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EGGVATAR – Weebl’s made many joke advertisement flashes for Cadbury Cream Eggs.. but this one takes it ONE STEP BEYOND as he pulls out all the stops to remake part of the movie Avatar (the one with the blue aliens.. not the Airbender. Bob is an idiot) with several minutes of footage! Woo.. 3D spear. Biological flying MP3 players? And who’s the Evil General Dude?
PRESS START: GOLDEN AXED – The Press Start trio investigate the Crate Warehouse, where all the power-up crates are stores before being shipped to their respective games. Vlad attacks. “I smell stale hair-gel.” Red guy “It’s Aloe-scented!” “Kill them.” HUGE BRAWL as nearly every video game hero and villain in existence joins the fight! Lin-ku nearly screws everything up, but a lucky break saves the day. Zack in injured though.. and Sam gives Lin-ku an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Count Vile and Vlad have acquired the three keys they need to unleash Hell. Stay tunes. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!
PRESS START: SPAWN POINT – With the keys, Count Vile opens the Gates of Hell.. and one creepy girls comes out. “Hello.” “Hello..” To resurrect in the real world, Vile and his random video game cronies must face the most horrible maze guardians ever created.. the PACMEN. Don’t split the party! Getting resurrected has its price.
OMG! A WIKILEAK – NSFW language. A guy runs into a meeting of Bank of America Executives, breathless. “We have a leak.. a *WIKILEAK!*” Dramatic music! Everyone freaks out! “Wait.. what does it say?..” “It says.. (fear) That we’re all assholes!” Everyone TOTALLY FREAKS OUT! Damage control? Buy up all the websites that say things like ‘BofA sucks’ and give everyone promotions! “Wait, it says something else..” Oh dear.
RICHARD GATLING – Short flash history lesson about the inventor of the Gatling Gun, and many other inventions. An inventor’s life certainly isn’t dull, plenty of ups and downs. Tries to invent the gun for the Civil War “To save lives by reducing the number of troops on the battlefield” but it went into production after the war was over. Sold better international. Also invented the first farm tractor.. but died before he could make it a household name. John Deer is glad about that.


LITTLE MY STAR ~ INFECTVER – Zarla, from Move Your Dead Bones, attacks again! Music video to a super happy shiny kiddy anime song of the same name! However, the day doesn’t go –quite- so well for a group of four friends, who find themselves facing a zombie apocalypse. And just –happen- to be named after four of the Special Infected themselves. As shiny happy music plays, they fight zombies, then get overwhelmed by them.. and end up as a group of four Special Infected that go about owning survivors. So.. THEIR FRIENDSHIP NEVER DIES! ^_^ Happy Happy Joy Joy Halloween. Left 4 Dead. Irony.
ON THE MOON (EPISODE 18) – The Weebl attacks. The Toast King is hosting a United Nations meeting with all the other food-based space leaders, while Crazy Prawn acts as secretary. Rather than get any actual work done, they all seem more interested in whether the Toast King has any bum bum pictures of the cleaning lady after Prawn randomly blurts out that he’s having an affair. Politics. Or not. Just who IS in control here anyway?
A SNOWMAN SHORT – Two snowmen are watching it snow. “You know what creeps me out, when it snows?” “Hmm?” “It’s like it’s raining Boby Parts.. and FLESH..” “...” Then a perfect snow BRAIN falls into his hands “What the..?” “Oh come on man, it’s not like Santa is up there in the clouds, chopping up snowmen?” Cut to Santa in the Clouds, chopping up snowmen. Evil Christmas. Happy Halloween.
HOLIDAY STRESS – Snowmen hang out by the water cooler in the office, until one notices that there’s a carrot and some lumps of coal floating in it. “What’s that?” Boss tells him it’s one of the employees “You’re joking.. right?” “Of course!” It’s just his head. “What?” Boss has snapped from holiday stress. “I think I need to report this..” Boss points a hairdryer at him. Uh oh. Evil Christmas. Happy Halloween!
SOUL CITY – An epic adventure in an alternate New York. A man grieving his dead wife gets an unexpected present from a skeletal hand nearby.. a magical blindfold that allows him to see into Soul City, world of the dead. Floating cars, robot menaces, and an evil King stand between him and his dead wife. Can the One Who Lives bring freedom to The Empire State? Floating cars, exploding skyscrapers and lots of green lighting make this one memorable. Rest in Peace. Good Halloween. A little Tron Legacy music mixed in too. Dragons, skeletons and robot tanks, oh my!


NiN10Doh: ToThe64thPower – Massive 18 min Nintendo collaboration organized by the infinite evil of Kirborper. Huge collection of skits, often with ironic tie-ins. The Starfox team has some serious relationship issues, so much so that Star Wolf actually backs off after listening in on an argument. Sonic uses Tail’s computer to check out porn. “GET OFF MY COMPUTER!!” “What do you think I’m trying to DO!?” Frequently furry awesomeness. Shamus is too awesome to be hit by bullets, ever. Konker the Squirrel learns not to drink and drive.. the hard way. Ness from Earthbound beats up the neighbor’s dog, rather than be disturbed, people give him cash and a cookie. Pikachu is just plain EVIL. More video game in-jokes than your brain can comprehend. NSFW due to language, although the high quality animation is PG.
ZANTA CLAWS III – Eddsworld attacks. The house prepares for Chrismtas! Well, except Tom, who gets drunk and wants to blow everything up. He runs into Zanta Claus, Sant’s undead zombie nemesis, but rather than help him, he hijacks his sleigh and starts bombing the city. Zanta, the guys, and Santa have to team up to stop him, creating a wacked music video along the way. Turns out Zanta used to be Santa, before he went insane. Flying sleight fights giant robot over the city skyline.. just who IS the bad guy here anyway? Evil Christmas.
A PRESNET FOR YOU – Christmas. A boy remembers all the gifts he got from his father long ago. Now he’s grown up, and his father is old, and he’s going to visit him, trying to think of the best present to give. The shop windows are full of expensive gifts.. but it turns out the best gift of all.. is love. Merry Christmas
CUTE EXPLOSION – The Angry Dog guy attacks. A mad scientist accidently creates magical happiness in a test tube, then gets the cork on it before it leaks out into the world. Whew. But then he trips over his dog. Crash! *BOOOM!* Smiley face rainbows attack everything and turn it into bright print unicorn centaur candy corn anime chibi animal awesomeness. Big Ben turns into a Hello Kitty watch. The Eiffel Tower turns into a 700 foot birthday cake. The Double Rainbow guy sees a Quadruple Rainbow, and his head explodes. Then the whole world turns into a cute little owl. “Moral: Dogs can’t do science, so leave it at home.” Psychedelic. Drugs. Easter. Single to The Weebl’s “Magical Dream Time.”
REPERCUSSIONS OF EVIL – Flash back on the Doom Meme. Epic treatment of the original deliberately poorly written and misspelled fan fiction text about a Space Marine in the ID Software Doom universe, who tries to take out some demons. Surprise ending! Zombies.. even has a link to The Know Your Meme video!
DEATH NOTE – I AM KIRA – Animation involving the epic Words spoken during the last episode of the anime Death Note, where Light Yagami is finally revealed to be Kira, who by chance picked up a notebook left by a Grim Reaper, and found he could kill people by writing their names in it. Kira desperately makes the case that he should be allowed to go on working due to all the bad people he’s killed over the last six years, but the Detective has other ideas. The animated text is full of life, even creepy in places.
SNOWY VII IN SPACE – SamT attacks. After being frozen solid for about 10,000 years, Frosty, Lorie and Doctor Glen are found by a spaceship. It seems the future is controlled by Apple. Time Travel machine. Snowy tries to go on a rampage, but people can no longer die in the future “Well, that’s no fun.” Origin of Snowy. Aren’t sequels wonderful? “Well, how about that.”
FINAL FANTASY 7 IN 3 MIN – Goofy and cartoony. One by one, EVERYTHING EXPLODES! Oh, an there’s an emotion cutscene. Then things start exploding again. In the spirit of 30 seconds by Bunnies. Cloud, Sephiroth.
PRESS START: TRIAL & ERROR – A Mortal Kombat match is interrupted as a lawyer from Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wrong) jumps in and sues the Ninja Lin-Cuo, stating that he’s inspired young children to copycat his morally ambiguous behavior, allowed to roam free only because he helped defeat Count Vile. Thrown weapons free is midair as the lawyer shouts “OBJECTION!” Mock trial ensues, lots of interviewed. Women in video games forced to wear skimpy outfits? “When you look this good.. you don’t mind showing it off.” “Objection?” Judge “I’m going to allow this.” Lin defends himself in the end, says kids will always be beating the snot out of each other. Kangaroo Court.


AVADA KEDAVRA – TmsT attacks. Music number as Lord Voldemort and minion Wormtail try to convince a reluctant Draco Malfory to kill Dumbledore. Parody of both Harry Potter, AND The Lion King since the music melody is from “Hakuna Matata”. No worries, for the rest of your days. ZAP. Even has an Easter Egg (Ferret-related!) which is itself a parody of Weird Al! The universe implodes.
SHOWER PRODUCTS FOR MEN – In the gratuitous spirit of POWERTHIRST, this overdone WWE commercial pitches a more EXCITING and MANLY alternative to the loofa. Clean yourself with a SPIKED HAMMER! “Now you can BLEED THE GERMS AWAY!” Wonderfull flavors, like Antidepressant.
THE POST-IT KNIGHT – Silly awesome stop-motion animation.. using a dry erase board and post-it notes. The brave knight rides off the save the princess from the evil dragon, with Zelda remixes in the background and the animation team providing cheesy vocal sound effects the entire time. “Duh Dah DUUH!”
TURD EATING CAT – While this might not –sound- all that appetizing, this manic flash follows a monkey who escapes from an airplane being chased by the cat in question, through a bizarre 8-bit video-game influenced world. A Hell made of shoes. Very fast, even parodies lag at one point, during which the monkey bombs his own fighter plane to end it. Totally random. Drugs.
VALV HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2010 – Vete a la Versh, super-fast Spanish series with subtitles. NSWF subtitles! After scaring his alien ghost friend, Dakkar tells three trick or treaters a ghost story instead of giving them candy. Story of his ghost friend getting attacked by zombies, the Ring Girl, a killer whale from the sky, and Lady Gaga. “My mom says you’re on drugs.” The End.
A FABLE II EXPERIENCE 2 – Quick and glib, The Hero tries to makes sense of a world where your friends randomly blow up public property that you have to pay for, doing random stuff to avoid having to fight the final boss, and taking out strange enemies in order to get their headgear. Life in a video game which mimics life is weird.
FUNKY STICK FIGHT 2 – While I usually don’t do stick flashes, this one is special in that between pointless fighting action, both sticks try to groove to the funky background music. The result is hilarious.


GONE TOO FAR TOO – Flash music video to Rockapella’s “Zombie Jamboree”. A werewolf ventures into a graveyard, only to be set upon by the rhythm-inspired hordes of undead, narrowly escaping several times as their MJ-knockoff leader pursues him without ever missing a beat of the song. Catchy! Mildly furry. Furry vs Zombies? Halloween.
HOW VALVE GOT THEIR LOGO – Hand drawn. The cast of Left 4 Dead 2 (and a cameo by Francis, because he can never die) battle a Tank. Coach sets him on fire.. a little too close to a set of propane tanks “WOAH!” **BOOM** Takes care of the tank, but debris hits Coach in the back of the head “What the..?” Francis hehes, and snaps a picture. Cut to picture of guy with a valve in the back of his head. Fin. Halloween. Zombies.
ZELDA: A BORING DAY – Quick moral lesson. Link is bored, then sees a pig nearby, and oohs, fun! He goes to attack it.. and it turns into a huge minotaur-pig thing, which catches him easily. It lazily sets him down, knocks away his sword, then punches him in the gut. “Moral: Don’t Mess With Pigs. Or Weird Stuff Happens.” Golden Rule.


A FISTFULL OF FUZZIES – Rough times in the Furry Wild West. A coyote takes his girlfriend to Coyote City. “It’s only a drawing..” “Shh.” Last civilization for 60 miles. “I’m going for a drink.” Orders an ice-cold milk. Silence, then people laugh. I’m sure you can guess what happens next. FIGHT SCENE! “GET THAT COYOTE!!” Don’t forget to save a bullet for the BEAR. Vixens don’t make good shields.. but they DO make good distractions. On to the next town! Drink your milk kids. Western. Parody of A Fistful of Dollars.
A ROBO WESTERN – Zeurel attacks again! In the High Tech Wild West, robots populate the towns rather than people. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous though. One-Eye and his bandit pals are on the loose.. and they’re destroying every town they go through. The Sheriff has a choice.. duel him, or see his town burned before his eyes. That ain’t no choice. What’s a synthetic mustache-wearing by the book robot Sheriff gonna do? Cowboys. Sometimes a bigger gun DOES make a difference.
ASTROMIAU EP 01 – “Space Cat” in Spanish. The Federations newest silly Space Cadet is lovestruck for his girlfriend.. until she dumps him. All that trying to hold his breath in the elevator was for nothing. How do you cope? Mario mushrooms from your worst enemy. English subtitles. Furry.
BEAR BEAR – Zeurel attacks. This is the touching, yet also disturbing story of a malformed teddy bear with a mutated red eye. All the other bears in the store sell before he does, the other toys mock him. Worthless! You’ll never be good for anything! Then one day a mom buys him for her little daughter. It seems like a happy ending.. but when the daughter wakes up and goes to the bathroom, the teddy wonders why he’s being left alone.. and snaps. The happy remix of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ turns dark and sinister and orchestral, and the bear wrecks the room and chases the girl. Music “Crossing the Threshold” by Kevin Macleod. Halloween. There’s a dark side in all of us. Made in 18 days!
SNAP SHOT – Quick cool and fun. In the future, three goons confront a sleepy-eyed anime hero in a stylish red suit, trying to bring him in for random. Big guy falls, punk guy falls, and the little guy tries ducking around a corner. With epic style, the red guy throws a gun past the corner, with a string attached. Time slows down, and he gives the string a tug. BANG. Snap Shot. Gun tricks. Skill.
FIRE FIGHTER BENJAMIN – A very cute and cool video/song a guy made for his 3-year old son’s birthday! “What do you want to be when you grown up?” “A Firefighter!” Thus begins an epic journey/Kid’s song! A few minutes of outtakes afterward, with Ben using his BEAR voice. Ben defeats a dragon at one point.
INCEPTION: HIJINKS – Awesome very quick comedy sketch. Cartoon Leonardo de Caprio very serious tells the guy whose dream he’s in that he specializes in subconscious security. Guy “Are you… are you…” “Yes?” “Are you.. PEEING YOURSELF?” “What?” he is. Leonardo ARGHS at the sky “Guys! Are you all 12 !?” Back in RL they have his hand in a bucket of warm water. “It works! Now lets draw on his face!” Totally Dramatic Music.
RIDE LIKE THE WIND – Futuristic music video to Vinter in Hollywood’s “Ride like the wind.” 3D F-Zero inspired race between bizarre jet-powered speedboats with a crew of aliens, pirates, ninjas and rock stars as the music plays. Things blow up, collisions happen. It’s beautiful and fun J Offical music video!
WAR FOR AWESOMETRON – Egoraptor attacks, does War for Cybertron. It isn’t pretty. Actually, technically, it IS pretty..
PAGING DR. SEUSS – Medical Drama. A boy is wheeled into the emergency room after a car accident. “Which room are we putting him into?” “.. poor soul!” The doctor arrives.. and it’s THE CAT IN THE HAT. Poems abound, disaster appears, you’re about to be carved by a cat with big ears! Health Care. Technical Difficulties. As you can predict, it doesn’t quite go well. Halloween.
WGJ4K: CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL – Another episode of HotDiggityDemon’s series about a two-bit crook forced to make video game videos, despite HATING VIDEO GAMES. Who’s going to be in Smash Brothers Brawl? EVERYONE! Even Acid Reflux Disease. Super fast late night infomercial evil. Commercials.
USE YOUR IMAGNINATION! – Tired of paying big bucks for the latest iphone or ipad or ipod? Use your I-MAGINATION! You can do ANYTHING with your I-magination! Guy runs arouns, pretending to listen to music, or that he’s an avatar, while people stare at him. Commercials. Apple.
TWILIGHT: HAIRY MOON – Twilight parody goodness. Jacob tracks down Edward. “Where’s BELLA?” Edward starts to reply.. then stops “Where did you get those shorts?” Blue shorts? “Where.. the HELL.. did you get those shorts?” “From my house!” “You’re saying.. from the time it takes to transform from a Wolf-ELEPHANT, to a human being.. you ran back to your house and got a new pair of shorts?” Werewolves hide stacks of blue Old Navy shorts in the woods. The Pack Elder summons Jacob to go get more shorts. Edward just grins. GOOD Halloween.
PRESS START: CHORES 3 – Technical difficulties abound as the fabric of the 8-bit video game universe starts to unravel as Count Vile makes a poor Satan, and the universe starts getting out of balance. Simon calls God down to check things out, who can’t believe how badly things are screwed up. Can God and Count Vile figure out a way to restore balance of the universe, before everything gets completely consumed by randome aSCIi3#4(%LJG:BMFTR? . . .*..
JACK MATTHEWS, ACTION COP – Oney attacks. Epic music and action follow for about 30 seconds. President Obama is being kidnapped on Air Force One! Who can help now? Superhero action cop Jack Matthews, on the ground, sets his pistol to LOL and blasts off into the sky like a rocket, trying to intercept the aircraft! Then he runs out of ammo. Brief closing credits. Hurling crash to the ground. Technical Difficulties. Goofy superheros. Quick.
LARRY EPISODE 2 – The story of the goofy midget knight returns! Larry, the munchkin ‘Choosen One’, continues to train with the Wizard of Doom and look for a steed (ends up using a dog) while the Evil Advisor to the King is.. evil. And hires someone evil, who wears a skull, but can’t see where he’s going when he’s wearing it. Better written this time with less swearing and toilet humor and more imagination.
THE GREATEST DAY – An Ostrich gets inspired one day, and resolves to do what it takes to fly! She runs and flaps.. and as the music swells, takes to the air! You can do it!! All the other animals stare. Then in comes a 747. Boom. The End. Moral? Watch where you’re going.
TRUCIDO – Very detailed high speed stickfigure carnage fast in time with the manic groove music.
RISEANDSHINE – Half-Life. Animated version of G-man’s speech to Gordon Freeman at the beginning of Halflife 2, animated creatively using the words and the train in the background.
LEFT4LOL: SURVIVE THIS – More wackiness directed at Valve’s zombie shooter. Francis drinks some Molotov Cocktails. Poor Smoker can’t get a break. Hunter LOVES Francis, to humiliate him. Playing hot potato with a Boomer. Final massive song and dance number as the all-zombie cast performs the Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp while the 4 survivors try desperately to kill them. Halloween.
SONIC SHORTS: VOLUME 6 – Because you know you want to. Intercepted secret message: Disturbing. Guide to creating your own cynical rip-off mutated Sonic fan character! Dangers of going AHHHHHH too much. Sonic dares Eggman to shoot him, which he does, causing Sonic to explode into 10000 Cubic miles of rings, detonating his Eggman Deathstar from within. Furry chaos.
B.Y.E. – 5 minutes. 60 *unique* stick figure deaths. Even has a built-in intermission. View when there’s someone you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to kill! Death by Rock and Roll. Hugs? Plays “Why Can’t We Be Friends” at the end.
MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: EP2 – Parody of the animated show “The Magic School Bus”. At a yearly faculty meeting, the other teachers are envious that Ms. Fizzle has been able to use the magic school bus year after year.. for 15 years. The Principle tries to find a diplomatic solution. Then Ms Fizzle shows up at the meeting, and jinxes the wheel they’re using to see who gets it. Faculty infighting. Sharing.
MINECRAFT PALS – Two guys stuck in the game Minecraft debate how to use their resources to build something that will shield them from the undead hordes that come out at night. After a few tries, they settle on a ROLLERCOASTER. It works.
ZOMBIE SURVIVAL 101 – Music video to Andrew Huang song “Kill the Zombies! (by shooting them in the head)". Music instruction on how to destroy zombies. Halloween.


THE LEGACY OF SHOALIN OP - Beautiful handdrawn trailer (well, looks like a trailer, allthough no series is planned) of several animals that are kung fu experts, introducing each other in a montage, then confronting an evil horde. David Orr music in the background, nice oriental flavor. Furry.
MARIO’S CASTLE CALAMITY 2 – 24 more fast-paced blooper reels as Mario tries to blow up that #$#@$ Castle in Super Mario World, and SOMETHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG!!! Technical difficulties.
SONIC 4 TRAILER – Goofy high-speed parody of Sonic, almost in the Egoraptor style. Eggman shows up, and suffers one heart failure after another, Sonic gives a thumbs up. Weird characters show up, and freak Sonic out. “We’re SONIC HEROS!!” “No.. NO!!!!” Warp to the past, whew. Friends not included.
TITANOMACHINA – In the future where Earth is almost out of water, humanity captures a rogue walking mechanical titan, and has it fight a dinosaur mech guarding the last remaining water supply on Earth. The battle is honored, cruel, and personal, and very well rendered in realistic 3D, with plenty of particle damage. Music video to the song of the same name. Giant robots.
FOR NUTS AND GLORY – Not all epic battles are to determine the fate of the world. In Central Park, two squirrels fight over a discovery of nuts. It gets ugly fast, with all the trappings of a small-scale gagster revenge film.
PARODY RANGERS THE MOVIE P.3 – The final end to Kirborpher’s mad parody of the self-parodying show known as the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers! 80’s references! Disney copyright violations! Gratuitous sexual references as two inappropriate robots destroy the Earth! Tapping the Ultimate Power Source from PBS! If you like Tony the Tank Engine, you’re going to HATE THIS FLASH! MUHAAHAHAHA! NSFW.. and yet, somehow it’s too silly and cartoony to really be offended by.
TINY JAPANESE GIRL – The Weebl’s band Savlonic attacks. Beautiful music video graphics. The lead vocal guy with the Hitler mustache is dressed up in a Godzilla suit. The girl plays keyboard in front of Mt Fuji with cherry blossoms all around. Goofy lyrics. “You make me feel so tall, though I’m just 5’2”..” “But I’m pretty big in Tokyo!” Meanwhile the military attacks from left and right. Monster movies.
MALCOLM SOLVES HIS PROBLEMS WITH A CHAINSAW – Music video to song by the Arrogant Worms. While other people use drugs and alcohol, Malcom uses a chainsaw! “And he never has the same problem twice!” Homicidal maniacs and you. Halloween. Dr. Demento. There’s also an Easter Egg, but it’s pretty easy to find..
MASTERMIND 5 – The Swain attacks! From his base on the moon (see Mastermind: World Conqueror) the Mastermind his a problem. His shark tank doesn’t work! “It doesn’t? Then WHERE DOES IT GO!” down to the cafeteria, where previous failures are having lunch. He looks for options in a room of people unwilling to throw ideas out, other than to say that his are stupid. “Oh Really?” Time for another idea, tested the next day. Mad Science.
BATTLE IN THE SKY – It’s a relaxing day at the local Spanish pub, in a world populated by teenagers.. When the military trucks start running down the street, and everybody heys, and starts to jump on, just for fun! They go to a base with extra improvised armor and weapons in piles, then board a GIANT AIRSHIP headed to do combat with another giant airship in the sky! Turrets, fighter plans, boarding parties.. it all goes down in time with the music as bored teenagers get their fix blasting robots! Then the alien mothership starts to fall, with the boarders still aboard. Uh oh. Maybe they should have thought this one through? Music video. Anime action.
WACKY GAME JOKEZ FOR KIDZ: TWILIGHT PRINCESS - HotDiggedyDemon attacks. Micky, a small time crook, is kidnapped by an evil corporation bent on making video game videos. Since he can't escape, and doesn't even play video games, Micky does his best to destroy everything. In this episode he reviews Zelda: Twilight Princess, but actually reads the book "Lord of the Flies" instead. "It has a bunch of side quests, where you kill pigs and stuff." June "That's not a video game.. that's one of those things where pieces of paper are glued together..?" Worship the evil cat.
THE MOCKINGBIRD SONG – A somehow touching Halloween story about a young 8-year-old girl.. whose parents just happen to be vampires. Told in storybook fashion, Shawnie just wants to be a normal girl, but lives in a haunted house, cleaning up after her parents after they go out hunting each night. Then some hothead boys and their girlfriends want to go torch the place before her parents wake up.. and she has to defend them. Happy Halloween? Maybe..
CASTLEFAILURE SOTN – Castlevania Symphony of the Night parody. Good vampire asks help from a library in how to defeat Dracula. “But Master.. I cannot aid one who opposes the Master..” “Am I not your Master?” “Yes Master..” “Then help me fight DRACULA!” “But Master..” after a few cycles of this, he finally takes the librarian and bashes him into the ceiling several times. Reference to an Easter Egg from the game. Happy Halloween.
PARODY RANGERS "ABRIDGED" - In case you missed it, this goofily-fast recap of the series so far reads like an episode of '30 second bunnies' "Adam Phillips jokes! Awkward Conversation! Throwback! SCREAMING! Slapstick! Penis Joke! MORE PENIS JOKES! Rediciously and completely necessary sex sceeeeeeene!..." The characters watch on their laptop "The sad thing is? Isn't isn't too different from the real thing."
BONK FREAKIN' ENERGY - Good animation about Team Fortress 2, with the audio pieced together from Scout and Heavy dialog. The Scout tries to sell the Heavy "BONK!" brand energy drink, in the spirit of Powerthirst. Commercials.
ROBOT PIRATES (OFFICIAL) - 8-bit music video to the song by Andrew from Songstowearpantsto.com "Wave-your-antennas-in-the-air--and-wave-them-like-you-just-don't-compute" This song is so geeky it's awesome. "Who's your biggest ENEMY?" "... COMPUTER HACKERS!"
PEN SEXUCATION - A crash course in sexual terms.. using quick snap shots of pens. PG-rated unless you start reading the captions too. Sex Education. Song "Garden Party" plays in the background.
GAMEOVERSE 4 - After explosing the plan of the Great 1 (literally a 1) and the evil Zero (literally a 0), the dinosaur, dolphine and skateboard guy are warped to World of Warcraft. Oh dear.
NEENJA: WAY OF THE HARUT - A Hebrew guy walks into a video store, only to be informed by the asian kid at the counter that he's the Choosen One. "You must eat the Fortune Cookie, to become who you were meant to be." Ancient 8000-year-old scroll has perfect picture of the guy. He eats the cookie, and gains the power of the Ninja, accidentally tossing the kid through the wall "Wow. It worked. Now we must figure out who you were meant to fight." First part of the series.
AN EASTER MASSACRE 4 - Santa Claus has the Easter Bunny reanimated from the dead, and sends him out after some evil dude who controls a Mall. Frantic comic action mayhem and carnage. "It's OVER! There's NOWHERE for this SERIES to GO!!" Boss laughs, and activates a plot device. Happy Freaking Easter.
FROG LIFE CRISIS - One frog has a midlife crisis. His friend tells him to take a vacation, do somewhere, do something, live! Gershwin's "Rasphody in Blue" (slow part) plays romantically in the background. The first frog resolves to be free! Feels happy! Then a hunter gets him. "OWNED!" Winnie the Pooh music plays.
CALICO'S LOVE STORY - NSFW romatic story between a pint-size superhero, and a sexy supervillian femme fatale. He tries to stop her.. she tries to seduce him.. it works. Then she spanks him and throws him out of the building. He tries to make a move on her again using super technology. ATTACK OF THE CLONES! Evil Valentine's Day. Beware the R-rated love poetry.
TWO FLOATING HEADS - A lazy animation student presses the wrong button, sending his head and that of his friend into a white void. The one guy has to pee. "And I have nothing to do it with! Draw me a dick!" other guy has no arms. Finally, the one guy can't hold it.. and LASERS SHOOT OUT OF HIS EYES! "What the hell was THAT?" ".. I think I just peed.." "... THAT'S AWESOME!!" Bathroom humor.
SMILEY CAT – Video to the Parry Gripp song of the same name. Addictive, and sure to destroy your mind with happiness, then laugh at your vegetative state.
ASK RAPTOR JESUS – British show “Q&A” features Tony Abbott, Captain Planet, a Melon, and Raptor Jesus. Tony Abbot “Climat change is CRAP!” Captain Planet “WHAT??” Raptor Jesus “(deep sinister voice) Only those with the freshest LIVERS shall be SAaaveed..” goes and eats a baby while the combatants fight. From that Angry Dog Sexual Lobster guy.
WHY LINK ISN’T A SURGEON – Doctor works on Mario. “Alright Link, pass me the forceps..” Link picks them up, but they rotate over his head with a DAdadaDAAA sound while words of instructions appear. “Dammit Link, we don’t have time for this! You do the operation.” Link Hyas!Hyas!Hyas! “What..?” HYAS! Flatline. Mario is dead. “Dammit Link, he’s dead because of you! And there’s no way to go back and save him!” Link picks up the Ocarnia and starts playing the time song. The End. Goofy. Nintendo. Modern Medicine.
PICO’S BROTHER – Pico fan-fiction, documentary style. Pico dedicates the story to his brother this time, an unsung hero. Pico’s younger brother wants to be like his older brother.. thinking he’s a hero. Pico relates to the audience “But I’m not a hero, I’m a killer.” Pico goes to fight another giant monster, leaving his brother behind, but his brother sneaks in anyway, and gets hurt. They try an operation to save him.. perhaps you’ll recognized who he is afterwards? Superheros.
OPERATION: GRAVEYARD – It’s a nice ordinary day.. when Pico’s girlfriend notices he’s been attached by soul-sucking undead cultists. So she goes to hunt them down! Very detailed fight scenes in hand-drawn style. Take out the Great Demon! Halloween. Pico Day.
YGOABRIDGED LEATHER PANTS – Kirborpher attacks! Yu-Gi-Oh / Lady Gaga double parody. To defeat Pharaoh, some of the characters come up with a brilliant plan.. steal the source of his power! “The Millennium puzzle?” “No, his Leather Pants!” thus begins a detailed music video parody of ‘Bad Romance’ by Gaga.
BURNING GUNDAM VS BARNEY – 3D Animation modeled goodness as the Purple Menace attacks the city! “I love you.. you love GRRRARRRGH!” Massive fire breath attack! Who can help now? Time for Gundam special attack! The End!...? Halloween.
PENCILMATION 14 – CONE HEAD – One character steals an ice cream cone from another, twice. So the Pencil God turns his HEAD into an ice cream cone. The kid OOOHS! Uh oh.. revenge is sweet.
THE NOOB BUNKER – A stick figure sergeant freaks out “OMG.. NOOBS!!” as a zombie-like horde of poorly-drawn stick-figures lurch their way toward the base. The army dudes blast them with automatic weapons as happy combat music plays. “*FIN*” lol. Music from Spongebob?
VETE A LA VERSH 15: MISSION POSSIBLE – One guy hums the Mission Impossible spy theme while obviously rappelling down a cord to steal the other guy’s computer. Spanish language. “What have I done to deserve this?” Guy goes down to attach an explosive. “!#$@#?” BOOM! The End.
MY PROBLEM WITH SHMUPS – The crew of the Massive Boss Ship detects the approach of the Prototype Hero Ship! “Put it on screen!” They can’t, because it’s REALLY SMALL. “Fire everything!” It dodges everything, then fires level 1 lasers. “Well, that should be no problem, unless our missile bay doors are still open..” *BOOM* Level 2 Completed. 8-bit video game physics and you.
TIME BATTLES – Two guys shaped like rectangles are watching TV, when a traveler from the future, and the robot creature sent to destroy him, start warming in and out of their living room. How many trouble can two Bill and Ted class dweebs get into with a time machine? Oh dear..
SNORLAX VS SNORLAX – A pokemon convention turns ugly when one guy with a happy fat Snorlax runs into a freak with a buffed Arnold S build. “Snorelax, show them YOUR power!” Can’t quite open a jar of pickles. Battle! Battle is over fast. Moral: Stay in SHAPE.
GONNA BE FRIENDS – Music video to the folk song “We’re Going To Be Friends” by the White Stripes, Clock Crew style. Two clocks hold hands while going through school, looking forward to something good happening every day. Valentine’s Day.
COME BACK TO ME – Excellent animated music video to the classy lounge sound by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Everything that happens in the song happens LITERALLY in the video! Smooth talking guy entices his girlfriend to undergo many cartoony and often life-threatening adventures to return to him after they broke up. Valentine’s Day. Big Band music!
PRESS START: CHORES 1 – In Hell, Count Vile is reading a picture book, when God (8-bit style blob) comes down to chastise him for badly running the place. Lots of interesting questions are tossed back and forth, like. “Are you questioning the one who Creative the Universe?” Turtle Guy “I’m questioning the one who created *THAT*!” points to Zippy, who gurbles cutely. “All God’s creatures are beautiful.. except for Zippy and William Daws.” God summons his Most Loyal Follower to supervise Hell.. who will it be?
BACKWARDS DAY – By Zeurel. (Guy who does all those duel contest animations) A guy buys a fish, with great fanfare! Then it starts talking, and grants him wishes! “Oh GOODIE!” What should he wish for? “Since nothing could possibly go wrong.. I wish everything was BACKWARDS!” Cue the montage. Uh oh.. he’s getting younger. He wants to reverse the reversal.. uh oh. Fish and Chips. Undo.
BLINKLIFE: PRESENTATION – British comedy as stick people give the Do’s and Don’ts of how to make a convincing Business Presenation.
BITTERSWEET – A gingerbread man escapes into a candy store. He thinks he’s in heaven, and even has a chocolate bunny as a friend.. then the Human come and devour almost everything. He stares at them in horror, then holds the head of his beloved bunny. But his tears melt the head a bit.. and he accidentally takes a bite.. then it turns into a horror story. Sweet.. and very, very grim.
THE MAN WHO CANT BE MOVED – Music video to song by The Script. A man waits at the bench by the corner, day after day, week after week, because it’s where he used to meet the girl he loves, who broke up with him, hoping she’ll one day come back. Valentine’s Day, you can decide if it’s Happy or not. Sad.
MAYFLY JUSTICE – On a leaf somewhere, the Mayfly Jury finds the Mayfly defendant.. GUILTY! “I sentence you to 50 Mayfly years in prison!” “NO! I have so much life left to LIVE!” “That’s it, you’re free to go.” “What.. really?” “Yep, that was 50 Mayfly years.” Short adult life span. Judge explains it to the guy, but he’s already dead. So is the Jury. Sometimes, you just have to see things in perspective. Crime and punishment.
DESTRUCTO BOX FAN DRIVE! – Behind the scenes with Destructo box, the main characters ask for people to subscribe to them to improve their low self esteem! What’s in it for them? Their music composer is locked in a cage backstage, and only gets a biscuit every time someone subscribes. Hell of a way to run a Telethon fundraiser!
THE NEW SUITED (PILOT) – High-produced cartoon of a short guy with a big nose and his agile fem fatale secret agent friend, tasked with saving the world from.. stuff. In this episode, a super geek actually wins World of Dwarfquest (World of Warcraft), and pulls a magic sword into the real world, that makes him stronger the more people he ‘defeats’, zapping them into the game. If left unchecked, he’ll become unstoppable! Lots of game in-jokes as Sarah tries to keep the kid busy by posing as an elf, while Suited gets zapped into the game and tries to follow the same path to reverse it. It –could- be a little faster-paced, but does pretty well.


