. Will It Blend? Parody! 13 million views! Weezer band.
MP3: SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPT TO CREATE THE MOST ANNOYING SONG EVER - Details on the ongoing scientific effort, and the final result if you scroll down! Tongue-in-cheek, shamelessly goes through a Western theme with horses clip-clopping and gratuitous flutes, then transitions right into a dissonant hiphop new wave freeform jazz opera vocal. Listen only if you have a good sense of humor, as it might not survive otherwise. Evil music.
Anthropomorphic carrot - Just plain WEIRD
REAL TREKKIE TRICORDER INVENTED! - This handheld device can go anywhere, and can bring up ultrasound, xray and other images of an ailing patient, then send them wirelessly via cell phone for analysis at headquarters. This is not a joke. Star Trek technology and you.
William Shatner "sings" "Taxi" on "Dinah!" - Old school recording of a younger Shatner. "Has Been" was a much better album
Harry Chapin - Taxi - Just so you can compare a good version of Taxi with the William Shatner version.
Supertelegattone - Spanish old school animation about a TV cat superhero.
Ollie Johnston, last of Disney's "Nine Old Men" has died
SHANNON KAHN "Sk-1" Bowl for Kids Sake 2008 Promo - Video of SK-1 bowling in his fursuit (and doing a good job of it too). Charity.
"A Tribute To The Amiga" by Eric Swartz, using the "Still Alive", the final song from Portal. Animated Amiga computer puts it to the Macs and PCs "And believe me I am still alive!" Diabolical anthropomorphic computer girl. HEY! "STILL ALIVE" WAS A SONG DONE BY JOHNATHAN COULTON, who did that Mr. Fancy Pants thing below! "Created using the Amiga 4000"
SOUL BOSSA NOVA - QUINCY JONES - All this is is a picture of the original vinyl record from 1962 of the song that now serves as the Funday Pawpet Show Theme! Also featured on that silly Austin Powers film. Bleh.
STAR TREK MEETS MONTY PYTHON - Spock, Kirk, Scotty and the rest sing Monty Python's famous Camelot song from the Holy Grail, using strategicly odd video clips from the long-standing first series.
MACBOOK AIR PARODY - Mac has an add of a computer coming out of a letter envelope, so a guy did a parody where a DELL PC comes out of an envelope.. very improbably. After item after item of unpacking, the commerical is finally for "The Super Envelope!" rubber chicken, lots of perhiperals, funny!
Mr. Fancy Pants - World of Warcraft music video to the song by Jonathan Coulton, about a guy famous for having great pants, but is really sad inside.
The website of Jonathan Coulton, singer/songwriter of strange things, making a song a week
Nonsanity Cat's homepage on YouTube!
"Professional Chocolate Bunny Death Video" As soft, sad music plays, an iron is gently leaned up against the nose of a chocolate bunny, slowly melting its way THROUGH IT. Then there's a big lamp, lots of dramatic camera angles, until its head falls off. Then, a hair dryer, and lots of slow motion work! "Chocolate Rabbit Meltdown" Evil Easter!
The Hatch - online Easter Egg coloring competition.
"Washington Post Peep Show" - An online gallery of scenes from several famous moves, reenacted with marshmellow peeps! Easter.
BLACK OX - Small real robot doing slow but stylish anime pumping moves.
STAR WARS VS SAUL BASS - "If Star Wars was filmed two decades earlier and Saul Bass did the opening title sequence, it -might- look like this.." Stylish.
Chuck Jones's 1962 animation "Now Hear This" lots of goofy sound effects, with animation done to them. "QUIET!!!!" British National Anthem interupted by honking. Guy with hearing horn tries to make sense of all the nonsense going on around him. Guy eventually chooses his own horn back again. Turns out the dropped horn was actually one of Satan's missing horns. "Moral: The other fellow's trumpet always looks greener"
BOHEMIAN WHAPSODY - Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny perform Queen's 'Bohemian Rasphody'. That is, the Queen song is worked into the classic "Magic Helmet" opera Warner Brother's cartoon.
Captain Eeyore - Parody of Michael Jackson's "Captain Eo" "We're going in.. I guess." The power of music turns Walt Disney dwarves into beautiful people. Made by employees on their off-time? Not the original like, that one was taken off YouTube by complaint by Disney.
A series of paintings by Donald Rust, featuring optical illusions. Faces of wolves, bears, and people appear if you study each one long enough. Rocks in a stream turns into a statue of a naked woman. A flock of birds forms the word "Love" Some are easy. Some take a long time. Landscapes.
SOOPERGOOP - 1970's Public Service Annoucement film about an anthro cat Rodney Weatherbottom as part of an evil plot to market sugar fluffed with air to children, making a lot of bogus claims in goofy televison commercials. False teeth as a 'prize' in the back. "AHAHAHAHA!" Doom. Manipulation.
The Wombles stop-motion animation in "Speak Up" there are lots of other episodes in the list to the side on the Youtube page.
Very realistic/cartoony looking fox balloon fursuit
"More evidence of the highly advanced culture that is modern Japan.  Convict super-bunnies from a Sovietsky Toon Town.  Site has 14 episodes." Anime? Can't read the writing.
Balloon fursuit photos! Tigers, dragons, and a butterfly.
Creative Inspiration - Tokidoki - Behind the scenes with Italian artist and designer Simone Legno, who makes lots of strange iconic characters for shirts, jewelry and things.
Je t'aime Titi - Warner Brothers Sylvester and Tweety.. get romantic in this actually published French album from 1975, complete with slurping(?) sounds. Happy Gay Valentine's Day
Art Spots - The art archive of Brian Reynolds, furry artist, who sends in a lot of Art Jams
Mr. Rude, the Farting Frenchman, joins cast of Mr. Men, a show for 4 to 7 year olds. Children's books.
Fillyjonk's Valentine Card to FPS - Russian animation of horde of cartoon rabbits grabbing a bear and pulling him into some bushes, with traditional folk music playing.. yet with a -suggestive- beat! "Oh! Ah! Oh! Ah!" some cyrilic text which I believe says "Happy Valentine's Day!"
TMP Music Lists - Futuristic Music - Music of the Future. List of famous theme that fit into certain niches. Doesn't have actual links to these tunes, have to hunt them down yourself.
Text-o-possum - Story starts at 3:09 in this episode (which also has props from 'Your Psycho Girlfriend', GIANT puppets) Stuffed possum that projects a keyboard on the table, which works, and can be typed on. People start at guy using it. Lady pats it and knocks it over "OH MY GOD!"
Chanticleer, 12 man classical acapella group, performs Past Life Melodies by Sarah Hopkins
The Wombles British fursuit group, Minuetto Allegretto (from Top of the Pops) and at Eurovision 1974.
COCA-COLA: IT'S MINE - Stewie Griffin and Underdog giant parade floats slow-motion battle over a balloon of Coca-cola. In the end, Charlie Brown gets it. Commercials.
HANDHELD SUNBEAM - This has got to be the king of Flashlights! Homemade rig can be handheld, yet visible for miles, and can even sunburn skin. BRIGHT LIGHT! Inventions. Gadgets. Geeky things. New way to kill a chocolate bunny?
ANIMAL RESCUE FORCE FRIENDS! - Another internet puppet show! Hudson and Dan Klass. Guy and his robot lion friend try to stop a poacher. Homemade.
STAR TREK: RIKER DOES INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - An airline reservation center has major problems, and to make things even worse, one guy gets a call from Commander Riker from the Starship Enterprise. Then Riker appears, believably, on the screen, pitching a solution. Looks like a cheesy TV commercial! Tech support. Technical Difficulties.
ALL FOAM NO BEER - A collectin of.. strange things, found on the web. Tiger Woods actually walks on water in a golf video game commercial, polar bear checks out a car, girl wears her own milking machine (NSFW!) And others.
The Funday Pawpet Show's Wikipedia entry... which is under consideration for being deleted! Go to the link and speak your mind about it
It's the Funday Pawpet Show Wiki :) Couresty Nonsanity Cat.
Poink's Poinkcasts! - Poink's collection of comedy rant/commentary podcasts. Not safe for work! The Poink Show.
A Pawpet Jib Jab Christmas Card! Garrison Skunk transplanted some Pawpet heads into the Jib Jab Snowball Fight animation. 5th head is "The Guy From That Thing"
Classic FPS - (2004) Chuckles the hyena as the first Subservient fursuiter on the show.
IRC Instructions for connecting to the Chat server during the Pawpet Show
The Ferret Legalization Movement in Southern California produced this cute, goofy video to try and convince Arnold S to make them legal. Lots of cute ferrets, overacting. Legal everywhere except in California and Hawaii? Arnold himself holds ferret in Kindergarden Cop. 27% of pet supply of ferrets sold in California? Illegal immigrants, furry style. Line of ferrets executed by the authorities. Ferrets Anonymous. Ferret fursuiters. www.legalizeferrets.org Guy from 300 "THESE--ARE--FERRETS!" World of Warcraft music in background
Pub Orangina Animaux - A heavily furry CGI French commerical about an orange drink, features a doe deer flirting with a bear, with an entire dancing troup of flamingos, giraffs, peacocks, cats, even an octopus. Naturally juicy. The second link is the original unediting extended French version, even more risque! Pandas, zebras! The *THIRD* link is the ultra high-rez version of the 2nd one!
Classic FPS - Karaoke Deconstruction? (2004) Poink and Voop sing Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard light. Follow the color-changing text kids!
The "Can't Stop the Rock" Brian Reynolds thing again :)
Second Life Mapquest - SLURL location-based linking in Second Life. Clicking on the map transports your character to wherever you want to go! This particular address takes you to where the Funday Pawpet Show is being streamed onto the movie screen.
Furries vs Klingons bowling tournament.
Yappy sighted in a panoramic shot of the fursuit parade at AC '07
The official Livejournal ofr the Pawpet show.
"What's Simba doing now?" Today's episode- Driving a tank?
PA Pets! PA/UTAH Pets Download archives for their shows.
THE ROCKOONS! - Newgrounds flash of raccoons and other animated furs rocking out of Aerosmiths "Fever" and doing lots of damage :)
KOMEDI - A GENTLEMAN'S DUEL - A funny professionally animated 3D cartoon, Pixar quality, of a practical Englishman and noble, rich Frenchman getting into a duel over a beautiful lady, which they settle by fighting in steampunk battlemechs, destroying large portions of her estate in the process. Awesome :) Blur studios. Romance! Love (sorta)
"Another reporter gets it right" "Finally comfortable in their own fur" an article about a furry convention in Canada, "One of 25 furry conventions worldwide"
FACTS ON FARTS - The offical scientific resource on why people fart, what it's made of, and.. well, probably too much information. It's impossible not to fart?
Will It Blend? - Destroying an iPhone in a Blendtec blender. "I think I'm gonna push the smoothie button" Slow motion, someone groaning "NOOO!!!" as the screen finally goes. Yes, it blends!
Will It Blend? - Chuck Norris. Along with a lot of guys from Cobra. Chuck rises from the ashes!
Will It Blend? - Bic Lighters. "You REALLY don't wanna try this one at home.." BOOM! Fire! Technical Difficulties.
The Happy Tree Friends USB Flash Drives! Pull off their heads and interact.
"Meet the Incredible Hulk of Hounds" A huge Whippet with a genetic disorder that makes twice as heavy as the usually lithe dogs.
Dramatic Chipmunk - Ten second quick video "Da DAA Daaaaaaaa..." dramatic music as a chipmuck turns around and gives you a o_O cockeyed Alfred Hitchcock sort of look, as if to say 'or DID I?'
Pawpet Sucks! (And they suck very good) - Rummage the raccoon is sucked into a vaccuum-packed food storage bag. 9 minutes of footage from the actual show! Transformers fans stink? Sucking air out of balloons, Mutt tries to have Yappy suck him into freshness.
Poink T. Ferret is in the Furry wiki!
Furry Tales - A musical about furs, inspired by watching fur in Pittsburg walk around during a convention! Story of an undercover reporter for everythingawful-com who infiltrates the con in a fursuit, then realizes he's at home here.
Duckon 2007 - Steve Ward's Singing Tesla Coil video - Music done with lightning! Wicked! Awesome. Mario theme! People cheer! Thunder! singing lightning.
Ferret vs jalapeno pepper - Exported YouTube video of a couple letting their ferret lick a pepper, after which it goes nuts, and wants some water. Spits or Swallows
The Furvert Song! - Guy with british accent strums the guitar, then goes into a full song. Furry. "Need I say, you know the lyrics by now.." Poink show? "I've got yiffing on my mind cause I'm a furvert!"
Poink (JR's) Yellow-stained shirt!
Ankle Injury - A very long-to-download film that's a music video, rendered in the form of colored dice which are arraigned to form a surprisingly realising changing picture. Fuyija Miyagi
Fennec Foxes Fishing for Fish Number 1- RL Fennecs trying to catch fish in a bowl! Cute! They want the fish, but don't want to get wet :P
Fennec fox which does grooming - RL animal, it's like a big cat!
Another fennec, who also acts like a cat :) Even nips.
Wolf Trucks - Furry RL Transformers?
Steam Trek: The Moving picture - Parody of Star Trek in the style of old black and white movies before audio. Oldschool
Sub Button Popping contest - eat the sub, then pop your belt buckle
Sub Mr. Grillhands - Kid toasts girl's sub. Edward Scissorhands?
Mr. Sub Frankenstein falls in love with a sub the doctor makes. Then some superhero steals it and defeats them both.
Mr. Sub - Firewalker, then walks across the sub "AHHH!!!"
Mr. Sub - Supersize sub tilts the store, the city, the world, causing it to fall into the sun. Boom!
Mr. Sub Chicken sees a sub with chicken in it, and cries "NOOOOO!"
Mr. Sub - On/Off guy plays with lightbulb, until it breaks "Try new things!"
Mr. Sub - Sofa, guy twists out of a sofa, looking for change under the cushions? "Now only 499 cents"
Fursuit of Hirsute?
The king of wacky waving inflatable tube men.
Sniper panda, guy throws away gift from girlfriend, gets offed
Balloon panda - humans steal balloons from panda fursuiter . Kid takes off his head and throws it away, then gets attacked himself by real pantas?
Kung-fu panda - guy in Kill Bill yellow suit challenges panda to a funny martial arts duel. Panda defeats him with a fart, then takes out the camera. www.buildup.com
The Laugh Out Loud Cats comic collection
Roderick Sprague's idea of how to build a fusion reactor
Blondie comic - the dog likes it when Dagwood is away.
Webcasters carry on with a 'Day of Silence' to protest new stiffer royalty payments for net broadcasting.
Jib Jab's "The Star Spangled Banner" made from video and sound clips from actual presidents over the past few decades.
Paintjam Dan Dunn - Painting as performance art in front of a crowd.
Picture of Ray Charles, set to his music!
Dork Tower comic - Friend says he's waiting for his friend, a Black Panther, one who's radical about it.. white friend leaves, only for a white guy in a black panther suit to show up. "People really -do- have a hard time with furries.." "Makes me so MAD.."
Justice League 300 - Superman is cast as Leonidas, using footage from Justice League Unlimited to sound clips from the movie about the Spartans, 300.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdF_XdVuO-o  - PSA 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qPpI6WfTcg - PSA 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON4RpymQWoY - PSA 3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAsMR9jq7vE - PSA 4
All four "Computer Critters" episodes
The Disco Ball toy from Chuck E Cheese could also burn down your house in this list of recalled toys. Left on for four hours or more, it starts to melt and catch fire. Manley toys disco light.
A giant rubber duck is floating the rivers of France.
Hoppity Hooper pilot episode - Qbald miracle hair restorer. Furry. Rocky and Bullwinkle style.
A mascot at a theme park writes in to say that they frequently get groped by rude park patrons trying to determine if the person in the costume is male or female. Response to Tiger's groping scandle.
Clintaur. Bill Clinton gets released into the wild.
Wiki furry listening for Crazy Coon
The Ramen song, flash animation. Cats love their ramen noodles!
SK-1 found an article about how a cannon fired during the production of Shakespeare's Henry VIII causes the Globe Theatre to catch fire.
Disney shelves idea for "Ratatouille Chardonnay", or Rat Wine. Bad ideas.
Animator vs Animation - A stick figure struggles to escape from the control of an evil mouse cursor, fighting along and destroying large parts of the animation program control panel in the process, then clones himself Agent Smith style. Unsaved work saves the day. Technical difficulties.
The Match Game - Fill in the blanks "The Big Bad Fold said This Old Lady had the biggest <BLANK>S I ever saw!" Game show madness. The first time someone ever said BOOBS on Televison. The celebrities try to walk out! LOL "There's nothing wrong with Mother Nature!" "It's not nice to fool mother!" "Speaking of Bazzoms.. Fannie would you show us yours?" "MOTHER!" Berries? Censorship sucks, screw it :) Innuendo
Carrol Burnett and her crew invades the set of the Match Game! "It's my show!" Innuendo. "My bomber pilot is always practicing.. he even yells Bombs Away! When he's blanking!" "Going potty?" Matches with Carol! Tim Conway's card is blank? "I figured he was constipated.."
BUNS AND CHOU CHOU review pop culture, attacking Alvin the Chipmunk with a wrench in his quite episode.
Better Days by Jay Naylor. Cat boy asks his sister to deliver a letter to a girl. "Can't you at least pretend to be embarrased?? For my sake??"
MATCH GAME - TICKET PLUGS - 2 minutes of the mutated faces where someone's mouth is on someone else in the show credits.
DRAGON WARS - "D-Wars", dragons fighting helicopters with Transformers special effects?
Germaine Greer on Plushiphilia - A rant against giving our kids teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Paranoia. "I'm not sure which is more disturbing, the thought that this ISN'T a parody, or the thought that Germaine Greer researched this"
WISE EARTH - An environmental website.
