The following links are *NOT* for commercial music, they're compositions by independent artists that have posted their work on the web for free access, usually through the Newgrounds Audio Portal  (all music types) or OCRemix (video game remixes). The Newgrounds links should be up and running in one click, for the OCRemix ones you'll start at the listing  page and have to make 3 clicks or so to play them. If you use anything here, be sure to credit the artist, as both archives will ask you to do anyway.

TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/yt6fo6 



NOBUYUKINYUU – INSPECTOR BONK – (stops heaving laughter long enough type) AhhhA… HAHa! Ahhh.. *WOW*. Do you like Team Fortress 2? Do you like Inspector Gadget? Do you know what would happen if you cast The Scout.. AS INSPECTOR GADGET? Perfect timing and pitch manipulation make this is spleen-breaker! There’s a download link for Furaffinity in the description.


JP NEUFELD (RIG) – DEMO REEL 2011 – Six demo tracks linked together by goofy anime-esque dialog about some kid seeking The Ultimate Power, and a DEEP VOICED EVIL FORCE he must contend with. Uniquely weird, rich.
SHANATH – SUPER MARIO (QUIRKY REMIX) – What sounds like a Medieval Renaissance classical version of the theme, with some water level through in too. What SMB music would sound like if written by Bach. After he was deaf, perhaps.
FANTOMENK – GETTING MELODIES OF MY HEAD – Quirky unique bouncy song, as the artist gets the sounds in their head into the music. Upbeat. Happy!
XBRAV – ONE WINGED ANGEL GAMBOY – An 8-bit version of the Sephiroth theme from Final Fantasy VII! Surprisingly detailed! Well.. until the perfect choir joins in and sort of breaks the old schoolness.
RICHARD DATSON (TAILS-23) – SPACE ODDITY DISCO – “The song is like a drive in a small red car through candy land.” It’s spacey.. it’s Disco-y.. it’s a Space Disco?
CHRISTOPHER D’ALQUEN (SKULLBEATZ) – I HEART 8-BIT – More a composition featuring 8-bit sounds than an actual 8-bit track, overall feels if of modern synth and nostalgia.
DAVID (SATANICPOTATOE) – UBER AKTION – “Uber Action” 50 second slightly over the top action loop. Spies everywhere! Rockets everywhere! AHHH!


CURRIEMASTER – CANDY ZOO – Psychedelic awesomeness. Subdued children’s song complete with maniacal sound effects. “We got purple peppermint porcupines, covered in sticky porcupine spines. Magical cocoa unicorns, with great big chocolate unicorn horns..” Willy Wonky would LOVE this place. Drugs. Funky monkey solo! Drugs. LOTS OF DRUGS. Double rainbow kaleidoscope drugs. Lightly furry.
DAVIDORR – SOARING IN THE STARS – Original 2 min track made for a friend’s game “Flight”. It’s rich, melodic, exciting and epic! Funky even! Awesome RPG music!
M477ZORZ – BREAK THE TARGETS 2 – Rave version of the theme from Smash Brothers Brawl, complete with DJ and cheering crowd. Good dance beat.
FABBEMANNEN – RATTLE BATTLE REMIX DKC2 – Old school rollicking catchiness. If they had a dancing fight scene in an old black and white silent movie with BIG WORDS that appear at intervals, it would use this theme. Touch of Wild West saloon piano.
OR4NGES – LEVEL UP? – Simple 8-bit goodness. Original song made with Nintendo samples.
WATERFLAME – NAIVE AGAIN – Happy dancing electronica! Innocent bubble gum fun with fiddles, banjo and xylophone thrown in. Hyperness of kids being on sugar, maybe drugs?
DAYDREAMINGFOX – COOLING TOUCH OF RAIN – Less of a song and more of a feeling.. put this in the background if you need to relax, especially after a trying day. A simple ambient melody floats over the surface of a lake as waterfowl go about their daily routine and a thunderstorm brews somewhere off in the far distance, making you feel glad you’ve got shelter. Environmental. Camping.
AZUREVIXEN – A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN – Sparkly trance happiness.
ALISA (ELLEBIRDY23) – BALDUR’S GATE: TOWN SQUARE – Remix from Dark Alliance: Baldur’s Gate, PS1 title. Theme of the Elfsong Tavern, where the ghost of an elven maiden waits for the soldier who died in battle. Medieval beginning, lyrical, with just a touch of synth for ethereal techno magic.
CHRONAMUT – CHRONO CROSS – LENA’S BEACH – “Nice peacefull tune, dunno what it can be used for but sounds nice ^_^” A simple, beautiful melody. Environmental sounds of sea and surf and seagulls in the background. Relaxing.
FABBEMANNEN – GRASSLAND REMIX SMB3 – 31 second old school saloon piano loop. Transition music.
LAURIE JAMES (ROOJAMES) – RUN AWAY FROM THE SUN – Simple 55 sec catchy theme, invokes zombies, vampires, and other slimy, dark, dancing things scrambling underground as day approaches. Halloween. Can be used as a loop.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) – SYSTEM SPLIT – Electronic Tron-ic dance energy! Upbeat and melodic as well as rhythmic. 8-bit? More like 64-bit.
PARAGONX9 – DUCKTALES – THE MOON – X9 is back! In this take she goes for more old school 8-bit take on the famous NES theme. Plenty of energy!


DEVEN MACK – DOT DOT DOT – Somebody gave Deven’s game “Super PSTW Action RPG” a negative, horribly spelled review. So.. the animator now reads this review in the Grand Shakespearean Tradition, ala Eye of Argon. The game is here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/495903 (And it’s a joke game, yes, all you do is hit the space bar. LOL.) . . . http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/558516 for the animated version!
SIR COMBEE – SMW2: DINOSAURS PLAYING RAG – Detailed swing big band remix of the main theme from Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario World 2). Add one to the Mario Jazz Band J
CHRONAMUT – FFIV WITHIN THE GIANT – Super high detailed remix with an epic, ponderous mood. In the giant robot. Harps, classical, but light.
ICHIVO – SUPER MARIO PIANO MEDLEY – Mario Jazz! Swinging upbeat lounge music to the Super Mario World theme and others.
EVIL DOG – RUDOLPH THE PUNK REINDEER – Awesome goofy metal tribute to Christmas! “HOHoHO!!! >BELCH<”
THE JONNY DEATH – THE LEGEND OF MARIO (GAMETAL) – Smashup heavy metal mashup of both the Mario and Zelda themes. Hardcore! Fun, that is. A little creepy. But so are Mario and Zelda. Halloween.
THE JONNY DEATH – GAMETAL SMASH BROS BRAWL – Another remix of the great theme. This time switching between metal and piano music. Different.
EXACTLY33 – LUIGI’S MANSION (8BIT) – Boops and beeps with a few desperate “Mario…” calls thrown in. Halloween.
NEXHASUNLEASHED – VAMPIRE NIGHT (DARK ORCHESTRAL) – Pretty self-explainatory. Epic/creepy classical ambient Haunted House/Horror movie music, well done. A few ohming people in the background.
WATERFLAME – RACE AROUND THE WORLD – Fun, alternatingly trance, 8-bit, orchestral, and rinky-dink racing track, with a bit of hillbilly thrown in too.
CAMERON GRAYBILL – T.H.C-MENTAL MADNESS – Creepy fast moving survival horror music. Some style borrowed from the Madness series.
GENDERLESS HOOKER – SONG FOR MOTHER – This is complete crap :) Guy dedicates a song to his Mom, starts strumming a guitar, then hurts his fingers so badly that he SCREAMS IN AGONY FOR 45 SECONDS. It’s so awesomely bad that it’s funny :P “AHAWEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! *discordant pluck* … ow…”
DESTRUCTOBOX – CRIMEFIGHTING SPIDERS W/BONERS – This is ALSO complete crap! Joke from the “Fan Drive” episode of Destructo box where their imprisoned musician is forced to make up a song to get food biscuits. They make the joke song into an ACTUAL SONG! RUN! RUN NOW! RUN FAST!!
INFINITYVAS – SUPER MARIO GALAXY FEEL BROS! – Orchestra wintery Christmas version of the super-famous Mario Brothers theme. A party remix, from Galaxy? I still have to play that game.
EVERLASTING-ELEMENTS – PIRATE’S GIGUE (KH RMX) – “I really liked this battle theme, so hey, make it my own, right?” Video game remix of the Pirate’s world in Kingdom Hearts, slightly 8-bit and rinky-dink.
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – INTRO TEST 1 - _0:53 of glorious folk electric guitar riffs!
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – ZOMBIE HOUSE – Creepy jangly very active haunted house music, more for a survival battle than anything suspenseful.
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – SYMPHONY OF THE TRIBES – Angry drum banging combined with thoughtfull ambient classical music. It could be a war chant.. or a celebration, or a rain dance.
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – PIRATES WIP PLANE – Cokamunga! Jungle xylophone ambient water and bird sounds atmospheric fun!
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – RO8o7 – A robot frog playing the jangling synthesizer while bouncing about. *BOINK!* *BOINK!* Goofy fun. For anything technological. Technical difficulties.
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – SAM ROCKS (ROBOT ROCK) – 9 second joke track. Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” plays, while a Ben Stein-like speaker says in a sleepy voice over. “rock… robot rock… rock… robot rock…” Lack of enthusiasm. Parody.
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – RINGTONE 02 – 33 second goofy joke track, female vocal just going “Oh Oh Oh.. Oh ohohoh Oh.. Ah Ah AHhh.. Ah Ah…” picture someone being poked repeatedly by a feather. Pleasure, or pain, you decide :P
MAVERLYN DARKSTAR – SHAVE MY WEASEL – No weasels were harmed in the making of this audio, instead it’s a fun rollicing good time with saxophones playing, sort of a Tonight Show jam, or probably Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Poink will love this one J
INFINITYVAS – RAYMAN PICTURE CITY THEME – In the spirit of Band Land, another rocking remix from the game! Multiple instruments, definitely 500 material.
INFINITYVAS – SNOW DESERT [REMAKE] – Hard to describe.. Christmas seems the most appropriate tag. Starts lonely, then turns into a winter wonderland, with a female vocal making Ahhing sounds in the background. Beauty in simplicity. It says it’s a video game remix, although I don’t know what game. Classical.
INFINITYVAS – ANONIMO VENEZIANO [REMAKE] – Epic piano love song. Remade from Paul Mauriat song (have to check him out) Sounds very past-era, perhaps early James Bond timeframe, when Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond were really big.
INFINITYVAS – SUPER MARIO GALAXY – STAR FESTIVAL – Light, classical, astral, innocent children’s tune. Celebrate! Works even for Christmas. Space.
iR2-X – KIRBY AIR RIDE – GRASS – “Eurobeat remix of “Grass” Stage from Kirby Air Ride” Frantic, simple, and awesome!
INFINITYVAS – RAYMAN – DREAM FOREST – Starts ambient, with birds in the rainforest, then quiets down at around 0:27.. only to have a guy go “YEAH!” at 0:36 and fire the celebration off! Classical, turning into high spirited pop.
INFINITYVAS – RAYMAN – BAND LAND THEME 2 – More multiinstrument awesomeness! More tribal this time, like dancing through a rainforest.
INFINITYVAS – 0:00 AM – Something terrible is about to happen.. heartbeats.. footsteps. Tribal chants. This music would work well with Paranormal Activity.
INFINITYVAS – SMART VIOLINS VERSION 2 – 25 seconds of GLORIOUS violin symphony! Great “TADA!” track. YAY! Intro.
INFINITYVAS – SUPER MARIO BROS: UNDERWATER – Grand orchestral classical take on the fish levels. Sounds like a circus!
INFINITYVAS – SUPER MARIO WORLD: UNDERWATER – Not to be confused with the earlier one, grand orchestral theme with chimes and wood blocks.
LOVEKAVI – VENDETTA HUH? – Some Kill Bill-ish movie music, good dose of Spy music too. James Bond. Instrumental hip hop
JAZZA – DON’T STOP BELIEVING (JOURNEY COVER) – “Most cover’s people make of this song are upbeat and ‘boppy’, I decided to do it a little differently and play it out with an orchestra and harmonies!” it’s practically a blues song now, slow and full of drama.
DJ BJRA – ABOVE THE CLOUDS – Original videogame ambient soundtrack, very relaxed. Fly above the clouds, unwind. Done for a Newgrounds audio contest.
KENNETH BRUCE (GiantJuicyKickballs) – COOKIE JAR GONE WRONG – Goofy sing-song as the occupants of an apartment try to figure out who took the last cookie from the cookie jar. Turns ugly and NSFW as the culprit is caught, and pulls out a gun. Video: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/555156 Evil kids shows.
KOSMIKER – R VINTAGE – 1:37 upbeat loop that has a Spy feeling to it. A little spooky, anticipation of action. James Bond-ish.
AZUREVIXEN – LUNAR – Some action/romantic moon music from Luna Silver Star Story.
SEAN PETTY – LEGEND OF ZELDA MAIN THEME – The famous theme redone yet again, in a grand Shakespearean classical style.

10/16/10 *Testing Dreamweaver, bear with me*

EVIL-DOG - TETRIS ON THE TOILET - Super goofy mock-hardcore heavy metal track as a rocker sings about his destiny.. he must USE THE TOILET! "The Toilet is **CALLING**.." "(evil chanting rave) TheTimeIsUpIGotToGoIt'sTimeToGetToTheToiletBowl-TheTImeIsUpIGotToGoIt'sTimeToGetToTheToiletBowl-" "I know I need something to pass the time! Tetris will do just fine!" AWESOME! :) Diarreah. Bathroom. Even has some metalized Tetris at the end.
DJPYGME – A SUMMER LOVE – “Feel the fresh water, the sun, feel the air, nature and feel the summer!” Beach rave music, splashing water. The intro and 3rd quarter are the best parts, gets a little static in between.
FIONN HODGSON - SHAKEDOWN (CHIPTUNE) - Original 8-bit audio composition, very detailed inspite of the style! Has a real melody going on!
STALAGMITE – THE INSULT SONG (SWEARING) – An extremely BRITISH joke song that fits in as many swear words as possible to the tune of ‘Superkalifragalisticexpialadicious’ from Mary Poppins. Ruin your childhood memories as the Monty Python-style song plays! “I think cancer’s FUNNY!” Yes, it’s that bad. EXTREMEMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. “Just for laughing at this song you’re politically incorrect.. because you’re making fun of someone with Turrets!”  Hey!
MASHEDBYMACHINES - ZERO WING [SYNTHMETAL] - All your base are belong to us! Instrumental remix of the itself-remixed theme that became the Meme.
RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR - SYST3M SH0CK - Rocking full-bore trancefest.
NAL1200 - LEVEL COMPLETE! - Quick 30 second effect starting with medeival trumpets, then goes full Drum N' Bass techno. Congradulations!
ELITEFERREX - WILD POKEMON BATTLE (KANTO) - Feral, exciting 8-bit/Techno remix.
ELITEFERREX - 8-BIT AGAINST THE ODDS - Another original 8-bit composition. Driving energy and a bit of poetry mixed in.
SLAPPMEDOO - BRING THE RAIN - Very relaxing xylophone and bass track, with real thunderstorm sounds in the background. Let it rain, we're still going to be happy!
NEMESISTHEORY - TURN OF TIDES - Less techno and more classical than her usual songs, an epic shifting track of suspense. The battle turns at a key point.. for good or ill? Hang on tight!
ANTHOUSE21 - SMW BOWSER THEME REMIX - Another take on the Super Mario Castle theme.. this time with a Hip Hop flavor, a few people exclaiming in the background. Put on your hat backwards and wear your bling, things are going DOWN..
GRAVEY - ORCHESTRAL THEME 3 - Spooky classical track full of chanting cavemen. A sneaky battle in the darkness. Suspense. Horror.
EAGLEGUARD - ROCK IT OUT! - General rock, and eagle surveys its domain over a canyon, flying wild and free.
THOMAS BRUSH - COMA: RED WIND THEME - Very quiet, detailed desert guitar theme, evoking a long journey. Very acoustic, relaxing, ambient back ground music that colors a scene rather than distracting from it.
DURN - GET READY TO DANCE - House electronica, with a robot rarely saying "GetReadyToDance!" but mostly very dancy and bouncy, in a light non-invasive way. Adds good background energy. A bit of futuristic space added in.
THATCOMPOSERGUY – BATTLE AT BIRGU – Musical score to “Siege” by Bomblu. Medieval multi-theme epic battle suspense theme.
TRANCECRAFTER – INTO THE NIGHT – Starts normaly as Trance.. then really grips you after 40 seconds on an odyssey through space and time, and even your own memories and mind. The music means what you want it to mean.
SHADOWFOX2 – WONDERS OF SPACE – “Here’s a 10:45 track of DnB, Techno, Hip-Hop(Trip-Hop?), and Classical.. sorta” Lots of wonderful somewhat random things happening as stars twinkle.
SEMAPHORE – GARDEN EDEN – A place of magical peace. The ambient music of Semaphore is sure to calm you down and help you relax.
THATCOMPOSERGUY – EVIL LIVES ON THE SECOND FLOOR – Music from the game “Reincarnation: In The Name of Evil.” A bit of Danny Elfman like playfull creepiness. Halloween.
SEMAPHORE – SPIEGEL DER VERGANGEHEIT – I can’t read a word of it because it’s all in German.. but this is a very upbeat and rhythmic track for Semaphore, ambient while retaining its shape. Nice bouncing bass and fairytale xylophone, with some whalesong thrown in.
PIANO-FREAK – NOTHING ELSE MATTERS (IN CHURCH?) – Pianoification of the rock song, redone in deep, thoughfull classical style. Very resonant.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) – WANDER OF THOUGHT – Large 40 hour project with very fine-tuned and energetic trance unfolding in stages, going to thoughfull and piano-solo to electronic awesomeness. Several distinct themes.
BURN7 – ZELDA COVER WIP v2 – Goofy intro followed by shamelessly over-bended screaming metal remix.
FUNANDMORE – UNDER THE AFRICAN SUN – Very laid back piece using African instruments, almost beach music, a relaxing quiet tune of luxury. Stay cool.
CAINE1989 – LAVA REED ACT 1 REMAKE – Very musical calypso-electronic remix of the level theme from Sonic and Knuckles. Lots of things going on! Ocean, beach.
CHRONAMUT – RD2010: ROBOTICIRCLE – 55 second goofy space robot loop full of colorful beeps. R2D2 would love this one! Star Wars.
FIREFREEZER – FROM SADNESS TO GLORY – ‘Classical Rock’ with piano starting it up, and guitar joining in and finishing it off, drums in the middle. Almost folk, a nice laid back track that feels.
DURN – FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS – A desert in outer space, with a driving beat. A place of austere beauty and rolling heat. And rhythm! Six minutes of changing themes and electronic goodness!
2DPOLYGON – THE NIGHTRUNNER – Drum N Bass trip through the contemplative night. Both relaxed and high energy at once.
TOMMY ROBIN – LUCID DREAMER – Inspired by the Han Zimmer score from Inception “here’s my little try at the style anyway. Is your totem working?” Odyssey through space, time, and the mind.
THATCOMPOSERGUY – SINS OF THE FATHER – “Level music from Reincarnation: The Clergy of Unholy. Another great mini in the Reincarnation series” Another sinner has escaped from Hell, your noble demon (heh) is once again sent to bring him back. Evil church music. Touch of Danny Elfman.
TARDOM – SUPERMAN ACAPPELLA – Just what it says! DumdididDUMM.. daDADidaDummmm…
X-INFINITY-ZERO – FUTURAMA RMX – Techo remix of the Futurama title theme, expanded.
BAS3008 – TURKEY IN THE STRAW – Cute fast rinky-dink loop of the famous squaredancing country folk song.
DOUMAAA – THE BATTLE SONGG – Quiet yet driving acoustic guitar, in a Kill Bill sort of background leading up to a fight.
ROBOTHAIR – TONKA HONK – Extremely deep bass with an industrial country bend “Soundtrack for a mechanized rodeo.” Western. Kill Bill.
ALEX COLE – MELLOW ACOUSTIC VS SYNTH – Charming electric folk song with a catchy rhythm and melody. The two halves complement each other more than divide, It’s not like Guitar vs Piano. Good morning!
NEMESISTHEORY – STILL BLASTIN’ – Mega Man remix, by a master J 3:34, lots of base and synth going on.
MOSESX50 – ZELDA II DUNGEON THEME – Fast ambient techno version of the famous castle theme. New flavor.
ANDERTXUMAN139 – MARIO UNDERWORLD REMIX – Very slow, chilled out jive/rock remix, with water dripping in the cave. Relax.. take it easy.. the turtles just want to bite off your head. Drugs?
CHRONAMUT – CHRONO ETERNITY – “An 8-bit rendition of Without Taking The Jewel” from Chrono Cross on the ps1”. More techno than 8-bit, with a driving percussion line, but has some of the simple tones.
FLASHBURN – MARCH OF 1000 GENOS – From Mario RPG, famous often-remixed theme. This time done with lots of strings and brass, like an enchanted toyshop for Christmas, mostly classical. March of wooden soldiers.
LASHMUSH – BOOMSTICK – Heavy Metal tip of the hat to Evil Dead. A few clips of “This.. is my BOOMSTICK!” thrown in. Made as a romantic gift for a friend, if you can believe that. Happy zombie-blasting Halloween!
SKULLBEATZ – LIFE UNDER A ROCK – Quiet, somewhat dark classical/hip hop instrumental as you explore the inside of a cave. “A classical beat” it can mean what you want it to mean.
ONEY – CHRIS R BATTLE THEME – “From NG’s The Room game!” 58 seconds of detailed 8-bit high speed bliss!
JPSUPERFRESH – WONDERFULL UNIVERSE – A mysterious being with a white aura abducts JP and sends up on a voyage through time and space for 7 years “JP experiences new things never before seen on Earth and adapts to the new lifestyle. He learns more about himself and learnt to take on a higher state of himself.” The universe is awesome, you really have to see it. Space travel. Aliens. Piano and synth.
LOGICALDEFIANCE – THE JUNGLE TRIBE – “This piece includes many Arabic and African styles of percussion.” You hear a strange drumming from the jungle as you make your way through it.” Ohming people.
OCKEROID – SAMURAI ROCK-OFF – Upbeat eastern background music laced with rock.
RICEPIRATE – MICK LAUER/RICEPIRATE/VO DEMO – More randomized-scene Voice Acting madness! Anime cliques attack!
YANX – MEGAMAN 8 STAGE SELECT MIX – Astral, ethereal, cosmic, and quiet. It’s time to make a big decision, choose carefully. No pressure. Pretty wind chimes in the solar wind.
FUNKMASTERCATKING – MOVING ON – Long, interesting mix of “Classical, house, and trance.” Reflecting on your situation, you decide to move on and leave it behind. What new wonders will you find after letting go? Are you sad? Happy? Both?
HANIA – ALICE IS DEAD – Haunting, quiet, psychedelic lounge vocal number, made for the dark flash adventure game “Alice is Dead (Episode 3)” “I want you.. to know.. that you’ve fallen through a hole in the sky, the strangers.. welcome you.. as you lose your sanity, they touch your soul.. let them into your miinnd…” Halloween. Creepy.
AMY (DARKLINK2000) – A DIRE DIRE GUITAR BALLAD – A very charming acoustic guitar version of the Dire Dire Docks aquatic theme from Super Mario 64, folk music with a slight electronic accompaniment. Relaxed, ethereal, magical, fairy tale. Medieval.
LARRYLARRYBB – THE SOUND OF MAGIC – Dancing energetic mix of piano and electronics, with samples from four pop songs (can you pick out which ones they are?) Beautiful.
FUN AND MORE – MENU SONG 2 REACH THE PINK – A short repeating guitar riff, some upbeat relaxed background music for a menu. Used in a tutorial, or transition. Acoustic, folk.
MICK LAUER – SIX STRING STICK THING INTO – 30 seconds of voice goofiness as a spaceman asks a robot to find something from Earth he can listen to . Another 30 seconds of screaming rock as it finds the signal.
ONEY – BLUNT SMOKING SEGA SONG! – Original 8-bit composition backed up with modern acoustic and synth, and it ROCKS! Shameless arcade drug hit.
CHRIS MICHAUD – END OF THE WORLD – Hip Hop rap, without swearing though. Guy talks about his philosophy, dealing with the cards you’re dealt, and if the world ends, at least you know you did your best. Keep an open mind, keep a positive attitude.
LEAF XCEED – GUITAR VS PIANO VER XCEED – XCEED remakes Goukisan’s original “Guitar Vs Piano” in glorious full rock band style.



TYDIGGY - BROIL MEATS GIRL - Wacky ska song, take on 'Boy Meets Girl', excepting using a.. fast-food analogy. "This is weird.. (chorus) DON'T THINK I'M A WEIRDO.. (solo) You're the burGer to-my bun.." Valentine's Day. Food! Love in the Lunch Line. Catchy! High School. LOL!
TIKANUTS - INSPIRATION - Pop folk music sound full of acoustics and happiness, short and simple at 1:18. Guitars. Celebrate life.
AYDIN (JEWELZ123) - MATRIXSTEP (DUBSTEP) - Dubstep track which sets several famous quotes from the movie The Matrix to a beat, turning them into a song of sorts, or more of a tribute really.
HARRY PATRIDGE (HAPPYHARRY) - NICOLAS CAGE WANTS CAKE - Goofy dance song made from clips from some NC movie where he talks about cake, many times in different ways. The cake is a lie! Food. Happy Birthday.. maybe? Halloween o_O
DURN - GOOD MORNING - Cheerfull instrumental New Wave synth track just full of relaxed, positive energy. Wake up! It's going to be a beautiful day.

June 08, 2010

BIGJONNY13 - REPERCUSSIONS OF EVIL - Goofy Voice Acting reading of ironic fan-fiction. John is a demon-hunting space marine. "'I want to be on the space ships Daddy!' 'No! You'll be killed by DEMONS!'" Eye of Argon style spelling mistakes, and general accidental awesomeness. Dramatic ending! "Reprecussions of Evil" meme. From the game DOOM. "And then John was a zombie." Second link is for the RocketBoom meme-archive site.
DJCAUTION - 2012 - "The End of the Earth is Upon us.." long speech from the movie 2012 interposed with transition trance. "Goodbye friends. Goodbye World. I'll see you in the next life. Forget the past... **SO GET UP**!" Somehow, it comes out epic.
KLAZIKNADI - PROTECT THE PRINCESS (P/BJ) - Goofy highly stylized hiphop about Link and Mario as they go to beat up Ganon, Bowser, and anybody ELSE who gets in their way. Think "Star Wars Gangsta Rap" style. So serious it's funny :)
TONALECSTASY - TX - WHO WALKS IN WHEN I WALK OUT? - Formal Accapella group based up on Montreal, remixing a song from the group The McGill. A lover is suspicious of their significant other.. are they cheating behind their back? Paranoida. Evil Valentine's Day.
IIPHASE - SHOWDOWN AT SUNRISE - Acoustic Jazz with very laid back guitar, and a nearly western sense of quiet drama as two gunmen who like each other face down the other in the middle of the wild west town street. No rush.. doom can wait for the proper time. Cowboys. Duels.
XEROCHI - BLACK DEATH RAY - Drum N Bass energy fused with 1950's horror movie track style, the black ray is COMING! RUN!!! Unknowable aliens are attacking!
vwvSTATICvwv - VASHTI - Vocal electric love song about a girl! No relation to the World of Warcraft naga boss, at least not that I can pin down :) Valentine's Day.
SONUCAIS - TF2 - DEFEND ZE POINT! - Another goofy Team Fortress 2 sound effect mashup, focusing on characters saying "Defend the point!" while catchy music plays.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - MISSING YOU - A Trance love song, instrumental and electronic, but full of well-crafted melody. Valentine's Day.
SBB - MINDMINER - Industrial space asteroid mining, full of unidentified radar blips and solar wind and robot and alien sounds. Somehow both lumbering and agile at once as treble and bass face off.
BEARDOFFISTS - THOSE WHO WORSHIP POWER - Rocking Heavy Metal track, laced with doom. Beware, those who worship power.
SEMAPHORE - SEMAPHORES WINTERCASTLE - "It's almost summer, but my room is still cold. So take a seat in my Wintercastle =D" Grand, yet not overdone ice cave, full of twinkling lights and a feeling of soothing cool. Icicles.
ONEY - FF7 BATTLE THEME REMAKE - Another remake of the Classical Thunder "Fighting" theme he made earlier, a touch less dark with a few more sparkles, and a driving sense of destiny. Final Fantasy.
ULTIMATE MARIO - Cute slightly rinky-dink version of the ultra-famous Super Mario theme.

May 16, 2010

STUPOR - BACON! - In the sprit of Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, here's a song about.. BACON!!! That's the only word in the song, repeated over and over in different reverent melodic autotuned vocal tones set to a tribute Classical/Hip Hop beat and treated with great near-religious AWE. Food. Relaxing. Makes you HUNGRY listening to it. Easy Listening. Awesome! Wouldn't be surprised to hear monks ohming in the background. Worship the bacon.
SUPERRAWR (STEVEN-POLLEY) - MOAR COWBELL - Goofy House song, with sound clips from the famous Saturday Night Live 'Cowbell'. Morphed vocal to make it deeper "Guess what? I got a fever. And the perscription.. is moore COOWWBBEELLLL...*cowbell* *cowbell*.."
KIMLINH TRAN (HNILMIK) - BEST VOICE ACTRESS EVAR TIPS!! - A girl does her own take on the whole Voice Acting Sample thing. "And-since-there-are-no-girls-on-the internet.. that makes me the Best Female Voice Actress Ever! ^_^" Rinky Dink voice "-Really-Really-HIGH, and OBNOXIOUS! And..I-will-now-laugh-like-this to show that I-am-RE-DICULOUS! AHAWHAWHA! Nevermind how *STUPID* it sounds.. it shows I can *ACT*!" Somewhere, anime characters are feeling embarrased. Detailed tips for sounding like a transvestite. Superficiality is actually a finely tuned art. I like this one :)
DRAGONSPY - ONE NIGHT ALONE - Quick instrumental jazz number, a trumpet echoing through the groovy night. Transmission/elevator music.
NEMESISTHEORY - MY DESTINATION - Nemesis makes her first 'rock' remix by accident, starting as a random high-speed video game style theme, then adding some Sonic the Hedgehog in halfway through (the 'His World' theme).
FIONNHODGSON - DOCTOR WHO THEME REMIX - What it says, with a techno flair to give it a more modern spice. Aliens, space.
EYESEALED - SMBZ: THE BIG BRAWL - "Actually named 'Back to Mad'. Enjoy!" If possible, this is an even more technoed out action theme than the original by Texas Faggot (which appears in a lot of flash animations, it's almost a meme by now). There's actually nothing Mario-ish about it that I can find, but it IS a kick-ass battle track.
IIPHASE - UNINTENTIONAL HURT - A actually Jazz number, set in a smokey, quiet nightclub, with a sense of meloncholy. "For all the hurt I didn't mean to cause.." Apology. Regret.
CHRIS HENSON - SYRINGES - Made for a friend of the composer, who did some art for him "(Deep voice) One Girl. One Goal. One Passion. She calls herself.. Syringes." insert dance techno goodness afterwards. Goofy. Drugs.
HANIA - TARBOT OST "TWO'S A PARTY" - Vocal Jazz lounge number, with female singer "Two's a party but three is a crowd.. My daddy told me that three's not allowed.." sultry. Extended version of the song from Tarboy.
AUREAMETAPHUS - ADVANCE AND DESTROY (8-BIT) - Original 8bit composition, brings back old NES days.
PIANOFREAK - BLOODY TEARS(HALLOWEEN09) - Enchanting quiet piano solo candlelight version of the theme from Castlevania. Medeival. Romance? Classical. Valentine's Day.
DJPURESUFFER - SM64 FILE SELECT REMIX - Remix of the theme that plays right when you enter a world in Super Mario 64, and are choosing which star you want to go for, and then Mario says "Okie Dokie!" and you start. Triumphant techno remix of the short, sweet, friendly theme.
KIDCRISIS - ITALIAN MARBLE ZONE - Total remix of a Sonic the Hedgehog theme, turning it into a romantic boatride down the streets of Venis. Listener Comment: "I could almost see Sonic with a French mustache running through this zone, while Tails has that black and white shirt of a mime on and he follows Sonic in an annoying manner." Valentine's Day.
KSERO - DEVIL MAY CRY 3 (A START) - Ver short 23 second loop full of suspense, with church bells ringing in the background as tense electronic music plays. What's going to happen? Halloween. Good sound effect music.
TSUNAMI334 - (8-BIT) GHOSTBUSTERS THEME - Exactly what it says :)
KSERTo - AERITH'S THEME (FINAL) - Final Fantasy music remix. Grand, classical, and romantic. Love. Loss. Valentine's Day.
BITIUM-RIBBON - FF: MASTERS OF CHAOS - OCD MIX - Montage of Boss Fight Themes from Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX, played back to back in one huge nearly 8 minute megamix. "CURSE YOU AND YOUR 8MB LIMIT, NEWGROUNDS!"
ELITEFERREX - ULTIMATE KIRBY COMPILATION - Another Megamix dedicated to Kirby games.
SHADOWOFLIGHTS - THE FEARLESS FLIGHT - Original music composition using the Sega Master system sound engine. 8-bit.
DJBJRA - WONDERS OF SPACE - Very detailed remix of Shadowfox2's song, mostly an update techno space odessey with a few vocal exclaimations thrown in for effect. "Hey!" "HOO!" 4th of July.
CLARKBRAZDA - -_-Ibiza-_- - Original trance, catchy. Space exploration.
DEATHTAX - ZELDA II PALACE - Almost a complete rip of the orignal theme, perhaps a little depth added, but not much. Still, good for references, and sound effects.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - WHAT? NO MARSHMALLOWS? - "Music composed for LiLG's "Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday." Redneck banjo music! Kick back and relax as a demon tries to figure out how to send a murderer back to hell.

MASHED BY MACHINES - SECTOR11 - "Industrial-videogameey-synthmetal or something :D" Hard to catagorize, but it rocks! Glorious riff rock! Driving base.
ELITEFERREX - MEGAMAN 10 WILY STAGE 1 - Megaman music, but with a resonant deep pulse and glorious rhythm, definitely has a boss fight feel to it, and celebration as well.
MARK9 - APE ESCAPE (WARP STATION) - A very soothing, relaxing, quiet deep space theme, with someone whistling in the background. Twinkling stars. Very surreal, alien background music. Environmental. Lullaby? "I could listen for hours." Elevator music.
MARIOMUSICMAKER1 - 8BIT + DOCTOR MARIO - Cute rinky-dink remix of the Doctor Mario theme, starting with a faithfull port of the original, then adding extra things. Good sound and resonance, with a bit of techno and good percussion.
MIDIMACHINE - (QUASI 8-BIT) LUMBERING GIANT - Midi video game madness! Very old school simple style, yet you can picture the heavy thudding footsteps in your mind. From an actual video game track, but the artist can't recall, losing the orignal file in an HD crash. Sounds Nintendo.
KEEPINGONPOINT - DREAM DC SOUNDS T-FREE - Vocal introduction for the first 20 seconds, then BOOM. "People have dreams.. but they're not always as they seem.. what happens when we lose sight, to confusion and disorder..?' very lyrical, and unusually melodic for Hip Hop.
MYCHAEL (MIKE-HEDGEHOG) - HYDROCITY ZONE *DJ MYKE MIX* - A very laid back, jazzed up version of the level from Sonic the Hedgehog, with environmental sounds of rushing water of the ocean waves. Easy listening, yet energetic while being relaxed. Beach music! Reminds me of Outrun, or perhaps Toobin'.
MASHEDBYMACHINES - [8-bit] INANE GAME - Original song in 8-bit style, with vocal! A sad video game character sings about his life in the game. "I've been searching everywhere for a door that takes me home, again. But it seems to be in another castle.." Glorious music with a bouncy, catchy dance beat. Very uplifting, even if the lyrics are a bit unhappy.
RICK NEXUS (DARKLIGHT17) - D17 MORTAL KOMBAT RMX - "FIGHT!" "MUWHAHAHA!" "EXCELLENT!" Remix of the Mortal Kombat music while loud audio vocal clips from the announcer play, leaving no mystery what game this is from and what it's for. Good when you need to "FINISH HIM!!"
SHADOWBOWSERTRX - PAPER MARIO ANGRY BOWSER RMX - Boss fight theme from Paper Mario. Grungy, heavy electric bass guitar, yet ponderous with flowing energy, and even a touch of Halloween spookiness.
DJ BJRA - JAZZ CASTLE - Remix from Jazz Jackrabbit 2, energized arcade music with a surprising amount of melody. Has some actual jazz piano in it, but mostly electronica. Catchy.
CAYLER - LANDSLIDE - Cover of the song from Fleetwood Mac, later redone by the Dixie Chicks. "I took my love and I took it down - Climbed a mountain and I turned around - And I saw my reflecton in the snow covered hills - 'Till the landslide brought me down'. Folk music/Country Western song full of poetic introspection. Lyrical 70's style, less warbling.
CAYLER - FFIV THEME OF LOVE - Go back somewhere when 8bit games were evolving into the works of art they are today. The love theme from Final Fantasy IV, simple, sweet, and moving. Valentine's Day.
CAYLER - MAD WORLD - Cover of the song by Tears for Fears, another deep introspective song, slowed way down in 70's style. "Went to school and was very nervous - No one knew me, No one knew me - Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson - Look right through me, look right through me." The trap of the daily routine perpetuating itself. Emotional vocal singing.
TUTHUR - S.R.B. - Highly computerized techno, robots playing electric guitars. Has a catchy bounce to it, although the melody is hard to define.
A-REST - I MECHT AUSSTEIGN - "A bavarian song about taking a step aside, looking, dreaming and letting the others meanwhile get by" Folk song in Classical Rock mode, German. Sieze the Day.