ANIME MUNTERS - Awestriking animated music video to "I Can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters. "(Upbeat goofy folk) I can't decide.. if you should live or die.. oh you'll probably go to Heaven, got to hang my head and cry.." with characters from TONS of anime shows dancing out the lyrics in perfect synch with the music. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach.. NAME SOMETHING AND IT'S IN THERE! Lots of guys dancing with guys, oh well, it's anime.
RICK MANN VS BOSS MAN - A regular office guy who wants to ask his boss for a pay raise ends up caught in a Megaman-style 8-bit game. Except for some handdrawn cut scenes where the boss challenges him. "Take my BACK-HANDED COMPLEMENT!" Oh nos! What powers can Rick use against BOSSMAN? Blackmail might work. You gain.. EXECUTIVE POWER! "All I wanted was a raise.. but I like this tie!" Who says life can't be a game? Corporate ladder. Work.
VETE A LA VERSH 14 - PUCHAMON - Darkar tries out a parody of Pokemon on his Nimadres Entertainment System. Mutant Undead Pickachu fights the Retarded Turtle. "Cool, you can name your rival!" Rival's name is Vagina. "My name's not.. WTF!??" Vagina is pissed off! Hero doesn't go to school and hasn't bathed in six days. He also can't stop belching. Fight scene. This whole series is a great reference if you want to learn how to SWEAR IN SPANISH! LOL! Engish subtitles.
LEO & SATAN - Goofy Pinky-and-The-Brain style comedy. A regular kid in a family of devil-worshipers asks Satan (who alternates between sillygoofy mode and DOOM BOSS HEAVY METAL MODE seemingly at random) to help him with his algebra homework, which just happens to be one of the things he ISN'T good at. Oh dear. Best to do things yourself.
MARMONT - Animated black and white line art short. A marmont wants to get the fruit hanging at the top of the tree! Easier said than done. Preseverance pays off though.
GAMEOVERSE 2 - A T-Rex from a learning game and a dolphin and a skateboard freak are all recruited, Gaming Guardians-style, to save the video game universe. In this episode, they're sent back to T-Rex's home town. After telling everyone he's an action hero, T-Rex doesn't want anyone in the candy-colored universe to recognize him, so he tries on a stupid disguise. His friends are sure they've seen him somewhere.. spies!
DR. MARIO'S WONDER PILLS - Peach takes some of the pills.. and freaks out bigtime. Luigi helps Mario with his commercial.. then blinks "But I already gave her some of those pills!" Mario ohs.. uhohs. Don't do drugs kids.
MORTAL KOMBAT PEOPLE II - The secret 'Human Mode' is activated in the game, and the battle between Reptile and Noob commences with REAL PEOPLE! Goofy parody of the game, with some cool low-budget B-movie effects thrown in.
LUIGI'S CASTLE CALAMITY - This time, LUIGI tries, many times, unsuccessfully, to blow up that @$@#$ castle from Super Mario World. Mario and others just laugh at him. When in doubt.. USE OVERKILL! Dang, that is one TOUGH castle.. funny! Technical difficulties.
LOSTE - Parody of Lost. Two guys crashland vertically on an island, and somehow survive. A giant bear attacks them. "RAWRRR!" fast forward to the bear roasting over a fire. "Hey, he was made of BBQ!" then strange things start to happen, all accompanied by this weird -acceleration- sound. Three guys beat each other up after turning off the lights.. but somehow Abu is always scratchless when the other guys are beaten to a pulp? oooOOOOOOAAAooo...
WATERING - *FREAKY* Salad-Fingers style horror/hallucination short of a guy who can make clones of himself by using a watering hose to pour some of his green blood onto the ground. He makes a friend, but the the friend starts making other friends.. and horribly misshapen *HIMS* which then attack the house and eat *HIM*, sending the original guy to the twilight zone. Mad science. Halloween.
THE MOON PLANET - A cute, detailed animation. Three planets are orbiting the Sun. The White one is in a more distant orbit.. and feels lonely as the other two get close and enjoy their company. He pulls at the restricting orbit.. but it's no use.. so he finally BREAKS the orbit.. and SMASHES through space and time, into another universe, where he ends up as the Moon for another lonely planet. He blushes.. and turns red. Love! The End :) Happy Valentine's Day.

June 8, 2010

KATAN - In 1500 B.C., there's an ancient Aztec *ANTHRO SQUIRREL* empire dedicated to making huge temples and hiding valueable artifacts within. The animation is hand-drawn, very detailed, and stylish. Everything goes well.. until the Red Squirrel decides to steal the Artifact.. dramatic music and Indiana Jones-style trap dodging ensues as the Blue Squirrel tries to catch the Red one. Lasers, explosions, rotating knives.. security didn't mess around back then. Furry! Encounter with an anthro squirrel GOD. The Red one decides to try his luck in Egypt next time.. and runs into Anubis. Big mistake. Awesome! From FutureSquirrel, maker of The Rockoons!
STUPIDEST. PLOT. EVER. - Made for a contest where a character pushes buttons that do random things. In a plot deemed too moronic for even Saturday Morning Cartoons, mad scientist evil genius cyborg Dr. Cybertron has just finished the renovations to his Lair of Evil. A henchman informs him that the function of the buttons on his chair have been changed.. right when HERO MAN blasts his way in for the final showdown! The final battle with Dr. Cybertron begins!.. but can he actually FIND the button that activates his superweapons? Technical Difficulties. Superheros, supervillians.
CHICHETIVITY - A user sick of Stick-fighting animations gives you a parody Step-by-step guide for making a stick-fighting movie, as mad Mario music plays in the background! "1) Line Background. 2) Random Fighting "Hey!" 3) Text talk "LOL" 4) Quick texts "*FLURRY OF RANDOM BANTER" 8) Overused Weapons (Guy has a SWORD!) ... etc." Funny :)
SPARKLES & SPYGLASSES - Two children are playing with toys. The Boy dreams about pirates on the high seas, until his dark world is invaded by an unknowable alien force.. UNICORNS! TEDDY BEARS! FAIRIES! HAPPY COLORS!!! The Girl invades his dreamworld with her candy-colored host, and an epic cartoon battle ensues between scurvy dogs and sparkly sweets! Then Mom says it's time for bed. Doh. They were both having fun. Children's stories. Bedtime stories. Audio by The Blue Sky Project.
NIGHT OF FIRE 8-BIT - Music video to a Japanese rock song, where four good-looking girls sing backup for.. a fat guy in a yello superhero cape and shorts. Why? Who knows. It's 8-bit, it's awesome. There are aliens and things too, but I can't understand any of it, except the English "NIGHT-OF-FIRE!" refrain. Maybe I don't want to know?
VETE A LA VERSH 13 - TACOS - The cast forms a cool blues music band, all the way down to the articulate individual guitar string plucks. Darkar (main character) sings about how he was hungry, talked disrespectfully to a motherly street food vendor, woh then put a lot of chili on his tortilla "Now I have Diarreah!" Spits or Swallows. Poetic Justice.
MR. LITERAL - Egoraptor attacks. The boss tries to explain to an office worker who takes EVERYTHING LITERALLY why he's so annoying.. but no sort of expression gets through. "I've had it up to HERE with you!" "Relative to what? The floor?" The Office. Don't worry, it ends in a cheesey joke.
PRESS START: SHOPLIFTER - It's bad news to shoplift at the Occult Mart, where all the cool supervillians shop. Vlad the Impaler can't figure out the self-checkout machine, so Psycho Mantis tries to help him out.. unsuccessfully.  No evil force can withstand the complexity of modern convience. "Your-Mental-Age-Is.. Sub-Infantile.." "I'll reboot your FACE!" Then things start to blow up. Funny :) Video Games.
MEET LARRY - A very grim, deep flash as a lawyer who makes his living as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, providing defenses for all the crooks nobody else will touch, talks a bit about his story, and his regrets, and how he might have lived his life differently. Because.. he doesn't have much time left, and you're the last person who will ever hear him again. Dreams. Regrets. "Live the way you always wanted to live... as if you were still alive.. on your death bed.." Carpe Diem. Crime in the City.
LOZ: THE SHOW MUST GO ON - Music video to Queen's "The Show Must Go On" (aka, from Highlander). The Four Links form a rock band, and recall their adventures, acting out lyrics with scenes from the games. Starts with a montage of all the Zelda games, then gets into machinima.
ABNORMALITY-THE_DOOR - A kid with superhuman powers tries flying like Superman along a tunnel, but SMACKS into a force field. A cartoon door guard flippantly tells him nobody gets in without a shop ID. The kid shows his wallet, and the guard STEALS IT and runs off! Angry, the kid destroys the door an a 3D rendered spectacle, revealing the dumbstruck guard. The kid recovers his walls. Guard "What the blazes ARE YOU?" "Honestly? I haven't got a clue." Kid grins, then flies off. From a series.

May 16, 2010

PRESS START: GTAwful - The PS crew go to Freedom City for Grand Theft Auto. "We're here to respond to an emergency.. but I'm not sure which Emergency we're supposed to deal with.." mayhem everywhere. Crooks get released from the hospital immediately after getting top notch care. The ninja wants to live there.
SPIDER POWERS - Comic short as a radioactive spider wants to bite a guy, but the guy uhuhs. "But I'll give you powers!" The guy doesn't want powers. "The one-armed guy at work does more work than I do." Sprouting extra arms will only make it look worse when he's lazy. Superheros. Spiderman. Or rather not.
BEER RUN - At a party, two drunk guys discover they're run out of beer. One offers to go get some more. "No fhway man.. you're drunker than I ham!" he tries it anyway though.. insert Warner Brothers high speed mayhem here! Why you shouldn't drink and drive. Driving under the influence. DWI. "A Cyanide and Happiness Short"
SNOWFALL - A beautifull Christmas session of building snowmen is interupted as a kid discovers HUGE BOULDERS OF SNOW crashing down from the heavens! Cute little animals, log bridges, nothing is save from the smashing hordes. Relaxing "Chanonry Point" folk music by Phil Cunningham plays in the background, as the kid runs for his freaking life.
SANTA'S ON VACATION - What does Santa do, while he's not making toys? Infiltrating Al Qeada undercover and fighting terrorism, what else? "Praise Alan!" "What did you say?" Always good to keep an uzi in the big bag.
POKEMON: THE FATED BATTLE - A *DETAILED* animated 2 vs 2 fight, anime style as a Charazard and an ant thing battle a thunder dragon and a rock thing (I don't play Pokemon, only watched some of the TV show). High quality cartoon combat! DragonballZ moves.
CYANIDE & HAPPINESS BOOK - An annoying infomercial salesman trying to sell a book, thinking of a list of uses for it that don't really hold water. And yes, it's a REAL BOOK too. Commercials.
GOO GOT TALENT - The Weebl does more Cadbury Cream Egg commercials, this time parodying Britian's Got Talent with Weebl and Bob as judges. Only one contestant manages not to explode. Oh well. Annoying people with weird hair. Susan Boyle.
AUTISM - INSIDE A BUBBLE - A four-year old reads a poem about autism, simple, yet very revealing.
TRASH - Line art animation of a trash can getting mad and trying to beat up a litterer. Earth Day. Environmentalism. Public service annoucement "Pick up your garbage.. OR ELSE!"
MARIO'S RECITAL - Mario bows to the audience, in full tuxedo dress, and prepares to play a piano recital. Except.. something's wrong with the keys? He tries again.. and the piano EATS HIM! IT'S ALIVE! EVIL! DEMON! AHHHH!! Use when people are sick of your Mario music remixes :)
SCHOOL 13 - TONGUETIED - Beautiful animation. A girl tries out the 'lick the metal pole' thing and gets her tongue stuck to it. A guy walks by, then helps her by exhaling warm air over the pole, getting her unstuck. She hugs and kisses him.. and for a moment BOTH their tongues are stuck together. It's the most bizarrely touching moments I've seen in a long time. Valentine's Day. Christmas.
MDI - NONSENSE RAP - Pencilmathing style goofy line art rap. "I'm a rabbit!" "No you're not" "I'm a bunny" "Yes you are! Gimme your money!" "Aw CRAP!" Silly happy parody. Easter.
A LETTER FROM GOD - Handdrawn music video to Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip's "A Letter from God to Man" Very fast, almost a rap, but more a conversation. "Hey There, how's it going? Long time no see. I know I haven't been around much lately, but it didn't seem like you wanted me to be." God has a beef with Organized Religion "What I thought were quite clear messages were taken to unusual extremes. My teachings taken out of context to meet the agendas of others, Interpretations taken to many different ways and 'hidden meanings' discovered." God seems like a nice guy, reminds us that 'while he made the land, we made the towers.' and to assign credit for each thing to the right person. Religion. Philosophy.
BAD COP, NO DONUT - Cubic "Cueboy" animation style. Super high speed, as the Evil Cop actually generally annoying, tazering people and ticketing someone for jaywalking while thugs fire machine guns next door. The Easter Bunny, the first target of the cop, calls the Superintendent, who has the Donut Factory shut down. NOOOOO! "Bad Cop, no Donut!" Goofy ska song in background
HOT NAVI SEX - HarryPatridge (HappyHarry) attacks, showing you some footage cut from the original movie after Jake chooses Nateri for his woman.. then discovers he has NO IDEA HOW NAVI HAVE SEX AT ALL. "Why are you getting out your soup-drinker! We're not even drinking soup!" "Well there's where it goes on Earth!" "(amused) Wow, Earthlings must be Real Freaks!" PG-13. Ok, more like PG-17. Ok, just say R. Nevermind. It's funny.
VETE A LA VERSH 12 - Spanish language. The yellow guy plays a joke on the bald white monster guy, finding a pubic hair in the shower, and stealthly sets it on the bald guy's head, then tries to bring his attention to his face. What results is a high-speed flurry of Spanish insults hurled by both characters at once, with the subtitles going so fast you can't possibly follow them all. Swearing a blue streek. "Holy shit, you're bald!"
VETE A LA VERSH - XMAS 09 - Spanish language. Bad additude kid freaks out Santa Claus with bad language, then asks for the most recent mutatedly horrific Pokemon clone game, and a super high tech bicycle that doesn't exist. "Aren't you a little old to be asking Santa Claus for presents?" Word to the wize, beating up Santa Claus is NOT a good idea. Goofy Christmas.
SONIC POWERTHIRST AD - Video remix of the audio track to POWERTHIRST! Lots of Sonic the Hedgehog characters in anime "AHHHH!" poses, on fire. Furry.
CHRISTMAS FOR MAGUS - Back in the Chrono Trigger world, Santa realizes that Magus has been being naughty.. so Santa invades his castle to give him a message. Merry Christmas, video game land.
PRESS START: XMAS SPECIAL - The cast of Press Start present their own version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" 12 Days of Christmas, video game style. A bat over every pit! Eight hidden items. Twelve Boobies Bouncing! Zillions of game references.
THE LOVE I'M SEARCHING 4 - Music video to song by The Rentals. A young girl goes through the trials of a day at school. High quality animation, although the story is hard to follow. "Ilu would love to be a conductor when she grows up. Likewise, her friends would love to be great artists, dancers, and even skills musicians. But the daily mechanical grind of their lives don't really lead to any real chances to find that love they're searching for." Daydreaming. Van Halen would say "RIGHT NOW".
XMAS DAYS - Eddsworld. The narrator cheerfully narrates the adventures of The Three Guys as they experience the World Christmas Ever. Fire consumes the Christmas Feast. The moral? Television is good for you.
CAT FACE 18 - Cat Face Christmas episode. Cat Face tries to build a Snowcat, but it's head is too large, and it keeps falling over. He finally resorts to balloons.. but the Snowcat flies off, and takes out the kid flying with The Snowman (old OLD Children's book). Boom. Evil Christmas.
SNOWY VI: CAMP DEATH - Sam T strikes again. Again. Again again. AGAIN! The continueing sequel-generating saga of that most horrible of animated creatures, Frosty the Snowman! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be afraid of being afraid. Evil Christmas. Happy Halloween.
TEAMFORTRESS2 - FIREWORKS - The Pyro and The Demoman set up some 4th of July fireworks, only they don't go off immediately, instead launching unexpectedly and destroying the friendly base. Fail Blog. Technical difficulties.
SHARED FOOD TASTES BETTER - Cute little animation of a human sharing cake with his dog. A cat wants some of the cake too, but the dog barks at it to shoo it away.. then finds the cake doesn't taste good at all. The human likes it.. the dog invites the cat to have half, and sure enough, it tastes good after all. Alegory. Moral of the story: Be nice.
SKETCHY FRIENDS DANCE 2 - Totally psychedelic drug trip of a music video, where animals of five creatures move in perfect time with the music. Screeching bird, centipede, frog, robot and dancing girl, each with their own sound.
MY TWO FRONT WHAT? - Parody of "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" Mikey wants his front teeth! He writes Santa, who sends Christmas magic, making his teeth tear out of his gums in a horrible transfiguration of pain. Family watches as Mikey vomits and runs about, bashing his head into things, then chokes on his own blood. Goofy and cartoony. Evil Christmas. "And most importantly, do not go wrong. Destroy every copy of that goddamn song!"
YOU BOOB-TUBE - Foamy the Squirrel rants about YouTube, people who repost HIS OWN VIDEOS for the sake of making more of them. "STOP POSTING CRAP!" Instructional videos from people who don't know? Mashups "Sad people crying, set to LINKIN PARK!" Drama.
BEAUTY IS HUMANITY - A man walks through the ages, starting from the caveman days, to the medieval times, to the modern age, to the postacacalyptic future, to surviving it, to evolving into aliens, who then travel back in time in a UFO to give a look at everything, and fix a stone on Stonehenge, while their ancient ancestor from the start looks on in awe. Beauty is Cognition. Beauty is Innovation. Beauty is Survival. Beauty is imagination. Beauty is Humanity.
Music video set to 'Glorious Morning' by Waterflame.
X-MAS MUTINY - Goofy fight flash as Rudolph gets tired of Fat Santa getting all the cookies, so he tries to beat him up. But the Fat Man does not go down easy. Reindeer "I told you man.. he's the boss." Rinky dink "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" music plays in the background. DragonballZ moves.
STICKMEN FUTURE CONCEPTS - Alien Triangle-headed marines attack a space age facility of Squared-headed humans, in hand-drawn stick figure action. Dramatic camera movements, force fields, Metal Gear style stealth. Alien invaders! INTRUDER ALERT! Pointless violence. Hand drawn, rather than the cheapy animated classic figures.
COLD-BLOODED CHRISTMAS - Music video to the Dr. Demento style song by Jon Lajoie. A guy finds an intruder in his house on Christmas Eve.. so he blows him away. It was SANTA! OH NO! He gets out the bone saw and tries to chop up the big guy, then burn the evidence, while all the while goofy ironic music plays. Then a relative calls, have you seen Uncle Bob? He left, dressed as Santa Claus. Uh oh. Evil Christmas.
SNOWMEN - A Dad wants to get his kid a Snowman doll for Christmas, but when he goes into the store.. IT'S BEING ROBBED BY THE SNOWMEN MAFIA, an evil organization of Frosty Ones who eat toys! He sneaks in with cartoon subtly, then proceeds to TAKEN THEM DOWN! DragonballZ moves as he takes on snowman hordes! Think 'Jingle All The Way' with Arnold Swarzennegger, cartoon version. Baby is happy! Merry Christmas!
THE PROPER WAY - "This two minute short was created in 12 hours" Green alien wants his friend to return his CDs "I'll return them tomorrow." "NO!!" Took six months to find him in the Really Big School (outhouse on the Moon) "I came here to FIGHT!" They do a Yugioh-style card battle. Sure victory! But wait, he plays the ORLY? card. "But using this card in this specific and random way, you now owe me $10, a milkshake, and you must now..call..be.. HANS!!" It's easy to get too excited sometimes. Goldfish to geek "Is it possible for a man, to love a goldfish?" Duels.
DATE FOR ONE - A guy gets two tickets to the movie theater, pretending he has a date, but he doesn't. Tells the waiter to poor wine on the spot where his companion's glass could be. Finally, he gets tired of the situation, and sighs. Until he finds a girl who's also pretending to have a boyfriend. Sometimes, you just have to look in orer to find. Happy Valentine's Day. Wonchop (who joins forces with The Weebl a lot)
SCOUT GOES TO THE MEDIC - Quick goofy animated comedy skit using sound clips from the Team Fortress 2 game, as a Scout reports to a Medic for treatment. "All I can tell you about this next proceedure.. is that it will be EXCRUCIATING!" "That's it, you're done."
CHRISTMAS WITH DAD AND ME - In the world of Newgrounds, the Father and Son team of purple skull-faced psychopaths celebrate Christmas, but Son is depressed when he finds his stocking filled with coal. Dad grabs a chainsaw and pays Santa a visit. "Wait!" Santa offers him a present. What's in the Box man, What's in the Box?

PRESS START: CROSSING - Three heros race to get to the battle with the.. Berzerkeroids. But first they have to climb up the mountain, and they need dragon mounts, and the redneck farmer insists they listen to a 'SHORT' tutorial first. Which takes forever. The bots win, and start swarming over the mountain after the ninja gives up and splices the dragons together into a grappling hook. The solution? Have the farmer explain the tutorial to the bots. They blow up, including the Portal turret.
:ESCORT MISSION: - Illwill press. Foamy the Squirrel's unemployed goth girlfriend complains about having to escort some brainless helpless ditz through a game filled with zombies every 5 minutes. Foamy's advice? "-GET- A -JOB-!" It is possible to play video games for too long, and they can have an impact on your dress size. Wow o_O Left 4 Dead.
DEATH VAULT - Stick figure stress relief. Stick figures blow themselves and others up in creative ways, using the destructable terrain to good advantage. Who's winning? Who cares. Meanwhile, outside Stick Figure #25 nervously awaits his time in the meat grinder, then blinks as he's called, so he tried to buy something nice from the weapon's shop first. Some days, you just get lucky.
PAIN ON THE BRAIN 3 - You think you've had a bad day? See bits of the life of John, who has died over 13 MILLION TIMES. Some of the more humorous outtakes. Ressurection can be a bitch. Are *YOU* Lactose Intolerant? Don't be. Murphy's Law. Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.
JESUS SWEETS - Goofy psuedo-commercial attempting to bridge the gap between the commercial side of Christmas and the Religious side. So, it's a Jesus-themed candy store! Jesus Pieces! Sugar crowns of thorns! Kirbopher attacks again.
CHRISTMAS UNCOVERED - A reporter trying to do an expose on Santa Claus infiltrates the Workshop, and interviews some of the reindeer while wearing a cheesy reindeer fursuit. He looks for dirt.. but Santa's a pretty clean dude, and the worst thing the reindeer can think of is Santa walking about with crumbs in his beard. "There you have it.. life at the North Pole is.. crumby. Can I go inside now?" When Spin doesn't pay. Fox News-ish.

3RD GRADE TRANSFORMERS - From the infinite evil of Egoraptor, music by HarryPatridge. Mrs. Terwilliger's 3rd grade class performs the epic movie known as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", done with a unique passion and lack of attention to detail that one can only find in Elementary School Theater. NSFW! Technical Difficulties. High speed CARTOON CRAZINESS! Funny!
CAPTAIN PLANET STRIP CLUB - Back in the infinitely exciting Australian government building, world leaders are going through the incredibly entertaining business of negotiating carbon emmissions reductions. At least, it gets exciting after an unshaven, fat, middle-aged Captain Planet blasts through the ceiling dome and laments the next to nothing people have done for the environment. "Some of you didn't even turn UP!" The Italian ambassador shows up, with two strippers. "STRIP CLUB! WOOHOO!" Cap ARGHS, and breathes fire on everyone. Earth Day. Politics as usual. By that Angry Dog guy.
MADNESS: RISING - Proxicide returns, with another 3D ultra-fast ultra-high resolution DragonballZ Matrix freaking anime fight simulator blast of absolutely senseless carnage as Hank and The Clown both battle through infinite zombies in Hell, wrecking the bloody organic landscape in the process and using *IT* as a weapon. Do you need stress relief after a particularly long day? Behold the world's deadliest Stop Sign. Madness isn't South Park-y anymore.. don't go to Nevada.
GAME TRADE-INS - Foam the Squirrel shops for video games at Lame Stop, and wonders why you get $1 for a tradein game they turn around and resell at $19. Foamy looks for to the Download Only future, with no trade in's "Where stores like this will be out of business!" Welcome to 2010.
FAKE FLASH ADD - NOKIA 5210 - Tired of dropping your cell phone and having it smash to bits? Get the new Nokia 5210, with SHOCK RESISTANCE! Drop it, throw it, use it was a weapon against dogs.. toss it off a 10 story building.. then go on chatting like normal! Commercials.
OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE - Inside a walled prison of crumbling stone, a Jester wants to escape, glancing at the crows flying freely overhead. He piles up slabs of rock into a huge ladder, then stands on the top of the wall, overlooking the beautiful world, and spreads his arms and flies off like a flying squirrel. At first, he soars.. then some of the crows he admired so much run right through his wings, sending him falling. His idols start to chase him, grab him, then hurl him back into the prison.. to start the process all over again. Sad. Sometimes looks can be decieving, and heros become villians.
-LAST RESORT- - Welcome to the single worst hotel in the universe, wita monster hand restraining gate over the toilet. As our geeky traveler looks around, everything is clearly possessed to the point of lunacy even by the broadest B-movie standards. Ever had your head cut off, then have to hop away from a giant crab-legged vomiting walrus, using only your jaw for locomotion? Trust me, it isn't fun. A Halloween drug trip so freaky it's actually funny. Horrible horror movies.
EDD EGG - WEREWOLF - Edd and two of his friends observe nature while camping, although Edd is extremely constipated for most of the flash. Rectangle guy "STILL?" "You can't rush ART!" Amy goes wandering, runs into a pack of wolves, which bite here, and there's a full moon out. She changes back and forth whenever clouds cover the moon. Edd "That'll please the Furries..." "What'll I do? My girlfriend's a werewolf!" "Just learn to live with it." A month later, growling "Sorry, it's her time of the month.." Halloween. Goofy and stylish, and cartoony.
HIPSTERWEEN - A couple of imps decide to crash a swinging Halloween party, turning it into a night to remember.. assuming anyone survives. Lots of groovy music as the partiers get fried one by one. The DJ realizes he's now a skeleton, and blinks, but keeps on playing.
THE POSSUM WHISTLE - A redneck has his own commercial for The Possum Whistle, a hood ornament that sends out sound waves.. that attract possums, so you can mow them down in hordes. "And for just three easy payments of $9.99, you can start your own possum armageedon today!" But wait, there's more! Save your possum guts for local talent shows! Commercials. And yes, there's also a song. Because they can. Joe Cartoon, guy who did the Superfly animations.
EDWIN EP02 - A vampire hunter enters the castle of a vamp that pretends to be stronger than he is, evading him through the maze of the castle, then biting it on the battlement. Hunter yawns "Where to next?" Continuing story.
MADNESS ONE - After so many sequels, THIS flash takes you back to the beginning, where Hank first snaps after learning his girlfriend has fallen for The Savior. Music "One is the Loneliest Number" plays, until Savior puts on The Chicken Dance. Cue the carnage. Quick recap as Hank gets resurrected into his glass-wearing form, takes out a giant with a medevil canon, and uses a machine gun to destroy.. THE SUN! Then things get really weird as reality explodes. Leaving Hank.. alone. One is the loneliest number. Reminds me of Billy Crystal at the Oscars.. "(Godfather theme) This is the story about a man named Colione.. this man killed everyone so now he's Home Alone..."

SNOW SNOW FOR LUCY - This is actually an independent film, hosted on Newgrounds. A grim inventor owns a humorless toy shop,which he tends with his apprentice, Lucy, a young orphaned girl who lost her arms as a casualty of war. She wants the toy shop to be happy.. and tries to make happy things, yet the Toymaster is unimpressed, and punishes her for making things he doesn't like. She wants to go outside and play in the snow, and go away from this place.. but at the same time she feels she can't leave, owing everything to the old inventor that's become her father. Then the old inventor gets ill. Is love stronger than despair? Christmas, with a touch of Halloween, and Valentine's Day.
PRESS START: FAMILIAR FACES - In the Sprite Video Game World version of Hades, Johnson, a turtle with glasses, is looking for The Real Dark Tome in the Library of Ultimate Evil, first facing the trial of the annoying librarian, a smiley-faced familiar designed to be cute and annoying in equal measure, a boss fight just to get the door open, then The Test of Ultimate Aggravation.. surviving several levels of Super Mario World on steroids. Finally, he brings the book back to Count Vile, who looks up the key to escaping Hell. "See Volume 2.. time to go back" Bureaucracy. Chainsaw-shotgun is your friend.
HAWAIIAN PUPPIES - A very cute furry flash for a younger audience, as an Eastern Dragon asks a two-headed bat (one side a perky girl, the other a grumpy boy) to teach his cute litte daughter to dance. They try (or rather She tries, the guy doesn't like the idea) with poor results.. until the Hawaiian Puppies show up and show them how it's done, cooking up some Hawaiian dance rhythms until the dragon girl is dancing her feet off. The oriental dragon has one more request that night though. "Can you get her to stop?" she dances all over his serpentine frame. Cute. Chibi. Make sure to set the video quality to Medium unless you've got a great computer, otherwise it gets choppy.
MAKING A PIRANHA PLANT - A How-To video for making a Mario Giant Piranha Plant in RL using sculpting clay. Using tin foil for wrinkles, making the teeth seperate, body section, coloring, then putting it together into a truely mean-looking slavering mouth. Shots from several angles. Arts and crafts. Tutorial.
PENCILMATION #9 - LOVE AT FIRST WRITE - A guy and a girl exchange love letters through the mail.. until the mailman falls through a hole. So they start talking on the telephone, and sending instant messages via instant messenger. Except all the beeps slowly drive the guy crazy. So he does something bizarre.. he actually slides his desk next to hers, tosses all the complex technology onto the ground, and starts TALKING to her. They get married! And then her cell phone rings. Doh! The End :) Valentine's Day.
THE FACEBOOK PROBLEM - A complete idiot answers an instant message on his cell phone while driving a sports car, taking his hands off the steering wheel. Guy on curb in Matrix slow-motion.. "OH SHIT----!" accelerated sequence of practicable graphic carnage, where the car ends up in a lake and the guy's entrails are spilling out. His last request? To put it all on Facebook. Final scene online as he says "I'm dying, LOL!" and gets real time replies from disbelieving friends in netspeak. Taffic Safety public service annoucements. It's good to set priorities. Internet addictions.
WOLVERINE ORIGINS IN 1MIN - Tip of the hat to the Bunnies in 30 seconds thing. Everyone around Wolverine keeps getting killed, and he keeps going "NO!!!!" Then he takes down the boss. There's a fight scene. The boss dies "NO!!!!" Oh well.
THE LOST LAKE - Music video to the same song by the band The Number. A bullet train sails happily through the bright green world, mountains and clouds and sun, while the people inside move to the rhythm of the music, each one looking back on their life one at a time. The tone is happy.. yet after a while you begin to notice something they all have in common.. the old couple.. the homeless man.. the war vet.. this isn't just any train ride, it's the last one. I would say 'Halloween' for a keyword, except the feeling is almost like Christmas. Finding peace in a world filled with war.
DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATOR - A guy reads the sign, thinks about it, then tosses his ice cream cone at an alligator at the zoo. Back at his car, he's ready to drive up, when the same alligator jumps him from behind. "I WARNED YOU NOT TO FEED ME BOY! Don't come back here again!" he alligator runs off, knocking over a care, while the guy freaks like a little baby. Don't feed the animals!
FAILED MUGGING - Super-fast. A mugger tries to rob a guy walking by, but the guy freaks out, swells like a bag of pus, and *EXPLODES*, turning the other guy into a skeleton, that falls apart quickly. Crime definitely doesn't pay. Duck goes 'BING!' at the end. When plasmids backfire.
SPIDER-NINJA - As the music to Okami plays, a Spiderman-turned-Ninja does goofy battle with three ninja-ized villians. Cartoon violence goofiness.
ERICA IS BETTER THAN MATT - Sprite kids reenact the goofy musical number from "Annie Get Your Gun", "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better." The musical is about Annie Oakely, the wild west female sharpshooter, and the sprites do it a lot of justice, quickly moving from an exploding pie to Annie losing the Softness competition with a shout and sending her friend flying offstage. Good music video.
BEAR STRATEGIES - Animation to a stand up comedy skit by MIke Birbiglia. Guy watches nature documentaries on a hotel TV. "The arctic fox has only one know predator.. the polar bear!" Guy wants to warn the fox as if watching a cop show, but it never works. "I feel bad about the smaller animals.. like I know more stuff than they do.. like it's a bank heist and I'm watching on the monitor.." Is playing dead really wise when a bear is eating your brain? Differences between bear species attack patterns. Hippos kill more humans anyway. "I thought they ate marbles!" Look for those bear neccessities. Furry.
TWO MINUTES OF TERROR EP3 - A girl has to walk home after her boyfriend text messages that his car has broken down. She walks past the Scary Old House.. and falls through a trapdoor in the sidewalk, which closes, blocking her cell phone access. She tries to find a way out.. but something else is down there too.. Happy Halloween. Little Shop of Horrors.

