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TASTY PLANET – Become the ultimate Science Fiction HORROR of GREY GOO, the nanite that EATS EVERYTHING and makes more of itself uncontrollably! Goofy scientists think they have a machine that will eat poo! That’s not all it will eat.. in the spirit of Katamari eat objects smaller than you to bulk up in size, then work your way up the food chain. Dust, germs, insects, mice, cats, dogs, police officers, police CARS, TANKS, BUILDINGS, CITIES, MERCURY, MARS, EARTH!!! JUPITER!!!! MUWAHAHAHA!! Very fun and addictive and –somehow- funny! Each level has a time limit, and some creatures will attack you.. until they realize it’s a lost cause and run away! Reach your target size before time runs out. Don’t drive into the Sun either.. it would be bad. Mad Science.
BAT COUNTRY – A slightly goofy, slightly SPOOKY 8-bit side-scrolling shooter as your helicopter crew head out to find what happened to some missing troops. An answer that involves GIANT BATS, SPIDERS, and a SHARK THAT COULD EAT THE DEATH STAR! Sort of a cross between old school Scramble and modern Limbo, all the colors are white black and red, there’s plenty of background detail, and besides your forward machine gun you also have bombs. The remote bombs are unique.. they defy gravity and will travel in the direction and speed your heli was traveling when you released them, then explode when you click the space bar a second time. Practice the art of precision bomb hurling.. not only will it net you a better score for combos, it is CRUCIAL for defending yourself from enemies approaching from behind! Smash obstacles, drive by flashlight through the digestive tract of a shark, and prepare yourself for the final hair-raising level! Halloween. The voice synthesizer in this program really goes above and beyond, the computer SAYS YOUR NAME, and can even read out the message you type to send over the loudspeakers to scare the humans into moving.
DRAKE AND THE WIZARDS – Cute cartoony platformer featuring a dragon! A dark wizard steals the magic from Drake’s village, turning everyone into stone, but misses him since he was out in the forest. The Good Wizard appoints Drake Guardian of the Forest, turning him into a dragon, and sets him on an epic quest to find the dragon power artifacts and ultimately take out the Dark Wizard! The art is cute, although the platforming is pretty standard until you gain the limited flight ability, opening up some interesting move combinations. The game starts very simple, but does get better as you go along. Keep an eye out for hidden places, each level has a Dragon Coin to find. Not quite Mario, you can’t stomp on people (at least at first), and hitting monsters with fire breath is tricky until you work out the timing. Furry.
ICY GIFTS – Pure candy! Chain reaction game where the goal is to blow up all the objects floating around the screen each level. Some have special powers attached, making bigger explosions, firing projectiles, leaving lasting acid pools or actually giving you extra click attacks! Playing through the game once is a breeze.. and very good for stress relief! Getting three stars on every level? That might take more time.
I AM AN INSANE ROGUE AI – You’re a HAL-like insane Artificial Intelligence, bent on world domination! You have to start small though.. take over the computers of the world bit by bit, one facility at a time. Hack all the computers on a level to gain access to the mainframe, but be careful, you only have so many actions, and the humans in each facility will try to prevent the hacks. Scientists prevent hacks, but run away if you turn off the lights. Engineers can’t stop hacks, but they can turn lights back on and unlock the doors between floors you’ve conveniently locked. You have two paths to victory, either the subtle, sneaky approach to take over before people know what’s going on.. or the Skynet approach where you hack the security robots and prevent the humans from stopping you BY KILLING THEM! Peace gives a cash bonus, but war gives combos! Upgrade your bag of tricks as you go. More than a few Portal references.
NOTEBOOK WARS 2 – A simple but very fun top-scrolling shooter with one big bit of style.. all the graphics of planes, tanks, ships and buildings look like color doodles out of a notebook! And yet.. they have shadows, and the animations are smooth. The result is something charming. Blow stuff up, grab the money, and upgrade your stuff! The upgrades are immense.. buy a new ship with more armor and weapons slots, and research new weapons to go in those slots. Some weapons are downright awesome, like the Frag Grenades that whirl at the enemy and then blow up in in a nice circular fan of knives that can hit anyone on the screen, works both as a spread AND a shotgun for extra close range punishment. The only fault I can find with it is there could be more of an ending.. but the final boss is still satisfying.
DINO RUN: MARATHON OF DOOM – Remake of PixelJam’s earlier Dino Run, with more features, and more DOOM! 8-bit old school graphics combine with modern processing power to tell the story of a small raptor who’s there on ASTEROID DAY. BOOM! Uh oh.. GOTTA RUN! Sprint and jump your way over the rocky, hazard-filled landscape while collection rolling eggs and eating other smaller creatures to keep up your strength. Keep running.. the SHOCKWAVE OF DOOM is following you, always! When things start going black you know you’re in trouble..
HOUSE OF DEAD NINJAS – Adult Swim present another video game! Crazy 8-bit time-limit insanity as your ninja explores the Mystic Tower, having to enter from the top and make his way down to the bottom to find whatever legendary treasure awaits him. One ninja went before you years ago.. is he WAITING FOR YOU at the bottom? The time limit is harsh.. while most enemies can be dispatched easily with caution.. YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE CAUTIOUS!! It’s time to call LEEROY JENKINS and dive head-first into the most insanely deadly trap ever made, picking up weapon and extra time powerups along the way. There are different choices you can make on the way down.. if you take the time to look around, that is. Is it called the House of Dead Ninjas because ninjas wait inside.. or... uh oh.


ROAD KILL REVENGE – A nice gratuitous shot of mayhem for your day, with some puzzle elements just for fun. The forest creatures are TIRED of being HIT BY CARS! Get revenge on the humans by hijacking a vehicle and aiming it at a high-traffic road to CAUSE AS BIG OF A TAFFIC PILEUP AS POSSIBLE!! Each level has a primary objective, and several secondary ones to unlock bonuses. Blow up cars, busses, oil trucks, trains, Banks, gas stations, police cars.. EVERYTHING!! Careful though.. you only get one ram attack, so pick the best spot and angle to launch your attack vehicle to cause as much SHRIEKING CHAOS as possible, sending cars smashing into each other and exploding in a CHAIN REACTION! HIT THE NUCLEAR MISSLE TRANSPORT!! Furry! In later levels you can even smash an F-15 into traffic! Excellent stress relief.
ARKANDIAN CRUSADE – Noxins, designer of the My Pet Protector series, returns. This outing is more story-driven as a warrior who can’t remember his past seems destined to try and halt a demon invasion, or help it. Dungeon-crawling is now the main emphasis, with most skills leveling up automatically as your hero single-handledly dives into enemy lairs. Each lair is more of an endurance fight now, as your health does NOT return to full each time, requiring rationing your mana and potions in order to completely clear out an location and earn its quest reward. A new mini-game called Defense has also been added, where you and the allies you’ve trained and rescued while questing face an attacking army on a chess board, taking a swing each turn. Don’t forget to armor and train your recruits, your hero is powerful, but can’t stop all the invaders alone at higher levels. Once you get a pile of materials together, try crafting things that you need. A fairly long game, if addictive once you get into it. The stress system is gone now also, you can keep exploring a dungeon until you run out of health due to stabby stabbyness. For hints, and all crafting recipies, go to the Wiki at http://arkandiancrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Arkandian_Crusade_Wiki

NOT YOUR WAR – Simple but challenging top scrolling shooter. You rebelled against the Empire, so the local governor gave you a small ship and orders to go to the Capital for sentencing. Screw that. Go on the offensive and destroy the imperial forces on the planet! Use the keyboard to move and the mouse to aim and fire. Dodge well and aim well.. hordes of suicide drones and missle-firing capital ships will try to stand between you and the three drone-horde wielding Generals. Blazing fast fighters will try and spin around you and harass with irregularly firing homing missles. Keep enough of your brain on both offense and defense to stay alive and win. Try to kite drones into big swarms, then smash into them with your heavier weapons, but your miniguns are best for taking out incoming missles. Choose wisely.
POLTERGIFTS – A very twisted yet almost cute Evil Christmas game from Evil Dog and SickDeathFiend. Evil spirits lingering from Halloween are attacking on Christmas night! They’re hiding out in the presents under the tree. When you open a box.. will it be that Red Rider BB Gun you’ve been begging your folks for? Or a possessed doll brandishing a knife!? Defend the living room by creatively using the good gifts to defeat the evil ones, upgrading as you go. Can you survive until dawn? Good luck.
THE VISITOR: MASSACRE AT CAMP HAPPY – Sequel to the adventure game “The Visitor” where an alien parasite devours living beings and gains their strengths, vampire style. This one, though, is an action puzzler. Each level, the goal is to devour the Human on the map. However, to get there you’ll need to swim, fly, bash and burrow your way across the map, eating the relevant animals necessary to alter your size and current power. It can get complex fast, and larger animals will attack you if you approach, so keep your present form in mind. Animals respawn, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck on a map. Halloween horror.
ANOTHER CAVE RUNNER – Simple but fun game of reflex and skill. Run as fast as you can along the cave, your only controls are to jump and attack. You only slow down if you take damage. For each enemy you kill, you get exp, which unlocks more (VERY USEFUL!) skills and powers on the go. How many deaths will it take you, until you finally reach the end of the cave? Nemesis Theory music in the background.


CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS – Fun light-hearted arena-fighting RPG! The Rebellion is holding a tournament to decide who will lead the army against the Dark Emperor, winner take all! Naturally, it’s not quite that simple.. a spy for the Emperor is also in the game, determined that those with the most potential never survive to the last round. Choose your class and that of your buddy, then go to town, train, upgrade your gear and abilities.. and FIGHT! If you make some friends along the way, so much the better. Most dialog is voiced, and the graphics are simple but beautiful. The fighting is a good mix of endurance back-to-back matches as well as unique boss fights. Don’t forget to save your game regularly! Oh, and don’t forget to hire some cheerleaders, they’re entertain the audience and boost the exp and gold you get!
K.O.L.M. – Art Game, platformer partly inspired by Metroid. You wake up, unable to see well or even walk properly. Mother, a voice in your head, says you’ve been broken, and need to fix yourself up to please her. Explore the laboratory to find your missing parts, using upgrades to unlock more options as you go. Energy-line art of surprising beauty. Some secret objects are nearly invisible until you approach, keep a lookout. Do as Mother says.. she doesn’t like little robots who talk back to her. And she won’t tell you what your mission is. She must have some reason..
RADICAL FISHING – *LOL* “Fish like a REAL MAN!” Simple toss/upgrade game with a LOT OF STRESS RELIEF involved. Guide your redneck fisherman to drop the hook as far as you can without hitting any fish on the way down.. then reel it upwards and hook EVERY FISH YOU TOUCH along the way, THEN toss your bouquet of fish into the air and SHOOT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM BEFORE THEY HIT THE WATER! The deeper you go, the more fish you get and the more varied and special they will be, and more fun carnage when you go Rambo on them later! Upgrade your gear for more depth, special abilities, or just to look cooler.
SUPER MARIO BP OIL SPILL – Wacky parody of the original Super Mario Brothers game. BP can’t figure out how to plug a @#$#@$ *HOLE* in the sea floor! Who can help now? MARIO! Each stage happens underwater, wait for fish to swim into and die from jets of rising oil, then stuff their corpses into the seafloor cracks to plug the spill, or toss them forward as weapons. Be careful.. BP doesn’t like interlopers, and will actually drop in mines and harpoon-firing scuba divers to try and STOP YOU! Graphics look authentic, as is the music. Final boss fight with Tony Hayward! Environmental disasters. Oil Spill.
AURORA – CHAPTER 1 – Art-filled adventure game. You’re in the Wild West, out of luck searching for gold, when a huge tornado suddenly picks you up.. and deposits you in front of a surreal ghost town.. with people in it. It’s like the Twilight Zone.. people appear and disappear at will, although everyone seems to fear a woman named Aurora, who knew you were coming. Are you dead? WILL you be dead if you meet her? Get out of town as fast as you can, hook or by crook, answers can come later. Beautiful art stills.
GODDAMN SNACK TIME 1.10 – NSFW. Completely stupid/funny cartoony arcade collecting game as you guide super-heavy NFL coach Rex Ryan to grab trash food that’s falling from the sky! DON’T EAT HEALTHY FOOD.. JUST SNACKS! Also avoid hazards, like cheater’s caps and barbells that you have to jam the space bar to get rid of. Totally over the top, eat a live, squealing pig in multiple stages as it’s suspended from midair! Even some boss characters, which you defeat by EATING THEM!
ONE CHANCE – This game is creepily poetic.. and depressing. I agonized over whether to add it, but finally decided the experience was too unique. You’re a scientist whose cancer-destroying virus has mutated.. and is now destroying every living cell on Earth. You have Six Days until all life on Earth ends. Each day you have a small number of possible choices about what to do, presented in 8-bit graphics style. Do you go to work in the Lab, or stay home with your wife? You have –ONE CHANCE- to save the world. Depending on what you do, different outcomes are possible.. but due to a unique mechanic there is only one ending. Actions have consequences. Choose well, there is no going back.


ENDEAVOR – Awesome 8-bit platformer/art game. Your family has a great treasure.. but no one has been able to reach it for generations. You’re short, even for a dwarf, but you’re going to give it a try. Explore the beautifully detailed world, from islands in the clouds to the depths of the sea, to much darker places in your quest for the fate that’s yours by right, exploring the huge puzzling world for powerups and learning skills from people. You may have to make some questionable decisions along the way.. and when you unlock your ultimate destiny.. are you going to want it? Choose wisely – there are three endings. There is always another way.
TENTACLE WARS – On a tiny scale, unmoving microbes duel. The rules are simple.. each cell has a strength number, steadily regenerates strength, and can sap strength to create a tentacle of DNA aimed to infect another cell. Larger cells are stronger and have advantage against weak ones. Where it gets complex is your ability to cut tentacles with the mouse, and send the entire length of DNA zipping into its target in one big blast, and when multiple cells attach each other at once. How do you gain ground invading the enemy cells, without losing your own? Neutral cells are out there too, spoils to the first color who can infect them enough to control them. Friendly cells can also feed each other strength as a form of supply line. Cells that change color get an instant strength bonus. The game is ultimately about math and military strategy, but the creepy biological setting is unique and mesmerizing. Some levels require learning really specific tricks, can be hard. Think quickly, and clearly.
ZOMBIE TRAILER PARK – Goofy vertical walking RTS. Hordes of ‘dem zombies is comin’ from that thar city! Blow up them braindead city boys with cheap common-sense redneck tecknology! Command your forces of Angry Farmers, Survivalists, firebomb-hurling still brewers and rent out some genuine farm harvesters to strike down hordes of zombies at once. Four difficulty settings, it can get intense.
ARMED WITH WINGS 3 – From the same author as Red Moon, fantasy martial arts platformer with a shadow puppet art style. Evil forces abound.. and the hero of legend has lost his wings. A boy and his mother try to cope in a world overrun with monsters, while a great evil stirs, threatening to consume the land. Action with detailed hand-drawn cutscenes. Extras include the ability to switch to your raven to fly around and safely explore a level, picking up a few few bonuses in the process. You can even get an extra jump off your raven if you park it in the right place. Starts easy.. then gets hairy quickly. Choice your weapons and special ability wisely.
BELIAL CHAPTER 2 – Continuing story of semi-cute red Belial, demon son of Lucifer, in his quest to destroy Satan and reclaim the throne of Hell. Now that you’ve found your missing tail, wings and horns, use your powers and wits to advance. Click adventure, solve the puzzles, find the forks (?) and kick Satanic butt. If you win, is it really a Good ending?..
RAY ARDENT: SCIENCE NINJA – What’s more powerful than a ninja? A ninja SCIENCE-GEEK! Use bizarre scifi-tech gadgets to aid you in a series of speed-runs. Collect the coins, duck into narrow passes, dodge dinosaurs (?) and get to the portal. For SCIENCE!
ECHOS: ACT 1 – Interesting mix of action and real time strategy as your half-alien supersoldier commands the human resistance forces in his side-scrolling shooter. Build facilities, train troops, and unlock and uses your alien superabilities, like healing your forces or becoming stealthy yourself to go on a commando raid. Lots of story.. so much story that it’s practically a flash animation with game sequences punctuating it. If you have plenty of time, this is an interesting game though.
LARRY: PUP RUN – Quick skill avoid game. Larry’s puppy speeds up when it gets alcohol. There are three lanes on the track, with objects regularly speeding down them. Grab the booze and bonuses, while avoiding traps. Especially Brick Walls, which will end your run. Track goes faster and faster, how many points can you get?
SUPER PIXELKNIGHT – Tip of the hat to the old Super Ghosts and Goblins arcade games, run and jump your knight through an impressive array of 8-bit levels while picking up different weapons, each of which has a different special spell attack. Stay alert, you might be able to take a few hits in this variant, but your reflexes better be on time.
LIQUID MEASURE 2 – Interesting puzzle game of fluid control. Move the pipes and jars so that once you hit the switch and the water holders at the top of the screen releases, all the water ends up being contained in jars below.


GHOST HACKER – A nice Tower Defense game with a Tron-like twist. To fight the evil AI’s, a human’s mind has been uploaded onto the net. At least, that’s what you’re telling you, you don’t remember much. But helping defend data cores seems like a good thing to do. A bit of Plants vs Zombies strategy as you pick which programs to go into battle with each time. In addition, each main defense program also lights up 2-4 adjacent nodes, which become legal upgrade slots for it (there are three slot colors, if you wait, they change, so if you’re patient you can plan which upgrades go in a certain spot. Although time isn’t always your friend). Very pretty, a bit of goofy humor long the way, and a touch of horror. Nice features include the data blocks automatically slowly floating back toward base when their abductors are destroyed, and a 100% refund rate for towers you sell, although it takes time to pull recycled memory out of the trash. Each mission unlocks extra towers, upgrade gadgets or special effect scripts, so do the side quests. Moderately challenging, unless you go for 100%, which is HARD. Lots of variation between enemies, make sure to use the right tower (and upgrades) for the job.
TREADMILLASAURUS REX – This is just silly. You’re a T-Rex.. on a treadmill! Survive as long as you can as rolling spiked balls, lasers, wind, disco lights and other horrors ramp up the longer you stay kicking. The Wheel of Misfortune spins regularly to add to or tweak the existing features, just to keep life (and death?) interesting for you.
MADNESS: RETALIATION – An interesting RPG where a team of four madness characters dives into the enemy hideout to retrieve some vials of DNA.. for reasons unknown. Turn-based, each character has AP, which powers both firing your weapons and moving to get into range. Graphics are faithful to Krinkle’s famous action series.
CARVE AND SHARE – This game is very simple, yet awesome. Carve whatever face you want on a pumpkin.. then upload it to the net. You get to view the last 40 pumpkins other people have uploaded. Don’t even need a password or login, it’s just a nice little interactive toy. By Evil-Dog. Halloween.
BREAKTHROU – Silly stress relief skill challenge. Mr. Skull is sprinted headlong towards an apartment building! Help him collect jalapeno peppers along the way, boosting his speed to ridiculous levels.. then see just how many brick walls, coffee tables, and household appliances he can SMASH THROUGH once he hits the building.


THE TRADER OF STORIES: BELL’S HEART – An absolutely beautiful and lyrical click adventure that doesn’t take very long to finish. You’re the Trader of Stories, traveling about the friendly fantasy world searching for tales, hoping to also find your own origin. Your cart breaks down outside a small village, and on the way there you uncover the seeds of a mystery, about doomed lovers a generation past, and a quiet pain the town labors under. While you’re in town trying to get repairs, also talk to the hand-painted characters there to uncover the truth, piece by piece. Who knows, a good tale may have the power the change the world for the better.
PIXEL PURGE – Fast-moving action survival game. The evil of the 8-bit pixel world is pouring through the rift! Take down the demon, grab their pixel power, level up your weapons and survival for as long as you can! Move and fire in different directions with mouse and keyboard, the controls are simple and responsible.. but you’ll need good reflexes and observational skills to spot and evade the enemy among all the pixels and powerups. Think fast!
SUPER PSTW ACTION RPG – Brilliant Joke game! All you ever DO is press the space bar! Swing your sword, block with the shield, go into stores, buy a potion, use the potion, defeat your evil brother, destroy the God King! And ALL YOU EVER DO.. IS PRESS THE SPACE BAR! 8-Bit Awesomeness. Listen to the brilliant audio review http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/309134 (written by an Eye of Argon class reviewer, read, literally, by the author) It’s ALSO been made into a Flash in its own right, in the flash Dot Dot Dot http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/558516 It’s EPIC!! AWESOME!! 100!
ROAD OF THE DEAD – Evil Dog and other Newgrounds notables team up to bring you the ultimate zombie-infest-first-person-highway-driving simulator! Zombies are eating the city, and the authorities have sealed off the whole area, with your house in it, leaving you for dead! Screw them BOTH! You’ve got a renovated sports car, and you know how to use it. Zoom down the freeway, dodging (or deliberately hitting) zombies, civilians, stalled vehicles and military barricades. Each time you die you get upgrade points based on progress, ala a toss like Hedgehog Launch, to up your ride. If you’re really bad, take down a helicopter! Run down zombies and soldiers for extra points, but beware, they may latch onto your windshield to block your sight! Road rage.
REACHIN’PICHIN – Almost sickeningly cute! Variation on Hedgehog Launch as you help a stranded alien get back to space. Half hedgehog.. half pokemon, You can train Pichin’s stats, buy it upgrade equipment, and even evolve it, which doesn’t always go as you plan. Bounce on pads hanging in midair to climb as high as you possibly can before falling. If you fall, take the ore and experience you’ve earned, upgrade yourself, and do it again. If you hold down the mouse, you can also charge up a boost every few seconds, to give yourself that extra –kick- to reach a bounce just out of range. The higher you go, the rarer the bounces are, so think fast!
ELECTRIC BOX – Fascinating puzzle game where the goal is to get an electric charge to the goal by building a Rube Goldberg machine. Kettles make steam, which rises to power steam collectors. Fans blow the steam to new locations. Lasers bounce along mirrors to power laser receivers. Robots and steel ball droppers actually move existing objects or bash them out of the grid, but only when you power them. Capacitors store energy and keep a supply going on grid segments that have had their connection to the main on switch knocked out. Use your imagination to overcome all 15 levels, or build your own.
GARDEN GNOME CARNAGE – You’re a green Gnome at Christmas, tied to a bungie cord and swinging around a chimney. Hordes of Santa Claus’s are trying to get to that chimney, knock them off the house! Grab bricks from the house to hurl at people, and call in the occasional airstrike too if you feel like it. Some characters are friends, that you actually –want- to reach the chimney. Swinging fast-moving combo arcade chaos!
REINCARNATION: THE CLERGY OF UNHOLY – Another mini adventure game in the series. Another condemned soul has escaped hell, and is posing back on Earth as a priest. As the mischievous little purple demon, search for evidence of whether this soul is truly reformed or not.. and if not, find a way to send him back to Hell. Click adventure, this time you also have an inventory work with too. Halloween.
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE QUIZ – Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Follow the easy-to use questionnaire, and get ready to reevaluate your life choices. Good reflexes help too. Halloween.
THE BIRDINATOR – After getting royally drunk, a bird wakes up to find it’s snowing! Get to the South fast! Grab whatever food you can along the way, and blast any enemies with your laser monocole. Half race, half toss, at the end of each day buy upgrades to help your progress. Gets frantic fast!
REINCARNATION: LET THE EVIL TIMES ROLL – Once again, the Purple Demon has to return some escaped souls to hell, but only after they’ve done something wrong. Use your evil mischievousness to figure a way past the hellhound guard, find the three voodoo practitioners, and see to their demise. Click adventure, irreverent. As a minigame, also try to find the 15 escaped plague locusts for the Grim Reaper. Longer than a usual episode. Halloween.
THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL II – More puzzle platforming evil! Guide your blue elephant through the persistently unchanging maze. Yet every time you do.. –something- gets changed. When you push the Button, gravity flips. Invisible walls suddenly crop up. The rules alter as much as with Suicide Salaryman, good luck!
ONE BUTTON ARTHUR – Amazingly simple 8-bit game.. you literally have ONE CONTROL, your mouse button. Click to perform an action in each scene.. from swinging King Arthur’s sword, to jumping, or hold it to stop as a trap springs, or to change direction. Some scenes take a little though, although overall the game is very easy.
SOLIPSKIER – Fast racing survival game, not a toss as you only get one chance to score as many points as you can. Your skier drops from the ceiling at the start, click the mouse on a point on the screen to create a right-scrolling slop to keep under him. Then guide him up and down to hit gates to keep your momentum going, pulling up fast for a quick jump when needed. Hold the mouse to the far right for super speed!
MADNESS: PREMEDITATION – A very interesting puzzle/strategy game set in the madness style. Each scene has two phases, a move phase and a shot setup phase. Plan your moves, then plot your gunshots at any point along the scene, limited by your weapon ammo and imagination. Kill all enemies and hit whatever buttons and targets you need to for secondary objects in the given time. Some hazards and enemies move in real time, requiring some forethought about where to be when. Boss fights are even better yet.
SHATTERED COLONY – Interesting zombie defense RTS. You command an ragtag group of survivors whose are being pressed by zombie hordes. You build towers, but in order to shoot from them you have to crew them with survivors, and keep them supplied with bullets. Ammo is not unlimited.. you gain it by scouring the shops and houses of the town to find more.. which means you constantly have to keep your base moving, balancing fortifying an area well against the speed of resource collection. If even one zombie wanders past your defenses, it can trash supply depots and kill survivors and cost you valueable time. Although if you can grab some explosives, you CAN blow up that bridge the zombies are swarming over. Decide where in the town to go and when, clear out the zombies, and stay alive.
GRETEL AND HANSEL PART 2 – The disturbing click adventure returns. Beautiful stylized children’s book art combined with a Tim Burton sense of playfull gore and darkness. Gretel (and her idiot brother Hansel) are still trekking through the forest. Fall down a hole and decide whether or not to eat the disturbing things the tree monster is feeding you. Simply finishing the game and staying alive isn’t the point.. the point is to see how many DIFFERENT WAYS YOU CAN DIE, unlocking achievements for each you can find. They don’t call them the Brothers Grimm for nothing. Halloween. A little confusing, this one isn’t for everyone.
UNDEAD HIGHWAY – Zombie blasting goodness. Smash TV controls, move and shoot in different directions. To get to safety, grab a series of vehicles, surviving each zombie wave until one of their blasted corpses drops a set of keys for the next vehicle, then get to it and escape. Standard, but also funny in that most of your weapons are improvised, and awesome, like flaming hairspray or a potato rocket launcher. MacGuyver would love this one. Cut scenes between each level.
BUNNY FLAGS – Silly yet somewhat detailed tower defense/action game. General rabbit charges you with protecting the flags in your territory, which disembodied human fingers will bounce towards and try to steal from you. These toys must be protected at all costs! Build the usual array of walls, guns, freezers and acid traps. Unlike most tower defense games YOU will also be on the field, moving around and shooting at things, going where the fight is most desperate. Succeed, and your rabbit will ear upgrades via leveling up and a WOW-like talent tree. Fail.. and General Rabbit is mad at you. Landmarks like never taking damage or never having the enemy touch your flags will earn bonus exp.


