Mario A lot of people have played video games. Some of those people have become animators. And some of those animators have become jaded. Mario has long captured a special place in people's hearts. Love him, or hate him, both sides are represented here.
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LUIGI'S CASTLE CALAMITY - This time, LUIGI tries, many times, unsuccessfully, to blow up that @$@#$ castle from Super Mario World. Mario and others just laugh at him. When in doubt.. USE OVERKILL! Dang, that is one TOUGH castle.. funny! Technical difficulties.
DR. MARIO'S WONDER PILLS - Peach takes some of the pills.. and freaks out bigtime. Luigi helps Mario with his commercial.. then blinks "But I already gave her some of those pills!" Mario ohs.. uhohs. Don't do drugs kids.

MARIO'S RECITAL - Mario bows to the audience, in full tuxedo dress, and prepares to play a piano recital. Except.. something's wrong with the keys? He tries again.. and the piano EATS HIM! IT'S ALIVE! EVIL! DEMON! AHHHH!! Use when people are sick of your Mario music remixes :)

PRESS START: FAMILIAR FACES - In Hades, Johnson, a turtle with glasses is looking for The Real Dark Tome in the Library of Ultimate Evil, first navigating the annoying librarian, a smiley-faced familiar designed to be cute and annoying in equal measure, a boss fight just to get the door open, then The Test of Ultimate Aggravation.. survival several levels of Super Mario World. Finally, he brings the book back to Count Vile, who looks up the key to escaping hell. "See Volume 2.. time to go back" Bureaucracy. Chainsaw-shotgun is your friend.
MAKING A PIRANHA PLANT - A How-To video for making a Mario Giant Piranha Plant in RL using sculpting clay. Using tin foil for wrinkles, making the teeth seperate, body section, coloring, then putting it together into a truely mean-looking slavering mouth. Shots from several angles. Arts and crafts. Tutorial.

DR. MARIO WITH LYRICS - Music video to an already basterdized remix of the Doctor Mario music. The Doc is educated by watching every doctor television show out there, you do NOT want him to work on you. "Wait wait... I'm wrong... you have... crabs?" NSFW.
GANGSTER BROS. 1.1 - Play as Mario, Luigi, or Mr.T (why not) in this twisted version of Super Mario Brothers. Instead of jumping on enemies, you blast them with your weapon of choice. The goal is to survive to the end of the level and go down into the pipe. Graphics look very NES and old school.
SUPER MARIO BROTHERS EP 2 - A surprisingly hardcore 3D animated tribute to The Brothers Plumber, beginning with Mario taking down a DRAGON single-handedly, and Luigi witnessing an explosive airship strike on a town. Realistic physics make the cartoony animation just a little bit eerie, when the hammer doesn't work Mario uses a knife to cut the dragon's throat. Explosions are crisp, instant, and disorienting. All bets are off.
SONIC SHORTS: VOLUME 5 - Yep, more fun mini-fan-skits for the Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic competes in the Bejing Olypics, gets a perfect 10 in swimming, then almost drowns because he can't swim. Mario tosses him a ring, but it vanishes as Sonic collects it. Baby robot bug learns to drive. People keep mistaking Shadow and Silver for Sonic, driving him nuts. Sonic finds Mechasonic's week spot, kicking him in the nuts. Knuckles punches out Sonic while he eats a chili dog, Sonic goes DBZ on his butt. Annoying robot helpers. Sonic is finally going to ask Amy out.. or is he? "I don't.. go that way.." Tails WOOS! Amy goes scary DBZ Cthulhu on him. Tail tries to fly Sonic out of water, but he needs to seriously diet. Dr. Egghead unleashes his ultimate weapon.. his underwear. It works. Sonic can't take minor robot enemies seriously. Egghead sends missles across space and time to destroy the annoying screenwriters who water him down in G-rated kid's cartoon shows like Sonic X. He's a manga villian dammit! Ending live action puppet show as the credits roll! Rick Rolled. Awesome :)
SMASH KINGDOM LOST LEVELS - Another series of Smash Brothers Brawl parodies! Part of a project that wasn't completed, so they releases the finished skits. Sonic's DragonballZ powers allow him to destroy all four incarnations of Icarus before it wears off. The Flower boss vomits on Kirby "This is so.. fucking.. DISGUSTING!" Snake sneaks in, boss says he can use all the explosives he wants, but no guns, kids play this game. Earthbound kid gets mad as Peach dodges all his lighting balls, so HE pulls a gun. Bang Bang. Donkey Kong plays a rhythm game using Wario as a bongo. Fatality. Wolf knocks over Baby Mario's blocks.
WITHOUT A MUSHROOM - A simple level of Super Mario brothers goes bizarre as Luigi is head. "LUIGI!!!" animation goes from spirit to weird 3D as Mario tries to tell his horribly mutilated brother that everything will be alright. Luigi fades, then dies, but not before pointing out the Goomba who did it to him. Mario does horrible hatefull Dragonballz, and it goes back to sprite, with Mario stepping on the Goomba, who vanishes. That was easy. Overacting. Nintendo.
$00pah NiN10Doh! - "Super Nintendo" Another super collaboration of Nintendo freaks! Princess Peach gets all the luck in Mario Party, and that's a literal statement. Kirby takes out the disturbing looking enemy ship without really trying. Otaku Pokemon Snap XXX photographer snaps one anthropomorphic Pokemon babe after another. The Ducks exact WWII reverge on That Damn Dog from Duck Hunt. Fox takes time to oggle Krystal while she's stuck in the crystal, she gets him for it later. Gratituous furry Pokemon beach babe action. The Four Links form a dysfunctional adventuring party. Ditty tries to ask out his sister. Wario still sucks, but his minigames are awesome. Sigeru Miyamoto is stranded on a planet ruled by his own creations. Mr. Game and Watch is a bad chef. The Hand hurts itself in the final battle. Ike from Smash Brothers Brawl sighs and looks at you "I'll be you people don't know ANYTHING about Fire Emblem." Starfox deals with Drama within the team. The Nintendo Management can't think of anymore themes for pokemon after 5 generations. A Tetris piece's son doesn't look like his dad. Solid Snake "METAL GEAR!!" goes insane and defeats the final Smash Brothers Brawl boss, only for Gigglypuff to sing The Ending Song and put everyone to sleep. AWESOME!!! Adult, but not -overly- so. PG-17 maybe.
MARIO'S CASLTE CALAMITY - Rapid-fire Mario parody! Mario's can't seem to destroy that castle from Mario Brother's 3 (the one where it gets destroyed differently every time). Dynamite, using friends as projecticles, bombs, poison shrooms, cannons, geting his head eaten by fish.. NOTHING works. Mario has a terrible horrible no-good very bad day. Yay! Fast and funny.