TIARA - OUTSET ISLAND ORCHESTRATED - From the Legend of Zelda (one of the recent ones), redone close to the original, but with more instruments and a full symphony orchestra feel. "I tried to make this song sound more realistic, but as close to the original as possible!" Classical.
HYPERDOOM - BOWSER'S LAST STAND - Final Boss Fight music for Paper Mario. Suspensefull and a bit mystical with some Eastern influences in the background, but mostly restrained techno. Video game themes. Catchy.
PETER SATERA - '08 GEARS OF WAR (STEEL MIX) - Music from the game in techno style, with TONS of vocal clips from the game. Good rumble music. "COME ON!" "OH YEAH!" "LOCK AND LOAD!"
GIANTJUICYKICKBALLS - CHARACTER AND TOON VOICES - Another NSFW blast of total random voice acting goofiness. Geico has a competitor. Anyone want some mosquito-bread? "Hey, if they're gonna bite you, why not bite them back?" Barney's friend has Hebatitus. Bad Boys theme.
GRAVEY - ORCHESTRAL THEME 1 - Suspensefull classical track with medeival metal clashing and some ohming people in the background in places. Fight scene?
CKC - TOUCH OF DESTINY - Instrumental Hip Hop mood music, with a touch of grandness, although designed more for background music to some dramatic event. Perhaps winning the RPG game, rolling during the ending.
BILL RINALDI - BILL RINALDI'S VOICE DEMO 2010 - More voice acting craziness! Marines, aliens, rats, geeks, pirates. Simulated drama. "Mhhahaah! My little plan worked! And soon.. all of the orphans will be DEAD! Muhghgh!" Power Rangers "Quick! Use your power crystal before he regains his strength!"
BIG-JONNY-13 - PLAY HIM OFF KEYBOARD CAT - Quick 25 minute loop based off the famous YouTube video, now in nice ringtone bite-sizeness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J---aiyznGQ
CHUCK DODGERS - DEFLECTOR 'LASERDANCE' - Old School electronic odyssey, back to the Commodore 64, remixed into a field of dance energy that surrounds you like a rain of digital raindrops, all in time with the beat.
DJ-BABOKON - DOUBLE HELIX - High excitement Techno! "Super dancy and hardcore!" A blazing race through space, with tension mounting with every side-smashing hairpin turn of the track. Useful for any sort of Science Fiction situation or movie.
BENANDERSON - GALACTIC RACE - Energized rock as you race around the cosmos! Used in Miami Shark and Newgrounds Racer, a touch of 80's style and futuristic electronica.
JOHN SERCU - CAMPING LES TOURELLES J SERCU - Two pianists, one English and one French, get into an alcohol-fueled piano duel while camping in France. The result is a droll, old school slightly drunken piano bit that would make good silent movie black and white soundtrack music, with just enough jangling creepiness to work for a PG-rated Halloween movie. British. French. Spy movie music? Clown circus?
MARTIN WERNER (ROBOMANUS) - JUSTICE DAY: RECORDING - A 100% Classical composition made for the 2009 "Orchestration Contest 2009". Justice Day.. is it a time for celebration, or for grim duty? 3 minutes long, but multiple movements. Movie quality. Exciting in places, ponderous in others.
JOHN SERCU - POUR ANNE - "For Anne" A happy piano song with a bit of a kaliopie feeling to it, the notes dancing with animation. Despite the happiness, this song is dedicated to a girlfriend of his.. who commited suicide at the age of 19. "Why is this a happy song? Because, when I played it for her, she was still alive.." Memories. Nostaligia. Valentine's Day. Lost love.
DREAMCASTLE - FIRE MAGIC - Techno odyssey full of sparkles. Fairly repeditive, but makes good background music for when someone is using magic.
LANDSCAPERS1 - HYPNOSE (WIP) - Unstable quick Drum N Bass burst that makes you feel as if you're being hypnotized. Lot of banging on drums, clinks, random sounds. Low down and dirty, grungy. Fight scene between telepaths? Alarms.
XKORE - XKORE + NECHURA - ALIEN - A very unusual House/techno song, which would be right at home in a first person shooter in space. The aliens are out there.. somewhere.. you don't know where. Space is big. Space is dark. It's hard to find a place to park. Are the aliens friendly? You know don't that either. But on thing's for sure.. they know techno. Bleeps on your scanner. Sonar pings.
PARADOXINC - ENERGIZE - Techno that, as you might expect, has a lot of energy. It's not a blind rave, more focused energy, good exercise music.
ALLEN (RHYHART) - THE RACE AGAINST TIME - Relatively short video game style background music with a touch of synth 8-bit, but mostly acoustic. Even has a touch of 80's TV in it.
CANDYSOUP - CT BIKE CHASE - Chrono Trigger's Bike Race theme, fast and thrilling!
NAAAB - HELIUM - Interesting Drum N Bass song, a mix of techno and some Eastern chanting as a female monk seronades you. Has a very upbeat catchy feeling to it.
SHOOTINGSTAR - ELECTRONICA - Well made trace with several transitions and a catchy beat, with a variety of voices from 8bit to classical piano.
DREAMCASTLE - THIS IS MY ADDICTION - Music can be quite addicting.. moving techno song with "This is my addiction" vocal slips spaced within. Airwalks around 1:40, gets very interesting. Space lasers, dance music. This is my addiction too.
MICHAEL KNAPP - PORTAL - STILL ALIVE REMIX - A bouncy techno remix. The sounds is very complementary and breaks up the vocal in many places. Sometimes, it can get a little heavy, but overall is an interesting remix on the famous theme by Johnathan Coulton.
DEAD RUN PROJECT - GENESIS - The first song of the band, a very deliberately played yet bouncy and energetic techno piece that's not too heavy, or too light. Good dance music, with some cheering crowd dubbed in. Electric piano too, and "Are you READY??" vocal clips. I like it.
ALT ONE FOUR - NO WORDS - "Just another Trance song" it's fun to listen to though. Lots of bounce and bass, yet remains controlled.
FLOCCARI - [MINDPHASE1] FINITE - A spooky track with suspensefull piano and some environmental synth in the background. Something's out there.. is it good or bad? Halloween. To be continued. Paranoia. Paranoid.
NORG - DUCKTALES 'Harden the Duck Up!' - Another remix of the awesome Moon Level theme from the Ducktales NES game, this one with a heavy metal flourish and some downright classy solo electric guitar work!
DAVIDORR - 4 BRAVE CHAMPIONS [FULL] - Finished epic classical fantasy movie theme, complete with thunder and a few lighthearted moments. Movie soundtrack music, waiting for a movie.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - SMB 2 OVERWORLD - Jazzed up version of the theme, done almost in a "Ventures" twangy instrumental guitar style, back in the days of the Beach Boys. Maybe a bit of the beach in there as well. Sit back, relax, have a drink and tap your feet.
STEVEN LAWSON (FUNKY-CHICKIN) - SPATULA RETURN MINI - Fun nonsense song where a computer voice is going "He-has-a-spatula.. I-have-a-Spatula. You-have-a-Spatula, We-have-a-spatula.."
M64 - SMASH BROS BRAWL THEME-8bit - The modern hit's theme receives a very faithfull 8-bit translation, this could easily have some from an SNES, yet you still know the theme. Old School.
SPRITTLES - SUPER MARIO CASTLE: THE RETURN - Deep, classical orchestrated version of said theme. Darker, with ohming people in places, going for more of a grand opera feeling, strings taking the place of 8-bit. Slightly overwrought. Pickes up some funk momentum halfway through. Eye of Argon!
ZIRCONMUSIC - JUST HOLD ON - "I was asked to write the demo for FL Studio 9, and this is what I came up with after a few months of work.." Trance/house track with vocal. In a crazy world, hold on to what's real. Hold on to each other.
XBrav - GENO'S FOREST: CHILL OUT - Light flute and brass Classical remix of the Super Mario RPG theme. Slow and deliberate.
ATOMIKU - THE POWER OF PLEASURE - Chipmunk-style constant focal accompanies this simple, happy Trace track with a good dance beat.
DILL11 - SUPER MARIO MIX - Slightly dirty mix of the SMW main theme, with a few background mumblings and tropical steel drum.
REACHGROUND - NOW YOU'RE A HERO - Music from "You Have to Burn the Rope" Found here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/432872 . A very quick game, more a joke than anything else "You jumped up above him.. then you burned the rope and saved us all.." "We're happy you made it, but how are you gonna spend the rest of this day? Maybe watch a video.. maybe press refresh and start again.." Anti-climactic. Guitar. Celebration. The game is only one boss, and it takes 1 minute to finish it.
KE200 - FABLE: TEMPLE OF LIGHT ROCK - Mystic electronica/rock as you explore the ruins of somewhere beautiful and dangerous.
JOHN MONTOYA (ASSASSIN223) - GREEN HILL ZONE *REQUEST* VR3 - A light remix of the first level from Sonic the Hedgehog, you can still hear most of the actually video game music, just a bit more modern synth.
MIKJAM (EVAN-KAMINARI) - SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - STARLIGHT - Tropical relaxing theme, with steel drums.
CANDYSOUP - CT - CRONO'S THEME - Another track from Chrono Triggur, this time about the main character. Rock and sythesized goodness. Almost sounds like an 80's TV chase theme.
MOOMAN911 - SUPER MARIO 64 METAL MARIO - Slightly mellowed version of the Metal Cap theme from SM64, where he goes into Terminator 2 mode for a while. Good more for a sound effect than a song, short.
DON F (WYLDFIRE1) - F777 PHANTOM (FINISHED) - More classical, more detailed version of 'Phantom' done earlier by F777 for Halloween. This remix ups the ante and has a much more classical string and pipe organ beginning before the techno starts.
PARKER MEINECKE - TETRIS REMIX SONG B [FINAL] - Classical doom turns into an electronic trance oddessey as The Falling Blocks keep on coming.
VINCE EATON - VINCEEATON'S CHARACTER DEMO - Another Voice Acting demo, full of nonsequitor, goofy accents, instant drama and things that just make you go O_O. "Stop your whining.. get to your computer and Defuse That BOMB! I've got your back... AGH!! *BOOM*" Mad Science. Frankenstein.
REPTIORE - SNAP! ALBUM - Charming background music for viewing the Album in N64's Pokemon Snap game. Bit of music box and rock.
ALLEN (RHYHART) - GOURMET RACE - Theme from Kirby, also heard in the 'Dynablade' remix farther down. This one is more rinky dink and goofy though, with xylophone and a bit of a quiet classical background.
ALEXX PACIFICI (SOUNDSHIFTER) - SMRPG: WORLD MAP THEME - An electronic odyssey with the whole world spread around you, and some birds echoing in the background.
AWAKE (RAWRTHAAS) - STICKERBRUSH SYMPHONY - Donkey Kong Country remix, same one in Brambles, but with a more mystic quality, rolling fog and a dash of rock.
HARRY PARTRIDGE (HAPPYHARRY) - ARMED PROPHET: ALIENS - Another custom theme from the Newgrounds game. "Went for a Danny Elfman meets heavy metal B-movie style for this one" Shamelessly overdramatic, yet still very fun to listen to. THEY'RE COMING!!!
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - SUPER MARIO BROS, OVERWORLD - Sort of Ska house remake of the famous SMB theme, starting above ground, moving below ground, and back up. Twanging guitars, mix in with blasts of shameless rock. Stylish and mixed.

DOM FERA (D-FEAR331) - FRENCH TIME IN THE SUN DELIGHT - "The only thing that makes sense about this song is that the words rhyme." Very catchy vocal nonsense song full of style and fun. "I know this frog named Steve.. and he does this thing, that you won't believe.." Magical and G-rated! Touch of Rap, just because, but mostly Pop. Enjoy some nice pork rinds! Children's song? Drugs? If you can figure out all the lyrics, you're a better furson than me. Valentine's Day. Funny. Awesome! Bright. Happy.
MARTIN (BOUNC3) - HERE WE GO - Grand Dance techno with a fully developed melody, cheering crowd and a few spot vocals "Here we go!"
CANDYSOUP - CT -FROG'S THEME - Classical/Rock mix tribute to the anphibian from Chrono Trigger. Adventureous and upbeat! Driving rock with grand classical background, and some medieval flute.
EDDIE (KRSSVR) - SUPER MARIO 3 - GRASS LAND - Bouncy slightly British theme (also used on OCREMIX for the Swinging Porno mix, but this one doesn't go that route) Fingers dance lightly on synthesizer keys. MIDI. Just a little rinky dink, like an ice cream truck.
DUMMEH - SONIC 2 AQUATIC RUIN ORCHESTRA - Full blown classical orchestral version of the theme from Sonic The Hedgehog 2, full of spirited melody. "Wanted to experiment a bit more and usual so it may contain artistic interpretation." Grand.
REAVERSTREAM (DARKMOOR) - FFX FOR ZANARKAND - Epic symphonic version of the quite piano-solo theme to Final Fantasy X, giving it more feel and depth than the original, with lots of resonance.
AREND VAN STENIS (EAGLEGUARD) - LEMMINGS REMIX - Remix of the old DOS game Lemmings. Old School. Upbeat, friendly and energetic.
SHADOWFOX2 - HIPSTER'S HALLOWEEN - A groovy House track with just a -touch- of spinetinglingness to spice it, otherwise music to move to. Used in the flash Hipsterween.
SILASDARKO - SMW ENDING (REMIX) - Acoustic guitar with a touch of garage graininess as a bard plays out a folk song version of the Super Mario World ending. Classic. Old School.
DOM FERA (D-FEAR331) - BOB (NEEDS HUMAN HEARTS) - A happy Pop song about an alien who wants to go home.. but his spaceship only needs one thing.. HUMAN HEARTS. If you give him yours, he'll buy you a beer. Halloween. In the tradition of Re: Your Brains.
DOM FERA (D-FEAR331) - A CAT ON THE PIANO - "He danced around in furry bliss.." a guy wants to play the piano.. but there's just one problem.. a cat is already playing it, and doesn't want to give it up. Nonsense song. Perry Gripp would like this one.
M477ZORZ - MAGMOOR CAVERNS - Remix from Metroid Prime, high technology meets heavy hammer-on-stone medieval chain-rustling slave grinds. Hammer and anvil. Blacksmith. Forging. Giants.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - ZELDA II PALACE - The castle theme from Zelda 2, with heavy rock remix. Not quite as grungy and low-down as the earlier one, a bit more thrilling, but still blazing guitar.
EVERLASTING ELEMENTS - SPOOKS OF HALLOWEEN TOWN - Kingdom Hearts remix from, you guessed it.
BEARTHESHADOWS - GOODLUCK, STARFOX! - Rock version of the Starfox theme, with acoustic trumpets for a slight brass/classical touch, but mostly rock. Tasty. Has some vocal coloring with phrases from the game.

JAXX, KAIJIN - SUPER MARIO LAND 'REEL BIG MARIO' - An incredibly tight big band/jazz remake of the SML theme. The remix transforms the original primitive 2-voice 8-bit first-generaton B&W Gameboy beepfest into a living, breathing, full size acoustic Tonight Show-quality band, blazing with class, style, a showy solo, even some humor! One of my favorite remixes of all time. Starts with a ***BANG*** and holds the intensity.. then ends slow and relaxed.. just to show off. *THIS* is what remixes should look like, interpreting and adding to the original :) AWESOME!
MASHEDBYMACHIENS - CYBERFIRE - Glorious Rock/Metal grind spiced with 8bit C64 and NES sparkly old school sounds! Old and New.
COIN - COLOUR MY FATE - Soft candlelit piano music from the game of the same name, found here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/522447
STALAGMITE - JUNIOR SENIOR ACAPELLA - Starts with a very altered version of Junior Senior's "Mover You Feet" then splices in several other songs, Toxic Audio style.
MEWFOUR4 - NEOTECHNO - A mix of techno with a garage band drum set feel. There's some uneveness, but there's also something special behind the rough exterior, a wild heavy metal melody. Hope they clean up the volume issues sometime. Lots of transitions.
FLIGHT39 - KEEP ON GOING - Techno, with the recurring vocal "I've got to keep on going.."
JACK CARTMELL (MADANIMATION) - THE MOST ANNOYING LOOP EVER! - Truthfully, it really is. 5 seconds of rinky-dink techno and some ape wired with caffinee hammering on a drum. Why did I include this? Because we all have an evil side. I also rated it 5.
DANIEL-SAN (DANWANDIN) - IT'S OVER 900)!! - Just guess what this one is about. Vegeta and plan's famous exclaimation of anger and disbelief, turned into a spunky techno.. mishmash. Great annoyance potential, but has a beat too.
MITCHELL BROWN (FORNOREASON) - I AM NOT YOUR BROOM! - Two guys redo the They Might Be Giants song from their children's album "NO!" The enchanted broom has had enough. (they forgot to keep the sweeping sounds going in the background though, which was part of the original humor, it keeps sweeping anyway)

NOPPZ - FINAL FANTASY II 'TOWN TRIBUTE' - One of my favorite remixes of all time. Almost experimental, it starts with a single drum, then adds a xylophone which plays a child's melody, which remains the underlying energy behind the song even as more instruments are added. Try not to lose track of the xylophone while listening.. as a simple melody turns into a regular symphony. Practice makes perfect. Christmas.
JOE REDIFER - FINAL FANTASY V 'ROBOVoice' - More than a remix, a vocal tribute to geekiness with inserted filked lyrics. "Fi-nal fan-tas-y it con-sumes my life. And that is probly why.. I'll never have a wife!.." excellent remix with 8bit voice. Brutally insightfull.
EDDIE (KRSSVR) - SONIC CASINO NIGHT 1P(K) - Sonic the Hedgehog spends a night on the town, baby needs some rings. Classy brass band!
NOAH POTTER (PROUDAARDVARK) - SLEEPY VILLAGE - Original classical composition designed as the 'Town' or 'Love theme' for an RPG. Fairy tale quality, acoustic. Lullaby.
FORESTLOMN - TURNTABLE - A quick 25 loop featuring a DJ warping vinyl records. Groovy.
JOHNWE - SILENT NIGHT - A very jazzed up, yet classy version of the Christmas song.
HANIA - XMAS (WAR IS OVER) COVER - Remix of the famous song 'Happy Christmas (war is over)', quiet piano and vocal, tribute to the song. "So this is Christmas.. and what have you done? Another year over, A new one just begun.."

CHRIS NIOSI (KIRBOPHER) - SUPER KIRBO WORLD - As hard as this might be to believe, this is an epic work spanning over seven minutes, featuring Kirbo and his friends singing not one, but -*ALL*- the themes to Super Mario World.. in a rinky dink Accapella choir. Drugs just don't leave someone this coherent.. this is a work of OBSESSED MADNESS!! Relive the true horror of the Ghost House again.. in ways you could never imagine before... MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
DARKESWORD - MARIO KART 64 'PARTY IN THE SNOWLAND' - If Kenny G ever did a saxophone remix of a video game theme, it would sound like this. Relax while driving around the snowy racetrack for fun. Merry Christmas.
AILSEAN & KAIJIN - CASTLEVANIA II - BLOODY HELL - Screaming rock with a classical background, music to gleefully smash the undead by. Glorious electric guitar.
SHAWN DALL (CHRONAMUT) - PLANXTY LADY WRIXON - A beautiful ambient classical acoustic rendition of the centuries-old folk song. Very SCA, grab a flagon of mead and a leg of mutton and party like it's 1499. Dancing harps and flutes. Behold the fey folk.
BRENDAN BARRY-COTTER (TRIXEN) - DBZ PARODY SAIYANS PARADISE - Who ever knew that Vegeta could sing? The short Prince of Saiyans sings it out to the fools. Is it a parody of the original Smugglers Paradise, or Weird Al's Amish Paradise? Yes. Anime. Vocal comedy.
HANNSB - KRACHMANINOFF- LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE - "Looking for someone to lovem in our garage." An interesting attempt as a classic-rock era song, ala Beattles. Wavery vocal goes for a garage-band feel. Going for a Bob Dylan slur?
DETHKLOKFAN13 - DEATH'S COMING - Ambient, unsettlingly quiet 32 second loop. "This is basically just the Resident Evil 2 safe room theme played on a synth pad and given an echo and slowed down a bit." Get some rest, it's only a matter of time.. piano solo in the night. More dramatic than creepy.
TEDJOHNSTON - SEGA RACEWAY - Old school 8-bit racing fun :)
FRANKIEDAMAN - EMERALD HILL ZONE REMIX - More relaxed, laid back theme from Sonic 2, not as frantic as Green Hill Zone. A few quick vocals thrown in for punctuation.

OA - BANJO-KAZOOIE 'WALLACHIAN PRINCE' - Classical/Rock combo with *ALL* the trimmings of both. Desperate strings, determined driving electric guitar, suspense, action, aristocratic mockery and a rocker ready to smash the grin right off his face. Banjo fights the clock to rescue Tooty.
AKUMAJOBELMONT - DARXIDE 'STARMAN (DON'T LOSE YOURSELF)' - Astral techno flavored with bits of vocal "I have traveled.. across the sky.. 1000 million miles past the edge of time.. I take for granted what nobody can.. to travel Far Beyond is just my master plan.." Trancendant space travel. Awesome. Alien electronica.
DALE NORTH - CHRISTMAS NiGHTS INTO DREAMS 'MerryLittleChristmas' - A double remix of both 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and music from Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams (Sega 1996). Quiet, acoustic, relaxing. Merry Christmas. Almost traditional?
DJ BOSSLER (BOSSLER13) - TURKEY IN THE STRAW - Rinky dink techno tribute to the famous folk music theme.
FAYDE (POYZENJAM) - GOOD NIGHT - A very quiet, relaxing lullaby featuring harp and strings dancing through water.
ACID PARADOX - ACID PARADOX B.B.B. - "This is a tribute song to the 8 bit era, because that's where the best games came out." Lots of 8-bit effects combined into a morphing drug trip of a song alternatingly techno and low down grunge rock. Heavy ogre-foot-thudding base. At least until the elves start dancing.
SUPRADARKY - VOYAGE - Groovy House song with mouth-cheek-popping base and electronic piano. You're going somewhere, you don't know where, but it's going to be a fun trip.
PHANTOMREPUBLIC - TRANSMISSION X - As you try to adjust your radio, you pick up a bunch of alien transmissions along with your Trance music. Some are hard to place, others are quite clear! "Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties.. please stand by.." "Some pan flutes / breakbeat / alien transmissions here for you." Some 8-bit also. Drugs would help in the understanding. Lots of variety. Some swearing.
MICHAEL425 - XENOXX - Quick splash of happy techno/trance with an 8-bit flavor. Could be a celebration, could be a splash of cool crystaline water to the face in summer.
SWAPP - HYPER MARIO BEAT STYLE - A repeditive hip hop remix of the Super Mario underground theme (Level 2).
C-ENTERPRISE - I CLOSE MY EYES - An instrumental classical hip-hop piece, which would be a relaxed orchestral music-box love song, except for the artist's tag vocal "2009 C-Jon Production(?)" reverberating through the audio in a face places.
LIGHTKEEPER - EMPIRE UNDERGROUND - Eerie Drum N Bass mixed with a touch of classical piano, striking a gothic cadence as you explore the electrified caves beneath the world, finding wonders and horrors beyond imagining. "It's there, but you'd never know.."
TWICKZ - LOCKDOWN - Shameless modern hip-hop as a young rapper plans to carve his place in the world by hook or by crook, blazing with confidence to deal with whatever or whoever gets in his way. Has a good mix of melody as well as rhythm along with the vocal, something about it catches the ear.

GOAT - CASTLEVANIA III: DRACULA'S CURSE 'FROGGY MOSH' - A playfull midi classical orchestra colors this blazing rock track, which keeps a distinct melody and is very fun to listen to. Halloween meets Frogger. Don't end up on the haunted asphalt.
EVIL HORDE - THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY 'EL LAGARTO' - A very ripping Jazz/Funk/Big Band remix of the main theme, makes you want to get up and dance! Has sort of a Tonight Show feeling to it, if David Letterman was broadcasting from the Louisiana Bayou.
DJPURESUFFER - SM64 KOOPA ROAD RMX - The suspensefull techno music you hear before each of the three Bowswer fights in Super Mario 64, navigating the maze to get there. A bit haunting.
LUIGI CIPRIANI (SORROW-316) - KAKARIKO SNOW VILLAGE - Remix of The Legend of Zelda theme from Link's Village, from A Link to the Past. Half 8-bit, half orchestral with a snowing, Christmas bent that's very pleasing to the ears. Welcome home.
HARRY PARTRIDGE (HAPPYHARRY) - ARMED PROPHET: BOSS LOOP - Music from the flash game "Armed Prophet", custom composed by Mr. Partridge. 24 seconds of primal metal and classical doom.
Fight scene. Short.
SEAN (SEANOFAH4) - FIRST SONG, FINAL VERSION - An original video game 8-bit song with techno accompaniment. Picture a rapidly twinkling, vibrating star in the graphical background. Has melody, and energy.
BEARTHESHADOWS - THE WILDLIFE OF BRINSTAR - A Super Metroid remix, creepy as you explore the bizarre world of the asteroid. Aliens and space and suspense and energy, oh my.
MUSICWIZARD - CV CALLING FROM HEAVEN - Remix from Castlevania: Belmont's Revenge for the Gameboy. Driving classical with a rock and electronic background, exciting. You hear a call to make things right in the world, and follow, come hell or high water. Halloween or Christmas?
HARRY PARTRIDGE (HAPPYHARRY) - ARMED PROPHET: ZOMBIES - Screaming rock with a touch of goofiness as the zombie hordes advance, making you take them down in droves. Halloween. Fight scene.
B-TECH - ULTIMATE ZELDA MIX!! DJ BT - Goofy mix featuring almost constant sound effects like "Hi-Ya!" houses galloping, your pixie saying "Listen!" and lots of others. Sometimes, Link screams in frustration. Totally understandable. Stress relief.
HOELOE - OOTHQ: THE LOST WOODS - The Legend of Zelda, Orcania of Time, Lost Woods theme made in symphonic high-definition, strong classical orchestra feeling with a touch of feeling and wonder.
ALEX CHRISTOPHER (REIGNOVERHEAD) - PIKMIN - AI NO UTA - The theme for Pikmin, Japanese version. Very classical and symphonic and grand.
VIDEOMANIAC (DELMOR) - ZELDA64 OVERWORLD (MY MIX) - A very sped-up and electrified version of the Zelda 64 theme, very energetic and happy! Your adventure awaits!
DENVESSIDENCE - DRAGONHEART DANCE REMIX - A remix of the main theme fromthe movie, with a bit of Sean Connery vocal thrown in. "Witness the wonders of a day gone by." Then it breaks into bouncy electronic dance. Old and New. A touch of happy, a touch of lonely and lost.
ELITEFERREX - DUCKTALES THE MOON - Another remix of the DuckTales Moon level theme (3 that I've found so far?) Bouncy 8-bit midi goodness.

DJPRETZEL - ALTERED BEAST RESSURECTION BY BREAKBEAT - "Rise, from your grave!" And with a blast of classical and trance, this remix of the old school arcade standup will energize the dead to walk again! Halloween.
AKUMAJO BELMONT - BUST A GROOVE 'BUST THIS GROOVE '81' - A very well made groovy dance remix, complete with female vocal, almost a battle cry in the middle! "I would never ever run away.. I'll be here to fight another day!.. I will make you realize.. I'll always be here by your your side.. now our love is Sanctified.. I'm here to bust this groove! (riff)" Love, romance, pure energy. Valentine's Day.
LUIGI CIPRIANA (SORROW-316) - DIVE INTO THE HEART (V2) - A remix of Kingdom Hearts, where Sora and his friends are decending into the World of The Heartless, aka Hell. Starts very mystic and lonely, traversing a moonscape of strange, terrible beauty. Then the fight starts.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - PHANTOM (WF1)/F-777 - Some dramatic classical/rock/techno Phantom of the Opera type music. A lot of building suspense, and strings.
GS-SCREAMER - BOWSER THE SHREDDER - A heavy metal remix of the Bowser Boss Fight Music from Super Mario 64, so fast in pace it almost sounds like a demented polka. Very fast electric organ and guitar.
DESTROYER9283 - SUPER MARIO RPG: WINTER FOREST - The remixed theme, made to sound like the enchanted chiming of a grandfather clock striking the hours. The passage of time. Mystical, magical and beautiful, as if coming from windchimes underwater.
MR-DARK - INVESTIGATION CORNERED REMIX - "Objection!" Tribute to the music of Phoenix Wright.
DJ-RECOIL - LEFT4DEAD RECOIL MIX - Driving doom-filled remix of the music from the game, full of audio clips set to the rhythm. "Tank!" "RRRAWR!" "Do-I-see-a-Witch-Over-There?" "The Heli's here, let's Go Go Go!"
DAVID SANCHEZ(JIFFYPOP23) - SOVIET NATIONAL ANTHEM [8-BIT] - A tribute to the anthem of the terrifying old Soviet Union.. in the style of very early Nintendo games. Sometimes, change is good.
BOB3RT - POKEMON THEME SONG - The theme to the TV show (ie, 'I wanna be.. the very best.. like no-one ever was..' etc) done in slightly rinky dink MIDI instrumental. 8-bit.
BLARSA - GARDEN PARTY - Slightly drunken old school vaudville 1 minute track. "I say, are these hash crmpets or fig rolls? Ooo how strapping!" More British English goofiness, sort of like Tea and Crumpets. People in tuxedos dancing on one leg while twirling canes in a Black and White film where everone wears monocoles. Smashing. Putting on the Ritz. Nice dance music.
CHECKERS (AZEZO) - nomnomnomnomnomnom (a lot of noms) - A dancy stylish rock song with a classical piano as the main instrument. Rock and Classical together. 1:29, fast, good feeling and happy. 'A remake of ParryGripp's Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom song"
PARRY GRIPP - The Nom Nom Nom Nom Song! - Not Newgrounds, but free to play and download over the web! Goofy cartoony rinky dink voices rock out hard to this stylish track! Awesome!
PARRY GRIPP SONG-A-WEEK MADNESS! - This guy is doing the Johnathan Coulton thing, and has a whole banquet of bizarre songs set up to entertain and weird you out! THIS IS THE SAME GUY THAT DID THE *WAFFLES* SONG!
SHAWN DALL (CHRONAMUT) - 8-BIT HALLOWEEN - The Halloweeen Town theme from Kingdon Hearts, simplified into an authentic-sounding 8-bit track with only a few special effects like acoustic bells.