DOODLE GOD – Flash version of the top-selling iphone sandbox app/game. Starting with only the four basic elements, recreate the entire World by combining them in pairs to discover new elements, materials, creatures, devices, alcoholic beverages and people! Wonder combined with a bit of Monty Python. A hint button will help you out if you’re stuck, but it takes a few minutes to recharge. A LONG game to play over many sittings.
THE BREACH – An extremely creepy and well-made space marine platformer, ala Aliens. The ship that’s supposed to take you back home is infested with aliens it picked up while in hyperspace. Standard platform jumps are combined with fully animated cut scenes as a telepathic alien presence is slowly invading your mind, and seems to be trying to control the Captain of the ship. Clear one sector of the ship at a time, leveling up and earning the occasional equipment upgrades (if you can find them). Zombies are creepy, but BUTTERFLIES are creepier still, especially when they hatch out of the crew. Flashlight levels and plenty of surprise attacks and respawns add to the paranoid. An excellent game for Halloween. Don’t forget to go into the Inventory screen and use the Map function, it’s a lifesaver. One hint, the faster you progress in a level and test your courage, the faster your shield bar regenerates, so being aggressive sometimes pays off, although so does being cautious.
SHADOW SNAKE – A very artistic and organic action puzzler, similar to the famous Worm game. You’re a Chinese dragon (serpent) trying to find enlightenment. Grab bits of energy when they appear, but make sure none of the enemies floating about snag your tail along the way, then get into the central portal once you have enough energy to activate it. Each level is like a choreographed dance, almost hypnotizing as your snake responds instantly to where you move the mouse, moving in a blur from one momentarily safe spot to the next. It takes a while to get the hang of how your tail moves, the end won’t actually move unless the head moves a body length away, although this motion can be useful for striking quickly at energy bits and then retreating like a snake, but other times requires you to spin around the map like a roller coaster, weaving in and out of trouble. Each level has another saying by Confucius, giving the whole game a very meditative feel, like a monk passing a test. Somewhat easy.. unless you try the Hardcore mode..
MOUNTAIN MANIAC – 8-bit destructive old school Atari awesomeness as Pixeljam (Gamma Bros, Dino Run) makes a game for Adult Swim! Your Mountain Man is MAD AS HELL and wants to destroy the town below to preserve his beloved mountain! Charge up a big blast and send a BOULDER hurling down the mountainside, destroying everything in its path! Trees, animals, cars, cabins, police cars, condos, aircraft, GAS STATIONS, smash it all! The more you destroy, the more Rage you get, and the more Rage you get the more telekinetic control you have over the boulder on the way down! Do awesome combos, bounce on cars, hit ledges so hard they shatter, just watch out for Sasquatch or the odd park rangers who attack you on the mountaintop. You must destroy a set % of each town in 5 tries in order advance to the next mountain. VERY GOOD STRESS RELIEF!
COMA – Very colorful and simple platform adventure, as you explore a rich yet slightly disturbing Halloween world, trying to find your sister (who Dad may have locked in the basement?). Explore the bright places and dark, meeting characters and figuring out how to progress. Tim Burton would like this one. Poetic. Creepy. Art game.
CURSED TREASURE – Addictive Tower Defense goodness! Meddling adventures are trying to steal the gems your Orc, Undead and Demon hordes have rightfully stolen! A new challenge is that each additional basic tower of one tribe costs more than the one before, and you can’t just throw gold at a tower to upgrade it, it must earn enough XP in battle to qualify for it first. Certain invaders are very fast, and Shades can even turn invisible for 5 seconds once hit, sprinting deep into your territory to grab a gem and run. Gems fall to the ground once the adventure carrying it is killed, easy grabbing for the next one, so you’ve got to keep them out of your nest. Plan your build strategy wisely, and use your Spells when they benefit you the most. Earn talent points between battles WOW style. Try to get “Brilliant” on all 15 maps!
PIXEVO – Evil-Dog makes an 8-bit game! Simple, demanding, but very addictive platformer. The pixel fountain has gone dry, and the life force of the world is running out. You must get to the top of the world to reactivate it.. but you only start as a little box that can barely jump a few pixels! Find pixels scattered about, and use their energy to evolve yourself, then use the new ability to reach pixels you couldn’t get to before. Crawl, walk, then eventually fly. It can be a little nerve-wracking in places because each jump must be executed –perfectly- in places in order to just barely reach the most difficult pixels, and you need every last one you can reach in order to evolve. Still.. difficulty makes it rewarding too.
NAPOLEON STUPID – Shameless cartoony fun. As the diminutive Emperor of France, ride your pig and fire arrows into the backs of fleeing fat people! Jump obstacles and collect silly powerups while getting in as many head shots as you can, you can’t die, but the game is on a timer, and the goal is to see how many points you can get! After each set of Fatsos, it’s Time to Boogie! Play a quick DDR game and dance with some lacy French ladies to recharge the clock, then it’s off to battles! VIVA LA STUPID!!!!
CELLCRAFT – A very detailed educational/strategic *CELL* simulator. On Platypus World, two scientists are trying to find a way to save their species just in case an asteroid destroys their world. They plan to put platypus DNA into an amoebic cell like a storage module, but the amoeba has to survive the trip. So they build one, piece by piece. Learn how a cell is made and the role of each organelle, how it deals with free radicals and invasions from viruses while searching for materials and food. Edutainment. Furry. 
ACTION TURNIP! – Silly simple run and gun game, jump obstacles with the arrow keys while shooting at oncoming enemies with the mouse. Survival game, see how far you can get!
LOOMING – A bizarre trip through needle and thread limbo while you explore a purgatory-like realm in search of lost artifacts to try and make some sense of the place. Explore a vast map, and interact with a few things. Halloween adventure.
PROTECTOR IV – Tower Defense variant on the My Pet Protector series, this time your hero is a General in a mercenary company, who hires, fires and oversees several other heroes and the forces they command. Each hero can hire two units, a basic and an advanced one, and each hero is attuned to one element. Some units are melee, others are ranged, others are magic. Choose the right heroes to do the job each mission that arrives, earn gold, experience, and magic items.. and while you’re at it see if you can find your brother? There are also factions to deal with, and your choice of heroes (and battlefield results) will raise or lower each faction and their unique available heroes and units. Choose wisely. Level your units, level your heroes, and don’t forget to level yourself!
CHAOS FACTION 2 – Fast insane cartoony brawler heavily influenced by Super Smash Brothers Melee. Think fast, punch faster, and grab any weapons when you can. Watch out for open pits, they mean certain doom! Oh, and jump when the cattle stampede. Many different scenarios and modes of play.
BELIAL CHAPTER 1 – Belial, son of Lucifer, wants to wrest back control of Hell from Satan, so he challengs him to a duel. Satan wins, and Belial is tosses up to Earth, missing his tail, wings, and horns. Click adventure, as Belial, find your missing body parts and a way back down to hell to finish the score. If you send a few more people down to Hell in the process, well, that’s just extra credit.
PLANET NOEVO – Survival arcade strategy game.. you’re a marine stranded in a planet full of alien lift forms. Hide out in your bunker at night, go out and explore the terrain for supplies during the day! Use what you find to craft what you need, from base defenses to better gear for yourself. Explore fast, don’t get behind the curve, you have to hold out for ten days before help comes.

MUSHROOM MADNESS 2 - Frantic fun furry frenzy! Hordes of cute 3D rendered animals are trying to steal mushrooms from your garden! Use all your redneck powers to lay traps, throw bombs, machine gun, GATTLING GUN, and blast hordes of them with rockets! When all else fails, use a tennis racket to bsah them. Use gold aquired to upgrade your arsenal. Game is different in that instead of one linear campaign, there are *5* different game types from Adventures, Animal Rush, Vault Defense, Survival, and even a gambling game of opening as many vaults as you can. Upgrades go best if you mix and match the different modes. Each level also has 'Quests' to perform, sometimes bizarre, to earn more Stars and gold, which you need to unlock new levels. BLOW UP THE FOREST!! MUAHAHAH!!
SYDNEY SHARK – Mausland attacks again! The Shark is back, this time attacking Australia! Take out orcas, boats, surfers, cruise ships, low-flying aircraft.. FOR STARTERS! Dive low and jump high, then pull big flying things into the water! Set up awesome combos! Great for stress relief. JAWS.
REDSHIFT – A neat if simple side-scrolling shooter, dodge bullets or absorb them on your shielf, while taking out the enemy. Different in that rather than generic powerups, enemies drop ITEMS World of Warcraft style, and you can press P at any time to decide which weapon and shield to equip. If your inventory gets too full of redundant items, recycle 5 to win a new higher quality one. Your pilot also levels up, again Wow style. Sequel to Blueshift.
NERVEJANGLA - Funny Warioware style minigames, although without the time limit, the trick is to see how fast you can figure out what to do. More forgiving than The Impossible Quiz. Bounce ninjas around the room!
PARAPPA:FULL TANK - Goofy fan level of Parappa the Rapper. Parappa REALLY needs to use the bathroom.. unfortunately there's a big line in front of it, and he has to outrap each character in turn to get there. Remember each key sequence the other person performs, then repeat it as Parappa speaks (game isn't really clear about that at first).
ENOUGH PLUMBERS – A Mario-parody with one bizarre twist.. whenever your plumber gets a coin, he spawns a CLONE OF HIMSELF. Some switches require 10 plumbers or more to push. You can jump through the air as long as you have coins.. your first plumber will fall to his doom, but the next one will spawn in midair to continue! Mario will never die, get used to the idea already.
ENIGMATA: GENU'S REVENGE - Detail flash scrolling space shooter. Pick your ship, then fly and dodge your way through enemies while gathering powerups. Pick your ship and your weapons. Graphically intense, faster computers will run it better.
TREMERZ - Tom Fulp attacks! Very simple avoid game, tip of the hat to the Tremors movies. You're a cowboy catching up people who are avoiding the giant sandworms. Every person you collect sparks an increasingly difficult round of worm attacks, simply move out of the way. Although "simple" quickly becomes a relative term. Your rescued friends follows you close behind, like the Apple 2 game Twerps, and while it might be easy to save your cowboy, you have to reaction FAST to get the last person in line out of the way in time. 8-bit graphics and music.
FINAL NINJA - An old mecha-ninja master comes out of retirement for once last job, to stop the crime boss who keeps sending assassins after him. Platformer with a neat twice as you can fire a star anywhere by clicking with the mouse, but if you hold it you'll fire a grappling hook, Bionic Commando-style, and can swing on the rope like a monkey to get almost anywhere!
ESCAPING THE PRISON – Simple goofy Choose Your Own Adventure style game. The guards didn’t check the cake that was sent to you in prison, and inside are several useful items! Choose one, and see what sort of ending you get. Some choices spark other minigames, like Phoenix Wright or Brawl. Cartoon goodness.
HOMERUN IN BERZERK LAND – Another toss-style game of leveling up. Guide your hero to smashing an annoying computer geek off the edge of a cliff in Hell, then guide him through the air to see how far and how high and how long you can keep him hurling. Like Mad Karate Man and Hedgehog Laugh.
NEWGROUNDS RADIO – Randomly search and listen to your favorite Newground Audio selections!
ROBOT WANTS PUPPY! – The sequel to Robot Wants Kitty
SPROCKET ROCKET – Wallace and Gromit are loose in a spacecraft testing facility! AAHHHH!!! Cough, anyways, this is a sandbox game where the goal is to collection sprockets to upgrade your rocket. Duck into tool bays to temporarily add an arm, a hook, or some other type of tool by drawing it on the blueprints, then use your contraption to solve one of the increasingly difficult puzzles laying about the lab. Some puzzles require you to go back to them later with better tech. Aardman Animations.
LARRY AND THE GNOMES – Half Flash, half game, gnomes are attacking the city! The King is puzzled, he’s always been on good terms with the Gnome kind. Diminutive knight Larry is called to take on the invading hordes Golden Axe side-scrolling fighting-style, with clips in between events that further the plot.
EASY JOE – Very easy, yet funny and detailed click adventure game. Your green rabbit Joe wants to go to the ultimate party, but many things get in his way! Click things to figure out how to progress, the answers are always stylish and goofy as you go from scene to scene. Furry.
NINJA RUN – Distance attack game, see how far you can get. Very fast 8-bit yet detailed platformer when you’re constantly running forwards, blasting and jumping any obstacles or rifts that get in your way. Speed up, slow down, jump, double jump, ninja star, and swing from ropes, just think quickly and stay alive!
SHELLCORE: SKIRMISH – Interesting hybrid shooter-RTS-RPG inside a computer. Design up and upgrade your own cybernetic ship and win each of the challenges put before you. Starts as a shooter, then gets into RTS mode as you collect energy to buy different towers, which you can move with your tractor team. There are air (space) units, and Land units, which fight on their own direction along a strip of brown terrain on the map. Generally, air and ground units cannot fight each other, unless specialized for doing so, and then they can’t fight units in their own element. Lead the fight with your Avatar ship, and train and guide your forces to victory. Cool energy graphics. Takes a little patience once things get complex.
EFFING WORMS – You’re a giant sand worm! Dive deep, come up fast to jump into the air and EAT things and people. Fill your hunger gage for powerups, but watch out for human security forces, land mines and NUKES. Being a movie monster isn’t always easy.
BUBBLE TANKS ARENAS – Instead of being completely freeform, with upgrades based on extra health, this time you deal with a string up bubbles in a chapter, and are able to sandbox edit your tank between each one. Choose small and agile or huge and powerfull as you like, then pit your tank against the increasingly difficult challenges, unlocking parts and upgrades along the way.
FREEWAY FURY – Fun fast game of seeing how many points you can score in 60 seconds! You’re a stun driver trying to cause chaos on the freeway, turbo boost, ram other cars, and go into Matrix bullet time by standing on the roof, then JUMPING onto another vehicle to take it over! Just don’t jump the wrong way, or make the car you’re IN blow up..
LIFEGUARD LARRY DELUXE – Very quick click adventure game. Direct your laid-back lifeguard to try and save the drowning Fat Kid. You only have 60 SECONDS! What can you do with a quarter, a harpoon gun, and a bag of cement? Think fast.. and hope what you come up with doesn’t just kill the kid faster! Twisted!
RICHOCHET KILLS 2 – Cool stress relief game that’s very simple. You’re a private eye offing thugs, who are standing about the level. With your limited supply of bullets, kill them all, or set in motion events that will lead to their demise. Since there aren’t nearly enough bullets, you have to be smart, see how many thugs you can off with a single bullet by bouncing it off walls and sending it through as many people as possible! Some skill shoots can be very hard. Explosives are your friend though. Cool tongue-in-cheek mobster music in the background.
POLAR BEAR PAYBACK – Adult Swim Games attack! Humans trashed the world.. now one Polar Bear wants revenge! Double Dragon side-scrolling fighting game, filled with melodrama. Little baby seals cheer you on as you carve a bloody path!
BINARY – A set of six extremely difficult puzzles, as your engineer tries to repair two satellites that have gone off line. Figure out how to open the hatch, then hack the two supercomputer cores inside.


DEAD FRONTIER: OUTBREAK 2 - A deadly Choose Your Own Adventure game in a zombie-infested world. You drew the short stick, and have to go out into the world to find medicine to keep your group alive. There are TONS of decisions to make, what to wear, what to bring, wether to opt to save time or fortify an area, and what to do when each crisis arises. Your wife is dying, you don't have time.. you need the antibiotics NOW. Be smart, stay alive, and be successfull. Or die trying.... .. .   .  Halloween.
CIVET'S ODYSSEY - Very cute furry cartoony click adventure game. One day after school, a gust of wind blows away the hat and handkerchief of your two best friends, so the civet kid goes on a magical, bizarre quest to get them back! Some scenes might take a little work, and you occasionally have to figure the right sequence to do things in, but the game has an undeniable children's book charm.
STEAMBIRDS - A steampunk turn-based 2D aerial dogfighting strategy game. Each round, give your planes orders where to move and turn, then watch the fight unfold in real time. World War I, World War II, even into the future..? Fusion power has changed history. Each plane is also outfitted with up to two Special Moves, which they can activate every other turn. These include shields for temporary invincibility, speed boosts, aerial tricks like U-turns and 360 evasive spins, and even acid gas trails that jam enemy (and friendly) guns and burn airframes. Get behind the enemy to evade fire while hammering them.. unless it's a giant dirgible that can shoot in all directions.. then you'll have to come up with a plan, fast. The Battle of Britian.
LINE SIMULATOR - You're the 7th person in line at Best Buy to by the new PLAYSTATION 4! You could wait for them to open shop.. but why do that? TAKE OUT THE OTHER PEOPLE IN LINE TO BE FIRST! 8-bit click adventure, collect items laying about and discover the weakness of each person you meet. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Shopping on new release day. Christmas Shopping.
HIPPOLYTA - "The Horse Woman" After Amazons unsuccessfully attacked Ancient Greece(?) a few were taken captive. Hippolyta was one such. She fell in love.. had a family.. and then decides to GO HOME, stealing a horse and making a break for freedom. Game of reflex as you duck, jump, or MOW DOWN any obstacles in your way, be they tree limbs or greek soldiers. Nothing will stop your bid for freedom.. unless you twitch at the wrong moment. Fairly hard, you need good observational skills to spot upcoming hazards and react to them in time, although vocal cues help with really big jumps.
ROBOT WANTS KITTY - A simple problem with a very detailed solution. You're a little robot in a cute 8-bit 2D platformer. The goal is to find a way to get to the Kitty, who starts in a room above yours. But in order to get there, you'll need to collect an entire series of powerups to navigate the maze and deal with the various traps and denizens therein. There are many automatic-save points you get ported back too if your robot dies, the real challenge is to first find out HOW to get to the Kitty, then a time-attack to see how long it takes you.
LOONDON - An intricatedly animated Art Game, very easy to navigate with Click Adventure mechanics, almost an interactive story book. A hunchback living in the Misfit Carnival is curious when he hears about Loondon, the mysterious City of Beauty. He decides to leave and see the city for himself.. quickly getting caught up in the city's gears and wheels, to no good end. A music box plays softly in the background. Sad, poetic.
NEON RIDER - Tron Light-cycle inspired puzzle/race/platformer. Get to the end of each level by riding your light bike across the 2D line (line rider), changing colors to bypass or jump onto other lines for bonuses or to survive. Perform BMX extreme sports stunts. Just don't fall on your back, or off the course.
THE GRAVITY GAME - Fast puzzler of an animated marshmellow man stuck in a gravity-warping maze. The biggest gadget is that entering a color-charged zone parmently changing your gravity orientation, not only does up become down, but left and right can be come up and down too. Pretty fast to play, IF you can figure out the gimmics each level.
ST. PATTACK - Goofy platforming beat-em-up where you're Saint Patrick, tasked with beating up all the snakes in Ireland. And the Leprechauns. AND the sheep, while you're at it. The druids don't like you either. Actually, not many people like you.. but you're still a hero, right? Use the power of beer and rainbows and a sharp wooden stick to bring order to the pagan chaos of the land.
OVERMODE - Fast and insane Asteroids-style shooter. The controls are simple, destroy all enemies each mode to advance to the next without losing 5 lives. However, every mode the rules chance, FREAKISHLY. Figure out what you need to do and stay in the game. Defeat the bosses at the end!

June 8, 2010

HOME SHEEP HOME - From Aardman Animations! Whimsical platform puzzler, the goal is to get each of your three sheep (tiny, medium, and HEAVY) to the level exit. Tiny can get through small places, and acts as an easy projectile, while medium is a good jumper, and Heavy is brawny (and fat) and able to knock things over. Realistic physics engine behind the cartoon watercolors. Takes a little experimentation sometimes to learn each new trick.
RAZE - High-performance 2D platform shooter that simulates the frantic multi-weapon deathmatches you get from Unreal Tournament. Mouse to aim and shoot 10 weapons, while you jump, double jump, and rocket jump around the powerup-filled map. Team play with Humans vs Aliens, and the occasional VR Training exercise where everyone's against everyone else.
MAD KARATE MAN - This is what happens when Ryu from Street Fighter 2 *TOTALLY LOSES IT*! Each toss, run up and grab an unsuspecting banker from the street (they're all crooks anyway, right?), toss them into the air, get off as many combo hits as you can (they use their briefcase as a shield), then *KICK THEM SKYWARD* as a finishing move! If your combo was especially awesome, use the extra energy to fire a plasma beam or jump up to hit them *AGAIN*. 'Mad Points' for upgrades are scored for just how devasting your ending damage was, and you can use specials to blow away Ninjas that try to slow your hurling businessman down. The ultimate goal is to knock someone INTO SPACE! Hedgehog launch meets DragonballZ. Stress relief. Anger management. White Collar crime.
ImmorTall -  An Art Game that's more an interactive experience, as you play an alien that's crashlanded on Earth. You start out small, but as you're discovered by a little girl and her father, you grow as your heart grows. The neighboors aren't so sure about you.. but your friends win them over, and they all follow you along. It starts out nice.. but you soon discover there's a war going on, and enemy soldiers, tanks and aircraft will stop to shoot at you, and your human friends, who cower and react realisticly to gunfire and the loss of loved ones. The only way you'll keep them alive is by parking your bulk between them and the bullets to take the hits for them. But are you really.. immortal? Different endings possible. Sad. Poetic. Simple and beautiful, all sound consists of guitar string notes, which change dynamicly as the action does.
MiniTowerDefensePlus MTD+ - Tower Defense game/RPG, in that at the end of each level you get attribute points (ie, more money per kill, cheaper costs, more damage, etc) based on how many points you earned. Earning an expert score each level can be very hardcore, requiring you to release several enemy waves earlier than planned, sometimes at once. Don't get behind the curve.
VALTHIRIAN ARC - You're the principal of an adventurer's school! Pick your students, see to their leveling and equipment upgrades, and then send them out on quests to earn money and fame for the university (conviently named by you!). The catch? The King demands a minimum level of fame each week, which you can get by completing quests, winning the inter-academy Tournament, or by graduating a student. Of course, if you graduate a good student, you don't have them around to help complete quests.. and have to train someone new. Some tasks are automatic, while others invoke a cute little action-adventure arcade map.
AIR PRESSURE - A very deep Choose Your Own Adventure-style story, with simple yet effective graphics, a bit like NES. Leigh, your girlfriend, has been with you for a year, and wraps herself around your right arm constantly. You're feeling a bit confined.. and yet.. scared of her leaving as well. It's the day of your anniversiary, what do you say and do? Do you really want her to leave, or do you want here to stay? And why is she FLICKERING..? Art Game, many different endings. Sad, and happy both. Valentine's Day?

May 16, 2010

THE SCALE OF THE UNIVERSE! - This is one very simple, yet awestriking science lesson about space, both macro and micro. You have one slider bar, tied to an exponential scale of size. In the middle is the human scale, on the left is the smallest measurement ever now, and on the right is the size of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Slide the bar, bit by bid, and watch as the landmarks grow and shrink.. INFINITLY. The feel of scale is astronomical, and AWESTRIKING! Try it out!
SPARTAMAN 2 - Joke game. Megaman meets his match, as SPARTAMAN kicks him off the top of the building. "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" You can't shoot, but you'll soon find that Spartaman is INVINCIBLE, with bullets bouncing off him, simply able to run through foes, even huge mechs, and smash through walls, practicaly by accident. LOL. Just plain goofy fun. 300. Three Hundred.
ALICE IS DEAD EP.2 - Shorter, but much more polished version of the click adventure. You, the White Rabbit, are in prison for taking out a hit on Alice. The Mat Hatter is in the cell next to you, quite a conversationalist. Find a way to break out, and stay out. This time, solving the game is surprisingly easy, but the living, moving world is very immersive and enjoyable. Well, if you like a bit of gore. Halloween.
4 DIFFERENCES - The most psychadelic difference game I've ever seen. Each scene is INTERACTIVE, with some differences changing and moving in REAL TIME, like a jet passing over head. Some scenes are photorealistic 3D environments, letting you change your vantage point by moving the mouse around the screen. Others are animated. Beautiful mind-bending mind-EXPANDING scenes of both urban and rural environments, the final aerial shot rising through the trees encompassing both. Beautifull, although it -can- give you a headache in places.
KEYBOARD MAYHEM - A keyboard speed typing game, a bit more viseral than the average typing instructional program in that each correct letter hurls garbage, skulls and sharp objects as a bloated bully, the object being to knock him backwards off a cliff. Waterflame's "Hillybilly Breakout" plays in the background. Typing was never so satisfying. Word games.
MY PET PROTECTOR G2 - Upgraded version of the cute light-hearted Sim/RPG of being the tutor to a young hero-to-be, the wonders he'll achieve later in life depending on how well you prepared him for it. Many more origin story options to tweek, and this time you have six years to train, work, adventure and explore, and the added goal of rebuilding your hometown which was burned by an evil force. Besides looking good, town improvements also effect your ability to rest more efficiently, vital for making the most of your limited weeks, and the more exotic vacation spots must be DISCOVERED now by adventuring, so you must go out and fight some instead of spending years working and schooling. Town improvements also cost Materials, which cannot be simply purchased with gold, but must be won through conquest. Choose your abilities and priorities carefully if you want your charge to be all he can be.
LAST BREATH: OVERWHELMED - Bread and butter scrolling shooter in space, though well done. Collect money and powerups to upgrade your craft. Choose wisely. Sometimes floating asteroids can be your friends as you steer them into enemies with your gunfire.