SUPER MARIO BROS Z Ep 7 - Goofy high-quality sprite cartoon, part of a long series. Parody of DragonballZ a bit, hunting down the Chaos Emeralds. Bowser and Doctor Robotnik together, will they win, or blow each other up?
MARIO'S 1UP ADVENTURE - This is *ANOTHER* remake of that VGDC Beatles "Hard Days Night" chase thing! Luigi is dead, and Mario cries.. then Peach suggests just giving him a 1up Mushroom? Problem is.. a hardshell Koopa steals it. Insert ridiculous chase scene here! Luigi mourns Mario's death. Peach charges admission.
POWER STAR 4 - Daniel Sun's last sprite movie. An army of ghosts is collecting all the Power Stars in the Mushroom Kingdom, for the final purpose of Destroying All Creation. They're already possessed Mario, and all the Toads they haven't killed. Only Luigi is left, and it doesn't look like he's got a chance. That doesn't stop him from trying. Doom. Not for the faint of heart.
POWER STAR 4.5 - Against all logic and reason, the PARODY of Power Star 4 appeared the very same week 4 itself hit the Newgrounds forums. Both were on the Sun Studios forums long ago apparently. "JonBro's Final Videogame Parody" Possessed Mario burst, hothothot! Mario hurts himself more than Luigi with the Matrix Moves. "(Deep Ghost Voice) Luigi.. YOU.. SUCK.." You really have to see Power Star 4 first. LOL.
SCORPION VS NES - For the hell of it, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat peels off his head and goes on a fire-breathing rampage through several famous NES games, leaving Before and After pictures after the entire landscape has been consumed by flame. Scooter's "FIRE!!!" song plays as he strikes. Ends with Yackety Sax credits. Pointless violence and fun. Mario.
THE GREAT MUSHROOM CHASE - As the Beattle's song "Hard Days Night" plays, Mario chases a hardshell kopa who's making off with a 1up mushroom through a variety of odd scenes, never quite catching him. Remake of an earlier flash for a contest. Has an Egoraptor "Awesome Center Redux" reference toward the end.
THE 1-UP PURSUIT - Yet another VGDC remake of That Mario Beattles Movie for That Contest thing! A hardsheel koopa steals a 1up mushroom from mario, who starts systematically destroying the kingdom with goofy DragonballZ moves in his attempt to reclaim it, but never quite gets there. Lots of property damage! Mario falls into the pit, dies, and gets hit by the 1up mushroom, but he's still dead. Kill Bill music at the ending. Funny! Hard Day's Night.
SPRITE TV 3! - The ehanced might of my geeky mind is nevertheless unable to do justice to this MASSIVE collaboration of absolutely insane Teen-rated, -literally- LOL (when was the last time -YOU- Laughed Out Loud at something? Hmm?) collection of sprite-flavored mayhem. (Note: Hit Skip at the intro scene, it drags) Begins with over 9000 twist on Newgrounds logo, and contains *39* quick scenes. Favorites - Frogger dodges a nuke, then misses an easy jump. Speed Racer gets carjacked. Bob Barker (that's right, from The Price is Right) public service annoucements. Mortal Kombat Xenu fatality (see that other flash about Scientology) Things Kirby shouldn't eat. Megaman meets GLASDOS from Portal. Pokemon "I don't want to see your damn bug collection!" Princess Peach rides a rocket into the Sun's eye.
WII LOVE BRAWL COMEDY - An animation of a comedy sequence done by Pablo Francisco about That Guy With The Deep Voice Who Talks In Movie Previews, reenacted out by the cast of Super Smash Brothers Brawl! It's funny! Mario
LUIGI IN 60 SECONDS - As Beethoven's Halleuja chorus plays, Luigi has the ULTIMATE BAD-HAIR DAY. Completely gets -EVERYTHING WRONG-. And what he doesn't get wrong by himself, happens from VERY BAD LUCK. A hillarious chorus of musical doom. He must hate Mario more than ever now. Parody. Classical music. Luigi screams along with the music. Evil Christmas! Beethoven's 9th symphony. Funny!
BRAWL TAUNTS - Parody of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. "Things you'll NEVER hear in SSBB" Toon Link can only do DBZ growls. "I think someone kicked him really hard in the Ballz" Falcon "Show me your boobs!" Fanboys argue wether Sonic is cheap, Mario steals his drug money. Luigi never gets any respect. Peach has the hots for Solid Snake, who likes Shamus, who doesn't like him. "What kind of final smash is that?" "I put my clothes back on" Boom. Awesome!
MORE BRAWL TAUNTS - Sequel to the first Brawl Taunts! Snake messes up the "9000!" meme. Falco falls off the edge and can't get back up. Wolf "That's the first rule of Fur-Faggotry, you don't recover" Fox "Well technically he doesn't have fur, so I get that makes him a featherfag." Ash is annoying, gets pwned by Falcon "It's super effective! Ike likes being the only pretty boy in the game, punches out fanboy who wants Cloud in the game. Pikachu "I'm tired of trying to be cute!!" Lucario has the voice of Goku, does a huge twitching KaMaYa chargeup without result. Bowser wants to be a top tier character, punches out Mario and asks out Peach, who has other plans for him instead. Awesome!
BOWSER'S KINGDOM EP 666 - HALLOWEEN ZOMBIES. One of a several episodes about a gumba and a regular kopa, two guys just trying to get around in the world. In this case, a cursed mushroom starts a zombie plague, which starts killing everyone EXCEPT Mario. Good luck guys. The other nine episodes are awesome, just haven't had time to update and catch them all.
OMG! SMB MISHAPS! 2 - Super Mario Mishaps 2 - Posion mushroom, too powerful spring, storm of fish everywhere. Invisible block bashes him away from flag. Flag impact is painful, tips over. Luigi drops it on him. Tries to power up as falling turtles keep bashing him. Jaws music as squid attacks. "Sorry Mario, but Luigi has already saved the princess." Mario boots Toad into the stratosphere.
TETRIS COMEDY - Japense guy starts playing "Tetris" but all the pieces on the bigscreen ALWAYS disappear. Then he goes to Level 10, and gets completely overwhelmed. Then sets the pieces to TINY so they take forever to clear the screen! Sets up a Tetris.. and the rod sinks out of site. Then everything floats upwards and jams. Then beans start to fall. Then the bar is too big. Video Game parodies! Then Mario gets so big the box kills him.
ICONS EP2 - FUNKY SMELL - Ipod people. "Ipod. Even for the groove impared." Guys play Mario. Guy things Mario sounds like a little girl? Warped love story as Mario falls for Daisy, Luigi's girlfriend. Luigi arrives at the wrong time "And shoots a fireball right up the little guy's pucker hole. Poor guy hasn't been able to take a crap for years." Next theory, Peach finds Mario with Daisy and sneaks up with a knife "Mama Mia!" "That's when she cut off his Kabasa, never to be used again." Back to Earth, Funky smell in trunk of car. ET 2? ET makes little girl's head explode by accident O_O. Somebody phone Spielburg! Monster in trunk grabs people. Zombie grandmother attacks "Someone's in my FRUIT CELLAR!" Halloween. Awesome pointless fun.