THE LAST OF THE DASHKIN - A curious mage investigates the origins of Bitey the super-fast Satyr-thing on planet Brackenwood, and tells his story in Documentary style. More beautiful forest graphics, quick rehash of Bitey's story and new backstory. Is Bitey cruel by nature, or simply cynical at being abandoned, a sentient being in a world of animals? The mage wants to find out, and corners him. To be continued. Furry. Awesome!
I LOVE THE HALO WORLD - Take on 'The World Is Just Awesome' from The Discovery Channel, done with 8-bit HALO sprites. "I love tornados!" "I love arachnids.." "I love hot magma!"  "I love the Giant Squids!" BOOM-de-ya-da *BOOM*-de-ya-da! *<BOOM>*-de-ya-da <<BOOM>>-de-ya-da!
A NEWGROUNDS CHRISTMAS - Several NG artists (The Swain, Tom Pulp, Jazza, Egoraptor and others) have their characters all visit the same Christmas party, resulting in absolute chaos. Mastermind tries to Out Evil the evil emperor. Bitey eats Blockhead. Merry Christmas. Shameless fanservice.
LEFT 4 SPEED 2 - Parody of Left 4 Dead 2. Zombies are always glad to make your life interesting. "I've got pills!" "I've got.. PUKE?!" Opening doors is bad for your health. High speed insanity.
PRELUDE TO THE ONE - Before pulling DragonballZ moves, the Black Stick Figure was just a guy in the neighboorhood who get into a bit more trouble than he planned. No gore in this one, but a lot of creative attacks, improvised weapons, like a rake.
PENCILMATION 11 - HOME IS WHERE THE HURT IS - A tree-hugging hippie and a blue-suited businessman each have a different approach to trees. The hippie protests as the businessman cuts down a tree to build a house.. yet feels tinges of envy that he's living a lot more comfortably...
WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE - Flash music video to Billy Joel's famous song, which also lists the year being mentioned, and tries to make a reference to everything in the song, along some are easier than others.
MICROCOSM - A cartoon character late for work hits his head on a wall.. only to find he has special powers. The power to see OUTSIDE THE PANELS.. to the past and future of the comic book. He tries to get to work, only to find Matrix-style Agents blocking his way, so he fights then by bending reality. "Thousands of people hit the 4th Wall every day.. but you.. would break the 4th wall for your own purposes! You cannot be allowed to live.." Goofy. Breaking the fourth wall.
GUNNY BEARS - Stop motion. Colorfull gummy bears and worms turn evil as they fight an epic battle on the artist's kitchen table, shooting candy corn at each other, blowing friends up into splashes of candy hards, blowing up walls of caramel, wrecking a chocolate fort with antiacid explosives. Green gummy worms pick off stragglers like huge anacondas. Then the Giant Human Hand comes for them all. Artist eats a few, likes them. The End. Alternatives to Chocolate Bunny Death. Easter? Food.
ON THE MOON (EPISODE 17) - The Weebl. Mr. Antu Schrimp fixes the problem of the one small black hole by making 50 large ones, then plugs THEM up with a cow catapult while talking to Stephen Hawking on the phone. You knew it wouldn't make sense anyway. Experimental physics.
LARRY THE FREAKING LITTLE KNIGHT EPISODE 1 - The 1000 year old prophesy that the King will chose a Hero that will destroy all evil in the kingdom.. so the King's Advisor wants to get him to pick a stupid hero that he and the other Lords of Evil (including Jaffar and Darth Sidius?) can easily destroy, ending that. Larry talks to his father's dead head on the wall, which doesn't say anything, because it's dead. Funny, and messed up.
DR. MARIO WITH LYRICS - Music video to an already basterdized remix of the Doctor Mario music. The Doc is educated by watching every doctor television show out there, you do NOT want him to work on you. "Wait wait... I'm wrong... you have... crabs?" NSFW.
ECOPOIESIS - Music video to a famious classical theme (can't recognize it off hand, 2001 style). A spaceman lands on an alien world, and plants a single growing vine on it, then leaves. Bit by bit, the vine grows, engulphing the flag and spreading out in all directions like a flowering golf green. Bit by bit, the desert world become inhibitable, and fish appear.. and elephants.. the final scene is from space, where life has just returned to... Earth.
Earth day.
PENCILMATION #10 - HOOK LINE AND STINKER - Nauticalness as a sleeping fishman catches something that fights like heck.. but turns out to only be a small fish. He tries again.. and gets a nuclear missle. Which carries him up with it. Goodbye! The big fish returns, wearing sunglasses and a grin. Then the fishman returns.. and gets a fish that looks like him.. and hooks him in a similar manner. Then he actually does hook himself.. stealing his own pants. That darn pencil is mischevious as heck.
CW: DOWN TO EARTH PT1 - Another chapter in Zeurel's amazing animated comics, a girl travels with some bizarre goofy anime-ish characters, traveling back from the Coliseum match (where the possessed cyborg guy was). One guy has a ghost living in his head, who steals his pizza. The ship travels on.. while the ghost sneaks off.. and pushes EVERY BUTTON IN THE CAPTAINS CONTROL PANEL.. fun times. Crashlanding on Dead Earth. Goofy fun. They stumble into the middle of a civil war, have a fight, and join one of the sides for fun. To be continued.
JERRY: THE END - The last chapter in Hot Diggedy Demon's series about the pathetic life story of a loser who ends up hanging himself. We go back to Jerry's childhood, and his messed up father. Sort of grim stuff, if filled with twisted humor.
GRUMATORIUM - BarfQuestion tales the tale of three schoolkids who, playing in their sandbox one day, accidently breath a hole through the ceiling of an experimental research facility, having some fun before unleashing a horribly biological weapon, which they then have to fight. A very interesting day, everything considered. Science fiction. Genetic Engineering.
THE DEVIL OF NEW HAVEN - Grandpa tells three kids about a farmer who skinned intruders in his farm alive, and turn them into scarecrows. Then the townspeople swarmed him, skinned HIM and turned HIM into a scarecrow. Naturally, the kids go right to the farm.. and find the scarecrow.. with glowing red eyes, who starting taking them out. One kid returns to Grandpa.. only to find the Scarecrows had gotten him first. "Don't mind me.. just taking care of some.. unfinished business.. Muwahahah.." "AAAAHHHH!!!" Happy Halloween :)
HOODOOS - A bizarre experimental short where the cycle of life is explored on an alien world. Hoodoos eat nuts that drop from the hoodoo tree.. then turn into tesselations of blue and orange interlocked paper dolls, which rise to fight each other, until only one remains. Then the bodies form a giant insect, which itself forms another Hoodoo tree, and leaves nuts the Surviving Hoodoo can eat, restarting the process. The orange and blue hoodoos fight pointlessly, hating each other for their similiarities. a good film to watch while on drugs.
BLOODY SUNDAE - A girl wanders through the woods after her friends tell her there's a Dairy Queen nearby. She runs into a cannibal, who's in the process of eating someone. "Are you.. a VAMPIRE!?" she's wearing an 'I love Vampires' tshirt. "Thank you Twilight craze.. " Guy takes her home.. it doesn't end well. Pan out to a Dairy Queen standing by a road just 50 yards away. Fast Food. Happy Halloween.
VETE A LA VERSH 11 - GOLDILOCKS - Spanish language. A tough warrior guy takes over as the substitute teacher for a gradeschool class. "What happened to our other teacher?" "She broke her leg for asking TO MANY QUESTIONS!" The guy then give -HIS- version of the story of Goldilocks in the Three Bears, but actually jumbles Peter and the Wolf, Hansel and Grettle, and Pinnoccio together into a high speed wrecked mash of NSFW fairy tale chaos. Goldilocks becomes a Real Boy? Kid "The trauma is so big.. that I will grow up to be a Business Manager." Fractured Fairy Tales.
WILSON BEARD'S CANNONS - A pirate commiserated with a comrade that his cannons didn't fire straight, and his whole ship and all of the crew were destroy. "HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU!?" quick flash to a WWE attitude Heavy Metal advertisment for a Very Awesome Cannon imporium. "THey'll change your name to Fred ARG Shippy BARG the Third Es-QUARG Saint ARG! THAT'S A LOT OF ARGHS!" In your face TV commercials.
FBF VS TWEEN - A stick figure walks into a bar and sits down next to a full bodied animation figure, who dislike each other immediately. Bartender "We don't serve.. your kind.. alcohol." Stick figured get the money, but not the respect. Done as an animation assignment, comedy. Tomamoto voice acting.
DAY OF THE MADNESS - The Zombies vs Madness-inspired characters battle continues, with more survivors trying to trust each other while heading for the beach. Think Day of the Dead meets South Park.
HALF ASSED PIRATES! - A flash animation to Tomamoto's Pirate Contest Entry voice acting audio, found here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/269529
M.O.T.O.R - MADNESS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC - Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic.. redone in Madness Style. Lots of rock and roll, lasers, and sprites fighting. Details 3D art with smooth lightsaber framerates, good fight flash.
Madness Day.
LIFE IN THE PORTAL: MADNESS - Ebolaworld does Madness, taking out many of the famous characters, including Charlie the Unicorn. Tries to kill Blockhead, but Blockhead does it to himself too quickly. NSFW. Madness Day.
HANKMAN: MADNESS ASYLUM - Madness take on Batman: Arkam Asylum. Good music video to "Breaking Benjamin - Dairy of Jane"
IT'S GREAT TO BE A PIRATE - "Arrrrrgh you ready?" Goofy music video to http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/267768 "It's great to be a pirate.. whoever wrote this tune? Who was they guy.. OH NEVERMIND! We hope to kill you soon! :)"

MK MISHAPS GOLD - More Mortal Kombat fatality spoofs! Naruto technique? The Flash doesn't waste time. Superman tries to save a girl, but Scorpion has a Krytonite spear. "GET OVER HERE!" Batman hates it when people interrupt his moments onscreen. Jax vs GODZILLA? Pogostick fatality. Fun with extreme closeups. What is the last thing villians say when hit by Wonder Woman's lasso? PG-13 thanks to strategic CENSORED bars.
G.I.N.A. - "Galactic Intelligence Ninja Assassin". In otherwords, a hot chick in space with guns who takes down bad guys for a living. Cheesecake poses mixed with laser blasters, more then a little Star Wars influence, right down to the seedy bar. Still, I wouldn't mind getting her number.. good animation quality.
WAITING FOR THE BUS - Animated short. A guy tries to catch up with a speeding bus, only to learn there's a bomb on board, and it'll go if they go under 50 mph. "You mean I'm running over 50 mph!" "See for yourself!" Quick fast forward through the guy's life as he enters the Olypics, -runs- into his mate, has kids, is so confident that he enters the Indy500, only to lose for the first time, spirals downward. And years later, the bomb is still on the bus. Sort of happy and sad.

GIRLCHAN IN PARADISE EP2! - Now with an epic psuedo-anime music video beginning! Ultra-fast-moving-fairly-nonsensical-but-who-cares-Parody-Of-All-Anime-
Storyboarding-Conventions-In-The-World-By-Egoraptor-Tomamoto-and-friends. "You've crossed the line!!" "Sorry.. I didn't SEE IT." Giant demon "If you want to defeat me, you must first face my 32 Captains." Only the hero is able to figure out that a bucket of water can defeat the fire guy. "Huh, he's The One." Breaking The Artist's Pencil. Sometimes talking about why you must fight takes longer than actually doing it. To be continued!
8-BIT PWNY CLUB 2! - The Weebl's newest secret weapon, featuring "The 5 Unhealthiest Powerups" Final Fight garbage bin food, Max Payne chugging painkillers, Mario mushrooms, jamming syringes into yourself in Bioshock. "Can you imagine someone trying to rob a bank with bee-arms?" Lots of video game camoes, altered just enough to be hilarious.
PIXEL SHROOMS - The Mario Mushrooms are tired of being eaten, and form their own Death Metal band, rocking hard. "We are Fun-gus! Why don't you Bung-us! Some of us will get you high, some of us will make you.. DIE!!!" As seen in a cameo in the 8-bit Pwny club :) The Weebl is awesome. 8-bit
PENCILMATION #8 - As several line art characters are dancing at a disco, a little monster guy comes up and punches the jukebox, breaking it. They glare at him, until a snail starts up an accapella version of the song they were just listening to, so one by one they all join in to make the music themselves. More than one way to solve a problem.
FISHING MAN - A cute music video cartoon. Blues music play as a father teaches his son how to fish. "Fishing Man he knows how to fish! He pulls realy hard and he eats Sandwich!" Goofy song, and in the end they just release the fish. Very stylish.
DUCKKITE RUN! - As Gnarls Barkley's oldschool R&B song "RUN!" plays, an cute, evil duck with DragonballZ powers proceeds to artistically destroy the Earth. Halloween. Easter?
CASTLE REPERCUSSIONS D2 - The story starts to gel as the last few stick figure survivors of the army's aborted attempt to steal energy from an alternate dimension finally band together, persued by zombies, demons and even a dragon. The End? Unlikely. Epic.
TARBOY - A very stylish, detailed, cartoony yet dark story of revenge, told by one robot to his son. In the robot world, the Higher-ups chat by the water cooles while the Slaves work themselves into exhaustion in the mines below. The supervisors put the broken ones into the tar pits, where their memory circuits -LIVE ON-. Eventually, they form a golem callled Tar Boy, bent on revenge. The look of surprise from the guys at the water cooler as it fills with black tar, then bursts. Distopia. Revolutions.
STAMP ON THE GROUND - Music video to the song by Italobrother, as a procession of people and video game characters play DDR, simply enjoying the music. Relaxing yet thriling. Done by Zarla, the artist with the furry fox avatar who did that Reanimator "Move Your Dead Bones" thing :)
METAL GEAR: CODEC MOMENTS - A set of quick skits staring Solid Snake and Otocon in Transmission Screen old school format. Get ready for some really STUPID conversations, ranging from romance to running out of pretzels. Snake wonders why he has C4 on a stealth mission, disconnects for a moment to blow up an island. The do the Metal Gear theme in Accapella at the end.
SQUEAK - A cartoon mouse doesn't like how the artist's RL hand is trying to manipulate him, so they have a cartoon confrontation. Funny.
BLIZZCONNED - At midnight, the epic race to get a Blizzcon ticket online before they sell out (often in minutes) begins. After the three girls get a 404, the guy who was sleeping gets a ticket and brags about it. So they kill him and fight over the ticket themselves. What?... no.. it's a BUMBER STICKER!! MUAHAHAHAH! Get a bigger convention venue that isn't so crowded Blizzard, jerks.
DARE - Music video animation to Swiftfoot's 'I Dare You To Move'. "Welcome to the planet.. welcome to existance.. what happens next?" As a guy grows up, a girl gives him a letter "I dare you to move". Learning to do something to make the world a better place, and find your place in it. "Welcome to the fallout, welcome to resistance.." Who are you, and who could you be? Can you dare to make the 2nd a reality? Redemption.
WEEBL & BOB: PERIPHERALS - Weebl keeps ordering more addons for Rock Band, while his friend thinks he's going a little too far. Until they get to the Groupie Set.
TF: REVENGE OF THE LOLIN' - The Brawl Taunts guy unleashes parody craziness on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Super high-speed comedy.
PARLIAMENT DEATHMATCH - The Angry Dog guy strikes again. Just to make a boring Australian goverment session more interesting.. the opposition leader asks the deputy Prime-minster "Are you a SNAKE in a HUMAN SUIT?" Which of course, she is. Everyone OOOHS! Guy goes alternate form to fight her, but he ends up as a hampster, which she eats. "BOW BEFORE ME, FOOLS!" Newspaper: Our New Snake Overlord. Who says politics are boring? Drama.
HAPPYNOODLE VS SADNOODLE - Goofy stylish music video duel between Happy Noodle and his emo polar opposite Sad Noodle, almost makes you want to dance. When someone offers you pie, be sure to have some. Music video to song by Logan Whitehurst.
THE TRANSFORMER - A 1910's gentleman runs into an Autobot that turns into a Model T in this goofy silent movie. Full of old school words like 'Hootenany'.
PENCILMATION 6: TURTLES IN TIME - To speed along a character using the outhouse, The Pencil draws a VCR Rewind/Pause/FastForward control at the top of the page, then keeps punching it for comical effects. Eventually, after being forced to eat a TV that was a turkey a moment ago, the Character breaks the control, warping him randomly through time. Time Warp!
CULTURE CLUBBING - Captain Capitalism attacks! Two kids watch silly anime and remark how great Japanese culture is. Kids ask CC if it's good to respect other cultures. "Well, sure, but in America, you don't have to!" The evil invasion of Menudo, Ah-Ha and 80's bands from Other Countries. World History, revised. Why talking about politics is stupid.
PENCILMATION 7: MALICE IN WONDERLAND - The tall guy on the left gets envious of trhe short guy on the right as The Pencil seems to be treating them very differently. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is very different than finding a cow in one. Mario growth crowds the frame. Alice in Wonderland. Animated goofiness.
HILLSIDE SETTLEMENT - A beautifull flash of one peasant who decides to build a house on top of a hill, bit by bit by bit. Then neighboors move in. Then more. Then they have a road, then a castle, then a port as grand classical music plays. Finally, the old man is King. Then.. flashback to the past, the peasant stands on the hill with his horse, thinking of what might be. It's fine to build castles in the sky, as long as you put a foundation under them.
MAYBE IT'S A VIRUS - Music video to the jazz/blues song by Julia Haltigan & the Hooligans. Love is a drug trip that doesn't always make you feel good. But no doctors please!
SHARK BAT - A jerk orders a Shark Bat online, a weapon to bludgeon innocent kids with! He hits one little kid in the head, who goes crying into the street, forcing a truck loaded with pills to swerve and crash. Kid eats the pills, goes The Hulk, and beats the crap out of the Sharkbat guy. The Golden Rule. Karma.
EBOLAWORLD - LIFE IN THE PORTAL: CLOCK - SamT has his nerd character discover the magic of Clock Day the hard way. B!
POSTMAN TIM DOOR NO.2 - A harrassed postman finally gets revenge over an angry bulldog who won't let him deliver the mail. British humor.
CATCH OF THE DAY - A grizzled madman in a tutu tries to fish.. for squirrels. Bad idea. Relaxing piano music as axes fly.
APOCALYPSE LANE: POKER - In the world after Nuclear War, a zombie, talking cat, a guy with a sock puppet and a mutant with a mini-me on his shoulder are playing poker with whatever cards they can find and sharing stories about the love lives. People you -DON'T- want to drink with. By the guy who did Prostitute Mickey.
BUNNYKILL4 - More ninja bunny-destruction action!
PULP - Quick happy(?) short of a war between Fruits and Vegetables in a girl's refrigerator. At first everyone gets along, but then battle lines are drawn, the button is pressed, Mututally Assured Destruction is activated, and the girl, chared, stares at the remains of her house. Watch what you eat.
THE BALLAD OF CRIPPLE KANE - High quality Samauri-Jack inspired animation inspired by the song by Ennio Morricone. The Wild West is a dangerous place "There's only one man you can trust, and that's a dead man.." keep your hand on your gun. After a bar shootout, a gunslinger runs from the law. Riding horses on top of a moving train. Very stylish.
GUN AND SWORD - Another high-powered anime fight sequence between a guy with a sword, and a guy with a gun, escalating from Matrix moves to nanobots and magic. Very stylish and detailed.
LIL' HOOTS - The Great Old Owl tries to teach cute little blue Spongebob-wannabee Hoots how to be a Great Owl.
LINE ART TUTORIAL - A very detailed step-by-step tutorial about how to draw, right from picking your materials. Art.
HOW TO HOOK UP THE NES - Jacquo the jaded gamer rabbit follows the easy (heh) step-by-step instructions for how to look up the NES, a tech support nightmare. Furry.
STUPID APOCALYPSE - A mutated human-eating THING tries to talk a geek out of his fallout shelter so it-they can eat him, telling tales of the post-apocalyptic world just like you've seen it on the SciFi channel, where the only clothes that survive the atmosphere are vinyl bikini tops. H P Lovecraft would love this one.
FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST - Animated music video to the awesomely wacked song by the Avalanches long ago. Drugs. "That boy needs therapy!" Good, even though it's very hard to outdo the original music video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8BWBn26bX0
DINNER WITH FRENCHIE - Morpheus, Trinity and Neo go to have dinner with The Frenchman, although it doesn't quite turn out like in the movie. Neo keeps stuffing his face and takes the dictionary when Frenchie tries to read from it. "You are puppets, on strings!" "You can't tell us what to do!" "(squeekyball) Fetch!" "BALL!" Neo flies around knocking things over. The Matrix Revolutions, parody.
A DUCK WALKS INTO A BAR - Animation of the famous joke. A duck keeps asking for bread. "No. NO. NO! Ask for bread one more time, and I'll nail your bill to the bar!" Dramatic pause. "Got any nails?" "...No." ".... hmm. Got any bread?"