DEFEND YOUR HONOR! - Tower Defense/RPG. Venture into the monster-filled cellar of the Walrus King to fetch his prized statue of himself.. because he doesn't want to do it himself. Defeat monsters for gold, and save gold between rounds to earn 10% interest.. or use it for upgrading your units. Strategic in that any gold you have left over after defeating a Room can then be spent at the store to buy more copies of each of your party members, or more Level 1 towers you can put on the map for free! Save as much as you can, but upgrade just enough each room so that you succeed. Win, and gain control of the Walrus King's Vast Army! Troop placement and upgrade order take more thought than you might think -- priestess buffing auras add together, and sometimes increasing the range of a distant unit is better than giving several units a mild upgrade. Talk to weird friends in cut scenes as you progress.
CIVILIZATIONS WARS - Cute yet surprisingly deep real time strategy game. Cities, towers, and mana crystal deposits are scattered about the map, neutral for the taking. Race against other growing civilzations to expand and claim them!. Control is simple, hold your mouse click down, slide the mouse over whichever of your structures you want to attack from, then move to an enemy structure and unleash your armies. Or click on a spell that you know, to hinder enemy troops in the field. Lots of other modes exist, like fending off waves of zombies to see how long you can last, playing with enemy strength numbers invisible, all to speed your rate of XP gain. Use your experience to boost you physical and magical abilties. Conquer the world! Includes some boss fights, like taking down a giant turtle which gets stronger the longer it takes for you to kill it. Technology once destroyed the world.. make sure to learn from the mistakes of your ancient, futuristic ancestors.
INFECTONATOR: WORLD DOMINATION! - A big upgrade for the already catchy game, adding elements of strategy as you seek to turn THE ENTIRE WORLD into zombies! Many upgrades, including the addition of Special Infected (ie, Left 4 Dead) should you find and defeat certain named Heros (and each has a special power, ie Undead Colonel Sanders creates an army of undead chickens). RPG elements and goofy news updates. Sort of a Toss in that the trick is to see how few days it takes you to win, but there's plenty of strategy into what to upgrade to launch your horde faster, and what order to attack the towns in. You can repeatedly attack a town for money, UNLESS YOU BLOW IT UP COMPLETELY, in which case you must move on. A slow start, then you may be mad with power for a while, but you'll need all your virus bombs, grenades, mad science tech and parade of Infected Heroes to blow up the super-defended huge cities toward the end. Extra civilians and troops pour in from the sides of the battlefield, so be on the lookout for forming pockets of secret agents and gunners and SMASH them with your special abilities to keep the battle going your way.
INFECTONATOR!: CHRISTMAS EDITION - Like its namesake below, a very fun game of STARTING a zombie plague by dropping a zombie bomb on the unsuspecting citizens of the town. While the first version and it's 60 second limit was hardcore though, this verion is pure candy, making it much easier to complete the game. Most awesome is the new upgrade that lets your bomb fragements go through PEOPLE, so combined with the wall upgrade you get a nice star pattern of widespread carnage with your initial bomb, instead of pitting a handfull of zomibes against the well-armed world. Time isn't even a factor, although if your plague fails too many times, you'll fall short of the ultimate goal of destroying Santa's Workshop.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/523580 (Newgrounds basic version)
http://armorgames.com/play/4962/bubble-tanks-tower-defense/ (Full Content version)
BUBBLE TANKS TD - Tower Defense version of the BT games. Standard in that you have to make a maze with basic towers to control enemy movement, however each basic tower can be evolved into one of twelve different types. To make things REALLY wild, a square of four fully upgraded towers can themselves be combined into one MEGATOWER, whose power is a combination of them all. Still not enough? Combine 4 Megatowers to make a MEGA-MEGA-TOWER! Just remember you do need a strategy for each map, as obstacles are often in your way, requiring plenty of planning, especially if you're going MEGA. Starts easy, then gets INSANE as enemies start coming from many different directions at once!
PARADOX EMBRACE - Bizarre puzzling platformer. Haunted by an evil shadow, your character tries to find the source of it. Each level consists of three 'dimensions' or overlaping worlds based on Nature, Technology and the Supernatural. Objects, enemies and obstacles present in one dimension may not be present in another, so navigating the map often requires warping between dimensions at designated orb points. Gets mind-bending after a while.
OBEY! - Crazed Wario-ware style gauntlet of minigames, that keep getting faster and faster the longer you manage to survive. The big twist in this game is that at any time the word "DISOBEY!" can flash on a read background, meaning you should do the OPPOSITE of what the 4-second minigame instructs. THINK FAST! You gain a life for every 3 levels you pass, and lose one for every failure, so as long as you can hit the majority of them, you can keep going as it goes more and more INSANE. Elephant is your friend. Take a coffee break.
REPLAYING :THE GAME: - Joke game, full of political inappropriateness, corny jokes and strange ironies, but mostly involving having whatever character you're controllling jump off a platform to it's doom, just like the original. "Congradulations, you just killed Jesus." Each level is artistically designed to be 'about' something. You can't die in the 2012 level.. until Planet X ZOOMS OUT FROM NOWHERE and destroys everything. You get to take down Michael Moore in a first person shooter boss fight where you have a gun and he's hurling bowling balls at you (Bowling for Columbine. Yes, boo, I know). Ride the Stock Market graph on a sled, until it goes BOOM, and you fall. I would call it an Art Game, except there's a lot of gore and rating-breaking things going on. Politically incorrect. NonPC. Eh, who cares, it's funny.
STARLIGHT - Very unique game, where your job is to look up at the night's sky and rotate the giant starfield there, until a clear constellation is visible out of the disjointed lines. Can be relaxing, depending on wether you have the timer turned on or not. Simple, yet very beautiful.
FLY HARD WITH DM - A Homer Simpson guy is watching television, when the news breaks that a giant meteor is about to destroy the Earth! What does he do? He builds a spaceship and flies off to bat it out of the way! Hedgehog-launch style toss gameplay as you upgrade your rocket each day, avoiding annoying flying machines that slow you down when you crash into them, and gathing fuel and money on the way up.
ICEBREAKER - Interesting puzzle game of rescuing vikings trapped in ice, with a very powerfull physics engine. Slash pieces of solid ice and then try to roll your frozen comrades downhill, into the waiting ship where the Captain can smash the ice for you. Imagination is the limit when it comes to how to do that though.. turn obstacles into bridges, send swing hammers of ice to lauch stranded vikings across the room, collapse an entire glacier so it lists and provides a ramp.. you have 30 cuts to work with, take your time and think it through.
SUBMARINE VS ALIENS - Lighthearted action arcade dodge game, pilot your sub with the mouse and shoot at and avoid the hordes of goofy aliens trying to invade the sea.

LEVEL UP! - "The Game of Personal Growth" Well-made light-hearted humorous NES style Platformer that's more of an Art Game, you can heal yourself by standing still, assuming the bugs around let you. You're a girl who wakes up one morning to find a boy has fallen from space with an Earth-shattering BOOM, smashing your prized fence in the process. He has no memory of how it happened, and asks for you help in restoring his (and your?) memory. Run and jump about to finish quests, starting by collecting gems around the map. Colorfull graphics for areas above and below ground, all of your skills improve just by doing them, so keep running and jumping about as you explore! Find NPCs and complete special challenges to get unique ability upgrades (or find the Squarian village to buy them). You learn fast.. however.. once the day ends you must sleep.. and then the real challenge begins. Good luck, and make sure to read your notes in the Codex ('C'), because winning the game is hard, and finding everything is a real challenge. Inspired by "Upgrade Complete". 8-bit style.
INFECTONATOR! - What's more fun than fighting a zombie apocalypse? STARTING ONE! Plant your zombie bomb in the very best spot and watch as you new minions rip around the level, infecting and destroying everything in their path! You have a kill a certain number of people to advance to the next level, and the more people you kill and things you blow up, the more money you get for mad science upgrades! There's one catch.. you only have *60 SECONDS TOTAL* to rack up as high a score as you can. The timer starts when you arm your bomb, and freezes when the level requirement is complete, so hit that city fast and hard to take as little time as possible, and blow up as many city blocks as you can! Hero and Police units will fight your zombies, and they can't be infected easily, so try to hit the soft targets first, or your growing horde might might be nipped in the bud. Evil goodness. Disease, plague.
TOXIE RADD 2 - Scrolling zombie-blasting chainsaw shotgun fun. Survive, search, run and gun. Blow them up. Smash TV style controls, buy upgrades, boom boom boom, you know the drill. 
THIS IS WHY YOU'RE FAT! - A joke game, where you have a laser, and are tasked with shooting as many turkeys as you can in 60 secs. It starts out sparse.. then gets INSANE as hordes of exploding turkeys horde the room like in Asteroids! Comic view of your Thanksgiving Pilgrim chowing down on blasted turkey parts until he literally fills the screen. Perry Gripp "nom nom nom nom" song plays at the end, along with "You're a Turkey!" Funny :)
ICYCLE - Crazy Art Game where you're a tourist who just woke up from a suspended animation tank to find the post-apocalyptic world is a frozen icicle.. your only way of getting around is a child's tricycle.. and you don't have any clothes. And your companion, the only other sensient creature on Earth, just took off on a motorcycle, leaving behind a trail of frozen soap bubbles! Drive, brake and jump through eight psychadelic platforming levels, where the ground beneath you breaks and slides, gravity bends, and it's just plain COLD!! Who cares about motorcycles, this is a REAL ride! After completing the game (which goes fast) you can then try to collect all the soap bubbles for a better score.
CHING CHONG BEAUTIFUL - The Swain tests you with the ultimate in reality TV horror.. SURVIVE A JAPANESE GAME SHOW!!! Guide your scrawny geek through a maze of twistedly imaginative traps on his quest to win the Prize Showhorse, and pay the bribe to rescue his brother from the gang of thungs who RUN THE SHOW! Shameless commercials, a crowd that laughs or cheers depending on how much you hurt yourself or how well you avoid the traps. Ever seen Wipeout? Go see it, it's awesome. Oh yeah, there's an evil overlord thing too. Processor intense, faster computers will run this much better than slower ones.
GOLDILOCKS - TWISTED - Another episode from Difference Games. Go through each of the 15 pages in this somewhat warped version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (sort of Tim Burton, it's goofy scary) and pick out the differences between the left image and the right image. The faster you go, the better your score. This time around there's no time limit, but you DO get to CHOOSE THE ENDING of the story at page 13.. does Goldilocks escape, or do the bears catch her? Beautifully illustrated panels make the gore cartoony.
THE KILL KAR II: REVENGE - Jazza's jazzed up Road Warrior/Smash TV game. Drive your demolition derby car around the arena, running over people and blowing them up with automatic weapons, then using the money you gain to buy upgrades.. LOTS of upgrades! Soon, the people are armed, and then things get really interesting. Has a few race levels to break things up, where you can run over people for extra time, but it's not required. Good for stress relief.
DALE & PEAKOT - A redneck farmer's hens have been stolen by coyotes! Grab your shotgun and go after then! Old school platformer with a few twists, you can click on the screen to fly your friend rooster Peakot around the screen to activate switches and stun enemies. Many situations require you to use your farmer and rooster in concert.
SHRINK IT - Another puzzler with physics. In this one, you can shrink and grow the size of objects to get your octagon smiley face to roll into the white goal area.
ROLY-POLY MONSTERS - A nice stress-relieving puzzler with a bit of attitude. Drop your limited supply of cherry bombs from above each level, looking for a way to blow up all the cute, cuddley, demented Halloween freaks. Be creative, there are often ways to kill two monsters with one bomb, and it's fun to see them freak out when a bomb lands right next to them as the wry swing music plays in the background. Cartoon gore.
MoMiner - A Hedgehog Launch style (Skill - Toss?) Game of drilling deep for jewels and fuel, trying to find the Great Motherload. After each run, use the money you collected to upgrade your drill for fuel efficiency, better radar, a gun that can shoot objects on the way down, etc, etc. You will eventually win, but how many days will it take you to get there?

THE LAST VILLAGE - A turn-based strategy game, with action elements when combat begins, where you defend the last Native American village from the invaders taking over the continent. Your village is a 5x5 area with four gates to defend and places to build and upgrade structures to harvest resources, train troops, buff them, etc. You have five commanders, each with his/her own type of troop. When combat starts, there are four lanes with enemies advancing down each one, requiring you to send defenders through each lane (unless you have gunners, who pause to shoot at anything nearby, regardless of lane) You'll do much better in a fight if you have more than one commander there when it breaks out (you get between 1-4 days of warning), but it takes turns to move them about, and what happens if several gates are attacked simultaneously? Shrewd use of the Market, Blacksmith, and Weapon Seller will do well for you, but there's a limit to how many resources you can buy from the Market each day. (Game has some problems, you have to do a LOT of clicking to buy things, they really need an automated way to do that.)
WINDOWS DOORS - Not really a game, more of an Annoying Simulation. Install Windows in your Flash Screen! All the joy and wonder of a Windows Operating System can be yours, filled with several fun and pointless utilities! If NoTron Virus tells you to do something, DO IT. Send this to someone who desperately needs a way to waste time.
CLOCKWORDS - A bit like Scrabble with killer mechanical spiders. Defend your mad scientist laboratory with your Word Destroyer, a device that turns word energy into blasting power. You can type any word you want, but you only get energy for using the letters currently in the chambers. If you use ALL the letters in the current chambers, another chamber opens, giving you still more options. It pays to spend a little time thinking of a good word, but don't hesitate long, the spiders are advancing in real time! Word games. Typing.
COVER ORANGE - Cute puzzle game with realistic physics as you try to prevent an evil cloud from spoiling your orange friend when it tries to rain spores down on it. Manipulate the level objects so that your orange has cover from the rain. Jam spinners, pile up boxes, take the force of the rain itself into account to knock over objects to keep your orange safe. Slightly tricky in places, but overall pretty easy.
DEMOLITION CITY 2 - Your job is simple and satisfying.. set explosive charges on a building in such a way that the resulting pile of rubble is shorter than the target height afterwards. Set charges to cut solid timbers in half, then let gravity do the rest. With enough money, you can buy additional explosives that help -persuade- your stubborn building to collapse, and in just the right way so that the rubble is distributed so nowhere is it above the limit afterwards. BLOW THINGS UP!
BEING ONE - EPISODE 4 - The final chapter (?) in the Myst-like adventure game, where you are an indestructable alien (?) trying to escape a mad scientist's asteroid laboratory. Photo-realistic environemnts.. which.. considering that you're meeting up with giant spiders and WEREWOLVES in this one.. isn't always a good thing. Click adventures, find the keys to each scene to progress, solving simple puzzles along the way. Space.
COLOUR MY DREAMS - Again, the stick figure ventures into the Black and White world, searching for a way to restore color to it. This time, the dream becomes a nightmare, from which you might never escape. (Unless you realize the elevators go both down, and up) Halloween.

VECTOR CONFLICT THE SIEGE - Old school Battlezone graphics brought to the modern age. Defend your bunker with your rotating turret, glancing about from a first-person perspective as you gun down oncoming enemies, from waves of suicide drones to crafty strike craft that come around for a second pass if they survive, to giant tanks, stealth tanks you have to either EMP or fish around to find as they shoot at you, and giant bosses. Buy upgrades and special attack ammo. Your shield regenerates quickly, letting you take a few hits without any permanent damage, and you bunker has a lot of health, but watch out when you get mobbed.
MIAMI SHARK - ARGH! You're a shark like Jaws, terrorizing the busy shore of Miami, determined to cause AS MUCH DEATH AND DESTRUCTION AS YOU CAN, IN AS SHORT A TIME AS POSSIBLE! In traditional Mausland fashion, everything is incredibly fast, slick, and over the top.. dive deep and jump high out of the water to smash inflatible rafts, cruise yahts, even LOW-FLYING AIRCRAFT! If you're really nuts, graduate to gripping a 747 by the landing gear and PULLING IT INTO THE WATER, where it explodes, causing sick combos to everything around! Take out the freaking SPACE SHUTTLE!!! Feral hunger was never this gratifying before. Pirates have nothing on you. Movie monsters.
PUZZATALES! - A set of three goofy stories you have to progress through by solving the scene-match puzzles along the way. All the pieces are animated, and play a given scene over and over until you match them together, advancing the plot. The stories are a goofy Halloween/Valentine's Day anime mashup, like trying to help a notorious vampire kid win over an aloof goth girl who thinks (rightfully) that he's a freak in "Bite My Valentine". Try to get her attention with signs while battling the anime powersuit goons sent to contain you.
COLOUR MY FATE - Art game, combination action and click-adventure. Restore color to the black and white world by exploring with your stick figure and finding the hiddle Ornaments of Color, which allow you to click sparkles of that color. Some devices are important and unlock rooms, others simply create colorfull showers of presents and paint the world with Chirstmas decorations. Quiet romantic piano music plays in the background. Beautifull.
COLOUR MY WORLD - Another art game, from the same artist as Clour My Fate, only this one is a much simpler and direct click adventure, full of lots of mechanical events and switches that make the world look truly huge, but is a lot easier and more linear than the color-hunting Fate. Get to the cafe and your date, who's waiting for you to bring some color into this black and white world. "Mountain nor sea, no thing of this workd, could keep us apart. Because this is not my world... .. you are..." Valentine's Day. Quiet piano music.
GRETEL AND HANSEL - A 'Grimm' click adventure game. You control Gretel, who's just learned that her parents are going to chase her and her brother into the woods. Find supplies for the trip and other helpfull objects while watching out for other dangers in the dark fairy tale world. Done in painted grays and browns, finding all the different ways to die is actually more satisfying then advancing the plot. One achievement requires you to find all ten on one playthrough and then win the game. Halloween.
THE TICKLER - Pulp arcade action as you control a mad brain-in-a-jar robot gone amuck, using your two pincer claws to grip humans and other attack robots to squeeze the life from them while blasting away with your lasers and ranged sawblades. The goal is simply to survive, Smash TV style, while earning money for upgrades. How far can you get?
MADNESS ACCELERANT - Tom Pulp makes his own game for Madness Day, where Hank takes over The Evil Clown's hot dog stand.. turning him huge, demonic and mean. Run from and fight the giant monster through several buildings in several scenes while taking down minor Agents and stealing their weapons for use against the giant boss. Almost an art game, but challenging in places.
MEDIEVAL RAMPAGE 2 - Smash TV controls, move and shoot in different directions, fighting hordes of foes while dodging bullets. Upgrade your bow and melee weapons at the shop. How inventory works in a little confusing, but the action is gratifying.
HOVER KART BATTLE - This is more of a gateway to another website than a Newgrounds game, but it connects you quickly with other players, into a Mario Kart style battleground where you pick up items and shoot them at people. Quick and fun. You can enter your own people, and have people see it over your head.
FRONTIER - An interesting game of trade and travel between towns. Choose your cargo, and your destination so you make a merchant's profit, while fighting off or fleeing from members of the opposite faction (The Law, or the Pirates) in transit. Different quests are available for each faction. The larger your ship, the more cargo you can take on, and the more crew members you can equip to fight with. Take out the ghost ship! A bug sometimes prevents you from healing when visiting town, seems to be intermittent.

BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE 4 - More monkies throwing darts at oncoming balloons moving down a path! Plenty of goofy weapons and upgrades to make each one even goofier. Area weapons, single targets, cannons.. you name it. Nice friendly Wii style interface.
TRAP MASTER - You're a giant monster, defending your Doom Chest from waves of silly little humans and their medieval devices! Shoot them with your breath, eat them for more stamina, and install ingenious traps into your Heavy Metal lair of Death! Platormer combined with Tower Defense, you need both your traps and the terrifying might of your monster to succeed. Watch out for ranged attackers.
TETRAFORM - Interesting art game where you defend your developing planet by connecting enemy ships together with lightning, making them fall in on each other and explode. The bigger the ships, the more damage done. Grab powerups to repair damage to your world and develop it further. How much can you make your world grow, as soil spreads over shape, and forests start to bloom? Slow paced, fairly easy, at least at first. If the enemy fires missles, you can connect them to those too.
FOREVER SAMURAI - An evil dragon beast is destroying the countryside! Follow it through fields, dojos and temples while fighting the monsters it summons. Action brawler game, draw slashes on the screen with the mouse to launch yourself up, left, right and down, cutting all the way. The experience you get is determined a lot by skill, the better you fight, the more you get to purchase upgrades with.
PERFECT BALANCE 2 - A very forgiving game of trying to balance all the objects you given on the screen, without any falling away. Realistic physics. You can always choose to skip a level if you're stumped, but if you're REALLY up for a challenge, try balancing each of the 10 extra diamonds they give you for bonus points after a level. I only managed all 10 of them once, but in theory it's possible for every level..
SHADOWREIGN RPG - Simple 2D action RPG of defeating monsters and completing quests, choose your abilities wisely for success. Don't forget the importance of mobility as well as increasing the damage you deal, some enemies can be evaded if you're fast or smart enough. Simple yet satisfying storyline.
THE COMPANY OF MYSELF - Puzzle game where you journey into the mind of a hermit, now devoid of all other company. Slowly explore his memories while finding ways to get your avatar to the Green Box each level in this platformer. On some levels you can generate shadow clones of yourself with Space, who act out your previous actions a bit like the game Braid. On others, can you control the only other person that ever mattered to the hermit. Sad. Surprising ending. Don't get lost in your own mind.
YO-HO-HO CANNON - You're the scurvy Captain of a ship of zombie pirates! Attacked fortresses on the shore one by one, blowing up their cannons to sink them. Both a ballistic game and a puzzler, as getting kegs of explosive gunpowder right next to a gun, then setting it off, sometimes requires carefull planning on what to shoot first, and all the while the shore guns are eating into you health. At least you get to fire to your hearts content though, although if you want the Golden Chest reward, aim well and think fast.
LEVEL EDITOR - Puzzle platformer where the key is to alter the level with the tools you've given, so that getting all the gold and reaching the exit is possible.
CAVE OF WONDERS - A very quick and fun platformer. You, BoMToons, the programmer of the game, must destroy the giant Luis, the ARTIST of the game. Three stage boss fight, followed by a desperate attempt to escape the collapsing cave. Can you escape, or are you toast? The ending changes depending on how well you did. Goofy achievements.
BEING ONE, EPISODE 3 - Creepy adventure game just in time for Halloween. You're trying to escape from an evil research lab carved into the inside of an asteroid, and the more you see, the more questions there are to answer. Lycanthropes.. Undead.. do these have something to do with Dark Matter? Does 'Being One' mean you're one of them.. or does it refer to being the first Being, since it seems like you regenerated your own head? Detailed yet short click adventure, mostly featuring logic puzzles, with bonus points for finding evidence around the place. Whatever happens, Don't Panic..
MOMENTUM MISSILE MAYHEM 4 - Physics is your friend in this defense game. Play through the campaign and prevent the enemy from entering the central teleporter, or destroying your turrets, depending on the map. Your weapon is a high-powered accelerator that hurls metal balls at the enemy, doing initial damange and then knocking them into each other like bowling pins. Rain down destruction by unlocking the special weapons, sucking the enemy into black holes or nuking the crap out of them. Upgrade carefully, your accelerator takes a lot of energy, and without proper pacing you'll run out of energy and specials and get overrun. But it's very satisfying to use one of the enemy's own giant tanks as a weapon, knocking it back to run over the smaller vehicles.
ALICE IS DEAD - Know what's better than visiting Wonderland? Visiting Wonderland -during Halloween-. Click adventure where you wake up in a room with a gramaphone playing a song about The Boogyman, and Alice has been dead for a long time. Can you find a way out? For that matter.. who ARE you?
PIZZA CITY - From Adult Swim. You're a pizza delivery driver in a very low-rez world. Don't hit pedestrians while you're zooming about, but DO hit clowns, robbers and mimes. Try to find shortcuts. Knowing where to go can be a little confusing, make sure to use the map. Old School Atari. 8-bit.