SKITTLES N BITZ 8 - Sprite movie madness. "Don't hurt me! I'm only a level 2 archer! I'm too inexperienced to die!" Star Wars. Kirby turns into an apple? Megaman enemy freaks out. Sonic and Knuckles fight, again. Knock each other out. Ring gets got by a fly instead. Mario plays the harmonica until he gets punched out. Link goes for village woman instead of Zelda. Back to the Future guy's ghost gets hit by the time machine car.
MARIO'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY - Tribute to all things Mario, mostly hand-drawn. Music video to Mario music remixes. Falling coins hit piano keys. Hammer smashes the evil Goomba brothers Matrix-style. "Welcome to the Warp zone you cheating S.O.B.!" Mario sees Peach in the shows, passes out. Lots of Bowser bashing. Brief drug hallucination sequence. Hand that stretches Mario's face as in Mario 64 gets hit by laser-eyes. Happy Birthday Mario!
DAFT PUNK COLLAB - Megaman raises an eyebrow. Record guy bats a fly, and interupts the sound. The "Work It   Harder, better faster stronger" song. "Our work is never over". Mickey Mouse as Michael Jackson? Sonic exercises until he's dizzy. Luigi and Mario work out. Luigi is Agent Smith. Dancing Mario and Mickey.
LORDOFTHEMATRIXWARS - What you get when Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Star Wars and Final Fantasy get thrown together. Silly collection of popular characters. Princess Mario's Peach topless tackles Neo? o_O Neo porks Frodo's girlfriend? Hobbits. Cloud "Things just got interesting, we're in space now!" Death Star. Neo fights Cloud. Stupid anime scripts. Lightsaber fight "I always knew it would come to this.." Cloud uses dynamite suicide pack instead. Death Star explodes. Link "Let's go get wasted!" Breaks the rating a bit, but it's a cartoon! Goofy credits!
SKITTLES N' BITZ 7 - Goofy video game parodies. Song about Princess toadstool from Mario. DragonballZ - Picolo challenges Gohan to a fight, busts out a super-fast set of exercises. Gohan shoots him. Pokemon used to directly blast the other trainer into dust. Final Fantasy cryptic code speak? Megaman thinks too hard, gets hit by a truck. Chrono Triggur mischief.
AVERAGE MAN - Music video to Reel Big Fish's "Average Man". Hand-drawn Mario and his band sing high-energy sound about love. Peach kicks Mario out of the house, loves a goomba! Mario "I just become a member, of a club known as the babbling fools.." "But that's ok, cause I'm your Average Man.." then cuts awesome goofy backdancing moves as turbles play trumpets in the background. Ok, so he's not really -average-.. it rocks!
DSTV6 - Three shorts from Dungeon Studios. Harvest Moon does Weird Al's Amish Paradise. Earthbound does Hardware Store, and Mario does the Plumbing Song. Weird Al goodness! Music video dancing.
IT'S FREAKIN' MARIO! - More Mario Mishaps! Luigi rips off Mario's mustache. Goombas play football with Mario until someone hammers his head. Bowser makes Mario jump into the fire pit, laughs, then gets hit with a falling brick and follows him.
KILL MARIO! Mortal Kombat style
1- Run over by Wario  2- Eating too much 3-Shot into space. Head explodes 4-Eggified
WHAT IF D.K. WAS KIDDY? - Cranky Kong shows how stupid Donkey Kong is, then imagines him as a child, trying to beat up King K. Rool then to get his bananas back. Cranky ends up defeating the aligator himself. Goofy, funny parody!
WHAT IF MARIO WAS KIDDY? - Sweet, happy Mario gets chased by a Duke Nukem-talking football enemy. Luigi narrates, then ends up having to kick his own grown-up replica when it tries to take the princess. Goofy, slightly crude, but fun :)
GOOMBA ASSALT! - 6 Newgrounds artists make short flashes about trashing unending hordes of goombas! "Save some for Kimari!"
NINTENDO JAZZ BAND! - Mario, Conker, DK, StarFox all play in a Jazz Band! 2nd half.
GROUP X - MARIO TWINS. Sing along! Two levels of humming.*
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - 1 - Mario is DEAD! Friends avenge him.
Titanic soundtrack!
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - 2 - Disco Koopas! Final Battle. Awesome!
CHILD'S PLAY - Two nerds review early video games. Donkey Kong! Mario's gay umbrella? For people who don't like video games :P Peach is a hooker?
MARIO'S TIME MACHINE PARADOX. >From Fanimutation page.*
SUPER MARIO BLITZ. Same as on Blacksheep. Psychadelia Mario multi-ness. Kid head, ends with Do The Mario song.
MARIO BROTHERS - PART 1 - Dark spoof. Drama. Mushroom K is better
THE COLOR OF ENVY. Luigi frees Wario to try and kill Mario. Classical music. Opera.
1 )  Mr.T Star karate kick  2) Crying fills bubble, no air! 3) Eaten by plant "WOAH!"
Super Mario Reloaded. Matrix parody of Agent Smith fight scene.
Short film where Mario jumps on people. Luigi offs him with a gun. The End.
MACK DADDY MARIO 2 - Mario raps about what it takes to win a girl. Money! Make your own Mario dance at end.
THE BEYOND (MARIO MARIO) - Mario jumps over the pole, to find a wierd space-time distortion. Dr. Who!
MARIO VS SONIC (HR) - Two fights, tie score. Tails saves Sonic. Luigi sticks Mario's head back on his body for the win in the second round.
SUPER MARIO - ORCHESTRAL. Mario and Bowser conduct a Pops Orchestra!
SHORT MARIO MOVIE - Mario tries to take revenge on Blue Koopa who caught Luigi taking a leak. Ending with fireworks as Koopas get blasted into space all over the world.
4th of July.
MARIO BABIES 2 - Baby Luigi doesn't want to be #2, so bonks Baby Mario. They both start crying, and the logo falls on both their heads. Crunch! Be nice!
MORBIDLY OBESE MARIO - Mario needs to lose weight. Yoshi stuck in buttcrack?
SONIC'S MARIO POWERS. Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all try out Mario powerups.
MARIO BABIES - FAN FLASH - Luigi gives Baby Mario Exlax. O_O. Brown stuff explodes everywhere! Yoshi tries drinking special coffee.. Mach's coffee!
MARIO VS LUIGI - 8bit graphics. Mario and his brother duel to the death.
MARIO BEEBOP - Parody of intro to Cowboy Beebop
MARIO - BACK TO THE 70'S - Mario dances to the BeeGee's "Staying Alive". LOTS of different dance moves! Luigi comes in and bonks him, then MOONS THE CAMERA!