Authentic Cassandra Cat Merchandise, with art by "Slylock Fox" creator Bob Weber, Jr.
Japanese Puppet Vore Okay, that got your attention.  Actually, it's a version of "The Wolf  and the Seven Little Goats", all done with puppets.  And yeah, it's all in Japanese, but it's not like you need subtitles for stuff like this.
Frappr, a world map program that records where people with common interests are around the world. This page is for furries! It will skim around the world, actually showing the icons for folks one at a time!
Tomfoolery - Old animated Rankin/Bass 10 min cartoon show.
The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad Show - Old Rankin/Bass animated open/close of a dragon who tries to be good, but has trouble not breathing fire.
"The Awful Guide to Your Inevitable Walt Disney World Vacation" "The question is - how accurate is this?"
You Tube - The Mean Kitty Song. Guy raps about all the trouble his cute cat gets into, despite being a fuzzball. "He's the meanest little kitty, so I named him Sparta"
Sean Bryant's Numa Numa remake and "Message to Furry Haters" videos.
READ A BOOK - Hardcore parody rap, gansta who swears every few words encourages everyone to read. "Raise your kids, raise your kids, raise your goddamn kids!" "You body needs water, so drink that shit!" "Brush your teeth!" Public services annoucements for those totally sick with the Saturday morning cartoon ones. College Humor archive. Not safe for work!
American's talking rabbit got talent - Show where a RL climbs up next to a microphone, and the comedian voiceovers. It's obviously a trick, but it's still funny :)
Starbucks coffee art.
British ballet version of Angelina Ballerina with its mouse dancer ends up terrifying children with ghosts, scary black-clad villians and people getting gored by falling pins.
Untalkative Bunny - Cafe Society. Rabbit draws pictures, while Poet Cat can't order coffee without reciting a poem. Poet cat invites the rabbit over. People watch 'cool' cat, then think the rabbit is cool "I wanna dye my hair yellow!" Squirrel blinks as people ask for his autograph. The fickle nature of fame.
MySpace video leads to arrest for manatee abuse.
The Pogo Special Birthday Special
Lino Toffolo - Johnny Bassotto - Detective hound dog cartoon, in Spanish?
Chuck Jones presents The White Seal, a tale from The Jungle Book?
The Burlesque Dancer Puppet Show - A singing puppet, very female, does a striptease for the audience. "Poink, this one's for you.." "This isn't the only show we do, we do shows for kids too!"
Dioramas with bears, bearoramas. Teddy bears put into a variety of different famous scenes, like WW2 Normady invasion, Beauty and the Beast, Treasure Island, etc
Jukebox explosion, from a guy who did a show on furries, college radio station.
Family Guy 300 trailer. Parody.
Random Animated cats, Cats don't dance, Shred, Lion King, Aristocats, etc. Montage.
Bombs have been found under more than 50 homes in Orlando Florida, relics from ammunition tests during WW2. Kids get hurt by explosives.
Dual Screen Radio. A radio show about the Nintendo DS, talk radio.
Terry Gilliam's First Film: StoryTime! Monty Python. Cockroach named Don. Friends of Kage? Guy steps on cockroach, becomes the main character? Random weirdness, six degress of seperation, lots of folks related to each other. Back to cockroaches. "Hey, you already said that!" Animator has been sacked. "The Albert Eisnstein Story!" Disembodied hands and feet. Awesome! Funny.
Apple Geeks comic strip. Guy in a suit says "I'm a Pac" guy in a cat fursuit says "I'm a Mac. RAWR!" Exchange glances. "Freak." "Meow?"
Rosanne Barr comes to Cartoon Land in the Rosey & Buddy Show (unsold pilot by Nelvana) lots of camoes. Rosanne opens the fridge "OH NO! SHE'S BACK!"
Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll by the Cattanooga Cats. Cartoon
Zoey, a blue mage brings a lot of pictures to life as children sing. Colorful! Cute! Keeps trying to impress his picky friend. Dizzy! "Zoetrope - An illusion device, also called the Wheel of Life" spin it and still animations seem to move.
Spiders on Drugs - A parody documentary (style of Look Around You), web shapes change depending on drugs.  Crack spider takes over. National Geographic, sorta
Wake up call. For all the cat people. Cartoon cat jumps on guy as he sleeps. Ends up using a baseball bat. Feed the cat.
GONE DADDY GONE - Music video about fleas, ticks,flies and other insects go from a dog to a blue carpet of a good looking girl, who then vacuums them up and sprays them. Hallucinations at the end.
Controverial new G.I.Joe movie in production, looks like Thunderbirds?
Pinnochio Parody - Jimminy Cricket is now named Buttercup, redubbed vocals from the Disney movie. Numa Numa musicbox? MST3K, without shadows. Charming, and yet not safe for work at the same time.. "I've got some bad news.. the mafia's out to kill me. Sweet dreams." Lesbian fairy? "I'm seeing things.. oh it's that LSD I took" "Giant obesity makes me hot!" Funny!
Doll House designed after Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin from Ducktales.
New Zoo Revue Outtake - R-rated MST3K remixed vocal funnyness. fursuiters
American Furry - Video made by furries to explain furries. Boingboingtv. Made my WAFurries. "We always get to talk about Utopia society.. well HG Wells.. here we are!" fursuiters. "Why can't I get a lion-person?"
Dirty Rainbow - British comedy tv show so loaded with innuendo it bleeds. "Yesterday we played with our balls.. today are we going to play with out friend's balls?" "Would you like to play with my maracas?" TV that goes well with LSD.
"No-Constraints Carpet" Panasonic's new tube-shaped animal-colored long scarf thing that warms up when you cuddle it, designed to simulate a pet?
New species of Dwarf Manatee discovered in the Brazilian Amazon
"Mickey Feio" 'Ugly Mickey' A webpage dedicated to collecting the most horrible fan filk drawings of Disney's Mickey Mouse ever assembled. Psyco Mickey, old crossdressing Mickey, undead Mickey, drunk Mickey, Nazi Mickey, name something, it's here. Parody. Walt Disney on acid.
Pictures from a furcon in Argentina.
Disturbing Disneyland news - There's a new trend for people to spread cremated human remains inside Disneyland attractions, especially the Haunted Mansion, which is a security/public relations headache for the park. Mice Age. Scroll down the page a bit.
Doom Buggies - A detailed webpage completely obsessed with the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. News, tales of haunting, urban legends, marriages? Wow.
Captain Kangaroo 1976 - "Good morning Captain!" early Captain Kangaroo opening. Lots of cameos by people back in the day.
Pringles Funky Soy Sauce commercial. Spits of Swallows.
Classic KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken animated commercial about two fat kids calls for KFC during a long drive, followed by the updated 2005 version about two *thin* kids in a rock version of the same commercial.
Mel Blanc, voice of Warner Brother's Bugs Bunny and tons of other character, on the David Letterman show back in the day.
"The top ten things I, Peter Griffin, would like to say to America" From Family Guy on the David Letterman show.
"The top ten reasons why I, Homer Simpson, should be the next President!" From The Simpsons on the David Letterman show. "I will appoint a Secretary of Donuts.. I will BE the Secretary of Donuts!"
Jetman op theme - Toei's Super Sentai Series
A Muppet  Family Christmas
http://youtube.com/watch?v=b_WA4YUo7Zw - Part 1
http://youtube.com/watch?v=2zmboNw_LUE - Part 2
http://youtube.com/watch?v=MAbpBacmYFk - Part 3
http://youtube.com/watch?v=kG0HhsOZBKU - Part 4
http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z3rTRUJw3e4 - Part 5

The Christmas Toy
http://youtube.com/watch?v=tGiMCMEvcAU - Part 1
http://youtube.com/watch?v=sm-ZMS4qV54 - Part 2
http://youtube.com/watch?v=fSMo1NxaqCY - Part 3
http://youtube.com/watch?v=t-V2AtNxp2g - Part 4
http://youtube.com/watch?v=mS0poDQ6fSU - Part 5

A Disney Christmas Gift
http://youtube.com/watch?v=QSmbr66SzNo - Part 1
http://youtube.com/watch?v=1KpaSeVk6t0 - Part 2
http://youtube.com/watch?v=EbLV-4ucAJY - Part 3
http://youtube.com/watch?v=nM9Ou5noW18 - Part 4
http://youtube.com/watch?v=6GzaVVDomT4 - Part 5

A Christmas Story

Large scale lightsaber Star Wars brawl, 2000 people in Toronto. Jedi Wars.
Lost Star Trek Parody - Kerosun Heaters. 1982. Selling space heaters.
Levi's "Evolution" TV Commercial from 1970. Where would man wear Levi's if he turned out differently?
More wacky Levi's animation commercials. Tarzan "Leeee--VIs!!"
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Filked by the cast of Scrubs. Parody.
"It's a bunnyfish world. We just live in it" Art collection of, well, bunnyfishes, a few risque scenes, a few undead people. But cute. Slideshow. kozyndan. Bunnyfishes visit the local anime star wars convention, or something. NSFW.
PULP MUPPETS - Parody of Pulp Fiction, with puppet heads inserted over the actors. Surprisingly well done! Funny
Bear fursuiter wins Turner Prize for his film Sleeper, in which he wanders about a deserted German gallery disguised as a bear. Mark Wallinger
Horror Friends - Heavy breathing mrder fiend visits Freddy, Jason, Hannibal Lecter, and others for their weekly poker night. OJ Simpson and Michael Myers also join, but not really. Parody of Friends TV Show. Freddy "Anyone seen the Ring? What is it with these sissy horror films?" Horror fiends like Jackass?
Twas an ACLU Christmas - No songs, just generic "Happy Holidays Folks!" Santa vists an ACLU lawyer. Santa performs WWE moves on the lawyer "Aren't you glad I only come once a year!?" Funny! Evil Christmas.
A New Furry Convention, the Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008
WRITERS STRIKE! - Youtube video. Writers still striking to get paid more royalties for work done over the internet. One guy in a good suit pickets in front of the Writer's Guild.. "Strike unfair to Studio Execs!" Working Class hero plays in the background. Stunt. "We gave the writers a chance to take their demands off the table.. and they turned down that opportunity. They really took umbrage when we double-crossed them." Ok, so it's not journalism, but it's funny. Go Guildies! Writer's Strike.
"Pain" Pawpet Music Video, Dai fox puppet. Pain by Three Days Grace.
"In honor of BJ/SK-1's recent appearance on Millionare.." Ferret appears on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, one of the first things Garrison Skunk sent in before Art Jams were even happening.
Minyanville - Hoofy and Boo, bull and bear financial consultants. Featured on Fox News.
SIM Global Education: Freud. What the world be would like if it was a Sims game controlled by Sigmund Freud.
Puppet - Patrick Smith animated video. Guy's handpuppet starts beating him up and cloning itself, eventually turning him into a puppet and making him do horrible things like bash his face against a beehive and bbq grill. Giant dream sequence of being pursued by a puppet army. Finally gets the puppets off, but his cast ends up looking like a puppet.
Handshake - Patrick Smith animed video. Guy and a girl share an innocent handshake, but end up being stuck together, slowly combining into one person. The more they stuggle, the more stuck they get, ending up fighting for survival until one gets absorbed. Cartoon horror.
Drink - Patrick Smith animed video - Guy takes a drink of a potion that has his differente personas break out of himself, finally ending up himself again. Another drink reverses it. Carefull what you drink. Spits or Swallows. If it's evil.. DON'T DRINK IT.
Herbie's sidewalk art.
Glitter Graphix! Animated gifs that simulate light making things twinkle.
BoingBoingTV - "The True History of LOL Cats" Grandfather puppet talks about earlier comic strip. "Beware the Walrus"
LOL Cats :)
Sheepdog with human-like features follows the mouse around the screen. Cute, yet creepy.
Alvin and the Chipmunks CGI website, where you can tell Alvin to say different things. In this case Alvin tells you to watch the Funday Pawpet Show!
Gigi D'Agostino's "The Riddle" video. Line draws of a human taur and a dragontaur thing run into each other and merge. Strange. Different.
Japanese Tanuki add, Tanuki turns into chocolates. Stop motion
"Mommy, Where Do Servers Come From?" Microsoft's new Brainwashing Children's book.
Ezra on a record cover?
Mole Men imagined by Ape Lad/Mole Crunk -
Rats Laugh When You Tickle Them! Science, Rats and You. Special audio equipment takes animal sounds audible to human ears. Rats like to be tickled! Awesome!
Mickey Mouse Fever - Disney's Disco Album. Macho Duck. Watch out for Goofy!
CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN! - The ultimate cure to The Boring College Math Class. Proof that it doesn't matter what you say, as long as you have good charts and graphs :)
GENIUS CHIMPANZEE MAKES NOODLES! - 8 minute video from Japan about a RL chimpanzee (with a pitbull sidekick) who, with a few misadventures, will make a bowl of noodles complete with seasoning right in front of your eyes.. from SCRATCH. Even wonder how people make noodles? Take a look :)
SEXY ALIEN CARTOON BAND - Quick cool 3D-rendered parody of sexy music videos. Mutating alien band tries to get your attention.
UNITED 300 - The Spartans from the movie 300 save an airplane from terrorists. Fun parody! Sure beats the hell out of snakes :P Everyone sits down when the captian annouces turbulence. Ambush Xerces 'on the throne'. "Do you have to yell, ALL THE TIME?" "If you take us down now.. we'll be forced to land in OHIO!" "Then tonight.. we dine.. in CLEVELAND!!!" Cleveland rocks :)
K'ai - A True Space Opera - A space opera where.. people sing. Really. And you still can't understand the language.
GET YOUR CAKE ON - Strawberry Shortcake gets her freak on, jamming to a hiphop Missy E song.
THE INCREDIBLE SPEEDING SOFA - Guy drives his re-engineered sofa down the street at 92 miles per hours. Think geek!
THE MANUALIST - Guy makes music with his hands, similar to farting. Performs Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Iron Maiden's The Trooper. He's good :) Next generation of The Guitar Hero.
Funday Pawpet Show reference on the Vinci & Arty webcomic.
UNI THE HEDGEHOG! - RL Hedgehog pet mostly look at the camera and wonders why you're staring at him. Sleep in owner's hand, makes a ball out of himself, tries unsuccessfully to get through a toilet paper pipe. Sonic the Hedgehog music plays in the background, Starlit Highway? Meet the relatives.
FUNDAY FOR HOMER! - "What the hell is a FUNDAY?" "It's a Sunday that's FUN!" ".. I like that!"
FURRY 'LOBSTER' FOUND IN PACIFIC - Lives near the hypothermal vents at the sea bottom.
DRUNK SQUIRREL - Tries to climb a tree, but can't quite seem to do it without tumbling. Looks at the camera and keeps trying. Don't eat fermented pumpkins and climb. Runs around in circles.
Drunk Animals - Short documentary about the day rotten fruit falls off the tree, and many animals gorge on it, becoming drunk all at once.
RAINFURREST - New furry convention up in the Pacific Northwest
"In times of yore, cats and mice waged war.." plat armor designed for cats and mice
STOP MOTION CHALK BOARD - Animation on a chalkboard.
FurryFans.com - "Virtual Con" Ultimate Matrix Doom
"I like Pandas" Super cute chibi sugary baby pandas with suckers animation. Doom.
The inventor of instant Ramen Noodles dies of a heart attack
CAPTAIN EEYORE! - Disney castmembers produce a parody of Michael Jackson's "Captain Eo" staring the depressed donkey, 7 dwarves, and many others.
RACCOON RUNNING AROUND HOUSE - Real raccoon visits a house, spinning in the chair, saying hello to the cat. Cute! Rummage?
VGCATS - Starfox Daydream. A girl dreams up a romantic scene between Fox and Falco using nothing but dialog from the game. Not.. quite safe for work.
LINE RIDER - Jagged Peak Adventure & Urban Run & Best of Both Worlds - Stick figure daredevil surfs a drawing. Cowboy Beboop music. Whole series of adventures.
Whole bunch of skunks o_o Dancing in the moonlight?
MUSICAL FOODS - A guy uses a constuction made of hollowed out carrots and celery like a set of pan pipes! Whole series of food music!
CARROT OCARINA - Link would be proud. And hungry.
BIG BROCCOLI OCARINA: Angels We Have Heard On High. Christmas Food music. "Merry Christmas!"
DRUNKEN ALIEN FETUS - Guy drinking a beer while his head and voice are warped by cheap video effects. JUST PLAIN WIERD! Bitter Beer Face
My Azn Cat - Girl puts her cat on camera, who stares at you while she pushes his face into different expressions. "This is an example of how BORED I can get!"
Kittens in facial tissue box - Super cute video of kittens playing with a tissue box, one of which gets stuck inside it while the others bat at him.
Funday Pawpet Show Wikipedia article! Offically listening on the site, still up :)
WIKI FUR ! Furry Fandom's own Wikipedia thing
"Wakkie Nu Nu Gear" Caps and Mugs. WTF?
Article about what Disney was like in 1943
WTF!? Dead Monkey Comics - Mashmellow explodes in the microwave. Modern Dildo technology. Don't ask. NOT safe for work. Tim Farrell attacks.
"Flatland: A romance of many dimensions" When geometery majors become God.
"Blinded by the light" Canadian comedy team The Vacant Lot. Poker buddies debate what the lyrics to the song are.
Actualy lyrics to "Blinded by the Light"
"Hu's On First" The new leader of China is named "Hu". Bush just doesn't get it "Who?" Comedy with still pictures. "Yessir" "Yasir? Arafat is in China??" :P
Wayne Rooney wonder goal against Pompey - AKA the Governor Watts - Soccer Sucks Saga!