FRANTIC_2 - Super fun top-scrolling shooter! Blow up the mobs, collect the coins, choose your upgrades, destroy the bosses! Screaming heavy metal music. Stylish retro-electric-shape modeling. 5 difficulty levels, and huge amounts of creativity in terms of enemy attacks patterns. Area-warding lasers, Homing missles, hovering bullets with time delays before they start moving, bullet -patterns- that are thrown as single objects with varying speeds that weave and overlap, daring you to find a safe path... the most colorfull floral display ever to try and kill someone. Extra points and powerups for 'scraping' bullets without being hit, or taking out enemies at point-blank range. Your dodging skills *BETTER* be on time if you opt for 'Frantic' difficulty.
DADGAME - By the guy who goes those Dad cartoons. Dad is AWESOME! He can cough up a sword, throw it and other objects, float in the air, attack things, and pull moves that are right out of DragonballZ! Fun, detailed platformer with goofy cartoon story and cut scenes. Detailed boss fights use a decent amount of processor power, stronger computers will get more out of this one. Destroy the Mall! Your electric guitar fires lighting bolts, and your hair is on fire. You ROCK!
ANOTHER SMALL FAVOR - The green alien bounty hunter is back. The police are out to get you for taking out the Senator. Oops. Time to leave base. Click adventure game where being good with a pistol helps. From the guy who made The Visitor and the Journeys of Reemus, Zeebarf.
MY PET PROTECTOR - A cute, light-hearted RPG where you're the Master Tutor, responsible for turning your 14-year old apprentice into a hero, one week at a time. It isn't just about delving into dungeons, your charge needs to learn responsibility and compassion too, otherwise they might get bad results from random encounters while exploring. It might be better to get your charge a good job as well, so they can raise attributes -and- earn gold. But too much work leads to stress, which requires time off. More of a simulation than anything else, see how respectable you can make your young lad before he turns 18, and is thrust into the world.
CANABALT - Simple, tense platformer that requires fast thinking and reflexes. In a grayshaded Black and White 8-bit world, you're one guy running hellbent from the top of one building to another, trying to escape a city that's currently being destroyed by Mechs. You have only one command - JUMP, and when and where you Jump determines wether you live or die. Hitting small obstacles doesn't kill you, but lowers your speed, which you -might- need to make a jump later on. Avoid combat debris, smash through windows, jump off buildings -as they collapse- and run run RUN!!!! How far can you get? The map has some random generation, you can't memorize the cityscape. Old school meets modern power.
WILLIAM AND SLY - A very cute and graphically beautifull platformer. You're Sly the fox (nonanthro), out to help your human friend William, who notices one day that the rune teleporters in the deeply wooded hills have stopped working. Find magic fireflies and reactive them, while collecting goodies along the way, and finding secret passages galore. There are enemies, but they only eat your fireflies, so it's fairly safe to go around poking your muzzle in places, or taking leaps of faith off high platforms. Reminds me almost of Commander Keen in terms of hopping, jumping and finding secret places. Furry. After you get the first few runestones, be sure to port back to William to get the map. (Hint: Each rune connects to the ones immediately left and right of it. If you activate one, but still can't teleport, you missed one farther left earlier, easy to do until you have the map.) Mystic and magical, with haunting music. And yes, the Boss has a pattern. A single playthrough is fairly fast, getting a max score and finding everything could take DAYS.
HEDGEHOG LAUNCH 2 - The craziness is back! This time you're back to a basic budge, but can make use of a hole drilled through the Earth to fire your hedgehog out through somewhere over Nebraska. Upgrade, pilot well to increase your income while you're up there, and see how long it takes you to get into space. This time, the Moon's the limit! Or further still. Space. NASA?
JOURNEYS OF REEMUS: CH 3 - The Blue Bear and human slacker duo return! Now that the all-knowing paracite has shared its knowledge of the Death Slug's origins, Reemus's first thought is to get to the neighbooring kingdom.. so he can claim the quest to get rid of them before anyone else does. So he can still have a shot at the princess, nevermind the world being devoured by alien worms. A goofy click adventure game where you can change between characters, and even play as the worm sometimes.
BUNNI: HOW WE FIRST MET - A very cute game of building. Move your Rabbit King around the barren island to find items, plant trees and flowers, build houses that create workers and mines and limbermills for them to work, then complete one quest after another that the Rabbit Girl and the ghosts of the island give you as you try to restore life to the realm. More of an adventure game than an RTS, and more of a sandbox at that.
PIXEL GROWER - A fast, artfull kickass game that's very simple. You start with a Pong paddle and catch the falling pixels. However, the pixels -BECOME PART- of your paddle. Color ones burst into shapes, which allow you to make your paddle wider if you catch them right. Every wave when your growing fractal construct of pixels reaches the right height, the level changes and the zoom shrinks, and the pixels come faster. How long can you go without dropping too many? Puzzle games. 8-bit.
NUCLEAR EAGLE - Fly your giant eagle with the mouse, picking up civilians and hurling them into your nest for your hungry children! Watch out for the cops though. Mutant giant movie monster fun.
RED REMOVER - Another real-time physics puzzle like Super Stacker. Remove all the red shapes from the screen, while keeping all the green ones. Starts easy.. then gets very complex fast, as depending on which way each shape's face is pointing, gravity works differently on them!
THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL - .. although it's in 30 parts. Guide your elephant through the low-rez block screen, push the button, and go through the pipe. Each level looks about the same.. however the rules change, bizarrely sometimes (one sublevel requires you to update your browser window). Another game/parody of games in general. Puzzle games.
DAYTRADERS OF THE DEAD - You like zombies.. you like money! Why not put the two together? The horrible G.R.E.E.D. virus has infected hordes of personnel at each of the world's top stock trading centers. Solution? Take down undead hordes with any weapons you can find, Smash TV style! Grab the cash they drop before it vanishes underneath the gore, but don't get eaten. Halloween.
TOSS THE TURTLE - A bit like Hedgehog launch and similiar games, only a lot gorier. Launch out of the cannon, then see how many bounces you can get. For an extra kick, *shoot* the turtle with your currently purchased weapon. Lots of Newgrounds references.
CUBE COLOSSUS - Fast-moving shooting game with a plot, trying to find your lost twin sister. Unusual in that your ship auto-locks onto one target at a time, so you can free yourself up in thinking about dodging.
PIRATE LAUNCH - Argh! Another launch-and-upgrade game like Hedgehog launch. Fire your pirate boat in the cannon, then see how high and how far you can travel, hitting mines and other items to help or hinder your progress.
UPGRADE COMPLETE! - A goofy fun retro shooter/parody of games in general. You start with a nearly blank screen, and (once you activate the game) get to play a simple but fun pixilated 8-bit shooter where you can add up to 12 components and place them around your ship as you like. Buy firepower to increase your prowess at taking things down, and use the money to buy upgrades. EVERYTHING in the game can be upgraded, from the graphics to the title screen to the music. Once you're finished with your epic shopping spree, unlock the secret of the game.
MEGAMAN X RPG: CHAPTER 1 - The start of that RPG mentioned earlier, much more polished, and with a story now. X and his friend confront a criminal in an abandoned factory, only to be EMPed afterwards by humans, desperate to sell their parts for food. It seems reploids have been displacing the human workforce. Oh, and Sigma's back. Now things are getting really interesting. There is one hangup, when saving make sure to follow the directions -exactly-, since the save file needs more memory, and won't work unless you adjust your flash settings.
DARKBASE 2 - THE HIVE - Your space marine wakes up on an alien-infested ship surrounded by dead teammates. Grab your guns, lock and load, and start kicking alien butt! Smash TV/Robotron controls, move and fire in different directions. Four large levels to explore.
LITTLE WHEEL - In a cute city of robots, the main power generator breaks down, and all of them turn off and sleep for 10,000 years. Until a bolt of lightning strikes -you-. Now, make your way tot he generator and turn it back on. Click adventure.
HEAVY WEAPONS - A highly optimized level-surviving cash-earning smashfest, your ship vs the every-changing and sometimes oddly familiar alien hordes. Extremely fast frame rate and intelligence. Choose 3 out of the 21 *BIZARRE* (and incredibly fun!) weapons and take down turrets, swarms, bosses and more across 60 levels of stylish line art and colorfull explosive happiness. Smash TV controls, move and shoot in different directions. Sometimes the more expensive weapons -aren't- the best, depending on if you want offense or defense, a continuous swarm of homing missles or an all-or-nothing one-shot kill. Be creative. Each weapon has its own battery, so you'll frequently be swapping to let them recharge. Retro future. Space Invaders. Just plain fun.
SUPER KAROSHI - The Suicide Salaryman returns. The goal of this puzzling platformer is very simple.. instead of trying to avoid death, dive headlong into it. It's not easy though, you'd be surprised just how difficult it is to kill yourself on these levels, where the rules of the game can (and do) change on every stage.
POLYGONAL FURY - The equisite joy of making things *BLOW UP*! In this action puzzle game, the goal is to aim carefully and cause as big a chain reaction as you can in the fewest number of clicks. Circles explode in a radius. Squares fly off like bowling balls, crashing into other shapes to set them off. Triangles lazer a random shape on the board. Spend your upgrade points well and watch the colorfull fireworks.
GEMCRAFT 0: GEM OF ETERNITY - The super-addicting gem-splicing tower defense game is back, and this time there are even more options for battle types, along with more storyline. Exiled from your order for studying the foribidden Gem, you feel inexplicably drawn toward it. Will it be your salvation, or your doom? Hours and hours, has a save game feature, don't try to finish it in one sitting.
ULTIMATE ASSASSIN 2 - You're an assassin (not a ninja, you can't really fight back) sent into the warehouse to find the green guy and take him out, while avoiding the sight cones of the guards with speed and stealth and just plain wits. Unlike other games like this, there are no pre-determined paths for the guards or the target to follow, and they behave intelligently when seeing a dead body, raising the alarm. Hit the target, stay out of sight until the alarm expires, then makes your way to the exit undetected. Puzzle action game.
AN ESCAPE SERIES #4 - Another Afroninja click adventure. Escape from the Bathroom! Ironically, it fits in with the goofy live action flash he submitted earlier, hinting at this very game, and the weirdness of a guy trapped like this.
SHIFT 4 - Return of the addicting disorienting puzzle game! In a black and white world, your character can sometimes hit 'shift' to literaly turn everything upside down, turning a wall into a pit, etc. Bit of a plot this time, your spaceshit was attacked by a giant squid. To escape, you need to navigate the ship, going from green room to green room, so keep an eye on the minimap to decide what you're supposed to be doing. 10 minutes. Suspensefull.
LEARN TO FLY! - An Emperor penguin is outraged at hearing people don't believe penguins can fly. So, in the spirit of Hedgehog Launch, he sets out to prove it's possible. Go out to the ramp each day and see how long, how far, and how high you can get from the launch, then take the cash earned each day to upgrade your skills and equipment. There are 5 ramps, each with its own set of achievements to unlock that earn you extra cash, and the right to try the next, more powerful ramp. Hit the water on your belly and bounce for extra range. How long will it take you to learn to fly? Keep trying, who knows what could happen. Furry.
MORNINGSTAR - A *LONG* click adventure game that requires a great deal of problem solving and deductive reasoning, even figuring out an alien code at one point. Your spaceship has crashlanded, taken critical damage in several systems, and your captain has a rod impaled through his abdomen. Heal him, and he can work the sensors and ship's radio (as well as providing hints about what to do next, a VITAL feature in this particular game) but you've got to be the monkey that does the dirty work. What seems like a routine repair operation gets complicated as you find your crash wasn't an accident, there's another wreck nearby you have to check out too. And then you realize you're not alone...   Good luck. Has an excellent walkthrough if you get stuck.
SEED OF DESTRUCTION - You're a kid, riding your giant flying pet SPERM! What do you do with this power? Crush people by landing on them or whipping them with your tail. Soon the military gets involved. Bat their missles and bombs back at them for extra points, or just ram them. Rampage style, see how far you can get. More pointless carnage.
THE ARROW OF TIME - A stylish defense game where your Whistle Knight fires arrows to defend his flying fortress. combined arrow effects for the situation. Defend your castle often several different eras, from steamtech to the future. Simply shooting down enemies is great, but you get more points if you disable them, THEN finish them off :)
AMATEUR SURGEON - From Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Fate puts peoples lives in the hands of a pizza delivery guy, who must perform complex surgery using the tools available in his van. Ever sliced someone open with a pizza cutter, and they THANKED you afterwards? Right, this is pretty freakin warped.
A SMALL FAVOR - Zeebarf (the guy who did The Visitor and Journeys of Reemus) returns. You're a big green alien bounty hunter with a rechargable laster pistol. Collect favors and objects and use your wacked sense of logic to get the npcs what they want, so you can get what YOU want. Graphically beautiful click adventure game with a twist, since sometimes you have to be good with a gun.
SONNY 2 - The zombies are back, and you're ONE OF THEM. Although not quite like most.. you and your friend have retained your human personalities, and seek to find out who did this to you, why, and how to get by in the newly corrupted world. An epic sci-fi fantasy RPG, choose your class, talents, and equipment, and figure out how to progress. There are no random encounters unless you deliberately take a training fight, each zone has a gauntlet of scripted battles mixed with in-game dialog and cut scenes. You only control Sonny, giving general suggestions to your other party members, so choose your abilities wisely. Very long, and very challenging in places. Has a save game feature.
EPIC BATTLE FANTASY! - This is a game, that is a joke, that parodies RPGs, that is awesome. Forget the world map, bizarre plot lines, and making trips back to town, jump from one fight to another without pausing, killing trash mobs, a boss, then do it all over again in a new scene! 'If you've ever played a turn-based RPG, you know how this works'. Employ strange attacks, get hit by ever stranger monster moves, full of random goofy animations as your cute anime kids in Warrior and Priest costumes slay evil monsters!. The trick is to see how far you can progress, based on what potions you bought at the start of the gauntlet, and how well and efficiently you employ your mana-munching attacks, defenses, and buffs. Actually gets hard later, where the joke becomes a game again, going full circle. Parody of Final Fantasy and any turn-based RPG out there.
RED MOON - Beautiful yet creepy shadow puppet art decorates this Prince of Persia style platformer. Every decade one night, the moon glows red, and you and your brother aquire supernatural powers. He wants to kill the King, and become the King, and warns of terrible vengance if you won't help him. Swashbuckle, jump, wall jump, and think your way to finding the King, and your destiny. Dark, yet exciting. Halloween.
I LOVE TRAFFIC - Don't we all? This is another semi-joke game, as banjo music plays you click off and on stoplights, having to pass so many cars a level. It's very, very easy, and quite tempting to crash some of them together anyway. I like traffic lights.
REINCARNATION: ROA - That Guy has espected from Hell again, and it's up to your noble(heh) purple demon to find him again and bring him back. Click adventure game, with a wicked sense of humor. Let's put it this way, the first puzzle is to get a key out of a prisoner's stomach. Use the magnet? Hmm...
HERO'S ARMS - A goofy RPG deliberately set very much like Zelda: A Link To The Past, and early Nintendo games, even if the graphics are modern. 8-bit music, move around finding things to do, exploring caves and such. Could use a little more direction, but a fun nostaligic trip.
OOZING FOREVER - Fun puzzle game. You're a meteorite that creates ooze, move your blobby self through the mad scientist laboratory in an effort to escape!
NEON MAZE - A psychadelic mind trip of a puzzle game, the rules are simple, your cursor starts out one color and can only go through walls of its current color, although you can change that color by moving to certain switching points. Sounds easy.. but each artistic maze is like a neon lock you have to pick, with the right path sometimes not being straightforward at all.
THE GREAT SIEGE - A well polished (although taking a bit of work to learn) defense game, use your trust catapult and land forces (powerfull, but can only be deployed once a battle per unit) to repell the hordes! Use your resources to upgrade wisely between rounds. With a market, you can trade score for resources if you like. Four orignal music numbers from MaestroRage! A little tricky with your first builds, have to do things right.
FLAKBOY - You're a mad scientist in charge of a weapons testing facility, and a blue alien 'friend' has 'volunteered' to be your crash test dummy. Set up maniacal booby traps, wall guns and mines throughout the room, then set the rubber duck deployer to get your test subject walking either to the left or right. The goal is to produce a certain amount of damage before the target stops moving. Have fun.
5 MINUTES TO KILL (YOURSELF) - As seen on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim website, your boss calls yet another evil meeting in 5 minutes. Stick it to the man, miss the meeting, by killing yourself first. Explore the office in this adventure game and find as many creative and different wants to deal damage to yourself as possible. Go for the fastest time you can! Completely twisted.
RETROSHOOT - There isn't much retro about it, save for the famous energy-line drawings of asteroids, Space Invaders, Galaga-aliens and the like. The task is simple, survive 90 waves of attackers, flying with your mouse, and auto-fire is already active, so you don't even have to shoot. Be ready for surprises though.. the screen rotates, aliens use different patterns, and become more difficult to destroy as you go on. An easy game turns hard, then downright IMPOSSIBLE very quickly, be on your game. 8-bit?
MEGAMAN X:RPG CHAPTER 0 - This RPG takes a bit of time and patience to learn, and this is only the introduction, with a tutorial and optional boss gauntlet just for fun, with the real story arriving (hopefully soon) in installments, with character data saved between them, but it is well worth it to learn the ropes. What promised to be a deep, exciting game.
BUNNY INVASION: EASTER - A remake of the addictive bunny-blasting defense game, with new cuts scenes and an Easter bent, but otherwise fairly similiar gameplay.
SUPER FUN TIME ADVENTURE - This isn't really a game, it's a parody of Wow and all adventure games, where you only have to hit the space bar. The simple task of opening a box was never quite this complicated.
COLLIDER - An interesting physics-based puzzle game. Arrange a set of positive, negative, and neutral marbles of various sizes so that when you hit "Play" and they all drop, all the charged marbles end up annihilating each other. Pipes, switches, pinball flippers, there are many dodads to play with.
ROBOT DINOSAURS! - This is just plain stupid fun. You're a dino, that SHOOTS LASERS WHEN YOU ROOOARRR!! Fly around and blow things up. Who are you fighting? Who *CARES?* ROOOOOARRRRRRR!!!!! Old school arcade fun :) Interesting boss battle at the end, although the game is pretty darn short. Two dinos to choose from. Saturday Morning Cartoons.
PENGUINZ - Even more mindless carnage! You're a penguin commando, trying to survive a cartoony onslaught of penguins, eskimos, polar bears and Baltos (yes, Balto's kids) using a variety of insanely high-calibur weapons bought from the polar arms-dealer. Includes a few boss fights too, just for fun. Best played with a lot of caffinee and sugar, althought it isn't all that hard. Furry.
EFFING HAIL - An informative tutorial about weather.. that quickly turns into a smorgasborg of destructive chaos. "Hail grows larger the longer it stays in the atmosphere." So use your wind blowing powers to grab a few tiny bits of falling ice and work them up into thundering boulders, then take aim and -SMASH- them into the buildings and other convient targets on the Earth below! Blow up barns, skyscrapers, airplanes, the works! Just don't exceed the time limit for each lesson, or game over man. Natural disasters and you.
SURVIVAL LAB - Cute yet challenging game where the goal is simple - Stay alive all 26 levels, gathering coins to buy powerups, and try not to become mincemeat as lasers, heat seaking missles, machine guns, sticky mines, and other horrors by to finish the job GLASdos started.
NEVERMORE 3 - A beautiful, G-rated graphical adventure. You're a shadow kid, exploring for treasure. Using Left, Right, and Space to jump, make your way through the colorfull 2D world, jumping and throwing switches, or simply exploring for fun, talking to the furry possum-people along the way. Art Game. Not a click adventure, but similar. Scrolling.
DELIVER THAT FULP - Tom Fulp is having a baby! And You're the doctor tasked with delivering it. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to figure out his text-based adventure game with graphical display, and use the pills, the blindfold, and gloves to best advantage. Goofy. 13 Achivements?
GLUEFO 2.0 - A odd take on Asteroids, you control a space ship that can stick tiny meteors to your shield, then fire them at other UFOs or huge asteroids (circles). Gets tricky when the other GLUEFOs have to get small asteroids too, timing is key to avoid getting hit. Actions games.
PERSPECTIVE TUTORIAL - Not really a game, more an interactive lesson on how perspective works, done in good detail.
FOREIGN CREATURE - A click adventure, you're an alien escaping from a scientist's lab, break free, get your revenge, then go on a rampage, using your telekinetic powers for mayhem. Horror. Halloween. Slightly goofy. Find out where you came from.
LINE GAME: ORANGE - Another Guide Yourself Through the Maze without hitting the walls or Obstacles game. Has a few interesting tips and tricks, including safe bubbles that moves through walls.
PWONG - Remember Pong? This is Pong.. on STEROIDS. As the song "Popcorn" plays, fight against the computer, returning the ball back and forth. It starts with one ball.. then two.. then three.. then a FOUNTAIN of balls in time with the music! Return more than you let by and see if you can outlast the computer. CRAZY! Psychadelic. Weird Powerups.
DRIFT RUNNERS - A fun little racing game, skit your jeep around the offroad track, picking up coins and smashing objects, while trying to also get that 1st place finish. A bit like RC racing.
BUNNY INVASION 2 - The four bizarre members of an English pub find themselves, again, beset by the greatest danger known to man... hordes and hordes of killer rabbits. Lock and load, and send zombie mechanized army back to the cartoon abyss it came from. Defense games. Easter. Three boss battles over 60 levels, upgrade you and your friends carefully.
MAGICPEN 2 - A simple task, get a ball to the flag or flags each level, drawing objects with your magic marker to make the tools you need. But the execution.. drawing large swingers on hinges to smack the ball like a golf club, connecting objects with hinges and pins, then selectively erasing certain shapes at just the right time.. you soon realize that it will take all your free-form drawing and thinking skills to accomplish this task. Done in beautiful coloring-book color. Puzzle games.
HEX EMPIRE - A colorful, traditional hex-board strategy wargame, very deep in detail. Towns generate troops, victories improve the morale of those troops. You can only move 5 stacks a turn, so towns closer to the front are of much greater value, since later in the game you won't have the agility to haul reenforcements in from cities deep in your empire. Random maps make each decently short game different.
DEATH VS MONSTARS - A very fast, fun arcade game. You're Death, a skull, in a 2D screen filling with monsters of different movement patterns. Avoid the monsters, blast them and take their gold while the zippy electronica plays. You fire in the opposite way you move until you hold down the mouse to fix the straff direction. Dodge, aim, and nuke your way through 10 increasingly insane challenges, ending in a final boss.
BOWJA 3 - NINJA KAMI - A very cute slightly South Park-ish click adventure of a ninja sent to retrieve a stolen artifact from The Evil One, then invade his castle and take him down! Starts with a raid on a moving armored convoy that would make Indiana Jones proud. Look at the scene, think of what needs to happen, and see if you can click the triggers in the right order to get the job done, and preferably leaving you alive.
PORTAL DEFENDERS - Side-scrolling fighting game, choose your Newgrounds character and fight to the doom level after level, featuring several boss fights, against other infamous Newgrounds users!
GANGSTER BROS. 1.1 - Play as Mario, Luigi, or Mr.T (why not) in this twisted version of Super Mario Brothers. Instead of jumping on enemies, you blast them with your weapon of choice. The goal is to survive to the end of the level and go down into the pipe. Graphics look very NES and old school.
2112-COOP CHAPTER 3 - Part of a series of first-person rail shooters which kid secret agents are investigating.. something. Blast robots and bad guys with shields, reloading as you go. Two people can play it at once, Terminator 2 style, although I don't know how the second controls would work. Interesting mix of 2D and 3D.
THING-THING ARENA 3 - Detail, pointless fast-moving carnage, as you maneuver your Madness-style character through a maze, defending it from goons armed with every sort of weapon imaginable. Pick up fallen weapons, and gain points depending on how much style you perfect every kill. Action.
URBANSQUALL - BLOODY FUN DAY - Death is trapped in a grid full of super-cute critters. What else is he going to do, but reap them? When you reap one, all of the same color that touch are reaped as well, and you charge up special powers depending on the color, as well as reaping Reds for health. How long can you maintain your rampage, when every movement drains a little health? Cute, although it's actually pretty hard to lose.
MUSIC CATCH 2 - A very relaxing classical music experience. As soft piano music plays, your job is simple: Catch as many music notes as you can with your mouse as they fly about the screen in one of several patterns you can unlock and choose. Yellow notes make your cursor grow and increasing your score multiplier, purple notes suck in all the good notes for a while like a vaccum cleaner, and red notes shrink your cursor, avoid them.
EXPLOIT - A time-sensitive puzzle game of computer hacking, figuring out what each object does on the field and then firing your packet lasers in the right sequence to take down regenerating barriers and hit the access node. Becomes very much like picking a lock, timing which node has to be activated or taken down when, and for how long. Starts easy, becomes very complicated fast.
NEVERENDING LIGHT - Prepare to be amazed. A routine date to a nearby cave takes the expected turn for the worse as the lights go off as planned.. but then don't come on again. The tour guide turns on the flashlight.. and shines it on something morals were not ment to see. Slash. Darkness "Get the Flashlight.. GET THE FLASHLIGHT!" You're alone, with a flashlight, in a cave. Somewhere inside is your girlfriend.. as well as.. something.. else. Maybe many different things. Good luck getting out alive. Graphically amazing. Halloween. Horror. Episode one of a continueing story, yet has a good conclusion. Action adventure. Art Game. Awesome.
ELECTRIC BOX  - A cute puzzle game of trying to get electricity from the outlet to the atom symbol, using wind power, steam power, water power and what not. Different elements move in different directions, and can be blow with the wind, line up sensors to get your energy to jump gaps in the wiring. Rube Goldburg devices.
ULTIMATE CRAB BATTLE - Mausland spares no expense for this single, wacky, prolonged, multi-stage, BIZZARE boss battle, with the Friend of the Sharks (you) defeating the gigantic cybernetic biabolical terminator That-Guy-From-Saw CRAB KING! Lots of bizarre stage mechanics, choose your difficulty start roasting crab! Final Battle.
CURSOR CHAOS - A quick series of minigames ala Wario Ware. Cursor keys and the space bar are all you need, but THINK FAST! You only have a few seconds to figure out what you're supposed to do, then do it, before time runs out each round.
THE DRAGON AND THE WIZARD - From DifferenceGames, another puzzler for finding the differences between two pictures in a time limit. Turn page by page in a children's book as two kids pretending to be knights find a real dragon erupting out of the local mountain! A new mechanic is that if you're too slow with a page, you get to see a Goof Up page in the book where the story goes wrong, then, once you find the difference there, you can go back to the original page and hunt for the last few differences at your leisure. You might want to intentionally let the clock run out just to see all the funny Goof Up pages :) Fantasy. Puzzle games.
COLOUR MY HEART - This is an amazingly simple, detailed, and short fantasy adventure as a monochrome man in a mechanical world tries to find something.. else. Love. Navigate and jump with the arrow keys, while always being aware that your mouse can click -anything- on the screen, Myst style, to throw switches, opening doors, etc. More of an art game than anything else, can you find true color and true love again? Quiet piano music in the background. Happy Valentine's Day.
THE SPACE GAME - A quick real-time game of mining asteroids, setting up energy networks, building lasers and defending against space pirates!
BLOCK DROP - An amazingly beautiful photorealistic puzzle game with a simple mechanic - hop a gem around on blocks QBert style, making them sink a bit each time, until you finally knock out all the blocks and land on the checkerboard block as the last one. The mechanic is simple, getting it to work, choosing when to jump 2 spaces and such, gets complex fast.
CELL WARFARE - Survival game, you're a blue sphere in a grid swimming with other color spheres, shoot them without bumping into them, their blast marks, or their mirv clones. Each color has a different power. Fast and fun, if a bit laggy if you have other programs open.
SHOPPING CART HERO - Some quick mindless fun! Run your cart downhill, get into the basket, then do the jump, and see how high and far you go! Collect upgrades after each run based on how well you did. Just don't crash your cart with a groupie in it, they don't like that.
TOTEM DESTROYER 2 - Another real time puzzle game with physics. Destroy all the destructable pieces of a totem, while assuring that the Golden Idol at the top doesn't touch the ground. Indiana Jones would like this one. A few weird things, like antigravity blocks that float when together require carefull thinking, and timing.
MECHA MARTYR - Survival game, featuring your mech against the defending arena forces. Gather experience by defeating enemies, then upgrade your mech once a minute between levels with however much experience you earned. How long can you keep going? How cool can you make your machine?
CRACKSHOT! - A quick, cool little game of a stick figure cowboy firing at bullseye targets around the screen, destroying them as quickly as he can. You only have so many bullets, and many shots have to be 'banked' in order to get around obstacles, or blasted through bottles and TNT canisters. Fast and fun. Games of skill.
SUPER STACKER 2 - A very hip remake of the unique game, with more clues, funky music, and pieces that gasp as they slide, then smile as they stop. The goal is simple.. take the given pieces and one by one arrange them in such a way that none fall off the screen for at least 10 seconds. Real world physics, pieces that aren't locked into place can swing like a tetter-totter, roll down slopes, or lean if your balance is off. Starts easy.. gets gradually harder. Puzzle games. Enjoy!
MUSHROOM TOWER DEFENSE - A very cute defense game with depth. Think of yourself as defending Smurf Village, and putting towers in the way. Grow generic mushroom towers, then fit them out with up to 3 element gem slots and a bonus accessory (won at certain milestones in the game, the gems you can buy, accessories must be earned). One gem gives an element bonus, -2- gems give a special effect, and *3* gems give a bizarre effect! Part of the detail of the game is learning the effects different combos can bring as you play. Slow paced game, but you can speed it up to x2 or x3 if you want.
BARS OF BLACK AND WHITE - An interesting adventure game. You're a gamer locked in your appartment, which is mostly black and white, with a few strange barcodes. Solve the color code game on your computer, and a letter appears in the mail slot, holding a bar code reader. Scan any bar codes you find with the reader for a secret message. Then things get -really- strange. A bit like Myst, if the world were an artist's sketch.
EVOLUTION SQUARED - A cute artsy game that reminds you of 'Spore' a bit, in that your creature startes in the sea, eating little squares while avoiding various enemies, then you go onto land, jumping to catch things, then take to the air, and finally space, becoming more bizarre looking as you go. Sonic Colors music plays in the background, good and hallucinating. More modes you can unlock after you win. Not too hard on regular difficulty.
THE TOWER: HEART IN GLASS - A knight brings home the heart of an evil dragon in a glass box, which the King uses to further his conquest, becoming slowly evil, until the knight steals the heart back and asks -you- to help him keep it safe from the King's army. Unusual tower defense game, you build a tower in the middle of the map, and enemies come from both sides. Uses you sword and a combination of goofy spells to hold them at bay. Be sure you're doing the right thing..
CLOSEURE - A very creepy, yet not gory, puzzle game with a gothic Twilight Zone feel to it. You're a humanoid figure in a dark room, with only a few small balls of light that you can pick up and move around. The goal is to find your way to the exit door, unlocking it if necessary. Sounds simple.. but one thing they don't tell you is that in this world, anything that isn't lit.. DOESN'T EXIST! You can walk right over a platform carrying a light ball, drop the ball and walk right back, and fall through the darkness into the waiting Abyss. And you can't carry a light ball if you're carrying the key. Good luck. Halloween.
RHYTHMWORLD - DDR style rhythm game, using your keyboard. Takes a little getting used to at first.
50 OPTICAL ILLUSIONS - An extremely cool showcase of famous and bizarre optical games and tricks, complete with explanitory text and sometimes animations that can be activated or moused over to demonstrate the point. Fun with brain circuitry.
MAGNET TOWERS - Simple, very pretty speed-based game. A mess of glowing coins spills onto the floor, click one and mouse it around to vaccum up others of its color, without getting any of a different color. The faster you go, the greater the magnet radius, which only affects coins of the right color, but it doesn't last long, so you have to approach this as a berzerker and be courageous and fast. The core mechanic is easy, but the levels are timed, see how fast and efficient you can be.
GET OFF MY PLANET - Join Barack Obama as he helps found a new colony in space, which quickly comes under fire by that evil news anchor guy from Futurama. Terraform your planet, upgrade the economic and living space, and build those big guns! How long can you survive? Why is Obama in space? Who cares, it's a game.
MAD VIRUS - In a map filled with hexagones of different colors, you start with a single hex with eyes, infected by your cute, evil plague. See if you can infect the whole board each level before running out of turns.
TWO ROOMS - A puzzle game, using both skill and smarts. Switch between one of two blocks, both in adjacent rooms, and find a way to bring one of them to the Exit squares. Use moving cylinders to crush crates and block other cylinders from moving, much like picking a lock tumbler by tumbler.
RAGDOLL CANNON: REMAKE - Use your cannon to fire ragdolls (whose arms and legs flop according to real world physics) to touch one of them to the Bullseye each level. You may have to avoid or push obstacles out of the way. Choose your angle of fire and timing carefully.
CROSSBLOCK - A unique puzzle game where the goal is to remove blocks in a column or row by drawing a line through them, and ending up with none left. You have to remove a certain number at a time. Some levels are very easy.. others are mindnumbing. Good luck.
MONSTER EVOLUTION - Wacky game a little like rampage where the more you eat the more you grow. Eat enough people and things (shooters, tanks, zepplins, etc) and you can evolve pokemon style into a new monster with different abilities, able to take down more powerful foes. But move fast and eat fast, because time isn't on your side, and you need to keep upgrading in order to stay alive as more and more reenforcements pour into the city. Very stylish shadow-puppet graphics.
WALLACE AND GROMIT: TOP BUN - An offical game from Aardman Animations, to promote their new work "A Matter of Loaf and Death". The baker has been murdered! Help Wallace and Gromit do what must be done.. and keep the bakery working so nobody runs out of tasty treats.
MECHANICAL COMMANDO - 2D free form shooter. Walk your mech around the enemy complex, firing and moving in different directions, and enjoy tearing the heck out of the enemy defenses! If your awesome chainguns aren't enough, use the BIG guns.
HANDS OF WAR RPG - Top-scrolling fantasy RPG, pick your class, pick your -alliances-, do the quests, defeats the bosses, and explore the map at your leisure. (Hint: You might want to do the Ranger first, it goes the fastest).
ETERNAL RED - You're a creepy-looking guy defending a creepy-looking cavern from demons that are traveling from one portal to the other. Uses your hand computer to buy automatic defenses for the ceiling and floor, and/or buy weapons for yourself to rip them apart personally. Aracde action take on the Tower Defense genre.
MAD WORLD DIFFERENCES - A real mind trip! Find the differences between the mirror images of the world before you. Instead of fading into another photograph, the whole 3D rendered scene transformes itself Pixar-style from one scene to the next, leading to one smooth and challenging experience. Roller coaster.
DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES III - Neat close-quarters zombie survival game. You're a kid trapped in the woods with a gun, facing zombie rats, wolves, people, witches, demons.. lots of bad things. Grab up to five weapons, and ammo for each, but don't forget to rotate weapons or you might not have ammo for the good one when you want it. Smash-TV style moving and shooting at once. The enemies change tactics as you go, beginning to shoot back from ranged, so you have to keep moving and respond accordingly. Fun! Boss fights.
JOURNEYS OF REEMUS: CH 2 - The continueing click adventure story of Reemus the human and Liam the blue cartoon bear. After crashlanding from their escape from the alien death slugs, the pair try to get to the All-Knowing Parasite to find a way to stop the menace gorily consuming the land. Even more adventure scenes, some with multiple locations, and the option to switch bewteen the two character. Anthro bugs, talking birds, just plain fun and mildly disturbing.
DIFFERENCE GAMES - DREAMS - In each of the beautiful illustrations, pick out the details that are different between each one. Once you find everything on one picture, you move on to the next, and find that they tell a story along the way. In this case, a daydreaming schoolgirl finds herself in a fantasy realm.
NOIDZOR 2 - A unique RPG/Breakout game. After escaping, your demon is now beset by members of its own kind. Dodge bullets and other obstacles fired by bosses and bullet-shooting blocks, and smash them with your orb/ball. Use magic to summon the ball to you or send it upwards with explosive force, as well as firing lasers, summoning other balls, and other battlefield-bending effects, then upgrade your abilities between battles.
DOOM 1 - A completely flash-based emulation of the original first episode of Id Software's DOOM: Knee Deep in the Dead. Looks authentic, plays authentic. The sounds are the same, but unfortunately the game music is missing. It's only the shareware version of the game, so if you want to play the whole thing you still have to go buy it.
INCREDIBOTS - A real sandbox of a game, play the tutorial missions to learn the tools and make your own cars and tanks, which you can then use to face the challenges put before you, often moving an object through an obstacle course with your shovel arms. Takes a good amount of patience when you first try it, but has a lot of depth.
RED CODE - Survival game, pitting your crashed Space Marine and the remaining defenses of your ship against unending hordes of alien BUGS! The situation is desperate, trade space for time as you alternately blast and grenade each incoming wave. 1-3 are your machinegun fire modes, 4 is your grenade (took me a little while to figure that out) make every shot count if you can.
FLASH ELEMENT TOWER DEFENSE 2 - A tower defense game with a lot of depth, and a dash of British humor as your foes make quips before ("We move as one!") and after ("We died as one..") each wave. The enemy wants your power crystals (which you need to build tower of a particular color) and attempts to duck in and grap them, then haul them away. In addition to money, you can token points for defeating each boss, which can restore lost crystals, buy new ones, or even dare the enemy to be tougher to up your score. Can you survive 50 waves on each course?
RETARDO AND THE IRON GOLEM - A point and click adventure. Retardo the knight is trying to win the hand of the princess, by defeating the evil iron golem. However.. he's a retard.. so the only chance is for you, his guardian angel, to click on things in each scene in the proper order, thereby achieving the downfall of his enemies while also keeping Retardo alive. Unlike other click adventures, death is a very real possibility. Be sure to think of everything before you spring your trap.
GUITAR GEEK - No prize for guess what this one's about, a DDR/Guitar Hero style rhythm game with a little bit of polish. Use your keyboard keys and hit those frets.
STARBARON - CAMPAIGNS - A strategic real-time 'conquer the galaxy' game, much like Master of Orion, except everything is streamlined. Your planets make offensive fighters and defense satelites, and you choose which planets to send your fighters too. Attack simultaniously from several planets from different directions for a flanking bonus. Specialize stars for defense, long-range bombardment, economy, or keep them all-purpose. Learning to select planets can be tricky at first, but it pays off. A deep game for the patient player.
HANNA IN A CHOPPA - A very cute, very simple, yet sophisitcated little game where you pilot a helicopter with a wench that can pick up objects, and try to land next to the flag each of the 21 levels. Naturally, there are some things you have to do along the way, and there are fans and alternate gravity that can mess with your navigation. It's somewhat easy and fast to play, although if you want to get a -perfect- for each level it might take you a while.
DARK CUT 3 - Go back in time and perform battlefield surgeries on your own ancestors, ensuring that they survive, and you get to exist later on. Graphical, and not for the faint of heart. Surgery is a series of minigames that have to be completed quickly (find the broken bones, clean the area, make the cut, remove or fix the bones, sew up the wound, etc) or the patient will die. Don't let the WWI battlefield and occasionally very close artillery shell blast rattle and distract you.. your ancestors fate is in your hands.
SUPER STACKER - Interesting game of trying to stack blocks in such a way that the finished structure stays standing for ten seconds. Takes a good amount of thought to pull off. Puzzle games.
OILIGARCHY - As CEO of an oil company in 1947, build and grow an oil empire that will eventually allow you to take over the US government! Starts with simple exploring and drilling, then goes into historical events, increasing world demand, and ultimately politics. Put your 'oiled' representatives in power through bribes, so they lower regulations and give you tax breaks. Ultimately, pick the president, but be careful not to invest too heavily in the losing side, and make sure your oil production keeps up with demand. Very detailed simulation, with some social messages thrown in. Destroy the Green Revolution!