MARIO VS LINK - Mario eats DK, Link gets mad. Choose who wins!
KILLING MARIO METHODS 6 - Death by own song, 4 types.
MARIO VS SONIC (PP) - Some anti-gay talk, but cool fight. Option to Kill Both at end.
MARIO WANNABE BIGGER! - Mario releases a giant mushroom, hoping to get huge, but the mushroom crushes him. Fast, and funny!
SUPER MARIO KILLER JUMP - Spring gives too much kick. Mushroom makes head big.
MARIO BABIES 4 - Babies play with Sonic's severed head.
MACK  DADDY MARIO 3 - Baby got Back. Glowsticks.
MARIO VS SONIC (VGDC) - The original and best!
MARIO BABIES 3 - Luigi steals Mario's plunger. Mario gets a fire flower for revenge, but ends up incinerating the whole crib. "Share your toys before it's too late"
MARIOvsSONIC (SF) - Ryu from SF kills both Mario and Sonic.
SUPER GHETTIO WORLD - Mario's black brother sets him in link. 4 endings. All you Base
KOOPA'S COLLAPSE - Part 1 - Gold Koopas battle Grey Koopas. Grand battle music.
LUIGI'S BAD LUCK - Fast and funny Mario mishaps. Falling giant mole! Poor Luigi.
SUPER MARIO RAMPAGE - Game - Mario packs a shotgun, aim carefully!
MARIO'S GAME OVER - 37 different Mario deaths. Giant pit of dead Marios.
MARIO BABIES 1 - Mario doesn't want to grow up to be a plumber, so he fights with Luigi, and has the crib colapse on his head. "Boxing is dangerous. Become a plumber while you can"
MARIO - THE SYSTEM IS DOWN - Mario does Strongbad's song! Homestarrunner.
MARIO'S BAD FACIAL HAIR DAY - Shaving accident puts Mario in a wheelchair. Luigi blows away Hamtaro. Ew.
MARIO'S FALL - Mario visits a Mortal Kombat pit. Funny fatallities!
*** SUPER MARIO ALL STAR ADVENTURE! Mario Luigi and Sonic battle Bowser and Goro from Mortal Kombat. Knuckles does the Neo-Fighting-The-Agent-Smiths thing! Matrix
MARIO FLASH PARTY - Game - Keep Mario on the solid cubes.
MARIO GHOST HOUSE HELL - Cheesy Horror movie. Mario revisits the Mario64 ghost house to find Luigi torn to bits, and Peach killed in front of his eyes. "Merry Christmas! >:) "
SUPER GRAND THEFT AUTO BROTHERS - Mario takes to car crime.
MARIO BROTHERS 1 - Dark, dark serious drama. Bowser kills Luigi. War film. High rate
MARIO BROTHERS 2 - Bowser storms the castle. Where is Mario?
MARIO BROTHERS 3 - Mario tries giving the Life Mushroom to Luigi. It doesn't work. He and Toad go to take revenge on Bowser. Long download, probably won't use these.
ETERNAL BLAMNATION CLOCKS - Mario, Stawberry Clock, and other try to monopolize the Portal by filtering out all other types of flash submissions. Video Mob.
HOW SHROOMS ARE MADE - Mario tricks Sonic into eating a mushroom, then several Toadies. He falls, dies, and farts out a Shroom. "Dr. Mario got smarter."
MARIO VS BROLLY - LOL!!! Dragonballz vs Mario, FUNNY!
RESIDENT KOOPA: OUTBREAK- Resident Evil Mario parody. Online gamers deal with lag, cheating (Luigi has a lightsaber) and disconnects. 4.05 Bad language. Noobspeak.
RESIDENT KOOPA 3 - One with Mortal Combat tie-in! Mr T on door! Bowser attacks.
MARIO GETS LOCKED OUT. Tries to open the door with a bazooka, ending up blowing off Toad's forehead by accident. Happy Surprise Birthday Party!
MARIO SMASH - 10 second clip, Mario hits his head on a block and smashes it. DOH!
SUPER MARIO'S "IMAGINE" - Mario sings the Beattles John Lennon song. Peace throughout Mario World! Dream!
MARIO TWINS! Offical Group X version, like the one on Blacksheep, but on NG.
THE SECOND MELEE ON ZEBES - Like Smash Brother's Melee, Mario, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Kirby and Yoshi fight it out. Acid rises and eat them all. 2nd of 4 animations.
LUIGI'S FRUSTRATION - MetalMavrick flash, guy who helped with 6-person Matrix animations with Legendary Frog. Luigi is envious of Mario, you give him a reality check.
MARIO TEACHES IMPERIALISM - Mario and friends give the history of China from 1850 to 1900. MUST RIGHT-CLICK-PLAY to view, button in window doesn't work.
Video where a guy defeats ALL OF SUPER MARIO 3 IN ELEVEN MINUTES!!!
UNTITLED - Official Animutation Colin. Neil. Crocodile. Mario. Archie. Teletubbies.
Wierd. Ends with unending horde of dead Marios.
BOB-BOMB DISCO - A lonely Bobbomb wants into a club, finds a way in the back entrance. Combustible love story! Disco music.
16-BIT PARK - Luigi and Tails are tired up being in Mario and Sonic's shadows. AWESOME ROCK SHOW! "I've, become so Numb.. "
YEAH! - VIDEO GAME STYLE - Video game characters dance to a song. Chrono, Mario, Mortal Kombat, SF, everybody. Not as cool as Hey Ya! slightly repeditive.
MARIO AND LUIGI 2 - Luigi's kicking things. RoboMario hunts him down after kicking the real Mario off a clilff. Moral: "This is a scary old woman."
NEWGROUNDS DEATHMATCH 1(1/2) - Knox does claymation of NG artists battling to the death Celebrity Deathmatch style! One guy uses Mario hammer and flying cap. Other uses Grand Theft Auto weapons.
DOT ROLLER COASTER - Dot rolls about the world, skiiing through snow, and gets chased by Mario in the sewers. Mario beseiges the Dot Castle!
THE DECLINE OF VIDEO GAMING - Metal Gear, Link, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Mario, all sorts of game series that suck in 2059. One of NG's top rated! Outtakes at end.
YOSHI'S COOKIE! Puzzle game where Mario's the baker, not doing a good job. Fights Yoshi at first, then Yoshi helps him eat the stage clear! Pacman-style between-stage scenes.
MACHETE SLAPDASH - Pacman video game references, horror movies, Kill Bill, random like Arfenhouse. Goofy! Not really tha gory. Alien tries to kill people. Goth guy has weapons. Pawpet Show theme! Godfather. Mario!
NINTENDO HOUR! - Kung Fu master meets mushroom, aerobics instructor, surfing cat. Accidently knocks his friend into Mario World sea zone. Drives to escape police.