Starts with sports clip, followed by comedian bashing it, followed by a British guy correcting all the 'errors' in the earlier statement about Soccer (there's Americal football, that you play with your hands.. which underminds the expression 'foot ball') and finally Governor Watts responding to the Response. Flaming reaches a new age! Parody of Steven Colbert?
GIZMO FLUSHES - Cat learns to use the toilet. Over and over and over again.
CRAZY CAT FLASH! - Movie-quality flash file of a cat trying to steal a fish from a couple of elderly Kung-Fu Masters. Laser eyes, Matrix Moves, Bullet Time, every over the top thing you can think of happens! Dragonballz. Video game "Exit"?
Orphan skunks take cat as mother
An orang-utan monkey fursuiter is the star of a Japanese zoo's emergency animal escape drill. Many kids thought the adventure was real?
THE TALE OF HOW - The Blackheart Gang. Very unusual Tim Burton-like animation about machines, giant tentacled octopuses. The king of the Kiwis tries to save his people. Very detailed and fluid! An engineer mouse with six legs comes to save the day.
THE AVALANCHES - FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST - Bizarre music video with elderly people playing the drums, ghosts, cowboys, people playing pythons as musical instruments, skeletons, commercials, violins, horses, hyponotists, ape fursuiters, guy saying "That boy need therabpy" coconut puppets, turtle with human head. I have.. NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS O_O Parrots, monkeys, rappers, giggling children. AWESOME! RANDOM!
Remote Control Muppets - New attractions at Disneyland are Muppets, like Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, who rove around the park with no human in sight, stopping and talking to guests. It looks just like the real characters have come to life.
Anamatronics with attitude!
BLACK SHEEP - Sheep attack humans, just like The Birds. Weta Workshop! Goofy horror movie. Weresheep! "Get ready.. for the violence.. of the lambs!"
THE WETA WORKSHOP! Famous new special effects studio in New Zealand that started with some friends of Peter Jackson's early movies, who did the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and now have many projects from television to making weapons replicas :)
The Record Industry wants to charge streaming royalty fees for small webcasters. Could affect FPS?
Cow and Chicken episode parodying the Indian cow who ate chickens thing. In Spanish.
Megaplex Water Sprinkler Disaster - The fire sprinklers go off in a room full of fursuiters, who evacuate the suits first, then their laptop computers.
SIM EATING COWPLANT - A carnivorous plant lures Sims to their doom with a piece of birthday cake
The "CARS" treatment! - Russian webpage where people uses decals to turn their RL cars into eye-windowed character from the movie :) Pixar
The World's FIrst Surfing Mice - The Radical Rodents! - Well, they're rats, but the surfing is real! Although I think the rats are just trying to hold on for the most part :P
WILLIAM SHATNER HAS BREASTS IN SPACE! - Funny Star Trek parody commerical for a power company. Scotty tries to beam up the team, only two of them beam, and their heads are switched. Girl slaps Kirk as he tries to feel himself. "Well, he certainly hasn't got the power.."
JACK WAGNER TRIBUTE REAL - Clips from "The Voice of Disneyland", including a gem of a blooper reel!
TUNA BITES BACK - What looks like a set of shark teeth was found in a Russian can of tuna. Lots of pictures. Beware what you eat before it eats you!
SUSHI - THE JAPANESE TRADITION! - A sort of "Sushi and You" video which claims to teach the proper method and manners when visiting a sushi bar. ALthough some of the things (like wearing your plates home?) might be stretching it a bit.. LOTS of social rules, almost to distraction. "The chef has a secret personal history. NEVER ask him about this!" </KillBill> "Because some specials are illegal, you must ask about this"
Endangered species BBQ. Spits or Swallows. Parody. Awesome! Part of a series?
ORIGAMI - THE JAPANESE TRADITION! - Kung Fu masters focus their inner power of Zen to transform paper squares into exotic shapes as the master watches and appraises their efforts. Then the master turns out to be origami himself o_O
SHAZAI - THE JAPANESE TRADITION! - The art of Apology. Pick the degree of bow necessary for the given severity of the offense. "Bow on One Knee - You violate the Ninja Code of Falling in Love" For those times when you really, really think you've screwed up bigtime.
POTTER PUPPET PALS IN "THE MYSTERIOUS TICKING NOISE" - Neil Cicierega (aka that Animutation guy aka Lemon Demon) Has the Harry Potter cast sing a music video of sorts with everyone saying their names. Then they find out what the tickling sound is.. "YAY!" Awesome :)
Cockroach fursuit?
A biologist helps raise 3 abandoned wolf cubs by pretending to be a wolf himself, living out in the wild. He even eats food from a plastic bag put in the animal carcases.
Bungeeskunk's Second Life Chocolate Bunny Death Video! - Now posed on Youtube. Bombs are lobbed at bunnies placed agains the FPS logo, and then in a starship holodeck! Then down a wormhole! Lots of exploding rabbit bits :) Ride of the Valkieries music from Wagner.
MARIO: Game Over - Mario and Peach experience domestic strife as Mr. M refuses to get a real job, and Peach steals his mushrooms "I like you just the way you are!" Mario's an addict, finds a stash, and eventually goes on a super-charged crazed rampage. Luigi shrugs and hopes he stays gone. "You don't understand! He's on his last.. life!" Policeman takes him out. Goofy :)
"We're at it like rabbits" News article from The Sun about the latest sex craze.. fursuiting. Cheezy costumes, blatant poses, another pinup article.
BUNNY BURN - MECHANICAL STEAMPUNK SPIDER DESTRUCTION! - Three photos sets involving the construction, deployment, and ultimate destruction of the Lapine's most sophisticaled fighting machine. Happy F'in Easter :P
UNDERDOG VS WOLVERINE BATTLE ROYAL! Joys of editing ^_^ Fake video game.
SUPER MARIO VS UNDERDOG VS KAMEK & MARVIN THE MARTIAN - Totaly, absolutely, digitial chaos :) 100-hit combos, fake fighting game, super duper overpowered! "Game with the most copyright violations!"
RUSSIAN GRAFFITI STREET ART! - Spraypainting the walls in Russia seems like a whole new artform, with everything from anthromorphic rats to cracks in the wall showing paradise beyond, to a maid pulling up the white paint to sweep dirt into the exposed bricks. Very realistic!
IN MY LANGUAGE - An autistic person tapes herself doing austistic things around the house, then begins an provide a computer-generated voiceover explaining their perspective. "However the thinking of people like me is only taken serious, if I learn -your- language. It is only when I type something in your langague that I am considering having communication. I smell things, I listen to things, I feel things, I taste things." Human rights.
THe RAY HARRYHAUSEN CREATURE LIST - Lots of giant monsters going at it in the Black and White screen, then color.
Medival Help Desk - A monk in the middle ages helps a frustration reader learn to turn pages in a book. Technical difficulties.
THE 2 SENSE SHOW - Online archive of 2 The Ranting Gryhon's radio shows.
MR. BEAN - Nativity Scene. That guy from Blackadder has fun using the characters in a Nativity scene like action figures, making lots of noise while Joseph tries to keep things quiet. Then a Dalek blasts a sheep. Dr. Who! Then dinosaur shows up, to be defeated by a tank. Jesus gets airlifted to safety by a magnet. Who then drops into a Barbie house.
CROPPER THE FOX - An old guy named Mike nursed Cropper, a wild fox, back to health. The friendship grew, until Cropper now stays in the house whenever he likes, acting like both a dog and a cat. Trust, cute! Awesome! Mark Correia also has a link for downloading the video.
ONLINE FLV CONVERTER: Download online videos direct to PC/ iPod/ PSP for free! A webtool that lets you take streaming videos like those on YouTube and turn them into permanent downloadable files.
THE HAMAS MICKEY MOUSE RIPOFF THING - Hamas has a children's show with a fursuiter in a hacked Micky Mouse costume and a high pitched voice urging children to keep up the fight against Israel. aka TV Terror Mouse. 11-year old call-in kid sings a rhyme about an AK-47.
THE MICROSOFT O-PHONE - "They're done it! They've reinvented teh wheel!" comedy skit about how to use corporate BS to sell a product that's wacked and doesn't work "We're not just thinking outside the box! We're nowhere near the box! The box is on.. Saturn!" Fun with Windows. The glave from Krull?
Download for the Opera Browser. Better at ripping videos from the cache?
A Friendly Joke - Candid Camera style joke as bystanders are tricked into carrying a survey pole with a red flag on it toward a camera. Unknown to them a horde of people carrying red "On Strike" flags fall in behind them as they resolutely march forward. Then the surveryor dodges to the side while 'riot police' march out to block the alley, wherein the stooge looks back and finds themselves trapped between police and protests, apparently their leader. Good fun :)
YouTube: Mr Rogers Saves PBS. Congress is holding hearings on the newly formed Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the funding of which Nixon wants cut in half. In defense of it and it's mission, Mr. Rogers himself takes the Senate floor, and, over the course of six minutes, completely changes the mind of the chairman who was in favor of the cut. "$6000 pays for less that 2 minutes of cartoons.. 2 minutes of.. what I sometimes say 'bombardment' I'm very concerned with what's being delivered to our children.." "We deal with the inner development of the child, we don't have to bop someone over the head to make drama on the screen." "We deal with the kind of anger that arises in simple family situations, and we speak to it constructively." He finally sings the "What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?" song. This is a part of history.
20,000 LEAUGES INTO THE TOILET - The real reasons why Eisner canceled the submarine ride at Disneyland.
SAVAGE LAND - WALT DISNEY'S FINAL FRONTIER - "Ever wonder where old amusement park rides go to die?" Graveyard of lost rides.
MOUSESURPLUS - Own a bit of extra stuff left over from Disneyland.
Folger's Happy Mornings - "You can sleep when you are dead!" Glowing golden ghost people float in with the sunrise, singing a happy song while dreary people wake up slowly, then drink some coffee. Halloween or Christmas?
TITANIC 2 - Jack from the movie is found frozen in a block of ice, thawed in the Austin Powers method, then goes through The Borne Identity. Movie parodies. Leonard de Caprio.
USB George Forman Grill! Geeky gifts
USB Fondue maker! Geeky gifts.
Rubber #1 and #2 toys. Yes, piss and poop. Choice of international languages.
A purple fursuiter kitty glancing back at you between his legs and sticking his tongue out at you.
More Mentos and Diet Cokie experiments! From the guys who did that video!
Inverse Darth Vader - Darth becomes a fan of Hello Kitty. Star Wars. Pink Easter colors.
FAST FOOD ROCKERS "The Fast Food Song" rock group sings praises of several fast food chains "Enticing, exciting, aroma so inviting!" Just plain goofy. Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds. Blue dog fursuiter.
DIRE WEASELS! - Movie poster by Nonsanity,featuring a guy being attacked by ferrets. "A dire weasel drains blood for 1d4 poits of Consitution damage each round it remains attached." "Man's Life" magazine. Dungeons and Dragons. Poink.
OFFSIDES - Game sort of like an inverse of Pong, You control an open space in a barrier at the middle of the screen, and want to seperate balls of different colors on one side of the barrier or the other.
Mythbusters takes on Menthos and Diet coke! Technical explainations for exactly why it works, and some alternatives you can use in the mix for more firepower.
Dr. Hedgie Experiments with Mentos and Coke
MORTAL PEEP FIGHT! - As several giggling people humm the Mortal Kombat theme, Raiden Peep and Random Peep face each other off in the microwave. Both end up merging together. Chaotic Unicornn. "Mortal Peep fight!" Evil Easter!
Maxwell's Demon and a quandry regarding the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
SNAKES ON A TRAIN - Parody of Snakes on a Plane. Massive parody! Huge snakes, people being possessed by snakes, horror movies! Giant snake eats a traincar!
STAR WARS ON A BANJO - Guy takes a folk music approach to Darth Vader. Remix of John Williams Star Wars Theme!
SECOND LIFE DOMINOS - "This ones for you Team Garry, Thanks for such a wonderful mod!" As Crazy Frog music goes on, dominoes on top of a huge 3D building fall, sending a barrel over the edge.. which starts another set going! Rube Goldberg engine. Viewer flies like Superman to follow the action through the city! Dominos continues INSIDE A BUILDING! Then back out! Gary's Mod? Halflife? Explosion fires a projectile that starts ANOTHER set going! AWESOME!!! HalfLife 2, not Second Life
MORE HALFLIFE 2 DOMINOS! - Ends up with a scientist being crushed under a huge one :)
JAPANESE GAME SHOW DOMINOS! - Mayhem as some physics students turn an upscale clothing store into a massive dominos derby! Everything from clothing dummies to shoes to paintings, books, coins standing on end and necklace-wearing busts are used. Action climbs up the stairs, onto tables, finally sending champaign into a set of wine glasses. WOOO!! AWESOME!!!
HUMAN DOMINOS! - Miller beer commercial, hordes of people fall on each other, into buses, out of buses, everywhere! Finally, one guy steps out of the way and shrugs. Don't take what they give you.
BLACKOUT DOMINOS! - Guy painstakingly sets up a set of dominos, turns on his recorder, then sets it off, all eager. Then.. the light burns out. "AAAAAHHHH!!!" Phillip's lightbulb commercial :)
DOMINOS AND VHS TAPES - Three guys make a set through their house, using bars of soap, dvds, tapes, coins, etc.
DOMINOS AND TOO MUCH TIME 2 - Ends up knocking an eight ball into a pool table pocket. Lord of the Rings Excalibur music!
DOMINOS AND TOO MUCH TIME 1 - This time, a camera mounted on a toy train takes some of the footage!
50 DOMINOS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER - Fails to knock over, guy finally just punches it.
JENGA EFFECT QUICK SET OF DOMINOS - Put 4 balls into four pool pockets.
COIN DOMINOS - Over 2 minutes of coin after coin, a few geometric shapes. Finally, an advertisement "Would 10,000 of THESE get your idea rolling?" Cash money. Greed.
DOMINOS NEW YEAR! - Dominos turn 2005 into 2006.
OBLIVION DOMINOS! - Elder Scrolls Oblivion set used just like the Half Life 2 set, featuring dummies getting knocked over by barrels, swords tipping over, and finally a guy being booted out a window into space!
MORE DOMINOS - Excellent bits of kitchen engineering in this one! Piece knocked out of place rolls and becomes the track for a ball later!
CHAIN REACTION MACHINES - A whole series of Korean commerical clips for the same company involving goofy little Rube Goldberg machines! Very inventive! One even plays the theme for the company by banging on glass bottles!
Beggin's Strips commerical from the dog's point of view "It's BACON! What's it say? I can't read!!"
SAM HARRIS AT IDEA CITY '05 - An author of philosphy talks about religious fundamentalism, and how you can't combat it simply by being a moderate and just tolerating everything others believe, no matter how strange. The surge in funadmentalism here in the US is the result of that, with politians throwing science and rational thought out of the classroom. Jesus actually says "Find he who does not believe, and slay him before me" in the New Testament?
BIKER MICE FROM MARS TRAILER. Furry. Phillipine animation?
DISCO KING - 70's Burger King disco commercial! THE DUKE OF DOUBT DANCES TO DISCO! WOOOO!!
Burger King hand-puppet dances to different songs you click on. Subservient Burger King.
"DON'T EAT BATTERIES" Public Service Annoucement. DO NOT EAT BATTERIES! Modern parody, batteries in milk? "THey look like little Hohos!" Battery Sandwich? Classical music swell. "Can I eat them? No?" Adds lettuse. Batteries and you.
TETRIS COMEDY - Japense guy starts playing "Tetris" but all the pieces on the bigscreen ALWAYS disappear. Then he goes to Level 10, and gets completely overwhelmed. Then sets the pieces to TINY so they take forever to clear the screen! Sets up a Tetris.. and the rod sinks out of site. Then everything floats upwards and jams. Then beans start to fall. Then the bar is too big. Video Game parodies! Then Mario gets so big the box kills him.
"Congradulations on Show 150! 300 here we come!" Art Jam art by Hobbes.
THE HUGGABLE - A teddy bear robot being developed by MIT, following research that animals can help people reduce stress and feel better. Robot animals won't make people allergic. AI anyone?
TRAILER - BADGERS ON A PLANE - The Weeble takes aim at Snakes on a plane with a parody of his own. Samuel Jackson plays a guitar.
BUNGEESKUNK'S YOUTUBE VIDEOS - Furry fun from a Pawpet Show fan.
OK GO - HERE IT GOES AGAIN - Rock group fan make their own video to "Here it goes again" using exercise Treadmills as props, to awesome advantage with the stage show! Walking in place, sliding, jumping on alternating belts!
MASCOT OR FURRY! - Look at the poster, can you guess which fursuiters are sports mascots, or furry fursuiters? One is Rapid T Rabbit! And the blue cat from CSI.
Webcomic character with a name close to Rasvar. Drunk Duck.
Circuit City is apparently scamming customers, asking almost $30 to install Backwards-compatibility to Xbox 360 buyers so their set can play earlier Xbox games.. although you can download the software to do that online for free, and Microsoft will send you a free CD even if you can't connect.
MAGIC GOPHER - Pick a number, do some quick math, then see if they symbol you get matches what Magic Gopher predicts.
TRANSFORMERS ON THE MOON - Uncle Kage is a giant Cockroach robot scientist!
The Bob and Tom show
New Puppet Show by the Muppet people for ABC.
Series of black and white commercials done by a very early Kermit The Frog and a hapless friend. When Kermit asks him if he likes Wilkin's Coffee, Kerm shoots him with a cannon, revolver, a club, lots of violent things! "Things just seem to happen to people who don't like Wilkin's coffee!" Drink Caffinee dammit. Muppets.
Jim Henson.