LOOK OUT, MR. JOHNSON! - A very fun goofy Leming-ish survival game with a twist. You control The Pink Ghost, tasked with keeping Mr. Johnson safely to the end of the level. The problem is that Mr. Johnson is DEATHLY AFRAID OF YOU! So.. if you want him to turn around, go BOO in his face. If you want him to jump, try to nip at his feet, and duck by nipping at his head. Devour the zombies and break the obstacles when you have time, and bring the frazzled Mr. Johnson home safely! Halloween.
SEPPUKUTIES - Thirty super-cute little animals lose their forest, and are forced to journey toward a new home. One by one, they navigate the treacherous platform levels, finding keys and making their way toward the Golden Acorns that will lead them home. This would be a charming, furry, cute game.. except that the solutions to several of the levels involve deliberately suiciding one or more of your animals, occasionally using the corpses of the fallen as stepping stones to cross spiked pits. Twisted, but still cute.
GHOSTSCAPE - Welcome to a Myst-like first-person clickfest adventure game, as you, a reporter, are locked in the haunted house you decided to explore. Use your camera to photograph supernatural events, like cups moving on their own, ghosts appearing in the house, and disappearing messages written in blood on the walls, all the while searching for the means of escape, and the mystery of just what happened in the house back in 1973.. can you survive? Halloween.
FRANTIC - This is a top-scrolling shooter to love. You control your ship's position with the mouse, giving you an unprecidented amount of fine control for finding holes in a boss enemy's spray of bullets, while your ship automatically autofires, leaving your brain free to do the fun things.. dodge, chew up the enemy, and collect the powerups. Very fun, with a simple upgrade system of four cards from a set of about 40, which you can choose from.
WARZONE TOWER DEFENSE - Yet another incredibly addictive tower defense game! Array your towers to make the attacking land forces take the longest route possible, taking a told on them with heavy guns, AOEs, etcs. Don't forget to put up some anti-air defenses. Gets hairy fast.
ZOMBIE BASEBALL - This is pure stupid fun. As your girlfriend drops baseballs from the window above, show off your insane idiot manliness by hitting a line drive right into the heads of the approaching zombines with your baseball bat. Upgrade your bat and attributes each round, and see how long you can avoid having your brains eaten. Sports. Halloween.
*THE GAME* - One of the most bizarrely detailed things I've ever seen. This is more like an interactive flash animation than a real game, but in each little skit (ie, Capitalism: The Game. Communism: The Game. Anime: The Game, Global Warming: The Game) You guide your little guy toward some random objective, usually dropping yourself off the platform to your doom. Full of surprizes and bizarre humor (ie, DragonballZ has a long extected cutscene every time you -JUMP-.. then another when you hit the ground) Something good if you're really patient, and really bored. Esoteric.
DOGFIGHT 2 - A cute little WWI 2D flying ace game that plays like an Atari game, but has excellent graphics. Use the arrow keys to turn your biplane this way and that while shooting at and occasionally bombing targets one mission at a time. Take down Zepplins, antiaircrafts guns, trucks, troops and anything in view, while making sure the enemy fighters don't get on your tail. Helps if you also don't crash, too. Fast and addictive.
TOWERING FOREVER - In a world where -everything- glows neon, defend the Tree of Life from the incrouching robot hordes with a combation of both towers, and the punches and kicks of your Guardian Robot. Challenging getting to level 30, and lots of -weird- achievements for a repeatable challenge. The pretty colors can make you sleepy though.
RAGE3! - Stick figure fighting goodness. Grab weapons, smash things, kill people, gather keys and get to the exit. Platforming violent fun.
BODY LADDER - Unlimited zombies are attacking! Kill them, and pile up their corpses to make a fort! The higher you get, the more points you earn, and more upgraded your weapon gets. Go clean undead trashing fun! How high can you get?
HUNTED FOREVER - A combination of Pitfall and Sonic is the best way to describe this, perhaps with the Hardy Boys thrown in. You're a 'meatbag', a human, trapped in a sadistic 2D scrolling maze, hunted by an etherial whirling flying robot -thing- that seems to have no end of ways to destroy you. If you can manage it, collect gears laying around in hart-to-reach places to upgrade your dodging abilities. Somewhat frustrating, but you wonder what's around the next corner. Very pretty, stylish and detailed, with some dark humor. Wall jumping. Retro.
SPLITTER - A unique puzzle game with interactive physics. Guide your little ball with a smiley face to the exit button with one simple tool: Cut the wooden objects on the screen so the resulting interactions will bounce them there. Simple too, complex results, takes a few tries setting up a perfect tetter-totter.
HOBO BRAWL - A Double Dragon style side-scrolling fighting game. You're a homeless guy who needs to find a new home. Defeat.. everyone you come across, police, sanitation workers, other homeless people, even folks waiting in line at the hot dog stand. The game won't let you continue until you do. Learn no combos as you progress, like spitting, or shooting boogers are people. Disgustingly cool.
REINCARNATION: ADDO - Clicking cause-and-effect graphical adventure game. You're a imp from hell, sent to return a corrupt soul who recently escaped Hell back down below. Find a way into the house, deal with his dog, find a sin of his, and set in motion the events that will lead to his death. Goofy creepy. Happy Halloween.
FACTORY BALLS 2 - Using the industrial tools at hand, create a ping pong ball that looks just like the target. Puzzle games.
FEUDALISM II - What looks to be a very detailed RPG - battle simulator. Navigating down is a bit daunting, it's easy to over look buildings. Didn't have time to delve too far.
BUCCANEER BATTLE - AHAR! Pirates are attacking your ship, take down their boarding party and grab your cannon to blast the cannons on the other ship to bits before another pirate swings over. Several levels, side-scrolling Fighting Game. Brawler.
MASTERMIND: WC (World Conqueror) - The Swain (of Blockhead fame) put six months into this goofy Megalomaniac simulator, that puts you in the shoes of a Doctor Evil-like supervillian bend on world domination! Part strategy game, part tactical combat simulator, send your minions out to steal money, scientific secrets, brainwash the populace or just blow @#$# up to further your goals, then defend your hideout from the ever-growing backlashes from the world at large. Huge amounts of detail, choose where and what to strike to further your ends, weaken the defenses of a region to clear the way for one BIG operation, or run several small jobs that add up. Goofy cut scenes tailored to each specific operation or Meeting depending on which of your hirelings attend. Pinky and the Brain would love this.
TALESWORTH ARENA - Menu-based lighthearted RPG puzzler, where the battle is choosing which ability to use, and exactly when. Makes a few innovations, such as requiring a boss battle in order to level, so you can't simply powerlevel out of needing a strategy for victory. A few surprises, saveable progress, developing plot, worth a look.
STRAW HAT SAMURAI - Stylish Strategy/action game of a lone samauri defending a critical pass until friendly troops arive. Attack by drawing a -SLASH- on the screen with your mouse, and the samurai will run towards it and run his blade through the area, taking down any enemies inside. Watch out for archers, and keep an eye on where your samauri actually is to avoid taking hits. Choose where to go on the main map between encounters.
ROBOKILL TRAINER - A very polished action game borrowing a lot from Smash TV, pilot your mech to move and shoot in different directions to overcome each room before deciding where to go next, upgrade your mech and level up your pilot as you slowly reclaim a space station from an army of insane robots. More levels on the sponsor website, more later.
BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE 3 - More insane balloon-destroy action! Position your monkeys around the path the balloons will travel and arm them with the best weapons you can get, from throwing darts to rocket launchers to catalpult spiked-ball throwers, upgrading each as you need.
KAROSHI:SUICIDE SALARYMAN - This platforming puzzler is different from most. The goal, instead of trying NOT to die, is to find some way of committing suicide. Rig crates to fall on your head, set up bullet ricohettes, do anything you can think of. Stress relief for a busy business day.
MEAT BOY - In a sort of disgusting romance, Meat Boy (a bleeding chunk of meat) has to rescure Bandaid girl from a bat-like thing. Rendered in beautiful color, run, jump and wall-jump your way through scrolling levels full of hazards to get to your love. Platformer fun. Who's hungry?
MONSTER BASEMENT 2 - The family of a house in a windmill has been infected by a monster-making disease. Explore the house, interact with the residents, and look in nooks and crannies for objects you need. Graphically very well done (although there are a few shameless adds that sort of break the creepy feeling and make it more of a Munsters thing) and a few downright scary moments. You might have to access the walkthrough for this one due to some obscure solutions, and moving between locations takes time, but if you have patience, it's a rewarding experience. Save the little girl before it's too late. Halloween
ETHER WAR - Get ready to dive right into the middle of an epic action-packed space battle between the human space station and a giant red alien sphere, circling in for the kill. The station has automated defenses and generates drones to help you, but the alien mother is constantly generating assault forces intent on wrecking your station, and tearing it apart piece by piece if you don't keep them occupied. You can (and MUST) upgrade your fighter and your station, but while -you're- upgrading, the -enemy- is upgrading too! Move fast, think fast, and pick your upgrades carefully, you must be able to take the battle to the enemy before you lose the arms race, and are overwhelmed. Frantic chaos of exploding spheres and ships, it's like a pinyata party in zero-G! Awesome! Second link is the sponser site, which gives you access to HARD DIFFICULTY.
MADNESS REGENT - Tom Fulp kicks off Madness Day 2008 with another short yet detailed action game. You're Hank, the Protagonist (if it can be called such) from the Madness series. Kill everything that moves, defend the elevator, destroy the Disco and get ready for one big, angry, EVIL clown!
KALEIDOSCOPE REEF - Help the undersea residents of a coral reef rebuild their domain after a human ship smashes the reef with an anchor, then dumps toxic waste everywhere. Plant seed plants on available surfaces, then feed them the right type of planckton, while bapping the occasional annoying undersea predators. The most charming thing about this game is the beautiful graphics, and how you learn to play the game without any instructions at all, just manipulating what you can to see what happens and learning as you go. Watch life return to each level as you work.
Z-ROX - Want something strange and new? Picture a laser that scans over a letter or symbol from top to bottom. Now watch the line that makes as it scans, and figure out what's being scanned from the result. Sometimes the answer is a single key, and other types you actually have to type the shape, like "SQUARE" (hint for #11, which seemed a little unfair at first)
I WISH I WERE THE MOON - Retro low-rez cute little puzzle game, that gives you no instructions, and leaves you with a sandbox situation. There's a girl on a boat, a guy sitting on The Moon, and a seagull flying about. Use your cursor to move the characters, and see how many of the possible endings to the scene you an unlock. Valentine's Day.
LIGHTBOT - A very cute programming game that requires a lot of thought. You need to set out a plan a little robot will use to jump around a grid with different elevations of blocks, so he lights all the blue tiles. Slightly like Qbert, but not an action game. Starts easy, but you quickly have to get into repetitive loops, linking back functions 1 and 2 to the main program board, otherwise you'll never have enough room for all the instructions you'll need. 12 levels, I beat them, can you? Logic puzzles.
MAVERICK - Old School Atari 2600 style graphics! You're a low-res cowboy navigating a maze, with one simple method of travel.. fire your guns in any direction and the kickback will bounce you around the room! Looks low-res, but quickly becomes sophisticated, with gravity changing each of the 15 levels, blocks that have to be blasted without impaling yourself on the cacti and spikes sitting about. Get to the bottom and talk to the Magical Pig for a final reward, which changes depending on how many times you died along the way.
BROTHERHOOD OF BATTLE - This isn't a single-player game, it's a multiplayer game on Xgen Studios's site (accessible when you open the window) complete with server and stat tracking. Guide your stalwart party of stereotypical adventurers (Mage, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Ranger, Dungeons and Dragons fare) in this turn-based online strategy game. Several different battle types and settings, a little like Warcraft 3. Capture mines and research and recruit forces, while using those you have intelligently. Takes some getting used to.
MENTAL TRAINING: VISUAL TRAINING - Looks very much like a Wii game! The Mentals, a family of super smart people, have challenged you to stump them all with four mini-games. Choose between which set of weights is heavier, which pile of cash is more, pick the odd Mental out of the group of four, of pick the odd object out of a group of four, all with a time limit. As your experience grows, you'll be able to challenge a more difficult family member, but beware, you can -lose- experience also if you do poorly. Gets hard fast! Puzzle games. Quick thinking.
AETHER - A boy finds a magical beast with the ability to latch onto clouds and asteroids and swing around them with its tongue, then rides him and goes on a magical open-ened journey to explore the universe inside his own dreamland. Enter this childrens-book-brought-to-life and leave Earth to explore space, and all the planets nearby. Each planet has a problem, and needs your help. Find them, figure out what's wrong, and see if you can do anything. Don't forget to return to Earth when you're done.. Absolutely incredible. Interactive physics, feel the gravity of each planet steadily lessening as you climb into space, hurl yourself across the void, and begin to fall toward an approaching planet! Awesome. Art creating life.
JOURNEYS OF REEMUS: CHAPTER ONE - A multiple-scene click adventure! Liam, the talking blue dog(?) helps his (clueless) friend Prince Reemus (scruffy looking guy) get to the King's Castle to meet the princess! Only a killer wolf starts to chase them, then the castle is evacuated.. and infested with killer slugs..? Let the weird, goofy, Myst-like cartoon carnage begin! From the maker of "The Visitor"
BATTALION: NEMESIS - This turn-based strategy wargame is freely credited by the author as based on Advance Wars, the excellent Nintendo Gameboy strategy series, moving and building infantry, vehicles, aircraft and sea units and deploying their cute cartoony icons to produce a series of crisp, satisfying explosions of the enemy troops. He's made a few tweeks, vehicles can now power down and repair themselves (for a price) anywhere on the battlefield, and the characters and campaign and completely different, the game is different enough to stand on its own without being a port.
OWNAGE BURST DEMO - Move your character on one side of the street with the arrow keys, while fireing at the other side with the mouse, taking down hordes of enemy soldiers as they emerge from buildings before they can get off a shot. Seems easy at first, but let too many on the screen at once and BOOM! A bit like the old Cabal arcade game.
BRAWL ROYALE - This quick-draw game is more of a joke than a game, with detailed anime Win and Lose animations for each of the 10 challengers, all of them goofy and fun! Later on though, it gets hard! Be the first player to hit SPACE once the "*GO!*" appears on the screen to win, one shot, one kill. Giant swords, lasers, guitars, anything goes.
THE NECRONOMICON 2.0 - Cthuhlu Mythos card game, take turns playing monsters and attack cards, while keeping an eye on your sanity and life. Don't forget you get discard a card instead of playing it, and gain the sanity cost back.
ESCAPE FROM CRYSTAL LAKE - From the makers of Escape from Elm Street, a Myst-like graphical click adventure game. Your car has broken down by the camp ground known as Crystal Lake. Find a key in the office box, get a good night's sleep in Cabin #1 and.. wait, where did that scream come from? Click sounds are a little annoying at first, but fade well into the background once the music starts.. can you get Jason before he gets you? Collect all the notes for a surprise. Easter Eggs.
BOOMBOT - Guide an invincible yet immobile robot buddy to the exit of each level with a very simple tool.. make things around him go BOOM!!! Set a bomb with your mouse (you only get so many per level) and watch the chaos as breakable blocks and combustable materials interact in real time. Boombot loves explosives.. WEEEEEE!!
EPIC WAR - With a combination of skill shooting and skillfull investing, make your good tower triumph over the evil one as you send armies against each other. Another Defend Your Castle sort of game, with the added goal of destroying the other one.
RISE OF A KING - Sequel to Rise of Knight. Action/RPG side scrolling game. You defeated the goblins that kidnapped the Princess.. only to find they handed her off to an evil mage, who has just returned her to your King, in the guise of saving her! Everyone believes him except for you.. your promotion from guard to knight just doesn't leave as good taste in your mouth as you expected. Prove he's guilty without stepping on too many toes, while also carrying out quests for your King. Collect gold to buy better gear and learn new spells.
SMELL MY FART! - A superhero elephant destroys hordes of enemies with the only weapon he knows how to use.. surrounding himself in a cloud of acidic fart vapor and running them down! Hold down Space to set up your cloud, then combo as many enemies as you can before you run out of gas (heh) and have to recharge. Grab powerups in mid rampage to extend your combo.
COLOURPOD 2: DIMENSIONPOD - You're a turret at the center of the screen, tasked with both destroying black/white objects that are attacking you, and absorbing any colored objects with the shield behind you to increase your abilities. Hit space to warp between dimensions, since some objects only appear at outlines in one mode or another. The battle gets stranger as it goes, with geometric objects teleporting, coming in at spirals, jumping dimensions, etc. How long can you survive?
HEXIOM CONNECT - A series of very fast, very straightforward puzzle levels, swap hexagonal tiles on the board which have colored pipe segments printed on them, and array them so that no pipe pieces are disconnected. Fast, yet requires a bit of detective work. Puzzle games.
SUMOBALL - A bit like Sumo Wrestling, just with ball physics. Six balls start in an arena that's slowly shrinking, trying to knock the others out of it while remaining the last one standing. Multiplayer - 3 human players can fight up to 3 computer opponents in the same window using different sets of keys!
MAD MONDAY - Mausland Attacks again! This is an absolutely pointless, absolutely fun road rampage simulator. It's Monday, you want the other cars to GET OUT OF THE WAY! So you SHOOT THEM! Go nuts, run over pedestrians, blow up vehiles, dodge incoming bombs dropped by jet fighters overhead, ram police cars off the road, crazy crazy crazy Grand Theft Auto fun! Even a few tricks, like driving on the WRONG side of the freeway (try it!) BOOM!
RAGDOLL CANNON 2 - Somehow, this got buried under the Clock Day stack of submissions. The goal is simple, fire a ragdoll (or several can fly through the air at once) and try to  hit the bulleye symbol. At least, it starts simple.. then lots of objects and interactive physics get in the way. All you need is for -part- of one of your dolls to touch the target.. it can be mostly chopped up and still work. Fun with matchsticks. G-rated carnage.
BUBBLE TANKS 2 - It's best if you use the Armorgames link, since you get the maximum tank upgrades that way. The game is simple, float from giant bubble to bubble, clearing them of enemy bubble constructs, then take their air and use it to upgrade yourself. Several upgrade trees to choose from, lots of replay value. The farther you get from home (use the map) the more dangerous and stranger your opponents are, until you finally deal with the Final Boss. Even after the boss, it might take a long time to actually see all the bizzare enemy types. Awesome!
INTRUSTION - An oldschool horizontal (and sometimes vertical) platform shooter, like Contra or Metal Slug. You're a command with a machine pistol and a scarf, crashlanding deep into enemy territory, and have to make your way out. Take down grunts, bosses, killer robots, while breaking into secure areas for weapon upgrades, ammo and health. It's not as easy as it sounds, you need to keep moving, and while your commando can take several hits, healing items are rare and usually progress rewards, so don't get hit too often. Hard! Awesome.
ANAKSHA: FEMALE ASSASSIN - You want dark? Take a look at this. In a twisted, corrupted city, (Sin City?) one lady has had enough, and takes it upon herself to take down every scumbag that ever abused a woman. Forget flowers, argue with a sniper rifle bullet to the head. The movie-quality story of revenge alternates between detailed cut scenes and missions you have to complete to advance the story, which task you to pick our your target in real time by the clues provided, sometimes with multiple targets, which run once you pull the trigger the first time. Think fast, aim well, then move fast. Just to raise the ante, some scumbags need to be shot in a -specific- part of the head! Vigilante fun. Gory. Think Batman playing Assassin's Creed.
SIXTY - This game is very, very simple - Complete as many waves as you can in 60 seconds. Robotron controls, move and shoot at once at the squares bouncing around you. The graphics get funkier and your firepower gets better as you go, but 60 SECONDS! How far up the ladder can you get? Is it even possible to clear them all? Racing. Time Limit.
INQUISITIVE DAVE - A very cute pixilated 2d scrolling adventure game, that's more sophisticated than it looks. Lots of goofy situations and humor, an epic quest to finish, and a few monsters to cleverly defeat in real time. Reminds me a bit of Commander Keen without the laser gun, and far more interaction with background objects. Is this a game, or is it real?... Matrix. Awesome
MINDFEED - This flash quiz.. is a mind trip. The computer asks you a series of increasingly strange questions 'Do you like Muffins?' in the context of giving you a psychology evaluation, which ends up feeling like a cross between The Matrix and GLASDOS from Portal. Very strange, weird, somewhat funny quiz that goes well with drugs, or inspires you to take them afterward.
GO GO PLANT 2 - Another goofy Mausland game! You're a guy with a rare magical condition that's turned into a potted plant, now you have to Fly/Tunnel/Punch/Flycatch wealth on your way to the drug store to get the antidote, using your skills to avoid a gauntlet of rewards/obstacles. Basically, the game is on drugs, but you knew that beforehand. Very stylish, challenging, and funny.
AMORPHOUS+ - You're a little guy with a big sword in the middle of a nest of 'globules', different species of slimes, each with different abilities and patterns of movement. Score as many points as you can, using as much technique as you can, for as long as you can to unlock powerups and achievements. Starts easy, gets hard fast! Disgustingly cool.
PRISM-LIGHT THE WAY - A cute puzzle game set in deep space, where suddenly The Light is gone! All the glow-globes that depend on light for life begin to shiver and starve.. until the alien Bulbglows appear to bring back the light! A grid puzzler, find a way to aim the laser light shined by the bulbs to hit all the glowglobes with the right color light, using prisms, beam splitters, mirrors, etc. Starts very easy, slowly gets harder.
PANDEMIC II - A more more detailed game than the first version, choose your disease type and traits, then guide it's evolution as you try to spread your plague around to every last corner of the world, before the authorities of the planet shut down their borders and begin developing a vaccine to destroy you. Destroy the world! Doom.
SHIFT 3 - The 3rd edition of the Black and White flipping platforming puzzle game. This time around it's a bit like Portal in that you're trapped in a space-time bending testing facility, and you have to use your wits to find a way out using the tools at hand and a map of the area. Standard running and jumping.. however if you hit the Shift key, the entire map flips upside down, opening up unique possibilities. Shadow puppets.
GATES VS JOBS: THE GAME! - A Mortal Kombat style duel between supergeeks Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs of Apple Computers! "Not in the face! Not in the face!" Spin your mouse around to swing your Star Wars lightsaber at the other guy. This is more a flash animation than a game really, but it's funny :) Blue Screen of Death!
STONEAGE SAM - A clickfest adventure where you have to help Caveman Sam survive, by doing things in the right order. Death is a very real possiblity, choose wisely!
GEMCRAFT - An epic tower-defense game with a twist, towers are cheap to build, but require energy gems to power, and the type of gem determines the type of attack. Slow, shock, reduce armor, aoe blast, chain hit, poison, chance to crit, or gain extra mana per attack, there are eight colors of gems, and you can freely drag them between towers to move with the monsters as they head for your base. The -really- wild thing is that you can combine gems into multi-colored ones, which have 2 or even 3 of the special attacks working in concert. Big powerful pure gems, comboed mixed gems, hurl gems like bombs, or invest mana in increased mana income and score? The choices are up to you depending on the mobs you have to deal with. Fight through a series of levels on the map, gaining experience and powering up your skills. VERY ADDICTIVE. Also very long, use the save feature, because this one will take several sittings. Use the Armor Games link, because the Newgrounds link doesn't give you access to skills, and you'll defintely need them to finish.
BOWJA THE NINJA 2 - A cute puzzle game where you guide a comic little ninja through the toony enemy base, figureing out what to click on next in order to advance. Use your wits, find the switches, and figure out the order you need to use them in.
BUTTONHUNT 3 - A series of graphical puzzle games, look for the red circle in the picture, or if it isn't there find a way to make one based on the situation available. Meteors, cherry snowcones, bacteria, you name it. A bit like Warioware or The Impossible Quiz. Get awards for finishing fast and using as few clicks as possible.
AETERNUS LAMNIA DUO - A sword and sorcery game of skill. Fight 12 boss battles one at a time, making sure your sword and shield are in the right place at the righ time to block incoming attacks and damage each of the 12 elemental demigods in turn. Fire magic, and strength magic are there, as well as places that damage you if you mouse over them. Very in-your-face, like that jedi lightsaber duel game.
TOTEM DESTROYER - An Indiana Jones-style golden idol is sitting at the top of a tower of lose shifting blocks, your mission is to blow up the blocks one by one, without having the whole mess fall over Jenga-style and the idol hitting the floor, where it breaks. Tricker than it sounds. Puzzle games. Realistic physics.
TIPPING POINT - A very strange, abstract click-puzzle game like Myst. You start as a couch potato watching television (have to manually get the remote and turn the television ON, then go to channel 8) then things start getting Twilight Zone weird.. as a bird from the screen comes right into your living room, with a message in a locket. The biggest challenge in this game isn't just figuring out -what- to do, it's figuring out what you should be doing. Brain teaser.
GLUEFO - A version of Asteroids with a twist, you can't shoot, but instead pull in tiny orbs with your gluon field, then hurl them at big dots and enemy aliens and UFOs with a click. Buy upgrades. Fun. Space.
THE KEY MASTER - Dungeons and Dragons meets typing training! Type the name of the monster (or potion, or dropped item on the map) to zap or use it while they home in on your wizard in the center. Reminds me of oldschool MECC Typing Attack! Learning to Spell was never this cool. Spelling.
HEDGEHOG LAUNCH - Found the wackiest space program ever. Starting with $50, a large slingshot, and a hedgehog, amass funds until you can launch the little guy into space. Once you fire, you can use the thrusters to hit bumpers hanging in midair, as well as collect coins. The amount you get paid each day depends on how high you got, and how much you collected. Make a NASA in your own backyard! Fun. 4th of July.
DINO RUN - From the Pixlejam folks who made Gamma Bros. You're a small raptor dinosaur trying to stay alive on Asteroid Day, flee across the rocky, hilly landscape, grabbing eggs (and eating smaller creatures when you can), but KEEP MOVING.. the blast wave from the asteroid is coming right behind you! How many levels can you survive? Can upgrade your abilities as you go. Very cute, Atari pixelated look reminds me of Pitfall, but an Atari could never run THIS game.. lots of tricks to discover (like catching a ride on boulders or bigger dinos). Retro future past. Read the control instructions in the Author Comments.
RACCOON RACING - A 2D scrolling gocart game featuring furry animals! Borrows a bit from Mario Kart in that you can pick up weapons and can use them on the track. It's very cute though, and plays a bit differently.
WARLORDS:CALL TO ARMS - Conquer the world one territory at a time. There are 8 lines on the map, and each army gains points by getting to the opposite side. In real time, choose between fast, cheap troups, slow elite ones, or ranged units, and which line to send them on to either block, cut through, or evade the agents of the other side. Expand your unit type choices and upgrade gear between battles. Every 50 units you kill, you can do a Charge that sends one unit of the type you choose down all 8 lines. Choose wisely.
ARACHNOPHILLIA - Not to be confused with 'arachnophobia', which is the fear of spiders (and a goofy movie), this game puts you in the role OF A SPIDER, maintaining your web while crunching up all the cute little bugs who happen to get tangled in it. Action/Strategy. Can you build a big enough web to catch the Bat?
LEGEND OF SURF - A fun surf simulator, sorta. Avoid obstacles, get a good running start and serious air time for points and powerups, just make sure you land well, and don't dive too far or you'll lose control of the board.
SNOT PUT - This one is utterly pointless fun, but in the right mood, after drinking the right amount of alcohol, who knows? Pick the snot out of your nose, whirl it around, and fling it as far as you can. Alternative Olypics. Boogers.
THE LAST STAND 2 - Return of the zombie defense game. You have 30 days to get you and your intrepid band of survivors (assuming you find some along the way and keep them alive) to the coast before the last boat leaves the continent. Travel between towns, searching for supplies to get you to the next town, along with weapons and the occasional survivor who can hold a gun and help you defend the barricade each night when the zombies come. Choose the buildings you search, the tasks you perform during the daylight hours, and the weapons you and your helpers wield each night with care.
Indestructo Tank - You're an invincible tank whose only concern is getting a high enough score to finish the level before you run out of gas. Jump and stomp on land vehicles, then bounce on the helicopters and jets that fly overhead, hit as many as you can before hitting the ground to rack up a huge combo, more points, and more gas!
ASTEROIDS REVENGE III - Awesomely fun game of a hero asteroid defending his brothers from the evil human ships trying to blow them up! Dodge the lasers and slam into those ships to destroy them. Some mines are best destroyed by you, and others by your allies, which you can send away and then rec
NINJA GUIJI - An intriguing action game of a ninja sneaking behind people to automatically kill them, or fight if things don't work out right. Finishing the missions to satisfy your master.
PORTAL: THE FLASH VERSION - A very professional-looking 2D tribute to the 3D Orange Box game from Valve. You're trapped in the testing center of a mad computer, armed with only a single weapon.. a gun that fires two different colors of portal beams. When a beam hits a legal surface, it opens a portal there. When both portals are opens, anyone and anything can travel between them. Use infinte loops to accelerate objects, then fling them at gun turrets, or fling the GUN TURRETS at something. Puzzle game, use your head, timing skill, and warped portal physics to overcome seemingly impossible traps. The cake is a lie! Or is it? Action/Strategy/Puzzle. Awesome.
MECH DRESS-UP GAME - Not really a game, more like a utility. With simple clicks, mix and match your floating mech with any number of strange weapon and armor configurations. Does nothing, looks cool!
RAGDOLL CANNON - Cute detailed-physics puzzle game of sorts, which considers if you firing an endless supply of flopping ragdolls out of your cannon and trying to get one to fall and touch the Goal marker, which is usually hidden at the bottom of a fortress of sorts. The limbs of the ragdolls realistically flop about accounting to impact physics, making it fun just to shot your gun, the puzzle coming second. Make them colide in midair, bash against loose bricks to  push them out of the way, plan carefully to get them to squeeze down a narror passage, the weight of the ones above pushing the bottom one down. Sadistic fun! Stylish faire music.
MIRC - While at first you might except this to be about Internet Relay Chat and chat rooms, this is actually a missle command-type game. Instead of firing missles back, bend magnetism to launch giant cubes into the air to smash them into the oncoming missles. VERY CHALLENGING. Hit missles with blue trails to clear the screen, you get more cubes over time, but protect your bases!
DRUNKEN MASTERS - A *VERY* detailed bartending game! Not, not the Root Beer Tapper thing, in this simulation you actually mix real drinks from a fully stocked bar, preparing mixtures in glasses to the custom orders of your bar patrons. Score extra time, and extra tips, by performing tricks like juggling bottles, balancing them in midair, while leaving other bottles draining over glasses on the bar as you prepare drinks. Very professional looking! And beer man, beer! Alcohol! WOO! How Tony Hawk would make a bartending game.
PILLAGE THE VILLAGE - The sequel to Defend your Castle! Find those villagers under their cabins and trapdoors and toss them into the air so they land with a SPLAT, and steal their gold! Buy powerups, juggle cottages in the air and smash them down on people, find the unique way to defeat every type of villager with wits, or blast them with magic in a pinch. Huge graphical improvement to the game that started the whole Castle Defense style of flash games!
THE VISITOR - A colorful, and eventually very creepy click adventure game, a bit like Myst, but more cartoony. Guide a tiny alien worm from its asteroid crashland site to outsmart, then eat other creatures, gaining their powers along the way. Eventually, attack the humans as they sleep. In the last scene of the game, you play a scared human trying to stay alive. Can you do it? Awesome. Halloween. 3 different endings, depending on how fast you are... horror
ZOMBIE INGLOR - A combination adventure game and 1st person shooter. You've just been bitten by a zombie, and have 30 days to find a cure. Talk to strange people, explore ruins, and fight numberous bosses for weapon upgrades. But remember.. the clock is always running (even when the game is paused), and days pass in a matter of minutes. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time, keep track of it! Awesome! Halloween.
PANDEMIC - You are a new virus just released on the world, attempting to wipe out mankind! But the countries of the world are wary of you, turning off public transporation and airports the more people you destroy. Can you evolve carefully enough to infect the entire world before it seals itself off? Strategy game, spend your evolving points carefully.
DRAKOJAN SKIES ACO (FULL) - The finished 7-level verions of the game, an arcade-quality side-scrolling shooter a bit like UN Squadron. The evil king has sent his army and air force  to destroy a dragon-like race, help a handful of humans who defected defend them.
MOBILE WEAPON - Slightly Final Fantasy-ish adventure game involving mech pilots. Cute. Finish quests, free-form.
HEWITT - Adventure game. A high school nerd has a dream where he gets eaten by a giant robot, only to find his senior citizen self inside, with a warning that if he doesn't get a date for the dance, he'll wind out like this! Then the game starts. Good luck!
ISLANDER BOYS - The evil crab king has stolen the villager's lunch! The old chief and a boatfull of his able-bodied spear-throwing boys take off after him. Goofy shooter where you blast everything, seagulls, sharks, a few bosses. Every person in the boat is animated seperately, and the screen swings around as you aim up or down. Fun!
AN ESCAPE SERIES #1 - AfroNinja's game of trying to escape from a locked car. Clickfest, find items you need and get out of there before the car explodes!
GRAMMAR NINJA - Think you're good at English? Find the nouns, prepositions, adverbs and requested word types within a sentence.. and TAKE THEM OUT! Shoot wisely, grasshopper, to be a word master. Spelling and grammar
PACMAN PLATFORM 2 - Adventure game where you try to get Pacman to the end of each level, avoiding or eating ghosts. Platformer.
SCRIBBLE 2! - Fast and fun game of connecting the dots with your mouse! Cursor points to where the next dot is, there's no pentalty of being slow, but the challenge is to see how fast you can go!
ROCKET BOOSTER - Fire out of your cannon, then use your jetback to see how long you can stay in the air. Avoid the floating rocks, grab powerups!
WRECKANOID - Like Arcanoid the advanced breakout game, except your paddle can also move up and down, and the ball is effected by gravity. The more speed it works up, the more damaging it is, able to smash through several blocks at once. If you aim it right.
MUSIC SMASH - Keep your music note out of harm's way as the mixer bars smash up and down from odd sides of the screen as the music plays, in tune with the song!
Then the bars smash down vertically AND horizontally at once! Crazy! How long can you survive?
AEVARRIAN COLISEM 2 - Story-driven fighting game, a bit like Street Fighter 2, but not quite as polished.
HEARTS 1.1 - Relaxing Valentine's Day game of being a girl cupid, shooting hearts as they float down the screen with your bow and arrow. Hold to charge for longer shots, shoot powerups, and be ready for the Easy Combo bubble when it appears!
PARTICLES - Simple yet increasingly challenging game of keeping your blue ball away from all the red ones. Like other avoid games, except the red balls bounce off of -each other- like billiard balls, changing speed and direction even more the more there are on the screen.
OBVERSITY - Fun puzzle game of tiles with their own self-detonation buttons. Flip tiles to the right color, then hit the switch! BOOM! Lots of explosions.
FUZZY MCFLUFFENSTEIN - Gory game with an innocent name. You're a cat loose in a pet shop full of mice. Stomp on them! The more the kill, the more time you get, and the more score. Although it gets hard to see things through the accumulating carnage after a while..
EXTREME CLIFF DIVING - Dive down through the chasm collecting coins and watching out for falling mines. Then.. a surprise at the end.. there's no water. SPLAT! Fanfare "You've collect $$$ for your funeral!" Doom.
THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS - Adventure game. British drinking buddy dares you to commit the 7 deadly sins in 14 days. Explore the town, look around and click on things. Poink.
JAMES THE CIRCUS ZEBRA - Another James the Zebra game! Jump on trampolines, trapezes, and fire yourself out a cannon while collecting baby circus animals. Animals increase your score, which is steadily ticking away. No pentalty for death, but how high can you make your score?
. Educational. School.
DISEASED CORPSE DEMO - Incomplete version of an adventure-clicker/zombie shooting game. A few interesting 3D rendered cutscenes.
SWORD OF ORION - Fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, conventional waves up ships and a boss at the end of each level, grab powerups from enemies and the wreckage of your own ship. Driving music. Impressive graphics, no slow-down.
WASTELAND 2154 - Shooting gallery game, duck behind cover to reload your gun and take out the enemy, but don't stay in cover too long, some enemimes have rocket launchers!
BEE DODGER - Increasingly frantic game of trying to dodge small and giant flying bees while collecting coins. Gets ridiculous after a while. Not good for someone with allergies.
TRANSMIGRATION - This isn't so much a game, as an interactive way to complety enjoy ParagonX9's new song "Chaoz Fantasy", with your character blowing up mines, and morphing from a robot into a chinese dragon, shark, a school of birds or fish, and seeing several amazing sights. Just blow stuff up and enjoy the ride! Love life
Choaz Fantasy --------- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/85046
GAMMA BROTHERS - Two friends fly from work on their space station back to Earth, battling alien UFO hordes along the way. Don't let the pixels fool you.. the action is far more detailed and intense than any Atari game could ever think of being! Multiple boss fights, weapons, ever-changing tactics.. one of the most complete actions games I've ever seen. Robotron controls, fly and shoot in different directions. Just plain beautiful.
AQUACUBES - Puzzle game simliar to Tetris, except the screen is full and you can rotate any line of colored cubes horizontally or vertically (if not blocked). Score enough points to fuel your submarine before the mine hits it to progress to the next round. Very versatile, but you must think quickly!
DEEP FREEZE - Santa Claus uses his freeze ray to make snowballs out of enemies, then kicks them around so they bash into others. Gameplay is very much like the classic Bubble Bobble, but easier to use and featuring unique boss characters every 5 levels! Instead of lives, you loose health, and you have a good amount of it, but only one life.
CHOMPY'S WINTER RESCUE - Feed various elementals and send them out on an upgradeable sled to collect frozen animals while sledding down a hillside. Relaxing Christmasy fun.
BOWMASTER PRELUDE - An excellent defense game where you control an archer atop one castle, tasked with fending off an enemy army. Invest in more powerful magic arrows, and train friendly ground forces to aid you. Be sure to use the right kind of attack against the right foe, as only you can take down certain elemental giants and flyers. Starts as a survival game, but ends up being a capture-the flag game once your forces are trained, you have to keep them alive until they can grab the flag on the other side of the screen and slowly drag it home. Final showdown with the ultimate evil at level 30.
BOXHEAD: THE ROOMS - Choose your battleground, then defend it from unending hordes of lego-like zombies. Upgrade and gain new weapons, do combos for more score.
IVAN DRAGO! - Rocky's Russian Soviet nemesis in Rocky IV is reactivated by the giant floating head of Gorbachov to take down the source of America's increasing weakness. Who will it be? Can communism save the day? Old SNES style Double Dragon fighting game, punch, duck, block your way to victory.
RAIL OF WAR - An interesting different game where you build a train with weapons mounted on the cars, and navigate a map via throwing switches to blast your way to the finish, accomplishing different missions along the way. The controls take some getting used to.. especially adding and arming cars, but a rewarding experience for a patient player who likes railroads.
DEFLECTOR - Use your mouse to draw temporary force field lines to deflect incoming shots from aliens circling your space station! Powerups, moving targets, pinball style choas, a simple game with lots of depth of play!
JAMES THE DEEP SEA ZEBRA - Guide a zebra wearing a snorkle through the sea, picking up starfish and air bubbles! Fairly easy game of surviving as long as you can, actually quite relaxing and colorful. The sound and tutorial is a bit buggy, try mousing over the "skip" button without clicking it to make it continue.
SNOW LINE - Help Santa Claus collect all the gifts (and not die) by drawing in the shape of a roller coaster on each level that he can sled along to collect all the gifts, avoid all the obstacles, and reach the finish line! No time limit, just try try again and enjoy watching Santa bounce around like a ping-pong ball. Merry Christmas!
SNOW TROUBLE - Slightly crude verion of Snow Brothers, a bit like Bubble Bobble, except you can ride the snowballs as they crash around once you freeze a foe. Watch out for monsters with special attacks.
KRAMER HENTAI ADVENTURE 3 - The loveable racist from Sienfeld is back. This time, Santa Claus says he has one day to find the Christmas spirit or he's going to HELL. Muwwhaha! Travel to four locations of the globe, listening to goofy dialog, and GET THE QUESTIONS RIGHT OR ELSE! Do well, and you'll see some very mature hentai. Do poorly, and DOOM! Helps if you know Calculus. No, I'm not kidding.
MANTA CLAUS! - Santa Claus is on strike, so a manta ray decides to save Christmas! 3D scrolling game like Paperboy, evade cars and throw presents at buildings.. or at evil Tom Fulp Santa as he attacks on his jetpack. Evil Christmas. Brocoli is a gift?
OFFSIDES - Game sort of like an inverse of Pong, You control an open space in a barrier at the middle of the screen, and want to seperate balls of different colors on one side of the barrier or the other.
WHACK YOUR BOSS - Find the 15 different way to destroy your boss!