XENOGENOCIDE - BLACK HOLE EARTH CONSUMPTION - Heavy metal doom at first, excitement with a touch of anime grunge. Get into your giant robot now! It's the end of the world as we know it.
LEONARD OGBEIDE (ISOKEN) - WAKING FANTASY - An ambient, bright bit of electronica, with an emphasis on morning rather than night like most electronic odysseys concentrate one. Wake up! Good morning. It's going to be a great day.
CONOR MCCAULEY - LIFE GOES ON [conormccauley] - Not the famous song, but instead of relaxed classical acoustic guitar 1 minute track full of folk music charm. Sometimes you just have to lay back and pluck the strings, watching the sunset.
SAM HAFT (SSHAFTY1) - THE BALLAD OF THE CRASHERS - A shameless fan song for Castle Crashers, done by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin "his last name is awesome, yeah!" Goofy lyrics, done is sort of a Jack Black Tenacious D rock balad tribute comedy style thing. 'I'm happy that he shaved his beard' refers to Fulp's oath that he would never shave again until the game was finished. Must have gotten long.
NIJSSE - THE CIRCLE'S END - Ambient electronic water drops fall and ripple in the pond of time, evoking sadness perhaps, or the passing of something dramatic. An end is always a beginning, though. Fantasy.
ELITEFERREX - MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK COMPILATION - Energetic trance with a touch of 8-bit in his video game remix of several Megaman tracks, sounds action-filled and grand! Almost seven minutes long, good battle music.
SANTABRO - EXPLOSIVE - A house song, that while instrumental, manages to growl steadily at you. "A very aggressive sounding piece." Low down dirty and grungy, good for a street fight.
MOOSEYMANIAC - THIS IS SPACE - Happy, relaxing dance piece, like visiting a discotech on a space station. Out of this world. Light, bouncy.
REONE662 - FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: UNDO - A rocking remake of the anime theme, with jazz and big band saxophone! Dance music! Happy!
THATEAM - SOUL SUCKAHS - JRayTeam6 has renamed themselves "ThaTeam" and taken down their earlier links (darnit!) Well, here they fight some vampires. Another favorite band of mine, after MaestroRage, that has gone semipro and taken their Newgrounds listings down.
SLICING-CLAWS - BREEZE - A very laid back R&B Loop with acoustic folk guitar. Relaxing, calm, rest by the ocean and read a book.
MIKE (WYZE-STINGRAY) - TEARS OF A CHILD - This is not a fun track, it's a very sad and grim Hip Hop song about an abused child with drug addict parents who slowly loses control of his life. Halloween. Depressing, but brilliant as well, once you get into it.
JUSTIN STORY(MID-NIGHT) - ALL NATURAL FLAVORS - 1:31 House Loop, full of 8-bit sound effects and drug-influenced rises and dips in pitch.
SANJAY PATEL (SANJAY) - SANJAY AND JWALA - A music and vocal combo between two Newgrounds musicians. Not in English, I think it's Indian? Different, foreign, yet relaxing and catchy if you listen for a while.
MAZEMASTER - VIDEO GAME LOOP 4 - A fairly simple 8-bit melody with percussion background, simple but effective. Jazzes it up later on.
DJ LINK (MEONLY70) - VIOLIN HIP HOP - Classical and hip hop combine in this quick somewhat wary loop which starts with a quick car chase. Crime.
NINTECHNO - POTC 'UP IS DOWN' - A techno remix of the 'Up Is Down' theme from Pirates of the Carribean 3, where they turn the boat upside down for the green flash.
CYCERIN - WINTERBLISS - Some winter environmental music, alternating between ethereal, then a race of strings.
RAIKOH (FLAMINGWEENY) - MOOHAHAA (DUBSTEP) - A goofy Drum N Bass track heavily featuring someone laughing diabolically, another screaming, and occasionally a telemarketter speaks. Mad Scientist laughter. Halloween, or whenever you need a Hiemlich Manouver.
NATE GOULD (TAKEFLIGHT) - IT'S WHAT MUST BE DONE - "And now for a rather dramatic string-based R&B song" Instrumental almost classical track of reflection, duty, and perhaps a touch of sad resignation. Sometimes what must be done isn't what you want to do.
VLOKLOR - TRAVELLER IN THE NIGHT - A bit of sci-fi journey music, could be in space, could be down a desert highway at night. Anything could happen.. but whatever it is will probably be groovy.
DJBJRA - BATTLE OF NEW FRIENDS - Remake of his 'Battle of Old Friend's, but with more crispness and ferocity. Someone you tought was a friend turns out to be a double agent, and you have to fight them to get to the final boss. This time, it's personal. And tragic.
CHAO-GUY - PINKY AND THE BRAIN - The famous theme from Animaniacs, remixed with a slightly Halloween -shiver-. Taking over the world is fun!
STALAGMITE - DRUNKEN SAILORS DANCE MIX - Ahoy mateys, there be a squeaking techno play on our drinking music! Pirates.
FUNANDMORE - SORROW - Oddly enough, this 1:25 loop with windchimes and quiet classical music almost sounds happy. Could be a touching Halloween ghost story, or just some interesting mood music.
ARRON SIMINSKI (PEARLDRUMMER516) - THE ENTERTAINER (LIVE) - A live piano recital of the famous old school theme from "The Sting". Starts classical, then jazzes it up halfway through. Old and New.
THE MULLIGANS - POWER RANGERS, MAN! - A very fast rinky-dink 55 sec version of the famou theme, turns the hard rock into techno.
JOEY VITALE (JEBBAL) - SEE YOU AGAIN (JEBBAL MIX) - Vocal dance remix of a song by Miley Cyrus. A sultry female voice purrs, "I can't wait.. to see you again.." with a touch of Kill Bill attitude, slow parts intersperced with high speed ones."
SANDORDUDE - TIME - Relaxing ambient acoustic guitar and drums, laced with the occasional driving electric guitar riff.
WILL ARBUCKLE (EDIBLECASTLE) - CUBOY MASTERMUSIC - Goofy miscellaneous theme from the Edible Castle episode. "What's my name? Cuboy's the name. Cuboy's the name. Cuboy's the game. That doesn't make any sense.. ladada.. dodedo..." Drugs?
SAM W (SLIPSTREAMER) - THE FUGITIVE - Intense, suspensefull Drum N Bass track mimicing a chase scene.
SERGEI RAZIN (DEVELOPER) - DEV MISERY (SPECIAL EDITION) - Sad piano and grinding electric guitar give a distinct feeling of Halloween DOOM approaching. Classical and Rock together.
FUNANDMORE - NEW WORLD - Classical strings evoke a feeling of wonder, like the beautiful calm after a storm, the world filled with dew. Magic. Celebration? End of movie music. Soundtrack. The world's still here after the doom and disaster.
CITRINA - YA VOZ'MU SAM LATIN VERSION - Russian singing to a Latin beat "..translated from Russian would mean 'I will take it myself', It's about handling your own destiny, living your life by yourself, in soft philosophical metaphors." Original song with female vocal, relaxing melody, almost transfixing. Beaches after dark.
MICKEY ANDERSSON (KRUSSI) - KRUSSI, JAH MON - Fun goofy bouncy nautical track, with bits of a trill saying "Jah Mon" here and there to the beat. Spongebob would like this one, as would drunken pirates.
JOSHUA TOMAR (TOMAMOTO) - PIRATE CONTEST ENTRY - ARG! Voice acting Ninja Tomamoto makes another jewel of goofy voice acting. "Know that ye be warned.. and choose your next words most carefully.. *What* *Seek* *Yeah*?" "Um, can I get the Combo #5?" Fast food. Spongebob?
HJCRBASS - BOSSA NOVA LOOP - A very relaxing 37 jazz loop. Not Soul Bossa Nova, just some magical tropical beach martini-drinking music. Take it easy.
IAN JARVEY (OBSIDIANSNOW) - PUPPETRY - An original, bouncy Jazz piano number, like making puppets dance to the groove in tophats. Classy.
MICKEY ANDERSSON (KRUSSI) - TAKE OFF EVERY ZIG - Glorified laser-blasting special edition remix of that song from that All Your Base internet meme. Old School.
REASONER - LIVING TANSPARENT - A four minute classic piano song of freedom and life. "So here's my plea. Help. Take this melody.. this simple idea that got stuck in my head, and make it your own interpretation. I want to hear it." Classical.
METALJONUS - FF7BATTLE(FINAL) - A Heavy Metal twist on the popular FF7 battle theme, should here also in 'Fighting' and other remixes. Intense and styalized, rock with only a touch of classical.
THE MEGAS - METALMAN METAL DANCE - Bright rock happiness, as a confident Metal Man challenges you to step inside his door. Megaman inspired rock, sort of like The ProtoMen.
IAN JARVEY (OBSIDIANSNOW) - SONG FOR THE LONELY HEART - A sad piano masterpiece, with ocean background "THe meanings of this story, written in notes, are up to you to discover on your own. So where before I have said "enjoy", I now say something else: Be Healed." Pain. Acceptance. Restoration. Mostly low-key, but has a powerfull airwalk halfway through. Classical. Epic. Love. Romance. Valentine's Day.
FAYD (POYZENJAM) - VICTORY AND DEFEAT - A very old school post-WWII big band number with a Hip Hop base accompaniment, sounds very 'Singing In The Rain'-like, lots of strings, saxophone, piano and drums. 1950's. Sample is called "Canadian Sunset." Happy, yet sad. Contemplative.
DJ SONIK (XASKUX) - MARBLE ZONE (PIANO VERSION) - A musical, crystaline jangling with a bit of tension in it as the classical music plays. Like raindrops falling in a lake.
LUSTFUL - IT'S DAWN - Five minute ambient classical piece full of beauty, and a hint of danger, as if the morning before the battle, and the sun is slowing coming up, making you ponder the day to come with a touch of anxiety.
DJ PINKE(TMM43) - INFINITY (DJ-P REMIX) - A remix of a remix, but it sounds very good. Electronic dance, a bit mystic and light, with encouraging words slipping occasionaly into the background. "Take your time.. to trust in me.. and you will find.. Infinity.." "Relax.. take your time.." Valentine's Day. Awesome.
RICKO (DIABOLO-ICAL) - LOL U DIED - Repeats the title a few times, mixed in with electronic happiness. Quick, bizarre and funny. Good for effects.
GIFTED BUT TWISTED - ICE CREAM MAN! - For when you want quick, twisted stress relief. "I am.. the ice cream man! Running over kids in my Mini-van!" A punk type steals an ice cream truck and plays Sweettooth the clown with it. Gangsta. Dr. Demento.
CHRISISD - Funkalicious - 3 minutes of smooth funky grooves! Pianos, electric base, polite Seinfeld sort of music. Up Next.
GRAVEY - LE CIEL DU SOIR (The Sky At Night)- While watching the night from his glass-surrounded living room, Gravey came up with this track which echos the weather patterns at night, and has a nautical feel to it. Watch out for the incoming storm though.
DOM FERA (D-FEAR331) - SPIDER-POWERS SONG MEDLY - A colorfull, happy tribute to the songs the composer made for his own Spider Powers For Christmas flash animation, the soundtrack rolled together into an easy listening format.
CHRISTOPHER ERISKSEN (CHZZ) - THUNDER TREE - After a rain, the dew drops in the mystical forest ring like windchimes. Mystic, ethereal, with some RL thunder thrown in, although it's overall very soothing and inviting rather than scary. Weather. Semaphore helped with the instruments.
DANIEL BECKMANN (FOLEGALMIGHTY) - THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY - The theme from the movie, originally done by Ennio Morricone, but turns into Acappella Rinkydink, with lots of goofiness thrown in. "This song ain't big enough for the two of us!" Westerns. Cowboys.
CHRIS NIOSI (KIRBOPHER) - KIRB'S WORLD - Deliberately goofy acapella version of "His World" the Sonic the Hedgehog anthem by Zebrahead and Tomoya Ohtani.
ARSENIY (GAMEBALANCE) - COLD HOPE - "Some calm and mysterious melody. I hope you like it." Suspense, uncertainty, could bu tthe music where aliens are tracking you through the spaceship.
REXYREX - THE HAPPY MIDGET - Happy slightly rinky-dink electronica where little people dance and rave. Fairly long and multi-parted. Style changes a bit to, folk later.
PHYRNNA (HALCYONICFALCONX) - TRAVERSE THE WOODS - A magical piano journey through the enchanted forest, transition music.
TENCHUX - EDWARD'S SCISSORHANDS - A remix of the haunting theme from the movie. Halloween.
SEMAPHORE - SYMPHONY OF DREAMS - Mystical deep sea harmony with wind chimes and good woodwind, trademark of Semaphore. Ambient, good background mood music.

GIFTED BUT TWISTED - SUPER MARIO LAND (PUNK COVER) - A slightly drunk version of the familiar theme.
DIMRAIN47 - OPERATION: EVOLUTION - An intricate yet upbeat and moving techno track, which keeps changing as it goes along, not in small ways, changes in actual theme are frequent. Has some pretty darn intricate guitar solos. 5:05 almost sounds like a video game soundtrack montage, but is original.
DURN - SUMMER SOLACE - Relaxing House song with a touch of outer space and handclapping funk. Celebrate!
LUCAS PAAKH (KAJENX) - THE VALLEY - A strange, eternal music moves through the forest, not exactly foreboding.. but it makes you alert. Music from the game "William and Sly" where you're a fox that collections fireflies.
SYRSA - EMPEROR - A slightly 8-bit reverberating electronic number that slowly grows on you, like making a crowd cheer at a sporting event. Experimental.
MERLINSBEARD - IF I HAD LUNGS - A robot (Hal2000?) sings an 8-bit love song for you with his synthesized voice. "If-I-Had-Lungs-Then-I-Could-Sing...-For You" A few good guitar solos too. Valentine's Day. Experimental.
YDNAR84 - THE DRAMATIC END - "The purpose behind it is a combination of sorrow and regrets when everything comes together and makes sense." Classical and rock. Eye of Argon?
LUSTFUL - OCEAN OF DREAMS - A surprisingly epic anthem of triumph, complete with rolling waves and whalesong. What would be a love story for whales. Valentine's Day. Ohming people. Gets more powerfull as it goes.
EROTICSHAVINGCREAM - THE HERB GARDEN - Float off into the clouds with this slightly 8-bit/country/miscellaneous track. "Just enjoy my song, I think of this as floating away high in the sky on my huge herbe garden, genius, isn't it?" Drugs
SEMAPHORE - THUNDERSTUCK! ELECTRIC - A more outgoing song for Semaphore, real thunder kicks off some electric guitar magic. Weather, energy.
DJPURESUFFER - [DLP] Mario Ending - The ending theme to Super Mario Brothers 2, old school! Slightly rinky dink, but catchy. One guy says he would beat the game in a day, just to hear this song? NES.
SEMAPHORE - COLLABORATE OF WORLD - Semaphore put this together with a friend. "The song goes from trance, to pop, till classic elements" Romantic, music to mark an important event or victory. Tribute. Collaboration.
GRAM (TEDDYGRAM) - MICROGALACTIC - A groovy, etherial bit of electric romantic night music that Daft Punk would enjoy if they heard it. The beauty and magesty of the night sky is somehow very close and personal, just for you. Stars.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - GAUNTLET - MEDLEY - Folk guitar opening, then some blastic rock to the Clue Room theme in the original Gauntlet. A bit of spy music suspense too, and action.
TIMMYDOPE - OPERATION HALLUCINATIOn (FINAL) - Some goofy eye-swirling music, with a Homer Simpson comedy skit in the middle. Drugs.
BRYAN (DJLNTHEDARK) - A N.O.B.M Elektro Mix - "A Night On Bald Mountain", the famous brooding classical theme, remixed in techno. Halloween.
DAYDREAMINGFOX - HENRI'S SUNDAY WALK - A guy (English?) goes for a walk in the woods, whistling to himself as he listens to the chirping birds while the piano plays. Cute, simple, lighthearted and relaxing. Getting back to Nature. Done as a birthday present to a friend named Henri :)
JOHNNYFRIZZ - VICTORY DANCE - "This is.. our victory dance!" Dance trance happiness, with the audience going "Oh Oh.. Woah oh!" live feeling, with some vocals.
TERMINATED - (8BIT) THRILLER - Michael Jackson's Triller.. the cute 8-bit version. The whole song, fairly impressive. Halloween. Retro.
WATERFLAME - WAKE UP - "Wake up :D Summer is here!" Happy dancing simple celebration of just being alive. Somewhere between 8-bit and modern techno, very friendly. Beautiful.
HARSH INTENTIONS (KIDCRISIS) - WARBATTLES - An original RPG battle theme made for a contest. Has a moving, enjoyable melody, just a touch of 8-bit. "This one is a little more on the SNES RPG sounding side."
THE FATMAN (NUCLEARSTRIKE) - THIS WAY - A shot of shameless 70's disco! Author claims he was abducted by a 70's group that fed him something that created a burst of pretty colors.
BURLY - WINTER OF THE HEART - A heartfelt male/female vocal duo sad hip-hop number as the artist makes a tribute to his father, who just died of 53 years. "Just do this one thing for me.. Don't rest in peace. Go out and enjoy that second life." Emotional.
DJ PINKE (TMM43) - ANGEL EYES - Not the ABBA song, an original techno romance with female vocal. "I never ever went to paradise.. I never ever saw an Angel's Eyes.." Catchy techno with a pop-ish quality.
BIG-JONNY-13 - MIDNA'S DESPERATION - Remix from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A haunting, etheral music box theme for the shadow imp Midna that 'helps' out wolf Link from time to time.
CAZOK - EVIL CLOWN NIGHTMARE - A short, slightly goofy Doom-like track where the evil clowns with machine guns are hunting you. Has a bit of the Incredible Machine sound to it.
GANON95 - JEOPARDY - A dancy techno remix of the theme from the TV game show Jeopardy, staight at first, then with some improvising.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - LION KING REMIX - "This is a remix of the Final song on Lion King. I actually had this tune stuck in my head for 5 years and finally got the notes down by ear." Celebration, astral.
METALJONUS - BEAT IT - Heavy Metal instrumental tribute to the Michael Jackson song.
CELESTORION - TO THE UNHALLOWED GROUND - Dreamy orchestral opener to the game Valkyrie Profile. Grand.
CELESTORION - GRANDIA - Main theme to the PSX game of the same name. Grand classical introduction, big fairy tale yet diginified quality, reminds me almost of the Disney Castle.
MR CROPES (WAR-SPAWN) - TERROR - Some very old school instrumental hip hop, like mood music for an old black and white movie, perhaps an Alfred Hitchcock suspense horror thriller movie soundtrack.
TRACE11 - WHEN THE MORNING COMES - A song from Maplestory. Sort of a celebration of the woods.
DJBJRA - VALLEY OF THE WIND - Original acoustic guitar folk music
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - CHINESE DANCE MACHINE 3 - Expanded version, and a bit of a tribute to his earlier song, remixing the theme and adding some random licks. Still very good. Oriental music in places, though mostly dance trance.
JOEYKEYS - JK: REITERATION - Gothic classical meets sly instrumental hip hop, with only the occasional deep Cthuhlu-voiced 'JOEY KEYS' at regular intervals. Halloween. Spooky, yet stylish.
3R2 (IR2-X) - META KNIGHT'S REVENGE - 'A remix of Main deck of Halberd and Halberd Destruction combined from Kirby Superstar'. Rapidly moving video game music with a touch of piano as well as high-sugar electronica.
REMIXF2D - REVELATION (AFTYRLYFE) - Another introspective rap modern Hip Hop vocal, no swearing, DJ-Delinquent does the beats. Don't give up, even when life gets hard, or impossible. A bit like Linkin Park.
ALEXMAN159 - GENO'S SSBB THEME - 'If Geno made the cut for Super Smash Brother's Brawl this would be his stage's theme song.' A remake of the 'rollercoaster' theme from earlier, the Forest Maze, done in a slightly more video game gothic manner.
MUNDHIR WERNER (SYPHONMAX) - SHATTERE GEAR BATTLE THEME - I'm not sure if this is from an actualy video game or not, but it has a good video game tencho Mech/Xfiles What's Out There feel to it.
ANDREW HASKELL (LUIGIO) - MEGA MAN 9 - WILY MACHINE - Alert! Alert! This level theme is interspaced with alert sirens as you close in on the enemy's hideout. Old School, even if it's new. Midi. Slightly 8-bit.
THE FATMAN (NUCLEARSTRIKE) - MIDNIGHT FUNK - Good transition or background music, garish lights flash overhead as you explore the city nightlife, and blatant music blares from the bars, sounding something like this.
JOEYKEYS - JK: REITERATION - Gothic classical meets sly instrumental hip hop, with only the occasional deep Cthuhlu-voiced 'JOEY KEYS' at regular intervals. Halloween. Spooky, yet stylish.
3R2 (IR2-X) - META KNIGHT'S REVENGE - 'A remix of Main deck of Halberd and Halberd Destruction combined from Kirby Superstar'. Rapidly moving video game music with a touch of piano as well as high-sugar electronica.
REMIXF2D - REVELATION (AFTYRLYFE) - Another introspective rap modern Hip Hop vocal, no swearing, DJ-Delinquent does the beats. Don't give up, even when life gets hard, or impossible. A bit like Linkin Park.
ALEXMAN159 - GENO'S SSBB THEME - 'If Geno made the cut for Super Smash Brother's Brawl this would be his stage's theme song.' A remake of the 'rollercoaster' theme from earlier, the Forest Maze, done in a slightly more video game gothic manner.
MUNDHIR WERNER (SYPHONMAX) - SHATTERED GEAR BATTLE THEME - I'm not sure if this is from an actualy video game or not, but it has a good video game tencho Mech/Xfiles What's Out There feel to it.
ANDREW HASKELL (LUIGIO) - MEGA MAN 9 - WILY MACHINE - Alert! Alert! This level theme is interspaced with alert sirens as you close in on the enemy's hideout. Old School, even if it's new. Midi. Slightly 8-bit.
THE FATMAN (NUCLEARSTRIKE) - MIDNIGHT FUNK - Good transition or background music, garish lights flash overhead as you explore the city nightlife, and blatant music blares from the bars, sounding something like this.
PARAGONX9 - CHAOZ AIRFLOW - A very aerodynamic new track, redoing a bit of Chaoz Fantasy at the beginning, then branches out. The joy of flying on your own wings, bliss, heaven halfway throught. More creative electronica! Space.
RTNARIO - TRUMP CARD ALTEISEN - Remix from Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1 & 2, RPG with mechs. Hard driving rock.
JULIO YNIESTA (BEATDARKX) - MISSION STREET (ACOUSTIC VERSION) - A beautiful folk guitar solo of the Rumbling Highway theme from Sonic Adventure 2. Romantic candlelight music. Valentine's Day. Eye of Argon?
AGGRIZARD (DJ-GALAX) - HAPPY POING LOOP - 13 seconds of happy bouncing doom.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - CASTLEVANIA III BEGINNING - Hard rock with a touch of folk music in one spot, but no classical.
DARKMAESTRO - THE LEA - A soft "grassy field" classical piano piece, pleasant and peacefull.
ALISA (ELLEBIRDY23) - SONIC HEROS FROG FOREST - A happy trip through the swamp, full of strange flashing lights and songs.
INFINITYVAS - RAYMAN BAND LAND - Remix of the level from Rayman, featuring a fast, rich, varied style looping track with everything from rock to jazz to classical in it.
SMILINGPIG67 - SUPER MARIO ROCK REMIX - A megamix montage of all the themes from the original Super Mario Land, B&W gameboy, including some themes I haven't heard in ages like the flying theme! Sic minutes in all, rock of various intensity.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE 3-1) - MIKE TYSON'S PUNCHOUT MEDLEY - Rock remix of the game music, with clips from the game at the start.
JP NEUFELD (RIG) - ZOMBIES IN SPACE! - "This is a loop version of a much longer song I'm making for a video game, which may or may not have zombies in space." Fast driving electronic pulse pounding! Great airwalk in the middle. Action, drama. Reminds me of 'Spacemen on the Run' in style.
YAWNY (DARPHFLUFFY) - THE NINTENDO CONCERTO ULTIMATE - Not the giant 10-part series, just one super compact 7 minute classical remix of several famous early vdigo game themes.
DANIEL BECKMANN (FOLEGALMIGHTY) - KRYPTONITE (ACAPELLA) - Vocal singing group does a portion of Vocalpeople's song 'Superman'. Friendship is what matters in the end.
KIMKEN - LOOP1 - A 51 second loop of suspense music, classical with a janging harpsicord, intrigue is happening somewhere in France. Spy music.
DXM ELECTRONICA (TIJNN) - DXM - TAKE THIS OUT! - Almost violent Durm N Bass track with lots of banging and glitch music, and a guy trying to say something, but it keeps getting lost. A drug trip? Or fight music? Up to you.
TANTALIS329 - FIGHT ON OLD FRIEND - "This song is menat to be a "Game Over" type, or "character Death" song. Sad piano in the classical gloom.
ALISA (ELLEBIRDY23) - OCEAN FORCE POINT TEMPLE - Remix of a Starfox Adventures song, where Fox discovered the enchanting, ancient temple. Acoustic tribal bongos and strings, exotic, jungle music with a touch of class.
PHEEL - STILL ALIVE 8BIT COVER - Basically what it says, Johnathan Coulton's ending song to Portal turned into 8-bit with a slinky in the background.
SARIAS - TOWN THEME LOOP - Relaxing slightly 8-bit theme from walking through a town in an RPG.
SUPRADARKY - SMB2 - MARIO + VEGETABLES - An Octoberfest style accordion and polka folk song remix of the Super Mario 2 theme. Pull some vegetables out of the ground and have fun flinging them at people! Who says farming isn't fun? :) Old School. Traditional.
MUSICWIZARD - SOTN - LOST PAINTINGS (REMAKE) - Castlevania Symphony of the Night remix. Very detailed classical and enchanted chimes, just a little spooky, but mostly you enjoy the art hidden for years. The joy of finding a hidden place.
KRAWNIK - [AQUATIC] - For a Drum N Bass track this is very reserved and quiet, with a nervous suspensefull energy in the beat while your submarine explores the great blue under.
JOEY BEST (SHADOWMAN-KAGE) - WII SPORTS OPENING THEME - Bright and happy slightly 8-bit electronic remake of the Wii Sports theme. Ahh, nice fresh air.
PIXLCRUSHR - BANJO KAZOOIE RAP BEAT - Relaxed, goofy backwoods country banjo music with just a -little- record scratching for fun. Remix of the BK pause screen music. Old school. Not quite 8-bit, but would go well with them.
THE MEGAS - AIRMAN VS MONSTEROPOLIS - Vocal rock song, a tribute to the Airman boss from Megaman. "Do you know what it's like to be built this way? With only the power to push others away?" "That is why I'm my own biggest fan." Puns aside, it's a hip attempt at adding drama to a familiar story. Megalomaniacs. Mad Scientists. Modern rock. Seems inspired by The Protomen, turning an early video game into a sort of an East German expression of doom.
XBRAV - GENO'S FOREST ROBOVOICE - Goofy vocal sendup of Super Mario RPG with the forest theme playing in the background. "(singsong) There are many secrets in-the-game. Many of which drive some peeps in-sane." Parody. Done in the style of Joe Redifer's ROBOVoice music.
CRIMZONWOLF777 - DIRE, DIRE, DOCKS (RMX) - A very quiet and relaxed electronic remix of the aqua theme from Super Mario 64. Beautiful, old school, although it becomes more modern later on.
NAL1200 - FINAL COUNTDOWN (DNB REMIX) - Drum N Bass wavy electronic remake of Europe's famous hit, 80's music, shrunken to one minute in length. Excitement.
PIXLCRUSHR - 1AM ANIMAL CROSSING WILD WORLD - Ultra relaxed soothing background music, waiting for the sun to come up and enjoying the world. Lullaby. "Ocarnia on lead, you."
PIXLCRUSHR - HYPER SUPER MARIO LAND - 8-bit vocal blast of drug-induced weirdness! "The Nintendo Entertainment system! Your parents help you hook it up!" "SHUTUP!!"
PIXLCRUSHR - RICCO HARBOR (NES REMIX) - A sort of -demix- into 8-bit of the Ricco Harbor theme from Super Mario Sunshine. "Just having fun" Ocean, ships, water.
PIXLCRUSHR - B IS RUN (NES CHIPTUNE) - Original tune in the 8-bit style, slice of old school goodness. Run and jump things, just remember to hold down B in whatever you do.
PIXLCRUSHR - SUN RISE, SUN SET - Original tune in 8-bit. A happy day in the life of someone in NES land.
PIXLCRUSHR - NSFTICM GAME BOY VERSIOn - "New Song For the Ice Cream Man", original song by Crushr remixed into the 8-bit style. Who wants Ice Cream? They needed a new song anyway.
PIXLCRUSHR - SM64 DIRE DIRE (BREAKCORE RMX) - 1:40 minutes of absolutely beautiful string harp version of the Aqua theme from Mario 64, followed by 3 minutes of drug-induced metal randomness. Surprised ya, didn't it? :P
PIXLCRUSHR - WINDMILL SONG (LOZ OOT) - 8-bit remix of the goofy/haunting theme.
PIXLCRUSHR - CAROL OF THE BELLS (MAC ENTRY) - The Christmas classic, 8-bit-ified.
ALEXX PACIFICI (SOUNDSHIFTER) - ZELDA: WINDMILL - An acoustic folk guitar quiet remix of the windmill theme from Ocarnia of Time. Blowing wind, memories. Haunting, wistfull.
JACKIE1188 - MARIO MIX FOR PIANO - Piano solo of the Super Mario Land theme, very old school classical.
GUITARMASTERX7 - ALL HARD - *NSFW* *NOT SAFE FOR WORK!* "An immature sexual parody of 'All Star' by Smashmouth." Basically, that sums it up pretty good. Great voice work, and inspired ironic replacement lyrics. Dirty as hell though.
JOE (JOE AND TOM) - DISPENSER ERECTIN' - "The tune is Snoop Dogg's 'Sexual Eruption' put to some lyrics made completely with the sounds and voices of Team Fortress 2." Erecting an ammo dispenser has never been so.. personal.. before. Funny! Parody. Cartoon violence. Vocal. Goofy!
JOE (JOE AND TOM) - JUST A FEW THINGS - A unique House love song, the singer recalls all the little memories he's had while with his girl, vocal with folk song acoustic guitar "Catching you in a dream.. Mario Kart, mirror mode.. Venture brothers every day.. Tequila in small sips.. plans for the zombie apocalypse.." True love :) Valentine's Day.
AFGC55 - THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: NES MIX - Pleasing combination of 8-bit laced with modern electronica. The famous opening theme, and then a spookier one in the last third. Rinky Dink intro, then transitions into seriousness.
PARKER MEINECKE - NEVER FORGET (REMASTERED) - Remake of the Halo 3 ending theme, very grand, with a few surprised along the way. You can rave to it, or use it as a tribute too.
JOE (JOE AND TOM) - PAYLESS GIRL - Love, at the shoe store in the mall. Valentine's Day. Goofy. "High class girl.. do you sell Nike?" Hip Hop, maybe. "Stock my shelves, tie my laces, lets do some auditing.." Vocal.
JOE (JOE AND TOM) - PICNIC IN THE YARD - "My first unique piece I've ever completed. Had fun making this one." Soft love song with House electronica. Cool Speak vocal.
MICHAEL425 - CRAZE - An original electronic odyssey, with lots of variety and an energy that wants to make you dance, especially late in the song! Super Techno.
MICHAEL425 - NO ONE ELSE MAC9 - A quick Classical instrumental love song, melodic and beautiful.
MICHAEL425 - EXTREME-G - An intense remix to Extreme-G for the Nintendo 64. "It is, in my opinion, one of the best racing games of all time." Drum n Base twist.
APPROACHING NIRVANA - WATERFALL (OF DREAMS) - Techno with vocal and piano "And the waterfall of dreams is all around me.. the light shines through the water and surrounds me." Different, some creative rhythm. Transcendance. New wave.
CHRIS O'NEILL (ONEY) - DOUCHEBAG WARRIOR REDUX - The music to Shift 4 (video flash game on Newgrounds) Suspensefull yet slightly goofy action music, a touch of classical and circus music.
KR1Z - SUNGAZER - "What watching the Sun, you realize you can make your dreams come true." Long, relazing melodic trance, although better suits for background music than the main show.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - MOUNTAIN FLOWERS - Techno dance with a bit of greenery around the edges, a few places to relax and chill out.
AKS9 - MY ROBOTIC INSPIRATIOn (SHORT) - The music to the flash music video of the same name. Odyssey of sight and sound somewhere deep in the future, where a robot comes to life.
CHRIS O'NEILL (ONEY) - Remix of the Power Rangers theme, with a bit more classical thrown in.
CHRIS O'NEILL (ONEY) - POWER RANGERS ORCHESTRATED - Grand Classical remix of the Power Rangers theme! Awesome! Eye of Argon.
CHIRS O'NEILL (ONEY) - DOUCHEBAG ELEVATOR - Quiet suspensefull spy music, used for the game Shift 4. Tiptoeing through danger. Stealth.
CHRIS O'NEILL (ONEY) - FIGHTING REMAKE FF7 - More orchestralized version of the Final Fantasy 7 fight theme. Grand! Fight scene. Battle. Classical.
CHRIS O'NEILL (ONEY) - FF7 THOSE WHO FIGHT FASTER - A faster remix of the 'Those Who Fight Further' theme from Final Fantasy 7. Classical and rock mix.
GIFTED BUT TWISTED - OBLADI OBLADA (PUNK/SKA COVER) - Punk remix of the famous Beatles song ".. life goes on, YAH! Ohhh life goes on.." And some guy growling deep rock in the background.
MATTHEW BENZ - SCARS OF SORROW - Begins with quiet music box, then takes off into an orchestral number in the Hip Hop style. Tribute to something. Grand.
NIGHTMARE THE DRAGON - SEEKING FOR LIFE - Strange mystic orchestral hip hop transition music.
DJ-DELINQUENT - GUNSHOTZ - Somewhere in the city, a guy with a gun just took down an ice cream truck, Tim Burton style. What will they do next? Instrumental with a few screams and sobs thrown in for good measure. Was supposed to be lighthearted, until an editor added a few touches. Oh well. Crime. Hip Hop style.
ZIRCONMUSIC - FLYING HEAVEN (STREET FIGHTER) - From the "Blood on the Asphalt" project on OCREMIX, it's Fei Long's theme from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, redone in a gritty intense "urban" style. A mix of fight scene intensity and some oriental mysticism.
DJ-DELINQUENT - DELINQUENT CHOBITS - A 'chipmunks' take on the anime Chobits, little alien smurf things that sing hip hop. "This is WTF!? ANIME!? Entry #3. Chobits is definitely not on my watch list. I suggest all Thugs who watch anime to NOT watch this shit. I only sampled it because the intro was Catchy as Hell." What an endorsement :) Evil cute things. Easter? Goofy.
DRUOXTHESHREADDER - SEGATA SANSHIRO! - "A tribute to the best commercial star EVER." Segata Sanshiro is Japan's answer to Chuck Norris, and as the song says, he's better than him! -Kicking- a baseball for a home run, throwing down another karate master who then explodes, pointlessly taking down an entire swinging nightclub, trekking across Japan with a giant Sega Saturn strapped to his back ('the ULTIMATE video game machine'..), this is one goofy guy you don't want to mess with. English translation/parody of the epicly wacked offical theme song found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joNwYPdEBTc Awesome :) Geeky as hell. Video game commercials!
WZYE-STINGRAY - WF1 TRIBUTE - "Wildfire One Tribute" An extremely goofy epic build up "About the greatest MON (Austrian accent) who ever Lived.. because you see.. when the darkness SurrONDS..you're all going down.. so when you see.. you are DOOMED, and you think, of your TOMB!.. our last hope.." Ohming monks, then talks about his follow Newgrounds composer, Wyldfire 1. Superheros. Halloween.
ALIASM - GIMME YOUR LOVE - Old school Hip Hop beat, instrumental, serene and easy to listen to. Love music? "Gimme your love" occasionally heard as a background vocal. A little bit of Barry White. Relaxing.
HOPEKU - PICO GROOVE (PICO DAY) - An upbeat electric funky groove, has a certain Tonight Show "Up Next" quality. Short, and sweet, very high-res.
WATERFLAME - RICOCHET LOVE - "Epic Breaktrance!" fast-moving Drum N Bass with all sorts of dodads, including even near classical music with flute in the background when people aren't bashing percussion to a pulp.
GIFTEDBUTTWISTED - SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW! - This is what happens when a hardcore heavy metal freak with a voice like Frog Cthuhlu redoes a famous musical number. Goofy as hell :) Parody. Wizard of Oz. Weird Al-ish.
CRIMZONWOLF777 - SONIC MEGAMIX III - Giant almost 9 minute montage tribute to tons of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack themes. Happy and upbeat.
ELITEFERREX - 8-BIT STORM - "With howling winds, blinding lightnening and crashing thunder in mind, this is what I created" Very old school yet original. Although techno, it lands softly enough on the ears, but with a reasonance you won't find in real early video game music.
MATTJOHNSON817 - THE ENDING DAY - The End of the World was never this happy. The end of cares, the end of worries, the conclusion to fine stories.. something is ending, although the music leaves it open for you to decide what. Very upbeat, and actualy uplifting to listen too.
OBSIDIANSNOW - OF SOFTEST RAIN - A collab between two composers, with changing themes, but very beautiful, melodic relaxation, intermixed with real rain and electronic effects. A tribute, or a celebration?
GIFTED BUT TWISTED - SUPER MARIO BROS (PUNK REMIX) - A punk/ska take on the famous main Mario Brothers theme with grungy guitar backup.
THATCOMPOSER GUY - YOUR DESTINY - "This is the story of your transformation. Everything in your mind fades, and nothing seems to matter other than the here and now. You have a choice to make. Do you turn back, or embrace your destiny?" Deep, soft piano music.
REASONER - DEAR WORLD - Reasoner tells the story of how a long inspirational drought of his was broken by reading the story a friend had written, of going through heartbreak, and yet in the middle of it, finding yourself again, the person long surpressed and buried. He tries to put this feeling of hope into music. A simple melody, but it's good enough for Christmas.
DANPALADIN - I LIKE YOUR HAT - A quick goofy song from one of his video games. Has a pirate feel to it, a parrot playing a mad accordion.
MARKYSPARK - XENON 2009 7.1 - A very high-resolution, suspensefull creepy song with a beat, that loves to play little tricks with your stereo surround sound. Halloween.
MARKYSPARK - CRUSADER - A very low-key, creepy battle theme, like an army marching to certain doom.
RITHEGUARDIAN - DREAMS - A fun ambient piano piece, uplifting, candlelight music.
WATERFLAME - WELCOME TO METROPOLIS - Techno with 8-bit mixed with modern synth and the vocal "Get my mind on something else, cus I don't know, how to fly." Catchy. The future.
MARKYSPARK - CROFT STREET - "This is an oldie from 5 years ago, when I lived at Croft Street in Great Harwood." Relaxed, magical ambient mood music, touch of 8-bit and jazz. Gumshoes would like this one. City lights at night.
MARKYSPARK - I FEEL ALIVE - "I tried to build the feeling of euphoria. Sometimes feeling alive can mean everything is going wrong around you, a feeling of uncertainty, what does the future hold? A man's dreams should exceed his grasp, don't you think?" Absolutely beautiful mix of acoutstic guitar and electronic angels.
MARKYSPARK - ATLANTIA - The mythical city, or the capitol of Georgia? You can picture it both ways here, with relaxed acoustic piano and electronic angels.
MARKYSPARK - WALKING IN ALTHAM - "The way home always seems to be twice as long."
JUSTIN STORY - I'M hXc BITCH - A fun House track with an electric voice saying "Hardcore" at intervals. It grows on you after a while.