8 BIT PWNY CLUB EP.1 - 3 8-bit cartoon character review the 5 best toilets in video game history. Half-life grenades in the loo, Duex Ex people shake their heads at you for going in the lady's restroom. Sims toilets can be anywhere, even next to the bed. You can drink out of the Fallout 3 toilets, and sometimes have to. Then, of course, Duke Nukem 3D. For when you have a really bad hangover. Poor Mario.
GRAVITY'S JUST A THEORY 2 - A cartoony fun music video to some folk guitar music by Andy McKee, where imagination makes a happy, strange little world of flying toast and a mechanical sky. Pull the snow lever!
PHOTOSHOP COLOR TUTORIAL! - Wavechan, an aspiring Manga artist, runs you though the colorfull and friendly tutorial about how to use Photoshop, using several examples, like Roxas and Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
STOP ASKING ME THAT!!!! - In the DragonballZ universe, Vegeta is sick and tired of being asked what Goku's power level is. "You as me that every day! And I have to reply, in a STUPID voice.. It's over 9000! Nah!!" Internet Memes. Patience.
TWEE DIDDLED - A random office worker goes to the bathroom. Unknown to him (at least until the crowd starts cheering), is that 4 million people are watching. People just like you. Shyness. Rocking out to 'Rockin Robin'.
SPOILER FIGHTS ZOMBIES - Zeurel's cyborg (from those contest fights from his comic, the guy who later gets possessed) hears some zombies, so he and his talking sword take them out quickly and stylishly. Then some strange possessed girl starts asking him questions. It wouldn't be Zeurel if it wasn't both cute, and disturbing. Halloween.
LUIS C -V.S.- Tom P - Luis Castungus versus Tom Pulp (Tom Fulp?). Goofy DragonballZ fight. Tom turns into his horrible alternate zombie form. Punch Unhappy Face! Middle finger laser balls. Proof that sometimes beams of awesome power don't always hit what you want them too.
I CAN'T DECIDE - Goofy music video in time to the Dr. Demento song 'I Can't Decide' by the Scissor Sisters. The joy of setting your workplace on fire, but a girl sees him, so he wonders what to do with her. Happy folk music jubilie about wondering if you should kill someone.
PANTS OFF MEN - Wacky almost Animutation-style with deliberate English mistranslations of a German foreign language rock song by 'And One'. 'Emo Bear Rights!' 'Pants off Men Shall Bite Again!' 'Gay colored house!'. Du Hast? Music videos.
GRAVITAXIS ++ - In the future, a kid invents an antigravity pack, and soars high above the city, into outer space, before starting to fall back. Filmed in reverse and set as a music video to Samuel Zone's "Blinded by Love". Epic as an anime 2001 A Space Odyssey, the feel of flight. Only.. is he going to smash down a make a crater in the ground? Your imagination decides. Transcendance. Space. Science Fiction. Awesome.
PENCILMATION 5 - TO BEARD OR NOT TO BEARD - Two identical toons face off. The animator gives one a beard, who WOHOOS and acts all superior like. The other eats a giant hamburger and gets fat, and doesn't want to exercise. So the animator gives him a giant Santa Claus beard, which EATS the other guy. Then it eats Santa. Then it runs from the pencil. Oh well. Drugs? Hand-drawn animation.
Deadbat Boyfriend - Music video to Lucky Princess's "Deadbeat Boyfriend." A guy simple does -not- treat his girlfriend right, buying only one ticket for a movie, while she worked all day cleaning the house on her own birthday. Angst.
BIRTHDAY 18 - A kid is turning 18, and wrote a song, but is also bumbed at being drafted into the Army. Unhappy birthday. Angst.
FRED - ANIMATED SERIES - Oney and Harry Patridge team up for this very quick flash. Fred is the most ANNOYINGLY HAPPY person in the world, so how do you deal with someone like this? Chaka--BOOM! Stress relief. Sick and twisted. The End.
BALLOON HEAD FRED - A different friend, this guy is literally a balloon. "You're not full of hot air, or inflated like all those other guys.." his girlfriend says, before annoying she's pregnant. 9 months later. "It's a girrafe!" Quick, funny and weird. Eddsworld.
RAPTOR BURGERS - A mad scientist goes through the long process of cloning a dinosaur.. then kills it when it wakes up, and makes burgers out of it. The length some people willl go to for gourmet food.
VETE A LA VERSH 6 - Spanish language cartoon with subtitles. One guy refuses to give up the TV remote control, so his friend makes three offers for it, two ham sandwiches, and an LIVE GRENADE. AHHH! BOOM!!! Learning how to swear in Spanish.
SERIAL ENVIRONMENTALIST - A guy wakes up chained to the wall in a crazy serial killer's house in the woods. "Wait, don't kill me!" "Why not?" "It's.. um.. bad for the environment?" "What? You really caught me off guard with that question." Trying to talk you way out of a very bad situation. Stupid horror movies. Halloween.
CHOPSTICKS IN JAPAN - A space alien tries to learn how to eat with chopsticks as a Japenese girl tries to teach him. Practice makes perfect.
MASTERMIND 4 - The Swain attacks. Somewhere in his secret red-light conference hall of evil, the Mastermind has called his minions together.. to tell them he loves Cherry Cola. Oh, and he's going to kill the first one who answers the question about why he called them all here. Except that they know that, and argue about these stupid meetings. Completely wacky. Based on Swain's own video game. James Bond would throw back his head and laugh :)
COOKING SAMA - A cute anime catgirl attempts the innocent act of cooking, which, this being anime, results in several RPG battles and a piece of toast blasting out to shoot down an overhead commercial airliner. "Could not forsee! Fatality!" If you know anyone who simply -CANNOT- cook, this is for them. Love the dynamite stick in the chocolate cake. Oh, and watch out of Calamari's big brother Cthuhlu.
JOE GOES TO LUNCH - The SuperFly is back. And it's buzzing around a guy's head as he tries to eat lunch, talking to him. "I'm messing with your mind, man!" Guy protests, but the fat man sitting next to him thinks he's talking to him. Then the fly falls in the soap. "What's he doing in my soup?" "I'm shaving my balls, Huzzah!" Food. Spits or Swallows. Don't take drugs kids. Funny cartoons. Manboobs.
MUSIC IS AN EPIC THING - A pshycadelic computer graphics odyssey set to 'Death and Transfiguration' by John Powell, a blast of eye candy, fractals, and a 747 flying into a wormhole as the powerfull classical music plays. Life and death. Drugs.
DMT: HOW TO READ MUSIC - A tutorial that does just that, explains the basics of all the conventions of sheet music for those budding composers out there.
LEFT 4 DEAD EPIC - Another parody of the odd people in the game. One guy hates everything. The long term effects of pills. The long-term effects of smoking. Power goes off in the elevator "I hate elevators."
PHILOSOPHER PHUN SHORTS - The words of John Locke, Sigmun Freud, David Hume and Rene Descartes, acted out by limbless cartoon people. Either love, or kill your own family. If you stop thinking, poof, you aren't anymore. Writing 'angry' on a baby's head turns them into a hardcore metal rocker. How did these people get famous, anyway?
TOFU3 - The guy with the Green Shirt consults the mysterious Oracle in the Cheese World. Everything in episodes 1 and 2 is explained.. sort of. Basically, he tripped while carrying the time machine, so he had to trick himself into fighting himself. You see? I don't. Anyways, more plot and less pointless cheese carnage than before.
ULTRA SHERIFF - NEMESIS - A Red human space marine attacks a Green alien's ship, starting cartoon war between robots and biology as the Sherif's robot assistants take down hordes of green guardian monsters. Handdrawn and computer animation.
AWESOME CRACKS DOWN - Egoraptor strikes again. The cop from Crackdown accidently beats the crap out of some decent folks, gets blasted into the air by a grenade, then adapts (badly) to life in an office. "Coffee for EVERYONE!" people run. "You know you all played Crackdown because you wanted your hands on the Halo 3 beta, c'mon." Total randomness, but you knew that already :P
TETRIS'D - In time with the music, a stick figure dodges fallling Tetris pieces that are making a tower around him, while a robot block monster is bashing at it. Very well done. Action. Music video.
BEDTIME STORY - People fight over the oddest things. One cartoon wizard wants to sleep, but the other wants to finish writing his book, so they turn day into night, night into back, back and forth, then have a war. Who wins? Does anyone?
CHEER UP EMO KID: PERFECT - For the webcomic of the same name. An emo kid makes a music video in his own bedroom, only to have his Dad come in and scare the crap out of him by interupting it. "Hey Dad, look at me.. think back and talk to me.. did I grow up.. according to.. plan.." "NO!!!!" Eep.
CAT FACE EP.13 - Catface doesn't like LOLCats. Tries to make pictures of cats doing SMART things. Er, ok.
GOOD FRIDAY REMIXED - A squirrel gets an idea, and takes a rack of lightbulbs out of his tree, then starts tossing them over people's heads, where they stay and light up. Eventually he puts on over the entire world. "Sharing ideas brightens any dark situation!" Horray of goodness and happiness. Furry.
SANDWICH - Eddsworld attacks. A music video love song from one guy.. to his sandwich. Riding a bike together. Going to the fair together. Sharing tender moments. Then.. the heartbreak of hunger. If you've ever loved food.. really, truly loved food.. this is for you. Goofy.
PIZZA JOCKEY EPISODE II - Two pizza delivery guys moonlight fighting crime. Using the power of pickle poppers (on sale now for only 10.99) to drive off an evil ice witch. Meanwhile, the Pizzanator plans his dark revenge. Behold the power of cheese. Food. Alternate superheros.
CYMOTHOA EXIGUA - The name of a bizarre crustacean that lives by draining a fish's tongue of blood until it falls away, then -replaces- it, attaching itself to the host's blood supply. Apparently, the fish can use the bug like its real tongue. Anyways, an office working wakes up, to find he's got of of THOSE talking to him in the mirror when he goes to brush his teeth. YUCK. Alien parasites. It tells off his boss for him though at least. Biology. Educational, AND disgusting too.
MY ROBOTIC INSPIRATION - Music video to the artist's own song by the same name. A robot comes alive in a world where everything is futuristic, and TRIPPY. Drugs. Strange entities. Robots have taken over the world. Odyssey of sight and sound. Be glad to be alive.
CANDY LAND - World War One comes to Candyland, where the last vestiges of sentient hard candy fight off the slavering geeky human hordes. "If they're gonna eat us, I hope we give them all STOMACH ACHES!!" Filmed in gritty cartoon realism with 'Ride of the Valkyries' playing in the background, it's a spectacle to make you rethink having that Jolly Rancher. Fight for Freedom!! Spits or Swallows.
WAR, SNOW AND FIRE - A touching film about priorities. In a white, black, and red world the little daughter of the General only wants love and attention, but her father is too busy planning war to spend time for her. She takes a walk, and finds a dragon egg hidden in the snow, takes it home, and starts feeding it, sneaking in more and more meat, until one day even Father notices, and finds a giant dragon in her room. Dad wants to use the dragon as a weapon, but it only wants to be her pet. He tries to force the issue, and the dragon escapes. He tries to hunt it down, and almost kills his daught in the process. Very stylish and emotional.
STREET FIGHTER COLLAB - A massive collab between some of the most famous flash artists on Newgrounds, doing a grand sendup of Street Fighter in all its iterations. Forty scenes or so in all, ranging from cartoony goofiness to NSFW adult scenes. "Everything, by EVERYONE!"
THE IGNORED MONSTER - An artist creates a monster, who walks about in the real world, but nobody pays him any attention, and he's sad. So the artist makes a friend for him. "Everyone needs a friend, even monsters." Valentine's Day.
BLUH BLUH BLUH - A claymation blob monster is trying to tell a mad scientist something, but he just goes "AHHH!" and finds something else to inject into the thing until it goes mutant and eats his head. Fin. Is there a point? Listen when people talk, even if you can't understand them :P Halloween.
INDESTRUCTIBLE COLLAB 2 - The Black Stick Figure fights another army of other stick figures with guns, swords, and even a hulking mech. Nothing hurts him. "WHAT ARE YOU!??" Boom. Not nice, that's for sure. More senseless carnage.
THE BODY COUNT - Welcome to the most twisted News Show in existance, courtesy of that Angry Dog guy. The News Anchor tries hitting on the Weather Girl, but it's pretty clear she things he's a slimeball, which is correct. A lot of self-praising adjectives go into the introductions, and the guy details a mad scientist taking out an audience with explosive propelled chickens without lifting an eyebrow. The evil genius cuts of police persuit by raining grease into the streets, causing the people to dance about cheerfully. The Anchor decides to check it out himself, despite the objects of the crew. Randomness.
PENCILMATION #3 - A cute quick cartoon where drawings on a page come to life. Big guy beats small guy, who then gets redrawn as HUGE GUY. Then Hammer Guy. One step button pokes you in the eye, the other dispenses party hats.
MAKE SNACKS NOT WAR - Two armies face off, shooting Dorito-tipped arrows at each other. "AHHHHH!.." impact. Crunch. Mmm, these arrows taste good!" "DORITOS! They make not make good weapons, but they do make good snacks!" Shameless commercial advertizing.
THE LAZER COLLAB 1 & 2 - Tribute to the stupid internet meme "Shoop Da Whoop". In each of these miniclips, at some unpredictable point, someone will go "WAHHH!" and fire a dragonballZ laser out of their mouth. But who, when?.. excellent timing. Funny. 2nd episode has furry segment :)
POKEMON HUNTER - A graphically beautiful burst of action as Lucario and a friend take down hordes, then a boss. Helps if you're a Pokemon freak.
H.E.L.L. - It sounds, grim, but this is fairly tongue-in-cheek. A newly arrived dead guy arrives in a strange complex, and the blue ghost janitor explains to him that he's dead, and shows him around the place. The worst thing about H.E.L.L. is that it's a complex buerocaracy, and the software doesn't always work (hey, they use a Mac, it's not always Windows doing it). Guy gets the chance to go back to prevent his own death, and it's only after he leaves that they realized he's a terrorist. Oh well. Goofy. Halloween.
TWO MINUTES OF TERROR EP2 - A guy with a car breakdown in the woods doesn't know it, but he's being stalked by -something- with no vision, but super hearing. It can teleport and stab anything in reach. How will he get free? WILL he? The joy of cell phones. Halloween.
POKEMON: THE LOST ENDING - 'Alternative' ending to The First Movie. Mew and Mewtoo are having their DragonballZ duel at the end while the other watch. Ash Cathem runs out between the two "STOP!!!!" *BOOM!* Nothing left but two bloody shoes and a fluttering baseball cap. Brock almost hurls. The End! Talking about ending a franchise too soon. Parody. Poor Pickachu.
GAMER TONIGHT - RACING GAMER - The talk show house interview a professional racing gamer guy Tonight Show style. The guy is like yooowwwww....rrrrrrrr... wooooooooooAH all the time, making car sounds, talking about the hazards of the road. "Do these skills transfer into.. real life?" The would, but the guy can't drive. Reckless driving, Animal Abuse?? The effects of drinking Too Much Caffinee. Don't have too much coffee kids.
THE UNPRESENTED - More supernatural stick figure fighting. Music from Foo-Fighters. Go figure.
THERE WAS THIS ONE TIME - You've seen the dogs playing poker? Well, how about a bat, a rhino, and a ferret playing poker? British dignity meets frazzeled energy meets big guy without a clue! "What game are we playing, anyway?" "Jenga!" A goofy furry skit for those who don't care for rules :P
TOFUTWO - More super-fast handdrawn guy vs tofu monsters action! What new horrors can be created from the Unnatural Protein? This time the guy in the Green Shirt fights another tofu master/monster who looks oddly like him. In fact.. is he fighting himself?
MOVIE MAKERS - Edd's friend spends all their saving to buy a camcorder, they go on a quest to somehow make money by putting videos on the internet. Awesome C-grade special effects, D-rate movie scripts, and a YouTube video of being attacked by a vending machine. Shoe is a hard boss to please.
PICO EPSILON - PICO DAY 2009! Fan remake of Tom Fulp's kid with the machine gun, this time in a grown up, gritty realistic Dragonballz style full of in-jokes as Uber-Kid and his clones invade the city. Pico takes a break from contemplating suicide to try and save the city, and his friends, although it doesn't work out that way.
FATHERLY BONDS - More Newgrounds in-jokes! Dad from Dad and Me and Pico team up to help rescue their kids (didn't Dad try to kill his kid?) smacking down enemies video game style. Then they fight the Castle Crashers guy. They all end up friends. Seriously. Goofy.
CASTLE REPERCUSSIONS - C - Back in the zombie stick figure realm, one of the separated marines just -refuses- to die, even when surrounded by hordes. He seems to get out of it alright though, very tenacious.
CHESS TALE - "What do you do when you love a girl and her parents hate you for being who you are? You do an animation of course!" on the chess board, a lazy pawn catches the eye of the Queens' daughter, defending her in battle, yet her parents think he isn't good enough for her. The Knight wants her instead, even though inside, he's just a pawn too. But even that isn't good enough. Then the Black Queen whistles at him! Romance. Love. Valentine's Day. Music by Junkie Joker.
MISINTERPRETIVE PORN STAR - A series of shorts by Harry Partridge, guy who did the Saturday Morning Watchmen thing, done for the Playboy website. "Oh Hal, I want some meat! Know what I'm saying?" "I think I do.." he hauls in a whole barnyard. "CUT!" "Oh Hal, I want you to take me somewhere I've never been.. know what I'm saying?" "I think I do... :)" Jettisons her from a spacecraft into the Sun. "CUT!" Then he meets his match.
ON THE MOON (EP 15) - The Weebl strikes again. The Toast King is calling Costumer Service/Tech Support because there's a Black Hole in his refrigerator, and it's consuming everything. Tech Support isn't very helpfull. The Shrimp build a Supercollider, uh ohs. Dr. Who's Tardis floats by in the background. More fun randomness.
DE QUING OF FAITERS '98-2 - A live action parody of "The King of Fighters" video game, full of dubbed in special effects and guys doing karate moves, goofily. Full of deliberately misspelled English words.
PROSTITUTE MICKEY 2 1/3 - A short made for a film festival, with the Prostitite Mickey character introducing the festival. Mickey's tape never gets in though, Goofy tells him it's because they suck. He also smoked the tape. "Got a pretty good buzz!" Oh how far the mighty have fallen.
CAT FACE p10 - Catface has trouble with his litter box, ends up playing poo Jenga. "I wanted super absorative, not super bouncy!" Personal Hygene. Disgustingly cool!
SKELETON JACK - A skeleton martial arts Indiana Jones DUDE enters the Temple of the Musical Cuttlefish, steals a golden ear of corn, and battles the mechanical undead minions of the ancient deceased emperor. Then it turns out the thing only plays music. Oh well. Very high detail and quality. Samauri Jack-ish.
"STRANGE FRUIT" - A grim animation to a grimmer folk song. Nina Simone sings about lynchings in the South, in very sad, slow, deliberate, poetic terms. Lots of dark shades of grey. Dedicated to victims of racism. Hate crimes.
GORDON - The Weebl makes a quick note that while other countries in the world have exciting world leaders, Gordon Brown is "Dull, Dull, DULL" Politics.
CASTLE REPERCUSSIONS - B - Stage 2. In the alternate dimension, a helicopter pilot crashes, then awakens a bit later, finding one of his friends trapped outside, and the zombies are trying to break in. Just when he thinks it's the end, *something* happens, a brightness appears, and all of them leave, leaving him injured and having to bury his friends. What now? To be continued. Stick figures.
TOFUZILLA - A fast, fun handdrawn fight between a guy and a giant lumbering Tofu monster. Lots of 3D and perspective as the monster hammers him with freshly grown limbs, until he finds a way to cut it appart. Then he eats some, it's not bad. Dangerous food.
HEROES OF THE COLD WAR - The intro for a yet-unfinished game. In a white, black, and grey world, your 2D animated agent goes about, takes the case with the X on it, avoids police, fights rivals, and makes the delivery "Now do it all over again." Oh well.
SYSTEM OF A DOWN - COFFEE - Super-quick bit of comedy as an animated Serj Tankian from "System of a Down" orders coffee from Starbucks (a series of reassembled sound clips of him being a nutcase) throughly confusing the waitress. Don't drink too much coffee kids. Caffinee and You. Food. Drugs.
CHARLIE THE UNICORN 3 - Red and Blue return from the future, and take the hapless Charlie back to the future, which looks exactly the same as the past. Running from Yomyoms, flying in the air, swimming on a giant duck submarine. "Quickly, grab onto our tongues!" Somehow they can breath underwater. "You know what I think? I died a long time ago, and YOU TWO are my eternal punishment!" Of course, there's also a song. The sea creatures love Charlie! "I can't tell if you're adorable or creepy.." Rapping shrimp. Face it, you KNEW this was going to be on drugs before you clicked "PLAY". Creepy stalker starfish. Underwater Snowman. Hold onto your horns, kids.
CASTLE REPERCUSSIONS "A" - First part of an epic stick figure series, a followup to the Castle series earlier. In the future, the fuel-starved government goes looking for new energy in an alternate dimension. Only one problem.. monsters. Lots of them. And a castle, which somehow has an infinite energy source. An EVIL energy source. That turns people into zombies. Well, these things are never easy. Meanwhile, a private left behind in the castle is tormented by a mysterious force. To be continued.
LIFE IN THE PORTAL - A new flash artist wants to get noticed. His annoyed friend suggests Newgrounds "They like crap." He uploads a flash. "WOOHOO! 5th place!!! What won first?" "Sonic Stick Fighter 3" Badly drawn Sonic waves a sword at people. New artist vows to defeat Tom Fulp! Wacky. From the evil known as Sam T.
WEEBL & BOB: ARMAGOODEN - Weebl's last Cream Egg movie. Armageddon and blowing up giant asteroids was never quite so messy. The earth is a giant cream egg. Happy Easter.
&EG@ - "SEGA" A quick April Fool's take on Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has a dream about the kid who saves him from drowning in the swimming pool. He wakes up with a start "Woah!" then finds himself in bed with Sally. "AHHH!" Wakes up again, this time it's Tails. "WAAA??" Wakes up AGAIN, and finds it's Eggman. "Woah, that was.. interesting?" Then finds he's in bed with some aligator "OH MY GAAA!!!" The End :) Evil Valentine's Day.
ACHIEVEMENTS - Foamy the Squirrel takes on Game Achievements, while Achievements constantly pop up over his head. Some are way too easy, some are INSANELY HARD. "Achievement: Waste 15 consecutive weekends". Pop Up Videos. Foamy suggests achievemetns for his friends. "No one likes you!" "Your Mom still doesn't know!" "You watched this episode, ACHIEVEMENT!" Xbox sucks. Video games.
MOON GROOVE - As 8-bit music plays, a rapid-fire animation, free-drawn yet converted into low-rez, a rocket heads for the moon, a guy in blue dances like a madman all over it, rides the rocket back home, crashlands, then kisses his girlfriend. Valentine's Day. 4th of July. Fast and awesome.
AT HEAVEN'S GATES - A bored Saint Peter informs a new arrival that he can't enter heaven, because he's gay. "What? But I'm not gay.." Peter informs him that humans are amazing, and that they can live their entire lives living a lie. Peter waves beefy Hans on through. "What? But he's totally gay!" Peter informs him that many "gays" aren't actually gay, just looking for a way to fill that void in their soul, and end up believeing it. "But that's not fair!" the new arrival sighs, pulls the lever, and goes to Hell. Fun with Religion, hypocracy.
TAL: THE SNOWBALL EFFECT - A bunch of school kids horray at snow outside! Then it stops. "Awww.." It starts again!" "Yay!" It stops. "Aww.." it starts again. One kid figures out that it starts whenever they say "Awww!" so they say it, over and over, making it snow harder and harder, until finally a meteor shower starts nuking the town! "Awww.." BOOM! The end :) They Might Be Giants music in the background. Evil Christmas. You can get too much of a good thing. Winter.
CAT FACE 8 - More Weebleness. Cat Face signs up for a cat video dating service, but calls the butcher by mistake. He gets a tape of desperate tomcats, and one dog wearing a cat disguise "If you would like to be my dinner, come over for dinner, I will NOT eat you!" Catface sighs. Evil Valentine's Day.
MUTTEO IN NES LAND EP3 - A guy convinces his girlfriend to join him in NES land, systematically destroying a game of Castlevania with castle redecorating, goofy game mishaps, and stopping Time without even realizing it. Fighting your evil twin was never this much fun. Nintendo madness. He-man. Skeletor.
8-BIT WATERSLIDE - An awesomely funny bit of video editing, what would world be like, if it was made by Nintendo?  An 8-bit surfer goes down a water slide, dodging flames, mad falling Tetris pieces, SUPER MEGA BOOST PIPE!, eating a mushroom to regrow lost hair Mario style, and making a high-speed jump over an abyss (a toilet seat) to complete the level. Old school.
PRESS START: UP TO CODE - While Count Vile revels in his new control of Hell, Vlad gets an unwelcome visit from the Evil Castle Inspector. "Did you know this moat is 50% poison? The minimum requirement is 80%!" All the little level tricks are simply too easy "Such a glut of fake doors is a fire hazard!" Lots of video game parodies. Check out their movie!
CAT FACE 7 - A BBC Nature program, fresh from being attacked by sharks underwater, decides to spy on the urban residence of Cat Face, Truman Show style. Stupid BBC people.
DAYDREAMS - A guy who starts daydreaming during a boring school class quickly enters the drug-trip world of dreams, where things seem real, until you think about them.
TT:011 RUNNER II - A fast, goofy handdrawn take on that Line Rider thing, but this time no images are erased, an infinite string of little guys are drawn one at a time on the page as the loop, skateboard, and fly UFOS around the screen, moving from one piece of paper to the next. Racing. Stunts. Space.
WOLFENSTEIN: ET MOMENTS - Those who plays First Person shooters will love this one. Several animated moments you've probably experienced: Getting lagged right before knifing someone, blowing yourself up with a point-blank bazooka blast, the joy of quick flamewars and votes to kick a player. Keystone Cops meet World War 2.
EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE - A music video tribute to about *40* differnet famous artists on Newgrounds, done in perfect timing and irony to Globus's song "Take Me Away".
PARODY RANGERS THE MOVIE PART 2 - The Evil Rangers are mad at Evil Mr. Purple because he let the Rangers life. Mr. Purple makes an insight.. "Maybe you WANT them to live! They give you MEANING in your life!" Then Mr. Purple takes over and turns them into Pokemon. Meanwhile, on Earth, the real Rangers show their Alternate Professsions, Red does Powerthirst, Mace Raps, Yellow does some anime thing. Mr. Purple sends his Splooge to Earth. Meat gets an phone message from 6 months ago that he forgot to check. "WE GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD!" He tries to rebuild the team. It's funny. Zordon has been dying for 6 months, but he's still alive. Rangers go to space to get their powers back. Splooge starts turning people into zombies. Saved by Australian supermodel. Who is actually a robot owl? Poor Meat. Critic notes at the end. Power Rangers.
PURGATORY PIZZA - The Damned Misfits of Creation bide their time running a somewhat hip Pizza Delivery place. Demons, Marsuplals, Jackalopes, a bit purple big thing, Lemurs, and who KNOWS what else make up the cast. Only delivers to Heaven or Hell. Lots of goofy video game references, like Altered Beast and Street Fighter 2.
POKEBALLS - The Fighting Stick Figures decide to try something new, and throw POKEBALLS at each other! Zap, sucked inside. For once, not gory, yet plenty of action. Oh yeah, and the world explodes. Pokemon.
CROUCHING KITTEN (HIDDEN BUNNY) - A quick bit of martial arts as a rabbit and cat fight it out with samauri swords. The bunny cuts the cat in half.. is this the end? Not quite.. Cute, then kinda gross. Easter.
MEDI CALL ad parody - "I've Fallen and I can't get up!" "My ass is on fire!" "I can't find the remote.." "My son never calls anymore!" Enigmatic annoucer just sort of sighs.
Senior citizens. Old people.
TWILIGHT: THE BROODENING - As still photos from the vampire movie Twilight, with goofy back vocals. The Best Looking Vampire tries to explain to the New Girl why vampires sparkle in the sunlight. Why is everything gray? And why is everything Dark, unexplains, and dangerous? Who cares. Nerfed vampires.
BOOT TO THE HEAD - Another Frantics skit, following up the Karate one. As part of his last will and testament, a rich guy leaves all of his annoying relatives a 'Boot To The Head'. Dr. Demento. The Lawyer gets a wolvarine in his shorts. Inheritance.
BLACK HOLE SHEEP - Very quick, goofy little thing. The Common White Sheep. The Rare Black Sheep. And the rarer still.. Black HOLE Sheep. Tries to make friends, but they keep getting sucked into him, along with the whole universe. With the ground gone, he falls. Cartoony. Space time anomylies.
HOUSE MD ANIMATED - Goofy pardy of that TV show House. "Wait a minute.. this kid doesn't have a tumor, he's just lactos intolerant!" Family Feud board, where only House seems able to get things right. Kid's brain explodes "Oh my God it hurts!"
SATURDAY MORNING WATCHMEN - "The Watchmen" as you've never seen them before. The cartoon version! The gritty, dirty graphic novel becomes a bright and happy children's cartoon in this completely gaga parody, complete with catchy theme song and everything. Harry Patridge. Joshua Tomar voice acting.
WEEBL AND BOB: GOOBUSTER - The Weebl takes on Ghostbusters for another short for Cadburry cream eggs. Redoing the refrigerator and "Slimer" hotel scenes. "Don't cross the streams!" They do. BOOOOOM!! The End of the World.
SCIENCE! - Goofy music video to The Dandy Warhols "Science". A mad scientist at CERN narrows averts blowing up the universe, and instead summons a raptor wearing a classy vest from the past. His supervisor gets envious of his new drinking companion, so she traps the dino and challenges him to a mech battle. They battle.. with Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cartoony :)
MADNESS AGGREGATION - Aka "Madness Combat 9". The story continues. When we last left off the Savior had attacked and damagaed Mr. Black's reality engine, causing storms of normality to start rippling across the blood-red sky. Meanwhile, two tough individuals fight their way up a road nearby leading to a mad science facility.. dragging Hank's corpse along the way? What are they planning to do with him? Who lives, and who dies? To be continued..
SPACE TUMOR - A touching short animation of a soccer player who contracts a rapidly-growing tumor from a meteor that falls from space. Doctors say he only has hours to live. What do you do in your last few hours on Earth? He decides to play in the nights game anyway.
PROSTITUTE MICKEY 2 - Mickey returns to his run-down dive with a super-fat Minnie and his junkie-friend Goofy. Minnie says Donald died, but can't remember the number Mickey's supposed to call. The life of an ex-Disney start has never been worse. Old School.
SNOWBALL COLLAB - Another take on the Stickfigure violence thing, DragonballZ moves with snowballs, snow motion brain-exploding impacts. These guys play for keeps.
STICK DUDE KILLING ARENA4:EXTENEDED - Guns, knives, rocket packs, even a CGI helicopter. Pointless carnage has never been quite this classy.
NUTTY ROOM - Music video to Adam Buxton's BBC6 music show, old school scratchy black and white style, but well done. Kids makes things out of other people's body parts. Goofy and catchy song. Halloween. Insanity. Monty Python-ish.
2ND ANNUAL TANK AWARDS - Tom Pulp gives out the Newgrounds Awards for this year, sort of short.
WEEBL AND BOB: GOOSHINE - Out in space, Captain Weebl has punched a whole in the wall while trying to hang up a picture, resulting in an air leak. He doesn't want to acknowledge that it's there. They need to find a way to plug the hole. 2001. Space Travel. Science Fiction. Cream Eggs. Easter.
IN MY ARMS COLLAB - A detail line art music video to Jon Foreman's "In My Arms", a haunting song of love, or is it love lost? Valentine's Day.
FOAMY - TECH SUPPORT V - Foamy the squirrel calls tech support, gets a guy in India. "Guess what.. I gave my 2 weeks notice! Go on, ask me something!" Foamy isn't getting answers anytime soon. "You got fired, didn't you?" "Yes, it is true.." Non-PC.
NARWHALS - The Weebl attacks again. Sea unicorns are larger than polar bears, jedi that stop Cthuhlu from eating you. "Just don't letem touch your balls." More crazy loopyness. SpongeBob Squarepants would like this one.
OPEN HERE - A stick figure tries to open a box that says "Open Here" on it. Punches, kicks, lasers, missles, NUKES, DRAGONBALLZ'S, Freezes, and does everything short of Atomizing it. Then a girl walks up, and reads the instructions, and opens it. Guy can't believe it, and pushes her out of the way to look inside. She dumps him into the box and closes it. The box jumps a bit, then stops. The End. Moral: READ THE DIRECTIONS, IDIOT!
SONIC SHORTS: VOLUME 5 - Yep, more fun mini-fan-skits for the Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic competes in the Bejing Olypics, gets a perfect 10 in diving, then almost drowns because he can't swim. Mario tosses him a ring, but it vanishes as Sonic collects it. Baby robot bug learns to drive. People keep mistaking Shadow and Silver for Sonic, driving him nuts. Sonic finds Mechasonic's week spot, kicking him in the nuts. Knuckles punches out Sonic while he eats a chili dog, Sonic goes DBZ on his butt. Annoying robot helpers. Sonic is finally going to ask Amy out.. or is he? "I don't.. go that way.." Tails WOOS! Amy goes scary DBZ Cthulhu on him. Tail tries to fly Sonic out of water, but he needs to seriously diet. Dr. Egghead unleashes his ultimate weapon.. his underwear. It works. Sonic can't take minor robot enemies seriously. Egghead sends missles across space and time to destroy the annoying screenwriters who water him down in G-rated kid's cartoon shows like Sonic X. He's a manga villian dammit! Ending live action puppet show as the credits roll! Rick Rolled. Awesome :)
THE FINAL ACT - A Pixar-quality 3D animated mime does one more act for the audience.. pretending to hang himself. Don't like Mimes? You'll like this. Short and sweet.
GIRLCHAN IN PARADISE EP1 - Egoraptor takes a break from parodying video games.. to parody ALL ANIME INSTEAD! A short original story full of dramtic eye closeups, girls with bouncing breasts, shocking betrayals and names that are very, very, VERY DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE! "I'm going to have to use.. my secret technique.. that only I can use.. because of... (pause) (thinking) my bloodline.." "WOAH! Is it.. *THAT* bloodline?" "Yes.. it's THAT BLOODLINE!!!" *Dramatic Noise* All out wacky. Joshua Tomar voice acting. Plot devices. Reused animation. Naruto sucks.
SUPER MARIO BROTHERS EP 2 - A surprisingly hardcore 3D animated tribute to The Brothers Plumber, beginning with Mario taking down a DRAGON single-handedly, and Luigi witnessing an explosive airship strike on a town. Realistic physics make the cartoony animation just a little bit eerie, when the hammer doesn't work Mario uses a knife to cut the dragon's throat. Explosions are crisp, instant, and disorienting. All bets are off.
ENDEAVOUR - A bizarre mind trip in a line art world where a boy meets a fairy girl, and is seperated from her by an accident. No words, only action and gestures. What actually happens is open to interpretation, including wether the ending is good or evil. Valentine's Day, or Halloween?
WALL-E AND R.O.B. - Pixar's cute little robot meets Nintendo's 'giant' one as both toys come to life with stop motion animation inside a human's studio. Wall-E wakes up ROB, who starts firing lasers at him, creating a chase scene. EVA blasts Rob, but when Wall-E asks for a handshake, she points the gun at him. Uh oh. Evil Valentine's Day.
DON'T WORRY, SON - A completely *MESSED UP* *NSFW* short from that Angry Dog guy, about a mad scientist playing God, who detonates an elephant as his son watches, completely horrifying him. Then he shows his Son certain -alterations- elephant DNA can have on humans, like a longer slong. As his Son gapes in horror, Dad cuts him to pieces and puts him back together as a furry elephant, sort of. "I must.. continue the legacy.." Totally, and completely random. *DO WORRY*
VALENTINE'S DAY 2009 - BarfQuestion's unique VDay letter to his fiancee! "You've taken my heart, now it is safe from the zombies!" As civilization is overrun by a zombie horde, two lovers enjoy skipping coins over their heads, running them over with an ice cream truck, and finally just cooking marshmellows out in the country while the city is filled to the kills with walking dead. Happy go lucky music play in the background! Enjoy!
IT'S A TANK! - A quick promotional for the 2nd Annual Newgrounds Tank Awards. Quick comedy skit as Tom Fulp, Mr. Newgrounds himself, rushes to the garage as P-Bot (who looks a bit like Vincent from The Black Hole?) starts giving birth.. chocolate sauce flying everywhere "It's a TANK!" See what a master geek looks like.
LEFT4LOL - One smart girl and three stupid guy AIs progress through Left 4 Dead. "The Game Hates You" no matter what she does, teammates always jump right between her gun and the zombies, even when she tries to shot her own brain! Just before reaching the Chopper, an AI insists on healing the girl, resulting in giving a giant boss zombie enough time to catch up and kill her when they both could have easily escaped. "Watch out for the witch!" Of course, they don't listen, PEEING on her. She aggros. "SHUT UP!" the witch blinks. The girl disconnects. The guys shrug and laugh. Video games and you.