TOP 20 Japanese television commercials! Milk's breasts expand as she drinks milk. Samauri kills anthro cockroach people. FEMALE Ronald McDonald?? That video game where you roll everything together. Guy sneezes out Fanta can.
SUBSERVIENT STRIA - Snowleopard and plush Yappyfox do the Subservient Chicken thing on the Funday Pawpet Show :) Shows up on YouTube a day later!
Webcomic Devil's Panties. Guy at Dragoncon does good deeds, handing out bars of soap to fanboys who don't wash.
GREEN JELLY - THREE LITTLE PIGS music video. As seen on the show!
DEAL OR NO DEAL music video, gameshow.
A couple of lemurs sing 'In the Jungle' (the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight) Star Wars aliens show up too. Kitten attacks the Domo Kun Angry Smashfest guy. Squirrel taps it's own.. er. TROGDOR vs kitten! Opera Owl.
RAIDERS OF THE TRASH - Furry Raiders of the Lost Arc parody. Raccoons! Human chases him with pitchfork, takes out garden gnome. Returns with girlfriend raccoon and fire extinquisher jetpack. Invades the house! Rides tractor to freedom! Gets chased by Humvee, which gets hit by an even larger truck. YAY!
Fur Affinity.
SCISSOR SISTERS TAKE YOUR MOMMA LIVE - Puppet show with giant bird as part of the stage show, people hatching out of eggs. Singing watermelons, anthropomorphic farm! Awesome music awards show! English bands.
WHACK YOUR BOSS - Find the 15 different way to destroy your boss! Game
The world's tallest cheeseburger. Oh my God O_O He EATS IT! >_< Spits or Swallows
VAUDEVILLE PICARD - Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard takes time off from giving a command on the bridge of the Star Trek ship Enterprise to perform a small song and dance number complete with hat and cane.
SHOWBIZ PIZZA BIRTHDAY SPECTACULAR - Clip from the Chuck E Cheese birthday video thing. "3 minutes till next show." "2 minutes til next show." Ends in the 9,8,7.6 countdown as seen on the Pawpet show. Happy Birthday song!
PICARD TECHNO - Star Trek clips mashed together into a strange Techno music video
CRAZY GERMAN KID - A webcam catches a boy going completely berzerk while playing a video game.. or trying to get his computer to work.. or something. He screams, he sings, he laughs to himself like a mad scientist, knocks disks off the table, bashes his computer keyboard with his fists. Temper tantrum! Autism? Keyboard shows progressive damage over time as he tries to put it back together. People who get too much into Video Games. Stress relief. Relax! Please! AHHH!!!
Technical Difficulties. Ritalin.
Mercedes has auto technology that will absorb all of your Bluetooth communications information. Identity theft?
Nuclear war red button launcher, more USB toys!
The IBuzz, USB vibrator, enhanced for Ipod, or games, or movies! Feel the excitement! Literally! Toys of Poink.
Sinfest the webcomic. My Little Ponies bring about the end of the world?
WHITE AND NERDY - New Weird Al music video, see if you can get all the references! Star Wars kid! Star Wars Holiday Special bootleg.
The story of how Atlantic Records stepped in to block one Weird Al's parodies, even though the artist gave permission
GILLIAN STAR TREK PARODY - Theme to Gilligan's Island filked to work with Star Trek: The Next Generation.
BAGMAN - A guy with a bag over his head fights crime. Or rather, it runs at him, and he defends himself. Gratuitous gore to the point of just being silly. Combination of German and English. 10 minutes long. Stupid fighting moves, bagman cuts off 10 gun muzzles in one hit. "Oh! Damn! That's wacked!" Amateur videos rock! Superheros. Sort of like Sock Baby. Lots of severed body parts o_O Bad acting. One of the most creatively sick things I have ever seen. Freddy and Jason have NOTHING on this guy! Gross!
DANCING MICROVIXEN - 3D fox dancing on a computer desk, then trips over a pencil while singing Madonna.
NOBODY'S WATCHING DIET COKE AND MENTOS - Mad Scientist Mythbuster-like dudes, experiment with other things. Candy corn makes bottle EXPLODE! Another makes a baby chicken! Another teleport them to a strip club, then the beach. Run out of candy. Doh. nobodyswatching.tv Awesome!
Lupin III - Lupin the 3rd, done to Weird Al's "This is the Life" song from Johnny Dangerously.
NOBODY'S WATCHING - Two guys claim they can make a better sitcom than the networks, so the networks take the on! Fake books, staircases that go nowhere!
HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF LUPIn THE 3RD - Remake of Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf by a goofy band with Lupin III video clips in the back. Yay!
THE SIMPSONS VS STAR TREK - Goofy guys does hand motions while another plays the keyboard for both show themes, then they merge them together. Strange visual spinning room effects! Awesome!
A TRUTHFULL AIRLINE SAFETY ANNOUCEMENT - Seats should face backwards for safety in a landing. There's never been a safe water landing by wide-bodied aircraft? Lots of scary stuff the stewardess isn't telling you o_O flight annoucement.
All Together Now
When I'm 64
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
Elenor Rigby
Only a Northern Song
Nowhere Man
All You Need Is Love
And one of the Beatles TV cartoons that inspired the movie
VIRUS ALERT - Offical Weird Al animated music video.
Accordion music "Look out everybody! I'm going to express myself! I've got blisters on my fingers!" Polka dancers! Mr. Potatoe head.
WEIRD AL - CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR - Ren and Stimpy animators?
Animatronic panda suit for rent, very lifelike looking!
PS3 vs WII - A slender girl in a bikini represents a Wii, while an intellectual large girl represents the PS3. "Good things cost good money!" "I'm cheap! And fun ^_^"
WII DANCING - "Song:'Wii Dancing' Artist: Trust me. You don't wanna know" What appears to be Indian (as in 'India') folk dancing through vibrant hills in celebration of Nintendo's new release of the Wii. o_o. I don't get it either. But the girls are beautiful! That one guy is a lucky bastard. Describing how to move teh controllers with dance moves! Video games were never this stylish!
www.gamesajare.com for the home site.
SONIC SATAM coming to DVD in 2007
CEROPIA - A company made from former Disney animators. Their lastest projest is The Act, a Dragon's Lair style interactive movie set for arcades about a Walter Mitty-like daydreamer who wants to woo a beautiful girl while evading his gorrila-like boss.
CAT HEAD THEATRE - Talkling Cat Heads perform Hamlet. Act 2 Scene 2. Rosencrantz and Gilderstein. High art combines with cats eating insects in the background.
Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation production.
THUNDERBIRDS FAB REMIX - Thunderbirds puppet show turns into a techno remix.
FURBY MICROWAVE - Furby crows like a rooster, then bursts into neon electric flame. Spits or Swallows. Easter chocolate bunny death!
FUNKY BALLOON LAUNCH! - Time-lapse photography of a series of hot air balloons being launched. Some are traditions, others wild like smiling suns and such!
THRILLER - THE INDIAN EDITION - The same dance group who did the Wii dance thing also do their own unique remain of Michael Jackson's Thriller! New Volga Videos. Has ordering information.
SHOULDER PONIES - Angel and Devil, 3D rendered
DEVIL PONY PARADISE - Devilpony lands on a girl's stomach as she relaxes in pool in her bikini "I claim these tits in the name of the dark one!" Boobies! Second Life?
MUSE KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA - Wild west karate experts riding through the wastelands of .. Mars? Lasers, martial arts, kissing  and Rock & Roll! GIrl riding a unicorn, carrying a DVD spinning in her hand.
SATURDAY SUPERCADE - Frogger, Qbert, Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Mario, and Donkey Kong Jr, from 80's cartoons! "Monkey Muscle!" All the openings. (Where's Kangaroo?) Video games rock!
AUSTRALIA'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET - Kangaroos perform Sychronized Swimming to prepare for the Syndey Olypics! 3D
PAC-MAN, THE TV SERIES. Pacman ran from 1982 to 1983 on televison.
Call Center, the movie. Tech support
Popeye the Sailor is now dead from Spinach laced with E Coli. Doh! Food Poisoning
DISNEY COPIES - Animation Cells reused in different places. Surprising comparison between Robin Hood and Snow White. Probably the same artists doing both scenes.
POPEYE ON FAMILY GUY - Doctor talks on as Popeye warbles. "You had a stroke about seven years ago. The fact that you're walking around is nothing short of a miracle." Warble. "About two months." Arms are giant tumors.
Rodolf (Rudolph) (Rudolf) on Family Guy. Rudolf stays upbeat while doctor informs him that his red nose is because of a malignant tumor "Like a pixie dust magical special.." "You're going to die." Evil Christmas.
Alabama's Libertarian Party candidate Loretta Nall is campaigning with her cleavage, with signs that say "More of these boobs" and then show her opponents "And less of these boobs."
MY PANCREAS - Weird Al offical video.
WEASEL STOMPING DAY - Weird Al offical video, made by Robot Chicken! Evil Holidays!
WHITE PORCELAIN - Techno music video to a guy selling a washing machine "You know what has to happen.. WHITE PORCELAIN"
PUPPET UP! A brand new uncensored puppet show from the Jim Henson company! Inspired by the Pawpet show perhaps? The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, improvisational comedy.
WEBCOMIC "SOMETHING POSITIVE" - Little brown guy in a hood shows about Large Angry Man. 'The Role-Playing Games Room' "Wait, you don't want teenagers having sex, but you don't want'em playing Dungeons and Dragons either? Isn't that like saying you don't want'em to get suck but you'd hate to see them get vaccinations?" Hell is a place filled with raving ferrets saying "Dook Dook!" over and over. "When did Satan get so into ferrets?"
Martha Stewart.. in a feline fursuit. Black cat.
DIET COKE AND MENTOS AGAIN! - DOMINOS! - One eruption triggers another eruption! And then.. the big field O_O BOOM!!! HUGE SETUP! STAGE AFTER STAGE!!!
JIB JAB PRESENTS: WEIRD AL'S "DO I CREEP YOU OUT?" Fanboy freaks out girl. "You're the one I dream about.. but the only question with me now.. is do I creep you out!" Police nail him good :)
GAIGIN-THE TAIL OF A WARRIOR - Ninja Raccoon takes out an army of evil red-eyed rabbit samauri who are bent on everyone having long ears. Detailed stylish graphics. Slow motion Matrix moves. "I hate the rain." "Boo." Last rabbit falls. Furry!
PERMAPUPPY - Fictional commercial for NEXTgencode, a puppy that never grows up, staying younger forever while you get older!
An Ocelot kitten at the Oregon Zoo gets a checkup and photo shoot! Spottycat! Cute!
WILL IT BLEND? - Offical homepage for that guy who blends tons of things with a blender! Up today: A McDonalds Big Mac Meal, with fries! Liquified smoothie. Yes it blends!
SUPER TYPHOON "DURIAN" HITS THE PHILIPPINES "Tis a foul wind which blows.."
NUMA NUMA PARROT - A real parrot sings part of the famous song.
Last Yum Yum Tree restaurnt in Hawaii is closing
Make your own Vinyl record label?
SHOCKWAVE FILE FROM THE GUY FROM www.jilo.2x.com.br , an absolutely GORGEOUS reindeer girl (which you see naked or bared dressed in parts) drives Santa's sleigh. Santa is sick this year, and Jilo, a hapless snake is tasked with the job, both thrilled to be behind this doe, and completely overwhelmed at the job of dragging all the Christmas presents around. He finally finds a way to get free and stay with a beautiful platipus girl. Furry to the extreme! Sadly, his site is down, but the flash is still up. Ronaldo Santana. Never seen this before! Poink would love it :) Made in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
FLATULENT PASSENGER GROUNDS US FLIGHT. Woman lit matches to burn and try and hide the odor of her flatulence, but wouldn't tell the truth when asked, forcing an evacuation of the plane and a thorough search.
REN AND STIMPY ARE GAY? - Ren saws a log on Stimpy's back with a saw attached to his groin. Stimpy seems to be enjoying it a bit too much.. must be from the new show on Spike TV. Ren smokes a cigarette afterwards. o_o
TEDDY BEAR TOURIST SERVICE - In probably the most insane travel program there is, a company will send a person's TEDDY BEARS on an international trip, complete with custom photographs and buttons, then send them back home on their own.
THE LOCKHORNS - THE MOVIE! - Lockhorns vs Godzilla? Marital striff goes to the big screen? Probably the least interesting movie idea ever. Student film parody!
Eisner. Comic strips.
MARY WORTH - Another comic strip turned into a movie. Strange facial directions, gestures, parody of the art. High drama about.. letting someone rent an appartment nearby "When these appartments are.. surrounded by.. police cars with.. flashing lights? Remember.. I warned you!" William Shatner speech.
SUBSERVIENT SANTA! - Get him to ride Rudolph :)
JETSONS - Star Wars footage plays while the Jetson's theme song goes. Comic laugh track!
INDIAN THRILLER 2- This time there are English Subtitles! But not really.. it's an English sounding simliar to All Your Base and Yatta.
YOUTUBE THEATRE 1 - MST3K - Strong bad emails, Bevis and Butthead, Ebert and Roper? "No!" Making fun of random videos found on YouTube. Osmond bin Laden? "What is taking them so long to go get him?" "Maybe because they're looking of Osama bin Laden?" Irate lady gets interupted. Bored guy low on sleep. Nervous girl "I still don't act the same on a video as in real.. I don't know how I'm consident anyway.. except for being inconsistent.." "Wow, she's really deep." "I wonder how many children she has locked up?" ".. you're still going to censor yourself.. not show yourself going to the bathroom.."
YOUTUBE THEATER EP2 - More MST3King random YouTube videos. "You might be wondering where I've been.." "Wherehaveyoubeenwherehaveyoubeen??" "I've got three words for you.. World of Warcraft." Girlfriends and gaming don't mix. South Park episode gets guy into it again? "Wasn't that episode making fun of people for playing that game?" "Level 34 Paladin right now!" "You must be a hit with all the ladies.." Geeks unite! Action figure wrestling. Star Wars Stormtrooper cosplayer on the bus! Wall of people with cell phone cames "At least we'll know they'll be 8 more different versions of this on YouTube.." Ladies love the Stormtrooper! "Isn't he a little short for a Stormtrooper?"
YOUTUBE THEATER - "Why did it take so long between episodes? Maybe the creator has a life outside of YouTube?" Kid hates YouTube videos "They all suck!" Guy rants about Tech support. Gives him 6 hours to respond to an email. "He's not cooperating at all!" Tracks guy down online to find The Guy's world world address. Guy shows his bedroom "redroom?" and mess appartment with scary horror movie music.
CARTOON NETWORK'S "Eat at Joes" spits or swallows.
I'm DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS - Santa Claus and his Reindeer choir do a flash verion of the song. White reindeer solos! Seems simple, but will surprise you with new animations as it goes along.
A WISH FOR WINGS THAT WORK - Animated special, a penguin wishes to have wings for Christmas. Opus from the comic pages, and Bill the Cat! Bloom County! Other birds mock Opus. "They're obviously jealous of my nose." Bill's brains replaced by Tater Tots? Parts 1-3. Opus tries his hand at being a pilot. Not a good idea.
Santa Claus crashlands, only a penguin can stand the icy water to rescue him.
All the geese who mocked him wear red bowties and fly him around! Merry Christmas!
Mother in LA says their pet ferret ate their baby's toes o_O Dad thinks it was the pit bull puppy. Happened while they were asleep. Kids are now living with relative and couple is heading to jail. 'Beware the ferret with a foot fetish'
Old Navy Furry - Furries in an Old Navy commercial? Picture in background.
Wikipedia article for Bloody Marry, Queen of Scotts
OH MIKEY! - Story of three American Mannequins who move to Japan? Fuccon family learns about risque things. Yay for puppets and low production values!
Skit "A Courageous Stance" Dad wants Mikey to swallow his gum. Dad doesn't want to look like a coward, but Mikey insists he confront a punk who's also spitting his gum out. Dad goes and asks the guy the time, then hides the mountain of gum under his shoe. Anime, sorta. Thunderbirds?
CANADIAN BEAVERS SELLING CELL PHONE SERVICE - Getting stuck in the revolving door, jellybean anology. Then he eats the jellybeans. Beavers do 3D rendering art
How to render fur in 3D! Animation.
CHRISTMAS RARE EXPORTS - Hunters in Lapland hunt the most dangerous and profitable big game in the world.. Father Christmases. The feral Santa Claus is captured, trained, and explorted all over the world. Santa came from Lapland you know. Evil Christmas. Santa tries to eat the first few dolls places in his lap, things to think about before you sit there. Grim parodies like this could only come from Scandinavia :)
RARE EXPORTS INC, THE OFFICIAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - The Father Christmas exporters return, this time with a story of a client who didn't follow the safty instructions. Santa breaks free and kills them all. The Lapland Hunters return, bringing a kid trainee with them to hunt him down, a sad neccessity now that Santa has tasted human flesh. Things not to do around a caged Santa: 1) No noise louder than normal speech. 2) Don't act like a lunatic, it will too. "It will attack, and devour your tongue. You will be silent for the rest of your days" 3) If you misbehave, play dead and you may survive 4) Don't smoke, gingerbread biscuits may stop the attack, but don't count on it. 5) Don't drink or curse. He's burst out of the crate and do Matrix moves on you.
The Channel Frederator Awards - Lots of animation links. "I like Pandas" - Baby Pandas jump around playing with lollypops! Super pukey chibi cute. Then choke on them as they crash into each other o_O. "Joy comes in the Morning" Rabbit on a turtle unicorn waiting for work daydreams about saving the city from a giant feline with a giant robot he found on the moon. back in RL, the feline is his boss.