CRANKIS - ZELDA METALIZED - A screaming metal version of the Zelda opening theme! Heavy metal. Triumphant. Good windup intro!
STARGAME - BIT SYNTH - Original 8-bit track with modern backup. It rocks.
HADES0013 - GUILT AND ECSTASY - "Can an 8-bit song sound epic? That's the question that made me start working on this song. With the Peach VSTi, some good old white noise and a few hours of work, I did my best to make this song sound as epic as possible (without overdoing it, of course)." Old school sound, but with many more voices than you'd ever hear back then.
SONICMARIO - MEGA MAN 1: ROCKMAN GAME SHOW - MM1 theme turned into a game show theme, stylish. Long live Starcade! Old school.
CHRONAMUT - CRONO CROSS, FROZEN FLAME - Beautiful environmental background track, crossing an arctic wasteland, the view is great, as long as you have food.
DJTRANCITE - MARIO REMIX - A completely RAVE remix of the Super Mario Land (Gameboy) theme, with trance electronica. Very modern indeed. "SMB ALL THE WAY! :D" Happy Hardcore. Manages to be both weird and epic at once.
DARPHFLUFFY - THE NINTENDO CONCERTO (PT 10a) - The tenth part of a huge work, a giant montage of famous Nintendo video game themes, done by piano solo. Ten themes in this part, over ten minutes, notables include the Bo-Bomb Battlefield and Flying Cap themes from Mario 64. Classical music. A lot of themes I haven't heard before, too. THere's no way I can put all ten parts in here, so browse the rest of you like.
MIDIMACHINE - WE CAME TO FINISH YOU! - An original work given the "8-bit" synth treatment, a mix of old school Nintendo beeping and electric guitar playing together. Sweet! Action. Boss fight scenes. Played in the Robot Dinosarus game.
MIDIMACHINE - VINDICTIVE ILLUSIONS - Brooding anger slowly bubbles up from the depths of your psyche as you listen to this Industrial track. "With this one I aimed to make something more sombre and tense. Creepy dischords and a moody progression will do that." Halloween in Sin City. Film Noir.
CELESTORION - SECLUDED ROYALTY V1 - "This is a softer mix of Hidden Palace/Lava Reef Act 2 from Sonic & Knuckles." Light twinkling classical with woodwind and harp.
DARKMOOR - ALUNDRA - LARS' CRYPT - "Lar's Crypt theme from Alundra for the Playstation 1. Think it's called Ra's Underground Hideout" Suspensefull theme before a fight. Halloween with a touch of ice crystal Christmas.
DARKMOOR - ONE MORE CHANCE, JAMES - Original dance song, with a smooth yet edgy energy, a relaxed intensity. Words can't describe it, driving a Porsh through a subterrainean in the middle of the night, then finding the tunnel leads into outer space.
DARKMOOR - TOTO - AFRICA - A cover of love of the 80's song, as an instrumental, mix of classical and trance. Has a certain ghostly magic. Nostalgia. The feel of a foreign land. Adventure.
DARKMOOR - FVIII THE OATH - A far-reaching anthem of adventure. I haven't played the game, but this must have been a key scene of it. Final Fantasy VIII. Grand.
DARKMOOR - SWEET(SEMI C64) - Modern electronica with a touch of 8-bit just for show, original work. "Same as always I make music during the night hours and same with this." Driving down a long road late at night, and seeing a UFO. A grand moment that reverberates in the mind.
DARKMOOR - TETRIS A(RUSSIAN HARDREMIX) - Imagine giant blocks falling from the sky. Move or DIE!!!! Suspense, thrills. Doom?
DARKMOOR - AIRWOLF - Cover of the 80's TV show theme about the super-powerfull helicopter. Contemporary with Knight Rider.
DARKMOOR - A WOLF'S DREAM - Kline's theme from the PS1 game Alundra. Very detailed, low down city at night feeling. Not quite Film Noir, more Film Sapphire, with a deep sort of feral beauty of the cityscape with the lights on and moon overhead.
DARKMOOR - SUIKODEN 2 - IMPRISIONED CITY "Playing... One of the best RPG's for PS1 right now and this song got stuck in my head. Just had to do it. Has somewhat of an asian pirate touch to it." Grand nautical theme.
DARKMOOR - ALUNDRA - MEIA'S DREAM - An absolutely beautiful ethereal acoustic and electric tribute to a great game theme. Peace, beauty, love, hope, it might not all work out quite the way you planned, but the dream, the dream... Sleep. Lullaby.
DARKMOOR - DKC2 THE MINE - Theme from Donkey Kong Country. Roaring down a mine shaft was never this blissful and happy!
DARKMOOR - CELEBRATION DAY - Original medieval classical theme, like attending a tournament or Renaissance Faire. "Tried to catprue that feeling in some classical RPG games where there's a celebration of some kind. Enjoy!" The Good Ending of something.
DARKMOOR - MEGA MAN X - SPARK MARDRILL(X) - "Harddance version of Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill theme. Also have a metal version up so check it out. Enjoy!"
BITIUM-RIBBON - BR BATTLE MUSIC II - Original battle theme designed to have the flavor and style of remixed RPG music. Boss fight.
PHEEL - GUITAR VS PIANO (8BIT) - A cover of Newgrounds artist Goukisan's song of the same name, translated into Nintendo style.
ZIRCONMUSIC - MONSTROUS TURTLES! - An edgy, creepy, goofy hard rock synth remix of the Castle theme from Super Mario World. Ravey and dark, with hard guitars and pipe organs, a very different take on a familiar tune. Halloween. Suspsense. Classical and Rock.
NEMESISTHEORY - SNAPDRAGON - A remix of Rose at Midnight as a relaxing Trance number. Hard to recognize, very light and dance dancy happiness. For the Club scene. Party time!
CATSTUFFER - MERCENARIES 2 THEME REMIX - "Oh No You Didn't!" The goofy tough orchestral vocal theme to the game, with ultra-tough mercenaries informing you in sign-song that since you didn't pay them what you owed, they're going to get their revenge. Perfect wacky mix of gansta, classical piano and electronica. Dude, always pay the piper.
JOHNNYFRIZZ - MAMMA MAFIA - Big fat Mamma Mafia is going to TAKE YOU DOWN! Heavy jazz with forboding lower horns, and maybe a touch of big band swing. Boss fight time.
MH16 - BEDTIME - "This song was actually meant to be a wake up song, but while I was making this I got a very sleepy feeling, so I changed it into a bedtime song." Relaxing, happy.
MUSICWIZARD - NEVERENDING STORY - Light detailed MIDI remix of the same theme from the 80's movie, with steel drum as the main instrument.
MUSICWIZARD - FINAL COUNTDOWN - Midi pop remix of Europe's "The Final Countdown", still a very good song.
OSCILLIST - THE HERO OF TIME - Epic classical remake of the Song of Time melody from The Legends of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time, turns into Drum and Bass halfway through. Eye of Argon? Ohming people in the background.
PARAGONX9 - HYPERIOXX - Fast moving electronic dance, with a light of jangling piano work.
EIT0P0 - DROP DEAD - Crazy clown music intro to the video game "Drop Dead", lots of children giggling, wacky cartoon music, with music boxes and slightly disturbing Halloween music mixed in together. Eerily awesome. Danny Elfman-ish.
DARKMOOR - DKC2 - BRAMBLES - Remixes of the video game theme, done in relaxing ambient electronica that feels deep, multilayered, and alive. You can feel the jungle about you.
SIRBROWNIE - SUPERSMASHBROTHERS-MENU REMIX - The menu theme from Super Smash Brothers *MELEE*, not Brawl. More a dancy jazz piano with a driving beat.
SIRBROWNIE - GREEN HILL ZONE (REMIX) - Slightly bendy celebration of the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog. Grand, with a slight lounge Tonight Show feeling.
SIRBROWNIE - SUPER SMASH - TARGET TEST - Super Smash Brothers Melee target test theme remix, very catchy beeps with relaxed lounge rock background. Tonight Show feeling. More to Come!
MUSICWIZARD - TOS - SANCTUARY (REMAKE) - A remix of the Sanctuary theme from Tales of Symphonia. This is simply beautiful to listen to, classical with bells and harps, heavenly. Christmas. Pipe Organ. Church. Cathedral. Eye of Argon? Triumphant. Epic.
MUSICWIZARD - SUPER MARIO BOOZE - A "Weird" remixed of the Super Mario Brothers theme, just a little trippy and intoxicated, jumpy. Drugs. Caffinee.
MUSICWIZARD - SUIKODEN - MAIN THEME - Acoustic guitar folk music remix of the video game theme. This is a love theme! Bright, shining sunlight breaking over the hills. Very well done and beautiful! Awesome. Eye of Argon?
GIFTEDBUTTWISTED - I'M GONNA KILL SANTA CLAUS - If you're needing your Pointless Twisted Evil fix for the day, this works very well. Quite a goofy, yet graphic song about how a disillusioned rocker kid wants to take down the Fat Man with style. Evil Christmas.
ZERO-RESURRECTED - MMZX - TRAP FACTORY - The trap factory theme from Megaman ZX. Very exciting and moving!
TONINDO - LET'S BRAWL! - I recently learned that "Brawl Remix" From Everythingdark was stolen. *THIS* is the true author, and deserved full credit for this brilliant rock/classical remix of the main menu theme from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, as used in the Eye of Argon soundtrack earlier this year.
AUDIX - STAR WARS MAGNUS VIR - A remix of the Star Wars theme with electronics. Reposed after the author emailed me, noting that his song had been stolen by KujoGodOfWar, whose account is now gone from Newgrounds.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - SPACE MEN ON THE RUN - A very talented remix of Rob Hubbard's "Monty on the run" a c64 tune. There's a LOT more than beeps in this one though. Desperate heartstring classical violin battles with the collosal forces of outer space electronica. Fast, yet with good melody and rhythm. RUN!!! Aliens. UFOs.
APPROACHINGNIRVANA - GELATIN CRUSADERS - An outer space techno with vocals, which reveals itself as a remix of the Gummi Bears theme later on. Yes, the theme from the cartoon show. They are the Gummi Bears. Easter. Bizarre Remixes. TV Show themes.
CALVIN BRIGGS (DJ-FLUX) - SILENT TEARS - Full Classical theme to love, and the mindfield that it is. "My girlfriend left me today, I always wanted to do an orchestral version of the song I made for her on our anniversary, but never got around to it.." Carpe Diem. Sad, yet grand. Valentine's Day.
NIGHTHAWK22 - HYPERDESTRUCTIVE - Spasticly energetic Techno with wild synth melody, like a record played intentionally too quickly. Racing, escaping, or raving music.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - UH OWW, SPAGETTIO - "Uh oh, Spagettio!" 28 second goofy vocal repeating track. The Weebl would love this one. Food. Mutant space chipmunks?
PERRO-ELECTRIC - 5 O'CLOCK BIRDSTOP - A far out mix featuring chirping birds, wooden jungle marimbas, and electronic croaking frogs. Rinky dink. Cartoony. Vocal that could be saying swear words, it's hard to say. Drugs? Children's music?
PERRO-ELECTRIC - THE CAT IN THE FLYING SAUCER - Ultra quick 11 second loop, with goofy vocal repeats of meowing cat flying through outer space. Aliens! Children's music. UFOs.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - PEACE IS THE PATH! - A very different song, with a vocal from a English political speaker quoting Martin Luther King on top of a techno beat. "Injustice anywhere is Injustice Everywhere!" Putting your wheely bin out on the wrong day each week.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - ACID LOOP1#1 - Relaxing outer space electronica. 49 second loop, good for backgrounds. Space is BIG.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - ACID LOOP1#2 - The same relaxing outer space electronica, except this one also has a drum line.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - THE YELLOW BANANNA (Acapella) - "This is the Yellow Bananna.. HE FELL OFF THE STREET TODAY!.. he fell, quite a distance.. BUT DON'T YOU WORRY HE SEEMS TO BE OK! :)" Yep, that's it. 17 second loop. @_@ Goofy.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - WHIRLIES FROM SPACE - Ambient space traveling music. Space is funky.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - THE FIRST (SSLS) - Secret Space Lounge Societ presents: The First. A very slow, relaxing, ambient space track. Space is Big. Your trip is going to take a while, but there's a lot of things to see on the way.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - A NEW STYLE - "Don't know what style this is. I call it: A New Style!" Listed under Jazz, but has a LOT of other things thrown in. Funny, catchy. Audio slips, boogie woogie, big band, wow.
GAMERWORLD14 - THE DUST OF DESTINY - Ambient space music, with lights blinking on the space station.
ERDICOLPAN - 2012** - Windchime music of The Future.
DARKNEZ101 - GHOSTS OF THE PAST - Spooky Eerie haunted house music, although a bit lighter than most, more mysterious, water drops hitting a pool as the wind chimes play. Halloween.
PERRO-ELECTRIC - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - A sugar-charged slightly drunk vocal bit of goofiness. Not the Disney song, usually a lot of random words "Happy Happy Pigeon, Happy Happy Horsie, Happy Happy Ashtray, Happy Happy Rowboat.." lots and lots of Happiness! Hic! Clown music. Loop. Happy New Year.
RUCKLO - DRUNK - Pretty straightforward here, light wonky horns and piano, a goofy little classical number to play with someone is completely smashed on alcohol.
EON - POPCORN [EON REMIX] - The popular pop song Popcorn (intuitive enough, sounds like popping popcorn) redone as driving Techno.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - 'TIL WE BEAT AGAIN - The credit music for "Portal Defenders", rock ending with some nostaliga and horns mixed in.
XCYLX - CHORAL PIECE - Very quiet background piece that nevertheless has a certain driving energy, could easily be fantasy music while surveying a beautiful landscape. Monk 'ohming' quality. Lord of the Rings?
THATCOMPOSERGUY - THE BOSSMAN COMETH - Fight theme to the boss battle in Portal Defenders, it rocks.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - WHAT'S BEHIND DOOR #2? - Another battle track from Portal Defenders. Background driving rock.
CYDRIUS - DUSTY DUNES OF DANGER - Slightly Middle Eastern techno
PUGGIN - SURROGATE - "This song, though may not be to anybodies taste other than my own, is one of the sadder songs I have made." Dedication to police, firemen, doctors charity works, all the heros we have because Batman and Superman aren't real. Sad guitar folk music with electronic drama as a police radio plays in the background, finally announcing the death of a police officer.
E B - ELECTRONIC GANGSTA - Instrumental Hip Hop (with only a few background dubs) Good background music for that electrical crime feeling.
HARRY PARTRIDGE - CYRODIL MAGES GUILD! - "An original tribute to the fucking awesome Elder Scrolls 4, Rock on!" The sheer awesomeness of this epic classical vocal number-crunching geekfest cannot be put into words. If you don't mind people shouting swear words with a Shakespearan accent, yea shall rechoice. Dungeons and Dragons. Wow. They wish. Monty Python-ish.
ZIRCONMUSIC - NECROMANCY - Drum n' Bass track with both melody and rhythm, a catchy eerie Twilight Zone Halloween quality, with a dash of classical pipe organ just to take the edge off the high energy synth. Very nice.
ID-N - SUNSET LOUNGE (EXTENDED DUB) - 8 minutes of relaxing ambient lounge music. Elevator music?
BLOODFEST - SATURDAY NIGHT BLUES - Some old school boogie woogie, rollicking piano solo, would be at home on Saturday Night Live.
BLOODFEST - A SAD MAN'S STORY - Instrumental blues, in the old railroad style. "Dedicated to the memory of my friend Aldo, God bless his soul."
TREBORLOCKE - SPACE AGE SOUNDS - Soft, deep echos make their way through the cosmos, relaxing, with the occasional deep electric base. A lullaby, or something from Twin Peaks? You decide. Ambient background music.
VEXILLUM - GHOST - "Let the song play out.. the mood varies from start to finish." Trance begins quiet and slightly spooky, then turns into a moving melody, like a ghost playing the electric synth.
SBB - CLOUDCLIMBER - "So you're outsie doing what you love: Climbing Clous. You life off with your little hovercar, then when you're a mile or so above the ground, you jump off it and grab the nearest cloud. You have your hiking equipment ready, and you start climbing the cloud" Fantasy. "After a while, you're finally reached the summit!"
THEWEEBL - NARWHALS THEME - Song from the animation of the same name, another goofy bizarre Weebl song! And yes, it loops.
SPLATTERSOCOM - SUBPAR SYMPHONY - Classical start, then moves into instrumental beat-boxing old school hiphop. Violins and thumping working together.
HARRY PARTRIDGE - SATURDAY MORNING WATCHMEN - A completely goofy parody of the grim comic/movie "The Watchmen" completely dumbed down to the K-6 level. Catchy, silly, funny voice acting song. "Beat up some thugs, say not to drugs! Be in bed by ten.. but if trouble's about, better watch out! For the WATCH-MEN!" Doom.
XSAKUX - DIAMOND DUST ACT 1 - Sonic 3D level theme remix.
MIKETAYLOR - SUPER MARIO CASTLE - Classical piano and somewhat uneven synth version of the Ghost House theme from Super Mario World.
ZIRCONMUSIC - KINDRED (SUPER METROID) - The creepy Maridia 1 theme, outfitted not only as a remix but actual vocal lyrics from the OCREMIX crew for a sick friend. Unearthly. Avant Guard.
ZOMBIEPOSESSOR - SMILES AND TEARS (V2) - "A favorite of mine from Earthbound. Re-recorded it. Classical music, sad and happy at once, and then, toward the end, a shameless guitar rips out. Eye of Argon?
HELTH MUSIC - LOVE WILL BE SHOWN - "Just made a little love song for u out there" Miscellaneous mix of genres, relaxing, Eastern.
WINTERWIND - PALE ICE - Very ambient, environmental sound with echoing piano and magical chimes. Intro music to the "In My Arms" Collab.
SERGEY (VIBE-NEWGROUNDS) - TIMID GIRL - A charming lyrical Classical song "Little fantasy tune with bits of folk motives, peaceful and melodic." 1:21. Very good medieval mood music.
TARDOM - DK ISLE (DEMO) TDM - Beyond imagination, here is ANOTHER ACAPELLA VIDEO GAME REMIX. Of Donkey Kong island for DK64 I believe. People hmming and saying "DumDumDumDum.. DumDumDum Dumb Dumb.."
TARDOM - POKEMON GYM BATTLE TDM - It seems to be this guy's Thing, ANOTHER ACAPELLA VIDEO GAME REMIX! Quick 32 second vocal take of the Pokemon battle theme.
DEDEDEJR - GRUNTILDA'S LAIR-CEMETERY - This is a awesome if short remake of the goofy, gothic theme from Banjo Kazooie as you approach the Witch's Lair. Only 40 seconds, but when looped a few times does very well as a song. Halloween.
3R2 - SUPER PAPER MARIO: COUNT BLECK - Goofy/Creepy cartoony fight theme from the RPG, starts out with 10 seconds of suspense, then the Halloween goodness begins. Gothic
TARDOM - POKEMON TEST ROUTE 1 - Yep, more Arcade Acapella. 23 second loop. Goofy.
DEDEDEJR - CLOCK TOWN-DAY 3-MAJORA'S MASK - From the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the last day, starts slow with piano, then winds down.. then becomes frantic, and just a touch disturbing.. like watching zombies tapdance.
CHESDERMAN - SONIC/FINAL ZONE - 44 second loop whirlwind with a classical music twist. Frantic spinning, Sonic the Hedgehog (although I don't know which game in the series)
MH16 - HOPES AND DREAMS - Rousing medieval style traveling music, although it's a bit hard to classify. See what it invokes in your mind.
DJDERRICK - THE ADVENTURE - Fairly long dance track with good rhythm and bounce, almost rave.
NIGURAK - JODO LOOP (LAWL) - A quick one minute loop designed to put a big floating Question Mark over your head. "J. O. D. O. J. O. D. O." vocal "What does that Sp-Spell? What does that Sp-Spell?" It spells JODO! What does that mean? Who KNOWS. Quick alien freakout music. Just plain ODD and WEIRD.
MARKYSPARK - LOOKING AT THE CLOUDS (DEMO) - A bit of relaxing classical music, quiet piano as someone looks up and admires the beauty of nature. Ambient. Environmental.
DOCTOR ATTITUDE - MEDIOCRITY TRANSCENDS - Very relaxed, ambient chill out music. "This song is supposed to represent the fact that you can really triumph regardless of whatever expectations you have or don't have, and that sort of everyone is capable of greatness." Tribute.
EVILDOG - FUCK OFF AND SMILE! - Bill Maher opening clip "I would rather sail off the edge of the FUCKING WORLD, than deal with those people one more time!" followed immediately by some happy upbeat rocks. Smile!
VNSTUDIOS - THE LONE LOVER - As a thunderstorm rains outside, a soft sad piano music solo plays, and loops.
CHAMPIUS - BREATHLESS - A bit of Classical Trance quiet piano music. Is it sad, or happy? Reflective, or celebrative? Electronics starts halfways through, where it moves from Classical to Trance.
NEMESISTHEORY - SHADES OF GREEN - A tribute to summer and the end of winter. "I'm pleased with the touch-ups and mastering.. it should be viable for hardcore freeway automobile music blasting at the moment."
DJ-UNKNOWN - HAUNTED HOUSE!! - A quick bit of Halloween background music "A very spooky feeling, would be good for a scary flash." Shamless guitar riff suspense. X-files.
XENOGENOCIDE - FINAL REDEMPTION - Heavy metal rock anthem, join effort with DarkSide555. Melodic, a song of success.
MAESTRORAGE - LORDS OF LEGENDS - Fantasy medieval anthem. The grand cycle of kingdoms trying to conquer other kingdoms. Giant wars. Is it a tribute, or a work of sadness? Vocal by LadyArsenic (the Mandi in MaestroRage's nametag) Classical doom.
LASHMUSH - DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (K.ROOL) - Starts very 8-bit and old school, then quickly transitions into modern rock. Very hip and rousing once it takes off. Nautical, pirate music. "Gangplank Galleon". Naval. The Sea.
ALISA (ELLEBIRDY23) - LOZ: THE LULLABY OF TIME - Classical vocal mystic version of the theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time. Almost like Enya, quiet chorus in the darkness. Would be good for Eye of Argon.
ALEXANDER XAVIER (CAJETE) - BROKEN HEARTS WILL SMILE - "I want to dedicate this to my family, my lady, and everyone with a struggle.. I hope this year things will be better!" Hope, love, happiness inspite of resistance. Inspiring. Says Hip Hop, but there are no words, only a hip melody. New Years. Valentine's Day.
C-ENTERPRISE - LIFE'S CHOICES - Another instrumental hip hop track with a moderate pace and some introspection. Ever wondered how things would happen if you made a different choice? You'll never know. Just have to choose, that's all. Almost classical. Choices. Uncertainty. Sadness. Resolve.
MIKAEL (KRUSSI) - KEEP ON SOARING (FINAL?) - Energetic trance with a dash of vocals. Starts out slow with classical harp and real rainfall, then starts to add electronics, and eventually takes off into full Trance. Go for a journey! Adventure. Flying through clouds. Happy! Remix of another Newground's artist's song. Relaxing. Celebration.
COMPLEKS - GANGSTAH TO THE CORE - Goofy start with group singing a goofy folk song, who promply get blown away by automatic weapons with a bit of screaming, whereon the Gangstahs take the mic and sing their song. Well, it's honest and foreward at least. Hip Hop. A little swearing.
SAM HAFT (SSHAFTY1) - A HERO IS BORN (BUSHIDO OST) - Part of a soundtrack for a production in progress, grand, slightly gothic but upbeat. Adventure.
RICKO - FINAL FANTASY X THEME - "A long way from home" remix, as a very quiet piano solo. Doomed romance. Valentine's Day. Halloween?
MELODY (HALCYONICFALCONX) - FLIGHT TO MYST - Remix of the opening music to the video game Myst, sea beating on the shore of time. A quick 35 second loop, but very effect for mood environmental music.
ELECTRONICEP - SYNTHETICA EP DEMO TRACK - Clips from the 16 tracks that go into the Synthetica album, now available on iTunes!
ZOOSAFARI - SAVANNA - More jungle music trance! Bang those bongos! Progressive trance, builds and changes.
NICK STUMBLES THE LORD OF THE LOL - VOICE ACTING COMPETITION 1 - A goofy somewhat disjointed story about a kid whose Dad is really annoying. And something about a guy who keeps trying to sell him a sandwich on his way home. And getting slobbered by the family dog. "And THAT is why I don't have my math homework!" Random. Bonding doesn't work.
ECTSO - FUTURISTIC THREAT - A lightning quick 8-second loop full of electronic alien creepiness. Good for special effects maybe.
CLOUDCANNON - CHIP DONNERSCHLAG - (Donnerschlag means "Peal of Thunder" or "Thunderclap, Thunderbolt" in German) A jingly Trance with an upbeat, slightly mystic electronic melody. Like the soothing rain after a thuderstorm, beauty and a little wariness together. Or Christmas sleigh bells too. Happy.
APPROACHING NIRVANA - THE HEIST - Suspensefull action trance track. Sneaking into a top-secret facility, or breaking your way into a bank. Electronica combined with traces of Classical music, just to give it a little more power and depth. Racing chase scene. Crime.
MILKMAN-DAN - CLENASTRO - A complex bit of Classical music with a touch of rhythmic intensity. Seems like a love song gone wrong, or perhaps a forbidden love. And perhaps a battle halfway through. Drama. Love is rarely easy. Valentine's Day.
IAN KELLY (PSYCOSIS91) - LOOPING STEPS - Freakly Twilight Zone remix of the Looping Steps from Mario 64, where they would go up endlessly unless you got enough Stars to break the curse. A little funky.
CRIMZONWOLF777 - SONIC MEGAMIX - Four Sonic The Hedgehog themes are combined into this rave party.
BROKENDECK - THE PATH LOOP 02 - Heavy footsteps thud alongside the slightly hip hop percussion beat as our hero goes on along the map. Origianl score in the video game style. RPG. Resolve. Determination.
LIAU - HEAVY AREA MUSIC - "My general style is "game sound" Cave/military base/creepy place comes to mine" Slightly creepy background music with an 8-bit feel, if only partially. Anticipation. Dread? Not quite that heavy.
CRIMZONWOLF777 - BRAMBLES - Remix of the Donkey Kong Country 2 level theme "Most hated stage, but one of the best songs ^_^" Fairly long, lots of pointy wooden things. Like most DKC songs, a little transcendent and in the clouds. Relaxing.
TANTAILS329 - THE HERO'S JOUNREY - Original song in video game style, a little midi-ish, a hero marches off to glory (or death?)
SOCKPUPPETREMIX - ZELDA: ALttP - DARK WORLD - The Dark World theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Rousing, different, determined. Takes you back.
SONICMARIO - GALAGA INTERMISSION - 4 themes from the classic arcade game 1)Galaga's Starting Theme 2) Galaga's Challenging Stage (when you get a perfect score) 3) Galaga's Enter Your Initials 4) Galaga's Enter Your Initials (when you get the number one score) Montage. Video game remixes. Old School.
KAZMO - ZELDA'S LULLABY INTRP - Remix of the famous theme from The Legends of Zelda: Orcania of Time. Fast, 43 seconds.
KR1Z - FOREVER (EXTENDED MIX) - Kriz (of Remotion fame) Is back with a remix of one of his own compositions. Very long, somewhere between Trance and Classical. "Close your eyes, lay back and enjoy the track." Several stages.
MORTALSYMPHONY - MS - MADNESS GUN SOUNDS! - A symphony composed entirely of gun sounds, wacky. I've seen a few like this, might want to make a concert sometime. War. Battle. When you just want to blow something away.
VEGETARIANMEAT - THROUGH GENERATIONS - Original 8-bit track that could make some decent background music. Old School.
HOUSEMASTA - TETRIS ON SPEED - Pretty seld-expanitory, although it's almost more of a gothic feel than something sugar buzzed. Gives you that 'sinking' feeling.
WYLDFYRE1 - WF1/F-777 THROUGH THE MYSTS - Sort of.. Mystic. Mist and clouds and such mar your progress along the beach as you pilot your boat. Adventure.
ARCEUS493 - DEOXYS DYNAMOMIX - Remix of Deoxys (not sure of the game?) Rocking, sort of bendy video game loop, although it's long enough to be a song. Boss fight music.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - WE BELIEVE EP.6 - "The main inspiration for this song is Life itself cause even though it can be really hard and give us tough times we can still always find a beauty within it." Inspiring, happy, part of a series. Celebration.
MILKMANDAN - AZARTHIAN GIRL - A tragic love song from a game project MMD is part of. Forbidden love between an Azarthian, an ancient magical race, and a human, in a world where Azarthians are hated. Fantasy. If they find her here.. she will die. "But she will die happy..." Deep. Evil Valentine's Day. Vocal.
MIKE (WYZE-STINGRAY) - WYZE+WF1 - F777 TRIBUTE - Shameless fan track for Jesse Valentine (aka F-777) featuring 55 minutes of stolen footage, with a goofy vocal overlay fanboying F777. "Jesse Valentine likes to write Tech-no. I like techno that's not very slow..." Parody. MST3K. Fan fiction.
KR1Z - WE BELIEVE EP.5 (REMIX) - Remix of F-777's song, a good dance tribute. Also, information about an album coming up between several Newgrounds Audio artists, look for "SYNTHETICA" on ITunes late February.
HYPERDOOM - BANJO-TOOIE - WITCHY WORLD - Sing song evil doom! Goofy Halloween music, remixed!
BENDO - THIS LETTER - A musical tribute to a letter his Dad sent to his Mom. "If God too away my hands, I could still caress you.. and if God took away my nose, I could still smell your fragrance.." a lot about sensory loss, just a -little- over the top maybe, but it gets the point across anyway. Valentine's Day. Love letter.
JOSEPH POWELL (JPSUPERFRESH) - JAMIN - Relaxing instrumental Hip Hop track, good for intros, transitions and the like. I think it actually has cowbell?
CHRISPINGTON - ELECTRIC DREAMING - Ambient trance song with both acoustic piano and tunnel-traveling electric black holes.
CELESTIAL-STICKER - ENJOYABLE ELEVATOR MUSIC - 28 seconds of Muzak, sit back and enjoy your accent/decent, wherever it is that you're going! THere is no escape until the doors open. Loops.
BOBERT-ROB - FFXII RABANASTRE ACAPELLA - Another goofy acapella vocal remake of a video game song! You've got a totally wacked collection now ^_^ Deliberately goofy, guys ribbiting like frogs, breaking the magic a bit at the end. All in good fun :)
REMIXF2D - STAND TALL (ROUGH DRAFT) - A Hip Hop song with clear lyrics and no swearing! Giving you a reason to keep on going, vocal, 2 rappers. "We're not gonna fall, stand tall, be strong!"
SAM HAFT (SSHAFTY1) - JOURNEY TO ECHIGO(BUSHIDO OST) - Suspensefull samauri music, swordfighting in a beautiful fantasy forest. 2 minutes. Some rock guitar at the end. Really starts to airwalk around 0:40.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - J-UP CASTLE - Multistaged castle adventure, starting quiet, then cranking up the gothic rock. An original work that could easily fit into a video game.
WESTON SAGLE (STAGE3-1) - TMNT Medlery - Clips from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie go inbetween this collection of tracks from the TMNT NEW game. Dose of tribute rock and goofiness.
DJ BJRA - BATTLE OF OLD FRIENDS - Original composition in the video game style. "Two friends that were very close, but they drifted apart, and find each other later in life, except the one guy joined the evil side, and now the two friends face each other in battle." Action, sadness, regret, determination. Anticipation. Boss fight music.
VAGO187 - THOSE ARE NOT THE DROIDS - Voice acting comedy skit. Ben Kenobi tries to tell the Star Wars stormtroopers that 'These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For', but they have a picture. "Yes.. yes they are." Ben starts drawing on the picture "What do you mean it's not them!?" "Are you stupid? He CLEARLY just drew on that picture with a sharpie!" Lots of heavy breathing.
INFINITYVAS - ZELDA - OUTSET ISLAND - Beautiful quick moving traveling music, a classical remix of the Zelda theme.
LUIGI CIPRIANI - DEARLY BELOVED (KH2) - Remake of the Kingdom Hearts 2 opening screen theme, soft, romantic piano with a slight touch of regret.
CHESDERMAN - SONIC ADVENTURE 2 THEME - Racing rock and roll anthem of speed and fun, grungy low-down guitar and high trebble. Sonic the Hedgehog. Orchestral?
TENCHUX - F-ZERO - BIGGER BLUE - Smooth and detailed remix of the old school racing theme.
TANTALIS329 - DARK FIELDS - An errie, quiet background ambient music track featuring mostly a single acoustic guitar, strange haunting yet not unpleasant theme to walk through a dark field at night by, with only a lantern guiding your way. Halloween. Suspense.
REALMGUYS - NES CONTRA BATTLE - Quick grungy rock and roll track from the original Contra video game, only the first level, not one of the megamixes. Low down and fast.
DANPALADIN - TRICKY'S SONG - Super-goofy rinky-dink take on the old sailing song, making it sound like a sugar caffinee drug-trip circus.
ALEX9 - ZELDA OoT LOST WOODS - Super-fast 32 second tribute to the rousing theme. Very upbeat, very fun, yet gone almost in the blink of an eye. Good for transitions.
REALMGUYS - TO FAR AWAY TIMES - The amazing ending music to Chrono Trigger, if you get the "Satisfying" ending. Quiet, jubilant celebration music, classical and electronic. Happy! Epic! Awesome!
ASH TARRANT - SONIC ADVANCE: ANGEL ISLAND - High energy high melody remix of the level theme. Power metal, very rousing, time to run and dance! Celebration. Happy.
VULTYREX - ANOTHER SHORE - Ethereal, longing for home after a long jounrey. Theme from Chrono Cross, good mood music.
PIXLCRUSHR - HARE HARE YUKAI (C64 REMIX) - Super happy old school Gameboy Apple ][ sound, remix of an anime theme?
NICKPERRIN - THE BELMONT LEGEND - A "pretty" orchestral remix of the "Vampire Killer" and "Poison Mind" themes from Castlevania. Classical and rousing. Halloween. Would be a good contrast to play this song, and the one from Video Games Live back to back.
KORNNOLIS - METAL GEAR ACOUSTIC - An absolutely beautiful solo acoustic guitar folk song rendition.. of the theme from Metal Gear. Oddly sounds like Renaisance Faire! Medeval future. Time Warp. Old School.
DARKSIDE555 - MEGA MAN X2 - FLAME STAG STAGE - Hardcore heavy metal remix of the level theme.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - SHOULDA BROUGHT A PARACHUTE - "This is the 2nd boss track I wrote of Luis/Bombtoon's "Pico Blast" Original video game score, smooth, moving music.
ALEXX PACIFICI (SOUNDSHIFTER) - TETRIS (ROCK VERSION) - A pretty glamorized remix of the famous theme, with lots of guitar riffs and little adlibs. Almost jazz, but definitely rock in origin.
DARPHFLUFFY - THE NINTENDO CONCERTO (PART 6) - A classical concerto featuring a montage of 12 different Nintendo themes. Sort of quiet, could be more exciting, but good for that shock value. VIDEO GAME MUSIC IS *ART*! WAAHAHAHA!!!
SIMON-F - ONCE UPON A MOONLITE EVE... - An incredibly romantic classical string orchestra piece full of hope and sadness. "A short lullaby for strings and harp for the October DAC" Used in the flash "The Scarecrow."
ZOOSAFARI - WELCOME TO THE WILD - The *return* of the jungle music! Combination of monkey bongo-bashing drum fun and heavenly dance trance synth. Was listed earlier, but the composer left Newgrounds for a bit, then returned and reposted.
SHAWN DALL (CHRONAMUT) - DISTANCE OF A GAZE - A remake (more of a collab) of F-777's song from the portal, a very touching and personal piano odyssey of love. Valentine's Day. Raw emotion. Relaxing. Tribute. Ambient. Not quite classical, or modern. Timeless.
REALMGUYS - SECRET OF MANA TITLE :SNES - Title theme from the game, mystic and full of secrets. Good for something magical and revealing something important, or telling a backstory.
X-INFINITY-ZERO - SONIC SLAM [FINAL] - Remix of several Sonic the Hedgehog themes spliced together, along with some goofy circus music.
REALMGUYS - MAGITEK FACTORY FFVI - Nuts and bolts bang and assemble goofy diabolical machinations in this hammer and anvil blacksmithing music.
PIXLCRUSHR - NUMA NUMA (GAME BOY REMIX) - Remix of the notorious internet meme with old school 8-bit midi sound.
ZIRCONMUSIC - THROWDOWN - Original funky city rumble music, a guy strutting down the street in a side-scrolling brawler and cleaning up the city block by block. Very detailed and catchy.
DEDEDE JR - THE FINAL HOURS - MAJORA'S MASK - Sad music loop about 1:50 long, for a sad event late in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