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT - A goofy animated music video collab to Kylie Minogue's song by the same name. Lots of cartoon fun for Valentine's Day.
IF TREES COULD SPEAK - A black and white odyssey into early memories by Jinnaboy, song by The Flashbulb. All the important bits of life that stick in the mind, not told in order, just as they come. Rustic folk music in the background. "But if trees could speak.. they'd say very mean things.." Weird.
BEDTIME - A quick little animation with a definite point.. a bedroom forms itself one shape at a time, then a guy walks in, gets ready for bed, and slips into bed, then turns off the light. Stars and the Moon shine out the window "Nothing is missing.." "Except You...." credits. Valentine's Day. Invitations.
NEWGROUNDS IN A NUTSHELL - A completely cartoonly super-fast parody of probalby 500 things you can find on Newgrounds, from stick figures to There She Is to OVER 9000!!! to Mario and Sonic making out to dress up games to Saladingers to Pico blowing EVERYTHING UP, . Wouldn't be adult, except for all the penis shots. Foamy the squirrel, Strawberry clock. Metal gear. Seizure! Parade of Internet Memes! Angry face.
IT'S A SIGN! - Love is in the air, which makes Angry Face ANGRY! Then he sees a railroad crossing sign, and falls in love! Then he gets hit by a train. Ouch. Happy Evil Valentine's Day.
WEEBL AND BOB: WIZARD - The Weeble does a very quick Wizard of Oz parody, which ends in the green monkey splashing water on his own face after sending out the winged cadbury eggs. It's on drugs, you know this already.
PROSTITUTE MICKEY - Very messed up, although mostly by implication. Mickey's down on his luck, wearing high heels, and one of his cheapskate Johns comes around, talking down his already cheap prices. Pluto needs a new kidney, after all. You actually feel sorry for the poor mouse.
HOW TO MAKE FREEZE POPS! - This is actually just what it says.. a cartoon how to lesson in making your own popsicles! Add sugar if you're using citrus, since freezing increases the tartness.
GUNCHEST EPISODE 08_03 - The second to last episode of Gunchest. This is the part where everyone starts to die. Good luck.
THE LOVE TD AD - Cartoon informercial for all those Geeky people out there! A well-dressed scientist has found a way to bring love to those without it.. by selling human beings. "You can also get a furry animal for the same or LOWER PRICE!" Geeky guy isn't quite convinced, skeptisism is a good thing. Late night commericals. Valentine's Day.
ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM R:2 - 2nd reel of an information movie about how modern banking works, and the scary, when you look at it, process by why banks can create money out of.. essentially nothing. Perhaps that's why we're so screwed up..
APOCALYPSE PLEASE EP: 1A - Welcome to Glenwood. A friendly walk in the meadow is disrupted as a giant meteor falls from the sky. BOOM! Zombies, demons. But for the kids.. that darn essay is still due! Growing up in the post-apocalytic world. Kids carrying guns to school? "No change there." Sorta comedy.
MY WORLD OF NEWGROUNDS - Fun with video editing as a guy make a 'My Newgrounds' video, full of his favorite things, video games, personal accomplishments and the like. Being able to manipulate fire is Cool.
MORTASHEEN - This is a bizarre cartoon involving a lot of somewhat gruesome monsters.. yet the main character, a platypus with a bandsaw blade for a beak, somehow comes across a bit likable and toony as it tries to chase down a fleeing eyeball, having misadventures along the way. Pile of skulls? Creepy. Pile of skulls opening their eyes one by one? Bad place to be. Halloween.
CAT FACE 4 - The Weebl strikes again. In this episode, Catface makes a horrible mess in the kitchen, just in time from that Chef from Hell's Kitchen (Mr. Ramsay) to show up, and eventually have a stroke from how disgusting everything. Fun with censorship bars! "Get the @#$@ out of my kitchen!!" It's actually Catface's kitchen. Cooking. Spits or Swallows. Talks a little like Arthur.
CAT FACE 6 - The Balloon Cat returns. Box cat joins in with the Christmas Spirit. Also leaves a gift for Mr. Ramsey. Kitnapping Santa Claus?
CAT FACE 5 - Box cat gives Cat Face some catnip.
REDEMPTION DENIED PT.2 - This actually works pretty well on its own. In a black and white world, two men fight to the death, caught by hate. You can feel the pain, even though the gore is just a splash of red, and everything is stylized. Sad acoutic guitar plays. Feel the viseral agony of being strangled. The friend of one guy comes with a gun, and kills the attacker, but then realizes his friend is mortally wounded. The final scene is an admitted remake of "Ilya Repin's godly painting named Ivan the Terrible Killing his Son." Dark.
THE REAL LEGEND 3 - A completely A-list parody of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time. Episode 3 - The fairy drags Link up a cliff to check out an odd looking cloud, easily traveling the mountain while Link has to scratch his way up and get hit in the head with boulders. The rock people still punch others as a way of greeting. Town folk don't bat an eye as Link walks in, smashes pottery and steals their money, then takes the roast and leaves, giving the tavern wench a slap on the way. Death by Disco Dancing. Link runs the HELL AWAY from the dragon! Then employs his secret weapon. Fairy is awesome. Joshua Tomar voice acting.
LEFT 4 SPEED - Left For Dead parody, in the Egoraptor "Awesome" style. Four overly stereotyped personalities fight bizarre zombie hordes. Boss zombie vomits on one player, making them vomit on another, and start a chain reaction, grossing out the original boss zombie so he leaves. Stay away from the creepy little girl! "But she's so.. COOL!" Doom for everyone. Super high speed hilarious doom. When car alarms are a bad idea.
MEET THE SPY - Quick interview with the Spy from Team Fortress 2. Good for surprises. Not so good for defense. Wearing a piece of paper over your face was never so cool. Smoking kills, but not quite as quickly.
IF YOU WERE GAY, ROY - Fan video to the famous song from Avenue Q. Cute anime talking heads.
SKETCHY FRIENDS DANCE - *THIS IS A CERTIFIED DRUG TRIP!* A series of semi-furry line drawings on a black background come to life in time with the music, stretching and contorting and dancing, each one it's own instrument in a BIZARRE midi song, National Zombie Attack. Pretty, pretty colors. @_@
SMASH KINGDOM LOST LEVELS - Another series of Smash Brothers Brawl parodies! Part of a project that wasn't completed, so they releases the finished skits. Sonic's DragonballZ powers allow him to destroy all four incarnations of Icarus before it wears off. The Flower boss vomits on Kirby "This is so.. fucking.. DISGUSTING!" Snake sneaks in, boss says he can use all the explosives he wants, but no guns. Earthbound kids gets mad as Peach dodges all his lighting balls, so HE pulls a gun. Bang Bang. Donkey Kong plays a rhythm game using Wario as a bongo. Fatality. Wolf knocks over Baby Mario's blocks.
SUNDAYS - Animated music video to "Sundays" by Daphne Loves Derby. Boy lets his imagination run wild, flies way up into the clouds with an umbrella, meeting seagulls and strange magical creatures in the process. Falls into the ocean, rides a dolphin, then a sea serpent, and a flying sheep. A magical adventure of the imagination, almost like a children's book. Lighthouse. And while dreaming, some of it comes to life.
PHOENIX "THE SLEDGE" WRIGHT - Phoenix Wrong parody of the "Lawyers" video from Picnicface on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzBzdPkd58g The fastest fast-talking lawyer on the planet wants you to do his wife. I think. Maybe he wants yours?
FROM PLAYER TO PLAYA - The epic movie trailer for a simple orange cone media player, who can do the filetypes the pro's can't. Gets in a duel with Windows Media Player, turns him off. Just push play! Added to your playlist. The story of an Icon! Computer tech support fun.
EFN: EPISODE 1 - "Escape from Nevara", a bizarre well animated stylish first chapter in what looks like a bizarre story to come. In a twisted world, a Frankenstein-like cyborg monster awakens, remembering something horrible that happened. Inside, the ghost of the original owner wakes up, and battles to take his body back. Something about a promise that's a lie.. you really have to see it, and ready the preloader comic to make any sense out of it.
WITHOUT A MUSHROOM - A simple level of Super Mario brothers goes bizarre as Luigi is head. "LUIGI!!!" animation goes from spirit to weird 3D as Mario tries to tell his horribly mutilated brother that everything will be alright. Luigi fades, then dies, but not before pointing out the Goomba who did it to him. Mario does horrible hatefull Dragonballz, and it goes back to sprite, with Mario stepping on the Goomba, who vanishes. That was easy. Overacting. Nintendo.
TOMM-E - Wall-E parody. Kinda. Red robot and blue robot make flash files, then submit them the Newgrounds in a religious experience. Ooooooh. Sort of an in-joke.
GORILLA WARFARE - With real gorillas! Well, cartoon ones. A little monkey finds himself storming a cliff covered with large gorillas, all of which have modern military weapons (except for Donkey Kong, but he's a cameo). The little guy dodges like crazy, then finds a chaingun by the skeleton of another earlier monkey. Payback time. Rambo. Machine guns.
LIKE POETRY - A very strange gothic dreamscape flash, very sad a first, as a boy buries his dead cat. He has an interesting dream that night, not sure what to make of it. The next morning, he goes out, to see the grave, and finds a new tree growing there. Then the sun rises. Sort of ends on a happy note. Very "Arty".
SOMETIMES, Y - "Meet Y. He's the letter.. that doesn't want to be a consonant." "Dad, I just want to be a vowel!" Dad doesn't understand. Trailer for an epic movie that doesn't exist. "You can Alpha-BET on it" Alternative lifestyles. Weird. Corny.
CAPTAIN FALCON HYES - A series of non-sprite animated shorts involving Captain Falcon from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, who says those annoying things like "Shoe me your MOVES!" Gets in a manliness duel with Solid Snake "Who is more Manly?" Snake twitches, then explodes. Quick, chaotic bits of Nintendo fun. Metal Gear.
HOSUE [SIC] - Like that show "House"? You don't? Good, you'll LOVE this! A freaked out Elmira-like little girl makes big eyes at the disgusting host of the show, who, after a prolonged staring war, extends his head and swallows her like a python, which is witnessed by Wilson, who freaks out. Then there's some breakdancing to the band Madness's "Our House", just because it's wacky. Silly Halloween cartoony parody fun.
RW: - Insane high-speed detailed stickfigure fighting weapon gorefest. Again.
ONCE AT THE LESSON - A student at a complex Calculus lesson decides to spend his time doodling instead, and navigates several stick figures through the video game level he made using different goofy tactics. Boredom and it's solutions. ADHD.
CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII - The bizarrely stylish adventures of a guy from a trailer park who somehow gets stuck in Purgatory with a weird well dressed butler. He falls into a cavern of gold populated by a mad hermit, then he and the butlet find the sacred Lightbulb. Don't ask me, I have no idea.
DANNO'S RUSH - Two guys who are both in a hurry manage to get exactly in each other's way as Cowboy Beboop music plays, each going left as the other goes left. They get in an anime-style fight, until finally both get one step away from each other, and they both run past each other. Sometimes cooperation is the answer. Hurry. Race.
BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 11 - It's random, do I have to tell you this? The Swain strikes again as Blockhead breaks his homeless friend out of the mental institution, dresses up in a dragon suit, uses some power lines for a hammock and leaves the house so clean his Conscience (that old guy sitting in the chair) gets suspicious. Oh, and he thinks it's Ghostmas too, a day early. And he tries to scam some movie tickets.
SERPENT'S GRAVE :PITCH: - A public animated pitch for an independant movie in the works, about a mermaid sent to England in the 1940's to teach mankind how to get along with her people. Conflict between militant humans and merfolk set in the era of WWII. The movie should be something to see, the trailer looks professional so far.
FAGELSKRAMMAN (German for "The Scarecrow") - "Life sure is tough for a scarecrow.." being bombed by birds, used for target practice, enduring wind and rain and snow, year after year, a scarecrow finally sheds a tear.. and is reborn as a bird. The End. Beautiful ending music.
WEATHER MAN - Welcome to Calamity Street. In this episiode, two News Anchors get on the Weatherman's case, for calling up yet another week of excessive rain, cold and snow "Um.." Killing the messenger.
$00pah NiN10Doh! - "Super Nintendo" Another super collaboration of Nintendo freaks! Princess Peach gets all the luck in Mario Party, and that's a literal statement. Kirby takes out the disturbing looking enemy ship without really trying. Otaku Pokemon Snap XXX photographer snaps one anthropomorphic Pokemon babe after another. The Ducks exact WWII reverge on That Damn Dog from Duck Hunt. Fox takes time to oggle Krystal while she's stuck in the crystal, she gets him for it later. Gratituous furry Pokemon beach babe action. The Four Links form a dysfunctional adventuring party. Ditty tries to ask out his sister. Wario still sucks, but his minigames are awesome. Sigeru Miyamoto is stranded on a planet ruled by his own creations. Mr. Game and Watch is a bad chef. The Hand hurts itself in the final battle. Ike from Smash Brothers Brawl sighs and looks at you "I'll be you people don't know ANYTHING about Fire Emblem." Starfox deals with Drama within the team. The Nintendo Management can't think of anymore themes for pokemon after 5 generations. A Tetris piece's son doesn't look like his dad. Solid Snake "METAL GEAR!!" goes insane and defeats the final Smash Brothers Brawl boss, only for Gigglypuff to sing The Ending Song and put everyone to sleep. AWESOME!!! Adult, but not -overly- so. PG-17 maybe.
MARIO'S CASLTE CALAMITY - Rapid-fire Mario parody! Mario's can't seem to destroy that castle from Mario Brother's 3 (the one where it gets destroyed differently every time). Dynamite, using friends as projecticles, bombs, poison shrooms, cannons, geting his head eaten by fish.. NOTHING works. Mario has a terrible horrible no-good very bad day. Yay! Fast and funny.
SNOWBOT - Original animation with original music. A lonely little robot lives in a dark world, but he has a guitar. And with every note he plays, it gets just a little brighter. Wonderful music and video combo, in time with each other. Robot finally makes a gift out of himself, waiting for you to open it to replay the song. Merry Christmas! Valentine's Day.
Awesome. Music found here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/199634 Rock music or New Music, take your pick.
NG SKETCHBOOK TOUR 08 - A massive project featuring single sketchbook page drawings from the majority of arists on Newgrounds, each one with their name verbally announced by The Swain and a small animation of their name and some bio information. A Who's Who of Newgrounds.
THE W FORCE - EPISODE 1 - Cronicles of a bunch of weird purple-clothed mercenaries tasked to protect The King, a mini Grimace-like retard with a big gun. After interviewing a guy with no face for an opening, the manager goes to investigate a Space Slug that's apparently invaded the control room, attracted by the Peanut Butter the king is eating. It's an endangered species? "Oh great." The King blows it away. Oh GREAT! Joshua Tomar voice acting. How to edit Wikipedia to cover your tracks.
DISTORTED VIEW - TRAIN TRACKS - Video to the wacky audio podcast known as Distortedview.com In this episode, the DJ takes on the case of two 13-year-old girls who died after deciding to sunbathe on railroad tracks. "Time for an Insensitive Reenactment!" Like, totally blond. And zombified. "Oh, something's coming down the tracks! What could it BE??" Boom. Gore. Whammy from Press Your Luck game show takes your picture. Public service annoucements.
SUNSHINE THE PARAKEET - A human thinks his pet parakeet is happy. Zoom in to see the furry version, who's depressed, trapped and suicidal, although nothing seems to work. And there's crap everywhere. Author "Yes, we do like Ren & Stimpy" Furry, if sorta dark.
GUNCHEST EPISODE 08_01 - Things look bad. Not only is Gunchest #45 having bizzare flashbacks of memories that aren't his, but the Bleeding Fist, a group of human geniuses reanimated from the dead as robots, are planning to use a captured radio tower to send a frequency that burns out all the ankhs in the robot brains of all robots in the city. How do they know how to do this? Because they -created- the ankh systems. Sophia (The Lady in Red) and Big Shoulder (a robot reanimated lab gorilla) try to tell their masters to stop, only to be torn apart by The Green Man. An army of near indestructable Bombbots are wrecking the city police force. Who can help now? Time for some serious korean anime action! Long series, see it from the beginning! The end is coming soon.
SPEED ANIMATION 6:CHRISTMAS BATTLE PARTY - Not totally random, but pretty close sometimes! Done as a training exercise, this 15 minute animation was done in 4 days with 7 energy drinks. Spike, Kik and Maloc are three limited animation teenagers searching for life, love, happiness, and prize money if they can find it, but mostly try to keep viewers around as the ADHD clock counts when they need to do something 'interesting' every 10 seconds. A goofy gameshow evolves into an epic quest to save a jaded Santa Claus who decides to stay in a perpectual Halloween Party. A combination of pointless battle, goofy humor, sarcasm and almost painful true emotion somehow work together and win you over, a case of excellent writing and directing making you forget the art is simple, yet effective. Santa really doesn't look nearly the same away from camera. Evil Christmas and Merry Christmas both. From the maker of the "Snow Snow for Lucy" animated short.
BITEYCASTLE CHRISTMAS - Short happy(?) episode where a drunk Santa Claus hits the bottle, sings, plays with himself (that is, a Christmas ornament of himself on the tree), laughing manically, then passes out and knocks over the tree, all of it witnessed by an alarmed little boy who will probably be traumatized. Merry Christmas!
FROST'D - A little boy invites Frosty the Snowman over for hot chocolate. Frosty mmmms, enjoying the marshmellows "But.. I didn't add any marshmellows.." Oh no, Frosty is melting, and the door's jammed. Goofy horror. Evil Christmas. "Help.. me...."
SANTA'S GREEN DILEMMA - Santa arghs as economic problems reach the North Pole in this politically incorrect celebration of modern Christmas. An elf tries to convince Santa not to outsource everything to China with cyborg reindeer and a diet plan. Sometimes it's not wise to "Go Green". Environmentalism. Goofy Christmas.
SPIDER-POWERS FOR XMAS 2 - In this happy musical celebration, a kid only wants one thing for Christmas.. Spiderman powers. And if he doesn't get them, he'll freak out. Then a villian hijacks the Sleigh. Goofy Christmas. Superheros. Then an elf talks to him as the walls start flashing, freaking the kid out. Lovely music with only the occasional bit of swearing. Goofy Christmas. Jason Stafu is evil. Epic! Awesome. Elves stage a revoltion.
SCHOOL 13 - I H8 X-MAS - A Russian kid never gets what he wants for Christmas. Russian with English subtitles. Parents want Dima to go buy them some alcohol. Probably not a good move.
THE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS - The guy who does the Floating Hands Xmen things tells the story of a Mom who catches her son playing Dungeons and Dragons, and thinks the game is evil. "But Mom, it's just a game, like Bunko!" "Oh, I like Bunko.." Moms starts rolling the dice, then gets evil eyes and starts making things float around the room "Uh guys? I think we should call it a night.." Magic Missles at the Darkness. Sort of.
PRESS START: SIDE QUEST - A video game RPG guy wants to buy some potions. The witch wants a letter of recommendation. "A -what-?" Thus begins a rapid-fire series of goofy side quests that must be done before the character can move forward, like getting water for an npc who won't move 15 feet to get it. Zelda references. Random comedy goodness.
SNOWKITTY ADVENTURE - A cute furry kitty brings her snowman to life, which promptly turns evil and chases her, firing at her hiding spot with a bazooka as rinky dink Christmas music. She gets even with a mech made of hair dryers, melting him. Evil Christmas? Music is Come All Ye REMIX.
NIGHT OF THE WARHOG - A COMPLETELY RANDOM funny sitcom clip involving Shadow the Hedgehog, a floating tentacled friend he lots to fire a machine gun at, haunted house ghosts and Santa Claus, which of course Shadow blows away with extreme prejudice. Just plain weird, good if you don't want to use the left side of your brain for a while. Sonic.
RETRO XMAS - Pitfall Harry of Atari 8-bit fame makes his way to the right as rinky dink Christmas music plays, until he gets to the North Pole, grabs Santa and pulls him out of his sleigh, then hijacks it. "Fuck Xmas, sincerely: The Jews" Music by Waterflame. Evil Christmas.
THE 33RD CHRISTMAS - A family goes completely gaga for Christmas, tearing open presents and bouncing about everywhere. Then, halfway through, we suddenly go to Jesus on the cross. He blows one of those party whistles, then ends up eating it with a cough. At the cross next door, another prisoner is punching buttons on a cell phone, producing an endless stream of ringtones. Jesus arghs. "Happy Birthday Jesus! (be careful what you wish for)" Evil Christmas.
MERRY THANKSMAS! - A Pilgrim and an Indian welcome you to Thanksgiving.. and are interupted by Santa Claus, so fat his belly is bursting out of his outfit, chair held up by two panting reindeer. Santa plans to take over Thanksgiving, drawing angry responses from the two. Turkey "I don't know.. I think Santa's got something here." Then Satan shows up. "You two.. KNOW each other..?" Evil Christmas, although it's more goofy than anything else. Political incorrectness.
NOT SO FUNKY - A furry feline fiddler applies her craft in this stylish purple world, a music video to "Not So Funky" by Oro on the audio portal. Crow people, a human sinking into the ocean as ships flash to the beat in the background, an audio visual odyssey of dance. Song is at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/87666
DOODLE BATTLE - Two bored students decide to start a pencil and paper war, begining with two dueling stickmen and then ending up with tanks, planes, and even a nuke, which dedonates after the teacher catches the piece of paper and throws it in the trash. Art creating life as well as imitating it.
ZANTA CLAWS II - The guys from Eddsworld recieve that message that Zanta, Sant's horrible undead nemesis, has kidnapped him -again-, then they explode. "Oh crap, why do I have to save Christmas -every year-?" Flying cars hitchhiking on planes. Storming the castle, resisting the temptation of the Presents, which give them whatever they desire, such as a swimming pool full of cola. The final showdown. Awesome! Be good kids. Evil Christmas.
FISHERMAN? - A bit of slightly obscene comedy as a hiker runs into a rude fisherman. He decides to get even, first by peeing in the water then coming up with a plan.. an alternative way to catch fish that seems to work a -lot- better than using a hook and line. The fisherman watches this, then tries it, then a speedboat roars past him. "@#$#@$@!!!!" Kinda sick, but who cares.
THE IPHONE SHUFFLE - Introducing the new, reasonably priced iPhone alternative aimed at teens who have almost no disposable income. It only has one button! "Push it, and you'll call -someone-!" Buddies, Grandma, your EX?? Joshua Tomar voice acting. Capitalism. Apple.
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Ep.1 - A boy finds a strange metal in the ruins of a crashed meteor. Then a strange spaceman appears, opens his EMPTY helmet, and beams of light come out, piercing the boy. He wakes up. Was it all a dream? "3 years ago.. something happened to me.. I don't know what it was, but I can FEEL it.." Then it starts getting really spooky.
When the space girl with a gun tells you to go with her, don't hesitate. TBC.
THE PIPER'S WALTZ - A stylish 3D animated wood puppet that looks almost real. Wooden arms lift a paper cutout of the Pied Piper of Hamlin out of the box, who then uses his flute to summon and remove a crowd of rats, but when he reaches for the money it vanishes too, so he summons the children, crumples THEM up, and then retreats into the box, which glow red. Short, stylish, fairy tale with a moral. Only a little disturbing.
CHRISTMAS PILL - How does Santa get around the world in only one day? The short answer: Drugs. Santa goes on an all-night pill-pounding present-delivering binge. Then... he runs out of pills, goes GAH.. and collapses inside a kid's house "Santa?" Festive music from Carmen in the background. Don't do drugs kids. Evil Christmas, although it's not as dark as it sounds, Santa lives. Overwork.
FRANK JONES - Flash music video to Fly Amero's song from Cracked Country Christmas, co author of "Twisted Christmas". Two neighboors get in the ultimate Wild West Christmas Light-stringing duel, as the narrator pulls all the stops trying to outdo the infamous Frank Jones with increasingly gaudy Christmas displays, ending in a showdown that burns the electrical grid for miles around. Evil Christmas! Merry Christmas.
THE HIT - Goofy Film Noir, 3D animation short. A cop goes to his car, then stops, notices a hit man approaching, and puts his hands up. The assassin grins, and points his gun with relish.. right before bright lights illuminate him, and he turns to see a sports car barreling down at him as he stands in the street. The cat hits the assassin, who flies into the air in slow motion Matrix style. The cop grins, grabs his own gun, and shots the hitman before he hits the ground. Boom. The cop grins "Remember to look both ways before crossing the street!" Public Services messages that are AWESOME. Funny.
SOMNIUM - "For all who dream" A dreamer's jounrey into a world created and shaped by music. Awakening into a black and white world, facing a dark door and having no idea what's on the other side.. having the courage to -open- -that- -door- and witness a world with color. The dreamer becomes a magician, then a demigod.. and then.. he wakes up. "Wow." Albert Einstein quote at the end. Beautiful.
LOVE SONG - Santa sings Barry White's "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby" to Mrs Claus, ending up mending relations with her, and they fly off to an ice cream planet together. Actually very well directed, even if the drawing style is a bit rounded. Music videos. Merry Christmas!
GOAT 51 - Fun little animation where a goat wanders up to Area 51 and notices all the security, as well as all the beautiful green grass on the other side. "Fun Fact: Goats Can't Read." The goat wanders in, and manages to make a complete mess of the top secret government facility, escapes a nuclear bomb in a refrigerator (ala Indiana Jones) and frees an alien, who then rescues the goat from the "No Way Out" fence. The goat chews the tasty grass. The End!
MAX & WATCH - A goofy, detailed music video -thing- where HotDiggedyDemon (human) breakdances with Mr. Game and Watch (from those only handheld games from who knows how long ago) Weird, random and cool, Mr. Watch goes back to his home universe for a bit, walking in two animated back and forth movements, says hello to the family, almost gets eaten by an octopus. Nostalgia.
The Important Mission - DomoFlashVideos. The King sends The Warrior out of a dangerous mission to retrieve a golden hammer. Traps, foes, Kill Bill music marks this quest. Finally, battered and bloody, the Warrior returns with the hammer.. which the King uses to crack nuts with. It's good to be King.
A LITTLE ANIMATION - Cute quick line drawing animation of a sketched girl drawing a sketched guy, who comes to life. She blinks, he smiles, and they kiss. The end! :) Valentine's Day. Short and sweet.
GUNCHEST EPISODE 06_02 - Finally, some of the backstory of Gunchest comes to light in a strange memory, that seems to be trying to take control of #45.. history of the Ankh, and how one scientist learned to combine human dna and robotics to generate supernatural power. The identity of the Bleeding Fist leaders comes to light also, and they might be a little too close to home..
D2FX: JUICEBOX - "A STUPIDLY EPIC story about getting juice.." one lego friend asks another for a drink, the other goes to get him a juice box. Thus starts the deep sea fishing tale of hunting down the Great White Juicebox and braving the high seas. Makes Deadliest Catch look.. well, more realistic.
NG API AD TUTORIAL - Hands-on directions for adding adds to your flash files, so you can make money from people who watch your flashes on NG?
PRESS START: DEVIL MAY CRY - Count Vile is in Hell, and his one phone call doesn't go so well. "Vlad you've died a few thousand times, help me out there!" Disconnected. Until he challenges Satan for control of hell, and Satan slips on a banana peel. "Hey Vlad.. guess what I just did!" Yay for video game references.
MONTY PYTHON'S FINAL FANTASY 1 - Which animated short of the Red Mage fighting the Black Knight, with the audio from the Holy Grail going on in the background "That was just a flesh wound!"
BILL COSBY POKEMON RAP - A goofy animation made for a goofy song that combines a lot of 'Bill Cosby' parody sound clip from Family Guy and the Simpsons. Jazz, Pokemon, Jello Pudding, Kodak Film, Rap Music, Brain Damage, and Skiing. Also an Easter Egg, although I haven't found it yet.
GEARS OF AWESOME - Another totally messed up Egoraptor video game parody! The Marines pointlessly growl and maul things. The aliens say hello, that's a bad idea. Then a magical train shows up and takes them to candy mountain lollypop land. Does it makes sense? No. Who cares. Easter Egg. Some voices by TomaMoto.
ANGRY DOG - LIZARD TYRANT - The second chapter. The new Lizard Mayor continues his plans on covering the city with heat plastic, then unleashes Raptors which start devouring others. Bear reflects that someone is breaching the dimensional barrier. Angry dog fights the raptors, and accidentally opens the portal.. naturally a T-Rex comes out. How will this all end? Actually, you're wrong..
PROFITEROLES - Animated by Wonchop, music by TheWeebl of Badger Badger fame! The world is being taken over by English Donuts filled to explosive levels of cream! Giant Profiteroles blow up The Effel Tower and Big Ben. BOOM! Another catchy Weebl song that infinitely loops! It will be your doom! Food.
SONIC EPILOGUE FULL MOVIE - A fan flash about Sonic the Hedgehog, fully animated rather than sprite, with Tails as the main character, having a flashback where he meets Sonic, they become friends, Sonic gets captured and injected with someone that turns him evil, the reunion, and finally Tails having to finish him off. Pretty deep, sadness, regret. Song is "Break You Open" by Vanatom from DeviantArt. Reminds me a little of Kingdom Hearts.
FALLOUT 3 MEL'S ADDICTION - One blocky cartoon character's cousin gets addicted to Fallout 3, starts slowly turning into a zombie who drinks from a toilet, thinkig it will give him HP. His blue friend tries to help, with mixed results.
MARIO POWN 2.0 - Jacked out on caffinee beyond reason, Mario DEMOLISHES Level 1-1 of the classic Super Mario Brothers game, performing spazz maneuvers that are weirdly perfectly in time with the goofy soundtrack. COFFEE. DRUGS. Fast, fun
and awsome :) Music video. Bizarre.
MK VS DCU - Mortal Kombat vs the DC Comics Universe! Begins innocently with a fight between Sub-Zero and Batman, showing off their goofy sprite-fight moves. Then Superman joins, and has to fight Scorpion. "GET OVER HERE!" Then just about -everybody- shows up and it's a choatic battle royale!
WILD SALMON IN TROUBLE - A serious flash that teaches the life cycle of salmon with beautiful cartoon graphics and a background vocal. Starts mostly educational, then goes into salmon farms, and how they keep the level of Sea Lice (salmon-feeding parasites that usually die off after the adults do) high in the rivers all year, and kill many of the salmon hatchlings, then links to the group's website for more information. Salmon and You.
SCHOOL 13 - STREET MAGIC - A young hip magician tries to impress a new guy with a series of actual magic tricks, turning day into night, creating fire in his hands, and finally summoning a giant teddy bear, but the guy just shrugs it all off. Then the mage tries some 'tricks' like chasing pigeons away by going SHOO, and does that 'pull off your fingertip thing', freaking the guy our. Goofy.
THE GREATEST IDEA EVER - Two bored scientists in europe blow bubbles, make sounds with their mouths.. and then EUREKA! "Let's build the world's largest Hadron collider!" Only a small chance that it will destroy the world with a black hole. Everyone on the planet think it's a great idea, including flower children. "So when are you going to turn it on?" "Maybe we shouldn't do this.." Science must go on! Half Life, anyone?
COGS OF WAR 2 - Fast and funny parody of Gears of War 2, where two marines are faced with a series of ever-stranger circumstances "What are all these things?" "What's going on with this?" "We're gonna ride WHAT?" "What's happening here?" "I have no idea." Sketch comedy. Exploding giant worms = Red outfit.
THE HOMELESS VAGABOND - In a heavily stylished animated music video (Le Premier Rendez-Vous by Monkeybacon, link in the text desc) a homeless fellow longs for more out of life, so he fashions some trash in the park into the shape of a working guitar, and puts his heart into the music. From rags to riches.
CHRIS & HARRY - What begins as an innocent offer of cake turns silly and DragonballZish as one guy has an alergic reaction, that makes him cough up a laser that destroy the moon! Begin the pointless Burly Brawl Agent Smith Matrix anime fight scene music! How not to solve an argument.
INANIMATED - Two police who have no idea what they're doing interrogate a homeless guy in an office suit. Thus begins the (goofy) torrid story of a guy given a chance to leave the street by his demented cardboard box, who happens to be the boss. The psycho box makes life hell for him, so he eventually attacks the box after the silly Alfred Hitchcock suspense ramps up to the critical level. Dilbert would love this place.
A TOURNAMENT FOR A BRIDE - DOMOFlashVideos, a goofy contest offers a really cute girl as a BRIDE to the winner of a televised battle royal event! Naturally, it attracts every bizzare goofball from miles around, including samurai pigs, minotaurs, one cute little bird you -don't- want to make angry, and a frog with some serious moves! Who will win? What will happen when they DO? Stay tuned! Furry. Valentine's Day.
HOW NOT TO TIME TRAVEL - R-rated story of a dweeb who finds a garbage truck that turns out to be a time machine. He starts messing with history, starting with warning himself that his girlfriend is going to give him crabs, and goes on to save Abraham Lincoln, shoot Hitler, shoot -himself- warning himself that shooting Hitler will spray his shirt with blood, gains a fortune and delivers a truckload of beer and hookers to the American Constitutional Convention, getting Ben Franklin so trashed he throws up on the Constitution, and they have to rewrite the thing with the Dweeb's help. All told in rapid-fire first person commentary. Awesome! Funny as hell. Comedy. Back to the Future? Dr. Who?
GOOD SAMARITAN - DOMOFlashVideos, the foxtailed girl has lost a coin! She says she'll like anyone who finds it and brings it back to her, so all the guys look for it. Then they find the Little Bird has it.. and a battle ensues. Then it turns out the coin it's for her.. it's for that BULL METEOR GARDEN GUY AGAIN! WHAAAAA!!! #4 in that series :) The End? Evil Valentine's Day.
ME BILL - A very deep, experimental short film. A conveyor belt is running, where rainbow-colored people are unconcious, and having a colorful orb removed from their chests, turning them grey, where they are then fitted with grey work ties. A red guy wakes up early, and sees what's happening, and tries to escape, but gets hit by a truck. A surgeon removes every precious thing from his chest, and finally the sphere, but the Red/Grey guy wakes up and fights him for it, then ends up jumping off a building, prefering to die with his sphere than surrendering it. He ends up dead on the pavement, his sphere taking a hit, and turning grey itself, while all around grey people with ties are singing.. happily to the music. Did he do the right thing? Doom.
SUDDEN REMAKES 1 - Arnold Swartzennegger plays the role of Luke Skywalker in this parody remake of the Destroying the Death Star scene from Star Wars. He busts out his Commando powers to save the day. Strange remakes.
NOBADON & THE LITTLE GIRL - A cute, friendly dinosaur meets a little girl. He's happy at first.. but instead of giving him a hug, she jumps -inside- him, then starts cutting him open, turning him into a house one annoying step at a time, while he blinks and watches. She finds a guy who loves to eat dinosaur cutouts, they have kids, and the poor dino is sitting there for months. Then he gets a brochure from the sky on a way to escape, blows up a balloon, and waves, flying away, all the while relaxing easy listening music is playing. Psycadelic. Drugs. Just plain weird. Furry. Always best to treat people right.
PROFESSOR LAYTON PT.3 - All the professor wants to do is tell the boy with the blue hat and the girl a bedtime story. But the ADD blue-hatted freak keeps spouting "BASEBALL!" "TOUCHDOWN!" and random things until the professor totally loses his mind and starts smacking him around, as the poor girl shivers under the covers. Passive Aggressive. Want to meet the most annoying person in the world?