SUGGA - Kowabunga Mushroom people! "What do I feel? What do I say? In the end it all goes away.." faster and faster! Goofy music video.
MARIO VS JESUS - Jesus brings Mario back just so he can kill him again, but Mario returns as an immortal. Mario and Jesus must engage in.. MORTAL KOMBAT!
MARIO SURVIVAL GUIDE - Old B&W silent movie. Mario meets a shyguy, is the Turnip or Bazooka a better weapon? Vegetables can be deadly. Spits Swallows.
KOOPA STRIKE - Mario characters play gorey version of Half-Life Counterstrike. Princess calls Mario a Wop. "..FUCK YOU!!" boom. Luigi gets him though. Sorta funny.
LUIGI'S CONFESSION DVD 1 - Mario and Luigi are watching 4th of July fireworks. Luigi tries to tell Mario something... "I have.. EXPLOSIVE DIARREAH!" Farts chunks up into the sky like rockets. Sick.. but funny.
SUPER MARIO MISHAPS - Bad things to jump on! Mario does Homer Simpson. Even Bowser barfs.
PEACH'S BIRTHDAY - PART 1 - Mario and Luigi compete to get Peach the best gift.
Would Peach like the chainsaw or the golf club better?
DON'T DO THIS - Examples of overused flash topics, including stick figures, and Mario. Satan smashes the Madness guy, and tells you to "BE MORE ORIGINAL!!!"
THE SECRET OF DR. MARIO - Mario abuses drugs, dies. Moral: Mixing is dangerous!
RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 10 - Babies use Stepdad's computer, access internet porn, get sucked into the Tron universe, the Mario universe, Homestarrunner, the Retarded Animal Babies, and the Happy Tree Friends! Would be great if it wasn't SICK!!! Time paradox as babies restart their OWN flash on Newgrounds, meeting themselves earlier in the episode.
MARIO AND THE WIGGLER - Mario's a jerk that goes around killing weak enemies. The Wiggler tries to stop him, Yoshi eats it instead. Mario still wins, jerk. Rob Zombie music.
MARIO'S REVENGE 4 - After being turned into a Clock, Mario fights the Clock Crew Matrix and DragonBallZ style. Turns into super mushroom while Crew turns into Jam.
MARIO'S TEN COMMANDMENTS - "Thou shalt not die by a Goomba." Bowser gets
huge and stomps Mario.
SUPER MARIO - TOAD'S RAGE - Toad becomes huge fighters, kicks Luigi and Mario to pieces. in parts 1 & 2. Cool bonus features.
SUPER MARCO WORLD - Shotgun-wielding guy from Metal Slug wrecks a Mario level.
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM 3! - Luigi had a bad dream! Saves Mario's life.. at the cost of his own o_O. Mario goes to beat up Wart, Mack Daddies the mouse, whose own bomb explodes in his face. BOOOM! Awesome ^_^
MARIO 3D SHOOTING GAME - Survive and take out Bowser. Not too hard, but fun!
THE REAL MUSHROOM KINGDOM - Bowser takes Peach's virginity with his Star Rod on the night of her big date with Mario.. "And there is nothing you can do about it!!" Mario tries to recruit Wario and his brother to help. Strip poker game with Cartoon Network heros. A bit strange, but fun.
NOT ANOTHER MARIO MOVIE - Mario has jet-protelled farts. Parody of Mushroom Kingdom, Wario pelts Mario with blocks. Luigi and Peach think he's dead, but he's not, until later anyway.
TOAD'S RAGE DC - First episode, with new DragonBallz ending! Luigi's legs try to walk away, Toad goes Goku on him. Laser destroys Moon, pieces fall and destroy Earth. Joy.
STUPID SHYGUYS - Shyguys act like magic bushes. Joke turns bad when football player clobbers Mario from behind.
MARIO SHORT 1 - Stupid Thwomp. Mario tries various way to kill one of the falling block enemies. Luigi kicks it, making it look easy.
MARIO MEETS THE CLOCK CREW - Mario runs into wierd Newground clock people.
Stawberry Clock is the king of the portal.
MARIO KART UNDERGROUND - Night car racing turns wild, Mario and Luigi crash, Donkey Kong and Ditty win! Princess Peach is a hooker? Mario collides with Wario.
THE REAL MUSHROOM KINGDOM 2 - The Quest to retake Peach's virginity continues. Bowser has domestic dispute with goomba lover, depressed that he only took Peach's virginity with magic. Wario, Luigi and Luigi's evil twin go to Hooters and watch a goomba strip. Mario has an actually quite impressive fight with a monster composed out of Tetris pieces. Toad's Rage cameo as Toad hits Mario in the balls "I've got big balls!" song, and "TNT"
SUPER MARIO RESIDENT EVIL - Mario gets ambushed by Zombie Yoshi while watching Banana Man. Michael Jackson in window. Luigi goes to Racoon City to find him. "Daylight, I'm still a virg...<<<alive" Mario turns into King Koopa Zombie. Choose Fight or Run. Fight: Military Toad saves Luigi. Luigi finds Peach in lab, goes Tanooki and starts singing "You and me Baby we're nothing but mammal, lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.." Peach gets hit with Chemical X.. To Be Continued.
Run: Skip ahead to Toad.
SPIDER! - Strawberry Clock's new pet spider freaks out Nef, gets bigger every month, becoming a hat, then a horse, then finally a giant killing machine that takes over Clock Crew HQ. Strawberry yay! "Clock Crew 2004!" wrapped up in cocoon. Decepticon Clock, Final Fantasy Clock?
MARIO BROTHERS - UNHOLY ALLIANCE pt1 - Bowser and his Koopas and Wart and his Shyguys team up to attack the mushroom kingdom. Luigi tries to capture some of Mario's glory by using fake ghost and chasing them off. Everyone eats too many turnips. Kamek tortures a Toad with a flying fishtank with pirranna in it.
MARIO BROTHERS - UNHOLY ALLIANCE pt2 - Mario builds wall on wrong side, Luigi tries to take the lead, but they still love Mario. Luigi is Wart's master?? Darth Vader breathing! Yellow yoshi gets its color from pee? Heavy firepower tries to break down the castle walls! Luigi ghostbusts the Boos with his vacuum cleaner! Mario has a sword! Loses it.. Link tells him to "Use the Triforce!" returns to his hand Star Wars style. Mario and Luigi fight! WITH LIGHTSABERS!!!  Part 3 coming soon!
MARIO VS SONIC SPECIAL EDITION - Sonic and mutant Luigis fight Mario and his Mushrooms. Tails tries flying a nuke over to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario shoots him down, and ends up nuking everyone in the process. Two alternate endings: Mario just misses Peach's hand as she slips off a cliff, and Mario overshoots the cliff, Peach getting rescued by Knuckles instead. I Like Big Butts music.