BRKZELD - GERUDO VALLEY DEATH SONG - From Zelda, again. Starts with solo strings, then slowly rises in dynamics for the first minute, before becoming something emotional, mysterious and grand.
WESTON SAGLE STAGE3-1 - TETRIS THEME - Indy rock verison.
BOWSINATOR92 - SUPER MARIO WORLD: CASTLE ARRANGED - A sad version of the castle theme, Game Over or such, although it makes you jump sometimes at the transition, then gets slightly jazzed up in midi style.
MASHEDBYMACHINES - CORNERIA (SYNTHMETAL REMIX) - Heavy Metal remix of the theme from Starfox. Fight scenes. Battle themes. Flying. Fighter jets. Space.
REALMGUYS - TYRANO LAIR - "Reptiles win, Apes lose!" remix from Chrono Trigger.
DAN PALADIN - CASTLE CRASHERS BARRACKS TUNE - A drunk party is taking place at the beginning of Castle Crashers (Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp's new console game after Alien Hominid). Everyone is drunk and happy just before the invaders arrive! Celebration.
AKS9 - SNOWBOT - The music that accompanies the video of the same name, with a little robot living in a dark work that gets just a little bit brighter with every note he plays. Video found here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/476557
DENVESSIDENCE - FAIRY FOUNTAIN REMIX - An energy-spewing disco trance love theme, made from that little song that plays in Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, when you're at a Fairy fountain. Awesome! Valentine's Day.
SHANDU - GOLDEN SUN - OVERWORLD - Grand, inspiring noble theme from the video game, a video game remix done in almost classical style. Good ending or beginning music for a medieval theme.
EVERLASTING-ELEMENTS - SPOOKS OF HALLOWEEN TOWN - Battle theme for Kingdom Hearts in Halloween Town, remixed with a healthy dose of electronica. Fight scene.
HADES - WOODLAND BOUNCE - One-minute woodwind loop that bounces. Xylophone and oboe, short, sweet and catchy! Forest.
ORANGE PEEL - 8-BIT LOOP - A very fast 14 second old school atari sound loop, used in the Maverick flash game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/459348 Wild west
CARF - ARCH ENEMY 1.0 - A goofy racing xylophone lighthearted boss battle fight scene track, original composition. Short loop, 47 seconds long, but good for an intense race scene, or just plain fun to listen to.
EVIL DOG - THE LITTLE DRUMMER PUNK DROID - Punk rock take on the famous Christmas song, complete with the audience shouting to the beat and magical 8-bit guitar riffs, when it isn't tearing your head off. Merry Christmas.
NEMESISTHEORY - ROSE AT TWILIGHT - Another of the Rose series, fun, energetic video game music using several themes!
XENONX - HAPPY DANCE SONG - Light and bouncy fun electric dance track!
TheGimpsta - POKEMON - BATTLE MEGAMIX - "A mix of many of the Pokemon battle themes. Enjoy!"
Peter Satera - THE LAUNCH - Countdown to Classical doom, can be either a critical missile defense, or even a battle with Celtic warriors, the thrill and terror of battle transcends time.
Gregaaron89 - THE VOICE OF THE RAIN - A very ambient, lengthly track writen while it was raining, and inspired by a Walt Whitman poem. "I feel a very strong attachment to this song, I've never made anything like it. I composed it in the rain, I think it reflects all the emotions I've been feeling lately." Weather. Peace. Quiet, reflective. Contemplative.
Mikael (Krussi) - FADING FOOTPRINTS - Hard to classify classical/trance theme of piano footprints and acoutic drums marching on to lands unknown, to a fate unknown.
Hades (Hades0013) - JUDGEMENT DAY - "An epic piece written to depict an apocalyptic theme, the complete annihilation of a world." Rockin' Doom.
TheDevilZ - JJ1 - DIAMONDUS - "A remix of a classic game: Jazz Jackrabbit 1" happy, vibrant bouncy theme.
Melody (HalcyonicFalconX) - I Envisioned You =HFX= - A very happy, light and pretty music box of a song about love. Happy Valentine's Day! Cover of a song by PowersWithin, originally with Chinese lyrics, although this cover is an instrumental. Loving support.
ChrisPington - RETROROBOT - "A robot. Wearing aviators." Goofy old school electronic music, almost 8-bit. Sunglasses.
RealmGuys - ROBO'S JAM 80'S MIX - Short, sweet remix of Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger (SNES). Same theme from "The Incredible Singing Robot" on OCREMIX. Can loop in needed.
Zineb (Zineb) - METAL FLOWER - Original piece that would be at home in a video game, classy Trance style with developed melody. Too soft to be techno, radiates real feeling, a touch of shimmering magic.
BEZO - THE TEMPLE OF TIME - A very monk-like ohming chant based on the Temple of Time from Zelda 64.
MUSICWIZARD - C64 PARALLAX - LOADER - Opening music for the old school Commodore 64 game, a mysterious journey with anticipation. Will it be light, or dark? Stay tuned.
TENCHUX - SHE WAS DREAMING IN THE RAIN - Lightly ambient remix from Chrono Cross, done with relaxed acoustic guitar with real thunderstorm footage in the background. Relaxing.
DEDEDE JR - GIYGAS MEANS BUSINESS - Epic slightly creepy battle theme from Earthbound. Suspense.
TEINTL - CHOIR FIRE - FINNA1/NOVA - Modern Hip Hop, less swearing, thinking about the world and how messed up it is.
JAY KELLOM - GIVING UP - Punk metal instrumental, actually very upbeat. The joy of finally admitting that which you can't deny and the relief when you stop fighting it. Depends entirely on what 'it' is though. Surrender.
KJETIL OEVESTAD (ODDY) - MM9 CONCRETE JUNGLE - Theme from the new Megaman 9, remixed. Jangly jumpy bouncy classical kaliope piano.
MICHAEL425 - INVINCIBLE - Happy song with a touch of tribute into it, like someone glad to be alive after surviving some trying event, sorrow left far behind.
WESTTIG - TRUMPET'S TUNE - Short, happy transition track featuring an acoustic trumpet that does it's melody thing. "Just a nice, happy instrumental piece I made, quite catchy actually... enjoy" Tonight Show-ish.
ROMWELL - GENTLE WAKE-UP - "Moog synth, pad, piano... Wrote to wake myself up =)" One mintue miscellanous track with soothing yet pointed notes. Rise and shine!
THEONEMANBAND - LUCID DREAMERS - A laid back Hip Hop - Modern Rap song, written over Thanksgiving vacation. Happiness and Dreaming big. Not always politically correct. Contains a few questionable words. Find a Hip Hop song that doesn't, though.
JOSH KEMP (KELWYNSHADE) - THE SLEEP CURSED TOWN - RPG music for a game that was never made, feeling the haunting wind blow as you travel through a ghost town. Halloween. Evokes a childhood sense of curiosity more than anything scary.
KEATONKEATON999 - FOUNTAIN OF DREAMS REMIX - Theme from the Kirby video games, high in sugar and psychadelic sound candy! Yet somehow keeps an edge as well. Excessive happiness! Celebration beyond reason. Goofy piano and electronic esctasy.
PARAGONX9 - METROPOLIS [8-BIT] - Paragon returns! "My first 8-Bit Loop on Newgrounds =] Sounds like Megaman, but this is NOT a remix!" Goofy Nintendo video game goodness! Original
NEMESISTHEORY - EDGE OF FAITH - Cathedral choir church music and piano starts off this remix of a video game theme from Mirror's Edge. Female ohming vocal, transitioning into casual inspired rock. Inspiration. Mystery. Deep thoughts. Not by Jack Handy.
NEMESISTHEORY - WEEPING DEMON - Original music inspired by Devil May Cry 4, quick gothic track, good for a Halloween battle scene.
KEATONKEATON999 - SONG OF STORMS REMIX - Another remix of the song from The Legends of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time. Jangly and harpsicordish.
REALMGUYS - MATOYA'S CAVE FF1 - "An unquantized rendition of a song from the NES classic Final Fantasy. 3 Tracks." Beautiful candlelight piano classical remix of the 8-bit song.
KIMKEN - KHENI - SOTA NR2 - Second part of an original work. "Sota" means "War", and this is sort of a brooding suspense track you might hear in the back of your head walking through a Halloween graveyard.
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - ADVENTURING IN THE HILLS - Quick cover of the Hilltop Zone music with grungy guitar rock and high-flying electronic synth.
PHEEL - WHAT IS LOVE (8BIT) - An old school video game remake of Haddaway's pop song "What is Love", into Apple ][ sound.
TENCHUX - MEGAMAN 7 - SHADEMAN'S SECRET - Fast-moving video game theme of soothing energy.
MUSICWIZARD - Ys - TVO DARK (REMAKE) - Remake of an action/suspense soundtrack from the early RPG video game series. Grand.
RENOAKRHYTHM - ASSERTIVE MOOD _ RR - "So you tell me. Are you an Assertive Person, or a Competent Person?" Rousing techno track, calling for some action.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - DAY OF WAR - "There are days of terrible tragedy like the kind we can never feel. The kind so great, so moving, the very notion of it sets our spirits ablaze with a passion both deep and unnerving." A line of defenders prepare to protect their home, as an equally determined enemy approaches to destroy it. Classical doom.
JON BABB (BOSA) - WE DREAM TO FLY - Beautiful classical song with string guitar, folk music instrumental that goes *BOOM* around 1:50 or so, surpise! Many transitions, inspirational. Christmas? Acoustic.
THEBARDOFBLASPHEMY - LOST MY PANTS - Goofy grungy general rock song with comic vocal lyrics. "I lost my pants, the other day, I shook my head what could I say.. I asked the Lord for another chance, but the very next day, I lost my pants AGAIN.. he spoke to me when I woke my trance, and from that day forth I would never wear pants AGAIN.." "If it chews you up when you look at me.. remember we're living in Democracy."
NOVENDA (MUSICGRL) - CRY BY NOVENDA - An emotional vocal of someone emotionally lost. "Who are you.. lost without a cause? Where are you.. lying in the dark?" Choosen as an anthem to a group dedicated to stopping cyberbullying. The internet can be a dark, lonely place.
SUPRADARKY - STROLLIN' - "Peace, happiness, the good life. What else to say? A short ballad to make you feel good. I hope you find it at least a bit refreshing. I made this with a peaceful game in mind."
HOLLOW HEARTS - ONLY ME - A deliberately creepy Hip Hop rap song, dedicated to all those people who care about nothing but themselves, and cause evil in the world. Slow-paced, angry, ghostly vocal repetitions. Halloween. Greed and money. Lying. Folks who steal credit on Newgrounds.
JADAN PALUCK (ZENON) - VALLEY OF DEATH - "A very evil and almost looming track, which quickly turns into something vicious and triumphant." Seething Drum and Bass, grungy and unapologetic. Long, about 6 1/2 minutes, good background mood music. Evil Halloween.
REASONER - A WALK DOWN THE TRAIL - Somewhat loud, yet relaxed contemplative ambient song. The thoughts you think when you have all the time in the world, and no longer have to rush everywhere.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - CORRUPTING RUIN - You really have to read the story text on the one.. a soundtrack to an animation of a happy spirit girl being captured, pushed around, and corrupted, and ultimated broken. Starts with an innocent music box, then classical doom. Dark, heavy stuff. Music with a plot.
NICKPERRIN - DR. CRAFTY'S CASTLE (8-BIT) - An original song done in the early Nintendo 8-bit style, sounds very convincing. Boss battle music.
TARDOM - BANJO KAZOOIE! FREEZYPEAK - This is just silly fun, as some guys go the theme from the N64 level acapella. Funny, goofy. Rinky Dink.
SENSHISAMA - SAIL AWAY WE (INSTRUMENTAL) - The first track of Senshi's upcoming Pirate Musical! Very grand nautical sailing theme, would fit in well with Pirates of the Carribean. Semi-Classical, lively.
ROMWELL - PAPAYA - Laid back Latin number, invokes a tropical paradise somewhere around sundown, in the local lounge where the night's entertainment has begun. "My attempt at making something latin-y. Didn't use any synths here, so it could even be played by a band (drums, piano, bass, trumpet, accordion, guitar". Acoustic.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - A WORLD AT WAR - More Classical Thunder! Made for Dark Cut 3, performing surgery in a trench in France during World War I. Grand soundtrack theme.
EVERYTHINGDARK - BRAWL REMIX - A grand rock remix of a theme from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, lots of fun and emotion! Fight scene boss battle music. (UPDATE: THIS SONG WAS STOLEN! SEE ABOVE)
NEODRUMMER - BIRTHPLACE (REVIVED REMIX) - A sense of euphoria as you return to your roots, be it returning to Earth from an exile in space or some colony on the bottom of the sea. A feeling that you belong here. Long Trance track, over 7 minutes, a little repeditive, but good for mood music. Remix of song by Amada.
DJ BJRA - CAVERNS OF TIME - A thrilling trip into a mystical place, fast-moving song designed for a video game (eventually, artist is opening a http://www.taxi.com/ membership to try and get some gigs, and this is the demo song). No relation to the WOW area. Magic, exploration, adventure.
ASHLEY CHRISTENSEN (DRUIDS-WARCRY) - MY RETRIBUTION - It's listed as 'Hip Hop-Modern' but except for a baseline of folks going 'Hey!' it sounds more medeival, like RPG music.
ANDREADIGITA - CANDY DANCE - A jangling happy dance number in the trance style, a bit repeditive, but light spirited.
MONKEYHARHAR - HEARTACHE FEAT. STORM KIERNAN - A relaxing Trance set over real sounds of a thundershower and birds in the background. Good music for when you -want- to fall asleep.
KEATONKEATON999 - SOUNDKRAP - "A fun song! ENJOY IT" Starts with 8-bit classic video game style, then becomes a mix of piano, modern synth and NES hiss. Brings back all those low-tech video games you played as a kid :) Nostalgia. Old School. Old and New. Delightfully weird.
COREY HOLLAND - MYSTIC'S '08 VOICE DEMO - Another totally random selection of voice acting, featuring goofy romance, DragonballZ revenge, waffles, people getting slapped, water, crime, Russian Mafia. "Dammit, this is never going to end at this rate!" And Sting's song Roxanne. Doesn't make sense, whatever, it's fun.
NARUTO: HOKAGE'S FUNERAL THEME - Remix of a sad song from the Naruto anime. Tribute to the deceased leader of the tribe.
NEMESISTHEORY - RUSSIAN ROULETTE - Starts as a scratchy rock number, then one minute in turns into a suspensefull trance. Good for mood chances. Mortal Kombat?
PREMOEFFECT - A KEY TO YOUR SOUL - Suspenseful trance, has a movie soundtrack feel to it, although it's an original work. Unlock the door, music will be the key.
KURT (DJ-KDUB) - NEARING THE SUMMIT - Another suspenseful trance, like climbing up the side of a mountain or hill, and have no idea what you'll find on the other side. Maybe ALIENS?
ANDREADIGITA - SILVER ROSE - Techno video game style. Starts grand, then goes total speed on you with rippling guitar riffs. I don't know if this is actually from a game or not, but I like it.
FUN HAPPY TIME - "So happy, you'll want to throw up. I love lamp." Miscellaneous track starting with chiming children xylophone, then acquires a heavy Drum N' Bass line. Picture a machine designed to read books to children, which is malfunctioning and slowly going insane.
GROOVATRON - LAST CHANCE... - A pretty, slightly sad miscellaneous song. Piano, acoustics, with a good beat. Hard to classify. Touching.
GIFTEDBUTTWISTED - BECAUSE I GOT HIGH PUNK REMIX! - Remix of the Afroman song (including the original vocals, more of a tribute really) with a driving punk guitar added. Don't do drugs kids.
KAWIKA - MARCH TO ELLINIA - "At first this was going to be under the eletronical section, but when I added the strings I just splurged from there and this is what happened." Video game sound, designed for an RPG perhaps, of a heroic march to somewhere you need to go. Determination. Courage.
DPK4 - SIEGE WILY'S CASTLE! ROCKMAN 9 - Remix of the theme from Megaman 9, the retro game very recently out for the PS3. Fight scene boss battle music.
HACSEV - HACSEV JAZZ - A happening, down to the street happy jazz number, the sort you'd find in the background in a classy lounge.
JVUNDERGROUND - GREY SKIES - Electronic trance opera, trying to find the silver lining to a sky of grey. A few interesting changes.
ATOMIC INC - STILL ALIVE REMIX - A Trance instrumental remix of the famous ending song from Portal, where the evil computer announces she's still alive. Kareoke?
HYRULEANHYROE - FACEMAN THEME SONG - Ska theme song for the Youtube show of the same name. "Sunshine and butterflies, drinking lemonade! Walking through the forest with my animal parade.." Goofy. People woooing in the background. Garage bands.
SINJIM - I'M A WRECK - Miscellaneous slightly spooky but fast-moving adventure track, with a hint of classical and electronica. Piano opening, then chase music, like running from zombies. For those days that just don't work out right. Paranoia. Halloween.
THECOMET - DJ COMET-ECLIPSE - Breaktrance number of Drum N Bass. Traveling through space with something sinister following you? Turn on the afterburners and keep moving. A few vocal cheers along the way.
SANTABRO - EATEN BY THE MOUNTAIN KING - "Hall of the Mountain King" reworked into something more modern and creepier, with a few minor key chord changes and shivering electronic backing. Old and New. Hooked on Classics. Halloween.
SUPRADARKY - FF5 FIGHT AND HOPE - "The battle against Exdeath! Quite the epic song." Final Battle boss battle music, full of hope, forboding, and desperation. Halloween, or July 4th? Darker than most FF fight remixes.
DJIMMUNE - OUR DREAMS [MAC8] - A classical piano ballad. "Imagine having a dream as a kid, to one day fly, but one day he is forced by other people to give up his dream. So he is only allowed to have his dreams, and to look up in the sky and wonder what it would of felt like. And as his life passes, he one day days, but gets to become an angel and fly." Sad. Tribute.
CYDRIUS - HIGH SEA HIJINX - Ahoy! AARRRR, there be pirates in these here waters! Goofy fun nautical theme with seagulls and the ocean in the background, and cartoon pirates dancing a chorus line. Or something Spongeebob Squarepants-y. Use your imagination!
ERIK MCCLURE (BLACKHOLE12) - RETARDED WINDOWS SONG - A song composed entirely out of Windows Vista sound effects and chimes. "My friend forced me to make this. I am shameful :( EDIT 09-30-08- #26 of all-time? Are you people INSANE? xD" Fun with Bill Gates. The song is actually really good.
DJ-IMMUNE - IDENTITY (ORIGINAL MIX) - Very long 7:47 minute trance composition with sort of a Tron/Matrix feel to it, traveling through a virtual landscape, at night, with sunglasses on. Ponderous, listening to the jet engines as you fly through the night air. Sort of quiet and energetic and mysterious.
JOHN GUY (REALFACTON) - HANK'S RETURN - Nothing subtle about this.. Hank is the hero of MADNESS, the long-running series of Guy-with-a-cross-for-a-face, who now has his own Holiday on Newgrounds.. Madness Day. Spooky Halloween techno track with a touch of the Chicken Dance at the end, just for creepiness. Action.
SILENTWULF4 - IRISH DANCING - A very traditional-sounding Irish dancing tune with a steady beat, feels a bit like Riverdance. Lyrical, magical. Folk music with a slightly modern rhythm.
TECHCROM3 - HEART BEAT ECHOS - Fast suspensefull trance, with base that sounds very much like heartbeats.
JOHN GUY (REALFACTION) - SIMPLE SIGHT (INSTRUMENTAL) - Boss fight music for a level in Castle Crashers, Industrial grunge metal action battle music. If you see it, shoot it!
FADIOUS - ARABIAN NIGHT - Quiet, creepy xylophone with a Middle Eastern beat later. Suspensefull, acoustic, could be folk music, or movie background music in the lull between fights. Halloween?
MILKMANDAN - HERE YOU LAY - Another sad, emotional pop song from MMD, seems to be about broken friendship, and moments of painful change, or mistakes that cannot be undone. Unique sound, quiet verses, then emotional rock chorus "This is where we cried.. today. Tombstone of a cast..away. The sky is set is shades.. of gray.. Cause here you lay. Even if I was... the key, I could never set... you free. The sky is set in shades.. of gray, cuz here you lay." Sad Valentine's Day. Powerfull. Vocal.
DENNY SCHNIDEMESSER (DANMAN87) - ENTERING THE STRONGHOLD - Classical lyric movie music. "Third and last suite part for Serpent's Grave. I think the brazen percussion is going to be a recognizable element of the score." Metal hitting metal, like a large Orish forge, yet with a subtle, fast-moving background. D&D music.
ANDREAS HANSEN (SOLIDELECTRO) - CTSG: SHAPESHIFTER - An audio collab, for a video collab! Lots of different shorts for the Continue The Song Game, a weird electronic mix. "You all suck. (Riff) I rule. (Riff) Something about BST'S (Riff) Are really cool." Some vocal humor
ELFIRE - BLINDER [PDM] - Industrial tune with emphasis on lots of jamming guitars instead of super-heavy crushing hammers or whatever. Has some very good riffs in it! Energy. Fun. Action.
MATT JONES (A-NEW-DECADE) - >>CROSSFIRE<< - A no-nonsense in-your-face battle theme, with the menacing vocal "I wanna play a GAME.." followed by a gun hammer clicking 3 times in the otherwise instrumental song. This time, it's personal. Dark yet thrilling Drum N Bass. PVP.
FREDTHEREALIST - ODE - It's hard to classify this piece, it's not really a -sad- song like Odes usually are, it's actually quite up beat, perhaps a tribute to something cool and worthy of respect. Lyrical, it could be medieval music, if they had electronics back in the 3rd age. Dance like the fey. Miscellaneous. Unique.
RYEGUYHEAD - SOUL DRAIN (ROBOTRIP) - Creepy electronic looping track 43 seconds long, inspired by the warlock spell from Wow. Can drain the electricity right out of your computer. Halloween. Doom.
REALMGUYS - TERRA'S SYMPHONY: FFVI - Another remix of the famous theme, this one done as more of a lyrical modern medieval anthem, energy shivering in the air, subtle rather than loud. An inspiring song to play just before a decisive battle.
JOHNNYFRIZZ - STADIUM WAVE - "I *KNOW* you're gonna dig this.." opening vocal, followed by screaming fans and electronic dance music.
DJ BJRA - THE FREEZE - "This shit is for huge dance parties!" As the giant Cthuhlu voice explains in the vocal intro, during this rave dance whenever the music -pauses-... everyone freezes in whatever position they were in "DJ DROP THE BEAT!" Remix of the artist's own "Vast Void of Space" Party games.
A-REST - HEROES(SCOTLAND FREE AGAIN) - "..not a political song, I would call it a historial song, or even an anthem." inspired by a trip along the way of "Bonnie Prince Charly" the last King of Scotland, defeated by the English and sent back to France. 6 minute folk song with bagpipes and tin whistles, an authentic Scotish sound, which tells some of the tale vocally.
A-REST - THE WHALE - "There's an old myth here of a whale living on the ground of the nearby sea. He's gigantic, but he's asleep. But one day, when the days are counted, and the end will come he will arise, and all the mountains will tumble and falls. As I said, a myth, only a myth..." The Leviathan. Doom. Pop song with a touch of scottish folk music to it, and some Beattle's twanging guitar.
A-REST - SUN+MOON+STARS - (Seems like A-rest's day!) 3 minute instrumental that invokes calmness and dreams, self-labeled as "Pop" with a good touch of Scottish folk music. Mystical.
A-REST - VATERLAND-KRATERLAND - (A-rest is on a rampage today) "A little bit ambitious German kraut-rock, but we had a lot of fun playing it" Traditional *german* folk music with a Scottish twist..? Vocals are in German, don't know what it says. Labeld "Classical Rock", sounds a bit medeval. Foreign language. Romantic.
A-REST - WENN I AMOI - Another German Classical Rock number, relaxed with a modern folk music feel. I have no idea what the lyrics are, sounds romantic though.
NEMESISTHEORY - GHOSTWAVE - Trance made for "a few clubs in Holland" Slow start, a trip through a field of ice crystals, then a more ethereal rhythm. Good ghostbusting music. D&D?
MATT JONES (A-NEW-DECADE) - END OF SUMMER DANCE MIX - Long six minute trance anthem, celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of fall, a touch of red and brown in the sounds. Seasons. Time.
STARGAME (MANMADEMUSIC) - YAMI - Remix of the Yami Yugi battle from yu-gi-oh: Dark Duel Stories video game. Soft trance with some piano, magical sound with a slightly dark cast, as if in anticipation. Minor Key.
JESSE VALENTINE (F-777) - WHEN A TEAR IS SHED - Soft trance with an almost vulnerable touchy piano track. For his "Heaven's Tears" album, emotion.
CHRIS (SEXUAL-LOBSTER) - BE MY BITCH - From the Angry Dog animation of the same name. A very drunk dog sings a desperate song of love.. and indigestion "Baby take me off of the street.. and maybe -give me something to eat-!" Comedy. LOL. Drunk Valentine's Day. Howling Dog who then throws up.
KR1Z - BURNING SENSATION - The Remotion guy is back, with cheering folks and a fun, bouncing dance beat. Galactic celebration! Detailed changing melody combined with powerful bass. Can you feel it?
DJ-SVENZO - ENIGMA - Up on a mountain top, or a monastery, a lady is yodeling, or crying out, giving the Primal Call, echoing across the hills, and plains, and seas, giving the message. But what *IS* the message? It's an Enigma. Electronic ambient track with a slight Eastern bent. Summoning. Myterious. Enchanting.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - AS THE STARS - "A boy looks to the sky and knows that one day he too will fly around planets and galaxies. His eyes, filled with wonder, are bright as the stars." Space. Longing. Ambition. Fairly short and repeditive, but good mood music.
DJPINKE (TMM43) - EERIE - A 47 second ambient loop with strange metalic ambient background noises. Good for a space horror movie when looped. Halloween.
NEMESISTHEORY - OBSIDIAN LUST - "Hard battle theme!" Good for those climactic fight boss battle scenes, lots of technology, unknown sounds, and guitars. X-files.
OLD-STYLE-CLOCK - THIS IS HALLOWEEN - Another version (first version?) of the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Town theme from Kingdom Hearts.
JP NEUFELD(RIG) - RIG & SPAWN - 16 BAR ASSSASSIN - A very fast Rap with an almost desperate tempo. Uses the N-word several times, but sounds like an authentic inner-city Rap, and seems to rail against the word, and other Raps that replace all the lyrics with the N-word and swear words. 16 bars long, 49 seconds, tension rising like a bomb ready to go off. "....Cuz you jackin flows, recycled every last word, Only thing you ever stole was a Jay-Z verse... Nouns and adjectives, yeah they remain so cursed, Metaphors with forces that ends beginings like abortions, Similes similar to enemies gettin offed with N***A." Audio loop by Rig, with War-Spawn setting the rap on top of it. Be sure to read all the lyrics, they're in the song description.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - EVERLASTING TIMES - "There are moments in life that can change somebody. Something so pure, so powerful they they gaze upon it and let themselves absorb it completely... this song is a tribute to those moments." An absolutely beautiful ambient loop with rain, a rolling sea, birds, just a touch of thunder, soft bass and lovely (Indian?) woodwind and strings playing a melody. Tribute. Peace. And they lived happily ever after. Weather. Loops seemslessly, can easily use this as the end to a movie. Tranquility. Relaxing.
RICHARD MEDINA (WAR-SPAWN) - ZATOICHI TRIBUTE - An 100% sampled track, from "Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman" Almost 5 minutes, singing in Japanese. Listed as Hip Hop - Oldschool, old show with a new beat. Kung-fu theater-ish.
MILKMAN-DAN - YESTERDAY (FTR KYLE BLACKWOOD) - A duet between Dan and a friend, who worked together on the song. "Yesterday--Is all the same--I'm here to stay--Oh come what may" you really have to just hear it. An epic love song with a touch of thunder. Finding light in the darkness. Valentine's Day.
SHIFTY AUDIO(ZELLERS) - WONDER WHY - Professional-sounding original trance with vocals, 4 minute offical song. Female singer "I wonder why.. I feel this.. I wonder why.. I need you.." Cheering crowd, fast moving music. Valentine's Day. Strange love. The unknown.
SHIFTY AUDIO(ZELLERS) - NEVER GOING HOME - Dance with female vocal! "There's a place where we like to go.. me and my friends and everyone -we- -know!-.. magical sounds of love through the air, grooves from the room always -take me there!-" Awesome! Demo of song to be released on the artist's website. Celebration. Fun!
KR1Z - A SILVER KISS - REMASTERED - The galactic thrill of a very good kiss. Valentine's Day for sure.
DAMYO(XENOXX) - FLY AWAY - Decent trance with a traveling theme.
DAMYO(XENOXX) - ASSYRIA - A journey to a far away land, trance style. Dancing.
ARMAGELION - HARMONIA - A symphony of Trance, 5 min long, plenty of changes "I went back to my roots and placed harddance on the shelf for a while. I think this is more my style. I hope you enjoy the tune :)"
DAMYO(XENOXX) - WELCOME TO THE MATRIX - Adventuring digital trance. Take the red pill.
MARKO(GOATCHRIST) - REBORN (FINAL VERSION) - Ok.. this is DEFINITELY NOT a Christmas song.. twisted deep demonic vocal HEAVY METAL DEATH METAL DOOM! Something inexplicably evil gets ressurrected, run like HECK! Evil Halloween, and I don't give -that- label out lightly. Although it's nearly impossible to acertain the lyrics just from listening to it, they're in the song's text description. Zombies, mutants, demons, undead, lots of bad things. Du Hast-ish. Subliminal messages.
NATHAN INGALLS (DJ-NATE) - ONLY ONE - Reserved trance. Is it lonely being Number One? Or is this a Highlander like "there can be only one" theme? Up to the imagination. Piano and synth side to side. Old and New.
JON RATSKI(SHADOWMANA) - SCAPPING VIBES - Very fast guitar work "I actually made this song for CannonBlast, a person who intends on using it in an upcoming flash game he is creating." Video game boss battle music, with a general rock flavor.
BOB(BOB_MUSIC) - TRAPPED HERE - "More of a dirty Electro/DnB mix in an attempt to convey another dream, where you know it's a dream but you just can't wake up." Twilight Zone. In the Matrix?
PAROXYM - CHILLIN - Drum N Bass track with a lot of groove that makes sense, party atmosphere, someone occasionally laughs manically in the background. Hang out and relax.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - LADY IN THE SNOW - An unusual classical(?) ambient(?) track with a quiet yet persistent woodwind melody (clarinet?) Etherial, could be about lost love, or some frigid, timeless elven queen who's never known love. "It's Lady in the Snow.. why are you crying?" Fantasy. Valentine's Day.
NEMESISTHEORY - DON'T GIVE A DAMN - Miscellaneous rockish track with a laid back, somewhat jaded attitude, yet expertly done. "Project Song for 'Watching the World Die (a collab) Submission: (They) Don't Give A Damn" Be yourself, regardless of what people thing. Unique. Guitar and Piano. Old and New. Awesome.
WATERFLAME - JUMPER - Remix of an old project of his, cartoon bouncy track with detailed background. Bounce along like a kangaroo and clap your hands to the beat! Fun.
NAL1200 - LIBERATED - Cheerful dance celebration music! We won! Victory. Awesome! Freedom. 4th of July.
GR4VE - BB - Ping-y break beat Techno, like little iron BB's bouncing around with pings, and lots of depth. Dance to the beat! Ping pong.
GR4VE - PSYCHO PATHIC - "Psychopathic" Twerky high energy movie suspense track, good for edgy Halloween movies. Take a look, then run the hell away! Very deep Drum N Bass, good melody.
NAL1200 - YOU KNOW, I KNOW, TECHNO - Is 'ironic' a word I can use? Well, it's a song, and it's techno. And it's good techno! You know? Good bounce, bit of a sense of humor, melody as well as bass.
KR1Z - LIKE I LOVE YOU [RMX] - Vocal Dance song "Do you love me... like I do? You can hurt me.. with your smile." Remix of "Like I Love You" by The Hitmen (somebody credited a remix, woo!) Valentine's Day. Tough love.
CHRISTOPHER ERIKSEN (CHZZ) - MOUNTAINS - Misc song, very lyric, could be modern, could be from the middle ages. "I called this Mountains, because in FL studio the piano roll went up and down, and looked like mountains." Climbing up, falling down. Life is a roller coaster. Sounds a bit like County Fair music.
MONKEYWITHTHUMBS - PROBATION - "I wrote the words to this while driving to see my probation officer." Guy gets pulled over for drunk driving, blew a 4.0 (grade point average, or the alcohol content? Ouch) Vocal song about the joys of being on probation. Sorta grim. Don't do drugs kids. Crime and punishment. Police. Justice.
DJ PINKE (TMM43) - LOVE THE DJ - Remix of Grissom and Stokes "I Get A Rush" Progressive trance song. Very deep though, doesn't just burn away the theme, keeps it somewhat mellow and loving without blowing up. Valentine's Day.
NUBBINOWZ - THE FIRE - Strange 8-bit style Nintendo-style melody with very real Drum N Bass backup. "The idea behind this song is the feeling of waking up to a burning house, and finding yourself trapped. The initial panic and race to find a way out. Then coming to terms when you realize you can't escape." Eerie. Halloween.
LISA WHITE (l33tsp34k) - A JOURNEY BEGINS - Classical strings and ohming people set the stage for an epic adventure. College choir in the background. Movie music? Chanting. Legends.
BONEYMAN - OUT THERE - A Drum N Bass number that would work well with aliens and the X-files. Strange things are happening in the night as rain falls with a light patter. High-speed drums quickly enter as you start to run. Sort of long, but good background suspense music.
PULSTATE - ONE WISH - An original Trance song, collab between two artists, which has a very space-sounding theme to it. Astral, full of energy. Dreams, desires, thoughts, it's all here.
JORDAN TARRY(EQUATION) - FINAL GOODBYE - VERY impressive original ambient love song with vocals, sounds professional. Valentine's Day. Hard love, sadness, heartbreak. Letting go.
DAVID(SHENKHAR) - THUNDERHEADS AT SUNSET - Hailstones splash into puddles to keep the beat as you ride your bicycle through the storm, enjoying the pretty lights. Weather, rain, traveling.
JOHNDARE - IMAGINE THIS (HOUSE) - House song, goofy and unusual, but full of bouncy positive energy. Transition music, ping pong match, game show, use your imagination. Just a tad grungy.
SBB - REPAIRING A BROKEN SKY - "An enormous void has appeared in the sky, and it is your duty to repair it. All you see and experience as you float around in space, repairing the sky, is representated within this piece." Weather, raining electrons. Repairing the Matrix? Adventure. Suspense.
JT(THEFUNDINDONGS) - THE FINAL GOODBYE - General Rock that sounds almost classical at first, instrumental lamenting having to say goodbye to someone treasured. Emotions, sadness. Wind howls distantly as the acoustic guitar sings, alternating with the electric bass. Magical. The End.
JKELLZ - BROKEN - Hip Hop - Modern. A dual vocal, guy rapping about regret at his mistakes in life and romance, alternating with his distant girlfriend in the refrain. Sounds professional. Dark Valentine's Day. Lost Love. Drama. Sadness.
CON THE BASSMASTER (PEPTOTRIPPIN) - PHILLIP J. FRY - A Drum N Bass remix of the theme to Futurama, with occasional vocal clips "Look the Suns are setting! I can finally switch to hard liquior!" "Of all the friends I've had.. you're the first" Welcome to the Future. Alcohol.
NUBBINOWNZ - BREAK THIS - Drum N Bass with the vocals "COMBO BREAKER!" and "BREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK" inside it while the somewhat mystic techno track goes. Like making a good moving in a fighting game.
CLOUDCANNON - PSYLVER PSIONICS - "This is another jingly one with a constant base line" Probably inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 game, where Silver Headhog can move things with his mind. Light-hearted bouncy tune with lots of steady rhythm.