Vincent by Tim Burton - The very first animatoin Tim Burton ever did. Scrawny black cat, Vincent, 7 year old, wants to be just like Vincent Price. "He doesn't mind living with his sisters and cats.. though he'd rather share a home with spiders and bats.." "There he could reflect on the horror's he's invented. And wander dark hallways, alone and tormented.." "He likes to experiment on his dog Ambercrombie.. in the how of creating a horrible zombie.." Dog grins weakly, then gets fried. Kid is just too into Edgar Alan Poe. Narrated by the real Vincent Price! Happy Halloween!
CBS CHRISTMAS ANIMATION - Birds chirp in the trees, then a guy comes by with a saw.. and plays it like a violin. Merry Christmas.
SPRAY PAINT ART - Artist shows how the art of spray painting is done, puts shields with shapes on them over a canvas, then fires away, layer by layer. Creates a picture of planets in space and pyramids! Links for Herbie. How to add quick bursts of shading that look real! Layer by layer, and then a quick touch of flame to melt things and make them blur and shine up. Professional art tips!
Lake on a planet with dark towers in outer space!
BUY A WORKING JETPACK WITH 6 1/2 MINUTES OF FLIGHT TIME! - Speeds at over 100mph, set of wings, small jet. Christmas presents for geeks!
YVES ROSSY - THE SWISS JET MAN - Live demonstration of him flying his jetpack over the Swiss mountains! Superhero gear! Jumps out of a plane, then stretches his wings. Parachut landing. Still a work in progress.
DC FOLLIES - Puppet show with likenesses of famous politicians. Tribute to President Ford?
SPITTING IMAGE - Another puppet politician parody show from the 80s. Parody music video "No More Christmas Singles!" Christmas single. Christmas Caroling! Bad singing! "Take all the Christmas singles, load them on a plane, and drop them on Iraq!" Comedy.
MOST OFFENSIVE VIDEO - The place to get Charlie Brown Kwanzaa, Rudolph the Five Legged Reindeer, and other wonderfully twisted parodies. Also the Saddam Hussein execution video.
CAT AND MOUSE KNIGHT ARMOR! - Russian website featuring detailed, decorated metal suits of armor.. for cats and mice! Japanese samauri garb, european plate mail, it's all here!

Coverage of Anthrocon by a local TV network, quick video clip of Uncle Kage and some fursuiters.
GOOGLE CURRENT DOES GROUNDHOG DAY AND ANTHROCON - Internet news show starts out with cute groundhog footage, then to a groundhog fursuiter reenacting the movie "The Shining". Subservient Groundhog cam? Second half is about Anthrocon and furries. Fursuit dance routine with Yappy.
Nessa the Fox does the Subservient Chicken thing on the Pawpet show! "Subservient Nessa! You're being asked to kill Poink!" Fun fun fun. Bunny Hop! Shak "This is the best episode of Pawpets EVER!"
DIET COKE AND METHOS SYMPHONY - A pair of mad scientists create a mouth-freshening wet fireworks display using the power of released carbonation you get when mixing Menthos and Diet Coke. Unleash the coolness within.
Red Tango - Very cool introduction antimation to an artist's website, a quick animated music video to the Jazz song "Some Side of the Street". Lots of other interesting things on the site also.
"JUMP IN MY CAR!" - David Hasselhoff self-parody music video. Too-Swave guy convinces a reluctant girl to get a ride with him, then has KITT eject her from the passenger seat when she mentions her house is 84 miles away. "Oooh.. I hope she's.. Ok..." Knight Rider is like Freddy. Eternal.
HELP ME GET A G5! - A guy asks for help upgrading his Apple computer.. by promising to post a video of blowing up his old G4 if he got enough donations. He did, and he posted it here. Guide to making things explode legally and not being fried! Pyromania!
RL FERRET HATS, CLOTHES AND COSTUMES! - Enough cuteness to overload your computer until it explodes. BOOM! *G4 fragments everywhere*
MAIL CALL AT KNOB CREEK KENTUCKY MACHINE GUN RANGE- You've never, ever, EVER seen a gun show like this! Every machine gun, cannon, minigun, flame thrower, and ridiculously custom-crafted Tim-Allen-Rewired toy you can imagine shows up at the Knob Creek shoot twice a year. Take out your old car with an anti-tank gun. Fireworks? *HELL NO*.. this stuff is REAL! Hardcore folks can't say Conventions are for geeks anymore. Shooting range for helicopter door gunners. History channel ROCKS!
BEAR CITY - Skit from Saturday Night Life. Bear fursuiters take over a city and act just like humans, except they can only talk in growls and gestures.. life gets interesting. Mom catches kid trying to watch porn while she's out of the house.
ALF TALES ON DVD! - 1986 animated Alf series. If you've ever wanted to see an alien climb a beanstalk, this is the chance.
RED HOT RIDING HOOD - A Japanese girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood does a commerical with lots of realistic fursuiters. A bit too realistic.. the Tanuki/raccoon has huge balls. No, really O_O
AMERICAN DAD VS FAMILY GUY KUNG FU KARATE SHOWDOWN - Funny animated video game! Pick your side and have at! Each character has special powers, Stan has a gun, Lois is The Bride from Kill Bill, and Stewie as a battlemech. More blowing things up!
MAKE MY DAY.. - In the West Corner of the Park, Kage's Samarii armor isn't quite enough to survive being sat on by Tugrik the giant blue rhino.
Rex the Mountain Lion - Offical furry mascot of the department of Homeland Security, as interviewed by Playboy magazine.
... And the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion version!
Collosal library of 80's commercials. Portal.
R/C AIRPLANE ACROBATICS CONTEST - A guy pilots his industrial-sized remote control airplane, performing all the classic airshow stunts and then some that only his special rig can do, in such rapid fire that it's almost like watching a dragonfly. Austin Powers/Pawpets theme plays in the background.
VIXEN 3D DANCE! - As a programer works on his computer, a tiny 3D rendered vixen dances on his desk, before tripping over a pencil and falling onto a piece of paper
SNAKE ON A PLANE - An actual true story of a poisonous snake found on a plan to Amsterdam. Life imitating art?
info http://www.google.com/trends
PORTLAND OREGON GOOGLE TRENDS - New programs have allowed geeks to determine which cities in the world search for key phrases more than any other! Brentford, England wins for "fetish", Rennes, France for "lingerie" while Portland scores high for drugs, mythical animals, #1 for "Hate Bush" and top of the US for "FURRIES!"
X-Entertainments Disney Adventure - A humorous both delighted and jaded report of how a reviewed enjoyed his trip to Disneyland. Greedo is the most popular Star Ward character?
Homepage of the International Juggler's Association. Portland strikes again!
RATATOUILLE TRAILER - Sneak peek at Pixar's new movie about rats seeking fine food in Paris.
Weird vending machines of the world. "We came across a miracle.. there was beer in the soda machine!" Rice, fried octopus, condoms, pornography and "used panties"? o_O
Kitten vs Frontrow. A cute little kitten tries to attack moving images on a screen of a guy's Apple laptop computer. Macintosh Powerbook.
ASK YAHOO - Is the MGM lion machot roaring or yawning?
Connie Chung sings a particularly bad rendition of "Thanks for the Memories" once sung by Bob Hope. Nobody claps.
David Hasselhoff sings "Secret Agent Man" A little over the top.
Video game TEKKEN spoofed by live action humans.
A Burned Fur homepage, full of nice misconceptions about Furries. Includes the Who Runs the Fandom trading cards! "Yiff THIS Furverts" written on the side of a 800lb bomb. I have no idea of this page is deliberately going over the top, or if this is supposed to be serious. If it is serious.. they sure have a good collection of furry porn... (later email says it's a joke site)
A "Model" of a B-52 remote controlled airplane.. which weights about 300 pounds and looks almost the size of a car! For when small RC airplanes just aren't @#$@$ enough!
X3 Video Review - Wing Commader-like fighting/trading game in space. The aliens are called the Kha'ak, which sounds like.. something else.. and is used quite often to advantage during the review. "What's a girl got to do to find some hard Kha'ak??"
Apachangers - The infamous music video to "Apache" has had the music changed to yodeling polka. Pain. *PAIN* >_<
PINK FLAMINGOS CHALLENGE VIDEO CLIP - If I have to tell you what part of the movie this clip is about, you've never watched the Pawpet Show... Devine is very, very, unreasonably hungry.. John Waters attacks! Not safe for work.
CRAZY WEATHERMAN - Mark Mathis makes weather, fun! Rap. Comedy.
PAUL MCCARTNEY MAKE SMASHED POTATOES - The Beatle's star teaches all the bachelors out there how to peel potatoes and mash them. Home cooking show. "The rest of you know don't know how to cook.. like me.. will be highly amused by this procedure.." Peeling an onion "I'm sure there's a very profesional way to do this, but I don't know it" Uses his kitchen mitt as a puppet.
ROBOTIC DOG - Researches have developed a quadrapedal robot that can walk through just about any environment, rocks, sand, uneven surfaces, even take a nice firm kick to the side and still adjust and recovers it's balance just like a real dog would. NASA?
Offical Evil Genius Labcoats! For the mad scientist in you.
Site for Megaplex 2007 "Big Fun! No Whammies!" set up like the Press Your Luck game show :)
LABriute Kosher self-heating meals. An alternative to MREs.
BIZARRE JAPANESE TOILET TRAINING CARTOON - An animated tiger cub learns to use the toilet while his parents sing a song. An add for a little music box that plays the encouraging song for kids trying to make things work. Toy commercial? Cub gets awared with a pair of shorts, and another step on his way to manhood!
Supermegatopia does a spoof on World of Warcraft. An orc wants to know how to get honor with the Taren quickly.. but had no idea what he'd have to do to fullfill the quest..
"GOPHER BROKE" Quick Pixar-quality animaton from Blur Studios about a gopher who tries getting free food by digging a pothole to jar a passing produce truck into spilling for veggies. It works, but each time other animals steal the food! Then he overdoes things..
"BENDITO MACHINE" Animation where humans worship a strange god-like machine, while dissidents on the other side of the hill try to destroy it. Then it gets rebuild, and the new villagers become greedy. Then the ghost of the old machine starts kiling people, and the village on the new side gets destroyed. And then things get really weird..
Zuiikin Gals II - Japanese exericse video that also teaches English. Strange choice of phrases though: "How dare you say such a thing to me! How dare you say such a thing to me!" "You drive me crazy! You drive me crazy!" "Don't make fun of me! Don't make fun of me!" "It's your fault that this happened!" "Leave me alone!"
"Journey to the Disney Vault!" Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse systematically destroys the Disney company. Kids get to see Disney's frozen head, the 'original' version of Song of the South. So evil it's good :)
http://www.rasvar.com/cokeblow.wmv            37M   very HQ
http://www.rasvar.com/cokeblow.rm             ~3M   ok resolution
Rasvar's archive of JR's experiment with Mentos and Diet Coke!
A *HUGE* collection of video footage from Pawpets Megaplex 5!
Music Video "DING" from Seeed. Pink Gorillas in Top Hats. Furry! Badger gets dancing in human dresses. Evil radioactive raccoons. In German. Foriegn Language
Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2. Chicken Little is one of the summons?
"STOP..THAT..DAMN...SINGING!!" Sora from Kingdom Hearts prepares to smash the keyblade into a boat full of happy campers from the Small World ride. Things that didn't make it into Kingdom Hearts 2.
"The Disney Vault" lots of strange things the company made that it doesn't want you to see.
Too freaky to exist, but it does.. the entire movie "Deep Throat" converted into a silent green set of ASCII characters. Low-rez Matrix porn? What a DVD might look like if played on the original Apple ][.
A two-legged dog walks on her hindlegs everywhere! True video! "Faith" is trained with peanut butter, makes cars stop when they see her walking around. Gets around just like any other dog. She's awesome :) Everyone has a chance.
AOL is streaming episodes of Freakazoid?
The Kingdom Hearts Vibrator. No, I'm not kidding. Let our hearts become closer.
"The Easter Bunny Hates You" Easter rampage in the office. Rabbit takes down all comers. Ninja num-chucks! "You know what the Easter Bunny is doing the other 364 days of the year?"
Rapid T Rabbit gets some publicity in Public Access Hollywood, stands next to Big Bird from Sesame Street!
Peter Griffin from Family Guy does the Evil Burger King Flash "Ding Fries Are Done"
Joke animation: After a large Alfred Hitchcock suspensefull buildup, a chicken launches an egg into your face then dance! April Fools Day. Happy Easter!
Wildlife returns to Chernobyl decades after the nuclear fallout accident. Although animals brought there from outside seem to feel ill, animals that grew up there seems to have adapted to the radiation somehow. Life is teaming there. Apparently the radiation's effect on keeping humans away from the area is a far greater benefit.
A *HUGE* collection of downloadable commercials from the 1980's! Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, potatoes chips, Laser Tag, Rambo, WWF, Leonard Part 6! Name something! Original Atari video game commercials!
Filked Version of "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" about evil predators on the internet! "If you log onto the web today you're certain to take offense.. if you log on to the web today you better learn self-defense." Singing, dancing sheep.
Best not to do carpentry in the nude.
Animaniacs coming out on DVD.
FOX ON TRAMPOLINE - Real footage of a feral fox playing on a trampoline! Rubs her ears on it, likes the bounce! Ears bump the edge and she tries to eat the lining.
3D model of the Big Bad Wolf.
"Just Poink, Jump!" Trampoline target of choice.. the chests of three girls pushed together.
Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan (can't spell it). Harry Potter parody. "You're a WOMAN Harry!" Hagrid is a dwarf? Tries to stare over Harry's huge breasts o_O britbitsandclips.com Weird British Comedy like Monty Python.
Sesame Street Martians see a telephone "Ring..Ring.. yep yepyepyepyep!"
IRC Statistics from the last show! Find out everyone's favorite phrases :)
RAMON - THE MINK OF LOVE - Click on the button to hear one of many bits of questionable romantic advice. "The woman.. she is like a toilet. You have to plunge her depths to make it flow.." etc.
DANCING FERRETS - Psychadelia flashing-colored ferrets sing "I'm a ferret.. and I'm dancing! YEAAAH.." then gets eaten by a shark. Shak eats Tod!
An Italian artist has build a giant pink bunny on the side of a mountain, where it will stay for the next 20 years. "Knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool"
MST3K Shorts - Videos from the Famous TV Show. Crow and Tom Servo! And Joel! "Body Care and Grooming" Special about Spring. Girl who looks find gets a fashion lession from the "and You" Black and White 30-40s movies. Good fashion appearance. Not
Something 2 would like? A red fox takes out an obnoxious comedy/rant performer.
EBAY: Metal Wolf Head sculpture
Sibe's biography on Wiki Fur, community resource. He's finally doing time.
Movie trailer for Xmen 3: The Last Stand.
Cast picture from the upcoming 3D animated movie: Meet The Robinsons
Phoenix Games - "Son of the Lion King"? Cheap knockoff games in Europe?
Hello Kitty has her own Electric Guitar. Rock on.
Images from Tim Allen's Disney movie "The Shaggy Dog". Unsettling.
Mouse over the pipecleaner sculpture icons to make the guy dance however you want to "Footloose"
Isaac Hayes, "Chef" from South Park, quits the show after parodying numberous religions, because he can't stand to see how own religion, Scientology, formed by Science Fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard, parodied.
What if Microsoft designed the Ipod? 2001 music. "2004: Human Ear Edition" 24 different versions. Simple things made complex with marketing. 
CATS! Lots of funny clips about cats put together in a 10 minute slideshow set to Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"!
An expert juggler performs to "You're Gonna Carry That Weight" and The Beattles "The End". Last clip has him with five balls in EACH HAND??
"Jump Around" Some people go kangaroo crazy in real life with super-jump pogo shoes like the kind in the Olypic closing ceremonies a few years ago. With the spring-loaded shows, a person can easilly jump right over a car, and does several times. Boing!
Where to buy the super-jump kangaroo shoes.
FU the dancing fox
Like the Bubble Wrap page where you can pop virtual bubble wrap, here you can knock down a 5-tier pyramid of pink teddy bears! But they jump back up afterward.
Behold, the infamous "Apache" video! Music of the Ventures turned into 70s funk. Shake it, squaw.
David Hasselhoff is "Hooked on a Feeling" Oogachaga
Bad but fun blue screen effects. Goes from riding a motorcycle to being Superman? Clones? Night Rider.
SPORE: The game that stole the show from 2005 at the Game Developer's Conference. Start as a single-celled organism, eat and stay alive, produce offspring and evolve each generation, become complex, move form the sea to land, find a mate, build a community, build a city.. fight with other cities, build a world, develop UFOs, visit other worlds.. you can do anything and everything here. MMORG of the future?
The Ding Fries are dong Burger King flash done to Carol of the Bells! (I can't believe I hadn't put this in here already o_O)
I can't believe I didn't have Mrs. Miller in here either!
The Magic Clothes, Four World of Warcraft gnomes pitch in to buy a set of magic clothes, hoping it will help them ask out girls, or gain confidence, etc. They learn they don't need the clothes, the warrior asking out the girl gnome finds she's a warrior two, and they go about fighting evil togther. "Girls like confidence, but not two-handed maces!" Sometimes makeovers help you realize you don't need one :)
"Einstein's Theory of Relativity" a 1923 live/animted movie along with "Evolution" from the original creator of King Kong. DVD gems from the past.
Fantay Flight Games - Twilight Imperium, space conquest board game.
NASCAR food commercials.
Dan Curtis, the horror producer who made Dark Shadows, is dead at 78.
Willie Nelson's (?) "Cowboys are Frequently (Secretly) fond of each other", dancing squirrels. "What did you think all them saddles and boots are about?" Actually a good song, is it real, or is it a sound splice? Brokeback Mountain.