DRAGONBALL CG Ep1 - All-out parody of Dragonball! Long! Goku's friends battles on the Super Nintendo, Mario and Luigi! Friend plays gameboy. Supervillians get resurrected by Stupid Kid, destroy his planet, then go to Earth to annoy Goku. Really stupid exchanges! Malfunctioning powers. Awesome! Also an injoke: "Is THAT OK?" "As a matter of fact, it isn't.." use after earlier flash!
SUPER MARIO MISHAPS 2 - Mario dies in all sorts of funny and horrible ways! Two flagpoles collapse "Son of a bitch..!" CRASH! Spring lunches him into space, where his head explodes. Condemned castle ceiling colapses. "OH FUCK!" naked running Mario at end.
MARIO AND LUIGI 3 - By Chill! Mario gets dumber as he keeps banging his head against a wall, wants to become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by being bite by a radioactive koopa. Luigi has fun training a zombie koopa to use a sword, so he can kill a Final Fantasy character and eat her brains. Plastic sword though. Day 6 approaches, and marshmellow doom for the world..
SUPER SMUSH BROTHERS - Kirby kicks the butt of most Nintendo superstars. Mario's stuck in the outhouse. Do after Perfect Kirby!"
SUPER RAMBO BROTHERS 1 - Mario kills Bowser with rocket launcher, takes princess back home. The End.
SUPER RAMBO BROTHERS 2 - Bowser kills(?) Peach, Mario packs weapons and goes after him. Blast koopas with automatic weapons. Bowser has magic barrier? Mario pulls out a Nuke and destroys the Castle, but both he and Bowser survive. DragonballZ. Shield is down, bullets start wounding Bowser, so he runs off. Peach is alive! Great. The End(?)
SUPER RAMBO BROTHERS 4 - Bowser is dead, but he wasn't the last boss. After a rountine plumbing accident, blowing Mario out the castle roof in a blast of sewage, Luigi offers him a towel to decontaminate himself with. Protoman from Megaman tells them Final Boss isn't in their dimension. Ship is damanged.. Mario uses Yoshi's tongue as a helicopter rotor. Blast off! Cool warp tunnel. Oringal Super Mario game? Chased by HUGE GOOMA. Warp to Intellevision game?? 2-bit! Rocket to planet, space pirates! Warp sends pirates back to Huge Gooma. Captain LoRez? Mario warps to log cabin, Final Fantasy! Old lady turns into Bahamut, Dragon King! Waits for action bar to fill. Selects Super Ass-kicking blast from list, then HBomb. STILL doesn't work! Proto's gun does 1 damage, defeating Bahmut! FF victory music! Megaman world, to be continued!
SUPER MARIO - TOAD'S RAGE 5 - Mario returns from the dead. Toad is possessed?
STAR FOX - Fox kills Toad, then starts his own flash. Use after Toad's Rage! Starfox flight simulator, Strawberry Clock gets shot, then Slippy loses both wings flying through a wing. Fox does loop, then hits the ground. Mario, through by the Glove, lands in the background.
DA GREATEST FLASH EVER!! - Long introductory sequence to 2001 Theme, prepare yourself for the greatest flash movie ever made! Then... mutant hairballs eat the end. So.. goofy pictures of toasters! Mario gets eaten by pacman. The end!
GOOMBA Vol.2 - Goomba hero tries to assasinate the Princess. Fights hordes of Toads with a spear while music from Kill Bill Vol.2 is playing. Finally follows Peach down the escape shoot, shoots her in the head.. but the bullet bounces? Faceplate opens in robot, message: "Sorry, the Princess is in another castle." Goomba gets annoyed.
LIVING IN GAMETOWN 2 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force skit reenacted with Mario Mall, Sinistar, Stitch and who knows what..
NEWGROUNDS TOURNAMENT SEMIFINALS #2 - MARIO VS MADNESS. Madness takes out the entire clock crew with a nuke, then finishes Mario in sprite world.
DRAGONBALL CG Ep1 - All-out parody of Dragonball! Long! Goku's friends battles on the Super Nintendo, Mario and Luigi! Friend plays gameboy. Supervillians get resurrected by Stupid Kid, destroy his planet, then go to Earth to annoy Goku. Really stupid exchanges! Malfunctioning powers. Awesome! Also an injoke: "Is THAT OK?" "As a matter of fact, it isn't.." use after earlier flash!
THE REAL MUSHROOM KINGDOM 3 - It's offical. Peach is a whore. Luigi in bed with Wario and Goomba. Mario "Nevermind.. I don't want to know.." Donkey Kong does annoying bongoing. Luigi fights Donkey. Cranky Kong "I'm exciting we're both not wearing pants." Crushed. Ironman power. Stupid Pokemon. Inside Bowser's castle, crashes rave party. "NO more, Mr. Nice Guy!" Waligi goes for Daisy, Luigi's girlfriend. Possessed Peach. Mario porn. DEFINITELY stretches the rating..
CONSOLE ALL STARS 2(ep6) - Sonic characters and Mario characters team up to deal with fast-paced enemies.
THE ENEMY WITHIN - Mario goes on long journey to meet Luigi after having a bad dream, jumping through different layers of Marioland like American Gladiators. He finds Luigi.. only to have Evil Mario come out of him, and attack. Matrix fight scene music (but not Agent Smith scene). Good dynamic motion. Mario finally has to kill Luigi, cries. Song Philadelphia.
VIRTUAL KEYBOARD v1.1 - Use the mouse to play music. Demos of Kirby, Zelda and Mario themes.
ANTICLOCKCLOCK TV 5 - NINTENDO POWER! - 8 archived video game TV commercials. Mario, Zelda, Metroid! Geeky bliss ^_^
SUPER MARIO FLASH HALLOWEEN EDITION - Mario-like game where you get rating for how many coins, enemies killed, and things you find. Cool bosses. Much better version of earlier Mario Flash. Remade spooky for the holidays.
MARIO TETRIS 3 - Regular Tetris with mario look and music. Not bad, not outstanding.
YOSHI'S MINIGAMES - Yoshi tries to eat good food, avoid bad food.
BOB-BOMB - A visitor to a Bob-Bomb testing facility is freaked out by all the explosive people. BOOM! "Look what I can do! ^_^ Wait, you'll miss the best part!" BOOM! Drugged wierdness for kids.
SUPER MARIO STORY I - A well-produced Mario adventure where the princess gets kidnapped, again. A bit slow-paced, but has its moments. Klub Koopa rave party.
MARIO'S 5TH ELEMENT - 5th element diva (Luigi) sings in the forground while Mario battles with a Koopa in a game of throwing shells. Stylish! Final battle.. over a single coin? Mario o_O "This probably had nothing to do with anything.."