INDIAN OUTLAW - The makers of Power Fox bring another frantic action game! You're a proud Native American warrior equiped for modern times, taking down hordes of strange foes with your chaingun and shotgun while riding the back of your huge motorcycle (an Indian, I think). Jump explosive barrels, blow up helicopters, jet fighters, UFOs, giant grizzly bears and a huge Mac Truck while fending off hordes of spirit enemies, aliens, and just about anything you can think of. Shoot down and grab crates for ammo, and catch salmon in the river for health. The game gets harder and weirder as the progress bar leads you into one boss fight after another, some of which are quite detailed and multi-part. How far can you get, grasshopper? Terminator 2 style. Goofy. Awesome graphics. Slightly furry. Welcome to Oregon!
PICNIC PANIC - You're a fairy charged with defending a picnic in the park from hordes of invading insects, that have to follow a spiraling path around the blanket before they can attack. You can't shoot at anything, but you can use your magic to place allies on the map (Gnome towers, Ice dragon eggs, Fire dragon eggs, and Poison Trees) that shoot at anything passing by, and can be upgraded several times. Some allies deliver status effects, and some enemies are resistant to fire and certain types of attacks. You earn points for defeating the bugs that you can use to build, and the kicker is that when you sell a building you get ALL of the points back, so, if you have time, you can move buildings the bugs have passed to further down the track, IF you have time to upgrade them again, or change the attack type. Very challenging at hard difficulty, I have yet to finish the final, evil, level 15. Defend your Castle lunch!
UBER BREAKOUT! - Different version of Breakout, this time the field is a sphere, and you control two paddles that spin around the outside of it. Ball is slower, but you have to deflect it many more times. Lots of powerups, powerdowns. Slowly increasing difficulty and features, how long can you stay alive?
TURBO SPIRIT XT - A motorcycle-racing game similar to both Sega's Outrun with the varied environments, and Hang-On with the knee-leaning turns. Accelerate and turn very carefully from checkpoint to checkpoint before time runs out. You also get points for beating the other motorcyclists. Can you both finish, and finish 1st? Race. Racing.
DUDEOLOGY 1 - Zipperfish. How much of a Dude are you? Answer correctly for pictures of girls and quick videos that are suggestive, but not R-rated. THERE WAS AN ADULT *ATARI* GAME!?? Custer's Revenge.. low-rez porn. Wow.
ADRENALINE CHALLENGE! - Challenging 2D motorcycle stunt game. Collect all the dots and get to the exit, without hitting your head on any obstacles. You can flip your bike and hit the sides, or the bottom, but not the top. Have to perform stunts to reach the higher platforms, do flips, you really feel the risk here, especially since you can't see all of the track in advance.
FLASH BILLIARDS - Try your hand at pool.
VIRTUA WORM - Use the mouse to guide your 3D worm down a tube, catching energy crystals but avoiding bombs. If you like, try matching up bonus letters by hitting a green orb when the letter you want is up, forming a 5-letter combo (multple of same letter for extra score, OR you can spell SNAKE to become invincible). Simple, but not easy.
PLANET GOBBLER - Guide your huge disembodied lips to eat planets of the flavor the Planet Gobbler likes, one at a time. Don't eat the wrong kind, watch the flavor indicator! For someone really, really hungry o_O Food. Spits of Swallows.
BALLOON BUSTER - Throw water balloons at the residents of an appartment complex. You have to hit them when the windows are open.
CASTLE SIEGE - A bit like Defend your Castle. Scroll around the map to find the enemy as it approaches, then launch fireballs and automated defenses. Several upgrades.