Rob Pongi's "Conversations with Nature" from Comedy Central. A bit like "Deep Thoughts" with Jack Handy from Saturday Night Live. "If you have good intercourse with animals, it will teach you how to live!" "Enjoying the natural pleasures"
Tampon crafts, building beautiful floral arraignments out of feminine hygene products!
Vitamin-enriched underpants. Viagra version coming soon
The Department of Homeland Security is using furry anthro mountain lions to promote safety for kids.
Disney releases DEVO 2.0, a kid band version of the original classic band, featuring revamped versions of most of the same songs. Blessed by the original band, somehow.
"Shut Me Up" music video about a grocery store clerk who goes crazy nuts and starts creatively beating up an endless
line of costumers.
"Mocking RPGs" A group of friends puts together a Final Fantasy parody, completely with NPCs who just stand there and reply when you talk to them. "Aquired Undergarment!" Clicking on a toilet starts up a fight scene in a field far away. Cheesy special effect magic attacks, monsters. Monster uses Copyright Infrigement attack to lightsaber one of the party dead.
No matter how much damage the bad guy takes, he's still up. Confused white mage gets the last hit.
Page for Bambi 2
Final Destination 3 - Death by rollercoaster?
Al Lewis, aka Grandpa Munster, has died. He once made Howard Stern jump for the censor button.
Superbowl has competion with Puppy Bowl
The Morphicon webpage. Furry Convention.
Don Knotts is dead :/
Review of Doogal, new animated movie about a dog with a sweet tooth.
Pawpets Megaplex webpage. "The Horror".
Cute Otter cubs!
Brokeback to the Future - Back to the Future turns into a Brokeback Mountain parody.
Metal wolfhead mask Doc Nickel
Brooke Burke and the Burger King. The King hangs out with a beautiful bikni babe at the beach. Girls spending time together?
The Altoids Webpage, lots of eccentric commercials and games.
Webcome about The Cyclops Kitten. One eye.
Mayhem at Hong Kong Disney, folks denied entrance because of park capacity limits during the Lunar New Year.
Links for Pawpets Megaplex 2006
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http://ppmp.info/mp05/hotel/ <- PMP hotel info
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Music video El Caco "Substitue" animated blue cat watches TV, rocks out, falls in the toilet
  ^-- Direct link from above
Dr Pepper commercial, featuring Fred Flintstone and Jimmy Walker and lots of singing rollerskaters.
THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN - Top-ranking Newgrounds flash using the song from the band Lemon Demon. Godzilla, Batman, Chuck Norris, Mr. Rogers and just about EACH AND EVERY superhero or supervillian ever to appear in media collide for a goofy funny awesome Final Battle. Transformers, Bill and Ted, Abraham Lincoln. 80s references. Care bears, Mario, Sonic, Star Wars.
The end of an era, perhaps. Disney buys out Pixar. :(
More details about the Disney buyout of Pixar. Steve Jobs is now the largest (if not majority) shareholder in Disney? Has 1/12 spot on the Board of Directors, and Pixar creative folks are in charge of 3D animation. Could be good after all..
Flying Fursuits?
A disgruntled player on Eva Online gets tired of being killed by pirates over and over, and decides to get money the easy way, creating a huge scam to lurn in credits from the richest players by saying he'll get them a copy of the Apocalypse Battleship. After many layers of deception, the fellow screws everyone, even his closest friends, then finds he has nothing else to do, and it would take him 3 months of grinding to get enough skill to even pilot the battleship himself. So he quits the game. Crime doesnt' pay, in real life, or MMORGs.
Online gaming history.
Pure Pwnage the internet show. Like Saturday Night Live or Mad TV for gamers. "World of Warcraft is a feeling.." song, sword duel with computer keyboards.
A photoshop picture contest with an Ipod theme.

A new Sesame Street Elmo book has been hacked so Elmo occasionally asks preschool children "Who wants to die?"
The picture of the cyclops cat isn't edited, or an urban legend.. it's real O_O
People buy Ipods, but end up getting meat?
The Zero Odor store. The ideal place to find sprays that cancel out poots, farts and other horrid odors.
Homepage for Hoodwinked the Movie. Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, remixed as crime fighters.
Annoying someone over the internet is new a Federal Crime. Stalking and all is well and good.. but annoying? You can annoy someone with the Badger Badger thing.
Gag gifts: The Texas Snowman! A snowbowl snowglobal that's apparently mented, with a floating hat with a carrot and some bits of coal sitting on the bottom of the thing. Merry Green Christmas.
Trogdor the dragon is now 3 years old! Burninating! All sort of fan pictures. Anime Trogdor!
"Bareback Mountain"? Parody of Brokenback Mountain gay cowboy movie?
"Bareback Mountain" parody of Brokenback Mountain. Love between man and a horse. Safe for work.
World of Warcraft characters perform "The Internet is for Porn" from Avenue Q! Elegant tauren lady in a dress talks to a redneck troll in a straw hat. WoW :) An Evilhoof and Flayed film!
CNN's 10 most dangerous toys for 2005. Roo shoes!
CHRISTMAS LIGHT ROCK OPERA! - Someone with WAY too much time on their hands has micro-rigged all the Christmas Lights on their house to a computer system, swishing portions off and on to individual notes in a rocking metal music groove! The result is a special-effects spectacular of illuminated portportions! (now I just wonder how they'll be able to sleep in there..) Song is Wizards In Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
SECOND CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW! - The House is back, this time with an accelerated and timewarped version of Jingle Bells!
Urban legend page for display above. Status: TRUE! And more info!
DEVELOPERS - DOMO KUN EDITION - The little square brown guy rocks out to repeated sound clips from Microsoft's new (now old) CEO Steve Balmer, as he says "DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS! WOOOO!" Over and over again. Attention Deficit Syndrome. I added the two original Steve Balmer Goes Nuts clips for comparion.
Eisner's Disney strikes. Winnie the Pooh is getting a girlfriend
Livejournal posting of all the episode of Thomas Timerwolf, done by Chuck Jones.
An honest-to-God petition to add the word "Yiff" to the Oxford English Dictionary. More than 2000 signatures so far.
A large volcanic beach collapse in Hawaii has left some gysers of magma shooting directly into the sea from above. The effect.. is a bit wrong. Earth porn.
Bungeeskunk's photos from Memphis Furmeet. MFF 2005.
Singo Mama No Oha Rock: The same guy who did the power ranger spoof Rolling Bomber special has his own Japanese music video where he sings in a schoolgirl outfit. His entourage includes two fursuiters. "OHA!"
SMASH MY X-BOX! - A group of nuts are raising money so they can buy an Xbox, take it next to a line where people are lining up to buy the new Xbox360s, and publicly SMASH the Xbox, just to see how people react. They raised their funding goal! Includes several downloadable videos! Down with microsoft with a sledgehammer!
EIGHT EPISODES OF QUARK - From the Digital Archive project. I don't know what Quark is, a television show?, but people with eDonkey can download it. DA also has Parker Lewis Can't Lose!
Ronald MacDonald has been charged with stealing from Wendy's. It's the actual name of a guy, not the clown, but the irony is tasty.
Data about Hurricane Epsilon, 5th greek letter of storm this year.
Clip from Adult Swim's "Perfect Hair Forever" on Cartoon Network. Guy with DragonballZ hair that changes colors, and a fat guy in a catsuit. Randomness.
LOADED FINGER GUNFIGHT IN GYMCLASS - The world's most boring Badmitton gym teacher teacher lectures studends about how not to use the racket. Two girls play a game of mimicing hanging themselves and different types of suicide, until one mimics putting a gun in her mouth, and it GOES OFF o_O. Teacher "Tell me what happened!" Pulls finger-guns on others. Entire glass stands up and aims their fingerguns at him. What happens next is a long, goofy slightly grim slaught as the teacher takes on the students, Wild West style. Rumored to be the inspiration for an Xbox commercial that Microsoft pulls.
GOATSE-THEMED XBOX 360 FACEPLATE - A custom faceplate for the Microsoft invention, which has a pair of hands mimicing One Of The Most Horrible Internet Pictures Ever. A Poink-class injoke.
In World of Warcraft, a programming glitch allows a plague a boss monster cast on a dungeon party to spread to the surface, causing a server-wide plague that kills EVERYONE! Song "Everyone has AIDS!" as screen shots roll.
CUTE OVERLOAD - Pictures of chipmunks, fawns being taken care of by dogs, and lots of awesomely super cute images. Too cute.
A fake video of kids on the school bus that crashes onto its side. They scream, weave in their seats.. then all can pulled to the side of the bus in a blast of gravity, feet still kicking in the air. Awesome bus crash :)
Dreamworks has been bought out by Paramount Pictures.
Original puppets for Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer have been found! Rankin/Bass stop-motion movie.
Rock Scissors Paper - Saddam! Saddam Hussein plays Rock Scissors Paper with his trial judge.
Christmas songs performed on video game consoles!
Rudolph the deep-throat Reindeer. Oh. My. GOD. O_O. Rudolph is gay? Not safe for work.
mp3 for Rudolph the deep throat Reindeer. Ditto above.
Charlie Brown Kwanza. Peanuts with the voices completely redone in 'hoodspeak. Not safe for work either.
The Circus of Disembowled Plush Toys. An alternative to coal for Christmas gifts.
A remake of The Omen is coming out next year on 6-6-06. 666. Evil for the character, or the people watching it?
Every cat that's ever *EVER* appeared in an animated series. Wow! Felix the cat to Samauri Pizza Cats.
Videos from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Avi's have sound, but no video that I can find?)
Christmas costumes for pets, including guinea pigs.
Hyena fursuit. Looks like a Yappyfox pattern? RJ Otterfox? Scribble Fox?
A goofy fellow stars himself in a music video remake of "Everybody's Working For the Weekend." using himself as all of the band members at once. Bluescreen doesn't work work, but who cares, it's fun. Guy plugs and unplugs a light for the "Light Show".
"Barney cam" The white house dog has his own webcam.
Gamespot page for Kingdom Hearts 2
Colley Dogstar's grid of 12 screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 2 where Mickey draws a keyblade.
More nifty screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 2 "Axel, freaking Axel"
Singing reindeer choir performs Green Day's "Basket Case" although it sounds like a traditional Christmas song at first, and Santa pop up with "Do you have the time.." as a surprise. Brown Derbies?
The Holiday Logos from Google, where a cat and mouse work together to plug in the Christmas Lights.
Actor Vincent Schiavelli is dead. He was in Ghost, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Michael Vale, the Dunkin' Donuts "Time to make the donuts" guy is dead.
Huge list of prank phone calls using celebrity soundboards.
A toaster with a built-in FM radio. Audio Toaster instead of the Video Toaster?
A job for Poink: "Spokesweasel" Alternative dictionary words.
STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE BRICK - Lego Star Wars strikes again. Gener Grevous is uses as a replacement antenna. Obi Wan uses the force to recontruct a biplane into a starfighter. Very detailed actually, the lego look just being a gimmick.
Commerical involving a chase between cat and dog fursuiters. The catwoman is lithe and quick, the dog is heavy and out of shape. It's a commerical for a weightloss drink.
Super low-speed Captain Planet song. Sounds like Cthuhlu.
The apple computer athlete from the 1984 commercial throws a hammer into Big Brother's head with an explosion.. only this time Big Brother is commedian Conan O'Brian.
Professor Snape from Harry Potter uses his magic to save 1984 Conan O'Brian from destruction! Awesome!
STEWIE GRIFFIN KICKS OSAMA BIN LADEN'S ASS! - Clip from Family Guy. Osama screws up while making his latest videotape, then turns it into a comedy routine for his posse. Al Queda's funniest home videos. Then Stewie comes in like Rambo.
SAVART'S WHEEL - Billed as The Most Annoying Instrument ever created by man, this bit of mad science makes fingernails on a chalkboard seem tame. Sound sample! There's a CD out?
A snowleopard fursuiter and a bear fursuiter swap heads.
Crazy student school essay about the greek story of Oedipus, after it's been graded by a teacher and filled with so much red ink that it's funny. Comparing Oedipus to Dr. Dre, whole pages of text missing, misquotes, totally bizarro on purpose. Humor comedy!
CRAZY FROG: AXEL F - Music video to instrumental song where evil forces try to capture the Crazy Frog in a 3D animated extravaganza. Crazy frog is the voice from that Ring Ding Ding Racecar thing from earlier! Frog airguitars a motorcycle in a race.Frog rides the heat-seaking missile and uses it against the launcher. Awesome! "Bam, Bam"
THE ANNOYING THING - The Crazy Frog in another movie. Does the Ring Ding Ding Racecar thing and zooms off!
HUMAN REMOTE CONTROL - Something that seems out of B-grade horror movies, mad scientists in Japan are designing a remote control for humans o_O. Mind control. But not really.. headset is designed only to lightly upset the wear's sense of balance to simulate motion for video games. Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. Set the music, disorienting to some, a rush to others. Mad science. Inventions.
The producer of the Halloween moves was one of those killed in a recent terrorist attack bombing in Jordan.
LEJO THEATER & ANIMATIE - Puppet literally with one's hands. Minimalist. Videos on the site.
Weebls of badger badger and magical trevor fame is now selling shirts and plushies!
Comic strip The Whiteboard, furry. In this panel, a ferret shaves his chin in the mirror, then asks "What the HELL am I doing!??"
THE VLC MEDIA PLAYER - Alternative to Quicktime and Realplayer? H.264.
Show Diggnation about movies and technology like the ipod. Ghostbusters 3?
PIMP COSTUMES! - Halloween. Dress like your favorite hooker manager.
THE THEME PARK REVIEW - The new Tatsu dragon rollercoaster. Stuff for Herbie. Six Flags.
STAR TREK CAR GROOVE! Picard, Riker, and Data's heads are pasted into a pink sports car and moves as if they're rocking out to "What Is Love" and the Star Trek The Next Generation theme at the same time! Comedy Central!
Blueberry opens a bar? Pub sign reads "Peckers"
An extreme Sega fan wanted to know, What Happens in a racing game if you don't drive off, just sit there watching the flag man? Well, sure enough, the guy starts stretching, waving to the crowd, and dancing! An obscure easter egg that almost nobody would ever even think of looking for, but there it is! Michael Jackson moonwalk.
The creator of Jack the webcomic draws a picture for Uncle Kage!
Jack the webcomic.
Webpage of Brian Reynolds, animator, who did that "Can't Stop The Rock" animation!
Driver's License online search! The Department of Homeland security has put all driver's licenses online, complete with photos! If you don't want your's listed, you have to go to this sight and turn it off!                               (This is an April Fool's joke site)
Photos from a family who has a Ground Squirrel as one of their puts! Squirrel poses with the dog, rabbits, curles up with the puppies! Super cute! Dog adopts Squirrel, urban legend that is true!
Movie house mayhem as a group of 1 to 5 year old kids, expecting to see Disney's Chicken Little, are instead treated unexpectedly to the foreign film Andrea that opens with a boy hanging himself. Horror and screaming ensued.
What Rotten Tomatoes thinks of Chicken Little: 36% positive. Rotten.
Dispelling rumors about Disney's Chicken Little.

Buckypaper, carbon structure silmilar to Buckyballs and buckytubes, could be the lightest, strongest material known to man.
Sean Kennedy's Rant Radio, and archived shows. They know 2 Griffin in the rant business! Actually talk about him on the show in places.
Hewlet Packard has apparently recalled many laptop computer batteries, staying there's a danger of them overheating and starting a fire.
BUGGING YOU - Flash animation of an insect playing the guitar and doing the Carpenter's song "Loving You" with the word 'love' changed to 'bug'. Then a shoe stomps on him "Thankyouverymuck!" Something to annoy your closest friends with.
THE DARK SIDE OF VERIZON - A guy gets up, dreading his job, then walks into an office and says "Yes" into the phone. Then "Yes" "Yes." "Yes!" for hours and hours, until he finally loses it "YESYESYES!" and swears a legendary bluestreek hugely unsafe for work, becoming the first person in the world to use "Fuckburger!" in a sentence. Then starts crying as the Verizon guy on the end says "Can you hear me now?" for the billionth time.Yes men. Dilbert world.
TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN - Quick comic panel where an artist confesses "I love my poop!" talks on and on about it, then sits at a drawing desk "Did I say Poop? I -meant- to say "Cartoons!"
BURGER KING AND SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN Halloween masks! "RARR!" scare someone good.
Condoms for Dogs. When you don't want to be spayed. Joke website, now includes an annoucement of immediate product recall. As if anyone would want the used ones. Urban Legend site included as well.
Another fun comic cartoon. A guy surfs for Ipods on the web, noticing the variety, including "One small enough to stick in your ass. Is it just me, or do iPods come in the same varieties as Dildos?"
DO THEY KNOW IT'S HALLOWEEN? - Fun animated 2D/Movie mix short movie/music video. US National Security enlists help of other nations to combat the growing Halloween terrorist menace! Giant worms with zipper-mouths play Pacman. "It's too late! Or Orange and Black plague will consume them all!" 1940's back and white TV news. "Candy apples will make you sick! All those sweets will rot your teeth!"  Homeland Security. The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative, a parody by Beck and other musicians to raise money for Unicef!
Movie Trailer for Final Destination 3. Not dead yet! Flesh wound. Roller coasters, manfunctioning tanning booths.
THE TOY - Sequel to the USB Vibrator, the BLUETOOTH VIBRATOR! The device is designed to be worn internally.. and is activated when someone sends you a special frequency over your cell phone. So couples can 'couple' anywhere on the world! Both promising and very very twisted at the same time. Bad time to get disconnected. Or for the warranty to run out..
Latest Apple Quicktime download for viewing the show.