OBAMA VS MCCAIN - A quick bit of political fun as McCain and Barrack Obama become Pokemon, and engage in battle with a series of ironic powers. "Palin strikes Obama with CUTENESS! It has no effect" lol. "Le Gasp, Obama is evolving!" Gains sunglasses "Obama has evolved into the President!"
DARK KNIGHT INTERROGATION - A goofy cartoonish remake of the Joker Interrogation scene in The Dark Knight, where Commissioner Gordon tries to learn where Dent is from the Joker, and they bring Batman in to play 'bad cop'. Lots of strange wordplay, sillyness, weird psychology. Voice work by Egoraptor.
ROCKOONS 2 - The heavy metal raccoon band is back with a new animated music video! A lightning strike hits a haunted house, letting a Wraith Raccoon enter our world, to sing a cover of Journey's song "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (After you click 'Play' you then have to click on the TV knob to start the show) Meanwhile, another lightning strike sets the house on fire.. how will it end? Furry! Ghosts. Happy Halloween. 80's music.
THREE'S HORRIBLE - Sort of a take on Three's Company.. except the 3 in question are Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman. The VERY Odd Couple. Wolfie isn't impressed with Drac's hairpiece. "It would be easier if I could see my own reflection!" Frank wants Wolfie to change the TV channel, threatening to smash in the wall. Wolfie oohs.. and casually lights a cigarette lighter. Frank GAHS! Fire Bad! Awesome Halloween dyfunctionality. Situation comedy. Part 1?
THE DANGERS OF HALLOWEEN - A public service annoucement for a paranoid universe disturbingly similar to our own. A News Anchor that would fit in well on the Family Guy TV show details all the horrible things that could, theoretically, happen on Halloween. Psychos cutting off baby gums and selling them as candy. "Which started a new flavor of Gum.. Baby Gum, Gum!" "Sand.. innocent powder.. or tiny glass KNIVES? Stay tuned!" Spits or Swallows. Food. Happy Halloween. "Ironic, isn't it? Yes, it -IS-" Tomamoto voice acting. Comedy.
BEELZEPHOENIX - Phoenix Wrong does a music video to Tenacious D's "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) in the Pick of Destiny album, where they challenge the Devil to a Rock off. Lots of swearing, but artistically done :) Works perfectly with the sprites, the Judge does a drum solo. Apparently Ten D has -2- albums called 'The Pick of Destiny', one clean, the other one explict. Well, this is from the explicit one.. the clean one is actually kinda funny on iTunes, it's pretty obvious what the changes are :P
SING YOU SINNERS - A Black and white tribute to the old school Swing song of the same name. Not the Manhattan Transfer version, the classic one. Old style music video as a kid enters a haunted house inspite of all the warning signs to stay out. Dead sings the song to him. Better dance now, the Devil don't allow no music down at the River Styx.
EDD EGG - SAW - In a parody of the horror movie, A goofy English guy awakens chained to a bathroom pipe with a tape player and some cleaning supplies in view. The tape instructs him that he'll find the key he needs if he cleans the toilet, and if he doesn't electricity will fry him in 20 minutes! One bind after another.. and then the owner of the mysterious voice is revealed! Comedy.
JIGSAW - Another Saw parody! A guy wakes up in chains, and recieves The Talk from an evil death mask, who gives a speech, then blinks, and asks they guy to stop staring at him. The guy "I'm sorry.. but I'm deaf, and I can't read your lips.. because you DON'T HAVE ANY! Can you get flash cards or something?" Evil Face looks constipated. The End.
SCHOOL 13 Halloween special. Another SAW parody. A kid wakes up in chains, and gets a video from Mr. Naruto Swirly Face, who says he doesn't respect history, and has to retake a test he failed. Except that he can't reach the table, or uses his hands for the pen. And he has 13 seconds. Russian language with subtitles. Goofy, sort of..
FALLEN ANGEL EPISODES 1 (Parts 1-3) - "My name is Sara, I'm 22 years old.. and everyone I know is dead." thus begins a story of escalating violence, starting in the modern day and ending in nuclear war, WWIII. A nuclear sub launches missles right in front of the beach where Sara is sunbathing. She has -X- minutes to get to a safe zone. Living a nightmare, from a first-person perspective. EMP blasts cause chaos, even before Zero Hour. War is Hell, even before we lose the important landmarks. All of it done in beautiful realism and color. Sara's story -begins- with the end of the world. Stay tuned.
EDDSWORLD: MATT SUCKS - Eddsworld Halloween Special. Matt gets turned into a vampire, and tries to bite the other guys in the house, enduring a few misadventures. They find out about it, and test out the vampire stake machine gun.. killing themselves in the process. Matt "Now that's just not fair." he goes outside into the sunlight. Boom. Happy Halloween.
SKETCHED - PREGNANCY TEST - A clueless business executive argues with a corporate scientist over adding more features to their Pregnancy Test product. "They PEE on it?" "Well, yes sir.." "I don't want to make a product people PEE on!" Top comes off like a pen cap, but people can't write with it. "It only works once? Lets make it reusable and double the price." Sketch comedy. Commercials. Completely off the wall.
CINDERELLA - DOMOFlashvideos. The Warrior meets the girl of his dreams, but she runs away before midnight, leaving only a goofy anime slipper. Misadventures as an assistant tries it on everyone in the kingdom. Then.. success, it's her again! They spin and dance together.. and then Midnight hits, and BOOM! It's the BULL from METEOR GARDEN AGAIN! ARRRGH! #3 :)
THE LEGEND OF MIYAMOTO - One day, Shigeru Miyamoto is walking down the street, and spies a Mario pipe, looks, slips, and ends up in Mario Land. He relies on his own video game creations, Mario, Link and Donkey Kong, to get back home, entering the pixilated world.
ILL FATE: EP.1 - An this professional-looking carnival of horrors, a mastermind with an animated talking hat bend on the destruction of the universe gets his mad scientist minion to open a portal to somewhere else with the help of a fragile creature made of the influenca virus found on a peacekeeping mission that blew everything nearby up. It's stylish as hell, so what if it doesn't quite make sense! TBC
DE_DUST2 - Stick figures battle it out on that one map of Counterstrike that everyone plays. Meet The Pro, The Camper, The Dumbass, The Lagger, and many others, a carnival of all the people you've met in one form or another, now assembled into one super anti-team.
BOWSER'S KINGDOM, THE MOVIE - The moomba and the koopa from all those other fashed get an impossible mission from Bowser.. dress up as Mario and Luigi, and steal the princess! Will it work? ... probably not. Especially since on reaching the castle they learn a lot of unknown things -about- Mario and Luigi as the gay toad guard winks to them. Peach is so annoying they want to throw her out of the balloon. I'm sure it will all end well... Gooma needs to eat a mushroom? "I can't eat this.. it's canibalism!" How to trash Mario Kart in 30 seconds while being chased. LONG! Sprite fight!
FERRETS! - One ferret tries to cheer up another one with a happy song! "I sing about all the things in the world that make my happy!" A bit of Charlie the Unicorn in style, begins simple and sweet, then, of course, it gets twisted, bit by bit. "One day I will eat your brain and it will be GREAT! So let's sing about the things we like and meet your fate! ^_^"
Eh, people always knew ferrets were evil anyway, right? Furry! Humor. Don't worry be happy
PARODYRANGERSTHEMOVIE 1-3 - The Rangers confront the Purple menace, who notes Zoron still likes to hire kids "We're not teenagers, we're adult actors -playing- teenagers." And trust me, that's not gonna make you feel any younger" Purple guy almost says he's Darkwing Duck. Fighting mice. Red guy "WHAT TIME IS IT!??" Nobody knows, red guy arghs "..it's morphing time." Purple guy invades the base, their powers are gone? Red guy can't handle it. TBC!
Joshua Tomar did voices for this one flash TOO? That guy is everywhere.
MADNESS - SOLIPSISTIC PART 1 - A scientists is punished for a faulty laser used to dissect an alien, so they lock him up and perform experiments on him. After pronlonged torture, he gains telepathic powers. Uh oh. Begin the station lockdown sequence. TBC
FW: - More stick figure fighting madness! An arcane swordsman makes his way across the scrolling landscape, fighting people with guns, lightning arcs, and finally mechanical monstrosities in this very details and fast-paced smashfest.
GUNCHEST EPISODE 04_02 - The next episode of the professional anime-like series. Battle on the highway as the Burning First try to active a secret weapon. Black (white guy with the big gun) fights the Lady in Red, and amazingly holds his own for a bit before Gunchest #45 enters the scene. Big (the blocky self-aware mech thing) fends off bullets until the 'monster' activates. Is it Gunchest #1? #45 has some strange dreams.. just before the car gets nuked. Stay tuned!
CUP O DEMOCRACY - Captain Capitalism takes a letter from a Confused Constituent, about how to pick a President. CC goes on to parody the electoral system where several completely nonrelated issues are blended together to form Republican and Democrat coffee flavors. Ultimately, pick a President by how well they did on SNL, and how much they bench. Politics
GHOST CRUSH - While Amina music is playing, a happy little ghost wants to buy his girlfriend a brain-flavored ice cream cone. With real brains. The ghosts and ghouls walk about, going about their business, eating the living, but otherwise behaving like everyday citizens. The brain-cone vendor even smiles happily at the happy little ghost, who goes back into the underworld, finds his pink ghost love, and goes flying with her. Weirdly cute and creepy all at once. Tim Burton would like this one. Valentine's Day. Halloween.
DON'T EVER WATCH THIS - Would you like to see something pointlessly gross? Cool! A series of rapid-fire sketches involving bodily fluids, exploding brains, stupid jokes, and Sesame Street parodies. It's gross, it's profane (sorta, PG-13), it's pointless! DON'T EVER WATCH THIS! LOL!
NOCTURNUS - A sleeping kid experiences a trip to Hell in a Creepy Dream Sequence (tm). Evil Halloween. The Satanic teddy bear LOVES you!
FLECKO'S HALLOWEEN - Flecko, an anthropomorphic gecko (and also an except swordsman and gunslinger) goes trick-or-treating with a friend. Then they run into a -real- monster in the graveyard. After some wacked out dialog, there's a wacked-out very well done fight scene, shovel vs sword. Go Go Samurai Jack moves!
THE LADY'S ROOM - Halloween horror as a girl washing her hands in the backroom sudden finds herself locked in, and everything turning horrible and organic. Then the Spooky Anime thing shows up, with mouths for eyes, and laughs as she tries to defend herself with a broom, taking blow after blow. Will the girl survive? Guess.
HALLOW STATISTIC - A team of space-traveling teenagers with anime powers search the corrupted shell that was once Earth, and discover a strange city. The power to their ship gets cut once they enter it's aura, and they're left having to find a way of destroying the corrupted power source, and fight the Halloween horrors that await. No zombies here.. something far more evil.
ANGRY DOG - LIZARD DOME - The new Mayor of Dog's town, a racially diverse city (and it's a furry world, so that really means something) moves forward with his Lizard-friendly agenda, building a giant plastic dome over the city to raise temperatures and demolishing neighboorhoods to put up lizard-sunning stones. "But sir, only 2% of the population are lizards.." Bad political moves. Megalomania. To be continued!
YEAR OF THE DOG - After climbing a mountain, a dog thinks it's his day.. little does he know he's about to experience more bad luck that most people find in a year on the way down. Then it turns out to be the new year, and it's Year of the Dog! Celebrations everywhere. He gets some red shorts.. then here comes a bull. Oh well. DOMOFlashVideos.
TRANSFORMERS MEDIOCRITY 2 - Another parody of the classic transformers series by Metal Maverick. Optimus is a religious zealot of the great Primus, until Primus summons him and tells him the truth. Megatron plans on conquering the world by selling replicas on Ebay using the mythical power of the World Wide Web. Soundwave takes out an online customer service representative.
SUPERVILLIAN IV (PARTS 1 and 2) - Supervillian is a little annoying kid with a box over his head, who does things like poke people in the leg with tacks. The Pope activates a giant robot to get rid of him? Pouring concrete into a baby carriage.. not good. The Pope attacks. The Sun hides itself. Using a crowbar and a hubcap, the Supervillain does battle vs the giant mech! It doesn't go well. Behold the power of microwaved burritos! Defeated, the Supervillian prepares more evil(sorta) schemes. Mech down, the Pope activeates his second line of defense. Lots of property damage. The SV celebrates by using a crane to toss a guy in an outhouse into a public swimming pool. How evil. Superheros.
SUPER MARIO BROS Z Ep 7 - Goofy high-quality sprite cartoon, part of a long series. Parody of DragonballZ a bit, hunting down the Chaos Emeralds. Bowser and Doctor Robotnik together, will they win, or blow each other up?
PARODY RANGERS THE MOVIE 1-1 - You can probably guess what this is, except this time all of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers have issues. Skull and the other guy follow them skydiving for some reason, and awaken the egg of some, bad, thing. But it's mostly about the Red guy freaking out and going ADD. Second episode - Meet the evil team! They have issues also. Catgirl = Murr. Summoned evil is often forgetfull and annoying.
GUNCHEST EP 4 01 - Heavily damaged, Gun has a dream, a very strange thing for a robot to do. The Bee robot and Domehead have another comic argument, but it looks like the attack on the information vault was a distraction, and Bleeding Fist is getting away with another prototype for its terrorist robots. This time, you can select either English or Korean for the language.
CYCLOP'S DREAM - DOMOFlashVideos. A cyclops's girlfriend wants to go steady, but he's nervous about how she looks, and runs off. Then he finds The Warrior using a magic cauldron to improve his sword. The Cyclops ignores the sword and steals the cauldron, then experiments putting random things into it, which combine. He finally throws is girlfriend into it along with a swimsuit magazine.. but a fly falls into the mix too. Ever seen that movie "The Fly"? Right. Anyways, be careful what you wish for.
SUPERFLY THONGZAI - Seen SuperFly Banzai yet? Well, it's the same guy. After the members of a frat party get totally wasted, the flies come in and play with their unconcious forms with a beer gun and a magic marker. Great reasons not to get drunk, or drink too much beer. Animal House.
MARIO'S 1UP ADVENTURE - This is *ANOTHER* remake of that VGDC Beatles "Hard Days Night" chase thing!! Luigi is head, and Mario cries.. then Peach suggests just giving him a 1up Mushroom? Problem is.. a hardshell Koopa steals it. Insert ridiculous chase scene here!
:BLACK HOLLYWOOD: - Foamy the Squirrel gets a visit from a brown squirrel with piercings, a giant hat, and an afro-fluffed tail. He laments the shortage of black actors in Hollywood, whereupon Foamy recites a long list. Brown guy is surprised Foamy knows one of them who mostly does culture videos. Foamy arghs and notes he doesn't consider Opera and Classical Music to be 'White Things'. Turns out Foamy is more tolerant than the brown squirrel. Moral? Stereotypes suck, and anyone can get them. Racism. Tolerance.
CUSTODIAL CATASTROPHE - On a distant planet, an alien enters a top secret compound.. then starts cleaning it. He's the janitor, and goes about his work, but pauses for a cigarette. Big mistake. After a series of unfortunate events, he ends up setting the place on fire and launching a rocket into space, then runs the HELL OUTTA THERE! The rocket doesn't quite make it to orbit, falls back down, and blasts the facility into oblivion, giving him radiation burns in the process, and weird mutations. Moral? Don't do drugs. Don't Smoke. And don't be an idiot! Technical Difficulties.
METAL GEAR SOLID: FLASH COLLAB DISC 02 - Although it's themes go all over the spectrum of human imagination, this part of the AWESOME HUGE 100+ artists collab is actually PG-13 most of the time, and not bust-your-nuts XXX like the first half. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time, and the shear variety of scenes the 50 animations put into this *WORK OF ART* is impossible to describe, save that few flashes that claim to make you LOL actually send you rolling out of your chair in hysterics, but this one does. Comedy humor totally pointless sketch comedy. I haven't even *PLAYED* metal gear and I love this one! Easter Eggs? Epic! First documented case of a mech being destroyed by diarrhea. And yes, Egoraptor is one of the artists.
THE ASSUMPTION SONG - From the Arrogant Worms, music video to the song of the same name, which takes the "Shaving Cream" approach to changing the dirty word you expect at the last minute to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Somehow, magically, it isn't actually a dirty song, but OH MAN IT WANTS TO BE! Comedy. Awesome. 2 Easter Eggs in the credits?
DAWN OF THE MADNESS - Dawn of the Dead, zombie film reworked in the Madness style. Charging a horde of zombies with a pair of knives..... bad. Unless you're just that good. Halloween.
PSP SQUIRRELS - From the Great Egoraptor: "These PSP Squirrels always annoyed the everloving crap out of me. This is what I imagine the advertising firm being like." Lots of people wanting to kill others for being stupid.
MADNESS MADNIFIED - Tom Fulp is sucked into his computer, where he becomes a character from Madness! "Way cool!" Defeats hordes of enemies, then faces the final boss.. none other than Krinkles himself! Showdowns. Boss battles. In-jokes. Cool-speak.
WERBOPBOP #20 - A very stylish humor cartoon show takes on politics as "John Rambo McCain" and "Obama Bin Laden" battle it out for the Presidency. McCain wants to re-invade Vietnam, while Obama poses in that New Yorker cartoon picture of him and his wife as muslim extremeists, courtesy of Fox News. Just downright silly. "Bomb bomb bomb.. bomb bomb Iran!" Politicts. Elections. Equally offends both candidates.
WITH MY MIND'S MADNESS - A music video to "With My Mind" by the band "Cold", for Madness Day 2008. "This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation" The Savior, alone, fights off hordes of mercenaries sent by the Dark One to destroy him, suffering beyond reason, and turning that suffereing into the ultimate weapon. Not for the weak of heart O_O.
POWER STAR 4 - Daniel Sun's last sprite movie. An army of ghosts is collecting all the Power Stars in the Mushroom Kingdom, for the final purpose of Destroying All Creation. They're already possessed Mario, and all the Toads they haven't killed. Only Luigi is left, and it doesn't look like he's got a chance. That doesn't stop him from trying. Doom. Not for the faint of heart.
POWER STAR 4.5 - Against all logic and reason, the PARODY of Power Star 4 appeared the very same week 4 itself hit the Newgrounds forums. Both were on the Sun Studios forums long ago apparently. "JonBro's Final Videogame Parody" Possessed Mario burst, hothothot! Mario hurts himself more than Luigi with the Matrix Moves. "(Deep Ghost Voice) Luigi.. YOU.. SUCK.." You really have to see Power Star 4 first. LOL.
25FT UNDER THE SEAT - 3 guys accidentally flush their keys to the refrigerator (HORRORS!) down the toilet. Instead of calling the plumber, they stick glass jars over their heads and flush THEMSELVES down the toilet, and find themselves in Atlantis among the mermaids and merpeople, who unfortunately aren't pretty to look at. They steal their own keys from a museum dedicated to land creatures, and run from the fish police. It gets weirder as it goes. Mario music. Under the Sea.
SUPERFLY: BONGZAI! - Three flies decide to hang loose.. in a guy's bong. After some drug-induced comedy, one gets fried to a crisp, and the other gets inhaled, getting stuck in the smoker's lung. So he pulls the karate master thing and fights his way to freedom, pulling the guy's guts inside out in the process. The moral? DON'T DO DRUGS! DON'T SMOKE! Disgustingly cool. Wazzup!
MOST LOYAL NEW PET - DomoFlashVideos. The Warrior gets 3 new pets, 2 which he likes, and the third which is a cactus, that he hates. The poor cactus does everything to try and get his favor, but the Warrior is a jerk. Then the Warrior gets into trouble with a monster, and needs help, and has to call on his pets. Moral: "If you neglect the ones near you, it may come back to bite you in the butt.."
GUNCHEST EPISODE 02_01 & 02_02 - After sticking the previous Gunchest's memory card in his own head, Gunchest passes out for two days, brain damaged, so his dome-headed human friend goes to visit him at the hospital, with orders not to let him do anything rash. "That's gonna be impossible.." Meanwhile the Lady in Red attacks the local memory bank. Gun races for it while another advanced robot friend faces her off. Cybernetic catfight with laser swords! This series rules :)
WHY I'M A NINJA - An animator tells the story of his pride/shame at being a successful "Ninja" back in grade school. His friend has a pokemon today "Back then I thought it was the coolest thing ever.." so he gets permission to go to the bathroom at recess, sneaks into class and steals it from his friend's backpack, but gets stuck in the closet when the teacher comes in. Does his nefarious plan success? Read on. Crime doesn't pay.
NOTHING IN MY WAY COLLAB - To the Junior Senior song "Nothing In My Way", much more serious than their earlier "Move Your Feet" (camoed at the end) Love gone wrong, yet nobody's talking. Valentine's Day.
BE MY BITCH - Angry Dog and his bear friend are in a seedy bar, while a black lab friend tries to convince him to try kareoke as a way to pick up women, while the Sexual Lobster still gets lucky as ever. Angry Dog gets drunk, and sings the world's WORST kareoke love song "Baby take me off of the street.. and maybe give me something to eat!!.." then passes out. Song can be found here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/172579 Furry! Comedy
THE 1-UP PURSUIT - Yet another VGDC remake of That Mario Beattles Movie for That Contest thing! A hardsheel koopa steals a 1up mushroom from mario, who starts systematically destroying the kingdom with goofy DragonballZ moves in his attempt to reclaim it, but never quite gets there. Lots of property damage! Mario falls into the pit, dies, and gets hit by the 1up mushroom, but he's still dead. Kill Bill music at the ending. Funny! Hard Day's Night.
PRIMAL WAR 18 - Part 18 of 20(?) in an epic battle between furries! Catgirls in bikinis in the Thundercats style fight alongside downright beastal rhinos, bears, wolves and the like. Talk is in growls, with subtitles (like any of us speak gorilla). LOTS OF ACTION SCENES, medeval weapons, DragonballZ powers. I'm a latecomer to the story, have to check out the rest of it first before I know what's going on. Wolf seems to by trying to destroy a bull demigod though.
PUPU's REVENGE - A pig barbarian tries to stop a levitating air mage, ends up losing his clothes. So he asks the Bull Godfather for help (with the theme from the Godfather playing in the backgroung). Bull and his horde of rampaging pigs go to forth to create more injustice.. then get owned. Moral: Don't be evil. I guess. DomoFlashVideos. Comedy.
GUNCHEST EPISODE 01 - PARTS 1 and 2 - A very professional-looking 3d rendered anime-styled action/comedy series involving robots (big surprise here). As the goofy governor talks about the upcoming secret attack on a terrorist cell on the news, elite police units composed mostly of androids with human intelligence prepare to enter the compound. Foremost, the Gunchest, their advanced prototype (who looks a little like Megaman). Insert lots of gunfire and gratuitous explosions here, as well as several slow motion Matrix moves. Turns out the lair was a trap? First of 18 episodes, stay tuned.
STORY OF A HIGHWAYMAN - DomoFlashVideos "This is a vague continuation of the third video called "Bull's Meteor Garden" Kid drives his bad ass motor..er.. bicycle to the bank, barges in with machine gun blazing.. only to find The Bull that kidnapped him before trying the very same thing. The Bull gets hearts in his eyes and chases him, and the Kid tries to escape again as the nervous hostages watch the criminals pursue each other. The Kid finally jumps into a police carrier as the stunned cops watch, thinking he's safe in jail. Guess who his cellmate is. Crime doesn't pay!
HEINOUS ANUS ZONE - Episode of The Siblings. "You know what would make a great Sonic level? Heinous Anus Zone." "Dude, you just like that because it rhymes." "So?" Guy won't drop the idea, wants to write the Sonic the Hedgehog team. Then Mr.T shows up for no apparrant reason, and steals the milk (in one of the bonus clips at the end). "Curse you T! CURSE YOU!!!" "That's Mr!"
RADICAL WRONG DOOERS: 020 EARTH - The Earth (anthropomorphic) pelts a guy with a ball. "That's my ball, give it here." Guy shrugs, and tosses it back, only to have The Earth pelt him with it again. "Oops :) Give it back" Guy gets angry and kicks it away "Is that all you've got tough guy?" Human considers, then pulls a can of Greenhouse Gases out of his pocket. Earth blinks. Guy starts spraying and the Earth screams, melting. Crime doesn't pay
SCORPION VS NES - For the hell of it, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat peels off his head and goes on a fire-breathing rampage through several famous NES games, leaving Before and After pictures after the entire landscape has been consumed by flame. Scooter's "FIRE!!!" song plays as he strikes. Ends with Yackety Sax credits. Pointless violence and fun. Mario.
AMIGO - A Wall-E like robot, stranded in the middle of an infinite junkyard, is playing table tennis, ping pong, with itself. Then it finds another paddle, red vs it's blue paddle, and gets an idea. It tries to prop up the paddle, but it falls over. It makes a robot arm, and that holds it, but doesn't move. Bit by bit, the robot makes a frankenstein-like replica of itself, until it has a twin, but the twin isnt' alive. So it hitchs up a big lighting rod, and BOOM!!! The twin comes to life!... just as the original robot is destroyed. The twin then finds the blue paddle, and hmms.. history repeats itself.
"A SLICE OF THE ACTION" - "It's Michael the Terrible Boyfriend!" In a cartoony episode that would make Warner Brothers proud Michael tries to find a way to get the attention of his girlfriend up stairs, without alerting her parents below. He spots a pizza delivery guy "Are you thinking.. that I'M THINKING??" Later.. he smashes through a window on the back of a tetadoctile, which promply *EATS* his girlfriend. "He's Michael the Terrible.. Boyfriend! 'Ya, I guess I am!'" Happy Evil Halloween! Goofy Gory. Funny cartoons.
HOT BLOODED HERO - DomoFlashVideos strikes again. A karate kid, fresh from reading a hero manga, sees a girl being chased by her pet winged pig. He thinks the pig is attacking her, and if he defeats it, she'll run into his arms! Ohhhhh boy... Street Fighter 2 sound clips "Round 1, FIGHT!"
FETCH - A dog bully takes the toy of a puppy, and a great dane puts the thief in his place. Dedicated to the recently deceased Dane of the artist. Great pets.
THE GREAT MUSHROOM CHASE - As the Beattle's song "Hard Days Night" plays, Mario chases a hardshell kopa who's making off with a 1up mushroom through a variety of odd scenes, never quite catching him. Remake of an earlier flash for a contest. Has an Egoraptor "Awesome Center Redux" reference toward the end.
'FUCK!' - An English Language Public Service Annoucement. The amazing F-word is used in a variety of Teen-rated situations to properly describe all the proper places to use it! "Be sure to use it around your parents, your children, and your boss!' An 'and you' instructional video. But not really. Comedy. Swear words.
THE SKITTLE PEOPLE - A circle and a square in a black and white world find a bag of Skittles(tm) candies! Circle eats one, and turns one color, square eats one, and turns another! They both eat a second one, and change again! Then Circle eats a whole handfull.. and starts sprouting colored tumors. Square runs as his friend EXPLODES, leaving behind a rainbow of candy. The effects of Junk Food on people, Spits or Swallows.
THERE SHE IS!! STEP 4 - The romance between the cat boy and the rabbit girl takes a dark turn. Now that they're finally living together, they've become the target of unending social protests, with some people supporting them, and many more others outraged, to the point of physical violence. A mob sends the bunny girl to the hospital (but not before her pet porcupine sends many of them there also) Cat guy gets attacked on the street, and sent to prison during a riot between both factions. He can't answer the cell phone, and the bunny girl fears the worst, that he's left here. She takes one of the two plane ticked they'd set aside to "Paradise".. to be continued.
COME BACK COLLAB 2 - A pretty long collaboration between lots of Stick animators, resulting in lots and lots and LOTS of completely pointless and thrilling stick fighting animations. Lots of different people taking down hordes with special powersm, fighters, mages, etc. Senseless violence. Matrix moves. Very high quality.
WOODMAN IS INCREDIBLE - Got wood? Well, this guy does, or thinks he does. Woodman tries to defeat Megaman 3 times, with lots of bravado.. only to fall instantly each time. Wiley "-Dammit, I must have been high when I made him-" Malfunctioning robots. Pokemon parody too.
HEADPHONES ON YOUR HEART - Music video to the 8-bit sounding theme by LEENI "Say it with me loud and clear.. I will love again. Yes I know it hurts my dear, but I know where you've been.." Sad yet inspirational song. A girl obsessed with video games gets dumped by her boyfriend. Then a magical video game sprite only she can see steps in to be her friend. Unfortunately, 3 enemies from the game the sprite is from track them down. The color block saves her, by destroying itself. The arcade is gone now, but she can still hear the tune, on her cell phone.. nostalgia. Valentine's Day. Sad love stories. Well done!
BULL'S METEOR GARDEN - A young knight gets attacked by a sexy ninja girl, too beset by love to defend himself. Then, at the last moment, a giant anthro furry cow girl saves him, then KISSES him. He twitches. Final scene of them watching the stars, the cow bashing him on the head when he tries to escape. Evil Valentine's Day! Odd couple. Love.
APPLE MAC AD PARODY - Very fast 10 second animation. Jesus shows up "Hi! I'm a Mac!" Satan shows up in Nazi gear and sulfurous fireworks "Echi Ben I A PC!" Steve Jobs watches the add from his lair. "I'm a frickin GENIUS!" Bias in advertising. Commercials.
TOASTER-HAND MAN - A super high tech suit allows the hapless guy who put it on to merge with the next object he touches.. which turns out to be a toaster. Scientists "This means you have to fight crime!" "What?" Goofy superheros. Toaster man fights Microwave man.
HAUNTED HOUSE OF TERROR - DomoFlashVideos stirks again! A little girl is playing basketball, and misses the net, ending up tossing the ball into the Horrible Spooky Mansion right next door. Unspeakable horrors await inside.. yet with the luck of the clueless, she somehow manages to overcome every supernatural spook, enchanting Jason's chainsaw so he hugs it teary-eyed, giving the Girl from the TV in The Ring a permanent which changes her disposition, and finally slam-dunking the boss, causing the hause to collapse and the evil spirits to go free. Mario music in the background! Awesome! Happy Halloween! Anime Chibi cute cartoon
PIANIST ON THE WAY - Looks like a commerical for an anime titled "Pianist on the Way"
DREAMS - A series of completely random dream sequences, fast cartoony action. Aliens communicate by doing the limbo. Bird sings a song from Cat Bastards, get shot. Guy with spraypaint accidentally paints on the pants of a guy who's 25 feet tall. Girl introduces her parents to her new squeeze.. the red bird, who immediately tweets then goes MOOOO!! likea cow. They cry. Kid in school "I am Golden Eagle" everyone freaks out, police show up, spray bullets everywhere without actually hitting anyone, end up blowing up the school. Panic. Randomness. Dream Sequences.
PIZZA JOCKETS EPISODE 1 - Two pizza delivery guys carry out a side-job: Being superheros. Or at least, they -want- to be super heros.. so far it's limited to saving cats from trees. Their boss hates the idea, and wants them to delivery the damn PIZZAS, but they want to impress a certain girl. Then, a supervillian with freezing powers attacks the mall, and Mr. Stupendus Guy comes to the rescue.. then gets run over by the pizza delivery truck. Way to go guys.. to be continued.
ONE-YANG FINGER - Quick one from DomoFlashVideos, human guy is putting things in a magic pot when a bird walks by and bumps it, causing the lid to slam shut on the human's middle finger. He YOWS, keeps it raises, and chases the bird so far that a passing car sees the middle finger and thinks it's a challenge to a race. Then the human runs into the bird's giant mother.. with his sword. Uh oh.
SPRITE TV 3! - The ehanced might of my geeky mind is nevertheless unable to do justice to this MASSIVE collaboration of absolutely insane Teen-rated, -literally- LOL (when was the last time -YOU- Laughed Out Loud at something? Hmm?) collection of sprite-flavored mayhem. (Note: Hit Skip at the intro scene, it drags) Begins with Over 9000 twist on Newgrounds intro, and contains *39* quick scenes. Favorites - Frogger dodges a nuke, then misses an easy jump. Speed Racer gets carjacked. Bob Barker (that's right, from The Price is Right) public service annoucements. Mortal Kombat Xenu fatality (see that other flash about Scientology) Things Kirby shouldn't eat. Megaman meets GLASDOS from Portal. Pokemon "I don't want to see your damn bug collection!" Princess Peach rides a rocket into the Sun's eye.
AWESOME CENTER REDUX - Egoraptor strikes again! Another Easter Egg-carrying video game parody, this time about Crisis Center(name?) A young doctor valiantly declares he's going to heal the sick.. then gets a patient.. with ALIENS in their stomach? "Doctor, we need your help to defuse this ATOM BOMB!" "(gungho) OPEN THAT SHIT UP!" So far out there that medicine really doens't have anything do with with it. "My sister has cancer.. ZOMBIE CANCER!" High-five! Improbable plot twists.
EASY WAY OUT - A Clock Crew animation to Bob Dylan's song "Things Have Changed" but with a unique frame-by-frame animation style. Strawberry Clock is about to be hanged, but at the last moment time stops, and the Devil offers him a choice of life or death. He chooses life, and is whisked away to join a crime gang, and plans a bank robbery for them. It works.. and the boss shoots him and leaves him for the rap. The Devil breaks SC out of prison, and he takes revenge on the gang, but finds the police at his door. To escape the police.. he hangs himself.. and it turns out he never escaped the noose after all. Like the story "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge", even if the author swears it isn't.
THE 40K: SIGNS OF WAR - A "South Park" episode of Warhammer 40,000k, starting with an Eldar and Tau trading taunts on top of two towers on a distant planet. All the talking is done with signs, as in the title, well, and exchanges of comic cartoon gunfire. The battle is joined latter on. Funny! Comedy. Giant orc mech! Huge guns! Firepower. Big Weapons. Awesome!
EDIBLE CASTLE 10 - The Edible Castle Olypics! Hosted by the Edible Castle animator, includes collaboration animations from The Swain, Egoraptor, LazyMuffin, the Parkers, The Super Flash Brothers, Tomorrows Nobody and Tom Fulp! The goofiest, wackiest sports you've ever seen! Peeing in the snow, when -not- to challenge a dragon.
LOVE OF A SHURA MALE - An Orc (or looks like an orc?) is in love with a fox-elf girl, and want sot impress her. Unfortunately, attempt after attempt fails comically, something -always- goes wrong. He finally draws a huge picture of her and proceeds to color it.. and she comes by just as he's almost finished.. and sees him touching -her- breast! She gets very angry. He blinks, WAIT! and runs after her, onlt to trip on a rock, and ends up touching her real butt. She chases him with a knife. The end! ^_^ Evil Valentine's Day. Love stinks. Misunderstandings. Characters from Dream of Mirror Online?
MOONCAKE THIEF - The Shura from "Love of a shura male" (above) tries again, getting a cake with his fox-girl love's picture on it, but gets ambushed by 3 wacky thieves. They best him at first, then laugh at the cake, making him furious, and gaining Street Fighter 2 powers! This time love works! Happy Valentine's Day! Combo.
TC ROUND 3: WACKY RACES - Episode 3 of The Colosseum, an absolutely bizzare series of duels with a greater plot, see the other episodes! Today, two lanky drivers are 'encouraged' by their Mob Boss (A T-Rex) to win.. or else. They face off between two psycho cartoon characters, in a demolition derby featuring far too many automatic weapons. In-jokes, quick camoes, need for speed, it's all here. I'm still hunting this series down to figure out -what the HELL- is happening..
A SHORT FLASH ABOUT CLAMS - This is supposed to be a Clock Crew flash, but there are no clocks in it, just the Coolspeak voices. Black and White. A guy resting by the ocean gets some food, and just relaxes. Two clams walk up, and say hello. "Hello, are you two a couple?" Dramatic moment "Summon the Elder!" Giant godlike clam with goddess voice summons him, changing space and time with a blast of magic to draw the flying human into her mouth, where a passage is revealed to an amazing pearl. Then the jaw closes. The End. Choose your Own ending. Be careful what you eat.
SPONGEBOB SICKPANTS - NSFW. Yes, I listed it. Do whatever you want to me, but this Spongebob Squarepants parody made me laugh. Sponge and his friend go on stupid adventures. Throw rock at squirrel-friend Cindy's greenhouse to wake her up (doesn't work, she had a drug overdose), cracking the glass. Bad move. Lots of absolutely pointless vomiting and gore, and cartoon voices! Rock and Roll destruction at the restaurant. Sick and Twisted. LOL.