GUITARMASTERX7 - CHOCOLATE RAIN? - NSFW! Two (retarded?) guys doing a back and forth with "Chocolate RAIN!.. This gay song is really fucking lame!" "Chocolate RAIN!.. wait what in the hell did you just say?" "Chocolate RAIN!... Stupid kid go get hit by a train!" And so on. Etc. Voice Acting. This goofy, beautiful, obscene, random song goes on for 1:40. Swearing. My only regret is that it goes a little TOO far... parody of original song by Tay Zonday, which can be found here. Internet Memes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwTZ2xpQwpA
SOSPRODUCTIONZ - CHOCOLATE RAIN REMIX - Uses live audio of the song by Tay Zonday, much shorter version, with a few techno effects. See the video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwTZ2xpQwpA
OSCILLIST - KINETICS - Transcendant drum n bass track that sounds like someone using a synthesiser.. AS a stringed instrument! Strings and bass and dancing electronics, it's fun!
Physics, science.
DOCTORATTITUDE - THAT TRICKLING FEELING - Spooky Halloween Drum N Bass. "It was a gloomy night, the Sun didn't come out that day. Oh and I went to a cave rave, and ran from the police. In hindsight, this song adequately represents that."
DOCTORATTITUDE - FAR FETCHED DREAM - "This is a song to symbolize a lot I've learned about music, art, and production. For anyone who has dreams that seemed too stretched from the truth, this song is four you. After all, anything could happen, right?" Wind chimes, far away horns, modern beat. Dream Sequence.
SHIFTY AUDIO (ZELLERS) - X-FILES REMIX - Very fast 33 second remix of the Xfiles theme, starting with a child giggling. Very upbeat and lively while somehow still suspenseful. Halloween.
XENOXX - HYPERLOGIC - Happy very varied trance number with LOTS of unique themes and shifts. Reminds me a bit of life inside a computer, ala the movie Tron, even though it doesn't sound anything like that movie's soundtrack. Piano and electronics side by side.
SHAWN DALL(CHRONAMUT) - KH2: MONOCHROME DREAMS - The theme from Timeless River, Black and White, old school. Something really, really OLD.
SHAWN DALL(CHRONAMUT) - TALES OF SYMPHONIA - An epic 5 minute piece that involves an entire symphony, with chirping birds, loud crashing ocean waves in the background. Start of the Christmas Show! Sounds classical, until the drummer starts up in the 3rd verse, then it all gels. Solo by little flute player as drummer keeps time. Same theme over and over, but done very different each time. Awesome!
SHAWN DALL (CHRONAMUT) - MOONLIGHT SHADOW! - This is a downright amazing Halloween song, a remix of a classic tale about lost love, a groom being gunned down by a bandit at midnight on the eve of his wedding, then appearing to the bride as a ghost, asking her to come with him "But she couldn't find how to push though" Morphed into a rocking techno song! Somehow happy. Music of the Night. Chronamut also has 2 earlier verions of this. Vocal.
IAN SLIDER (CORNANDBEANS) - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY CNB REMIX - Done from The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony, Drum N Bass, the name really describes it best, a symphony with drums and electronics.
JON RATSKI (SHADOWMANA) - TAKE ME ACROSS - Shot of easy-listening blues, sounds like static for the first 20 secs, but then starts out a bass guitar love song.
GR4VE - MELOPHOBIA - A combination of melody and phobia, good Halloween music with a beat when you're poking about in the crawlspace looking for spiders. And dancing.
JOSHUA TOMAR (TOMAMOTO) - TOMAMOTO VOICE DEMO 2008 - A quick 1:16 track full of goofy voices, "I'd be recording a demo reel right now.. if my FAMILY WOULD KEEP IT DOWN!" Watermelon bazookas, house party, people trying to sleep. Goofy voices! "Oh my God Harold, they're talking about us!"
Humor, comedy, vocal. From the Inuyasha The Movie guy!
KTRECORDS - GONNA MAKE YA' MOVE - Relaxed electronica, good for transition music.
JOHNNYFRIZZ - THE MASTERS GATE - Beginning deep vocal "Walking through the Master's GATE.." as if saying 'Welcome!' at the start of the dungeon. More creepy saying as you go. Halloween.
ZOOSAFARI - WORLD CUP - Happy Trance that invokes sports, athletics, celebration.
ZOOSAFARI - WELCOME TO THE WILD - Trance track that starts with lots of banging on bongos, and people cheering (softly). Transitions into something serene and magical at 1:40. Very long, several changes. "Started as a samba project, but while experimenting, I listedn to it with a beat and WOW! It became a really cool trance track!" Furry? Awesome!
IAN SLIDER (CORNANDBEANS) - FOREVER YOUNG CNB REMIX - Remix of the famous Alphaville song, starts out fairly close, then warps into Trance at the transition. Vocal. Happy Hardcore. Song from Napoleon Dynamite. Pretty song about doom. Seize the day.
TEDJOHNSTON - FOREST LULLABY - Very very short, yet sweet and beautiful transition music loop. Strings, chimes, with a beat, can be used for just about anything. Designed to loop. Nature.
THEONEMANBAND - A SLOW MONDAY - Hip Hop Old school olskool, background beat, guy with lyrics. "I got more records than the NYPD!" Self-worship, in the traditional rap style.
STEVEN POLLEY (ZELLERS) - FAR AWAY - Trance with female vocal "Far Away! Dreams do come true.. if you take the time.. to try.." Distant goals aren't out of reach, just have to work at them. Inspirational. Good exercise music. Very slight dark cast. 5 min. Turning your life around. Mystic.
SEMAPHORE - UNDERWATER JOUNREY LS REMIX - Not sure what this is from, but it's a very slow, soothing, ocean water sailing sort of pure environmental track. Long journey.
SEMAPHORE - OPAQUELY CLOUDS - Very slow, soft, water and ocean sailing piece, fairly long. Can almost put you to sleep listening to it. Environmental music. Lullabye.
OSCILLIST - MORPHINE - Drum N Bass number that's very laid back and full of electric piano and pretty colors. A relaxing drug trip.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - WHEN MADNESS DESCENDS - Classical Rock, that is to say, Classical music with some experimental guitar riffs in it. Old and new. Another good example of Maestrorage's Classical Doom! Suspense, drama, calm before the storm, and after the battle. Produced for an independent movie. "A brilliantly trained man of great strength and malice jumps out of nowhere and descends down on our heroes, hitting and smashing them without difficulty of much of a resistance. A bitter, cruel and unforgiving empowered theme crawling with anger and a fierceness no man should have the capacity to hold within themselves." 20 instruments!?
PHOENIX CHRONICLES (DRAGO) - V3: MAEROR MAC8 JULY - Classical Scottish Highlander's Funeral, complete with bagpipes and traditional sounds. "While everyone was doing pianos and sad guitars, me being me I decides to stray away from the stereotypes of sad song styles and bring forth a song for a highland warrior's funeral. Old School.
SEMAPHORE - DREAM OF WATER AND LAND - Very quiet, soothing, dreaming music. "This one is dedicated to Captain Nemo by spending his last minutes in the sinking Nautilus" Navy, ocean. Traveling. Beautiful.
KMAX - MARIO'S ELEVATOR - Very laid back version of the theme from Super Mario Land 1, easy listening. Lol.
CYCERIN - WINTERBLISS - A creative, sooth trance full of positive energy. You can feel the snow falling everywhere as you go sledding. Starts rocking traveling music halfway in. Violins! Old and new.
STEVEN POLLEY (ZELLERS) - CLOUDS - Light dancing electronic tune with distinct themes that makes you want to get up and dance! Starts quiet wit piano and baby noises, then takes off! Old and new.
KARCO - BEGINNINGS(INCOMPLETE) - When are beginnings ever complete? A good species of trance that tells a story perhaps, many instruments, from acoustics to electronics, several stages. Might be finished later. Starts with drum and base, then charges up, then goes quiet again, alternates.
MRMILKCARTON - LIVE ON - Really have to read the text the composes sets with it. The composer loses someone, not exactly close to them, but the realization sets in that they're gone forever. "No matter the mistake they made we look over this. The dumb choice they chose, the stupid situation they put themselves into. No matter the fault we look over it, because we cannot truly shun death. A mistake is a mistake, we must all learn from it even if we know what was done shouldn't of happened. If only they had made the right choice would they be there now smiling with everyone and their friends." Accepting things we can't changing, and moving on. Emotions, dealing with pain and loss.
MRMILKCARTON - MILK(ETHOS) - "Let it take control." Long classy trance number all about emotions. It might not always make sense, but it if feels right, do it. Traveling music. Journey
ALOYSIUSREXFORD - THROUGH DOORWAYS - Drum N Bass Halloween-ish number. Author gives a plot, an open door, and a tentacle beckoning you inward. Fascination and a little unease. Sound of opening door and increased anticipation further in the piece. Going in is up to you.
BOUNC3 - SOUND OF MY DREAM RMX - Remix of Clubringer's song of same name. Vocal cheerful girl start "Fly! I want to fly. I want to run, run to the places where I can be. I want to know, what is the sound, sound that is something inside of me.. a moment to set me free.. you tell me how, I hear the sound of my dream.. (or close to that)" Beautiful and magical! Awesome. Emotions. Valentine's Day?
BOUNCE3 - THE FINAL FANTASY - "Not a FF remix.. but they are coming as long as people give me good reviews ;) Trance!" A bit of the video game style, but original, fun.
APEXNINE - PARADIGM - Very good space exploration trance, sailing into the unknown using your electronic instruments. "Was going for an '80s feel, but the idea changed a little as it progressed." Paradigm shift. Quiet, yet energetic under the surface.
REASONER - I'M STILL HERE - A quiet, simple one-piece piano recital by the artist, thoughtfull and quiet.
NEMESISTHEORY - ROSE AT NIGHTFALL - Although it doesn't specifically say where the theme comes from, this is inspired by the fight themes of several RPGs. Bouncy and upbeat, good for the hero's entrance. The cavalry has arrived! Kingdom Hearts + Final Fantasy? 
EVIL-DOG - THE WEIGHT OF TIME - Fast-moving Punk song, excellent guitar riffs, good transition music. Used in the Flash game Hedgehog Launch. Guitar solo. Traveling music. Long road. Space. Folk music?
JOSH KEMP(KELWYNSHADE) - FINAL FRONT - Electronic movie music with -heavy- slow pounding base, like a Star Wars AT-AT walker. "The world is in shambles after a battle between man and machine. One man still stands; but now what?" somewhere between video game music and doom.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - REACHING DREAMERS - "A wizard shouts in front of his army, clasping a tome in one hand in a sword in the other. A shrill energy pulsates through the armiesas they clash into each other.. There is a wind for each life lost, a desire in each broken body fighting with everything it has, refusing to stop. Everybody is reaching for the united goal to change something they find unacceptable. Through blood, through tears, through each other, they refuse to back down.   There are dreams here." Short but epic, starts soft, blasts into battle.. then quiets down again after it's done, only the dreams remain. Ohming people.
CLUPPHEAD - OUCH - A Blues song, a guy meets his girlfriend, then in a flash gets a peculiar sensation "What is this feeling.. this swelling down below.. there's butterflies in my belly.. as I let out an OHOOH, so I dropped down to my knees, as both of mine have shown.. and I realize what has happened.. I've just been kicked in the nuts.." don't cheat on soccer-playing girlfriends "(guitar) She must be wearing steel-toed boots, for it to hurt sooo MUCH!" Goofy, humor, vocal comedy. Pain.
YAZAN ISSA MAKDAH (UZIWAVE) - TUNNELS OF MELTING ICE - Doom-like environmental music about an ice tunnel slowly collapsing around you, end with a low, deep vocal saying "LIQUID ICE"
DARKFRANDO - PLAYGROUND-AFTER DARK - Short, looping spooky ambient tune. Things hiding in the shadows, Halloween. Don't go in! Foreboding.
SPIRIAX - THE LOST RHYTHM - "This is a very melodic, soft trance song I made with a friend o' mine!" Lost and found. Discovery. Maybe Indiana Jones? Searching. Ponderous yet energetic.
WINTERWIND - TUNDRA - Trance track from the great frozen north. Crystal coolness, a bit of northern lights, traveling, motion. Environmental
BLAZINGDRAGON - AMBIENT EVENING - Very short, but skillfully done piano loop, quiet, beautiful, perfect romantic music for a candlelit dinner, or just fishing, or contemplating the past.
WRITERSBLOCK - FACTORY - Industrial track with pounding base, heavy machinery, high whine of shaved metal. Whatever they're building, it's going to be big! 5 min.
DAVIDORR - VITALITY - "If you're into candy trance this one is for you." A very energetic burst of happiness, yet the theme remains coherent throughout. Good workout music! Movie ending music. Opens with cheering crowd. Celebration!
DAVID(SHENKHAR) - STREAMSIDE - A very relaxing organic classical string and woodwind tune with running water in the background. 'Hanging out and reading a book on a bridge' music, or maybe the beach with birds flying overhead, your call. Soothing. Environmental mood music. Remix from Ragnarok Online.
CAZOK - TO THE END OF THE WORLD - General Rock 3 minute piano and guitar trip to the location in the title. Thrilling traveling music. Come hell or high water, we'll get there. Inspiration. Long road.
SKINNY SHINI(SHINROG) - SUMMER GAME - Happy sunny cheerful Trance loop 2 min long, changes enough to stay interesting, good for background music.
VIC(ZOMGBIE) - EARTHBOUND 0 EIGHT MELODIES - Long 7 minute tribute to the game, called "Mother" in Japan, named Earthbound in the US port. Starts very relaxed, almost a lullaby, stars shining in the distance, then kicks it up around 2:10 into a dance. Ness (kid with telekinetic powers) is in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Being kidnapped by aliens has never been so fun! Several stages, epic by the end. Awesome.
Good ending music. Space. Christmas? Or Halloween?
JOEY VITALE(JEBBAL) - TUCK EVERLASTING - Music from the movie, a pretty music box chimes somewhere in the silent dark, making you look around trying to find it. Slight spooky, would make good ghost story music, or a Lullaby. Dark Shadows? Halloween.
SELCUK BOR(MAESTRORAGE) - COMING HOME - A joint project with LadyArsenic, "Diablo Game Tribute. Deep in the burning valleys of Hell, a lone warrior hastily rushes froth through the ominous laugh of the Beast" High-pitched female "Beast" vocal mocking the hero as death metal blazes all around. Doom. Halloween. Heavy Metal.
MRMILKCARTON - F-777's AIR FANTASY - High energy Trance with a lot of depth, you can feel the soaring effects as your 777 flies through a sunshower, water droplets occasionally streaking by on the windows. Airwalk! Awesome. Space travel?
AARON OPFER(SCMODDER) - Themenothol - Jangling techno, very good exercise music! "Why does newgrounds force me to add commentary? This is a song. There, I hope newgrounds is happy" Just move :) Computer music, future.
WINTERWIND - BARTTHEZZ INFECTED WINTERMIX - Dripping water as ice melts, strange pollution chemicals, and a surprisingly catchy bouncing beat partway in. Jamming out to the noxios fumes and drugs in the air. Evil Christmas? Happy though. Hallucination. Somewhere between video game and trance.
IN-RAGE - TONIGHT IS OURS - Professional-sounding General Rock, loud vocals, slightly reminded of Lincoln Park, but much more positive in tone than that. "So through your hand out hold it high, and look around and realize, tonight is our to realize, so live today! So through your worries to the wind! And let the music take you in! So live, today!" Inspirational. Fun! Airwalk! High Energy.
REASONER - MORNING LIGHT - Starts simple, rays of sunshine breaking over the horizon, cheering environmental mood music. Then halfway through it unleashes the main theme. Inspirational. The view of Earth from Space. Robots? Song could fit many places. Happy. Don't give up hope. 4th of July.
SELUCK BOR(MAESSTRORAGE) - FROM THE DARKNESS, RISE - Classical song of sadness, mourning, then an iron resolve for revenge as a war anthem grows. Will the war result in the return of happiness... or more destruction?... .. . Loss. Tribute.
WINTERWIND - RESPITE IN Eb MAJOR - "A sweet romantic piece in Eb Major. . I got accepted to an All-Steinway University in Mid December which is when I started this piece. To me this song is in response to a pleasant pause from burdens, a nice suspension from stress and what not. First new song of the New Year. Thanks for Listening" An absolutely beautiful classical composition. Love, romance blooming in adversity. Awesome, powerful.
DIMRAIN47 - INFERNOPLEX - Miscellaneous very very fast-paced piano odyssey rave filled with guitar riffs and multiple stages. Guitar vs piano. Could it be a red alert that aliens have landed? Trying to bmx bike down the side of an erupting volcano? Action, adventure, suspense. Doom? Celebration? Awesome!
IM2SHORT2DIE89 - GEORGE CLINTON MIX - Weird funny vocal mix of song clips from both George W Bush and Hillary Clinton. "Love your neighboor like you'd like to be loved yourself."-"With great frequencey, and vigor!" Comedy. "Poppycock!" Politics. Sound bites. Makes both Bush and Clinton look goofy, well, maybe Bush a bit more. "I'm so pleased to be working with Senator Clinton, she is a fablous woman!" Talking in Spanish.
ALTERNATIVESOLUTION - SURREALIST SAILING - Ambient string-plucking short nautical theme, like sailing through an oil painting. Classical?
CONNOR PELKEY (CYRILTHEWOLF) - PROGRESSIVE MORPHOLOGY - Composer's personal theme song, blasting rock number that would work great in a no-holds-bared action film, maybe something by Quentin Tarantino. Anthem of Rock. Awesome! Airwalk. Low down and dirty grunge guitar side by side with astral rock. Furry? Opening music for a heavy-metal show.
CAZOK - CARVELLAS CASTLE - Original tune, classical/rock mix. Exploring an old abandoned castle you hear sounds and voices that seem to come from everywhere and nowhere. Then you see a shadow move. You realize that you've just stumbled into a castle full of undead. Hope you brought your chainsaw! Halloween, spooky, just a little bit goofy. Action, adventure. Doom. Would work in Castlevania.
SBB - ICE DESERT CALLED EARTH - Ambient environmental music about Earth.. after all life has been eradicated by wave after wave of ice sheets. "That cold wind still rages once in a hundred years, but there is nothing left for it to murder. Instead, this wind freezes the oceans and skies, covering it with a cold, white carpet of ice and snow. Welcome to this frozen desert called Earth." Inspite the doom-filled intro, the theme is pretty, with a flute on the wind, and picks up a bit. Science fiction.
WINTERWIND-NS - REQUIEM FOR THE GREAT CITIZEN - "A piece reflecting the sadness of a society that had once known a great man, a man whom everyone had loved, about whom no one could name a bad characteristic-- a man who has now passed." Tribute. Long classical composition.
CRAZYCOOKIE - MARIO WORLD - ENDING - "An all-out piano remix (?) of the song heard after you beat Bowser in Super Mario World." Jazzy, old-school, caliope-ish.
IAN SLIDER (CORNANDBEANS) - THE SEWERS - Grungy Drum N Bass Ninja Turtles Swimming-Through-Muck low down and dirty action music. Grab your flashlight, jump down the manhole, and hunt for quarters. Halloween.
NICKPERRIN - PT.1 THE VISION (REVISED) - Very epic classical composition, in the old school style of multi-part operas. Or at least, the first of six parts. Not yet finished, keep track of this one and check on it later. Classical doom. Aliens, end of the world, kids finding an enchanted bookcase to another world, many uses.
REASONER - WHERE DO WE TURN - An echoing classical stream of conciousness, thinking out loud. This 4:35 piece was done in a single take "I was feeling inspired, so I hit record and began playing" Ponderous. Mood music.
RUBBERBANDMETHOD - BEST BET - Blues. "Sometimes.. I feel like a tumbleweed.. rolling through the streets" "And you take what you get, and you make the best bets." Play with the cards you're dealt, can't always win, can't always lose. Vocal.
FUFFKA - ADICTIVNESS... - "Addictiveness" A very fluffy dance song, almost sing-song, but with pounding base. Goes well with massive amounts of caffinee and sugar. LOUD.
ADAM THORNETZ(ADOMPEACE) - BLUES SKETCH #2 "Death" - A Blues Loop in a minor chord "So it sounds much darker now" Quiet piano, like a bar in a mobster movie or something. Or maybe an undead mobster. Halloween. Doom.
REASONER - CHAMPIONS GREEN - Music for heroes, superheros, or just people who do good things and smile on the way to work. People who channel the positive energy. Ambient electronica with acoustics. "This is honesty THE favorite song out of all mine for me." Happiness. Accomplishment. Tribute.
STAN STEVENSON-BYRNE (TROGDAR) - SONIC COLOURS - "I have genuine surprised myself with this one, my Dad pointed out that I never make things in a major key, so I tried it out" Sound becoming color, color sound, elemental music. Fairly long, a few changes, xylophone, relaxed, upbeat. Happy.
WYLDFYRE1 - DEMENTED SUICIDE - "A warning to all you emo mother#%#ers out there, this is the most demented song, EVER" "You want to go to Hell.. we want to give you the Tour.. that's what friends are for.." As the almost goofy negatively suggestic lyrics play out, and the demon voice 'subliminally' growls in your ear. "Haaahahaaahaaa.. your soul is MIIINNE...." I honestly don't know what I linked this, it's pretty darn dark. I mean, really. Evil Halloween. Creepy. Really. Swearing.
JOSH KEMP (KELWYNSHADE) - LONG WALK HOME - A soundtrack for an upcoming animated movie "Yu Ji, an amazing artist, is working on an animated film that already looks comparable to a Disney Movie. The movie, currently titled "Across the Rapids", is deep into production. It's looking wonderful so far. The story is very heartfelt and very strong. The main theme of this movie revolved around wolves. Can't reveal much about the story at this time" Sad number with lonely wolves howling in the distance as the piano plays.
PARAGONX( - CHAOZ IMPACT - The return of ParagonX9 after about a year. "And finally had some inspiration again to make something new!" Drum & Bass with grungy low-down beat, like a rumble in a swamp.
SAM D HYDE - THIS IS METALLOWEEN - Metal remix of the Halloween Town theme from Kingdom Hearts.
JON BABB - EARTHBONES - Would have been at home in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, tense suspense music with lots of ohming people in the backgroung, ominus, primal. Don't go in! Halloween? Movie soundtrack quality.
TATSU-TAKAHASHI - CHAOS WITHIN - Playful general rock with several phases and layers, good transition or mood music. Metal without the mayhem. Several 'mini breakdowns' to keep you guessing. Acoustic and electronic goodness! Old and new.
TATSU-TAKAHASHI - IN YOUR FACE - Heard in 57 different flash entries! Popular general rock that likes to mix things up, a light dose of metal that won't give you metal poisoning. Old and new.
O'NEIL DONALD - FINDING A WAY - Hard to classify, has some ponderous piano, then a unique dance -bounce- beat as if climbing stairs. More curious than anything else, very slight dark tone might be in home in a Halloween undead rave, or it could be a love song. Where there's a will, there's a way.
ZERO-BASS - HEAVEN'S RAVE - Fast-moving dance with jiggle-jangle circus coliapie (spelling?)
THE NINJKABAT - BEATIFUL - An Acapella rave, if you can believe such a thing. Lots of vocals combining into a trace number. Chikachika. Toxic Audio-ish.
SHANE JENSEN - BEWARE; THE MUFFIN - Goofy grungy Classic Rock, minute-long. Food! Spits or Swallows.
EVIL-DOG - THE LAST STAND - "Probably against zombies" General Rock with a bit of suspense but mostly forward momentum. Gotta keep swinging that chainsaw to the end. A bit of Pulp Fiction?
VAIFAN90 - SEA HARMONY - Ambient electronic xylophone with a quiet, bouncy rhythm to sooth and relax the senses, like a sailboat voyage just across the bay.
DAVID ESCALANTE - HOSTILES 4 - The sort of rock music you get during a pop action space battle. Here comes the Death Star, are you ready to RUMBLE? Combat, fight scene. Science Fiction.
JORDAN TARRY - CONCLUSION (MOVIE) - Ambient background mood music for a mystery movie. X-files, unexplained mysteries. Science Fiction. Halloween. Just a little thunder and lightning in the background. Mad Science.
MIHAI SOROHAN - GENESIS(LOOP) - Ambient background music featuring piano and electric guitar, a contrast of old and new. A bit of suspense, like a mystery movie in the city. You can't hear it, but you're sure it's raining.
ANIMA-THEORY - BINARY RAIN - Very good ambient mood music, real thunderstorm footage with a slowly more audible groove in the background. Shuffling along a city street in the rain. Weather.
REASONER - TRACING BACK - Six minute symphony in electronica. Starts slow like folk music, then takes off around 1:50 or so into a full-fledged city beat. Unique. Several parts. Long.
NEMESISTHEORY - GRACIOUS WINTER - "Ambient Oriental song, full track, enjoy!" 3 minute Christmas-y track with pan flutes, Eastern instruments and electronic bass. Thoughtful, but not sad.
DARK-FRANDO - KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE... - "Keep your Friends Close and their Memories Closer" n this song I envisioned a person of some sorts sitting in some slum somewhere, skies clouded over and rain threatening to fall. Just had an argument with some of their work friends and generally feeling down. Only they see some kids nearby playing happily and carefree, reminding him of how he used to be. They smile to themselves as they run through all the times they used to have, only to be awoken from the day dream. Yet their mood is a much happier one." Sad and Happy. Redemption.
BEZO - I'M GOING TO KILL YOU - Parody upbeat funk vocal about one guy singing joyfully about the many ways he's going to kill his friend. "I'm gonnna take you down.. to the river.." "Oh yeah!" "I'm gonna take this big knife and stab you in the EYE! And wiggle it around.." "That's gonna hurt now son.." "I don't like you at all, you really pissed me off!" "That's obvious brother.." Funny. Kinda. For when you really want to leave the knife handle in someone's brain, in a happy way.
KINICHIE - BLACK FIRE (PIANO) - Remake of the Dragonforce song as an orchestral number. Hooked on Classics. This time, the rock becomes classical. Old and new.
MRMilkCarton - MILK(DEEP BLUE) - Trance with very deep beat and flickering waves of force. Sail through the deep sea in a submarine with jet engines. Heartbeat rhythm.
REACHGROUND - WARCRAFT BLUES - Blues song about a guy who's addicted to the game. His wife and kids leave him, but he's got his Tier 6 shoulderpads. Vocal. A little discordant, but it fits right in. Comedy? You decide. World of Warcraft.
DJ-MARTCORE - ALWAYS DREAMING - Soft trance song, bouncing beat, slightly contemplative, but mostly more electronic goodness.
JURIAN - AND ANOTHER... - A quiet relaxing Funk song, you can attach whatever meaning to it you want, late night groove. Transition. Night Show.
METALJONUS - THRASHER - Orchestral Heavy Metal with lots of riffs, almost religious in its metalic intensity. Music to break things too while feeling good about it! High energy.
DAVIDORR - FOUR BRAVE CHAMPIONS - Epic classical adventure music, would be at home with Dungeons and Dragons or a war film. Ohming people in the background. Before the battle.
TERRENCE IRELAND - DEEPER INSIDE THE CAVE - Extended verison of his earlier classical ambient song. Secret, hidden, special places, like where you hid precious things when you were a kid, whose significance was known only to you.
ZERO-BASS - ANGEL OF DESTINY - High-energy dance song with driving rhythm. Opening, then a rave, then another quieter phase, then rave again.
MIHAI SOROHAN - BELLS - A piece of dedicated, classical doom. A twisted symphony of Christmas bells best befitting Halloween, or the Nightmare before Christmas. Sadness, regret, reflecting the feelings of the composer at the time.
NAL1200 - MEZMERIZE ME - A bit of electronic fun in General Rock, energetic, pleasant tune.
SKINNY SHINI - ERA OF LIFE 2 - A fun relaxed piece filled with eletronic energy. Good for furry occasions, simple primal bliss with a beat.
WOLF-TECH - WHIRLWIND EXCLUSIVE - A driving mechanical general rock song that invokes motorcycles in the brain, high pitched electrical guitar riffs with plenty of backup, like a road rally, or the excitement before a race. Banging on trash cans also.
KINICHIE - THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES (PIANO) - Call it revenge from classical songs that are remixed into rock, but this number transforms Dragonforce's famous powerhouse Guitar Hero 3 insane big rock ending heavy metal finisher into a ponderous, timeless piano exercise. Old and new. New Years.
MAESTRORAGE - THE GIFT - Short Tribal transition music, would be at home on Survivor, sitars, India influence. Starts small, then turns into an epic anthem with people going 'Raww!' in the background.
ERKMEDIA - KH2 PASSION (PIANO) - The Kingdom Hearts 2 song "My Sanctuary" or "Passion" that appears in the beginning and end of the game, remixed, and jazzed up slightly. Valentine's Day.
MACCOMO - SUNDER - "because it's a mix of Sun and Storm" Classical piece with rain, thunder, with starts solemn, but brightens as it goes. Every Cloud has a silver lining, even if some have a Sephiroth. (Joke was mine, sorry) Flute and chirping birds after the storm breaks, then carry on to defy the storm. Sad, happy. Recovery.
JABICHO - CARICIAS DE ANGELES - "Angel's caresses - was written inspired on peace and calmness, but also has a bit of courage and an overcoming obstacles feeling at the end, enjoy!" Classical, full original composition. Christmas, or any tribute.
LACHLAN DAVIS - NEVER PERISH - Heartfelt screaming guitars and modest electronica make this hard to catagorize, could be funk, or general rock, or aliens wearing sunglasses and fancy clothes walking the boardwalk and giving people a thumb's up as they pass. Or a revolution in a Central American country anthem. Classy and grungy at once. Fight the good fight. Be cool.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - MACHINE OF JUDGEMENT - What's the last thing that passes through your mind as a 500ft robot glances down and prepares to stomp on your head? Do you give up and die? NEVER!!!! Dodge the hell out of the way, defy the corrupt mechanisms of Fate, and somehow survive the End of the World. Classical thunder. Classical doom. Final boss battle music. Halloween. 4th of July.
AVATARKAMI - SUBLIMINAL ENERGIES - "It sounds better with headphones, you can hear the split audio stuff better" 3 minutes of slightly funky bouncing music.
NAL1200 - AUDACIOUS - "Rock anthem! Turn up the speakers!" Hard to beat that desc :) About 3 minutes of audacity. 4th of July.
VDX (KID2WILL) - IRON ECHOES (GUITAR BREAK) - "Rock/rave/jam/boogie? out. lolz" Could be video game music of flying an F14 or something. 4th of July.
SELCUK BOR (MAESTRORAGE) - A LOST DREAM - Turkish folk music theme "again it is a bit short due to it being a theme, and no technically a song" Tribal thunder.
MILKMAN-DAN - WHEN I WAKE - A full-fledged new song, complete with vocal lyrics. "Girl in my dreams tonigth-Won't You please come to life - I don't know who you are - Girl who has choosen me - Tortune and Agony - All I can remember - Is when I wake - Your touch still lingers - On me." Dan is moving beyond instrumentals. Valentine's Day, evil or good. Longing. Love. Fate? Pop or classical, you pick.
BAD MAN INCORPORATED - GUITAR CHALLENGE - 1:24 heavy metal theme featuring a long squeeling guitar solo for a contest.
DJ BJRA - MY PET GOAT REVAMPED - A suprisingly epic trance song with a vocal chorus going "My Pet.." at intervals. Almost ending movie music.
FREEZEBEES (PSYWOOFERS) - DANCING 4 JOY - Happy dancing bouncy electronic tune with a bit of piano as well. Beautiful. Old and new.
LESSTHAN3 - DER WEIHNACHTSMANN - German Heavy Metal, with the usual dark industrial cast.. except THIS song is about "Der Weihnachtsmann" or "Santa Claus". Just a sprinkling of snow piano and ohming people. If Santa Claus was ever to summon the end of the universe, THIS song would be playing. Parody :) Awesome! Comedy. Humor. Evil Christmas.
FARCRYDX - OPEN MY TOMB - With dark growling vocals by Bad Man Incorporated, Heavy Metal 'I'm turning into a Zombie' music. Halloween. Undead.
TRANCEMASTER ONYX (DARKONYX) - NUCLEAR SUN - Mix of a trance track, starting with "We can Fly..." vocal and taking you for a ride around the Sun in a spaceship.
C-CHOIRBOY - CANON (SOFT-TRANCE REMIX) - "A trance remix of the classical song Canon (Cannon?) by Pachebelle, made by me and Spiriax. Enjoy!" Christmas. Old and New.
HADRIANI - COME TO ME - Miscellaneous hard-to classify composition with steel drums and strange electronic flutes, slow, relaxed melody. Unique. Old and New.
WYLDFYRE1 - AWAKEN - Miscellaneous song with slow pace and contemplative plucking strings. Wake up! Sunrise. A little repeditive, but unique.
HANIA - THE GIRL FROM MEMORY PLANET - This is a truly creepy vocal song about a little girl who survives an alien invasion as a captive. Or were they undead? Or were they in her head? "They came and they killed and..she left by their side. They made her into them and she stayed alive." Evil Halloween.
BEZO - THE UNDERTAKER THEME SONG - WWE professional wresting theme of "The Undertaker" Surprisingly epic, over 4 minutes long and gothic. Halloween.
LOVE-HATE-WAR - ENDLESS - Guitar journey along a long rolling road, trying to find light in the darkness. Don't give up hope. Someday you'll get there.
SUPRADARKY - MARIO GALAXY GUSTY GARDEN - Remix of the theme by the same name, come get some Wii love :) Almost a freedom anthem of fun. 4th of July.
SUPRADARKY - STAR STEALING GIRL - Beautiful haunting melody from Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross. Valentine's Day. Etherial love. Tough love.
SUPRADARKY - WEIRD HAPPY SONG - "I had this untitled midi sitting deep inside my comp, no idea what's the source (tell me if you do!). Anyways, I dug up this thing I made from it which also happens to be the first song I ever did. I went back to it to tweak and finish it. It's nothing too crazy, but it's fun!"
SUPRADARKY - MK 64 ROCKIN' RAINBOW - Detailed remix of the Rainbow Road theme, yet again.
SUPRADARKY - A WESTERN SUNSET - Wild West theme from "Live A Live" on the SNES. Definitely takes you back, good mood music.
SUPRADARKY - A MORNING SONG - Miscellaneous (but actually a video game theme from Breath of Fire 3) short theme "It's Saturday morning, you just woke up.. you hear the birds chirp, it's sunny outside. Ready for a great day! Enjoy :)" Awesome.
DJ-NIGHTMARE - DKC Main Theme(Classical) - An unusual classical piano remix of the Donkey Kong Country video game theme. Pretty!
SOROHANRO - I FORGOT TO FORGET YOU - "Slow meditative song, on a open latin groove more like Lyle Mays style" Is it a love song, or a song about lost love? Roses have thorns. Valentine's Day.
SUPRADARKY - MM2 IT'S BUBBLE TIME! - "Mega Man 2's Bubble Man Stage. Old School!" Stylized video game remix, adds something new to someone old. Tune is bouncy and keeps moving. From the Ducktales Fun on the Moon guy!
GOUKISAN - BATTLESONGLOOP - Quick original video game battle theme intended for a flask game Goukisan is making later. Moves well, good for background music.
CHAO-GUY - POKEMON FIRE RED/LEAF GREEN - Remix from the game, uses a lot of chimes, sounds almost like a cuckoo clock, or grandfather clock when it strikes the hours. Doorbell? Mysterious battle theme.
COSMOS8942 - HEAVENLY FIELDS - Original composition in video game style, quiet piano with moving crystal background. Very pretty and mysterious. Feels like snowflakes or falling snow on a mirror lake. Christmas?
KELWYNSHADE - THE JOURNEY BEGINS - "You know that song you hear in any typical RPG where your hero begins his jounry by exploring the outside world for the first time? Well, this is an idea I had to creat that mood." adventure, travel, happy go lucky.