ROLLING BOMBER SPECIAL - Awesome parody of the Power Rangers! A regular Japanese slacker is walking home from wherever, and gets accosted by 5 multi-color Power Ranger knockoffs. Although he has no special abilities of his own, the 5 freaks are so dumb that they can't manage to hit him when he's standing still, and his thrown lunchbag does more damage than their rainbow power beam. They tail him all through school, still unable to do more than bug him, even after he talked to the girl of the team while she's getting her uniform cleaned. The Army of Evil offers their services as his minions, and they go out and party. Then the Rangers show up, and blast his arm with an improved ray, revealing electronics. The guy turns into an alien cyborg thing, which says "WHO AM I!?" Finding your identity.
Weird Campaign commercials. Animated political ad that has Mike Blumburg (who?) riding on a donkey along with President Bush, acting for all the world like they're gay lovers. "Mike Blumburg made the largest donation ever to the Republican Party, 7 million dollars! Elect Fernando Ferrer, Democrat for Mayor. He's not like Mike, he's more like You" - Paid for by New Yorkers for Ferrer.

A map of furries around the world! Similar to the International Furry Database. Click on a user balloon, and see a description!
SCHNAPPI - Quick cute video game platformer of a bady Crocodile (frog?) eating flies while avoiding hazards. Sung by an 8-year old German girl, song is apparently a huge hit in Europe.
Apple's new Video Ipod. Cool tech junk.
DEATH COMES TO SMURF VILLAGE - A new public service message from Unicef, the United Nation's Children's Fund, demonstrates the horror of war by having bombers overfly Smurf Village, leaving only a crying Baby Smurf left alive. "Don't let war affect the lives of children." Somewhere in the world, Jim Groat is happy.
Fire hits the warehouse where Aardman Animations kept all of its movies, including the Wallace and Gromit movies and shorts. Nick Park says the fire is no big deal, not when compared to the earthquake in Pakistan.
The new Hummer commerical, featuring Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The small Hummer is just right.. so Goldy steals it. Jerk.
The Motley Fool - Now that Eisner has retired from Disney's board, where will he go next? XM Satelite radio? Power stuggle at Six Flags?
STAR WRECK - A full-length motion picture available for free download over the web! Put on by a small team of Science Fiction fans in Finland although with a great deal of volunteers, the movie is a brilliant Star Trek/General SF parody with special effects that would have cost a commercial movie company millions.
"Inventor of Fake Dog Testicles Wins Award" Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine. Gregg Miller mortgaged his house and maxed his credit cards to support his dream.. making prostetic testicles for neutered dogs. It actually worked! Has sold more than 150,000 Neuticles.
Michael Eisner has resigned from the Disney board of directors
Sefina's spirte collection from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Griffon Lady's fantasy christmas and lawn ornaments.
The Shining In 30 Seconds acted out by bunnies
Brain researches study ferrets watching The Matrix. Say ferret brains work a lot like humans on a basic level. Recherei
Gallery of animations done by the Moho program, Incluses a cat being overwhelmed by paperwork in a public service annoucement for knowing when to ask your manager for help, to an AWESOME animated song about a farting pig leading a band of furry barnyard animals.
Candy wrappers featuring different fruits have sex. Article is about a complaint by students of a Catholic college over the bad taste in advertising.
SALO - A Ukranian dish that's perhaps the least healthy in the universe. Fried pork fat dipped in chocolate. Mmmm Mmmm Grissle.
A gallery of several popular cartoon character, and their dead skeletons.
THE POODLE EXERCISE VIDEO - Girl with poodle body shape leads an aerobic class of poodles standing upright and doing stretches. Very well done! Weight lifting! Richard Simmons is outdone! Deadpan and awesomely serious.
CAMP CHAOS - Tons of videos. Parody of SpongeBob Squarepants, We Are The World, amazing portal amount of stuff.
BURGER KING CHICKEN FIGHT - Spicy vs Crunchy, Bud Bowl style, WWF WWE food
YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Quick repeating loop of a dance dancing and "YOU ARE AN IDIOT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Choir playing in the background!
THREE LITTLE PIGS - Retelling of the Three Little Pigs, as seen on the show. Wolf is a candle. All three pigs get sketwered.
I LOVE FOXES - Quick looping animation of foxes in tuxedos SCREAMING!
Awesome anime movie of a mouse trying to escape from mechanined mouse-catchers with the help of her dog friend. Mech wars! Droid steam-powered army. Hydra robot.
Version of Badger Badger done with Harry Potter "Snape! A Snape! Oooooh it's a Snape!" darker chords, quite catchy really.
MEPBALL - Basketball game with a feline in the ball. Use the mouse to push the ball into the hoop without letting it touch the floor. Get 7 baskets before time runs out to go to the Lightning Round.
Pictures of Bill Gates lounging on top of his desk like a steamy Team Beat beach pose. Pictures similar to Uncle Kage?
JIB JAB - Funny politcal animations that try to keep both sides at the table. Tribute to Bush's upcoming second term, cheers and jeers, not neccessarily in that order.
Rush Limbaugh dressed up in an Easter Bunny fursuit! The lighting looks like it's been hacked, but who cares!
Pictures of the Elusive Female Stormtrooper from Star Wars. Woo! Those ain't no clones..
National Lampoon's tourist guide to Canada! "Drugs, Naked Breasts, and Same Sex Marriages!" most of the country is horrific cold wasteland but hey, its nice in places! Parody. Something to bug Ne'er with.
HITACHI add featuring two polar bears and a skunk, advertisement for an attached-to-the-wall ionic air deoderizer. Furry.
Comic strip from Diesel Sweeties. A guy in a cat hat and a robot pretend to be furries. Conservative guy at a bus stop: "This is clearly marked as a 'no grossing me out zone.' Why can't the law protect me from everything I don't like? :/"
ZOO WEBCAMS! The Smithsonian Nation Zoo has installed webcam for all its animal exibits! Ferretcam! Elephantcam! Furry coolness!
Gary's Numa Numa song, redone with cool mutated pictures of friends. Internet mems.
Weeble's "Oh My Word This Tune Is Annoying" "I can't get this song out of my head!" repeating loop. From the Badger Badger guy.
THE CLOWN QUARTET - Niel the Animutation guy does a disturbing(?) video of four clowns singing a foreign language opera song. "Ayoyoyoy. AH AH!"
Musical Doom. Actually G-PG, very different.
Disney might just release Song of the South on video after a long ban.
LITTERBOX FLASH - A feline group tries to sing grungy slow heavy metal rock and roll, although the lead singer can only YOWL and GROWL in true housecat fashion. Music is different for everyone.
ULTRALOVE NINJA - Introduction for a TV show full of birds, deer and pink colors as a masked ninja waves a sword about "The HEAT of the NINJA.." parody of sorts of the introduction to the James Bond movies.
COWS WITH GUNS - Doctor Demento song done to flash animation. Furry cows rebell from the burger establishment!
NIGHTMARE CITY - Cats with DragonballZ powers fight in Japan. Cool fight scenes. Shades of Final Fantasy with a falling-through-water scene and some of the BIG swords.
STAR WARS 3 "A LOST HOPE" - Goofy fan parody of what might be in Star Wars 3. JarJar gets shot with a few HUNDRED needles, and still wont' die. Anakin finds a crayon drawling Obi Wan made of him, and the anger and shame of betrayal turns him to the dark side. "OW! This helmet is chaffing my eyebrows!!" Sideous poses with Elmo and Ernie. Robot asks Luke's mother to "Pee on this" pregnancy test. "More. More. Keep it coming." o_O Yoda "Now screwed, we all will be." Drawing of Death Star. "A Boobie?" "NO! I call it, the Sphere of Fear.. Giant Hurt Ball?" Yoda downs a beer.
Final Sending for Shawn Keller's FurryFans.com! (Although it's back now, YAY! ^_^) Classical music enhanced with the sound of farting. Lots of farting. A grand composition of anal gas.
2005 Superbowl commercials
QUEEN OF WANDS webcomic - Batman and Robin undergo Anime Sailor Moon costume-change sequence while sliding down the pole. "Why didn't we see that?" Low early special effects budgets. Superheros.
Rasterization: Company that changes any image into a HUGE wall mural without losing any detail. Something to use for JR the Hut.
WHAT BADGERS EAT - Real webpage created to honor the phony webpage from the Simpsons. Badgers like anything except hot dogs?
SAY CHEESE - A 3D animated mouse eats a HUGE cheese, becoming super fat, and can't back back it its mouse hole. Cat meowing gets closer and close.. but its only a little kitten. Mouse whews in relief.
Roy Disney applauds documentary about why Einser's Disney company decides to shut down traditional animation and go entirely with 3D.
Several Muppets fan videos, including (a re-found link) of Muppets Overtime, a creepy French Film that's a tribute to the cast.
ANIMAL VS BUDDY RICH - Duel between two drummers on The Muppet Show! Rich can use anything as drum material, including people's heads. Animal's warcry doesn't save him, ends up staring in horror as Rich goes ninja barbarian with the drumset.
Muppets Overtime video original link (not working at the time I added this, but maybe it's back up?)
Trailer for Tim Burton's new movie "The Corpse Bride" Zombies. BRAINS!
NINTENDOGS - Video game for the new NGage system where you play and goof around with several realistic-looking puppies! Tap the screen, and they tries to find that point. Throw frizbees! Jump rope?? Very very cute. Look out Pokemon.
Children's cartoon from the 70's, "The Most Important Person Is You!" Self-esteeme video with a few furry characters in it. 'No wonder the 70's were the Me generation.'
JUDO DOGS - British show about dogs being puppetted into karate situation comedy. BBC.
Dark fairy tale short of a cat who wants to become human. Cat lives in a well, and steals pieces from people who come to try and draw water, starting with the hands, then stealilng a kid's FACE o_O. Storyteller is the last casualtiy as the cat, now human in appearance, steals his tongue. Brothers Grimm would be very proud O_O. Gothic doom.
Wild Florida productions, group that educates people about wildlife, and conservation, by working with animals.
SAVE TOBY! Probably the best internet scam idea ever. A guy says he'll kill and eat Toby, a rabbit he rescured, UNLESS he gets $50,000 by March 28th! Honesty in scamming. And the best part? He MADE MORE THAN $20,000 doing it! Life just ain't fair! Easter Bunny. Site is actually a joke, payment button doesn't work.
TUFTY THE TRAFFIC SAFETY SQUIRREL. Part of Scary Squirrel World. Character that teaches kids to avoid getting run over is apparently part of an organization taking over the world.
OOPS! Tons of pictures of airline and airplane blunders and crashes. Jet plans, small planes, you name it.
THINK TANK - How to order your own horror movie Brain In A Jar. BRAINS!
Loonatics Preview - Trailer for Warner Brother's new Looney Tunes Extreme series. Mutant Superheros. Very evily anticipated.
Minimalist Puppetry - Group puppets with just their hands, with eyes stuck on their fingers in places. Video page, One eye-hand sneezes off a finger, which becomes another eye-hand o_O. Hand plays the accordion, does magic tricks. Foreign Language.
Cookie Monster from Sesame Street has given up cookies to promote healthy eating?
New webcomic based off of Gaming Guardians - Furry! Foxes, miniature raccoons, and a cougar girl who turning into a dragon.
Numa Numa cellphone ringtones
German Shephard likes tiger kittens
Flinthoof's Roomies Webcomic, in this ep FH can't believe he's in a webcomic? Rabbit girl takes off her fursuit head "John Henkins of Cleveland, Ohio. Nice to meet you." 'The magic is dead!'
Silly mutated covers for paperback romance novels. "Get a Room" "Chili Supper for Satan." "MerFarts" "Under the Houseboat Fire" "Crack Baby Sale: A Deal's a deal"
"I lost my job today." One of the OOPS! photos, possible caption photos. In this shot, a forklift has capsized.. while carrying a 5,000 lb bomb O_O
Mascot photo: Picture of the New York Mets new mascot, a guy with a smiling baseball for a head o_o
Tales of the Questor, RHJunior webcomic
Nip and Tuck webcomic
Goblin Hollow webomic
Student gets arrested because his grandparents took a story of his and showed it to police. Story details a zombie invasion of a school. Police hold him on suspicion of terrorism! 1984. Includes updates. Small town gets full of rumors. Time to call the ACLU.
Ferry guard tries to take a book in a fellow's bag because he doesn't want other people on the ferry explosed to it. Real time to call the ACLU.
RHJunior's love letter to the police of the town, asking if they have routine incursions from the undead, and if Anne Rice and Steven King have yet been arrested.
McGruff the Crime Dog animated short about internet saftey. Faux Paw, the French Kitten (?) gets sucked into the internet. Friendly arrow tells her never to give her real name and address to anyone on the internet, but avatar in Ball of Yarn chat room makes friends with her. Later that day at the meeting spot, a huge bulldog appears "Hello Faux Paw.. I'm Cute, Fluffy, KITTY FACE!" chases her, she makes narrow escape. By Brigam Young University?
Awesome anime game of a girl crashing her bicycle into the guy of her dreams, sending him flying and bouncing over a landscape populated with other characters. Some stop him, some speed him up, and you can keep him going for a while by using specials. Sort of like Olypics track and field. How far can YOU launch the hapless guy before he stops, or gets caught?
MANTIES - Panties for Men. Manpanties! o_O
Archive of Furry and Pawpet Show related songs.
Future science and you. Guy designes a urinal with robotic arms, programmed to shake a guy's dingerberry for them o_O.
Song by WING! Musical death on the style of Mrs. Miller. Download and torment your friends with these re-sung favorites!
Evil Musicals: Silence Of The Lambs. Complete with horrifying song clips.
EASTER BUNNY RAP - Very cute flash with rabbits singing in a pink convertable. Holiday.
"DOGGY POO", the animated movie o_O. A dog leave a pile of poo by the side of the road, which then ponders it purpose in life, meeting various plants and small animals who tell it "God wouldn't have created you for no purpose". Finally a dandelion uses it as fertilizer. Death by Disney. (Although not really a Disney film)
Homepage of Toxic Audio.
NUMA NUMA again :)
Gene Simmons of KISS fame has his own animated show on Nickelodion, right next to Spongbob Squarepants and JIMMY NEUTRON!
Remade version of Singing In The Rain, the famous Gene Kelly movie, done for a car commerical that has him doing some techno music and extra dance moves, while looking every bit seamless with the original. GM Gold car commercial.
Chocolate bunny death. One bunny "My butt hurts!" Bunny with no ears "What??"
SOLAR DEATH RAY! A RL array of mirrors used to light stuff on fire, similar to the Death Ray Mythbustered tried to build in order to pull of Archimede's stunt of lighting a Roman trireme on fire.
FURRY FANS IS BACK IN ACTION! Shawn Keller returns in triumph.
Camp Feral furryfan shooting game!
TRIVIAL PURRSUIT! Trivia game about Furries! Pawpet Show is one of the questions! Distilled evil!
Eric Schwartz bunny death image. Rabbit is getting attacked by marshmellow peeps.
Possible caption photos: 3 shots of a RL mouse stuck inside a printer.
Miramax films is also splitting with Disney, following Pixar's lead.
CILLIT BANG REMIX - Commerical for bathroom cleaner changed into an animutation and set to a techno beat. Even cleaning can be fun!
AMERICAL IDLE - Flash bringing the Numa Numa guy to American Idol.
Using a Brita filter to make bad vodka and alcohol into a smoother drink! Filtering out all the crap. Can use the Philosopher's Stone?
A movie about Batman, done with legos. Lego movie! Amazing.. smooth talking and a cool plot as the Joker sticked up the New Years crowd, with Catwoman riding shotgun. Awesome animation!
Ben Bruin's homepage, comics fan art etc
Ben Bruin mutates his own image in a tribute to becoming "Notorious Furry Fanboy #4" by the folks at "Crush Yiff Destroy"
Furry Magic the Gathering cards at Crush Yiff Destroy, to annoy/mock/kid the famous and infamous people in Furry fandom.
Auction page for the FPS video tapes (April 27, 2005)
Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is being put on a health food diet to help combat child obesity. While the idea is good.. MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES!!
Bring me the Head of Charlie Brown. Couldn't see exactly what this was because of exceeded bandwidth. But anything munching Peanuts is cool.
GET PERPENDICULAR! - Flash animation that's an advertisement for a new type of memory disc where the bits are lines up perpendicular to the disc instead of laying down against it, allowing 10x the data density. Used for an ipod upgrade. Done in the style of Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just A Bill" story, then throws in some disco.
Goofy News: Airport baggage handler takes a camel fursuit costume out of a passenger's luggage and puts it on, wearing it about the place. Gets fired.
NINENDO ACAPPELLA - Singing group does the Mario Brother's Theme, complete with jumping stage performances. Manhattan Transfer would freak. Also do Doctor Mario, Mario World fight scene music, Star Theme, Tetris music, with people doing the pieces! Mortal Kombat theme! Mario Underworld Level 2 theme. Legends of Zelda theme, guy zaps other with knife. All before live audience!
Wierd Skittles Commercial. Two sheep/human mutant hybrids ponder how Skittles could blend together totally different fruits. Ironic. Furries as a target market?
The Return of Smell-o-vision in movies o_O Ultrasound makes people taste things?
TALLY HALL - 5 member comedy team like Kids in the Hall, with their music video "Banana Man". Wooden birds in a cage take on painted human faces and sing Jamacian music. Absolutely, totally, awesomely wierd. Three different music styles. Furry! Flames and spirit games. Stress at work, having fun is better!
Tally Hall strikes again, quick picture of a cute squirrel eating a nut. "Everyone knows squirrels are cute! What you don't know.. is that they're wanted by the FBI for embezzeling TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS.." Cthuhlu deep speech.