INTERPLANATARY EXCHANGE STUDENT EP1 (I.E.S. ep1) - After dad losses his job, he takes the family into counter space, while Oscar, his kid, has to learn to get along with an entirely alien class. Tooth guy and dragon dude who gleeks befriend him, and try to help him get the attention of a Martian girl. Naturally, it doesn't go quite as planned. Things explode. Crayons have special effects, like creating a Black Hole. Teenage romance. Doom. Matrial girl has buff boyfriend. Uh oh.
SONIC SHORTS 4 - Yet another goofy Sonic the Hedgehog collab! Fish with guns. Princess "(sweet)Hey Sonic, guess who lost their virginity! ^_^" "Um.." Princess holds out vial of choloroform "YOU did! ;)" Shadow gets made that the refrigerator is out of eggs. Knuckles rocks out to his own rap, then blinks "Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle..?" Invincible flashing colors give just about everyone seisures. Super Sonic is destroyed by the power of Sunny Delight orange juice. Deadly farts. Bitey of Brackenwood beats Sonic, lol. Caught between two springs. Satanic teddy bear. Be careful what you wish for. Reformed robot bugs, maybe. Awesome!
DO YOU HAVE A WAFFLE - The Weebl and Peabo really, really like Waffles. "Look in front of you now.. do you have  WAFFLE? Wouldn't you be happier if you did?" On drugs. Invented by Gandi? Pulp Fiction.
THE LAST MAPLE STORY - Parody of the big 2d MMO, Myst beginning, falling into the fissure. "You don't know my mom!" "Yes I do, she's standing right over there!" Mom "Hello son, are you wearing underware today??" Friends stare. Killing 1 million slime molds "What's the worst that could happen?" Windows crashes. Blue Screen of death. Apple "We Ownz You!" Crossover with World of Warcraft. And Halo. And Mario. And Phoenix Wrong "You can't handle the truth!" Chuck Norris impersonator? Kids staring enraptured while playing Maple Story.
EDIBLE CASTLE #5 - "Wuddup pimps, this episode is fro the urban in all of us." Back in the goofy middle ages, a bored king summons the royal wizard (who's frazzled) to entertain him. He turns a knight's horse into a pimped-out Pimp My Ride cyborg with speakers on the rump and a plasma TV for a head. Poor horse. Horse even has the spring wheels thing.
DINING WITH THE DEVIL - In the Green World, a guy and a girl are at a classy restaurant. The guy gets ready to propose with a diamond ring, but gets a phone call. Turns out he's a hit man, and the next call has come in. He leaves the instruction slip on the ground.. and his curious girlfriend picks it out. He's ready to take the shot.. when a gun goes to his head. It's her, she's a police officer. He stares, then goes for something in his pocket, and she shoots him. His hand falls to the ground.. holding the ring box. Sin City-ish. Evil Valentine's Day.
THE BALLOON JOURNEY - A magical adventure done with papercut 3D animation, a lonely guy traveling through darkness in a balloon runs across a lonely girl and her crow friend by chance, and convinces the shy girl to come along. They have some adventures, flying fish, birds, and get attacked by a sea serpent/dragon at one point, who almost knocks the balloon down, but gets bought off by a bag of potatoe chips. Beautiful music, epic color, it's just awesome :) Music holiday theme from Hanz Zimmer. Flight.
MINDY LEARNS A MORAL - Mindy, a carefree So Cal OMG like girl gets a new phone! She's so happy! And then.. her old phone finds out. "Awkward.." In an epic betrayal, Mindy discards her old phone, and replaces it with her new phone. The sad little cell phone deletes all the pictures it stored for her, and walks into the wilderness.. finding it's #281 of a tribe of feral discarded phones. THEN things get REALLY weird.. and Mindy returns home.. to find her Mother has replaced her with a DIFFERENT DAUGHTER! Twilight Zone X-files Freakshow. Goofy horror movies. Comedy. Wasteful consumerism. Happy Halloween!
METAL GEAR TIMELAPSE - All this flash is is a speedpaint of old Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4, with the "Father and Son" theme playing in the background. Yet the sheer amount of detail that goes into Snake's face makes you realize just how much work does -into- a picture like this. Ends up with him saluting, patriotically. 4th of July. Somehow, this picture, along with the music, is really moving. Tribute. World War II veterans?
EDIBLE CASTLE #4 - Cleaning filth from dungeons can be hazardous to your health. Especially when a singing orc awakening a talking mold that keeps saying "BLARG!" between words.
DRAGONGEM - THE FINAL EPISODES - Dragongem is almost over! Super-cute generic adventurer archtypes have.. an adventure! Chibi art style, impressive graphics, like early Final Fantasy with sophisicated visuals.
THE KILLING MURDERER - A very lame horror movie starts. The two start making out in the car, and the murderer slips in the back of the car, and lots of specialy effects go off, including MIckey Mouse, and Lightsabers, and Chewy rrrawring. Guy goes out to take a leak, then goes back at it, but stops when he recognizes the driver. They're old budies! They catch up, meet the girl, and murderer waves, then leaves the car.. only to get taken out by some killer clown. Big text "WHAT A TWIST!!!" Plot twists.
JUST A PILOT - SHORT1 - Two guys decide to become faster than the Flash, by drinking about 30 cubs of Espresso coffee each. Ever seen that part of Of the Hedge where the squirrel has Mountain Dew? It's like that.. popping individual rain drops, hallucinations, seizures, drug-induced freakouts. Don't do drugs kids.
EDIBLE CASTLE #6 - A mysterious stranger challenged the Jester to a Limbo Duel. The Jester finds a way to win.. but at what cost?
ROTTEN ANTENNA - A dream sequence(?) of a young wanderer in a wasteland, waking up as the sun comes up. Beautiful, unique footage of light spreading and covering nearby objects, including a mysterious radio tower in the background. He goes over and sits by it as the sun goes down again. Then, at night, a portal opens over the tower, and seems to shoot his spirit up into the heavens, where he meets a girl. They move to hug, but she vanishes, and he wakes up again. Red, then blue, then white. Valentine's Day? Beautiful. Deep.
GUMMI BEAR GRAVEYARD - Foamy the Squirrel's gothic girlfriend has a strange hobby, when she visits the dead, she leaves gummi bears on their graves. Illwillpress. Why only the green ones? "I eat the other ones, I don't like the mint ones." "NOBODY LIKES THE MINT ONES!!" How go get the undead on your side. "Why doesn't anyone make a cream cheese gummibear??" "Because they would suck?" "YOU KNOW NOTHING!!" Happy Halloween :) Easter?
JIM AND HIS COMPUTER - Black and White old school Computer and You video (style) A rabbit scientist is about to connect his computer to the internet. "STOP! Never operate a computer connected to the internet without a radiation suit!"
JIM LEARN MATHEMATIZATION - Black and white old school Math and You. Jim and rabbit learns to multiply minus numbers "That's right, it becomes a watermelon!" Rabbit ohs, and enjoy holding the two watermelons "You like holding those watermelons don't you Jim? Reminds you of Jenny's watermelons, does it Jim?" Jim frowns "You'd like to put your FACE.." the movie ends. Comedy. Education. Instructional videos.
FF6 OPERA-PELLA FUN - Two guys are driving to work, when one, Bulbous Boffont Doctor Demento-style, starts vocaling a theme from Final Fantasy 6, and soon they're both doing it, doing a cartoony acapella version of the song complete with bizzare facial experessions. Then they crash into an opera house, and get a standing ovation! Stupidly goofy comedy awesome! Bad driving. Video game music video.
WII LOVE BRAWL COMEDY - An animation of a comedy sequence done by Pablo Francisco about That Guy With The Deep Voice Who Talks In Movie Previews, reenacted out by the cast of Super Smash Brothers Brawl! It's funny! Mario
PIXEL TOOL COLLAB MDAY08 - Awesome flash put together by several artists, a music video to HelloGoodbye's "TouchDownTurnAround" "Everywhere, everytime, I am yours and you are mine!" Pixelated love song from the Nintendo generation :) Valentine's Day. Or Video Game Day. Awesome
FRANKENSTEIN BREAD LUST - As nasty as this title sounds, it's actually not wrong in any way. A trailer for the new epic online game, in which you, a reanimated Frankenstein, must get to the village and buy a loaf of bread for your master. Naturally, there are many tasks that need completion first, and side quests. "Bread... GOOD!" Fire bad. People. Talking. Like. This. Funny! Comedy. World of Warcraft parody? Halloween.
STARSEARCHER - The final animation thesis for the author's college film program. After an apocalypse of some sort, the survivors are united in their last hope, trying to find a new Earth to colonize. A scientist and her Robot are send in a ship to find this Earth.. yet when they see it, strange things start happening to the sensors. Is what they're seeing real? Or is it what the government wants them to see? UN Chief "Sometimes.. hope is more important than the truth." Very deep, dystopia. Done in stop-motion a bit like Thunderbirds. Matrix?
ELECTRO GYPSY - TheWeebl strikes again, with a music video to.. one of his own song. Three-person band have slight moves and head-bobs to the music, very strange yet catchy song. Wierd.
FATE AND A FULL MOON - A music video for "Lazarus" by the British Rock Band Porcupine Tree "They are HUGELY underrated and diverse" As the soft full moon shines above, a lonely guy from north England, and a lonely girl from south England, communicate online, then get on the train and meet in the middle, and the hug, and the grey world sparks into color. "Follow me down.. to the valley below.. moonlight is calling with all of your soul.." very very soft and reserved rock, a bit like Coldplay. Romance. Love.
SAMSON THE FOOLISH - The continueing goofy animated saga of Samson from the Bible, aka That Guy Who Had Super Strength From His Hair.
MY SCREEN NAME - Yotam Perel (aka LazyMuffin) makes a flash animation to tell the world how he got his alias. 11-year-old kid goes to funny.com and sees animations about muffins, while his 18-year-old monocoled cultured future self narrates like that guy from Masterpiece Theater. Talking muffins! Dignified ending is ruined when some guy says "You're gay!" from offstage.
ON THE MOON (EPISODE 14) - The Sun Pirate's plan to destroy the Toast King backfires as the beam makes him hotter and more powerful than ever. And also too big for his house.
IF ROUND 4 : vs CYRIL p1 - Part of a long impressive animated contest as the finalists of eight fighters prepare to compete for The Grand Prise. Some subplot about a little girl being protected by one of them who had to stay out of evil's hands. A wizard goes up against a cyborg, goofy animted style, very smooth. Have to see the earlier episodes for it to make sense. Mortal Kombat? Anime-ish, but doesn't look like anime. English.
TF2 GUN SOUNDS! - A very well done symphony of destruction made from high-speed clips from Team Fortress 2, the guns, wrench sounds, and other special effects beating out a very catchy march!
IN MEMORY OF HER - A warm, sad, beautiful childhood art-style tribute to the artist's long-dead pet, a puppy they grew up with, who eventually got old, and ill, and had to be put to sleep. This one will make you cry.
WESLEY SNIPES GOES 2 JAIL - Made for an Opie and Anthony radio show animation contest, features a few minutes of the show about what happens on Day 1 of Wesley Snipe's 3 year prison term for tax evasion. Fanboys, and enough references about Blade and Demolition man to drive anyone nuts. A little profane, but what the hell.
COLOURS - A very cute, unique, stylish cartoon done to a bizzare chorus by Sigur Ros. Two (what do you call them, circles?) travel through a world of every-changing color, until they find the color spark of destiny. It's just darn cool. Drug trips. Happy!
HARRY POTTERY PARODY CHAP1 - Basically what it says, start of book six looks like, in the narrated story book style.
CIRCUIT SKIRMISH 2 - Part One of the continuing story of a lone robot defending the city vs evil robots, who also searching for his creator. Lots of action, well done. Look for pt 2.
BIOSHOCK SILENT MOVIE - Old school black and white film style. "I say, I wonder what's in at barrel over there!" "By Jove, it's a precious plasmid! I wonder what super power I'm going to aquire." guy infects himself, then YOWS as thorns erupt from his hand. Another guy gives him a second plasmic, which sets his arm on fire as well. Guy laughs, and gets shot in the head, while the 'hero' goes for a 3rd one, and ends up having a mind trip where he thinks he's Angela Jolie surrounded by carnivorous giant fish. Doctor talkes to him 2 weeks later "That wasn't a plasmic, that was actually LSD.. and you also now have AIDS." The moral? Don't do drugs kids.
MONSTER'S DREAM - A very colorful and psychedlic movie that takes you inside the dream of a cute sleeping monster, seeing what he sees. World of brilliant color, a fight with a giant eye-pyramid thing. Short, but beautiful.
COLLIN & THE WISHING TREE - A kid in Scotland, England finds a magical tree, who has to grant three wishes in order to turn back into a human. Kid wishes for all the jewels in Buckingham Palace, and the Tree goes and steals them all, defeating many high-tech security systems. Kid asks for an Apache Helicotper "You've been playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City haven't you?" get the copter, kid crashes the copter, and loses his arm. "Put my arm back on!" Tree can't do it "Well I gave it a shot" turns back into a guy and leaves. Moral: Leaf magic trees alone. Twisted children's books.
ENEMY IN THE SNOW - A very short, but complete story of a medic fleeing into the base during enemy gunfire from outside. She passes the wounded and dying, then enters the inner sanctum "Hmm? You're not on the list" she shoots the guard, then starts setting up a bomb, but is soon found out. She radios "Cover.. blown.." then puts her finger on the bomb trigger "I'll miss you.." Drama. War stories.
BEST PRESENT EVER! - A little girl receives a random present.. a baby Stegosaurus! The dinosaur growls, but she dots over it so much it starts to like her, bouncing everywhere. Meanwhile, the mad scientist next door recieves.. a cheap doll? Looks like the postal service screwed up. He kidnaps Stego as he and the little girl are having tea, and she grabs on, following him in, then finds his sinister plot to capture creatures in little glass jars. She frees the experiments, then liberates the baby dino. Yay! Funny cartoons :)
HOW ARE YOU NOW? - If you're going to watch this video, it's best if you do it before you read the description, it's going to make you cry. After school, two young schoolchildren meet and talk, build things with blocks, and keep each other company, yet something is wrong.. a strange rumbling keeps sounding in the background. An earthquake hit the school earlier. The girl starts to cry, wondering where her mother is, but the boy sings a silly song, loud, to try and keep her spirits up. Then a beam of light.. and the girl is pulled from the school rubble by a rescue worker who heard the singing. Ghost Stories. Happy Halloween. Chinese. Dedicated to those who died in the recent earthquake.
BYTESIZE - Compiled by Tom Fulp. It's that little animation that runs on the main page of Newgrounds in the background, made from clips from tons of different artists, all short shorts.
CROW'S LIFE EPISODE 3 - The continueing adventures of a clan of anthromorphic furry avian crows, trying to defeat their archnemesis.. the Scarecrow. Sarge is tired of failure, and sends them on a sadistic training regimen with a superstrong-yet-superstupid army drill instructor, to pump them up Hans and Franz style so they can face their inanimate foe again. Part of a series.
HOW 2 SUCEED ON NG Parts 1 and 2 - NSFW. A parody self-help animation that lists all the things you need to do to make a great Newground flash animation. Cut back on originality, steal characters from video games, insert swear words, make a tribute movie to a TRIBUTE MOVIE, but the fast bastard 13-year-old that you are.
MEET THE SPY - An interview with the Spy from Team Fortress 2, and how much he likes to freak out people "It's a lot like Hide and Go seek.. only you Die! What can I say, I'm a child at heart" James Bond, not.
FLASH DANCER - Line-drawn music video to "Hey DJ" by Suburban Legends. Good music! Very funky, moves with the music well. Ipod people?
HORROR FLICK CHICKS - Foamy the Squirrel tries to sell his goth girlfriend Germaine on watching a Killer Munchkins horror movie "They stab you in the ass while you poop." Germaine laments at just how stupid most girls in horror films act, giving a rant about "Oh, you're screaming while running through a forest, he'll never find you that way" and other silly cliques, then offers tips on how those blonds can survive. NSFW. Halloween.
20 HIT COMBO - Very fast, very sweet creative 20-hit sequence as the blue stick figure takes out another one. Ends with "Falcon Punch!" sound from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. When someone needs a good beating, fast.
THE BAD PRANK CALL - NSFW! I'm not sure what this says about me as a human being, but I had to link this, simply because it's so awful. Three guys call a religious kid, claiming to be god, then tell him to do something with his mother's dildo. Then.. his Dad walks in, and what began as a bad scene quickly turns into something that trumps Steve King, the 3 guys quickly regretting having ever made the call. All you see are the expressions on their faces.. and hear what -they- hear over the phone. Somehow that makes it worse. Evil Halloween. Sick and twisted. Very. Moral: PRANK CALLS SUCK! Crank calls.
BLOCKHEAD: QUICK SHOT 2 - The Swain is having creative troubles, as his avatars Blockhead and that fat guy in the chair start interupting him as he tries to write a mastermind game. Self-parody. Writer's block.
EDDSWORLD - MOVING TARGETS - Four friends are out of money to go on vacation, so they see a commercial of all the benefits for joining the army "Fun activities, five-star accomidations! And it's all free!" Four video game geeks join up, then find it's harder than they expected. Drill instructor does his number on them, goofy training sequence, one guy has to fight with a Rubik's cube. How to fly a helicopter. Cleaning the backroom floor with toothbrushes. One guy draws the drill instructor's face in the floor with crayon.. bad move. FIrst mission.. dropped in the wrong spot, they grab an enemy tank and, trying to learn the control, completely destroying the enemy base by accident. Airdrops
I LIKE BIRDS - Strange goofy line-animated music video to "I Like Birds" by the EELS "I don't care for walking downtown.. crazy autocar gonna mow me down. Look at all the People like cows in a herd. I don't care.. cause I like birds." Keeping things natural. Laid back. "If you're small, and on a search, I've got a feeder for you to perch on." giant bird eats cats and dogs, then lets humans lean against it. Dancing eggs that sprout wings. Penguins hit by bowling ball. Random goodness. Folk music? "A can't look at the rocket launch, trophy wives of the astronauts, and I won't listen, to their words, cause I like *thump thump* birds."
ON THE MOON (EPISODE 13) - The Weebl. On the moon, the Toast King is trying to start a reading group. Hitler-in-a-mech tries to sell them on "Mein Khampf 2: If I did it", but it's a no-go. A Magical Sound Shower (literally the song from the same name from the Sega video game Outrun, woo! Obscure reference!) annouces the arrival of a pirate from The Sun "What, the newspaper?" Pirate tries to shoot the Toast King. To Be Continued!
WHAT ALL OLDPEOPLE CAN DO - An old guy with a walker very very slowly makes his way across the living room. Sun goes down, stars come up, he's still walking. THEN he does a quick circus acrobatic number, swinging all over the place, before landing at the walk again, and very slowly starting to turn around and head back. Then *crack* "My hip!" Old People.
SHAMOOZAL: GFGAMES#3 - A girl goes to the video game store to buy a new game, guy at the desk offers her the last copy of a game, but it's been opened already. "You open all the new games at your store? What kind of a policy is that?" Meanwhile in a flashback, Shamoozal, an anthro rabbit, plays a game of fart-the-gamepack-into-the-cup with the game in question "Now put it back in the box, quick!" Girl declines to buy, and is wiser than she knows. Let the buyer beware.
BAMAN PIDERMAN - Two Batman and Spiderman knockoffs are drunk and dazed, calling each other on the phone. "I believe this is hhrryour sandwich?" web "Ohyeahthat'smine." Weird. Superheros. Parody.
MEET THE MOON - This is an amazingly cute furry-ish flash about a mother wolf taking her pups outside to howl at the Moon for the first time. One of them is more curious than the rest, and tries to paw at the moon from the top of the den, and in a tree branch, taking a tumble. Then he finds the moon reflected in the water he just fell into. Splashing fun! Kids being kids. Beautiful. Awesome. Childhood. Curiosity.
OWLS - The Weebl strikes again. You can't run from them, and you can't fool them. "Owls-will-get-you-WHILE-YOU SLUMBER!!" Opera stage with fat owl lady singing. Simon Cowell exposed as King of the Beavers. Whatever. Yes, it loops. "Even if you hide at sea.. they're OWLS IN THE NAVY!" Goofy Halloween. Horror, humor.
GUITAR BATTLE - An almost anime-intense duel between two Guitarists. A mysterious figure walks in at the of the concert, and suddenly blazes out a solo, forcing the star to come back and duel him. Turns out this stranger was the band's original guitarist.. and the star got his job by sabotaging his axe. The star plans one last revenge. Will either of them survive? Will the *BUILDING SURVIVE*?? Heavy metal!
Guitar Hero, guitar solo. Music.
EVERYBODY JAM! - Music video to Scatman John's song of the same name. Never well animated and stylish, and the music rocks! "Everybody party down in Louisiana, Everybody Jam! Everybody come and take a ride with me!" Story of old-time Blues player down in New Orleans, animated lyrics!
LUIGI IN 60 SECONDS - As Beethoven's Halleuja chorus plays, Luigi has the ULTIMATE BAD-HAIR DAY. Completely gets -EVERYTHING WRONG-. And what he doesn't get wrong by himself, happens from VERY BAD LUCK. A hillarious chorus of musical doom. He must hate Mario more than ever now. Parody. Classical music. Luigi screams along with the music. Evil Christmas! Beethoven's 9th symphony. Funny!
BUSINESS CO. - "A fictional business where the job description is thinking of business ideas for other businesses. ZIPLINE CO! Swing between skyscrapers on ziplines, the future of transportation! SHOTGUN SUCHI! For when you like injesting suchi at 700 mpg! Instant digestion as someone fires it into your mouth with a shotgun! Finally, a company who fires turkies into space, tracks the orbit, watches it cook through reentry, and then "*BOOM!*" it crashes into your house at terminal velocity. "DELICIOUS!" Food. Blue Danube waltz. Spits or Swallows. Capitalism. Commercials.
MECH DRESS-UP GAME - Not really a game, more like a utility. With simple clicks, mix and match your floating mech with any number of strange weapon and armor configurations. Does nothing, looks cool!
BOWSER'S KINGDOM EP 666 - HALLOWEEN ZOMBIES. One of a several episodes about a gumba and a regular kopa, two guys just trying to get around in the world. In this case, a cursed mushroom starts a zombie plague, which starts killing everyone EXCEPT Mario. Good luck guys.
SHERRY ENEMA: #2 - A cartoon character talks about Gun Control "Hi. My name's Tony!    Hi." "I don't know about you.. but I have a gun because I'm afraid of people. Because people with guns are terrifying, so the only way to defend yourself, is to get a gun!" "If the liberals get all scared of good God-fearing gun owners because they have guns, then the liberals should get them too! Then the Conservatives would worry that the liberals are arming themselves for a bloody coup.. and everyone would live in peace!" Goofy politics.
WORLD WAR 3 - A goofy sing-song parody about nuclear war. Crazy people in USA decide it would be cool to nuke the Russians, who nuke us. Then everyone else nukes everyone next to them. Someone nukes a frickin kangaroo! Only Switzerland survives. Then the world explodes. Sing along with the bouncing ball/radiation symbol! Doom. Politics.
CHARLIE THE UNICORN 2 - The totally wacked, incomprehensible, lovable and awesome sequel to the internet Meme of legend. Charlie's friends are at it again, urging him to go on a quest to seal the dimensional gateway that has suddenly grown on his back by talking to the Banana King before tentacled darkness erupts weirdly out of his spine. If that doesn't make sense, wait till you see the flash. Wacked holiday special songs. "All you have to do.. is PUT-A-BANANA-IN-YOUR EAR!!!!"
IROD BAD! - Wacky stylish parody of the movie Iron Man. Dr. Seuss would like this one, except for the swearing. Iron Man in 60 seconds. Woo! Comedy. Superheros.
What is Love? - Music video to Haddaway's song. A very high-quality animation timed to the music of a guy trying to get back his girlfriend on Valentine's Day with a magic heart gun, while she tries to frantically fend him off with the opposite. South Park style. Easter Egg hunt 2nd play through!
BRAWL TAUNTS - Parody of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. "Things you'll NEVER hear in SSBB" Toon Link can only do DBZ growls. "I think someone kicked him really hard in the Ballz" Falcon "Show me your boobs!" Fanboys argue wether Sonic is cheap, Mario steals his drug money. Luigi never gets any respect. Peach has the hots for Solid Snake, who likes Shamus, who doesn't like him. "What kind of final smash is that?" "I put my clothes back on" Boom. Awesome!
MORE BRAWL TAUNTS - Sequel to the first Brawl Taunts! Snake messes up the "9000!" meme. Falco falls off the edge and can't get back up. Wolf "That's the first rule of Fur-Faggotry, you don't recover" Fox "Well technically he doesn't have fur, so I get that makes him a featherfag." Ash is annoying, gets pwned by Falcon "It's super effective! Ike likes being the only pretty boy in the game, punches out fanboy who wants Cloud in the game. Pikachu "I'm tired of trying to be cute!!" Lucario has the voice of Goku, does a huge twitching KaMaYa chargeup without result. Bowser wants to be a top tier character, punches out Mario and asks out Peach, who has other plans for him instead. Awesome!
GRAND THEFT AWESOME - Not done by EgoRaptor, but a parody of his style "What if Egoraptor did GTA4?" Very well done, fast action, Protagist manages to crash several times, blows away a pigeon, then dodges fire from the cops "You'll never get me, I have cheats!" "Quick, shoot the noob!" Dodges bullets while entering the code, crashes Helicopter, summons bicycle.. in midair. Cop appears from nowhere to blow him away. Player "I paid 50 bucks for this game?" Friends blow him away.
Power Star 3 - Mario and Luigi gain Matrix powers from power stars, enjoy breaking a lot of things realisticly. Mario is evil, Luigi is good! Who will win? Very fast action with custom sprits. DragonballZ? Brother Duel. Commentary you can turn off and on :)
TRANSMOGRIFIERS - Transformers parody. Two kids are bored, then a mutant Optimus Prime appears "Did someone call me?" "I don't think so.." goes ahead with a wacked commercial anyway about Transmogrifiers "They can be anything, because they're made of modeling clay!" Cars, hot dogs. "Disembodied Pancreas? I'm not one to judge you." How much would YOU pay for this? "$900 in unmarked bills only? No, $39.95!" Ends with 'fiers are cool--fiers are cool' and a burning skull laughing at you. Evil commercials. "Dinosaurs can't eat abstract concepts!" Geometry.
STARFOX EXCELENT ADVENTURE - Crystal reluctantly navigates the death trap palace, and deals with crystals that could have easily helped themselves. Parody of Starfox Adventures. Furry!
ALADDIN 3150 - In the Araba of the distant future, the city looks almost the same with the usual street rats, shaddy characters and such, only the architecture and technology has changed. Aladdin is a nice fellow with a secret.. apparrently human, but gives an apple to an orphan with a flick of his.. tail? He meets the princess and helps her out of a jam, but as they leave for somewhere romantic a gang of thieves spot her jeweled necklance, and attack. She dies to a lucky hit, and in his grief, Aladdin turns off his masking device, turning into a lizardman, who then goes berzerk on them. Only the strong survive in the city. Love and loss. Doomed romance.
THE COMPOSER - A happy/sad story about the life of a composer, from a kid trying to escape his parents arguments by using the piano, to playing on the street where a old fellow hears him and gives him his first tip, to becoming popular, famous, rich, a star, a conductor of an orchestra, a has-been, poor, a media mockery, and finally an old man.. who finds a lonely kid playing the guitar out on the sidewalk, and gives him a tip.. full circle. "Music can name the unnamable, and communicate the unknowable" - Leonard Bernstrein. An awesome masterpiece.
Remove Police - Music video to UltraSheriff. Giant robot attacks police as mad scientist sings. "Someone should, move the police." Message against state-sponsored violence. Sorta. Lots of disco lights. Anarchy. Good timing to the music. "Don't tell me what I should see.. don't tell me what I should do.. don't tell me who I should be.." Atari graphics in places,hand-drawn and 3D together. Freedom vs Libert
God of War 2 Theme - Wacky 'translation' of the foreign language song into English. "Hold Devil's pot of tea MULAN!!" "All handle ball sack.. all handle BALL SACK... FALL on your KNEES.. and worship.. a Bee.." all performed by a dead serious Greek chorus as if announcing the end of the world. Awesome parody of the theme from the game God of War 2 :) Funny
PALADIN episode 5 part 1
THWOMPS: THE MOVIE - The stone mario mobs that fall from above are back! The series ends with a 20 min epic flash filled with goofy references, comic fight scenes, a final showdown with both Mario AND Bowser. One thwomp shall be King, the other shall be a janitor. Time warp back to Episode 1. Awesome!
HEALTH REMINDER - A sick health reminder from David Firth (Saladfingers) full of strange English humor, complex-sounding nonsensical vitamins. "Have you have any trouble with wasps under your armpits?" "Um, no" "Not that you know of.." "Analysis - You, are ill!" mad perverted robot doctors. Evil #3. "Stay away from drugs kiddies!"
-2 INTELLIGENCE - A roleplaying mage uses magic to summon a sword in the stone from a rock he can't get to. The plan works.. however the sword impales him when it breaks free. Final Fantasy victory music! Then he collapses. Dungeons and Dragons goofage.
PANDADOG EPISODE 02 - A supercute animated short from Korea, a girl weighs herself on a scale, which says 'thin' until a mischevious friend steps on the back, making it say 'FAT' and freaking her out! She goes on a fitness rampage. Meanwhile, a lion tries to stop the cat from stepping on the scale.. funny cartoons :) Furry
THE FART BUTTON - A geek sits at his computer "Hmmm, what's on the Internet today.." debates hitting The Fart Button. Friend "NOOO!! Don't DO IT!!" he hits it, causeing his eyeballs to explode, and summoning demons into the world, causing it's end as tides of blood consume the land as evil reigns. Then, he farts. Watch out for the internet folks :) Practical jokes.
SHARKS AND NOT SHARKS - A kid's giant brother eats airplanes, an employer eats a mild-mannered appliant after discovering that he's not a 'shark'. Guy is mean to his daughter, then gets hit by the airplane mentioned earlier on the way out. Odd.
CANADIAN IDIOT! - Music video to Weird Al's song by the same name, parody of American Idiot.
MADNESS: DUES EX MACHINA - An awesome tribute to Krinkle's Madness series for Madness Day 2007! The guy who did SF vs MK 1-3 is back, using a different style and kinetic camera movements for the Rampaging Undead Clown, who sprite fights many characters and steals their weapo
LEISURELY RAGTIME - Krinkle's own submission for Madness Day! A guy playing a ragtime piano competes with a guy with a boombox. Some spectators come up to listen, and one knifes the radio guy, who turns into a zombie, lurching to the beat. Everyone's happy!
SPIKEVALLENTINE - SPEEDANIM:BATTLECOOL - Amazingly, this long animation was done in 3 days. An anime warrior fights in the arena, controlled by a perky girl who seems to like him, but insists on giving him hugs rather than prize money. It turns out she loves him? "Why do you put me in these dangerous situations?" "Because you're sexier when you're in danger!" Several weird battles, then the confrontation. Will love triumph, or will he just blow himself up to make a point? Valentine's Day. Tough Love.
AWESOMERAPTOR - Not safe for work. A no-holds barred parody of 'Awesome' artist Egoraptor. "Now for some skillful laborious comedy writing!" Lots of deadlines, vulgarity, racism. "I fucking love PENIS!" And Metal Gear. Quick, crude and cool, it makes the point :P
TWEEN: A FLASH ODYSSEY - The 2001 music plays as an animator, with huge amounts of fanfare, uses a mouse to make the final click to activate an animation. He sweats, grits his teeth, finger twitches, makes the click, Flash starts working.. it's done.. he passes out.. and Mario very slowly 'tweens' across the screen, a simple figure-drag motion. Getting too worked up over small things :) Bady steps, have to start somewhere. Creative. Artistic.
OLYMPUS BURGER PARTS 1 & 2 - The Gods battle utop Mount Olypus.. and are then repremanded by the assistent manager of the fast food shop they're all working at. Zeus keeps smiting customers, Hades sends the corpses 'somewhere', customer service was never so easy to deal with..
SPACE DUCK - An artist combines every sketch in their sketchbook into a big montage of random animation, to a catchy beat. No tweening, everything is hand animation. Dragon comes out of guy's mouth with party hats on. Alien shapes, recurring duck.
SMASH KINGDOM MELEE - Wacky outtakes from the new Wii verson of Smash Brothers Melee! Pokemon bites off Ash's head, then leads his brothers to a better place. Solid Snake farts in his cardboard box. The legion of villians has several unproductive meetings about increasing its membership. A giant penguin teaches kids about the birds and bees. Lots of strange happenings.
SHORTS TO WEAR PANTS TO - A disbelievingly awesome collection of wacky shorts. Guy raps about all the bizzarre things that fit in his sister-in-law's ears. "I love you more than bunnies!" "Bunnies don't love you.." Entire series of bizzare songs. Toenails! Making microwaves explode! Tetris rap! Burritos. "If you play this song backwards it will sound the same! emas eht dnuos..." It's an actual website too http://www.songstowearpantsto.com/
THE ROCKOONS - A furry raccoon rock band performs a music video to Aerosmith's "Fever!" Lots of party animals abound :) Good for Anthrocon or any furry convention. Awesome! Guy has 3 more raccoon movies!
Eddie's Teddy - Music video to song by Richard O'brien, from the Rocky Horror Picture show! "From the day he was born.. he was trouble.. he was the thorn.. in his mother's side." Fast-paced goofy song "All he wanted was rock-and-roll pron, and a motorbike!" "When Eddie said he didn't like his Teddy we knew he was a no-good kid!" Fun! Crazy.
ATTACK OF THE EVIL TV 1 & 2 - Friends get warped into a TV, where whatever appears sucks them on. Final Fantasy, horror movies, guy gets into a porno movie to find himself the female henti star. "Aren't you going to help him?" "Screw that! This is going on repeat, FOREVER!" Nothing happens on screen, but you can appreciate the bind :) Stuff for Poink! #2 is much longer, Mega Man, strange video games, Mario mushrooms, Daft Punk music. Numa Numa. Ranma gun "change anyone's gender instantly?" Sailor Moon "I'm Sailor Dude, and I'm gonna get you!" "Ew, Zero! I just saw you naked!" Foamy. "I have a sudden urge to write Emo poetry.." Girl on the couch use the evil remote to advantage. We Love Katamari! King of all Cosmos. Awesome!
DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL - "Daddy's Little Girl is in the Girl's Gone Wild Video!" music video to goofy country song by Tom Mabe "It was Spring Break! She was half-baked!" Nothing explicity appears on the screen due to censor bars, but the implications are clear :) Poink!
DERAILED - The happy railroad train "This Thread" rides on, full of happy socializing people talking along. Then one jerk takes a sledgehammer and knocks out a rail ahead of the train. The happy This Thread derails, flipping over and turning into a horror scene with people burning, dismembered and bodies everywhere. Full screen end now "DO NOT DERAIL THIS THREAD!" Don't be a chatroom, mailing list troll.
CASTLE III PART A - Stick figure action and drama. The Castle was found when first exploring a newly opened parralell universe, and scientists found a source of power inside.. power that could keep a resource-depleted Earth alive. But there was also something evil inside.. the General sends in his most trusted agent to find out what happened to the scientists.
IT GEEKS:GOT WII? - All of Wonchop's friends get Wii's, except for him. "If I hear one more person say I got a Wii..." guy drinks bear "Where's the bathroom, I gotta weee!" Wonchop goes nuts, kills Luigi. Tribute to James Brown at the end.
Consumer warning at the end "USE THE STRAP!!" to avoid the Wii controller sailing and destroying the TV.
ZELDA: UO EPIS:3 - The Legend of Zelda Unknown Origins. Link breaks things, and people cheer. Link draws pictures of himself, wondering how he did that one attack, he remembers doing it before? LInk and friends go to the Secret Spot, fight giant monster. Clips from Link Manga?
AND THE BIRDS FLEW - Black and white. Student gets hit by tree chopped down by logger.. ends up dead. Ghost asks him to follow up a staircase and fly past memories of his life. Short. Artsy.