NEMESISTHEORY - POLAR GROOVE - An orchestral remix of the Ice Cap theme from Sonic the Hedgehog, takes a moment of listening to realize what the theme is, it's beautiful.
KE200 - FF7 CRAZY MOTORCYCLE - Like driving 100 mph down a tunnel at night and dodging headlights.. something just like you'd do in a Final Fantasy game! Racing.
SONICMEGA - LAST BOSS (MEGAMAN 6) ACAPELLA - Yes, it's an Acapella remix, completely done with Toxic Audio style beatboxing by several people. While it might be hard to recognize the theme at first, it's COOL AS HELL! Vocal.
SUPRADARKY - LUFIA 2 - WRATH OF THE SINISTRALS - Boss fight music from Lufia 2, driving rock with some restraint and good melody. Epic.
SBB - Climbing a Snow Mountain - Ambient, soft piece with steady rhythm of climbing a snow-covered mountain. Hiking. Determination. Weather. Wilderness.
ZEKE30695 - MEGAMAN ZERO 2 INTRO - Would fit the movie 'Tron' pretty well if done today, chugging electronic bass beat and slightly classical treble. Video Game remix.
NIVI - MARIO 64 BOWSER ROCK - Playfull gothic rock take on the music that plays in Super Mario 64 before you fight Bowser each of the 3 times. Good slightly goofy Halloween mood music.
NEMESISTHEORY - FINAL FANTASY VII - FIGHT 2007 - Smooth rock background to a contest or conflict of some sort, more upbeat than anything else.
JOEY BEST - FFX - Seymour's Final Battle - An detailed, orchestra remake of a theme not often heard, the showdown with Seymour toward the end of FFX. Very airy, ethereal piano rolls, suitable for a fight in 'heaven'. Fight scene. Epic.
CHESDERMAN - MARIO WORLD MARCH #3! - Wacky rock funk, of the same theme as 'Super Mario World Rock', rocked up, although with more piano and not nearly as gratuitiously metal :)
MICHAEL CAINE(7he5hocker) - MEGAMANX3-INTROSTAGE MHX3 - Uplifting theme of excitement, another battle in the clouds. Action, adventure.
VULTYREX - 1000 AD - OMG. The theme from 1000 AD from Chrono Trigger, full of magical bells and an amazing quiet elegance. Easily would work as a Christmas song. Awesome. Beautiful. Ethereal. Is it happy, or sad?
MICHAEL CAINE(7he5hocker) - LUFIA 2 BATTLE MUSIC - Bouncy upbeat battle theme. Short and sweet. Fight scene.
MAESTRORAGE - THE MORNING MIST - Not really a song, but ambient background music, a windchime echoing in the distance during the morning fog. A slightly oriental cast to it. Rain, weather.
JOHN GUY - CLEARING THE SKY - Instrumental Dance song, about curing global warming? "I wanted to try something new. There's a possiblity that this could be on the next Piercing Lazer album" Loud drums. Flying?
MILKMAN-DAN - TREMBLE - A slightly dark classical piece with great depth, a feel of impending doom. Piano.
DJ-NATE - LAST FOREVER - Playful trance piece, restrains itself to avoid becoming overpowering, jumps forward, then ducks back several times. Relaxing. Dancing.
SNAYK - DRAFTWERK - A remix of Kraftwerk's "Computer Love", quiet with echoing raindrop chimes. Valentine's Day?
REASONER - APPROACHING THE SUN - A relaxing, thoughtful airplane flight, toward the Sun. Way up here, everything is quiet, save for that piano in your mind, and the light whine of the engines. Slight India reasonance, transcendance. The end of a long road.
SSB - THE FIRST FLIGHT - "Fold our your wings, float along with the wind." Ambient relaxed track, letting you feel the thermals lifting you up, the occasional cool of sirrus clouds along your path. This is what it would feel like to be a seagull. Flying.
MIHAI SOROHAN - THE VOICE OF REASON - Seems more irrational than anything else.. light chimes with a goofy slide-whistle far in the background at first, then kicks into a funky ambient groove. It's weird, but so is your brain, so who cares. Strange. Drugs?
REASONER - INSTRUMENTAL #4 - An epic original composition, starting very quietly with piano in the darkness, then slowly brings in the light, leading into an electronic odyssey. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, down the lone, lonely road, and when you get there you won't be alone. Awesome! Rising sun. Christmas?
CARCASE - IRISH - "Irish, celtic, electronic song with good stuff in it" A little dose of folk music, but in a techno way. Stomping feet, guitar, Saint Patrick's Day.
MIHAI SOROHAN - IMPRESSIONS FROM VILNIUS - Inspired by a trip to the Capital of Lithuania, although it could easily be another planet. Space travel music, dream sequence, a light touch of darkness as well as hope. "I really really miss that city." Homesickness.
BAD MAN INCORPORATED - BRING THE PAIN (FT METALJONUS) - Starts with thoughtful guitar, then goes heavy metal -tribal- on your eardrums. Lots of drums, screaming fearful guitar designed to twist your mind. You want pain? Bring the pain.
SKYMARSHALL - FOREVER GAMER - Vocal dance song, glorifying the Amiga Nintendo Apple ][ Sega generation. "I'm gaming forever, I'm gaming whatever!.. all of my life till I die!" Goofy, funny! Names of several early games in the song. Nostaligia. Long Live Video Games! Comedy. At least, I THINK it's comedy.. hardcore. Obsessions. Touch of Mario at the start and end, just because :)
SUPRADARKY - DUCKTALES FUN ON THE MOON - Bouncy fun video game remix from classic NES land, smoothly done. Happy, celebration, Disney, space, awesome.
NEMESISTHEORY - CASTLE OF TEARS - Very detailed Video Game Remix of "Bloody Tears" from Castlevania 2, 6:30, epic. Rocks extremely much, even for an oldschool Nintendo title. Several themes and changes, grand adventure, sadness, hope. Awesome. Halloween.
NIGHTWASP - CANON ROCK! - A remake of the famous classical anthem "Canon" by Paschabel into laid back rock! Hooked on Classics. Religion.
SHADOWBOWSERTRX - SMRPG - FOREST MAZE (BOSS MIX) - WOAH.. quiet yet very high speed boss fight music that rolls like a roller coaster, not letting up the whole time! Just plain fun :) 1 minute loop, but you don't realize that for a while.
ELITEFERREX - KIRBY SUPER STAR - DYNABLADE 1 - Very fast tempoed celebration video game remix! Happy, almost rinky-dink in speed but still keeps its focus. Makes you want to move :)
BITIUM-RIBBON - FINAL FANTASY: THE CLASH - Remix montage of battle themes from FF IV, V and IX, keeps moving, very retro yet smoothly blended. Brings back the excitement :)
TERRENCE IRELAND - IMM Cave - Very soft, thoughtfull, contemplative background music with birds far off in the background, like listening to water dropplets falling in a cave just short of the sun-filled entrance, a safe place to hide.
FLAMINGFIREBOLT - END OF SUMMER - A jovial dance/techno celebration of the turn of the seasons, with an energetic rave to kick off the summer as fall slowly arrives. Celebrate what you did last summer!
DJ-DAX - SWEET SUMMER - Classic rock thoughtfull/transition music. Reveal in the guitar as summer unfolds, seasons. Light thunderstorm in the background, but somehow more soothing than menacing, weather.
TERRENCE IRELAND - CRISIS (PT.2) - Long driving trance full of dance energy and a bit of suspense. Slightly extraterrestrial in the middle, like UFOs have been sighted. Keeps changing enough to stay interesting.
CAYLER - FALL - Very deep, thoughtfull vocal number about dealing with pain, and not giving up. "..Everybody falls once, before falling once again.." "When you feel the weightlessness of falling down.. don't give up.. just turn around.. take your friend's hands.." Dangerously close to being a bit Carebearish, but still manages to balance light and dark.
GVPROCKS - AWAKE IN THE NIGHT - Spoofy/goofy short Halloween background music about being stalked by a monster. No song, just sound effects, unidentified noises, sonar pings, and something growling in the distance, getting closer.. RUN!
HYRULEANHYROE - NEVER,MAYBE,FOREVER - Goofy ska love song "I said Maybe, you said Forever, I never thought we'd Ever be Together.." Communication :) Wonky horns.
DJ-DAX - GOOD TIMES NEVER DIE - .. sounds a lot like Adompeace's "A Day in the Park"? Getting the story.
ADOMPEACE - THE CALL OF KTULU ORCHESTRA - A bit like summoining Cthuhlu, starts small, with ominious piano, then builds a bit.. then gets REALLY BIG. Halloween opening music? Monsters, adventure, good, evil. 8 minutes long, several phases. How the Tonight Show music would sound in Hell. Awesome.
MILKMAN-DAN - AS IF THE NIGHT IS GONE - "A had a chance to grab my keyboard for a quick love session. Enjoy." Quiet, sad piano piece filled with love.
BERTRON - DARKSONG - Driving, purposefull classic rock, reminds me of an Orc warband marching off to battle, smashing the drums in preparation for war. NICE bass. For the horde!
YODAMANJARO - WALKING IN SILENCE - Not really silent.. more like an adventuring athem for some hobo with some detailed story traveling across the country any way he can, upbeat. Guitar and electronics.
FLASHBURN - CRIMSON KEYS - Wow! Lots of electrical energy, yet smoothed out and made into a coherent song, rollicking traveling music. Go on an adventure! To Scotland and its bagpipes, to some dragon cave in Europe, to outer space, wherever you like! Awesome.
PIANOFORTE - COBALT BLUE SPHERE - Ambient slightly edgy relaxing tune, like listening to sonar deep down underwater where all you can hear is your own breathing, your equipment.. and then the Music of the Endless Sea. A little soothing, a little creepy, a little magical.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - GIANTS AMONG MEN - A quick rockin' metal transition, something that would work well for a Power Rangers episode, or anyone on a motorcycle with sunglasses on and a turbo boost button. Varrrom! Speed, energy
RYANTIME2 - RASBERRY JAM - A nice shot of that good old-fashioned rock and roll! Jam out to the righteous Blues Brothers-ish guitar jam. Something you might here on Saturday Night Live, but perhaps a bit livelier. Sounds like a live performance.
BRUNZOLAITIS - FLOWERZ 'n' HERBZ - Reggae sound, funkadelic. It could be about drugs.. or it could just be about good vibes, it's not saying :)
WYLDFYRE1 - MOONLIGHT KNIGHT 1.7 - Relaxing cool night music, with a slightly medeval theme in places, but largely not. Beautiful water piano solo.
MOLTOV - =>SAW<= - This one is just plain wierd.. a pulsating music track that seems to be a saw cutting things, set to a beat, and broadens out into a symphony by the end. Revel in the destruction of chocolate bunnies! Can also be a bunch of frogs croaking musically, or hiccups, or.. stuff. Who knows?
Ke200 - ONE MAN BAND AUDIO - Folk music, octoberfest or medival celebration dance music. From a stop motion of same name.
ke200 - MINIMALISM EXPERIMENT - Making a symphony out of a small number of piano synthesizers. Soundtrack?
SSM-NW - DOWNTOWN STRUT - Twangy Urban transition city music. "WOW!" vocal, twangy style "Can I hear the drums?"
NAL1200 - TEA AND CRUMPETS - Shamlessly fun british rock with goofy bounce and driving bass, almost lyric. Food! English.
NEWSKIES - SUPERMARIOLANDREMIX - Self-descriptive :) Super Mario Land with most of the digital feel, with a pounding percission beat added.
C-STORM - ZELDA - GERUDO VALLEY (REMIX) - Highly remixed beautiful classical latin version of the song from The Legend of Zelda - Ocarnia of Time. Relaxing, yet energetic, music to dance to! Awesome.
WUSCHELL - JORDAN RULES??? - Quick and lively transition music with guitar solo of sorts throughout, one minute long. "Original song I used as reference was "Everyday" by Steve Hackett"
JOSH KEMP - SAND AND SORROWS - "And old dusty town somewhere in the desert, RPG style." Mood music.
ROTT3N-APPL3 - HALO - LONE RIDER - Classic rock version of the Halo theme. Video Game. Driving.
HOWARD LOCKWARD - LO IMPROVISADO - Piano and classic rock moderately long transition music, based on an improvisation, but sounds finished. Made me move, so it's here.
THE-MICKMAD - ZELDA MEMORIES - Remix of the Ocarnia of Time theme, a fond memory of a deep game. Very thoughtful, reflective, sad, deep. Nostalgia.
NEMESISTHEORY - ROSE AT DAWN - "A tribute to all the great RPG-Boss Battle themes known to man!" One theme really, but you can hear some Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire in there.
JOSH KEMP - BOF 2 - MEMORIES REMIX - A more orchestral remake of a very sad theme from Breath of Fire 2, one of my favorite games. Doesn't quite make you cry like the game did, but glad to see the song done. (btw, GET THE GOOD ENDING!)
SUPRADARKY - CASTLEVANIA HEART OF FIRE - Lightly remixed video game theme with a little bass added to the Nintendo sounds.
DARKPENGI - KH: DEARLY BELOVED - A quick loop of the Kingdom Hearts beginning menu music. Light piano.
THATCOMPOSERGUY - TIME TO GO! - Random happy morale-boosting music, the kind you'd expect to see in a classic video game, although I think this is an original tune? Short and sweet. Awesome.
JOSH KEMP - LOUD WHISPERS LOOP - 37 second creepy electronic action music loop, designed for Territory War Online, Afro-Ninja's upcoming game.
NAL1200 - CRYING SOUL(SCRATCH RMX) - Remix of BOUNC3's Crying Soul, Dance Trance Eletronic prance..
ELITEFERREX - KIRBY SUPER STAR DYNABLADE - High sugar hardcore rinkydink yet exciting remix from game of the same name. Nintendo.
JOSHUA TOMAR - INU YASHA: THE MOVIE TRAILER - "Starring Arnold Swarzengger as InuYasha! And David Hadder as Kagome!" Totally wacked out parody of the anime show. "I'm asking you to bear my child" "Wait a minute.. do you just casually go around asking women for sex?" I swear Arnold sounds like ARNOLD from the Pawpet Show :) "Kagome has been infected by a deadly poison. Press 2!" Comedy. Song filking. Voice acting.
NEMESISTHEORY - ROSE AT DAWN - "A tribute to all the great RPG-Boss Battles themes known to man!" Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, many others, sampled into one theme that rocks, good lowdown guitar. Exciting. Spy movies.
RYEGUYHEAD - AMARE COVERING - Says video game, but is really an original composition, more movie music. Hard to describe, a bit solemn, like stepping through an abandoned space station, not knowing where the aliens are, or what to expect when you find them.
JOSTONE102 - MARIO BROTHERS 3 - HAMMER BROS - Kaliopie panio-ish remix of the video game theme, a little jazz and swing mixed in for class.
BRUNZOLAITIS - LEMMINGS - TUNE 2 - Video game remix from the PC game of guiding your Lemming people through a maze, blowing a few up along the way. Easy listening, good beat, electronica.
ROBZOR - FINAL FANTASY - MAIN THEME - Song from Final Fantasy 8, sounds like ending or victory music. Classical feeling and bent.
DARKFRANDO - A FINAL PEACE - Original song, "From the beginning I felt that this song was to tell a story of something peaceful, A peace I later gave to a king or hero." A little repeditive, but good mood music, soft, quiet.
KR1Z - KRIZ:REMOTION - Original song, later used in a DDR game (on Newgrounds) starts quiet but builds into a full-blown dance number with a fast beat and frantic electronica. "Come on!" Makes you want to dance :) Awesome. Celebrate, tribute. Two themes 'Theme of the Ages' and 'Celebration Rave' trade off during the song.
MAESTRORAGE - MOONLIT COBBLE - "At night the village's strength ebbs away leaving the inhabitants to stare out their windows and marvel at the mon's glow and the dance of fireflies that encompasses all around them." Original classical composition. The daily grind gives in to something downright magical. Starts small, then gets unique. Wonder of the world.
KTRECORDS - "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Original song of mourning, classical, with a touch of Final Fantasy perhaps. Author challenges the listeners to come up with a scenario for the song. Regret. Sadness.
CHRONAMUT - WONDER WALL - Indie rock song, acoustic and electronic, of a guy sitting on top of a wall and thinking, watching, taking in what there is to see. Guitar.
PIANOFORTE - SKYWARDS - A lighthearted Pop instrumental of a piano dancing through the clouds. Relaxing mood music. Celebration. Flying.
THE MISSION DISTRICT - THE AGE OF PRETENDING - A commercial-quality pop song by a new band. "Saw you there.. standing there.. all along.. pretending.. looking up.. like you had it all figured out." How do you know it when you find the one you're looking for? Valentine's Day. "Feel this way forever!"
BAD MAN - NOTHING ELSE MATTERS IN CHURCH - Classical remodling of the heavy metal song by Metallica "There are so many synthed crappy covers, I had to do one to blow those away." Cathedral feeling, monks. Quiet.
BAD MAN - SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION - Cover of Megadeth song (also seen in Guitar Hero) "You take a mortal man.. and put him in control.. watch him become a God, and all the heads will roll.." Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
BAD MAN - BBQ BEEFBURGERMAN THEME2 - "Two all beef patties special sause lettuse cheese, pickles THAT'S WHO I AM! BBQ BEEFBURGER MAN!!!" Fast 32 second goofy introduction. "*eating noises* *BELCH*" Comedy. You are what you eat. Spits or Swallows. Macho. Bragging. Poink. Unlikely superheros. Vocal.
DARKSIDE555 - BBQ BEEFBURGERMAN THEME - Who barfs on a plane? BBQ Beef Burger Man, that's who! So manly it hurts. Another take!
PARAGONX9 - CHAOZ FANTASY - A drum and bass, acoustic and electronic energy-filled odyssey through time and space, the newest part of her Chaoz series. I could attempt to describe the song with text, but I'd rather tell you to play this game, Now.--> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/388286 
Completely awesome.
SASQUAMOX - DANCE OF AUTUMN - Festive Octoberfest fantasy town dance medivalish music. "A hapy celebratory song of classic video game quality"  Celebrate! Just a little low-res, but by design.
TVS-SLAYER - RADIO RANDOMS ONE - Comedy clips and bizzare advertisements, like the kind you get at the end of You Don'T Know Jack. Headbanger walks into the wrong studio where folk music is playing "RAWR! GO FOR THE HORN!!" Guy is assulted by his own ham sandwich. "Give your sandwich a bad attitude, with cheese" Country music station "100% less Travis Trit than the other guys!" Stoned guy tries to save a baby carriage, squeeze of breaks, auto accident "This tragedy could have been prevented.. if you'd taken your car to Midas and had your breaks checked!" Hemoroids. Guy being tortured "They're putting my feet in a meat grinder!!! Now they're making me watch FULL HOUSE!!" "IF YOU ARE A MANY MAN, YOU"LL GO TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY 10 PACKAGES OF PINK LEMONADE, RIGHT NOW!!" Spits of Swallows. Goofy! Crazy soap operas.
SASQUAMOX - A SIMPLE JAZZ - "A mellow tenor sax experiment" Laid back slightly detective-music tv show mystery music.
ANDREW-PARKER - AP PARADIME - "Obviously you bastards are desperate for more trance. So here it is" Very well done electronics, more complex and ever-changing than most trance. High energy. Focused. Racing, action suspense.
ANDREW-PARKER - AP LOST IT ALL - Guitar folks  music with harmony vocal, Classical Rock "We started from the beginning.. we got lost in each other's eyes. Those were the good days.. we both had.. something to look for-ward too.. but then we lost it all!.." loops after 56, since the song is sadly unfinished
G-R4VE - UNDEAD RAVE - They might be missing limbs, but the lurching dead know how to twist and turn to the beat. Happy Halloween.
G-R4VE - SACRED FOREST - Exploring the uncharted reaches of the enchanted forest, you may run into many mythical creatures. Some are good, some are evil. Which ones will you meet? Get ready to run, just in case. Medieval techno.
G-R4VE - BAMBOO DREAMS - Even though you narrowly escaped the Sacred Forest in a bamboo canoe, you keep thinking about the place, and what you saw there. Eastern influence.  Will you return?
THE NINJKABAT - SUNRISE CHANT - "An African chant to celebrate the sunrise. Made mostly acappella, with a couple drums" Sounds authentic.
TOMMY FLAATEN - MARIOREMIX_CASTLEHORROR - Rock and rhythmn twist on the ghost house music from Super Mario World. Happy Halloween.
GOUKISAN - GUITAR VS PIANO 2 - Followup to the wildly popular 1.2, back for another round. A bit quieter and more ponderous this time.
1.2 located here - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/53576
BENDO - THE AWAKENING - A touch of the Missions Impossible theme in this rhythmic suspense number. Chase theme, racing.
JRAYTEAM6 - WAR OF ROSES VS DANDYLIONS - Epic, beautiful smooth fantasy rock duels with grungy driving rock in a battle everyone wins. Witness what the electric guitar can do.
STEREOTACTIK - (ST) BENNY HILLOLOLOLOL! - Super high sugar blasted caffinee squirrel remixed version of Yakity Sax, aka the Theme from Benny Hill! Starts out in berserker stance, then, just for the hell of it, slows waaaaay down. Comment by the artist at the end. LOL. Awesome. Demented. Parody.
STEREOTACTIK - CHAOS POISON BOMB SHOCK - Fast grungy waka waka 34 sec loop. Good for a particularly disgusting duel, like Divine from Pink Flamingos vs Golum or something. Bad gas. Fart.
MAESTRORAGE - MIGHTY HAILS - Slightly gothic classical "Returning warriors tell tales of war and the death of their youngest" Mourning oboes. Hope.
VANDREADX - FIRE AWAY - Themed fast techno. Take your best shot. Magical gravity.
DJ-NATE - WISH YOU WERE HERE - Emotional longing comes out in this short piece. Love.
DJ-NATE - BEHIND THESE HAZEL EYES - Female vocal, trance love song "Your arms around me tight, everything felt so right.. unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong.."
DJ SKEETSKEET - (IN YOUR ARMS) - Love! The wonderful feeling of being in someone's arms, beautiful radiant trance. "Some HHC, I worked pretty hard on it... 5? <3" Valentines Day. Awesome. More substance and less sugar than most.
DJ SKEETSKEET - SKEET N DRIP ALL O'ER DAT HO - **LOL!** This is what happens when rappers parody themselves "Skeet Skeet Skeet, rub my feet! Skeet Skeet Skeet, my beats are NEAT!!" Done to simple Apple ][ bing bing synch keyboard pings. Author's note - "NOT two prepubescent teens. Enjoy!" "Peeeeeace!" This could go on the Doctor Demento show, save for a few naughty words. Totally awesome :) Hip Hop like a kangaroo. Java. Poink. White people rapping.
WATERFLAME - SHOWDOWN - Driving techno boss fight music with police sirens in the background, and "right here right now..right  right now.." vocal in the background like another part of the base. Catchy!
WATERFLAME - HILLBILLY BREAKOUT - "What happens if a drum and base crew rocks out with hillbillies? And what genre do I put it in then!?" Party on to the rhythm and lovely mayhem as people "YAHOO!!" in the background, along with twanging guitars.
LASHMUsH - WEREWOLF - Classical start, then heavy metal mood music. Behold the power of the moon. Howling, rocking out.
LASHMUSH - OCEAN - A very different heavy metal composition, alternating between classical and deliberate rocking. Mood music with a pirate twist, the fun of adventuring and sailing on the high sees! Adventure.
A NEW DECADE - UTOPIA (ORIGINAL MIX) - As the sun rises, the electronic city comes alive with energy, even the beeping electronic horns are part of the symphony. Awesome. The happiness can be deafening until the sun goes down.
A NEW DECADE - THE NEW ENERGY - Another trance with a different flavor. Tastes like carbonated caffinee soda and lightning.
BENTO-SAN - BS WAFFLEMACHINE LOOP - Enjoy the Apple ][ beeping goodness of the musical waffle machine! Food that gets down as it goes down. Word up. Awesome.
BENTO-SAN - BS FROZEN POPCORN LOOP - Rockin electronic popcorn popping sound. More food!
BENTO-SAN - BS MADE IN PLASTIC LOOP - LOL! Drum N Bass made with a tearing plastic theme! The parade of inorganic melodies continues! Spits or Swallows
BENTO-SAN - CONCRETE WAFFLE LOOP - Returns of the Waffles! Can't keep good food products down :)
BENTO-SAN - BS WAFFLE MACHINE - Old school get down and rap with it Waffle Machine finale.
ARNAS - ETERNAL THING - House. Relaxing acoustic guitar, flowing water and wind chimes alternate with banging soda pop cans and what could be the Chipmunk National Anthem. Vocals, although they're -very- hard to make out. Strange, a little random, but with some good licks. God of Mishmash? Different.
ARNAS - BANGERS AND SLEEPERS - Experimental semi-random spooky wonky Halloween drug trip track that can loop. Good for something really, really stupid or strange. Possessed piano and muddy guitar. Ghosted. Haunted house.
JRAYTEAM6 - HOW TO MAKE FL'S SLAYER SING - A longer piece fully dedicated to the magic electric guitar. Death by stereo. Toys. Suspense. People ohming in the background in wonder.
JRAYTEAM6 - THE JELLYFISH DISASTER - The humans load up their canoe at the beach to do battle with the terror from the silly deep. Rap crew goes out to clean up the beach. "Jellyfish Disaster, Gotta Paddle Faster!" Goofy vocal fun. "Hey ya.. we can only kill so much jellyfish with a hammer and a canoe, know what I'm sayin?" "Hey man, it's a song" B movie monsters.
JRAYTEAM6 - DOUBLE ELF HOMICIDE - Hardcore rock group visits the Keebler Elves Tree and ask for some cookies.. but doesn't like shoddy service and end up killing two of them. Then the elf horde attacks. Sometimes it's bad being hardcore. Comedy vocal rap! Funny.
ADOMPEACE - COMPUTER JAM - Classic Rock instrumental with classical and jazz bent, along with driving rhythm. It's a jam! Enjoy it and rock.
ADOMPEACE - A DAY IN THE PARK - Sit back, relax and enjoy a stroll through the park, watching the goings-on. Catch a frisby, play a guitar, it's all good. Classical Rock. Hang loose and prosper. Cityscape. Piano. Can loop.
ADOMPEACE - RETURN TO FOREVER, PARTS 1, 2 and 3 - A 'Classical Rock' song, composed with loving care like most Classical pieces, using rock instruments, with bits of Jazz and real Classical inserted in places. Overall the composition is about 12 minutes long, and tells a story. Classic Rock. Different, many different moods and melodies. Magnum Opus. Relaxing. Awesome.
KARPOT - THE CHASE! - Classic 70-80s television show chase theme music, cheesy suspense, real heart. Classical start, gets faster though. Base guitar twangs, people wearing sunglasses playing saxophones, you get the idea. CHIPS, Night Rider.
KARPOT - NEW IMAGE - Random mix of fast wild themes that sound like 70-80's television style segue music. Cool! Far out. Maracas, bass guitar, drums, classical piano, synthesisers, rinky dink trumpet and some I can't identify. Righteous.
KARPOT - MAXIMUS REX - "It's got a Latin flavor to it" Glorious 'sun rising' happy song, enjoyment of life. Although the maracas remind me a bit about scratching fleas. But I have an odd imagination :)
EVIL-DOG - MEMOIRS OF A HERO - High fantasy theme "A journey in solitude, regret and hope, my latest burst of Inspiration :)" Guy with a big sword walking off into the unknown sunset to an orchestra, guitar and piano. Awesome. Tribute, or celebration.
EVIL-DOG - SWITCH VS EVIL-DOG ROUND 1 - Totally wild heavy metal duelfest with driving energy. Get amped! Racing
WINTERWIND - INVOKE - A rousing fast light-hearted piano piece, like a Disney wizard casting a spell. Magic. Gundam theme?
WINTERWIND - DISCORDANT NOCTURNE - Halloween classical/trance work, good for pulse-pounding running music in places, or just an energetic rave. Sail the aircurrents of space! Long composition.
WINTERWIND - SYNTHESIZED DREAMS - A very consistently relaxing trance piece, good for backgrounds, changing the harmony around the simple main theme occasionaly.
WINTERWIND - ETERNAL ORCHESTRA - Faster Halloween anthem featuring rapid-fire classical piano, orchestra quality. Several dancing themes.
SYNTEZA - HILLS AND WOLVES - Tribal mix of electronics and woodwind instruments. A panaramic view from a jungle cliff where the climate changes.
JRAYTEAM6 - TEAM SIX ANTHEM ENDING - Rousing movie-style ending theme, starts instrumental, then becomes self-congradulating "Team 6666.. is the finest team in the Universe.." Go Go Power Rangers :P
RIGAUDIO - TO THE HILT - Gothic, Classical Techno. "Great for jailbreaks, fight scenes, things like that" Movie suspense music.
ARISINGFLAME - DESPERATION - Relentless, driving rock song with a few angels in the background. Several changes, piano later. Energy.
SOUNDSHIFTER - SUPER MARIO WORLD ROCK! - Heavy metal remix of them by the same name. Used in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac, a Guitar Hero style flash game located here - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/397787
ELECTRICGUITARCLOCK - WINDOWS BEAT - The Windows "Hello" jingle gets mutated into a groovy chorus of error message music. Technical difficulties.
SOUTHWEST-STATISTIC - THIS WAY DEMO - A fairly quick general rock song full of wholesome rhythm and guitar energy.
KIMKEN - DEATH FRAGMENT - Awesome instrumental Heavy Metal track lasting over two minutes. Could be used for a final battle. Multiple parts.
MAESTRORAGE - SIMPLER TIMES - Medieval instrumental "Three friends sit by a sparkling lake and remember adventures and old friends" Classical. Beautiful.
MAESTRORAGE - APOCALYPSE - Classical thunder announcing The End of the World. Short, yet epic.
MAESTRORAGE - THE DJSOU FOREST - Relaxing medieval theme about a kind guardian in a dark forest. Running water, owls in the background. Loops seemlessly after two minutes, good music for Fall or Halloween alike.
EON - UNIVERSE CITY - Instayonic electronic trip through crowded time and space.
CAT-BASTARDS - THE FALL OF KITTYSBURG - Upbeat instrumental about the post-apocalytic future, in which felines control us all. All hail Arthur! :) "meeeOOOOOOOWwwww.."
CAT-BASTARDS - HENHOUSE MASSACRE - Lots of meowing and musical squalking as the feline hordes of evil descends upon some chickens. Goofy :)
CAT-BASTARDS - TEH TEQUILA SONG >:( - The feline death horde is drunk. "Tequila!!"
CAT-BASTARDS - PARDY BASTARDS >:( - Now that they're drunk, the feline death force likes to party. Heavy Metal, with WACKY bit of meowing techno at the end.
CAT-BASTARDS - WHY CATS PWN CARS >:( - This is actually a FLASH file, done by the same guy. Car runs at cat.. then steps as it farts "Meow!" The car explodes! "LOL (arrow)" the end :) Don't drink and drive kids.
CAT-BASTARDS - ASSHOLE POLKA - OMGLOL Make it STOP!! Wonky Goofy catchy beat with a vocal by Beavis and Butthead "I am the great Cornholio!" follows by 70's style rapping kittens. Totally funny and random! "You can take me.. but YOU CAN NEVER TAKE MY BUNGHOLE!" Awesome! Fart
CAT-BASTARDS - DIARRHEA OF DEATH - Can a song be both hard-driving inspired rock.. AND toilet humor all at once? Apparently yes :) Bang your head, then cover your EARS as the fart makes the audience scream! LOL Awesome :) farts.
CAT-BASTARDS - HIPPETY HOPPETY - LOL! Screeching cat warps into rock version of that Circus song and a few camoes. Opening music for Easter show! ahahahaha! Awesome :) goofy demented rabbits
LASHMUSH - RADIANCE - Heavy Metal right on the edge between tranquil and wild. Calm, nervous energy moves you along, giving a feeling of anticipation. Amazing. Awesome.
DEVIN POWERS - SR-IN A SAFE PLACE - Relaxed, contemplative track about hiding a bit to stay safe from the dangers of the world.
GOREBASTARD - F-ZERO BIG BLUE METALIZED! - Video game Remix of the level from the original F-Zero for Nintendo. Racing music.
F-777 - CHINESE DANCE - Quick fun dance techno that starts with strings and ends full electronic.
RAGEVI - JESUS PRANKS WENDY's - A crank call phone call that's very well done, of "Jesus" calling Wendy's. "Your hamburgers are moist and delicious, serve my children with pride!" "Hehe.. I can hear myself talking." "You are blessed my child, to have such an ability!"
I AM A TREE - Acoustic guitar hippie-ish song. "I am a Tree! Waiting to be.. fed to the machine.." "I used to stand tall, taller than you.. those days are gone.." Lots of whisteling. Funny. Sorta. Environmentalism.
RAGEVI - "Kid" PRANK TO PIZZA PLACE - A 'little kid' calls a pizza place to order pizza, "My Mom told me to order pizza.. Mom?" "Hello?" "I don't know my phone number.." "Alright.. can I have a name?" "(girl voice) My name is Tom?" "What?" "Some  people call me.. Tommie?" "Alright.." Store people start getting suspicious, amused. "(deep voice) GIVE ME MY DAMN PIZZA!"
Crank call.
PARAGONX9 - Defcon Zero. Video game-style music, reminds me of old shooters like Sky Shark and Varth. Used to be highlighted on the Newgrounds Audio page when you first entered.
PARAGONX9 - MK64 Rainbow Destructor - Based of the Mario Kart secret level Rainbow Road. Very energized! Electronica. Happy! A littler randomized later in.
PARAGONX9 - POLAR 240 - Kickass original electronic Merry Christmas song! Christmas in July.. sounds both like the holidays and hardcore surfing! Personal favorite.
KHUSKAN - SML1: Your Quest Is Over - Tribute to the simple Game Over theme from Super Mario Land 1, the early B&W gameboy game. Starts deceptively simple.. then KICKS IN YOUR TEETH! BOOM! Awesome! Personal favorite. Sad becomes happy.
KHUSKAN - OUTSIDE (ABSOLUT FIN) - Energetic electric Trance with drums, and later on vocal. "When I'm lying in my room.. I never think I always wonder.. whem I'm lying in my room.. the Call outside is never over.." Go on a journey.
KHUSKAN - ELEVATOR MUSIC - 27 second repeating loop, light jazz with a beat, the sort of soothing music you'd get standing in an elevator..
KHUSKAN - AGAIN - Soothing acoustic guitar and piano with electronics added later on, then eventually vocal. "I-wonder-what-it-is-you-wanted-can-we-not-make-amends? I-see-you-sit-ing-there-and-losing-to-consider-to-send-Your-invitation-explaination-as-you-set-a-new-drift. I-used-to-see-you-every-night-but-now-it's-never-again..." A bit sad. Broken love. Get back together.
KHUSKAN - WELCOME TO THE FUTURE - Ambient song, medium pacing and soothing with a slight edge. Part acoustic.. and part.. the Trolley Car from Mr. Rogers? Uncertain journey through space and time. Dr. Who would like this one.
KHUSKAN - ATOMIC - Goofy repeating-audio take on old 1950's 'The Bomb and You' style public service annoucements. "Automobies can be dangerous-if someone is careless. The Atomic Bomb-it can burn whole buildings if someone is careless." "Fire is a danger-if someone is careless" "We all know, the atomic bomb is very dangerous.." Destructive forces were never described to children in such a laid-back format. Fire bad.
KHUSKAN - JAZZ HANDS - Another laid back loop, similiar to Elevator Music. This time it's relaxing jazz.
KHUSKAN - HIGH ROAD BLUES - Blues song with electronic main instrument, a bit of a different take.
KHUSKAN - PRELUDE IN PI - Classic music composition, somehow using mathmatics in this slightly catchy, haunting bit of music.
Khunskan - ON MY OWN - Hard to classify composition that uses both acoustic and electronics. A song made for a friend, never recorded until now. A quiet, reflective celebration of independence and victory.
KHUSKAN - MIDNIGHT - Music for driving down a deserted interstate tunnel at night. Keep moving forward, see what you can't find, just don't look back, they could be following you.. Halloween?
KHUSKAN - "THEME" - A spooky X-files-ish short suspenseful thriller theme. Unsolved Mysteries.
KHUSKAN - DANCE IN E MAJOR - A quick fast-paced delightful classical piano piece about a minute long, could be looped.
KHUSKAN - ALLEGRO - Olde English harpsicord style loop.
KHUSKAN - TOMBSTONE - Goofy Monty-Python-ish vocal song "When the doctor told me I was finally going to pack it, I went down to the Mortician and asked how much funerals cost.." Cue the "What would you like on your tombstone?" song! Folk song.
KHUSKAN - CLASSY BAR LOOP - Quick looping instrumental remake of "Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you are near? Just like me, they want to be.. close to you.." as if it were elevator music playing in a classy bar.
CORNANDBEANS- {LAZY SUMMER DAYS} - A multi-part electronic trance number with a video game feel for the first half, then "Break it down!" and airwalks into some real energy. Awesome! Delayed gratification.