GUNRUN - Gun Run, You're a 2D cutout animation jumping and shooting over a 2D landscape of shadow puppets. Double-jump to reach powerups in the air, needed for the increasing difficulty of foes. A little like Moon Patrol as far as the land go, always scrolling forward. Very fun, relentless at times.
KIMBLIS THE BLUE - You're a wizard warrior that comes upon a strange village, deserted except for a magical little girl. Game plays like Gauntlet, move the mouse around to slash at things and cast spell. Drag the little girl around with the mouse. Some puzzles as you use her to help you get a magic sword, but usually keeping her with you is a bit of a chore. Hack and Slash fantasy. Interesting.
METAL WRATH - The Machines chase humans off the Earth, now they must roam the solar system in the last remaining spaceships. Small screen, shoot the enemies as you fly to the left (a little unusual) taking out bosses with simple mechanics. Save energy for a Super Move, or recharge your shields. A little repeditive.
RUFUS - OVERLOADED! - Rufus the pielauncher. Test your cannon balistics and aim by having Rufus shoot pies like artillery shells to hit moving flies and other targets before you run out of time, or ammo. Puzzle game.
THE RICE HAT WARRIOR - You are the former guardian of a good Shogun, banished, who must now destroy the evil Shogun that took his place. Samauri, Japan. You're on a single 2D platform, fighting enemies as they appear. Block arrows, thrust with your sword, jump high in the air, and figure out how to defeat each boss after you down enough of his minions. A bit like Usagi Yojimbo.
KILLER PUMPKINS 2 - Updated version of the pumpkinhead-blasting game below. You're standing in the middle of a field, shooting at evil that tries to walk up and eat you with automatic weapons. Buy more clips to stay alive. A bit like Defend your Castle, but simpler.
RUFUS, THE PIELAUNCER - First version of game above. Launch pies to hit targets, ballistic artillery puzzle game.
HELL OF FEAR - You're a Marine exploring an abandoned outpost, taking out monsters sometimes, but mostly looking for keycards and exploring the place. Takes a while to walk around 2D level by 2D level. Blast the aliens. Buy powerups. Rather easy. Got lost after Combat Zone 5.
ZOMBIE SWARM - Electricity destroys zombies! Fire your gun out the window and destroy as many as you can, but don't forget to fire you gun at your own battery in order to keep your weapon charged up.
MOUSE AVOIDER 2 - Place your mouse on the Start area, then try to guide it from there to the End area, without hitting anything. Be warned, obstacles will appear when you start! Pinwheels, mashers, timing is everything.
STARFIRE - Very fun scrolling shooter where you get to upgrade your fighter after each level. Scripted scenes, boss fights, lots of weapons to choose from. Space, aliens.
HALLOWEEN MASSACRE - Goofy clown music plays in the background as you try to beat the clock playing all sorts of minigames. Mostly shooting gallery targets, but occasionally you have to kill a woman and dispose of the body parts o_O A little bit too twisted perhaps.
ATTACK OF THE PUMPKINS 1 - Simple zombie-shooting game, buy ammo and use 3 weapons to stop the unending hordes. No upgrades.
TRICK OR TOAD - You're a witch. Fly your broom about, avoiding flying pumpkins, and drop candy to lure kids out of their houses, then hit them with an evil potion to turn them into toads. Simple, Atari-ish graphics, but fast and fun.
MOUSE AVOIDER 1 - Earlier version of the above game. Place your mouse on the Start area, then -try- to get to the Finish area without touching the walls of the maze, or any traps.
PUZZLED SHEEP - Cute puzzle game a bit like Lemmings in 2D. Set arrows on the ground to help wandering sheep reach the safe target area. First 10 levels in demo, full version you have to buy.
VIRAL REACTION - Move wiggling too-real-looking bacteria and viruses in a grid. Tasty! Mad science. Disease. Spits or Swallows. Puzzle.
STAR BALL - Breakout variety where the ball -doesn't- get faster as you go, but you have to watch out for the falling missles that can destroy you. Fun, lots of powerups like acid and missles that go right through rows of blocks. Can you find the capture the Star Ball?
SUPER-TRAMP - Bound you ball on the tranpoline, collections stars. Watch out for the traps and bombs! Very fast puzzle game.
LUMINATION - Set off fireworks as they fly over head to keep the crowd happy! 5 different colors, you must use the correct type of shot to set each flying rocket off, bonus for speed. 4th of July.
INSULT GENERATOR 1 (LITE) - The Insult Generator! Hit the stop button to get your own customized randomized slams and slurs today
LOVE MADNESS - You're a mutant who fires positive energy at people. Heal the humans to change them from angry and evil to happy and helpful, then defeat the monsters their negative thoughts have created. A mad science experiment that harnessess the power of love goes haywire. A bit like Robotron crossed with Mario. Very long opening sequence, but the game itself is very fast-paced and fun! Valentine's Day.
GUNNY BUNNY ++ - Much MUCH improved version of early game. You're a rabbit commando blasting robot mice, foxes, and other rabbit commandos in a blocky but well done 3D world. Switch between concentrating the firepower of both of your guns dead center, or spreading them out to cover more area. And mostly.. BLOW THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYTHING! YEEHAA!!! What Rapid T Rabbit would do if cast as The Punisher. Happy Easter, or else!
MASSIVE ATTACK - Top-view game similar to Defend Your Castle, but more detailed. Build trenches to slow down hordes, light the trenches on fire! Click on arrow-resistant enemies. The more archers you have, the more often you have to reload arrows. Grand, much more graphically impressive. Higher levels have trebechets and suicide bombers that aren't in the documentation.
HYPOTHETICAL DEATH - LOL! An accident in a Star Trek cloning lab has created unending hordes of Star Trek fans! Run all the Picard and Kirk uniformed geeks down with your shuttle before time runs out and get to the home base, before the Fuzz show up and arrest you. Do clones have rights? Highly illogical.. Dream on Lucas.
TAIPAN 3000 SE - Awesome trading game in space! Buy the right cargos and take them to the right places, while bringing enough robot fighters to fend off pirates on the way there and back. RPG roleplaying elements as you visit people, trying to find the identity of who killed your father, and finally a very satisfying end as you undermine the pirate leader with the help of your goofy friends. Anime art influence, but actually a remake of a classic Apple 2 ][ game!
CAPTAIN LOW-REZ: BLASTOPOD - Awesome Atari-looking game of blasting increasingly difficult aliens. Defeat detailed bosses in long, always-changing battles! Programmed by Tom Fulp, mastermind of Newgrounds himself, using Matthew Burn's story and characters. Very fun! Use your megacannon with full shields for superpower!
ESCAPE FROM FAIRY WORLD - Fanged goth guy annoys his cute little sister by taking the fairy toy from a box of cereal. She sucks him into Fairy World, populated by thousands of cute little winged lights. Turn into a bat and absorb the power of the evil red fairies to gain enough magic to blast the cave roof off each level to escape! Magic, fantasy. Goofy dark.
ADVENTURES IN THE JUNGLE - AWESOME Dragon's Lair-style interactive movie, where split-second thinking and reading the situation are vital to advancing. Includes funny death animations. Kid finds a treasure map inside Mom's Bizarre Monkey Statue Lampshade, and goes to the jungle to find the prize.
DOMO-KUN ANGRY SMASHFEST! After being taunted by the Power Puff Girls, Domo-Kun brandishs his stick and fights them from one video game world to the next! Street Fighter II, Golden Axe, and several I can't identify. Ride the dragon! Trash the car! Altered Beast wizard.
HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS - Simulator of the famous children's marble-chomping game!
BOOBS, BUTT OR SHOULDER? - Zipperfish, 30 questions, can you tell from part of a picture what part of the female anatomy you're looking at? Plenty of praise/annoying insults if you're right or wrong. Also, Totally Unrelated Questions every 5, one involving Star Wars. PG-13, although only by very creative posing. After the game you can check out the models and their web sites. Poink show!
LUIGI'S REVENGE - Jump through 3 levels and defeat 3 bosses to avenge Mario and Peach's death. Game.
SPARKS - Flip the switches so the sparks can get to the center of the grid. Anything complex and stressful, like air traffic control.
FRIDAY THE 24TH - Evil Christmas. Mini Freddy in a Santa suit kills hordes of elves using different moves, if you get enough points you get to frag Santa. Horror. Halloween. Christmas.
SINJID: SPIRIT OF THE WARRIOR - An awesome RPG where your fighter (or mage, or ninja) visits a dojo, training to defeat all 3 portals in the strange building, each visit to one bringing a more powerful foe. Choose which talents you want to learn or upgrade with your skill points, then venture into the Dark Rift. Fantasy swordsman.
NORDIC CHILL - Play Winter Olympic sports of cross-country skiing, shooting, jumping and stone curling.
STARSHIP ELEVEN - A bit like a cross between Atari Adventure and Lunar Lander, only MUCH more detailed. Navigate a maze with your ship, trying to find a way to escape an underground complex with missles, giant mashers, enemies and other oddities.
POP-UP STOPPER (V 0.9) - Use your gun to shoot annoying pop-up adds before they destroy you! Don't shoot the ones that say "Don't Shoot me!", they give you ammo and health. Hold out for as long as you can against the annoying spam.
TURBOSPIRIT - Like old arcade game Hang On, drive your racing motorcycle from checkpoint to checkpoint to continue. Try to stay in the race long enough to finish, and win first place! Whole screen *TILTS* when you take a turn fast, a bit disorienting at first, realistic feeling of motion and speed!
SAVE SANTA! - Use your jumping block to smash other blocks trying to take out the fat guy. Merry Christmas.
BATTLE PONG! - Another upgraded old video game. Defeat the computer with all sorts of fancy-looking ball-shooting upgrades.
MATCH VERSION 2 - Game of flipping over alike tiles before the time runs out. Symbols change a lot, some for Holidays, others luck symbols. Ever five levels you get a new animal character to say you won. Good!
NYRDL MADNESS - A packing chip gets blown by straws, and then hitches a ride on the back of a big rat. Wierd platformer.
CRAZY KIMONO DOLL ASSULT - Rotate your turret and blast the incoming hordes of evil Chucky-like possessed dolls.
MAGANIC WARS FINAL - Card game of dueling evil wizards, improvement over earlier version. Balance power-ups, Rune power, and attacks spells to take down your opponents. You can now buy items to cheat a bit, but they cost points.
PLUMBER 1 - Sort of like that Lucasfilm game Pipedream, in this one you have to rotate pipes to connect the inflow with the outflow before time runs out.
AUSSIE CHRISTMAS 2 - Keep Santa from touching the hot sand by clicking on him, batting him into the air like a volleyball. Click presents as they fall out of his pack for bonus!
PACMAN'S JUNGLE TRIP - Search the huge maze finding various items and eating dots, sort of Frank's Adventure style, meet wierd pop culture characters like the Smurfs and California raisins.
PHOTON 3 - Guide a robotic space probe to photograph odd things in a different planet by scanning different colors of light, then using those abilities to reach the target.
SUPER FISHING - Score as many points as you can, without catching underwear or evil cans. And watch out for the lightning cloud!
OPERATION SWITCHOVER - People all over the world are getting new TV sets with Hi Definition.. so junkyards are piling up with the old sets. What to do? The egg-people use them as target practice! Blast flying televisions with a variety of space-age weaponry! Clay pigeon.
OLDSCHOOL FROGGER - Remake over early Frogger game, with rock music.
BLOB FARM - Keep your blobs out of trouble from disease, bouncing balls and other goofy things, see how long you can survive!
BREAKING POINT - You're a tank gunning down unending hordes of zombies. You must destroy a certain number of infected units in a time limit in order to proceed, an additional challenge besides just staying alive.
THE CORE 2 - Pilot your ship to get the good falling cores, while watching out for the bad ones. Powerups available.
RADIOACTIVE SNAKES... MARS - Variation of old eat-the-food don't hit the walls or your tail snake game, only you turn left and right in 360 degress, and there are powerups!
CAR BETA 0.32 - Pre-game where you drive a super-accelerated car over a series of random screens. Send to someone who's a bad driver! Atari Adventure feel.
BOUNCY THE BALL - Navigate a ball through a series of obstacles courses, picking up coins and avoiding fire.
INSANE ORB EX - A very super-charged version of Pong, with monsters that grab the ball and black holes that throw it around. You can also shoot the ball to deflect it early, but it's very hard to do.
GALAXY ANGEL DATING SIM - From creator of Love Hina Dating Sim, you're on the ship with 5 super space scouts and their captain, find a way to earn your keep, by becoming involved with one of them in 50 or 100 days, or it's out the airlock! Like in Hina, you can also fight with everyone, girls included, RPG style besides just talking, and often times they'll attack you first. Woo!
ROAD CARNAGE - Run over people with your car in the time limit to win! Grand Theft Auto-like. Mafia recruits you as a warrior after a few levels.
BOMB DISPOSAL HIPPOS - Hungry Hungry Hippos, this time eating bombs instead! A classic 4-player game helps fight terror! Goofy.
MOVE OR DIE - Part 1. A couple driving at night finds a dead body by the side of the road. A grandpa, trying to get money to a witch who was holding his daught captive. You decide the outcome. Multiple-choice adventure game. Mob guy in nursing home van attacks, wanting the money.
MOONLANDER V2 - Another ufo landing game, a bit different in that you fly directly from one level to the next across the side of the screen, and fuel is a seperate stop.
FLASH TREK - ASSAULT - Upgrade your starbase and build a Star Trek fleet of unlimited size to stop the never-ending hordes of incoming ships. Like Defend Your Castle, but somewhat different as well. Screen ends up filled with ships you've built. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE ON HARD LEVEL!
Dead bird shooting at stuff and eating grubs and worms. Carious Weltling.
FOUND LOST. Spooky haunted house game. Haloween. Don't play 2nd tape!
Gunny Bunny! What RTR would be like if he went postal Actual game!
Trapped 4, puzzle game
Smurfs - The Brainy Game. Throw balls through moving mouth.
Fish game! Eat smaller fish to grow bigger
Madness Interactive, game, see how well you fight!
BLOX, cool puzzle game of pulling blocks together so they vanish.
Frank's Adventure! Adventure game where you try to find nude photos.
Hide incrimating gear before your parents get home! Game!