THE TRUE SUPER MARIO 3 - Gerkinman. Donkey Kong kidnaps the princess. Mario lists of people who could help save her, but doesn't want to do it himself 'Cause I don't really care.." Masters of the Universe? Inspector Gadget? Luigi? Toad studders. Lots of OcRemix tunes in the background. Mario takes job with Bowser? Toad tries to save Peach himself, only to find *CENSORED* between here and the monkey! Donkey drives him of, and marries Peach, who now likes him! They have kids. The end. Breaks the rating *BIGTIME* in Peach topless scene.. otherwise I'd use it o_O
MARIO AND LUIGI FOREVER - Very well-produced sprite movie, of two well-trained Koopa commandos breaking into the palace, killing Toads indiscriminantely and searching for the Star Power. Mario and Luigi are asleep.. can dreams call them back in time? Part 1, keep looking for part 2.
A FIGHT IN THE NIGHT - A Super Smash Brothers melee song, done in the style of the old Disney Silly Symphonies. Mushrooms battle mosquitos after a long dance, with flowers playing trumpet. Fairy who's sparks gave life to them all looks disgusted as both armies wipe each other out by night's end.
MARIO AND LUIGI: A PLAGUE OF STARS - Two crooks steal the mushroom jems, allowing a witch to take over Smithy from Paper Mario, who she plans to use as a weapon.
SONIC VS MARIO PART 6 - Agent Smith Matrix final battle scene. Sonic uses DragonballZ powers to obliterate Mario and his evil clones. The End!
LUIGI'S REVENGE - Jump through 3 levels and defeat 3 bosses to avenge Mario and Peach's death. Game.
MARIO'S MISTAKE - Luigi is angry at Mario. Chase scene. Outakes! Luigi sings "Don't have to be Beautiful.."
MARIO ALL STAR ADVENTURE SP 1pr2 - Knuckles once again does the Matrix Agent Smith thing, smashing koopas who are using spears against Toads. Mario, Luigi and Sonic fight Goro from Mortal Kombat. Knuckles does the Magic Pole thing! Just about all combat. Knuckles finally gets overwhelmed, runs. Goro scores awesome combo against Sonic. To be continued.
GREEN PIPES - An animated orchestra plays the Underworld theme to Super Mario, transitioning into a gunman/ninja entering Mario world and wreaking havoc with automatic weapons, Madness-style.
MARIO MISHAPS DX - Special redrawn cartoonish edition. Mario drives drunk,  dies in a variety of ways. Dodges hammers. Offs Bowser with an Axe easily, then, when he finds out Toad is at the end instead of the princess, he whips out a chainsaw.
SUPER MARIO GAMING WORLD - Mario gets frustrated playing his own game, Luigi tells him about the Captain Planet cheat. "When your powers combine, I am Captain Planet!" Planet and Superman watch while Mario uses Matrix powers to score millions of points with every gruesome koopa kill. Enemies go flying off into space, unfortunately Princess Peach too. "Ohh!" Luigi is somehow happy. After credits, Mario stares bayfully out of the TV screen as the screen fades. 'Trapped for Eternity - Love Luigi' Luigi's Revenge. Don't cheat kids!
REAL MUSHROOM KINGDOM 5 - Stanely Sprayer kicks Donkey King out of heaven. Yoshi rides Mario, eats him, until Mario starts to fart inside him. Wario tries to pick up the koopa girl. Luigi tries to pick up Gigglypuff. Walligi gets Luigi's girlfriend Daisy until Luigi vacumms him up with a bomb. Luigi ponders using viagra with elf girl, until Daisy KOs her. Stairway to Heaven turns into Highway to Hell. Wario's motorcycle. Mario Matrix fight scene, Shy Guy turns into Willy Wonka oompa lumpa? Mario kills it anyway. Finally meets Bowser! "Hand over the star rod!" "But we have to leave our viewers in suspense." The End, except for Satan reminding you to have your Toad kids spayed or neutered. Bob Barker.
GAMES I CAN'T PLAY: V1 - Smiling Guy tries out playing Super Mario, ending up getting repeatedly beaten up by Gumbas, then losing his head crashing into a pipe, then getting winded by running into the ending flag. Gotta love that game.
SEARCHING FOR SOULS - Flash done to a Gary Craig series of crank calls, involving Satan calling a shoe store looking for soles. "Can you remove the soles from the shoes?" "What?" Lots of goofy animations, Satan in a gym wearing a Fantabulous shirt, popping out of a pipe to freak out Mario, repeatingly calling the same store, getting the manager increasingly mad at him. Awesomely evil.
FAREWELL TO CHRISTMAS(HR) - Christmas in Mario world gets cut short by an attack. Lots of custom sprites. Toad choir sings the Caudron Bubble song from Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings Enya music. Koopas stock up on ammo, football helmets. Mario, Luigi and Bowser duke it out, end up being saved by Wart(?). Seems the Grinch isn't the only one out to steal Christmas.
BARGE OF A 1000 BULLETS - Mario packs twin machine guns, and takes down Bowser's henchmen mafia style. Huge guns, Matrix moves! Swords! Die Koopa Kids, die!
Bullet Time! Awesome!! Outtakes! A bit like Kill Bill. Bowser's next..
BARGE OF A 1000 BULLETS 2 - Showdown with Bowser now. Change from sprite to real shapes. Mario gets a fire flower, and go pyro-crazy at anti-Mario rally, freeing throusands of Toads. Bowser's mecha-ship arrives, fight scene! Plunger-num-chucks. Mario gets mad as Bow choaks him, uses own blood as magic to change the world. Finds his way back to New York City with B's head. Toads keep his plunger as a rememberance.
KINGDOM WARS 3 - Mario is about to fight a dragon, when Fighter from Final Fantasy shows up and does the job for him. Fighter is King of the Mushrooms? Life mushroom turns out to be poison mushroom, mind-controlling Luigi instead of healing him. The brothers fight. Similar to Mario Brothers, the Greek Drama, but different author, more real emotion.
SHYGUY'S FLOWER - A shyguy (Mario) tries to pick a beautiful flower, but can't seem to. He uses lightning on it, and it turns into a huge monster! Shyguy runs! Don't mess with Mother Nature.
BOWSER'S TRAINING TAPE - Mario's evil nemesis creates as self-help tape so that you too can stop heros from ruining your evil genius plans. Bobby-trapped ? blocks, Goombas armed with automatic weapons "Never leave your minions unarmed" Pipes that eat Mario when he goes down them. Huge jumps, vertical walls, stealing powerups then stomping on him. Lots of Mario death. Cool link to VGMusic, another video game remix site like OCREMIX.