MONTY PYTHON'S "SPAMALOT", a new musical! Have to use the low bandwidth site, because the high bandwidth site is tiny and virtually impossible to read. Retelling of the Holy Grail.
4 new roller coasters to join the Herbie Index.
"A video worse than Apache" Scandinavian music video to "Love Me Tender" or "I WANNA LOVE YOU TENDER" featuring 70's cheerleaders dancing under a disco ball floor on a space station. Used in Pawpet Show 246. Wierd alien culture that could be right out of Star Trek. Opening video of a jellyfish.
Download like for the Apache music video. Have to keep fishing for this, can it really be more evil than Love Me Tender?
Phil Foglio's "Girl Genius" comic series about mad scientists in the middle ages is now a webcomic, available free and online!
Badger Badger animate injoke in the comic "Freefall" as robots go through centuries of cultural junk. Star Wars Holiday Special!
Cinderellabration - Big upcoming event at Disney World.
Awards for the best Star Wars fan film!
Information about Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network.
Warning Brothers plans to tone down the Loonatics shows with mutated versions of Bugs Bunny and others, after large-scale internet protests.
MOONWALKING BIRD - Awesome PBS clip of a RL bird doing a Michael Jackson moonwalk as part of its communication rituals. Public Television rules! Huge URL.
THE DIGITAL ARCHIVE PROJECT - Portal for old episodes of TV that are hard to find, stored on the web!
http://www.fenslerfilm.com/?sec=video <- And more
G.I.Joe public service annoucements.
How lightsabers work! Star Wars.
SPAM - As Twilight Zone music plays, guy waves a can of Spam in front of your face. Spooky.
BUTT HOLES - Insane guys WAZZUP! in sing-song warped kid's show style, running around with canes and laughing manically. "When you see him set a trap for me, you say, NOOO!!" good to watch when drunk. Cthuhlu sings base. Blue's Clues for idiots. Sit on the upside down chair and become a wookie!
Music clips from IBM's songbook, including "Ever Onward"
I FOUND IT!! The animutation "Ever Onward" IBM! All Your Base reference. Big Blue. Corporations. Old songs.
THE CEO OF EARTH, superhero in City of Heroes MMORG. Here he brags about his alternate character, Inside Out Girl, who runs about naked in the city center, then *explodes* with a bone frament attack right in the gawker's faces. YUCK!! Goofy alternate heros.
SPIDER VS MOUSE - A mouse has bugged a tarantula too many times, then gets eaten by it. RL footage.
Trailer for Gisaku, a samurii lost in time. Fights a furry lynx. Goku demon guy. Animnation from Spain? Filmax.
FERRETS TO THE RESCUE! Militant German weasels are flown into an island to help rid an infestation of rabbits. Albedo.
Fursuit shots from the lion in the new Madagascar movie. Universal Studios Park.
Shawn Keller's FurryFans.com is back in business!
Furry shooting gallergy game. Hillbilly music. Shoot some of the characters, and they fart.
Good evil.
Cheshire Cat hosts a poker game. Old lady bangs a slot machine in the background while Furries run about. Poker game really works!
New radio program for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on the BBC!
Birds use a complex language to describe predators, scientists found when studying chickadee calls.
Car commercial. Bouncing speakers cause a bear and rabbit plush toys to 'do it' in the car's rear window.
Rod's home page, buttons, and friends
How to convert headless Barbies into USB cables.
Female Domination. A female lion roars at a male lion.
A cat HATES being shaved like a poodle.
Roy Disney and supporters are sueing Einser's board of directors to try and take back the company.
Homeless breakfast cereal mascots
Drumming cat, repeated video of a feline swatting her paws at a little boy who's trying to take her chair, with a drum solo playing in the background. Arthur.
Grocery Store Wars. Star Wars parody.
Necoro the Robotic Cat, real toy in the style of furbies.
Hallmark Cards, Shoebox greetings original in the style of black and white "____ and you" documentaries. Parody of the greeting card making process by an insider. Furry rabbit is the card artist.
Ewok version of Badger Badger Jar Jar
Sex toys. A woman wearing "vibrating knickers" to a shopping mall became so aroused that she fainted and started banging into shelves.
Cockroach-controlled robot. Kage.
Valiant, movie about anthro birds in England.
Home town photos, get a view of an area from space. like mapquest.com
Happy Tree Friends is coming to television? TV
Phil Foglio's coming Girl Genius, online! Agatha Heterodyne
Comic. The tiger that attack Roy from Siegfried and Roy does Tony the Tiger "Magicians.. they're GREAT!"
Comic. A guy and a girl fall in love after having a fart duel. Yappy gas. Evil Valentine.
Virtual Bartender. Followup to Subservient Chicken! Two girls take your orders!
More risque, you can tell them to 'strip', but security gets in the way. Good show though!
'kiss' is good too. Poink date
Caption This. Beer girls beat up the Subservient Chicken
Two idiots go on safari in a Zebra two-person fursuit. After some misadventures, they get surrounded by lions, who probe a bit, then make off with the fursuit head like a giant chewtoy. "Don't worry, that was perfectly save.." the guys run off.
Ligers, Tigons and Leopon, oh my! Hybrid great cats in real life.
Blackfoot's webpage (which you're probably looking at now. BOO!)
Game. Shoot the crazy cell phone music frog! Shotgun
The Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog, endangered species
Marshmellow Peep jousting. Comic characters put a toothpick in two peeps, then put them in the microwave. As they swell and stretch, one punctures the other in a gooey mess. "It's official, we've run out of ideas."
Star Wars. Princess Leia slave dog costume. For JR the Hutt
Turning roadkill into art. Dead skunk in the middle of the road.
We3, story about three cyborg pets adapted from a comic, could be a new movie
Happy Car Antenna Balls. What, did you think it was something else?
Quick repeating animation of two furry cats going at it. Breaks the rating. Sex.
Howl's Moving Castle, newest film from Hayao Miyazaki, maker of Spirited Away.
More Eisner genius: Disney introduces "Disney's Old Yeller" chunk style dog food. Nevermind that the dog dies at the end of the movie... think of the marketing boost!
Custom Creature Taxidermy - A stuffed squirrel make into a drink dispenser.
Which Revenge of the Sith character are you? Star Wars
A guy leaving a phone message witnesses an auto accident. Uptight guy hits four old ladies in an impala. Guy goes over, gets pepper sprayed. Old ladies beat up the guy. Messager cracks up on the phone. "She just hit him in the head with a Bible!"
Madagascar puppets
Webcams from around the world, pieced together into a huge map similar to "The Earth At Night" poster. Moment of Zen. Awesome. The world at a glance.Zoom in and out to North America and Europe. Day and Night cycles.
World War II WWII secret weapon: A pigeon-guided missle. Real Life.
Proposed WWII secret weapon: Bat bombers! Batman meets The Penguin.
Stills from "The curious adventures of Mr. Wonderbird" a French animated film.
Bananaphone error message
Paniqueauvillage - Site with animated action figures of a barnyard. Can't read most of it, and the menus are confusing, have to come back later.
The Rollercoaster Database. Guaranteed Herbie-pleaser
Lions and Tigers and Bears - A comic only for the PSP (Mini Playstation) where Joey's stuffed toys come to life to help him fight the shadows in the closet.
A ukelele player plays "As My Guitaur Gently Weeps", quite cool music. Video didn't load when I watch, but the audio is good. Use Firefox, doesn't work in Netscape. (Wierd, usually the other way around)
The incredibly strange process hyenas go through when giving birth.
Little kitten falling asleep. Cat. Boring. Cute
Video of The Reanimator song, repost. Fox doctor. Furry.
Warning for Yappy: "Extreme Fire Hazard. Don't even fart in the forest!"
The Pawpets Worshipers Club, A Yahoo Group for FPS.
Kiddie Records, a website with all sorts of old records aimed at children. Tubby the Tuba, Bozo the Clown, some Disney records, Woody Woodpecker, lots of things.
Comics for the new Playstation Portable PSP handheld video game system. The thing is starting to look like a full-blown hand computer!
John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, dies at 80
Scientists create Zombie dogs! No, seriously, they've revived dogs after several hours of clinical death after draining their blood and replacing it with a salt solution, then reversing the process and heating them back up, restarting their hearts with an electric shock. Suspended Animation, the kind you hear about in 2001 a Space Odyssey and other Science Fiction stories, might become a reality before long. Reanimator.
Statler & Waldorf of the Muppets have their own internet movie review program! Now they can trash, mock, and oggle as many cute ladies as they like. Have 'the Balcy' awards similar to the Oscars for fame and infamy. "From the Balcony"
Scientist develops a minitature robotic car a cockroach can drive around by perching on top of a ping-pong ball. Kage!
Dog costumes! Turn a doberman into a poodle! Halloween.
Dog toys.. the Humunga Tongue, a ball with a huge plastic tongue at the end, so when your dog carries the ball in his mouth, he looks like that guy from KISS o_O White Elephant gifts.
The  Peculiar Art of Mr. Frahm - Housewife with bag full of groceries and celery poses in a Lady In Red pose with a wind almost blowing her skirt off. Odd cheesecake.
Closeup pictures of a Hummingbird nest. Cute! Step by step photos of the little eggs hatching into tiny baby birds, who grow quickly. Hummingbird kids leave the nest about after 21 days. A toothpick is longer than the nest is wide.
Two young fellow drive a truck into a bee yard, and then face the swarm. They try to drive away, but their truck gets stuck in the sand, and have to call 911 while besieged by tens of thousands of insects! Don't be a vandal, kids.
Disney theme parks in Florida now use fingerprint scanners. Privacy vs security.
Conker the Squirrel is back! Rated Mature for everything nice.
Yiffy furniture! Furs in conservative human dress look for all the world like they're selling furniture on a legitimate webpage. It's a joke, though :)
The Llama song, flash animation. Llamas in cars, and some ducks. Cool nonsense song.
James Doohan, who played Scotty on the original Star Trek, has died.
A CGI version of the Smurfs Movie is coming out. Jim Groat might blow a gasket.
Mixing console for two Apple Ipods. Yappy gear, because gear is awesome.
COQ ROCK - The band that does that wild Heavy Metal song for Burger King's Chicken Fries commercial. Hard rockers wearing chicken helmets.
Zero Odor - A new spray that claims it can remove any type of odor from anything. Good for cleaning up after Bandit and farts.
This History of Poptarts.
Cotten-Eyed-Joe, country song, updated to a rave version, with a Winamp animation of humans and animal-like folks dancing. "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. Jessica Tanguay. Minimalist.
Giant bottle of coke
Guy drawing another guy
Seal erupting out of an ice hole in the pavement.
Giant box of chalks
Guy digging in a mountain of gold.
Sony Laptop
Missing bit of concrete!
Girl sticking her foot up from a swimming pool! Synchronized Swimming. Olypics.
Girl sticking her foot up again, viewed from the WRONG side. Distorted.
Guy digging a hole in the sidewalk.
Even bigger hole in the sidewalk
Guy finds treasure in the sidewalk hole! End of Chalk Walk pictures.
Anphibian Feeding Movies. Yummy tongues and flies.
The Maxwell Edison Story - Silver hammer song by the Beattles, now done as a flash animation.
Another link about the anime mouse-exterminating robot company and their hydra bot.
High Pixar-quality animation of Roc the caveman trying to find a present for his wife. Bashes a giant bear with a rock that cracks open to reveal a diamond. She drags him off anyway.
"In The Rough" rockfish animations at blur.com
"I'm a cow" animation.
Teaching your cat to use the toilet.
A guy makes a throne out of nothing but trashed AOL CDs.
Article on ideas for a Space Elevator.
Warcraft 3 the board game
Purr detector cat collar glows when the cat purrs! Just like that Space Cat in the Disney movie
Teens operated on a roadkilled cat, and save some of the kittens inside her.
Supervillian pitches Linux! "I don't see why more people don't run Linux.. thank God they don't because then they'd all be supervillians!"
Hippo sweat acts as both a sunscreen, AND it repels insects! Get some of yours today.
Homepage of the sidewalk chalk art guy.
The Flavor Spray Diet - Spray artificial flavor on whatever you have to eat, so you want to eat it instead.
Costume directions for building your own hooves! Equines, horses.
Joe Ranft, Pixar's head of story, has died in a car accident on the coast.
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - parody site saying that the best way to reduce Man's impact on the environment is to let outselves die out. Right-wingers have taken the thing seriously :P
Power Ranger tried for Murder?
"A Man, A Can, A Plan: 50 great meals even a guy can make!" Bachelor cooking recipies.
Mr.T sings a song about why you should respect mothers. Two argueing kids get interupted by MrT who does a sort of rap song from the 80's. Weird, goofy, a bit cool. T and Shatner should get together sometime. "Treat Your Mother Right"
Sam.. the world's UGLIEST dog. Resident Evil in real life o_O
Mac commerical parody about why Mac's crash so much. "Mac ruined my inner child!" "See this handle? That's so you can use it as a BOAT ANCHOR!"
Heavy Metal version of Sesame Street. Twisted Children's Shows. Cookie Monster goes Mongoloid.
Crap-flavored mouth spray. Just because you have friends who need White Elephant gifts.
Mr. Methane and his history, world's best professional farter!
Wage Slaves: The article about people selling online money from places like World of Warcraft for RL money. Hangars full of folks at computers in China using scripts to farm. Scary truth.
Otter Pops, animated.
Fema and a few missed opportunity to prepare for Hurrican Katrina
Air America show about Brown and Hurricane Katrina
Nonsanity 3D picture from show 262.
Beautiful pictures of space from Voyager and other space probes. Saturn, moons, all in huge images that can't possibly all fit on the screen at once.
Real Old Time Religion, a collection of song lyrics from hymns from everything from African Paganism to classic hymns to Cthuhlu worship. Huge page, plenty to see.
"The Kill A MockingBird", the ultimate book report, reworked into a flash animation anime extravaganza.
Cute disgusting marine isopod trilobyte deep sea creature thing you don't want to order in a restaurant.
Donate to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina
Homestarrunner booth at Dragoncon. Strong Bad.
Joel Vetch animation "The First Drink of the Day!" Drunk Monkey.
Bob Denver aka Gilligan has died :(
The new ipod cell phone
A real, $12,000 golden saxophone with super powers o_O
"A New Bunny" the new kinder, gayer Loonatics version of Bugs Bunny, Buzz Bunny tries to talk some kids into getting in the van with him. Less swearing than in the first flash, but there is chainsaw gore.
Sam, the world's ugliest dog. RL cryptkeeper sith undead twistface hairless Durian wrinkle doom.
Quicktime 7 download beta
A whole website dedicated to dogs dressed up as honeybees. Dogs in bee suits.
Parody commerical for the Ipod Flea, the world's smallest MP3 player! Flea collars, Ipod Tick, Flea markets, controls are 50x larger than the device itself. Accessorizing for dummies.
Peom: "If Mr. Clean were a rectal doctor"
THe puppetmasters of Avenue Q are helping promote CBS 2 with look-alike puppets of the news anchors.
Second Life, the graphical MMORG, is not completely free.
The world's largest spatula. Made of hardwood and filling a room by itself. Anime food. Anime oversized sword.
World Music CD "North African Groove"
The Bloodhound Gang's new song, "Foxtrot", from the upcoming album, "Hefty Fine", in stores September 27th. "Fish don't fry in the kitchen" Giant bananna car music video. Lots of G-rated slang for sex. Girls in bikinis with jackhammers. "Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo!" Inuendo that isn't.
Adult Webcomics Katrina Telethon
Regular Webcomics Katrina Telethon. Regulars win! The internet is not just for porn.
Poink's Livejournal
A decent news article about how Bianca Phillips and her friend Greg borrowed costumes and joined Memphis Furmeet. Pretty fair, positive, although it got flak on the mailing list.
The full version of the Muppet Show Mana Mana song! Caveman wants to adlib, but the link one-hole nose things won't let him, so he sulks, then leaves the set, telephoning in the last "ManaMana!" Statler and Waldorf "The question is, what is a ManaMana?" "The question is, Who Cares?"
Crazy Coffins. An idea well past its time.
Stewie Live! Stewie from Family Guy does the Subservient Chicken thing. Yes, you can type in swearwords, and they work. Try "Subservient Chicken"! Do something Stewie likes and the Kill meter on the right will charge, hit the button when it's lit for an extra clip.
All Your Base parody to Queen's Bohemian Rapshody. Too Much Spart Time productions.
A reworked parody trailer to the Steven King horror book/movie "The Shining", which sells the supernatural death story as a family film where the kid needs a foster father and the father/writer needs inspiration for his book. Spin in action.
Fursuit video fun as a Groundhog tries to catch his Shadow.
Webcomic of Scarlet P.I., where a guy puts on a magical talking fursuit to become Scarlet the Vixen
Freddy has Partner in Freddy vs Jason 2
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
Freddy vs Ghostbusters
Jason vs Sadako (aka the girl from The Ring). Deranged supernatural killers become friends, romance! Freddy bashing.
Freddy vs Jar Jar Binks
The boobie-thon telethon for breast cancer and Katrina victims. I guess.
Pornstar Bears, a collection of cute fuzzy plushies photographed in the act of 'doing it'. German or English. Because the world needs to be weirder.
McDonald's Canada. Because you need mayonese.
Giant Microbes.. a plushie Ebola virus
Page that lets you doodle on various pictures, birds, people's backs, then save it.
The Worst Halloween Costumes of all time! Lot of old movies and TV shows. Atari's Asteroids costume, with an asteroid for a head! It ROCKS!
Disney's Robin Hood costume, one of the gems listed above. Tail attached to left knee?
Saturn's moon, which looks remarkably like the Death Star.
The Church of Reality: Believing in what is real. Almost has to be a joke site, but still cool!