World's smallest webpage! Play Pacman and Pong in a tiny window
Ray, a South Park style adventure. Lots of guns, death and violence. Non-PC. Whatever
Collapse, fun game of eliminating grouped colored blocks.
Dynomite! Bust-A-Move-like game of matching colored eggs together. BOOM! Dynos!
Rocket Mania! Dragon launches fireworks, Pipe Dream style :)
Ratinator! Rat Terminator! 3D maze blasting fun
Gubberball 3D! Bowling simulator, multiplayer
Tomale Loco! Kung Food mexican dog tries to win his love by making burritos for her
father. Evil cats try to stop him! Cool, long intro, goofy game!
Defender - The Arcade Classic
Spy Hunter, the Arcade Classic
JOUST, Arcade Classic
DEFENDER 2. Arcade Classic
Root Beer Tapper. Arcade Classic
ROBOTRON. Save last human family. Arcade Classic
Sinistar. Arcade classic
Bubbles. Arcade classic
SATAN'S HOLLOW. Arcade Classic. Fight demons!
Ink Link. Online Pictionary. Draw and guess to win!
Paintball blast! Adventure game
Armadillo Knight! Game by Trent the Fox.
Missle Command webgame version, primitive but fun!
Hall of video game underdog fame
Cat bowling! Squash cats! Evil! Happy Halloween!
Celebrity Pokemon! Bush, Gore, Clinton, MrT, Emimem, gross but funny!
2 Minute Football. Very cool
Frank's Adventure 2. Help Frank find nude pictures.
DEFEND! Plant cannons to blow up enemy ships. Like Defend Your Castle.
Brief take off of Star Fox. 16-bit
Bat and Mouse. To Benny Hill music. Game 5-year-old can play. Grab the cheese!
Create a Snowman
Rooftop Skater 2 skateboard, good tricks!
Bounce Symphony! Relax, and make rows of 5. Very cool! Awesome physics.
Divine Intervention. Priest packs a blessed pistol to rid the town of demons. AWESOME NEWGROUNDS SCORE!
Megaman uses Matrix moves to destroy three robots
Mad Shark! Escape the Scuba
The Classroom. Cheat off the geek and pass the test! 10 days.
He or she? Game of deciding which picture is really a woman, and which is a crossdresser.
KILL THE POPUPS! Destroy Pop-up adds
Mani Gold, bug plays golf in Mario-style cell phone window. Awesome!
Yeti sends penguins flying with a bat.
Defend MARIO'S CASTLE! Buy turrets and weapons, blast those Super Mario gits!
Crimson Warfare - Build your base and economy and send out the troops!
DISORDERLY - Game - Janitor at a retirement home is ordered to eliminate as many of the poor residents as possible. Final Fight, Golden Age style fighting game!
DOMO-KUN ANGRY SMASHFEST! All sort of video game cameos.
CASTLE CAT 3! Weird 80's references Mario-style adventure game! Destroy Sigfried and Roy! Destroy the Sphinx!
Styleless Rangers 2 - Power Rangers fighting game.
I GROW. Add things to red ball, level up them. Can you max them all?
SQUIRREL SQUASH - Castle Cat guy. Collect acorns and crowns, BUT BE FAST!
PEEPS FROM OUTER SPACE - Game - Stop the attacking Easter Bunnies and Peeps!
DRAGONFORCE! - Game - Side-scrolling shooter. AWESOME!!!
SQUIRREL SQUASH 2 - Super Fast Race. Grab the crowns!
LUNAR MISSILE COMMAND - Badder version of classic. Low ammo!
GYROBALL- Remake of Marble Madness
ROKEMON! - Parody of Pokemon. Megaman X Mario! Mushrooms Video games WOW!
Video game captures and sounds. >From FPS list.
KILLER CHEETO! Cheese power! Blow up Warf and other celebrities. Fight hordes!
X227 - Stick figure 3d shooting game
SHOVE IT! Sokoban-like game in real time, more Vincent the frankenstein's monster.
RolanFox's Days of the Rabbit.
SUPER GENERIC QUIZ GAME - Who wants to be a millionare takeoff. Good!
EXTREME MINI GOLF - Unbelievable mouse-aiming-with-arrow golf game with water, sand, and moving targets. Very cool! Old School Atari physics.
STAR FLY - Very high frame-rate up-scrolling shooter. Cool graphics! So so bosses.
SUMMER FLIRT - Dress up game. Put clothes on a girl!
MICE 2! Mice are attackig your cheese! Use your ball as a wrecking ball to kill them.
ROFLattack! - Use your ASCII copter to shoot down ASCII LOLerskaters and planes with weapons made from internet jargon! WTFbombs! ROFL!
BALL REVAMPED - Guide a beachball to the bottom of the screen without touching the walls. Various powerups. An anthro bluejay laughs at you if you lose.
BUBBLE FUN - Chain Reaction of bursting bubbles. Like old bomb game.
USS ENTERPRISE 2 - Evil parody of Star Trek! Beware Riker! Alf, Star Wars, coolness!
THE DEAD CASE - A ghost tries to learn why he died, and open a portal to the afterlife. Have to scare people to gain power to move about. Fire ghost was wife, killed you?
CHRIS RYAN'S SNIPER SCHOOL - Shooting game on Holodeck grid. 3 games. Fly shot has you taking down flying targets with limited ammo.
OLD SCHOOL SOCCER GAME - B/W 3D animated free-shooting competition, swerve the ball around the Kaiser and other obstacles to see how many goals you can get in a row!
MAGANIC WARS - Dueling Mages card game. Rune power "IT'S CABAL TIME!"
DTUNNEL 3D - Fly your starship through an Apple ][ EPOC-style time tunnel of green squares, upgrade your stats. Don't hit the walls!
SPLINTER CELL: LATE HOME - Agent has to enter his girlfriend's house after he's out late at work. Needs all your cunning ninja skills to shoot out lights and undo the traps. Very cool! First person shooter parody.
INVERSE SHOOT'EM UP - Command hordes of enemy fighters, turrets and tanks as you try to destroy the enemy's super-powerful hero ship!
SUPER MCCORP LAND! - Bird tries to save his sheep friend. Uses guns, jetpack! A bit like Mario.
EGG ATTACK 2 - Side scrolling shooter. Blast eggs. Trash the rooster boss!
BLOX FOREVER - Awesome puzzle of moving blocks together to make them vanish. Elevators, lasers, teleporters. Need to really think on this one.
WHACK A BUNNY - Like Whack A Mole, but different damange depending on where you click. That crazy clown Newgrounds music..
BALOON DUEL - Very good flash. Pop opponent's balloons. Buy gear. Newgrounds favorite.
RAIDEN IIS - PART A - Super-high-firepower fighter kicks butt! Use ALL THREE WEAPONS to clear the screen, even more power than in the arcade game!
BUBBLES! - Like Fishy, grab more bubbles to get bigger, watch out for the mines! How big can you get? Grab cool Matrix powerups!
LINK'S RUPEE MADNESS - Use viking ship to catch floating coins, watch for bombs.
NEWGROUNDS QUIZ - How much do you know about Tom Fulp and Newgrounds?
ORGASM GIRL - Give a sleeping a girl an orgasm before she wakes up.
MR. FOX - Steal the eggs and jump on the log-people! Only B/W style.
GRAIN STRAIN - Try to uses belts to get all 50 grains in the bucket.
THE INTERROGATION - You're a detective questioning a murder suspect. Can you prove she did it?
RINGS - Clicks the green points in the grid to match the pattern, don't hit the reds!
YEOWI THE PERVERT - >From maker of Sonic the Pervert, undress various well-drawn *FURRY* characters! Rip off the clothes by gliding your sphere over them layer after layer, don't get caught by their sphere!
ACNE - Burst the acne on the guy's face.
SNOWCRAFT - Drag your green kids and snowball the evil red ones! Like Starcraft
FIVE FINGER FILLET - Stab the table without hitting any fingers. Pointless, gross O_O
FENZIRYNTH - Guide your beach ball through a convoluted 3D treasure-gathering quest.
ROCKEM-SOCKEM-RABBIS - Take off on the robots.
FISH HUNTER - Cave kid spears fish, try not to hit the bad ones. Octopus can turn water opaque.
TROPZILLA - You play a giant carton of orange juice destroying a city.
HONEY BUNNY - Mausland strikes again! Bunny in a balloon tries to get honey to get to the next level. Super-fast, like the Squirrel Squash.
PROXIMITY - Put down tiles numbered 1-20, capture all others with lower numbers. Whoever has the most spaces later wins.
SLIME SHOOTOUT V3.1 - Shoot the aliens invading the guy's house and neighboorhood! Real video camera with dubbed-in aliens.
UFA - UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ASSHOLES - Tom Fulp's game of using a UFO to kidnap and destroy humans! Feed them to the giant alien beast to win, but be careful.
DEFENSE: THE GAME - Defend your Bigtoy! Buy autogun implacement and hire soldiers to repair and protect. Like Defend Your Castle, and can last forever if your defenses are strong enough. But good for one game.
NINJA AIR COMBAT - Guy who did Frank's Adventure. Fly through the air collecting insane powerups and defeating Ninjas, Boss Chicks, and the final boss. Fast! Hard!
MR. FLACIT'S WORD SEARCH - Ten rounds of finding as many words as you can on a 4x4 board.
SQUIRREL HUNT - ADVANCED! - 4 boss levels!
MARIO 3D SHOOTING GAME - Survive and take out Bowser. Not too hard, but fun!
PSSSST - Robot uses 3 sprays to kill bugs, adapted from 1982 game from Ultimate Play, the Game! Precursor to Rare? Excellent smooth graphics.
FAT BEE HONEY BUST - Can you clear out all of the honey comb? Area around where you click reverses between all honey and no honey each time.
DRAGON MAKER 4 - Have fun coloring and equiping a dragon.
MUAY THAI V3.0 - Boxing fighting game with super moves, like Street Fighter but different style. Fixed version of earlier award-winner.
GOLDEN GLOVE BOXING - Detailed but difficult to manage boxing game.
THE ADVENTURES OF SCOOP - Guide a scoop of ice cream back to the freezer. Fight the vegetables, and the boss!
THRIST, A SURVIVAL GAME - You're out in the frozen wilderness looking for a home. Choose your attributes well. Beat the city leader!
STANDE - BATTLE MODE - A long exconvict commando fights wave after wave of energy forces side-scrolling mode. Machetties, machine guns, grenades and spider mines.
CLOCK CREW FIGHT CLUB - Street Fighter-style battle game with CC characters.
MEGAMAN X - TIME TRIAL - Another Megaman game, looks close to original.
HACK HACK REVOLUTION - Dance Dance Revolution knockoff, almost a copy.
JAVELIN THROW - Olypic track and field game. Hit left and right quickly, then throw! Anime Panda tells how far you got
DOOMED - Gauntlet and Smash TV combo with a bit of Starcraft thrown in, navigate the randomly generated fortress and smash heads and creature generaters with 5 weapons! Buy upgrades. Very good, and high rated.
BLEED II - Fast-paced shooting game, reload and blast enemies repeatedly quickly! Horror, gore. Disclaimer "The follows contains violence and gore and.. who *knows* why you're still here??" First person shooter. Halloween.
JAPANESE DRUG LORD GAME - Each 3 young girls to become gun-running, drug-selling, thieving scum. A bit slow at first, but made by the fellow who did The Love Hina Dating Sim, so there must be more detail later..
THE LEGENDS OF HIRO - A geek with goofy headgear has to summon a soprano good, a magic scroll, and a sword to destroy a stupid demon being summoned to destroy the world. Goofy, wacked out graphic adventure game. Pandas, furry! Censorship goo.
EXMORTIS - Very spook Myst-like adventure through a haunted house in the woods. Diary of someone possessed by evil. Dead body parts everywhere.. a head in the microwave! "Turn down the lights, and turn up your speakers.."
KILL THE PACMANS - Beach ball smashes pacpeople flying overhead. Stay in the air and hit the right color!
TANX - Tanks! Dodge bullets and shoot down helicopters and aircraft. Fun!
NAKED QUIZ #3 - Answer all 20 questions right, and watch a girl progressively strip for you!
THE ARMCHAIR GAMES! - Olypic sports you can do in your own living room. Track and field dash to the bathroom!
SONIC BLOCKS - Tetris with Sonic characters. Doctor Robotnik bombs blocks occasionally. Knuckles smashes blocks after a combo.
MINI-GAME-O-RAMA - Prision searchlight escape, Lemmings, whole list of things.
FATFISH - WORMS - Eat worms to stay alive, avoid monsters and falling junk. Difficult.
BOTTLE BLASTER 3 - 20 3D layouts to shoot at and break bottles. Stress relief. You can advance the level at any time, no score, but seeing the derbis flying is gratifying. Spinning bottles. Duck Hunt. Bottle paradoxes.
3 FOOT NINJA II - Little Ninja kid battles enemies in a series of movie chapters.
SPACE ACE - Well-colored scrolling shooter, destroy the alien UFOs and advance on their base
PEST ATTACK! - Girl defends house with broom as rats and spiders invade! HARD!
ANGEL OF DEATH - You are the angel of death, use your Divine Sight to spot those in a crowd at a concern in need of Cleansing, and take them out. Don't hit innocents.
CATCH THE FREAKS - Use your Claw Machine to catch mutants, watch out for flying screws
SQUARES 2 - Use your mouse to move yoru Square, catching others to gain points and get bigger, while dodgeing enemies. Like Fishy.
THE AREA - Kid fights monsters to gain money and skills. Buy weapons and armor. Learn magic of healing and damange. Slave fights the King for his freedom. Bubble bobble theme remix!
DEMONIC DEFENSE 3 - Defend Your Castle on steroids. Flying enemies, click on them to destroy them, or toss in the air. A bit buggy, but very cool.
Stick figure doom.
FLATOUT MINIGAME - You're a stunt car driver trying to complete different stunts. Crash your car so you fly through the window, and hit various targets. Safety first!
PARASITES - Very difficult Tetris variant. Little bugs float around, occasionally eating your blocks, making it darn hard to finish your lines.
TRICKY CLICKY BALL 2 - Click the ball to keep it from hitting the bottom of the screen. Can make Clock Crew characters to pound on.
THE 12 HOLES OF CHRISTMAS - Xmas minigolf course game.
CHIRSTMAS ELF eCARD- SNOWBALL FIGHT - Elves read various letters to Santa, form letter, one from a company. Ends with Rock-Scissors-Paper snowball fight game, with DragonballZ powerups!
HANGNUN - Hangman word game, but with a nun. Even if you lose, the nun still kicks the executioner's buttocks.
THE MILE HIGH CLUB - Golf game. Hit the ball from one floating island to another.
BUSH ROYAL RAMPAGE - While riding in Queen Elisabeth's carriage, terrorists strike. George must mow them down with a revolver. Highly rated.
WORMS LEVEL 2 - Worm used a sword and gun to try and escape before he gets dried out by sunrise.
KUNG FU - REMIX - Remake of classic arcade KUNG FU game where you fight through several floors of an evil house. Looks authentic. Karate. Check to see if the update is installed before linking.
STAR WARS - FLASH WARS - Combat and strategy game where you mine resources and build different ships. Haven't played more than the practice, no time today.
DEVIL'S TRIAD - Adventure game. 3 witch kids try to team up and defeat the Devil. Good evil. Interface leaves much to be desired. Change forms.
YA YA DANCER - DDR Dance Dance Revolution imitation. Fun though, and makes you do some -crazy- combos, like Right-Down, Up-Down at once.
I'M WITH STUPID - Help a Lemming-like goofball walk through a construction yard to the exit. Send balloons to keep him from falling.
PROJECT X - German language game of blasting aliens in a secret lap, Area 51 style. Shoot accurately.
PROJECT X - Translated to English, awesome game! Find the health boxes to stay alive, while shooting accurately. Take out the alien tanks and planes while defending the base!
BOMBERMAN TIC TAC TOE - Offical Taiwan minigame
BAS - Shoot guards, drive a car Dragon's Lair style with left and right buttons, then save your wife. Not all that sophisicated, but a bit fun.
SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES - Ultra-fast game of trying to guess what it was you just saw. Pictures of girls if you get it right!
UBER BATTLE - Balls fight with swords again, only a bit more streamlined. Pointless, but somehow mindlessly fun getting bigger swords and challenging mathmatically more powerful enemies.
CHROMA PACK DEMO - Adventure game demo (only first chapter) You're a special ops guy dropped by helicopter trying to get into an enemy jungle base. Good environment, although not too many choices.
GUESS THE DICTATOR OR TELEVISON SITCOM CHARACTER - Hitler or Michael J Fox? Use 4NOs, 1Y 2N 1Y 2N 1Y 10N 1Y 8N 1Y 1Y for Poink.
OVERRUN - Rotate your turrent and blow away incoming enemies in 360degress. Stick figures, pigs, UFOs, evil mechanical seagulls. Easy, but kinda fun.
ALL HALLOW'S EVE - Halloween. Zombies are attacking your house! Fend them off by firing from the upper balcony, buying weapons, grenades, and house upgrades! Child zombies turn into adults, to skeletons, and even demons by the end.
OUTPOST - Stick figures get stranged when their spacecraft get shot down. Xiao Xiao parody of sorts. Adventure game. Mostly movie though.
SUPER MARIO FLASH HALLOWEEN EDITION - Mario-like game where you get rating for how many coins, enemies killed, and things you find. Cool bosses. Much better version of earlier Mario Flash. Remade spooky for the holidays.
MARIO TETRIS 3 - Regular Tetris with mario look and music. Not bad, not outstanding.
GRAIN STRAIN 1.5 - Improved version of past game, works better.
MEX - Mechs robots fighting machines. Turn based, 3 robots against 3 others. Repeditive, but you can buy upgrades, slightly addicting.
PANICBALL - Full screen version of breakout and Arkanoid, with a ball and paddle and powerups and powerdowns. Very fun! Soothing somehow.
MASSIVE ATTACK - A bit like Defend Your Castle, but looking top-down, and harder. Upgrade your castle trench, clicking to destroy incoming forces. Watch out for fast elite troopers you have to click on! Do enough damage and you earn free fireblasts and nukes that can temporarily take the heat off you. Castle takes damage fast!
YOSHI'S MINIGAMES - Yoshi tries to eat good food, avoid bad food.
CLOWN KILLER - Shoot the renegade clowns controlling the city streets! Double Dragon
RUSSIAN AFFAIRS - A Prince of Persia - style platform game where a teenager destroys Russian special forces. People in the game are digitized portraits of the game developers! Realistic animation for hostering, unhostering, and firing your gun. Cheesy humor.
THUGJACKER HALF - Double Dragon-like side-scrolling fighting game. Black dude beats up mailmen, cool xmen cyclops-police, guard dogs and well-done bosses. Gangster. Gain money each landed punch.
NAKED MELEE - Click as fast as you can in 3 seconds to create your stickfigure army, then watch it fight it out against an enemy army.
MONSTER MASH 2 - Shoot as many monsters as you can!
QUIBBLE RACE - Bet on racing aliens, and buy power downs or powerups for the ones you sponsor! Horse racing, very fun!
INTERACTIVE BOOGY 2 - Type keeps to make your Subservient-Chicken style actor do different video moves, while you control the music. DDR-like.
PROVIDENCE: 3D Maze - Navigate a challenging 3D maze one dungeon room at a time.
THREATY THIEF - Grab the threatys with your ball, but watch out, each one you get another enemy comes out. Dodge them and see how long you can go.
ONIGIRL DANGO 6th - DDR takeoff on traditional song. Quite good. More difficult because of the Spacebar needed for the fifth track.
SKY MARAUDER - Top-scrolling shooter. Blast enemies for powerups. Small screen, and powerups are temporary, but its an addictive game.
TANX 2 - TOXIC TANK - Upgrade of original game!
THE CLASSROOM 2 - Cheat on your school tests, but don't get caught by the teacher! More characters this time. Education. Edutainment. Kinda.
GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA SE - Teach a group of Japanese high school students 20 points in each catagory before 35 days run out! Must keep them motivated to keep them studying. Twisted! Sort of like Love Hina dating game. Beat up the assistant principle when he attacks, Final Fantasy victory music! Rated mild R.
ULTIMATE ZELDA GAME QUIZ - See how many you can get right to advance.
ROAD CARNAGE - BETA - Game of running over people with your car in a parking lot. Kill them all before time's up! Grand Theft Auto, crime. Goofy.
BOB'S ADVENTURE - Like Lunar Lander, guide Bob's UFO from Start to Finish without running out of Fuel. Starts easy, with soft landing pads, but gets HARD!
STRIP QUIZ 42 - A spoof-tribute to all the Strip Quizzes on Newgrounds. Each right answer leads to another slide in the slideshow, but here -all- the answers are 42. Even if they aren't. Definitely breaks the rating, BIGTIME.
PIXELVILLE PENSIONERS - All the old pre 8-bit and 16-bit B/W video game sprites need a place to stay, Saberman's job is to build them a home! Talk to Optimus Prime, many others. Quite detailed adventure game, sort of like Zack McCracken.
MONSTERS: THE GAME - Trap marshmellow monsters in goo pits in this maze game. A little like Gauntlet and Hero's Hearts.
SPLOOGE INVADERS - You control a contraceptive pill, and try to kill as many sperm as possible before they fertilize your girlfriend's egg. Kinda gross o_O By Cycon. Breaks the rating a bit. Character NOOOOOs! when girlfriend gets pregant.
EXTREME FARM SIM - You're a farmer, blasting away at alien UFOs that are trying to beam up your cows!
TURKEY PANIC - Catch as many turkies as you can before times run out, buying various powerups when needed. Thanksgiving!
MUSICAL LANTERN - A bit of a cross between D&D and DDR! Guide your magic-lantern holding dancer through a dangerous dungeons, jumping and sliding to avoid the traps. Set to jazzed up classical music! Cool, unusual :)
GREYTVDUNGEONS - A guy gets sucked into his TV set from beyond, travels through very strange world. Alice in Wonderland, but not literally. Everything is grey. Does he escape?
CARIOUS WETLING 2 - New story mode, guide the baby bird that regurgitates blood from stage to stage, until he defeats Momma. Very gross, Halloween, undead, gore. Somehow cool though.
SAVE THE RING! - Guide Frodo to find the 9 rings on the ground each stage. Every ring you get will summon a ringwraith Nazgul, which will move about the area in a pattern, ending up with a clutter you have to dodge. Lord of the Rings.
POWERFOX - Goofy fighting game where a tiny box beats up huge foes with his super boxing glove and all sorts of shooting powerups. Zorro's ninja horse. Hannibal and his elephant. Hosts are a bit like Mortal Kombat, and very ethnic.
WEEZER JAM SESSION - Another DDR-like game. Band Weezer.
HELLFIRE - Awesome simple game of destroying as many other vampires as you can with automatic weapons, Masquarade or Underworld style. Aim the mouse at the area you want to shoot at while jumping about, very easy to move and concentrate fire. How long can you survive?
SIEG DEFENDER - A combination of Defend Your Castle and Pong, run over incoming enemy troops with the ball, but make sure it doesn't hit your castle and damage it. Buy powerups with the money you make. A bit crude, but promising.
VIA SOL - Urban planning game where you have to decide which building to build to keep a space colony growing, fed, and powered. Sim City meets Starcraft.
DEFENDER - Not like classic Williams game, here you control a cannon on the left side of the screen, having to shoot down slowly-approaching mines. Each wave, you get another powerup like faster ammo regen and speed, but the mines take more shots to finish off.
ONIGIRL DANDO 11'th - Another version of the DDR takeoff, about the same, except you also have to use the Space bar as a fifth thing to hit. Very good, about the only way to win is to actually listen to the music and let it guide you! Easy difficult and HARD setting, insane on higher levels. Very relaxing and fun!
ONSLAUGHT - You control a rotating archer at the bottom of the screen in your castle turret. Shoot the oncoming hordes, scoring more points for the most solid hits you can land in a row, earning supervolleys and magic upgrades. Takeoff on Defend Your Castle, but different and much more graphics intense.
ESCAPE: THE ROOM - You wake up in a strange 3D rendered room, and have to find a way out. Have to look up the Wingdings font in one place to get the code to open the chest.
Frustrating, but good for a while.
TAINTED (FULL VERSION) - Sort of a combo between live action and RPG. You play a hero that wanders around killing things on a map. You can stay in one place and keep leveling up indefinitely. Needs some serious work, especially in the instruction manual department. Watch out for the wraith corner.
GRAVITY LAUNCH - Choose your starting thrust and launch angle, then press Launch and try to guide your spaceship to various goals, usually docking with one or more space stations around the Earth and the Moon. Just how good would you do working for NASA? It ain't easy.. rocket science.
DESTROY THE PEACE: XIPOR - Choose your car and cause mayhem in your neighboorhood by drive-by shooting out as many windows as you can, while using your Outrun ability to evade the Cops. Score 400,000 insurance damange for the secret car. Don't kill people, they aren't worth points and increase your Grand Theft Auto-style arrest level.
BALANCE v1 - Use the arrow keys to keep your guy in a handstand as long as possible, while listening to Bob Marley's "Cheer Up" song in the background. R&B.
SILHOUETTE 2 - Use stealth to move your spy/commando/special forces guy through enemy-populated areas, trying to shoot them one by one when they're out of camera or view range of any other troops. Don't sound the alarm, or they'll all get 3x the health and start shooting at you. Keep terrorists from destroying the Golden Gate bridge in 3 levels of play.
WIERD BICYCLE GAME - Race your 3D bicycle down a virtual hill, swerving to avoid the hordes of teddy bears that are trying to get in your way for no apparently reason, while listening to Queen's "Bicycle Race" in the background. Cute, fun! Watch out when the game levels up, speed vertigo o_O
DOGFIGHT - AIR BATTLES - Very cool oldschool video game inspired by an Amiga game. There are four air sheds on the ground, two axis, two allies, and using 4 sets of control keys up to four players can control their cute sprite fighter planes and try to shoot each other down on the same screen, your flag lowering  a bit each time you crash or get shot down. If you've good, you can also shoot the seagull that flies about, which will turn into a star someone can catch for an extra life. Just don't crash into the bird, or you're toast. 4-person WW2! Looks Atari.
QUICKPIC 2005 - Another Match Game style game with only 12 tiles, and you actually get to look at them a second before they flip over. However, each round you get less and less time, and the longer you take the less points you score. The computer helpfully says "Please Hurry" as a timer ticks, slowly driving you buggy when it starts coming right when the round starts. Concentrate on the pretty flowers!
GRAND THEFT TORNADO - Use a tornado to blow away as many running farm creatures as you can before you run out of wind. Collect powerups and powerdowns to help your barnyard chaos. "Let the bodies hit the floor" song in background, Rob Zombie? Good for stress relief.
ELEMENT SAGA CHAPTER 3 B - Another version of the furry high-powered fighting game. Jalapeno finds himself trapped in his subconcious with a training program. The training program puts this ep far and above the rest, since there are many confusing layers of moves to learn, and I died way too fast in the other episodes just because I didn't know what did what. Frame by frame story here. Slightly influenced by Sonic the Hedgehog, but very different in gameplay. You can also pull out a gun and fire diagonally.
BALL REVAMPED - Much more detailed and easier to control version of earlier game. Guide a beach ball through traps to the exit square. Controls now respond much better, and you can accelerate downward instead of just bouncing and waiting for gravity, good to use with trying to dodge through a course after hitting the 5-second safety switch. Infinite lives, you instantly return to start each time you hit a wall, the challenge is to see how FAST you can beat all of the levels, or how far you can go before getting stumped.
SPEEDMASTER - Mausland super-fast side-scrolling shootem-up game. Blast pegasi and dragons while taking down various Greek gods with you unrealistically powerful weapons. The more % of enemies you shoot down, the greater the % you get to see of the naked girl picture of your choice! The pictures break the rating bigtime, but would be great for the Poink show. Certainly fun!
COLLINKS - Tetris-like puzzle game of dropping different colored blocks to try and form rows of 3 or more. Sounds simple.. but I had trouble even on easy setting, since after a certain amount of time the stack rises, and you have to prevent spires from forming.
BOOM BOOM VOLLEYBALL - Two very busty girls play volleyball with a lit bomb.. if it hits the ground on your side too many time, boom boom. Can you get to level 5?
DAN DAN REVOLUTION - DDR parody, listen to the Hamster Dance, Mario Music, Sesame Street and many other goofy video game related things while Dance dancing to your keypresses!
SKY BOARDER III - (Early version, check to see if update is out first) One of the most awesome games I've ever seen in flash. Save the world by flying on your hi-tech science-fiction skyboard, while wielding awesome magical fantasy weapons. Explore the world to find the fragments of the ultimate weapons, and many other mid-range weapons. You win fragments by completing goals in each area, which can be straightforeward like killing enemies, challenging as in dodging enemies without taking damage, fun as racing through rings, or downright strange, such as catching on fire 3 times. Excellent graphics. Need to visit caves to heal, and save 3 times to make sure you can restore your game later. Every bit as good as a full-length NES game, takes more than one session to finish.
Fight the evil dragon king.
QUANTUM FOAM - Move Schrodinger's Cat around to catch good quarks, but avoid Bad ones. Like in Fishy, your cat gets larger and larger the more quarks you catch, but loses one of 9 lives if he gets hit by a bad quark. Limited powerups.
INTERACTIVE BUDDY v1.01 - Play games or cause damage to your VR friend, who, with the right upgrades, can become anyone from Bill Gates to Newground's creator Tom Fulp, or the Teletubbies! Each character says different things when they're on fire and other situations, Gates offers you money to use a hose to put out his fire!
METAL FREAKS EXTREME - Another DDR dancing game, more fashioned after Beatmania. Use the Z X C V and Space keys to hit notes as they come down. This one is hard even on easiest setting! I couldn't get past the first level o_O.
CONTRA - SNOWFIELD BATTLE - Flash version of a level of the only NES/arcade game Contra, a bit slow in frame rate, but still challenging.
CRYSTALLIS - Puzzle game of rotating rings filled with crystals, trying to get them to match up. Too many misses and more fill in. Thinking game, not a speed game.
FLEETS - Draw shapes to combine various Star Trek ships together to form larger ships, getting all to size 5 before the time for the level runs out. Puzzle game. Unique.
SMASH!: CHAMPIONS - Real-time Trivia game where you try to outscore 4 other contestants, including a pig and a thieving raccoon! Furry. Pick which band played the musical song listed. Fun!
Final round of a series? Smash involves eliminating the other contestants, minigame for each one who loses. Mad game show!
BLOCK SLIDE - Object-oriented puzzle game, a bit like Sokoban, but only requiring your guy gets to the exit. Dynamite blasts blocks, and you can push some over switches to open laser gates. A bit primitive graphically, but good gameplay after a while. Easy.
MINIWITCH DARTS - Use the mouse to carefully aim your darts in a traditional game of losing points down to 0 under the time limit. But watch out, the mini-witch is cursing the dart board, making it shrink and shake and lots of neat things.
BUG GUTS - Like a real trip to Minnesota! Slap a variety of bug types with your right hand before they land on your left and start feasting on your blood! The more time left between levels, the more blood you regenerate. Splatted bugs make gooey marks on the screen. For someone who hates insects! Slimey. Fun!
CAPTAIN LOW-REZ: BLASTOPOD - Awesome Atari-like game of blasting increasingly difficult aliens. Defeat detailed bosses in long, always-changing battles! Programmed by Tom Fulp, mastermind of Newgrounds himself, using Matthew Burn's story and characters. Very fun! Use your megacannon with full shields for superpower!
TAKE TO THE STREETS - A Double Dragon, Final Fight, Golden Axe style side-scrolling fighting game, using scanned photographs of real people instead of sprites. Clear the streets of your town by clearing four levels full of gang members and thugs, using several different moves. Pick up health packs before you get KOed. Very good! Boxing. Mr.T audio? One enemy looks like a drunk Ozzy Osborne.
ORC SIEGE - Your are the scrawny young lad sent out by your village to kill the leaders of two armies attacking it. Train with the unhygenic elder and brutal village chief to boost your skills. While confusing at first, the game system is very good after playing a bit, having to time some special tricks as well as rest some attacks while others charge in strength. Fantasy. Sword and Sorcery. Author also lets you know that English isn't his first language, showing his national flag in one corner with "Bad" and "English" flashing on top of it.
BUMPER COPTER 2 - Very cute lander-type game with unlimited lives. Figure out how to navigate 30 levels by flying your health-charged helicopter and shooting breakable objects and sensors to reach the goal flag. A puzzle game, the faster you finish the level, the more points you get. Deals with limited vision and survival levels where you have to keep from hitting the top of the screen as platforms fly up. Very good. Flying.
THE BILL COSBY FUN GAME - Very, very twisted. Thanks to his rape trial (he got cleared, but who cares, it a stupid game) Bill Cosby is now penniless, depressed, and homicial. The goal of the game is to get enough money to get out of town by killing people on the street. Lure them in with Jello Pudding, then hit them over the head with your Kodak camera, and dump the bodies in the pit in your Lair. You can also sell Dead Urkle and a gnome on Ebay to Massively Fat Guy. Keep your pit, camera, and pudding supply charged up, or the only thing you can do is Commit Suicide, in which Knight Rider runs you down. Take care which celebrities you kill, some give nothing, others give Pudding or Cash. Very very cynical and wacked, rated R.
MAUS FORCE ATTACK - Mausland strikes again, although this is a more standard and realistic Sky Shark/Varth type up-scrolling shooter flying game where you powerup your jet and shoot down as many enemies as possible out of varrying types. A decent game, good for stress relief.
MY BIO PROJECT - A very graphics-advanced quiz about advanced cell biology. Science. Do you know how cells divide, and the mechanics of it? Uncle Kage would love this one. ParagonX9's remix of Super Mario 64 Bowser-levels theme in background.
THIN SQUARES - Another version of the Squares game, where you catch as many good squares as possible before hitting an evil red square. Different in that if you get enough points, your square shrinks down to normal and your level advances. Also has good curse powerups like Blackout where the screen flashes on and off, unnerving. Very good. A bit like Fishy.
HOSTILE SKIES - You're an allied pilot shooting down axis planes and ships. Your plane and the others are large and detailed on the screen. Fly and shoot with the mouse, drop bombs with the space bar. Quick, fun game. Can you take out the Red Baron? World War I. WWI.
ONLINE ELITE MAHJONG - Anicent Chinese game of removing tiles in pairs for a huge ordered stack of them.
AGGRESSIVE ALPINE SKIING - Mausland strikes again. Collect tons of stars while taking huge jumps, and avoiding both hitting houses, and being shot by the railway snipers above you. From the same guy who did Powerfox, and countless other games. Cool music! Fast-paced. Pure fun.
SHELL GAME - Classic game of watching which shell a pea is under while the dealer spins them around. Bet as much as you like each turn, the difficultly and clever shell-shuffling tricks improve each time. How much money can you make?
ONLINE BALLOON PARK - Connect tubes to launch kids into the air for the balloon ride. Amusement Park. Sort of like the Dragon 4th of July fireworks game, but not quite as detailed.
SUPER MARIO RUSH ARENA - Altered Mario game where you stay in one screen, with enemies dropping in from above in ever-increasing numbers. Have to kill Goomba and Koopas quickly to keep the clock going, and yourself alive. Eventually there are so many you can stay in the air with chain-hops for many at a time, just don't fall and get eaten!
ONLINE FISHING TRIP - Graphically beautiful game of catching 3 of one kind of fish at once, upgrading your equipment so more fish types are available. Don't get your hook snagged! Beat the clock, and catch some extra fish to sell for money at the store.
THE BOUNCE - Guide a bouncing giraff high up into the sky to grap stars and powerups, without hitting the evil spike balls in the process. Goofy French children's music.
SNOWBLITZ - Snowball throwing game in the tradition of Double Dragon and Final Fight, take down hordes of opposing kids with your snowballs "Ouch!" "That didn't hurt.." while avoiding being hit too many times in a row yourself. Winter Christmas.
RED DEVIL RPG2 - A UFO crashes into your kitchen, what do you do? Talk to friends and collect items. Bribe the ghost in the UFO with the bag from the cellar. Cute characters, although a few have strange fetishes, leashes? 10 month project, I only scratched the surface of the game.
ORBOX - In beautiful tech space, guide your box from one outpost to the next in a puzzle game to try and get to the red square.
CONTRA WORLD CHALLENGE II - Another remake of classic arcade and NES game.
TERRAIN CHAPTER 3 - Space adventurer investigates alien slave lord in this flash/minigame combo.
PLOPS - Create more Hillbilly Plop cells by making others shoot off offspring, Gremlins style. Try not to let any leave the screen. Quick, and good. Country music.
OPERATION MAUS - Like Commando, one guy takes on a whole army by walking up the screen filled with infantry, tanks and planes using grenades and his machine gun. Mausland, fast and fun game involving a lot of death.
PINBALL SMASH UP - 10! Awesome combination of classic Breakout, Arkanoid, and Pinball! Great crisp knockout sounds, combo points, and powerups than can throw Dragonballs and Basketballs into the field, which actually bounce against each other with realistic phyiscs! You can slow down time if you have enough energy.
IM ATTACK! - Cycon's version of the Kill the Popups game, a bit confusing. Secrets you can get with enough points, but haven't actually seen the game die yet.
THE LIFE OF A FISH - Underrated beautiful game similar to Fishy, in that you eat smaller fish to get bigger. Extra features though, such as shrinking if you eat enough, avoiding sharks that will go out of their way to try and get you, and even boss fights with turtles and other creatures invading the fishbowl!
MINI-PUTT 3 - Miniature Golf, two courses in all, very detailed. Jurassic Putt dinosaur golf course. Choose where to set the ball, then what angle to hit. How low a score can you go?
CCL GAME - UPS. Deliver packages from start to finish lemmings puzzle style with fans, springs, conveyor belts and other items. A bit challenging at first, hard to gage the springs. Limited tools to work with, plan carefully.
_FALLEN_ - High-detail low-res space shooter, sort of like Captain Low-Res, though different. Amazing special effects for simple graphics. Avoid asteroids, taking out boss battleships.
Only the demo.
STAR FLY III - Asteroids and Blasteroids knockoff. Collect powerups, blow up asteroids. Ship controls are nice, you can reverse and things.
BUBBLE MEANY - Alien bubble cop beams up criminals as they try to escape the facility in his UFO.
FIND THE DIFFERENCES II - Pictures of friends, Michael Jackson, click on the differences between the two listed images. Can you find them all? Surprisingly hard! Game reveals if you get stuck.
PUKE BALL - Gross out the other volleyball team by charging your player and firing puke-covered balls at the other side. Whoever runs out of hit points first loses. Barf. Vomit. Sports. Alternate Olypic games.
CATCH A CRAB 2 - Mausland. Adventure/arcade game where you need money to do anything, even hunt for crabs, but you start with no money until you can find some crabs. You end up having to poach for crabs illegally in order to get ahead in the game.
GEMS - HEXIC REVISITED - Fun puzzle game of rotating clusters of gems to match tight groups of the same color, which then vanish and are filled in with others from above. Vanish special blocks to gain time. The goal is to collect a quote of each color before time runs out. Jewels.
STREETS ON FIRE - Quick simple little game of running a living flame through a tiered city, burning as many houses as you can, grabbing gas cans to recharge your rapidly decreasing energy. "Excellent! Excellent!" Musics "Streets on Fire" playing in the background. Rock and Roll destruction. Arson.
TANK SOURCE V2.0 - Drive your tank around on the 2D screen and shoot as many incoming missles as you can while grabbing powerups, before you're blown to pieces. A bit Atari-like.
ANIMAL MAZE SERIES 6 - Build a pathway for a mole to follow back to his home. A bit like Pipe Dream, but the blocks are more varied, and the path doesn't always go straight through the middle of each block.
HONG KONG STYLE CAFE - You're a short order chef in a Hong Kong restaurant, cook bread, eggs, sausage and soup for folks, then drag it to them before they get upset and your pay gets deducted. Food. Spits or Swallows. Cute!
SERAPH - Space Harrier style forward-looking game of dodging enemies while shooting them, and collecting powerups. Gets hard fast. Mechanical bird mech suit.
PICO'S COUSIN 2 - A trip to visit grandma in the nursing home takes a bizarre turn when aliens attack, and after bumming a closet key off of one of the orderlies (tribute to Tom Fulp's game "Disorderly") Prico has to collect a variety of guns and blow the crap out of evil kids, and the Alien Hominid. Don't forget to pick up items from fallen enemies. Quick, good game.
CITYSCAPE - Relaxing game of urban planning. No placement needed, just select which of the 14 city upgrades should be built in which order. Some industries, like a seaport, will boost the power of your existing constructions, like leveling up the fishing industry. Can you gain all 60 possible levelups by the time you've placed the last structure?
GENOCIDE MONKEY - An evil monkey god goes about destroying islands, trying to find the right type of attack to destroy each island.
THE ORC RING - An Orc in a bar has challenged you to the shell game. Can you find the ring under the shell 20 times in a row?
CLOCK CREW SIMON - Click on the 5 fruity CC characters in order they glow. This is what the CC finds 'intellectually stimulating'.
YOUDAFLY - Eat stuff on the table, but remember to get airborne before the flyswatter gets you. Leftovers, bugs flys.
Awesome anime game of a girl crashing her bicycle into the guy of her dreams, sending him flying and bouncing over a landscape populated with other characters. Some stop him, some speed him up, and you can keep him going for a while by using specials. Sort of like Olypics track and field. How far can YOU launch the hapless guy before he stops, or gets caught?
http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/motherload <- Full version!
MOTHERLOAD - Mining game on Mars. Dig as deep as you can to find gold, silver, and even more valueable types of ore, but beware the Earthquakes and horrors of the deep! Make sure you have enough fuel to get back to the surface, and money to upgrade your gear so you can survive the uncharted depths of the alien planet.. awesome game, excellently animated. Trash technology.
KITTEN CANNON - Fire the cannon, then keep the kitten bouncing with explosives and other items until it hits something lethal. Idea stolen from that anime bicycle crash game listed earlier, and not quite as well executed, but could be useful in the right context. Arthur.
BALL REVAMPED III : Gemini - Another game of guiding your ball through electrified walls and gates, trying to find the elusive exit. Much improved graphics through, every ten levels is another epoch, from The Abyss to The Beginning. Invisible walls, magic stars, and finally a long, protracted Boss battle involving everything from laser prisms to rockets. Very 60's, drug hallucinations, some disco (ok, that's 70's, anyway its retro). End of the series.
THE ADVENTURES OF BLOBBLOB - Little guy jumps on top of enemies, navigating a map with jumps and limited visability. A bit like a cross between Mario and Osmo's Cosmic Adventure from oldschool Apogee games.
PHILADELPHIA CTU: SCENE 2 - Disarm a bomb by repeating its keycode as it reveals it. Can you get through all 4 codes in 3 minutes? Don't mess up, or BOOM! Explosion. Terrorists. Like Simon.
PIZZA SHACK - Operate the 4 fast food machines and fill out your customer's orders in perfect sequence, or else. Game of memory, and remembering to operate the machines in advance. Hit the left and right and up and down buttons repeated to cook fries and make shakes. Ding fries are done. Burger King.
SHOPLIFTER - Like the classroom cheating series above, but with different features. Steal anything from a candy bar to a priceless diamond, but don't let the clerk, cameras, or other costumers see you carrying the item out of the store, or you're busted. Vision fields.
STICK AVALANCE 2 - Matrix parody opening. Dodge the falling spikes and get the squares. Wierd end-of-section rhetorical questions.
OVERHEAD 4 - Strange series of games for the mouse, sort of like a screen saver. Mouse over patterns to change them. Guide the mouse though a maze. Short, fun.
PHILADELPHIA CTU: SCENE 1 - Hogan's Alley-like shooting game, but with a nightscope. Shoot all 45 terrorists in 3 minutes without running out of health or ammo. It's a bit strange at first since the terrorists don't fall down when you shoot them, but only one bullet is needed to score a kill.
ASTRAL SCHISM - SPACE, or the mulitnational exploring council from Earth, has found aliens, but is split over what to do with them. The Exterminators want to destroy them, then Ambassadors want to make peace with them, so both groups go their seperate ways. Either help mine asteroids to build the Embassy, or done a starfighter and kick alien butt. Either way, you must collect a certain amount of salvage or minerals of four different colors to keep your ship repaired and upgrade its abilities. Getting the firepower and spread-shot upgrades for the Fighter is very cool.
Muerte Viene Para Nosotro - God and Satan engage in the final battle.. a fishing tournament complete with relaxing music to see who can catch as many souls as possible. Death, meanwhile, is worried about lossing his job, so his job in the game is to get as many souls as he can BEFORE either of the good or bad folks do, and win the match on his own. Strange, different.
LORD OF THE HIDDEN RINGS - Lord of the Rings. On a 4x4 board, click only on the rings pictures in the minimap. Work quickly, because the minimap will fade with time, until you'll be unable to see where they go. Don't click on a Red Wizard! Red Wizard tries to screw you up. Memory game.
TRAFFIC CONTROL 2 - Click on intersections of the city to change the color of the red and green lights. Avoid traffic jams!
DK MINE MADNESS - Fast-paced version of Donkey Kong's mine cart ride. Jump over missing pieces of track and avoid overhead obstacles and enemies. How far can you go?
STICK RPG *COMPLETE* - You're a stickman, doing the usual things of increasing your charm, strength and intelligence to get better jobs and make more money. Very highly rated, I should play this things out later. Don't walk off the edge of the world.
STARFIGHTER - In a scrolling 2D world, fly and upgrade your ship to take on an increasingly difficult set of missions. Allies fly by your side, issue them orders. Science fiction, space.
EASY CHESS - A simple, but fun chess program. Play against the computer.
PEACE PLANE - A cute little fighter airplane fires flowers at military helicopters and naval ships, sinking them after repeated hits. Gimic to this game is that you only see a narrow rectangle of the screen, but it scrolls up and down as you move. Gets involved after a while.
KRONIK VS FINAL FANTASY - RPG where an undead hero fights the cast of Final Fantasy bit by bit, using various FF powers and undead abilities. Fun, although you have to level up a bit.
FILM SCHOOL - Adventure game. Find a can of Red Bull so you'll have enough energy to write a winning screenplay for a surprise film contest the next day.
ZELDA 64 Mini-Games - The Legends of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time. Shoot Navi before she zaps you. Shoot rupees as in the game challenge. Shoot chickens!
YODASPERM!- Yo-da-sperm, not anything from Yoda. Fly up a woman's tube toward your ultimate goal of finding The Egg, but watch out for traps, bacteria, and (funniest of all) condoms which expand and trap your little hero. Poink. Rated R.
BREAK IT - Superbly animated version of Breakout,  quite fun. The paddle leans in the direction you move it temporarily, giving more options.
MMPOLARITY RECONSTRUCTION - Cool Megaman game where you have blue or red shields, and have to change the polarity to fend off attacks and damage foes. Five stages, huge blue or red energy fields you have to quickly switch polarity between.
D-fense 2! - 3D animated city buildin ggame. Upgrade towers and man them with troops to fend off attacking mechs and vehicles.

End of Line.