SUPER MARIO: TOAD'S RAGE 7 - Toad vs Wario. Lots of taunting. Kill Bill parody! Toad knocks out Wario, then has Doctor Mario install a ? block in his stomach. One punch, and out comes a giant vine! Ew o_O "This is Toad, singing off. Thanks for your support :)"
THE TRUE SUPER MARIO 4 - Gerkinman attacks. Bowser zaps Mario with a laser blast that forces him to swear with every other word he says. "Motherfuckerfied!!" then shoots Toad with a laser than makes him horny. "Hornification!!!" Then Bowser gets mad as Toad starts making out with Peach, doing the "I'll tell you what I want what I really really want" song. Mario attacks Bowser after a messed up speech, and gets quickly fried by the lizard's fire breath, then dies. The laser part was great, but gets pointlessly lewd by the end, trust me o_O
SUPER MARIO DUMBSHINE - Flash about Mario's bad court trial at the beginning of Sunshine, where an imposter has spread goop all over the vacation island. Despite tons of evidence, Mario is still convicted of causing the island's problems, even though he just arrived via plane. Problems with the justice system. Kangaroo court.
MARIO: BRUTALITY - While Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" song plays, Mario beats up a host of enemies attacking his home, including Matrix koopas. Not sprite animation, hand-drawn. Enemies still smile while inpaled by spears. Michael Jackson dance at end, until Luigi shoots at Mario to make it stop.
SUPER MARIO RUSH ARENA DX - Altered Mario game where you stay in one screen, with enemies dropping in from above in ever-increasing numbers. Have to kill Goomba and Koopas quickly to keep the clock going, and yourself alive. Eventually there are so many you can stay in the air with chain-hops for many at a time, just don't fall and get eaten! Combos multiply the whole overall score. Can you get 1000 pts twice, then defeat Bowser?
DONKEY KONG ARCADE REMAKE - Parody of original Donkey Kong, with faithful sprite that then bust out Matrix moves, and pause a moment to do a quick dance, trying to outdo each other. Peach bombards DK's head from above with barrels. Mario fights DK, gets beaten up, Peach falls in love with the Black Mage from Final Fantasy.
TAILS AND HIS GBA - Tails puts a Chaos Emerald in his Gameboy Advance, warping him and Sonic to Mario and Sonic land. Sonic chases mini-Mario, outrunning him "Ew! I've got plumber on my shoes!" Tails ^_^. Strong Bad at the end of credits. Sonic and Tails meet their twins in Sonic's gamepack, Bill and Ted style. Touch, universe explodes, Strawberry Clocks BBBBBBs.
WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT - Mario and friends do music video to the Twisted Sister song. Toad sings the lead.
WACK DADDY MARIO 2 - Like Mack Daddy, Mario learns Peach is cheating on him with Link, swears a rap song at first, then Luigi changes the music, and Mario wins her back with a love song. Romance. Valentine's Day.
MARIO ALL STAR ADVENTURE 3 Parts 1 & 2 - Mario and Sonic team up again to stop Bowser from using Boo ghosts to possess Megaman. Luigi fights possessed Yoshi. Lots of custom sprite carnage. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Knuckles fights DragonballZ enemy, superfast high energy! Sonic plays pinball with Scorpion and Goro. Mario vs Bowser Agent Smith Matrix fight on tettering sky platform.
EVIL JOSH AND BILLY 3 - Billy tries to get into an exclusive, very expensive Mad Scientist school with a project: Abraham Hitler. "Go Tigers!" Device lets someone materialize anything on the internet, Badger Badger Badger and Mario Mushrooms. Badger eats muchroom, gets bigger. Josh puts a mushroom in his pants. Famous mad scientists in the background as judges. Kangaroo Jack wants revenge on Billy for dropping his mutanted spoon creature in Austrailia. Housemaster from Arfenhouse yays! Abraham Hitler uses laser eyes and mind powers on Jacque ("Ok, I'm from Canada..") Fast-paced and funny as hell!
SSB:Brawl - Silly, awesome Mortal Kombat style deathmatch between all the Super Smash Brothers Melee chracters, Mario and Luigi being the first casualties. Starfox tries taking out Bowser after he kills Falco. Ice Climber, Link, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, the entire Nintendo cast is there, including some I don't know. On to round 2.
DAYDREAMS - An artist leaning against a lampost calmly draws in his sketchbook, either daydreaming craziness, or so absorbed in his creative work that he's completely oblivous to the outside world, with tanks blowing up cars, Hannibal Lechter, which rapidly mutates into Mario World, then Sega World, then outer space. Then underwater ("I hate aquatic levels!") then the arctic ("That's more like it!") Furry wolf with a sword walks past, kicks evil butt and returns with his girlfriend and an evil genius in tow. Artist only blinks when the stage behind him breaks up "I seem to remember telling a certain group of characters that the GREEN SCREEN is OFF LIMITS.." When it ends, it doesn't end, his friends MST3K the flash. "Nobody's going to get all those in-jokes!" Blue screen. Sign: 'Critisism is Communism!' Indeed, comrade.
EXPERIMENTAL FILM COLLAB - Music video by 5 people, done to They Might Be Giant's song "Experimental Film". "I'm still figuring out what it's going to do.. in my experimental film. Yeah, you're all gonna be in this experimental film.." Mario sings "..I don't know what makes your face implode.. but that's the way the movie ends!" Weights dropping on people, bunnies in ballet outfits, TV mind control. Batman gets crushed. Worms and people with shoes on springs for heads.
Zelda:FS MISADVENTURES 2.1 - Link and the Legend of the Four Swords, bonus game with the Gameboy Zelda: Link to the past. Four friends guide their 4 Links of different colors through silly adventures with a broken magic mirror. Detour to Mario 3 to pick up some weapon's from Toad's shop, one Link disgards a feather, which Mario uses to become Superman. Warp to battle with Dark Link, who does Agent Smith fight scene music thing. "The good think about being me, is that there are so many Me's." Stay tuned!
SPLINTER COIN - Luigi is Sam Fisher, the Splinter Cell, and uses various stealth moves and weapons to infiltrate a den of koopa terrorists.
DK MINE MADNESS - Fast-paced version of Donkey Kong's mine cart ride. Jump over missing pieces of track and avoid overhead obstacles and enemies. How far can you go?
MARIO'S LOBBY SHOOTOUT - Rescue scene from original Matrix. Mario and Peach go in as Neo and Trinity. Metal detector goes off "Please remove anything metallic in your pockets, keys, loose change.." Guns. "HOLY SHIT!" Kicking koopa butt. Then Mario slips on a bananna peel and dies.
MARIOHANNA - Remake of the goofy "Do The Mario" song. A tribute to the animulation by Niel Ciegerga, or however its spelled. A bit longer. Mario, Luigi and Peach are all stoned out of their minds, offering you drugged mushrooms to eat. Animated rather than sprite-based.
NINENDO ACAPPELLA - Singing group does the Mario Brother's Theme, complete with jumping stage performances. Manhattan Transfer would freak. Also do Doctor Mario, Mario World fight scene music, Star Theme, Tetris music, with people doing the pieces! Mortal Kombat theme! Mario Underworld Level 2 theme. Legends of Zelda theme, guy zaps other with knife. All before live audience!

Game Over