DAVIDKRACHT - VEXETA - A technological journey through a wormhole of sound. Space exploration at night. Lots of reserved energy, laid back but caffinated as well.
DJ-NATE - ORCHESTRAL ANGELS 2 - Almost like a music lesson, a female voice calls out changes in the music, followed by the electronic symphony. "Nate Loves You All." Slightly classical.
PARAGONX9 - CHAOZ FANTASY - Rich electronic mix, more detailed than video game tones by far, even if still fitting into the genre well.
GOREBASTARD - F-ZERO - BIG BLUE METALIZED! - Remix of the theme from the orignal SuperNES video game. Racing music, heavy metal.
NOSTRAP - [[=IN A TRANCE=]] - Dance to the radar blips from a far away space voyager probe. Classic example of Trance. Space is cold, but full of light energy.
GOUKISAN - GUITAR VS PIANO - A classic piano vies with a shameless electric guitar. Light energetic piece, fun to listen to.
GOUKISAN - GUITAR VS PIANO v1.2 - A totally wild mix of electronic heavy metal and light piano. Rock on! Awesome.
GIZMO-HALL - WHEN I FALL IN LOVE - Acoustic instrumental remix of the Victory Young song "When I Fall In Love.." very laid back, lounge jazz.
SBB - FROST - Ambient piano music with a beat. Sort of Christmas in July, sound of falling snow, contemplative.
THIS MUST BE A DREAM - Upbeat techno that sounds professional, like being performed in front of a live audience. Vocal and synth vocal.
BAD MAN - ETERNAL SLAVE - Shameless deep-voiced doom-filled Halloween zombie infestation music! Here they come!
DJ-NATE - THE EUPHORIA - Another energetic electronic odyssey. A little suspense and ghostly ooming in the background, but mostly piano bliss.
CORNANDBEANS - THE TRAVELLER - WOW! Superfast yet relaxed synth music that Travels, an electronic odyssey. Space exploration. And above all, it's fun to dance to :) Controlled hyperness. Caffine. Coffee.
CORNANDBEANS - FLYING AWAY - "My cat just died today, so I'm pretty bummed. :\ I dedicate this song to him" Fast-moving combo of thoughtful piano and electronic ecstasy. Tribute.
DMRAIN47 - FORSAKEN NEON - Another fun, fast electronic trip! Lots of accelerated rhythm, racing music, some thunder in the background. Boss fight music.
REALMGUYS - FUNKY SAUCE JIVE - Long relax jazz loop, 1:45. Good transition music.
CORNANDBEANS - AQUA ZONE REMIX [FULL VERSION]- Energetic trance 4:13. Space exploration, underwater!
BIBLE-SNIFF - HOT ROSES - Nothing biblical really, just a few minutes of interesting RL guitar. Guitar hero?
DREAMSCAPER - FORGED ON - Energized tunnel-traveling music.
METALJONUS - ROUGH MIX-DOOMSDAY ZONE - Zombie music.. if the zombies were driving Indy 500 cars and were the heros of the film. Halloween rockage :)
CLUB SANCTUM - Lounge background music. Sounds a bit like a loop, just 2 min
QUEZACOATL [NG VERSION] - Rapid 'flying music' loop
ARNAS - INTO OUR BATTLE - Creepy Halloween suspense music.
MAZE MASTER - DREAMS OF ABOVE - Quick electronic happiness, done in the style of video game music, but not actually from a game.
ARIF AHMAD - RAVERS FANTASY DJ RIF MIX - Electronic segway music with some dreams thrown in.
LASTSPARTAN - SATIN DOLL - Instrumental remake of the Duke Ellington classic (aka, 'Birds do it.. bees do it.. even (something) and trees do it.. let's do it.. let's fall in love.." Jazz
JOHNWE - LIFE ME UP! - Orignal jazz score with xylophone and a few things thrown in. For when you need something to pick you up :) Energy. Relaxed.
JOHNWE - NEXT UP - Low key jazz segway music, a bit ironic? Tonight Show "More to Come!" style
ALEXX P - IF I HAD A SPACESHIP - Another relaxed jazz piece. Take a trip.
MRSLIPPYFIST 1 - SUPER MARIO 3 BIG BAND JAZZ! - The Mario Jazz Band strikes again :) A swingingly fun take on the video game theme, done in authentic acoustic jazz.
ECSTASY122 - ENJOY THE SUN! - Just one guy soloing on an acoustic guitar. Folk music. Sit back and relax.
SBB - GOODNIGHT - Very quiet, slow and relaxing ambient song. For reflection or ending something.
BLACK-DIAMOND - ENDLESS ABYSS - Another ambient outer space song. Could be a fight scene or traveling through a wormhole.
JRAYTEAM6 - METAL FUNK LOOP - 41 second driving metal loop.
BAD MAN - DRUMS OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!! - Hardcore heavy metal with a LOT of drummage going on. Bang your head. On things.
PULSATE - AIRBORN (PULSATED) - Remix of an earlier song (though I don't know which one it is) Very long, changing tune with a driving baseline. Awesome trance.
MONKEYCAT - MIDDLE EARTH - "If I was going to write the music for the Lord of the Rings it would sound a bit like this" No instruments.. just a lot of guys ohming vocally "Nanana... nanananananaaaaaa... MmmmmMmmmMmmmMmmmm.." Chanting monks. Can be used as a joke :)
LEGENDARY PIRATE - CELLPHONE CEREAL - A "house" song, very crunchy. Like popcorn, only with more fiber and inorganic components :)
ARNAS - GENIC STARCOAL - "From the Album: Magnetic Restroom. A peaceful ambient space theme" Rythmic dripping water and robots dancing. Goofy and fun.
SBB - KEEP TALKING (PINK FLOYD COVER) - Instrumental remix of the song.
RIGAUDIO - JUNK FOOD - No song, music, or even words. Simply the sound of someone with a rumbling stomach opening and then consuming bits of junk food. That's it. Really. Spits of Swallows. "This helped me get into university!"
MILKMAN-DAN - LIGHTING A CANDLE - Classical tribute to hope. A little sad, a little happy in Dan's tradition. Success. Reflection. Mourning. Tribute.
MILKMAN-DAN - THE PUREST OF WINTERS - A winner for a competition about Christmas Song. Classical, bells. It starts out light and cheerful, then turns deep and reflective, like a memory of pain and sacrifice, then finally slowly goes back to happy again. Despite everything that's happened, we're going to have Christmas dammit! Victory over depression. A mature Christmas song, no cotton candy here. One of my favorites in the whole library. Awesome!
MILKMAN-DAN - CENTER OF THE EARTH - Journey to the Center of the Earth. Techno! Science Fiction adventure with steamtech! Pauses a second in the middle for technical difficulties (deliberate) then continues the journey.
MILKMAN-DAN - THE BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE - Classical movie-soundtrack quality score, not neccessarily about jungles, more like an attitude.  Surprises you in a few places, like most of Dan's work.
MILKMAN-DAN - A CLASSICAL CHRISTMAS - A montage of a few Christmas classics rolled together.
MILKMAN-DAN - TETRIS ENCORE - Remix of the music from Tetris, done in suspenseful techno :) Video game music.
MILKMAN-DAN - THE BROKEN REQUIEM - Classical reflection and sadness "Dedicated to all the innocent victims of the world"
MILKMAN-DAN - TIME - A classical masterpiece, fairly long. Starts out soft and reflective, then starts a primal drumbeat halfway through. Time marches on, best to move with it rather than standing still.
MILKMAN-DAN - WINNING THE WAR - Rousing suspenseful classical piece about a war. Energetic, only stopping momentarily to reflect.
MILKMAN-DAN - THE THRONE ROOM - It's big, be awed.
DJ-NATE - NOT ALONE [REMASTERED] - A short trance techno. Cheer up, you're not alone, others are in the same boat! Very good, save for a reverb that sounds like buzzing bees. Insects. Humming.
RIGAUDIO - CELTIC WARLORDS PREVIEW - Sample from upcoming song, both tribal and techno at once, made for a C&C mod. Lots of energy and excitement. Check back to see if the full version is out.
BAHSTRIKE - SUBVESIA ACID - A fast loop, simulating a drug trip. Far out man. Drugs. Disoriented. Kinda cool. Bad potato salad.
JAZZA - THE COMPOSER - The music track from the flash of the same name. The story of a composer from sad kid toying with a piano, to confident adolesent playing for a crowd, to masterful adult conducting an orchestra.. to an old man whose fame has faded, and finds a sad kid playing a guitar, giving him a tip like someone did long ago. Sad for first half, then picks up power and happiness. A tribute to an awesome musician.
EGGATRON - PAROXYSM - A spooky Halloween underwater submarine mystery horror track, more sound effects than a song.
SMITHSTER - QUALIFICADO - "I tried mixing three different styles into one big.. song :D" Goofy mix with some low-down energy. Hyperactive relaxation.
ARNAS - MYSTIC SCOPE - Lots of people ohming like monks to an electric beat. Strange magical forces at work. Suspense. A little loopy.
EVIL-DOG - DREAMING OF VICTORY - Begins with ambient contemplation, then turns hardcore metal. We shall be victorious my friends! Maybe.
BASSPRO55 - FLIRTY VOICEMAIL WHAT THE FUCK? - "Hi! I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out with me and Amanda this Friday! Sounds good? Let me know, bye!" Followed by a guy saying "What the FUCK? WHAT the FUCK? WHAT THE FUUUUCK?? AGGGHHH WTF???" Swearing. wtf. People talking like ducks. "Combined voicemail with my neighboor's ice cream flipout"
ARCANECLOCK - OCULUS - Arcane string vibrations stir you up, like listening to a mad enchanted harpsicord. Magic and mystery.
ARCANECLOCK - AZURE REVERIES - A strange string music trip through sea and sky with sounds from the Orient. Take a trip.
SBB - AUTUMN IS CLOSER - A quick piece with blowing wind, giving you the feeling of the seasons changing, leaves moving, still with happy times, but more relaxed and contemplative as Fall arrives. Weather.
No1r - OPENING THE STARGATE - It's a grand occasion, what's going to come out? Science fiction. Lots of drum cymbols!
RIGAUDIO - PUZZLEREACTOR - Quick 14 second loop of electronic energy and suspense. Will you solve Tetris, or will it solve you? Potential video game music.
REONE662 - RAISING FIGHTING SPIRIT - Remix of the fighting theme from the anime Naruto. Not sure why people are nuts about Naruto.. but it's decent action music.
GOUKISAN - ROCKORCHESTRA - A pleasing, complex bit of mood music, a little suspense, a little laid back, a little energetic.
ARNAS-GUARDIAN STAR - Spooky Halloween number. For 40 seconds it's very low key, then suddenly gets rather intense with an orchestra.
WINTERWIND - OUR MOMENT - Happy, relaxed classical piece about memories.
WINTERWIND - THE VILLAGE VALSE - Quick detailed classical accordion piece about life in a bustling medival village.
WINTERWIND - CREATURE AT THE MILL - Quick playfull Halloween piece that loops after 50 seconds. More goofy than scary, but detailed. Danny Elfman style perhaps.
WINTERWIND - BUTTERFLY VOICE IN E MAJOR - Delightful piano piece that could be a lulabye, or quiet dance in the night. Or a musicbox.
WINTERWIND - RETRO PICO -FULL VERSION- - Trance dance, a departure from classical for a while, lots of electric energy. Tribute to Pico, Tom Fulp's orange-haired kid with a gun?
WINTERWIND - MARCHE AU CHATEAU FULL - More delightful medival town music, this time a lively town faire with dancing, and a love theme in the middle. Good enough for a movie!
WINTERWIND - TORRENTIAL UPRISING - The natives are in revolt! A loop about the end of civilization! Doom!
WINTERWIND - MELODIC SOLACE - Contemplative silence turns quickly to energized trance with a driving beat. Great exercise music!
WINTERWIND - THE MIDST OF BATTLE - The battle is here. Classic doom awaits. War.
WINTERWIND - FRANTIC CHASE - Goofy music chase music, Keystone Kops? A few moments of Hide and Seek. Cartoony :)
WINTERWIND - ETERNAL LEVIATHAN - Classical Thunder about something really, really big. Godzilla? Movie monster music.
WINTERWIND - RAVAGED FEAR - Menu music for the game 'FearUnlimited 2 Kingdom of Hell, a 72 second looping orchestra of doom.
WINTERWIND - DREAMS WITHOUT FEAR - What would it be like, to feel free and not worry if a dream will work out or not? Something like this. Love theme.
WINTERWIND - SURREALISM - Dance Trance piece, another journey into space, maybe inner space rather than outer space. Like the feeling you get from seeing a paintaining in a modern art gallery.. and it means something to you.. but you can't put your finger on what.
WINTERWIND - FINAL FANTASY 7 MAIN THEME - Remix of theme by the same name, very slow and deliberate orchestra piece.
WINTERWIND - LET'S PLAY TETRIS - "Let's play Tetris MotherFu---!" goes right into rocking Bach version of Tckowski (I can never spell his name). Video game remix.
WINTERWIND - FLYING BATTERY ZONE - Megaman video game remix, smooth and rockin'
WINTERWIND - ZELDA MAIN OVERWORLD THEME - Smooth orchestral remix of Zelda theme.
WINTERWIND - SONIC - ICE CAP - Relaxed orchestral remix of a theme about the blue speedfreak.
WINTERWIND - ELEGYFORSTRINGS - A quick, contemplative piece. "Done for a friend who was lost in the war across the sea."
SBB - NIGHT - A long relaxed image of passing night lights while driving on the interstate, or something such. Electric chimes count time on your trip. Mood music.
SBB - AIR - Realistic blowing wind sounds followed by tribal drums that you just catch on the breeze. Environmental mood music.
SBB - BREATHING - "Mix 'climbing the glacier' and 'watching the world go by' in a blender, get this" Environmental mood music, a percussion band underwater? Fish and sea creatures and things. And breathing. Eerie breathing.
MENTALLY-DETACHED - FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE - Environmental mood music. Hard to describe, contemplative? Title and artist name are the best shot.
MACKERELSALAD - STEPPING STONED - Ambiment music with tapdancing in the background (or stones falling into a pool? Or a horse trotting?) Riverdance with an electronic background?
STEREOTACTIK - STEREOTACTIK'S DRUM AND BASE TUTORIAL! - S.T., a young kid, teaches you the fine art of making a Drum and Base song using modern electronic equipment. Vocal with demonstrations.
STEREOTACTIK - FLARE INFLUX - Odd experimental "Breaks" rhythmic song featuring several interesting melodies, civil defense sirens, that horn that ends the day on Wall Street, and oldschool Nintendoish sounds. Mario dancing 5 seconds before he explodes.
STEREOTACTIK - BASSPORT (REMASTER) - Wild odd self-destruct mechanism rhythmns in this Drum N Bass track. Relentless low-to-the-ground reptile crawling grungy Indy 500 energy. If you like hitting on things, you'll love this. Experimental. Robots. Nuclear weapons. Coffee.
DJ SKEETSKEET - (LEAVE IT BEHIND) - For high energy trance this is surprisingly restrained and contemplative. You can't take it with you. Leave it behind, and move on.
DJ SKEETSKEET - (FREE YOUR MIND) - Thoughtful, high energy electric trance, 46 second loop, but works several transitions in during that time.
DJ SKEETSKEET - (MOONLIGHT) - Glance up at the electronic starts and dance. Diamonds falling into the lake like raindrops. Far out. Then the hammer drops around 2min. Romantic? Valentine.
LASHMUSH - LUNATIC COIL - Driving doom heavy metal music. Halloween.
LASHMUSH - RISE OF THE EMBALMED - Starts as light Egyptian/India stringed instrument, then turns on the metal. Mood/movie music.
LASHMUCH - HYBRID (DOOM/DUKE NUKEM) - Video game remix to the theme from the original Doom, with goofy voiceovers from Duke Nukem "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of buggle gum." Swearing.
LASHMUSH - ABANDONED FATES - Classical cathedral stained glass pipe organ music, losely inspired by Final Fantasy 6. Rain in the background. Sadness. Regret. Mourning.
A NEW DECADE - AS THE SUN RISES (LOOP VER) - Happy, euphoric trance track of the sun rising over the hills, wind blowing, starting another day. Can be looped.
A NEW DECADE - DEPARTUE (PHASE 2) - Asteroid and sitar players floating in space, then impacting the shields of your spacecraft as you navigate the narrow straights in a thrilling voyage through the stars. Outer space.
A NEW DECADE - HARDBANGER LOOP - Sharp percussion dots this headbanging loop. Anticipation.
A NEW DECADE - ACCELERATE 3 - Racing trance, like navigating a race track and it's twists, turns, and showdown lanes.
A NEW DECADE - WAVES ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - This time, space has water in it, and nautical impressions lace the trip through space, with the soft yet pounding percussion A New Decade likes.
A NEW DECADE - MUSIC OF THE FUTURE V2 - Another energetic trace, with an unusually catchy musical turn in the second half.
A NEW DECADE - HARD DANCE LOOP - A totally sugar-coated coam-inducing blast of 25 second energy that loops. Wow. Spastic. Hyper.
A NEW DECADE - COSMIC RACE (DEMO) - Driving racing music, electronic trance. Good buildup "a little repeditive" but still works.
A NEW DECADE - ILLUSION - Techno instead of trance, more level-headed and deliberate, like bouncing a basketball along a crowded sidewalk.
A NEW DECADE - CHAOZ FANTASY(PARAGONX9) - Remix of another Newgrounds artist! Song by the same name.
A NEW DECADE - 100 (VAN DER KARSTEN REMIX) - Remix of another artist's work, different flavor than the rest.
A NEW DECADE - THE OLD DAYS - Gritter, grungier nostaglia extract, growling strings, very different.
A NEW DECADE - HIDE - Old school video game sound mixes with sneaking about
A NEW DECADE - EXTRA DOSE - Actually quite detailed grungy dectective rock, grimey base guitar along with dancing crystals.
A NEW DECADE - ECHOES - Echoing Techno, tropical birds, excellent beginning, a few changes during the song.
A NEW DECADE - OCEAN GALES - Misc experimental song, early work. Lots of transitions.
A NEW DECADE - LIFE UNDERGROUND - Delightfully low-rez early work, plumping problems result in buildup, and an explosion! Get Mario!
A NEW DECADE - EASY SLEEP - Very relaxing, helps just what it says.
BENTO-SAN - BS WAFFLEMACHINE LOOP - 1 minute loop with electronic vending machine noises. Surprisingly hardcore :) Apple ][ sound.
ARNAS - WORRY - As the song advances with its unsettling energy while a one repeatedly whispers in your ear "People say I worry about no-thing but something's wrong with me I have a problem here.." Halloween dementia. Dr. Phil. Jerry Springer.
ARNAS - X TRACKT - Suspense anticipation loop. Aliens? X files.
ARNAS - TEMPLE OF DELUZIUS [PILL] - "Alright everyone.. hope you're ready for this" Sound like a monestary level in a video game.
ARNAS - TRICK OF THE PAST - Miscellaneous strang mood music, like a light-hearted Halloween. Random. Odd vocal.
ARNAS - FLOWBOX - Somewhere between Octoberfest and Halloween, a pleasing after-alcohol experience? Chirping electronic birds, beautiful guitar strings, a beat, a music box, ghosts playing Accordions. Mood music. Drunk.
ARNAS - TECHNO HALLOWEEN - Shorter version of above, more on the Halloween side.
ARNAS - ECHO ROAD - Rolling down a bumpy road, enjoying the sights. Some enlightening, some grungy. Racing with those wooden train cars.
JRAYTEAM6 - More Insane Orchestra Stuff - Good suspense/action movie background music, low down guitar. Mood music. Multiple themes, including music box.
JRAYTEAM6 - T6 INTRO - Gothic suspense music with guitar and strings. Police radio, voices.
JRAYTEAM6 - MARS, THE BRINGERS OF WAR BEAT - Remixed version of Mars from Gustav Holst's famous classical work The Planets. Short, but very good at conveying primal doom with a modern twist. Spy music.
JRAYTEAM6 - THE DOOM REMIX - Remix of the Level 1 theme from the original Doom: Knee Deep in the Dead. Low down grungy speed guitar. video game with spy music thrown in. Anticipation, suspense, fun.
JRAYTEAM6 - A WILD FUCKIN ORCHESTRA - Begins with Mozart's A Little Nightmusic, but then switches to spy music, before exploring a few famous classical works, heavy metalizing them. Fairly long. Christmas and Halloween together. Hooked on Classics? Beautiful in places.
JRAYTEAM6 - POWER RANGERS GUITAR TEST - Quick remix of the Go Go Power Rangers theme, although it's more like a cameo. Name that tune :)
JRAYTEAM6 - METAL FUNK LOOP - 41 seconds of grungy energy, loops.
JRAYTEAM6 - FUCK YOUR REAL GUITAR - An audio message to anyone who says acoustic guitars are better than synth ones, try playing this machine-gunned flawelessly executed bass on real strings. Androids will destroy all humans, and then party.
JRAYTEAM6 - FL's SLAYER 2, A REVIEW - Guy playing around with a new electric guitar, to see what it can do. Answer and echo, many different themes in a short time. Rock on.
WATERFLAME - TRAINSTATION DUKEOUT - Mood music track to a fight in a train station.
DJ-NATE - THE BEGINNING OF TIME - Primal trance that takes you back to the early days. Some good classic piano mixed into the electronic blast.
DJ-NATE - HIDDEN WITHIN - Spooky horror movie Halloween music, drum and bass. That thing under the bed has a guitar, and it jams while you sleep..
DJ-NATE - FREEDOM OF TRANCE 2 - Early vocals "Freedom, of Trance.." slightly meloncoly dance music, piano and electric static.
DJ-NATE - TEARS IN MY EYES - "Now that you are ready for your second lesson, let's look back and see what the most important things were you learned from your first lesson.." Lessons in trance. School makes your eyes water. Educational doom.
DJ-NATE - COOL RANDOM MIDI - Cute little rinky dink trance. Clap your hands!
DJ-NATE - SUMMER NIGHT IN HEAVEN - "Summer night in heaven!" vocals mixed in with music
DJ-NATE - ESCAPING HELL - Tense battle/suspense music.
DJ-NATE - COMCASTIC! - Slightly rinky dink tribute to the often buggy internet service provider. Technicall difficulties. 1s and 0s, computer music.
DJTAKKO - RIDE TO INFINITY - Japan-influence techno with steady piano. Take a long trip, voyage. More relaxed than most.
JVUNDERGROUND - JVU's TESTEMONIAL - Slightly singsong rhythm done in a thoughtful way.
MILKMAN-DAN - JUST BEGUN - A modern classical song, sort of like Elton John's introspective style. "One august day when your world changes.. what can you do? Relive that moment.. until the pain is gone. But remember.. the battle is only just begun.." Dealing with loss, depression. A first try at a vocal from Dan.
G-R4VE - PHOENIX FEATHER - Light dance tune, fly on a thermal on the back of a mythical creature.
G-R4VE - G-RAIN47 2 GR - Electronic rain pours down in an interesting caliope piano techno. Hurricane? Thunderstorm?
G-R4VE - EURODANCE - Indy 500 race cars racing down a tunnel at 100mph at night.
G-R4VE - THE BRIDGE - In between collecting tolls from unsuspecting travellers, Trolls and other Halloween creatures like to party.
G-R4VE - ELECTRIC BUZZARD - Beward the sneaky digitial birds of carrion!
Spooky weird.
G-R4VE - TECHNOROSION - Warning! Too much techno can erode your mind! Muhwhahaha. Mad Science. Gothic energy.
G-R4VE - PALACE OF TRANCE - WARNING! Too much TRANCE can DESTROY your mind! AHAHAHAHAHaeruurruukkkggg.... gulrg.
G-R4VE - PLATYPUS REX - It's coming.. it's evil.. and it's got a duck bill for a head! RAWR! B-movie monster music.
G-R4VE - HOLY WATER - Evil cowers in fear as divine retribution draws near. The powers of light shall shine and destroy the darkness! Blah Blah.
G-R4VE - DANCE MIX G-R - Boss fight music. High energy, high suspense. Picture an enraged female dragon protecting her young from an army of knights. Who's going to win? Don't bet too high.
G-R4VE - BASS THUMPER - "Um.. hard and loud." "(Deep voice) LET'S PARTY!" Industrial piece involving demented factory machinery, giant insects, a tapdancing TRex, snarling werewolves riding jackhammers like pogosticks, and a nuclear bomb. LOUD! Only a little goofy. HEAVY. Overdone. Weird! Stomp.
G-R4VE - WEED WACKER - Spinning floral carnage. How Tim Allen does his yardwork. Lots of rubber band sounds. Helicopter rotors of doom. Garden.
G-R4VE - STATIC ELECTRICITY - Your clothes will never fit the same way again
PHOENIXFIREX-NUMB X - "Fast Piano version of Numb by Linkin Park" very quiet and light.
ADOMPEACE - LATIN JAM - Just what it says "umm.. yeah. With some rock guitar and drum stuff" Rockin. Tonight Show-ish?
ADOMPEACE - METAMORPHOSIS (FULL VERSION) (AND RAW VERSION) - Hip Hop - Oldskool, an original rap with musical accompaniment "This Life - It has no meaning unless we grow! Things don't change... we must change! Metamorphosis. WE. MUST. CHANGE." Taking control of your own destiny. Vocal. Raw version has slightly clearer audio.
ADOMPEACE - I DON'T CARE! - Description: "I don't care about the description!" Punk, mostly instrumental with some vocal, but the vocal is very hard to hear "We didn't have an aim when we wrote thise, We're not the type of band to rely on lyrics. We rely on our riffs. We only added vocalist so no one would say "Instrumental? Ew." Good enough.
ADOMPEACE - IN MY ASTRO - Almost painfully honest attempt at a country song with (deliberately?) offkey singing and distorted singsong guitar, somewhere right between 'real song' and 'parody of real song'. Kid goes to see the world around him by packing up in his car and going on a trip. Harmonica, almost but not quite rinky dink. Goofy :) Beck would like this one. 16 year old kid sings the blues. "A cheerful song. Don't listen for too long ;)" Folk music.
ADOMPEACE - NEVER AGAIN (SALSA) - Latin-influenced song, performed in a goof-off jam session. "Goodbye, see ya later.. I guess we can't always be friends.. goobye.. see ya later.. I hope I never see you again.." Folk music. Catchy inspite of being amateur. Offkey trumpet. Fun :) Anti-emo.
ADOMPEACE - SUPER STATIC - Ska song about a television that doesn't work "*riff* I want my money back *riff* It's not fair! *riff* I want my money back! *riff* Or you're gonna have to PAY! *riff* I GOT SUPER STATIC!" Folk music, just for fun :) Friends chuckle at the end. Wonky.
KARPOT - MATH IT UP - A hip hop instrumental grove made for Math Class.
KARPOT - MARIO MARIO - Totally goofy comedy vocal on top of montage remix of several mario brothers themes. Bowser's retarded, need to save the princess before he chops her into a soap or something "Oh no, times running out!" Fast rinky dink. Deliberately bad. "Mar-i-o! Lui-gi too! Don't forget.. Yoshi too.." Kart Blanche style. Jam on mushroom man. Actually rocks in places.
KARPORT - ZAPPY THE PARTY PRINCESS - Classical Rock instrumental, gets some religious rock pipe organ into it. "This song is very calm and peaceful with basically all of it consisting of piano" Some energy to it though. Sun rising.
KARPOT - KING OF ITHACA - Indie rap about the voyage of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey. The cliff notes version :) Goofy. Choir organ with a beat. Vocal.
KARPOT - MOVIE TIME WITH LUCAS - Guy and his friend do a low-down rap about Star Wars. "Star Wars. Star Wars. It's the best. Thank you, George Lucas, for making a mess.." Goofy.
WATERFLAME - 8BIT CLOUDS - A 'chip tune' made completely from old 8-bit Apple ][ / Nintendo instruments, like in early video games. Modern take on an earlier artform, several voices going at once. Catchy.
WATERFLAME - GLORIOUS MORNING - Made for the video game Castle Crashers, an elegant light classical song speaking the joys of armed combat. Medeival.
WATEFLAME - STORM - Real storm sounds segue into a storm of techno, feel the wind and pounding hail. Thunderstorm.
WATERFLAME - STEEL TRAIN - For Industrial music, it's failry light, but there's still a lot of heavy machinery and a few screams going on. Get railroaded.
RIGAUDIO - URBAN RAIN - Just what it says, the sound of hailstones or popping popcorn or pingpong balls falling to the sound of real life thunder overhead. No music, just environmental mood sounds. Sound track. Weather.
METALCAN - DESERT ROSE - "Insane speed solo guitarist collab!" Heavy metal driving energy. Used in Drakojan Skies. Slight eastern bend at first, then jet fighters take off.
BAD MAN - ORGANIX PULSATING LOOP - 17 second well made loop that's a bit goofy and creepy at once.
BAD MAN - SESAME STREET (METALIZED) - Impression of Kermit the Frog interviewing Cookie Monster. "Me always wanted to change the theme song! But this time leave it up to Bad Man Incorporated. Haha." Grunge metal happiness. Parody.
TVS-SLAYER - PLASTIANX AD #26 - "Alright kids, who wants pasta?" *SHOTGUN* *SHOTGUN* *BOOM!* "Screw you Dad!" Public service annoucement to get kids the craploads of sugar that kids really wants. "Granulated sugar in a big bowl, covered with gummi bears and chocolate sauce" Spits of Swallows. Junk food. Comedy.
TVS-SLAYER - RADIO RANDOMS THREE - Collection of random comedy skits. Man gets mugged in an allyway.. by cheese "Give your sandwich a bad attitude.. with cheese." 10 seconds of shouts. Goofy anime commercials "Monsters with tentacles who will have their way with innocent schoolgirls, THEN EAT THEM!" Final Fantasy 37, hours and hours of cutscenes. lol. Spits of Swallows. Bad food.
TVS-SLAYER - RADIO RANDOMS TWO - Comedy clips. Airplane captain tries to calm down the passengers after the left wing breaks off. "If you survive, be sure to recommend us to your friends." President's State of the Union address is replaced with a tape of him having sex, online. Girl sounds like an Emu? "We're having some technical difficulties.. this is going to get me fired for sure." "Ah.. Ah...AH.. O'REILY'S!! Autoparts.. mmm" erotic advertising. "Cause we love cars. Ahhh.." Bizzare soap opera. Son points out his retarded brother is being molested by nurses. Dad "Gotta learn sometime, heh Junior! Score one for the team!" Poink. Awesome. Breaking condoms?
TVS-SLAYER - DESTROYING GEORGE MICHAEL - Deliberately terrible rinky dink version of "Careless Whisper" by WHAM. "I'm never gonna dance again.. guilty feet ain't got no rhy-thm.." Beatboxing wah wah wah. "Oh god.. my ears are bleeding.." Parody.
TVS-SLAYER - CIV II UNFINISHED MIX - "FIRE!" collection of video game sound clips from Civilization 2. For the geeks.
SOOTHSAGE - DIGG-ITAL - Semi-Halloween mood music composed of several different sounds overlapping each other, one after another coming to the forefront. Eerie. Spooky.
SOOTHSAGE - INNER POTENTIALITY - Slightly goofy India music with an accented voiceover of some wonky psycology guru. "Like a pebble dropping into a pond, each individual can influence their surroundings, and this influences knows now bondaries." All people are connected. Deep. Sorta.
SOOTHSAGE - STOP LYMAN TO ME! - A very relaxed piece with drum and bass and water/crystal xylophone chimes. Sit back and rest.
SOOTHSAGE - HOMELESS DISCO TENT - A relaxed drug trip "Low tech slow building trancy trip-hop track" chimes, quacking ducks, xylophone, drums all combining to prove you've had too much of the stuff.
SOOTHSAGE - TERRA FORMING - House song, combination of acoustic and electronic with bongos and some of those huge Swiss horns thrown in. Weather, lightning. Primal chanting halfway through. Experimental. Rocking this place until the rocks give life. Terraforming.
SOOTHSAGE - A FEW DOLLARS MORE - A rap about money, and what it does to people, with wild west music in the background and western movie clips. "When two hunters are after the same prey, they usually shoot each other in the back."
WYLDFYRE1 - CSD SUX - Rap spoofying a former nightmare job at CSD (a call center for deaf people). Sock it to the Man! Employers. Vocal.
XENOGENOCIDE - THE UNFILLED VOID - Godlike heavy metal instrumental, guaranteed to pop your popcorn without using a microwave. Energy, suspense, anticipation. Awesome.
XENOGENOCIDE - THE UNFATHOMABLE CYCLE OF LIFE - A tribute to the ever changed mutating -freaky- force that is life, death, evolution, and everything in between, including coffee. Heavy Metal.
XENOGENOCIDE - RIP-OFF MEDLEY - What begins as german rock warlock incantation music quickly turns to a parade of quick parodies. "Yeah! I don't know the words to this song. I just make it up as I go along.. AHHHHH!!!!!!" Screaming. Goofy. Comedy. Nirvana. "I hope you've enjoyed this ripoff of all these songs.. and I don't know why I'm talking in an American accent!" Filthy, but awesome :)
XENOGENOCIDE - WINTER STORM - Charged up heavy metal instrumental about, well, winter. Powered electric beats somehow sounds like light snowflakes. Weather. Christmas?
XENOGENOCIDE - KICKED IN THE TEETH - Starts with 10 seconds of AC/DC, before technical difficulties hit, and it goes to an original heavy metal track instead. Parody.
XENOGENOCIDE - JAMES BONG 007 (THE RIGHT ONE) - Heavy metalification of the theme to James Bond, super spy.
XENOGENOCIDE - FROM BEYOND THE DIMENSION OF TIME - Heavy Metal Odyssey through time and space. No trance kid stuff here. Twilight Zone Outer Limits X-files.
XENOGENOCIDE - WINDOW LICKERS - A retarded/stoned guy groaning to the light rock beat. Zombies? What happens when you rock too hard for too long :) Goofy parody. Awesome.
XENOGENOCIDE - TEST OF ENDURANCE - Driving heavy metal that doesn't let up. Can you keep up? Racing.
XENOGENOCIDE - C&C ACT ON INSTINCT - Video game remix from Command and Conqure. Suspense, action, intense. Strategy.
XENOGENOCIDE - IP DIP DOG SHIT - Goofy Death Metal, unneccesarily dark, with lots of deep roarings. As far as I can decode it, it's about being attacked by zombie dogs who prey on filth. Lots of whispering. Halloween mood music!
XENOGENOCIDE - THE BIRTH OF A NEW SAVIOR! - All heavy metal heads rejoice, good times are here!
XENOGENOCIDE - SONIC 3 BOSSBATTLE - 52 seconds of boss battle music.
XENOGENOCIDE - SONIC 3 ICE CAP METALIZED - Weather, winter, heavy metal tribute to the video game track.
XENOGENOCIDE - S&K FLYING BATTERY - From Sonic and Knuckles, video game remix. Good for Techinical difficulties, or prowess.
XENOGENOCIDE - IMPERIAL MARCH METAL - 15 second loop of the Imperial March from Star Wars. Evil!
MILKMAN-DAN - LOVE IS A LIE - "This song will have lyrics.. so look at it like that." Classical/Guitar anthem about love gone wrong, currently an instumental. Sad. Emotion. Evil Valentine's Day. Loss.
DJ-NATE - LISTEN TO YOUR HEART RM - Bouncy happy hardcore trance with a few voiceovers, but mostly just the high caffinee music. Do it! Valentine
JPILLZ - NEW YEARS - "I decided to make a chill song late one night a few days before New Years" Relax, enjoy the city lights.
HANIA - A.P.E. - A beautiful classical piano piece, both playful and reflective.
HANIA - CRAZY CLOWN MUSIC - 19 seconds of ironic circus music :) Good for 'rimshots' and other joke celebration comedy music.
HANIA - SO IS LIFE (INSTRUMENTAL) - Classical Ambient slightly gothic composition about loss, horror, and anger. Contemplating the loss of a loved one who should not have died. Desperation. Serious. Revenge.
HANIA - SOFTLY I SING - An ambient classical vocal lullaby. As if a fairy were singing to you.. just a touch of meloncoly perhaps. Go to sleep. Sleep..
HANIA - FUNLAND - 8-bit electronic video game sound, into a fast, fun circus-like composition. Or perhaps exploring a cave at the end. Can loop.
HANIA - ADVENTURELAND - 8-bit electronic video game sound, deceptively simply, then adds a bit of thunder in the middle. Can loop. Pitfall Harry?
ANDREW-PARKER - AP CONCERTO - A classical suspense song that turns into super speed trance. Chase scene movie music.
ANDREW-PARKER - AP SOLDIER'S THEME - "A day in the life of a soldier" Gothic classical suspense and doom, with ohming people in the background.
ANDREW-PARKER - AP UNDER FIRE - Tense action classical battle music. Ohming people. Suspense. Movie quality.
ANDREW-PARKER - AP THE FINAL STAND - This would have worked well in "300". Classic thunder with building suspense. "It's as intense as I could make it. The Hero undertakes his final mission"
3R2 - ANGEL ISLAND ZONE (FUNK VERSION) - Funky video game remix of the tune from Sonic and Knuckles. Funky big band, bright.
MJTTOMB - TAKE THESE WINGS - Very quiet, contemplative reflective classical piece. Is it about loss? Is it about memories? It's about whatever you want it to be about.
DJ-RECOIL - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Epic classical movie music, would work well in the movie 300, before a battle. War. Suspense.
WESTON SAGLE - ZELDA 2: THE ADVENTURE OF LINK - Video game music remix, with a bent rock attitude.
FLAMINGFIREBOLT - MARIO CASTLE DANCE REMIX - The ghost house castle theme turned into a dance number with a touch of Halloween.
BITIUM-RIBBON - FINAL FANTASY: BIOMECHANICS - Remix from FF4, video game with epic rock, background tension music. Reminds me of Contra a bit.
MUSICALTINKER - RIDE TO INFINITY v3 - "Keep on track, never give up hope" Quite thoughtful trance, like skiing through the mountains, wind whipping in your face.