BUSKER BRANDFORD - Guy with electric piano goes a one-man concert "Ok, time to rock the world!" Dueling MIDI music themes! Star Wars theme, Back to the Future, Imperial March, John Williams music. Dueling Banjos, Dueling keyboarders. Brandford gets owned, leaves his keyboard. Now he needs to pay for the keyboard. "Are you gonna run?" "No, I'm gonna stand." Just stands there. Statue? Guy with cardboard family. Guy has Tongs street act.
MOVEMENT PROJECT - Guy wity cybernetic shoulder tests to see how fast he can run, with video game music playing in the background. Morphs into different animals, monkey, wolf, falcon, horse. Golden Sun 2 - battle theme. tenacious D? Barracuda, swims underwater
EVOLUTION ! - The history of evolution.. not. Killer blobs, Martian waste dumped into Earth's oceans, fish climbing out of water and then being struck by lightning. Lots of goofy cartoony things.
PRESS START:STATUE - "In a world much like our own.. except with monsters and anthropomorphic animals.. war was beginning.." Sonic, furries, lot of video game characters! "Statue of Limitations" Evil guy doesn't like this statue. Mario and Sonic show up to fix him. "Yes.. those overalls.. that shrill grinding noise.. I'd recognize the two of you anywhere.. You're the industrial smoothers here to correct the statue!" Guys blink? Destroy the statue, dropping it on him. "Don't you think you took a bit much off the top?" Johnson tries to keep warning him.
LEMON NAD KARL 4 - Beating a Dead Ghost Pirate.
SNOWMAN LOUIS THE LUSH - British snowman gets drunk in Christmas Eve, sings a drinking song, vomits snow into his cap. "So I drink all night.. in the cold winter not.. thinking Santa just might... come.. this year..." Santa flies over head.. but doesn't stop. Sad :( Be good. Karma.
SEASONS SPRING - A tribute to Spring, set to the music of Beethoven. Flowers bloom, ice melts off hills, rabbits and swans and deer come out to play. Relaxing.
LOZ: MY IMMORTAL - Music video to Evanescence. Legend of Zelda. Zelda, trapped in her crystal, witnesses Link defeated by Ganon, sings a sad song as a sprite orchestra players. Sad.. at first. Sprites from all the Zelda games. Love conqures all. Valentine's Day.
OLD LADY AT THE AIRPORT - Airport security. Lady is hard of hearing. Fat guard wants the thin guard to let her go. She gives him a wedge. Old lady turns out to be an anthropomorphic switchblade, takes a seat. That's it. Nothing bad happens.
Homeland security.
TS_XMAS_parts_4 - Furry guys fight little demon thing. Evil mastermind tries to steal Christmas Presents, until little girl gives him a box, he cries. "Wait? How did you know I was here little girl??" Lots of cute crying people. They offer him dinner, then throw him out when he says he'll go back to being evil later. Strange cartoons, people with swords.
MGS:TAS EP 4 - Metal Gear Solid the Animated Series Ep 4. Total bizarre randomness. Don't even try to make sense out of this. Snake invades Magic Bunny Land? Goofy, goofy cartoons.
ORDINARY MAN EP 1 - Ketchup - The most ordinary of all superheros saves they day by helping a fat guy squeeze ketchup onto his burger from an almost-empty bottle. "Oh no.. my sandwich is cold!" Food, spits or swallows.
RED AND YUFFIE the movie - Final Fantasy. Girl is bummed that all the other final fantasy character has cheezy merchandice mubs, and Cloud most of all! Cloud "Ow, I hurt my thumb." "WE LOVE YOU!!" Furry cats with flaming tails. Sephiroth shows up, more emo people. Cloud Vincent movie sucks, big battle scene against a worm. Ridiculously overpowered anime battle moves. Vincent just steps on the worm while Cloud's craziness blows up a nearby building. Sephiroth's sword is just too big.. throws him off the planet "Stupid Sword!"
THERE ONCE WAS A HOUSE - Girl dares a boy to knock on the door of a haunted house. Lots of rain, forboding. He knocks.. door opens. He goes in.. sees an old lady sleeping. Looks close.. she opens her mount. CRUNCH. And now they're zombies. Halloween. Don't take dares.
MR. WEATHER PART 3 - "Where are we going to find ice cream in outer space?" Floating ice cream truck. "You can't be serious." Outer space submarine? "Oh no, space hobos." Hobos attack, wanting their gumball machine. Simple 2D animation combined with decent 3D space sequences. Star Trek and Star Wars were never quite this cheesy.. but maybe close.
TRIBUTE TO HINATA: REMADE - Tribute to that shy girl in Naruto who wants to get Naruto's attention, but can never seem to quite do it, because she's too shy to speak openly. Anime, adult swim. Romance, Valentine's Day.
L1F3: THE TWELFTH NIGHT - A guy asks a Yeti to summarize William Shakespeare's play "The Twelfth Night" Girl dresses as a unic. "That's a guy with his balls chopped off." Guy is confused. Ends up watching a sleezy movie of the same name. Lots of people having sex? "Why does Shakesspear make me feel DIRTY!??" Don't read the Cliff Notes kids, read the play. Yeti rave. Study in school! Poink and history.
IDA'S LUCK - The story of another Scarry little girl, adopted off the street by a well-meaning, well-bred English husband and wife, who soon discover that strange things happen around Ida, who never talks. Bad luck? Or something more? Part 1/2.
ON THE MOON - The toast king gets a new computer on the Moon! HAL from 2001. "This is very important - CAN THIS DO MINESWEEPER?" Annoying email. "My mind is going.. I can feel it Dave." HAL sings Daisy. Random. Technical Difficulties. Rasvar?
BRING A CONDOM ON A DATE? - A quandry worthy of Poink. A guy is about to go on a date, when a pub buddy tosses him a condom. "A condom? On a first date? I've been.. ___ dates without sex!" "Then this should be the charm!" Date progresses, they have a great time, and go back to her place.. and she wants him! Only.. when he takes out the condom. "You brought a CONDOM on a first date? WHAT KIND OF PERSON BRINGS A CONDOM TO A FIRST DATE!?" she throws him out. Male frustration.
Evil Valentine's Day.
5 BUSY SHAPES - A quick fun claymation about several blocks of clay that form a mouse, a house, a pool and a car. Quick demonstration of the art, fun!
SUMMER CAMP:EPISODE 1 - Start with "Time Traveling Bears" short, goofy Saturday Morning Cartoon Power Ranger-like thing. Afterwards, a kid get sent to the Summer Camp from hell. "Aren't you glad you got into cabin 5 with me!?"
MEAT GRINDER - Well animated but disturbing rendition of a city being overrun by mechanical harveting machines that steal organs, noses, etc. One inventor tries to escape in a flying machine. Halloween.
SLIVER - Some little guys hunting a bee lose track of it as it finds a bush covered with beautiful berries! All the strange creatures of the forest come to take some.. but it turns out the bush is an animal waiting to eat them! The bee takes his former persuers into the air to try and save them. Scene of a living room "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE WE WATCHING!??" Classical music "March of the Marionettes" from Sorceror's Apprentice?
DISHOOM VS THE BUTCHER - Awesome animated music video about an anthro rooster pimp who takes care of his harem of hens, until one day the butcher makes off with them. He puts on his best clothes and chased the van down, blowing it up and saving them all. Furry! Valentine's Day. Romance. Adventure.
THE ORIGIN OF TREE - Story of Superman.. sort of. While working on the escape pod Dad accidentally sends the wrong son flying to Earth as he pounds on the console when Mom says "Dinner's Ready!" "Well, at least I still have you, Kal'El" Kal'El spontaniously explodes "Oh... fuck." Superheros! Parody.
PAINT_IT_BLACK - An evil elemental of black paint colors everything black as a music video from the Doors vietnam-era music plays. "I see a red door and I want it to be black.."
DANTE'S INFERNO: CANTO I - A traveler finds himself facing off three beasts in the forest. Poet offers him a choice.. face off sins, or travel to hell to understand them. "To be continued." "Well, probably not." "Depends on how much time I have"
CRASH - A flash animator makes a wonderful flash over several weeks, working hard, for two years! Almost ready to save.. but then.. Flash 8 crashes. Angel "Ok.. calm down, stress is bad.. stress is evil.. just calm down.." guy crushes him. Save your work! Animation. Technical Difficulties. Vaudville music.
PRESS START: MAGE - Video game parodies. Two heros watch a group of dark mages, guy threatens them with a cross. Cute little mages fight back, future guy talks them into giving them the device. Old school nintendo fun.
-=STEALTH=- More stick figuring fighting fun. Anime moves. "Is this data worth all the killing?"
THE TOM FULP EXPERIENCE - Random Black and White fast goofy flash about Tom Fulp and Bill Murray surfing on a wild car dropping off a skyscraper and then a horror seen about a 7-11 slurpy which starts an elaborate dream sequence which is really like the scene before and then the car crashes and they burn and this cat starts dancing to Cyndie Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" "EDN!(END)" Pointless action scenes.
UNFORGOTTEN REALMS - Two Dungeons and Dragons players argue wether to heal their undead rat. "You'd just kill him again!"
SCIENTLOLOJYUUICHI!! - A parody of Scientology, in the style of.. that unspellable Japanese Pokerap Niel Cieglera did to start the whole Animutation craze. Tom Cruise is a cartoon character that goes about brainwashing kids to the beat. Then some group called Anonymouse hacks his web page. Matrix Agent Smith showdown scene. Goofy. Cults.
SOCKLOPS - Guy recalls being a giant blob attached to machines. Mad Science experiments. "We've invented a computer who's actually a pedophile!" Police arrest anyone who used it. Self-aware cigarette lighter. Mind control. Medical testing. Solution to the problem of wanting to smoke a car. Guy can shrink size, goes subatomic. Gives himself an award for floating through a donut. From the Saladfingers guy. David Frith.
WE ARE NATIVEAMERICANCATS - Documentary(?) on cat culture. "Our culture not only effects ourselves.. but the animals around us!" Cats playing Indians. "I guess people are confused by what we're doing? But it's not that complicated." Dances with mice. Chief of Cats. "We Smokem Catnip." Furry, anthropomorphic. Cats are computer programming? Cat finds his girlfriend in bed with bias coworker. Goes crazy and breaks things. Becomes an alcoholic. "I guess that's a stereotype of Native Americans. And it's not true!.. it just is for me." "We Are Native American Cats" Lots of 70's music.
THE RED LINE - Art collaboration where one frame with a red line on it transitions into the next image. Random, funny! Occasionally gross. Everything from Pong to Pacman. Tons of artists. Art Jam!
DCK-CHRISTMAS OF HORRORS - Cycon looks for a Christmas Tree. Cycon extinguises the Burning Bush, doh. Talking Christmas Tree talks him into taking him. "So when are all of my Christmas dreaming gonna come true?" "The question is.. what are you gonna do for me?" Tree needs blood? Little shop of horrors. Tampoons don't work. Cycon kills his friends to feed the evil tree. Santa appears "Ho Ho HOLY CRAP!" Santa gets eaten too. Evil Christmas.
FUTURE - Anime motorcyclists race the police and battle giant robots in this special effects flash music video. Ken Ishii music. Highly rated.
CAPTAIN CAPITALISM:NRC - The econimics-bias superhero sets out to teach kids that giving *isn't* what's Christmas is all about. Karl Marx is Santa Claus! The Red menace spreads communism one child at a time. Goofy, stylish.
SHAMOOZAL:NINJA - Kid and his disgruntled talking dog Shamoozal trash his sister's room by pretending it's a ninja samauri battleground.
WATERMAN EP IX - Waterman gets a new pair of eyes. He and Roybot try to win the local soapbox derby while Armadillo uses a clockwork robot to pose as Waterman and try to ruin his date.
THE KARNAGE INCIDENT - Samauri cat with big sword takes down tons of feline police and duels with a anime robot. Action.
LILORPHANBOY - A seriously twisted and random flash about a boy in a wheelchair with Turrets Syndrome trying to find a cure as a Christmas miracle. Meanwhile, disgruntled Santa finally snaps. Gratuitous violence and gore.
WHEN I GROW UP - Story of four seeds a little girl plants, slowly growing. 3 stick together and make fun of the 4th, who has an oversized eye. They become flowers stage by stage, while the Sun and Moon literally battle overhead in a goofy fashion. Sort of sad ending "You can't always make yourself happy, but you can make somebody else happy."
HOLIDAY BRAINSTORM - A reindeer, cat, dog, stick figure and others sit at an executive business table and try to think of a Christmas Card idea. Each has strange ideas of their own, with the reindeer putting down most of the others, then offering his own wild idea. In the end, they use all of them. Merry Christmas!
SAMANTHA - Very touching story of a boy and his cat, best of friends. One day Samantha disappears, and the boy goes on a trek to find her, evading distractions along the way. Eventually though, he loses track of what he was after, getting lost in a blurr of capitalism and trading and trinkets. When Samantha finds him, he doesn't recognize her, even when she goes out of her way to help him. Sad. How does it end? Have to watch it. Friendship, love.
GUITAR HEROES - Two blobs with J.S.Bach wigs have a dueling banjos-style electric guitar war on stage. The J.S.Bach Experience. Rock and roll :)
THE BLACK BIRD 7 - Details ninja story similiar to The Little Ninja. Kid with a blackbird and a little demon friend tries to find a key to save a prisoner. Has to fight 3 creatures who appear human at first.. but then turn out to be more like nagas, or giant earthworms. They eat their own heads when severed, and one eats a friend. Strange. A monk comes by and uses magic to dispell them after the tense fight. Action comic series.
BAMBI 3 FINAL JUSTICE - Bambi plays Rambo with evil human hunters, seeing vengange against those who killed his mother. Eat your heart out Disney.
FURRY RANDOM STUFFS - Video game parodies, Mario fights evil dog handpuppet, Clock crew, sonic. "5 years of B!" Tank men. Heavy metal mario music. Pokemon. Link tries to get Shamus out of bed. "Lol not furry!" Sonic and Tails get stuck in a pipe by rocks, Tails finally has to fart horribly.
Mr. SAVES THE DAY - An anthro bat creature created by genies appears whenever someone says "I'm not exactly Mr. Saves The Day" and helps people, often against his will. Stops a robbery in Spokane. Gets a guy some toilet paper. Weird superheros.
A VERY SPRITEY CHRISTMAS - A group of traditional animators decide to take down a group of Sprite animatiors as they're having a Christmas party. Includes Blockhead "We're only taking you because Bitey left"
THE LEGEND OF GRANDMA - Grandma discovers that "There's a demon in my fat!" it talks to her, insults people, and causes people's heads to explode. "Time to take drastic measures. Doug, take me to church" Priest's head explodes. The End. Fitness. Exercise.
SANTA VS SATAN - A good-looking anime Santa and a Dragonball Z Satan duel with candy canes and other Christmas gear. Turns out Satan really just wants to be loved, that's why he pretended to be Santa. "People don't love me because I'm Santa, they love me because I spread the love!" "Spread.. the love?" Satan reforms. Merry Christmas! Happy Ending!
NEENJA VOLUME 4 - A middle-eastern ninja with a big nose defeats a conjured monster in an exquisitely well-done hand-drawn sequence. Goes home, gets drunk. Friend ers.. "Don't you think.. there will be more?" Neenja isn't worried, passes out. In a dark hall, a lady summons a horde of monsters with her sketchbook. To be continued!
CAROL OF THE ROBOTS - Two robots with keyboards on their chests and a little one with a broken radio perform a spontanious Carol of the Bells, electronic edition. Christmas. Animator made the arraignment too!
SNOWY 3: THE NIGHTMARE - Frosty the Snowman is back.. and this time he's EVIL. In animation that looks very close to the original children's special, the little girl who put the hat on his head is confined to a mental hospital after her family was destroyed. The orgins of Snowy revealed! Nightmare on Elm Street parody! Freddy vs Snowy? Links to all three episodes above.
GIFT OF AGES - A ragged traveler recieves a present from heaven, a star that shoots off. He follows it on his moose, and witnesses the Christmas Story, baby Jesus's birth, and his crusifiction. He falls to his knees, and the old man's brown robe absorbs the blood.. turning red. Saddened, but determined to do something, he puts on his Christmas hat, and becomes Santa Claus. Sad. Music of Frederic Chopin, piano. "I give so you may give."
PROBLEM WITH THE HOLIDAYS - Demented Mr. Rogers opens. Shortage of PS3 causes shoppers to kill each other. Osama bin Laden at work? Evil manager orders clerks to work on Christmas. Happy Holidays, jerk. Vampire guy's house is now covered with religious symbols. Weird remake of A Christmas Carol. "That's downright depressing" Not offending people on Christmas.
CHRISTMAS FOR ONE PLEASE - Clock Crew. A happy music video to the traditional "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", except for Knight Clock, who's all alone with a photograph of his lost family. Looks like Tiny Tim. Sad. "Please, have a Merry Christmas.."
THE ULTIMATE PRESENT - Dog creates a snowman, gets in snowball fight with cat. Elwood the dog. Dog's wife tries to get him to think of the less fortunate. "Well, at least you got something for me, right?" Elwood uh ohs. Time to find a gift, FAST! Asks trashcan foxes for help. Talks to ducks he hasn't talked to in years, then other animals, takes a picture of them all. She likes it! He gets.. a chew toy. Of the kind he found earlier. Doh. Merry Christmas!
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Guy makes a documentary to the North Pole? "You know, they already did a documentary about Penguins.. it's called Batman Returns." "The Workshop" parody of The Office. Disgruntled elves, Santa makes elf jokes. Elves want their own song and recognition! 'We're Gonna Kill Santa Clause' "Did they actually KILL Santa Claus?" "No, just wounded him. By the way, they're staying with us for a while." Merry Christmas - Cancelled.
THE THINKING IMPAIRED EP5 - Shopping for clothes, weird tshirt logos "Being happy makes me sad." Fashions. Strange love. Gift certificates are evil? Super basketball on a trampoline! Mentos and diet coke rocket! Guy mails coke to himself in case he runs out.
TRICKY MADNESS 2 - Undead Jesus and the zombie clown from Madness talk to you about evil things, then freak out to heavy metal music and slaughter The Hero and each other with complete shamless carnage that gets in your face. End with "Ok, I'm Fucking done, sorry >:[ - Krinkels" Merry BLEARRGGG!
CORPORATED DUMMY EXTENDED - A crash test dummy gets to be a corporate executive, and excels at the role. Corporate recruiting video. But not really. All speak German. "Sucess through Quality" Then the stock crashes. "Bye Bye" Series of dummies crashing on a conveyor belt. Doom. Music video to C-60, "Erforg"
INGUS:CHRISTMAS - Blitzen goes on drugs, takes hostages. Police attack, boom. Robo Scrooge 1846 attacks, eyebeams, attacks Japan. A Christmas Carol redone with superpowers. Scrooge uses knowledge of the future to take down the 3 badass ghosts. DragonballZ powers. Passes out "Are you done?" "Yes!" trips on the rock, face impaled on. Ingus steals cheesehead beaver's coat, gets frostbite anyway. Just plain strange.
OMG! SMB MISHAPS! 2 - Super Mario Mishaps 2 - Posion mushroom, too powerful spring, storm of fish everywhere. Invisible block bashes him away from flag. Flag impact is painful, tips over. Luigi drops it on him. Tries to power up as falling turtles keep bashing him. Jaws music as squid attacks. "Sorry Mario, but Luigi has already saved the princess." Mario boots Toad into the stratosphere.
CHRISTMAS ROMANCE - Love song for a pair of fairies in love! Anime music in background, not anime art style though. Exploring the magic forest. Love! Valentines. "No matter who you are, no matter where you are, Christmas is meant to be celebrated together" Merry Christmas!
SANTA... TO DIE, PARTS 1 & 2 - Two brothers make a pact to kill Santa Close because he screwed them over. "Santa Claus is Coming to Die" Uncle tells kids Santa is spying on them, and how to get exactly what you desire. 1. Be Good 2. Be Nice 3. Be Honest 4. Don't Pout 5. Don't Shout 8. Be Positive. Santa doesnt' grant $1 million in cash or handguns or girls. "We kept our requests short and simple" Get toys and $10 bills. So, they set a trap for him. Based on a true story? I hope not O_O Evil Christmas.
AN UNFORGOTTEN CHRISTMAS - Unforgotten Realms, parody of the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms. Coofy animated comic of D&D players. One invites his girlfriend Cindy to play, the DM is a bit freaked "There are no girls in this campaign!" but comes around. Then freaks out again when her character turns out to be centauress! Cool stylish crude graphics. Geeks rejoice! DM manages to get slapped by Cindy over and over again. Quest for 100,000 gold! For an impossible list to fill. "Maybe if we do a Montage.." You can do it.. you can do it.. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Positive 80's music parody. Quest reward: PS3! Looking for gold frankensense and myr. What are they?
TURMOIL UNDER THE TREE - A kid playing with friends gets tempted by a beautiful Christmas Tree, only to get sucked inside by an imp. Turns out Santa Claus is actually a demon, and those elves are his coworkers. "YOU HAVE DISTURBED MY WORKSHOP!!!" Kid tries to escape, then gets throw into a pit of light. Returns to the surface. Maybe Santa isn't such a bad guy after all? Evil Christmas.
THE GRINCH!...abridged - How the Grinch Stole Christmas.. well, kinda. It actually ends in a huge nuclear explosion after 10 seconds. "I'm MELTING! OH MY GOD!!..*BOOOM!!*" And the ending music! Evil Christmas! Director's Cut. AWESOME! Michael Eisner.
SONIC: HIS WORLD - Music video to "His World" by Zebrahead, fast rock, fast animation. Lots of things blowing up, invading a giant Death Star thing. Very good sense of speed and scale, trying repeatly to reach a ledge.
BREAK IN AND YOUR FIRED 8 - Animated spoof of the Conan O'Brian show. Conan makes a joke about Donald Trump divorcing his wife. Donald invades the studio, preparing to attack. "Lots of people make fun of you, why don't you kill them?" "You were the easiest to track down." Jay Leno appears, but I don't know why.
SPRITE YOU...AGAIN? - A cool tutorial about ways to making and manipulating sprites! Starts with a demonstration of the artist putting himself into Mortal Kombat 3 (with somewhat gruesome results) then cheating to blow Scorpion away.
THENIGHTSANTAWENTCRAZY - Music video to Weird Al's "The Night Santa Went Crazy" using the same song. Madness tribute cameo.
THE 12 PAINS OF CHRISTMAS - The Twelve Pains of Christmas. Music video to famous parody Doctor Demento song.
THE NEW GUY - Robot CEO talking to a panda gets a message that the new guy, a Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur starts eating people. "Better switch me on" Robot sprouts rockets, get stress with girlfriend. Fun at the workplace.
SPOILSBURY TOAST BOY 2 - David Frith, Saladfingers guy. Kids looks between one hole in his wall to the other. Call for help behind the wall. Insect pulls a practical joke on him? Insects everywhere. Claw takes him to work. "Quick children, make the toast. We don't want to make the master angry." Bad bosses. Insects control the world! Insects swarm grandmother's face. Beatle "Mucus has a certain degree of intelligence." Totalarian society. Insect crawls in kids's ear like in Wrath of Khan! EWW! Nightmares. Bugs having sex o_O. Crazy psycosis. Halloween. Not safe for work. Evil.
MEGAMAN COLLAB - Montage of different authors doing video game fight scenes. Japanese pop with subtitles. Anime fight scenes, high speed fight scenes. Goofy races, racing. Music video. Mentos commercial extra.
WEEBL AND BOB - GOTHIC - Music video of Weebl weirdness. Goofy song. Bob has massive body piercings. "Bob.. lord of the dark." "Why have you become goth?" "I'm depressed at not having pie." Weebl trys goth clown costume. Moaning goth nightclub music. Girl with HUGE goth boot. Advertisement for Weebl toys!
PIZZA DAY! - Music video to The Aquabats: Pizza Day! Guy walks through sea of chewing gum. Dancing pumpkinhead. Weird. Jedi lightsaber fight for no reason. Pointless stuff. Gordon Freeman from Halflife has a headcrab on his face, like the people in the Christmas thing.
IMPERIAL RAGE - Star Wars parody, tribute. "The general, who became a slave, who became a jedi, who defied an empire. New characters, takeoff on the movie Gladiator. Like a movie trailer, with no movie. Odd crossovers.
BLOCKHEAD: EPISODE 5 - Imaginatry friend rides the bus. Blockhead can't do math, steals the answers, cheats. Jumps out the back of the schoolbus and licks a guy's windshield. "The Mission" Advertisement for Tongs. Subliminal messages. Middleages guy still wants Blockhead to die. Harvesting the Nails. "Shut up!" "I love you!" "I hate you" Blockhead destroys a lemonade stand and sells nails. Sells them to an old lady who drinks it. Madness.
AKIRA THE DON - CLONES - Music video from Akira the Don. "I'm all alone so are we all.. we're all clones, one are all one are all." Rap music. Monopoly. Lots of random violence. Pink clone blob people. Mad scientist.
ATU: DELUSIONS OF GRANDURE - Across the Universe. Spaceman explores unknown planet, finds killer zombie. Girl has science fiction nightmare. Spaceshift finds Earth. "Destroy target? Y/N" "Earth 2005" Guy in pickup truck listening to music, Nobuo Uematsu's "Across the Universe" Sign static, then girl arrives in a burning comet. Love? To Be Continued.
GROOVY! - Music video to Simon & Garfunkel's "Groovy". Happy song filled with happy violence. Twisted. Hummingbird gets shot with an arrow. Fast and fun.
BRA BASHING - Foamy's goth girlfriend "I'm not wearing bras anymore!" "Man's tortourous items of oppresion!" Foamy things she's directing her self-loathing at gaining weight. Breasts almost pop out of her shirt, tong eats her underwear. "Why can't I just stop eating all those really tasty junk foods?"
CLOCK TOPICS - Clock Crew. "Oh boy, Newgrounds!" Mutated into Strawberry clock. "Today we have with us a fat insane Christian woman named.." "GARGOYLES!" o_O Talk shows. She's a Sith Lord? Strange clock and Blackmagic. Jerry Springer. Fanatics.
NOODLES THE NINJA DOG - 1 - Song "Turning Japanese". "Is your life boring? Feel like doing something about it?" "Nope." TV gets mad. Store clerk wants to off his boss. Ninja dog tries to free dog trapped in the petshop, but gets choosen.
DONALD'S PIZZA HEAVEN - Knight fights dragon. "I just got back from Donald's Pizza heaven, I'm too full to fight!" Stupid fun commercial! Spits or Swallows. "I like Donald's Pizza heaven for the All you can eat Buffett!" Cheering! "I like Donald's Pizza Heaven because there's never any black people there!" Silence. "I mean.." changes it, cheering! Stick puppets. Fast food.
TOOTHBRUSH LAND - "Hey kid, every wonder where toothbrushes come from?" Sucked down the toilet into Toothbrush land. "It's a sewer!" Mutant rats, Spiders with machine guns, Rubber Ducks with Harmonicas. General Toothbrush! Goofy Blue's Clue's -like warp. Toothbrush "And by the way Timmy, I'm your father!" Star Wars. Awesome Pointless fun.
THE ART OF FIGHTING - Zero, Bass, Neji, and Sonic fight in a tornament. Crazy free-for-all battle. Megaman characters. Overpowered anime moves. High speed. Bullet Time. Zero combines with Megaman to destroy Bass. Video game.
STONE TABLETS - Hooded monks read stone tablets. First rule: "Thou shall not write on stone tablets.." Finding an alterative to paper. "Do you think writing on wood serves Satan?" "Wood loves fire.." Christian debate. "We shall not tell others how to live their lives.. it seems you're serving two masters?" "Thou shall not ask the opinion of others.." More violations. "Thou shall not delay the decision-making on rules.." again! "I was drunk. I did it slowly." Thou shall not drink is #9. Alternative Ten Commandments. #7 Thou shall not use the word 'Shall'. Religious comedy. Group '3 For All'. A bit like Monty Python. Commitee decision-making.
ENDLESS DREAM: EPISODE 3 - Audio by Winterwind. Cool music! Guy who thought his girlfriend was dead died himself in a car accident. He wanders the Dream, looking for a way out. Guy with headphones tells him how to leave, walk through an endless grass field and talk to a rabbit who can turn a blue sky pink. "However, if you reach the portal at the wrong time, you will end up in Thanatos' nightmare." Alice in Wonderland. Strange fantasy voyage.
OVER THE HILLS - Audio by 'Nightwish'. Rock song about a criminal, guns banging with drums. Guy accused of crime spent his last night with the wife of his best friend. 10 years in prison. "Over the hills and far away." Thugs force guy to rob a shop. He reads her letters, and she waits for him to return. Strangly upbeat. Strong love. "She prays he will return one day." Valentine.
CC - CLOCKIFICATION - Mineral Water Clock has to pass the Tests to be registered as a Clock. "Congradulations, you passed the Siezure test." Final Fantasy X music. But Strawberry is away for a year! "Correct, B is the anwser to everything." Weird Initiation rituals.
HUNTERS - EPISODE 1 - Three treasure hunters try to recover an orb stolen from the federal space treasury. "I hunt the most dangerous game of all.. Man!" "But.. I'm a dragon?' Space ships and space pirates and other cool stuff.
RAPTOR LINCOLN - IINTRO - Doctor Bob tries to clone Abe Lincoln, but crossed him with a dinosaur by accidnet. Inept mad science. Quick and goofy.
SHERIFF BENSON #4 - Sheriff's Egg McMuffin bursts into flames mysteriously. Then Doctor Phil rises and bursts into flames on TV. "Makes you mad. It's kind of annoying." "Everything I like is bursting into flames. You've got to make me not like you. Make me hate you tomtom!" Green horse sits in the jacuzzi. Weird. Twilight Zone. Mad Scientists puts a curse on him. "You have to kill the source" "You?" "Ya, basically." Earth Wind and Fire, The Aquabats, goofy music! Benson likes the mad scientist's taste in music, incinerating him. Devo helmet. Superheros.
(2005)BEST KLAY SPORT - Knox attacks again. Claymation. Blue guy wants to learn a sport. Tennis for zombies.
AGRESSIVE DREAM - Guy watches televison while a demon in the TV throws things at him. Technical Difficulties. TV explodes. Toilet demon! World under the toilet! Darth Vader breathing. Mad Science. Nightmares.
HELIUM INDUCES INSANITY - Anime girl inhales helium, sings the Birthday Song, the Lollipop King song from the Wizard of Oz, freaks out Edwin Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. "What?"
BLACK FRIDAY BLUES - Guy tries to go to work on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving, busiest shopping day of the year! Crazy Christmas Shopping), but gets caught in horrid traffic until the sun goes down! "Coupons! Coupons! Money! Money! I want to shop, but I don't want to buy, I just want to SAVE!" Time passes "I hope I'm fired!"
-FACELESS- - A tribute to the Jewish Holocaust of WW2. Metallica's "Unforgiven" plays in the background as a prisioner watches the ovens and gas chambers at work. Drama.
LOVE ME LOVE ME NOT - Furry cat tries to impress a snobbish girl cat with many gifts, finally entering a dragon's cave and stealing a huge diamond, then gets chased by the beast, who gets stuck in the entrance on the way out. She STILL doesn't take the gift! Depressed tomcat runs into another girl who lost her bow as it got blown in the wind, find it for her, and she likes him :) Simple things sometimes mean the most. Snobbish girl sees news of the diamon in the news and tries to make it up to the tomcat, but he and his new girlfriend hmph, and drive off in their new limo, splattering mud on her. Valentines Day love story! If at first you don't succeed, try try again.
THE AFTERLIFE - An angel arrives in heaven, only to find a sign saying "For your comfort and security, you will be alone for all of eternity :)" Angel doesn't want to be alone, makes a girl from a cloud, and slowly brings colors back to the white cloud-world. Ragtime music.
A MIDNIGHT SNACK - Perfect Kirby blows away his alarm clock with a gun, it's automatically replaced. Covers Niel's bed with gasoline. Tries to cook some hot dogs, but gets some knives in there as well. Knifes the microwave, releasing radiation. Hot dogs in the toaster, Toaster in the sink, electric short circuit. Kitchen is trashed! Exploding flying toaster jet. Kirby knocks out all the Agent Smiths, then destroys the Death Star. Star Wars, Matrix. Friend gets him a  hot dog in 2 seconds. Uses mustard and pizza slices for glowing eyes costume. Awesome!
ANOTHER RANDOM BATTLE - Stick figures again, blue guy vs hordes of green guys. Guns, karate, shotguns, super-fast action. Lots of blood. Xiao Xiao himself takes on the blue guy! Boss fight. Old yellow guy returns with groceries "What the hell happened here?" Blue guy "Uh.. well, you see.." "I'm sick and tired of you guys coming over and wrecking my house! Get out, now!" Blue guys hangs his head and walks out. Respect your elders. Golden Rule. Violence isn't always a good thing. Peace
THE TOUCHTONE GENIUS - Crank call from crazy-haired guy plays phone dialtones like a piano organ Guy "I don't know what's happening, but i'm entralled.." then crank says "Your Mom's Fat!" hangs up. "What just happened?" New wave music. Doctor Demento. "Andrew does songs based on requests. What you just heard was based on my request. It's SONG #0219 on his site. www.songstowearpantsto.com
FALCON LOVE: THE MOVIE - The Falcon Love Song. Guitar song about guy who goes to military basic training. Love as he realizes guy is a girl in disguise, then a strange romance. "Anywhere but here and you wouldn't have a chance, anywhere but here and I'd run from those pants.." "I've got competition from Mr. JV, but he's not a level 30 warlock like me.." Long, funny animation. Musical violin interlude! Then she sings the next stanza, and all the wierd things about them. 3rd part has them singing to each other. "The odds are good.. but the goods are odd.." Base command thought song was too risque, but the inuendo is funny and very light. Valentine's Day!
ICONS EP2 - FUNKY SMELL - Ipod people. "Ipod. Even for the groove impared." Guys play Mario. Guy things Mario sounds like a little girl? Warped love story as Mario falls for Daisy, Luigi's girlfriend. Luigi arrives at the wrong time "And shoots a fireball right up the little guy's pucker hole. Poor guy hasn't been able to take a crap for years." Next theory, Peach finds Mario with Daisy and sneaks up with a knife "Mama Mia!" "That's when she cut off his Kabasa, never to be used again." Back to Earth, Funky smell in drunk of car. ET 2? ET makes little girl's head explode by accident O_O. Somebody phone Spielburg! Monster in trunk grabs people. Zombie grandmother attacks "Someone's in my FRUIT CELLAR!" Halloween. Awesome pointless fun.
3 DUDES AND A PUPPY EP1 - Dude 2 babysits Dude 1's puppy. Puppy with severed head. "OH MY GOD!" It's a doll. Whew. Into the inconceivable horror room. Misspelling room name for luck. Several pictures of Barbara Streisand. Cat with gillotein. Technical medical terms. Catman, not Batman. Ostritch plays ragtime with a broomstick? Dude 2 loves his broom. Microsoft anti-puppy technology? Doom room. Puppy was with him all the time, too bad, they're in hell. A bit slower for the rating.
SCORCHED EARTH: THE MOVIE - Too Much Spare Time productions. Two artillery cannons trade shells to patriotic music. Duel. Shell goes around the Moon? Moon is damaged, owner seeks revenge, rowboats down to Earth, flying ship. Takes over yellor turret, as yellow guy tries to escape. Benny Hill theme! Too many doors! Pacman! Hello Kitty! Dogs playing poker! TOO MANY RAPID FIRE REFERENCES TO LIST! Turret becomes mech. A simple game turns complex fast. Vagner's Ride of the Valkeries. Large part of the Earth is destroyed, Yellow guy looks down from the Moon. All three make friends as "From a Distance" plays. Make love, not war. Unless it's a video game, then it's ok :) Peace! Love! Awesome!
38 HOURS OF MY LIFE - Mando Diao "Down in the Past" music video. Vomiting girls, slit wrists. Teddy bears. Headbanging Jesus. Random image fun.
STAR CRAP EPISODE 3 (2/2) - Pillsury Hitman. Star Wars parody. "Hey wait! YOU'RE THE SITH LORD!" "What was your first clue?" Thunder when someone says the Dark Side. "And now, for a limited time only, if you join the Dark Side you also get a free iPod!" Matrix Agent Smith fight scene music between Sidious and Windo! Anakin uses Magic 8-ball to decide who to help. "Maybe? MAYBE? Stupid 8-ball!" Yoda has fun kicking minion butt. Yoda and Sidious do DragonballZ attacks! Kamayamaya! Go Fish duel to the death? Battleship duel to the Death? Yoda is golem from Lord of the Rings? "Noooo!..." AWESOME!! Star Wars theme becomes rinky-dink Chicken Dance. Too many things to list :) "No live llamas were harmed in the production of this film.
IN 3 MINUTES - Knox claymation. Fortune cookie says you have 3 minutes to live. "It says.. you're gonna die.. in three minutes.." "So what are you gonna DO?" "All the things I've always wanted to do!" hits the other guy. "Marry Me!" "Uh... alright!" Tells friend he doesn't like him. "Gimme all your money!" Shoots him anyway. Message says "Remember yesterday, but live for today." "I must have read it wrong.." Magic 8-ball time. "When am I gonna die?"
THE ALPHABET SONG - "Hey kids.. you wanna learn the alphabet?" A - Apple B- Bananna. C-Silly (?) D-Don't tell your parents. F-Fun G-Grandma K-Kids. S-STDs Then he starts swearing. T-Turkey G-Goo Twisted kids songs. "Now its time to say goodnight, I'm make a fist and punch out your lights.." Rough part of Sesame Street. Jaded.
MR SHIBBY 7 MINI SHOWS 2 - 1 Rube Goldburg invention turns on the computer, and wakes up the guy by firing a golfball against his head. 2 A 1 Euro coin gets stolen by the Rabbit and Cat from There She Is! Guy chases after the coin, then finds its just chocolate. 3 Heavy Metal - Dad throws Shibby's radio out the window. Where it cracks his car's windshield. 4- Death of the Pixies- Exploding buildings.
TRIBUTE TO MY DAD 2 - Kid tries to cut Dad's hair, many different tries. Ninja steals his car? Tiny cube becomes Transformer autobot! Kid gets sucks up Transformer's... um. Anyway, the chase is on. Osama stole the car? "Happy Birthday Dad!"
SKITTLES N BITZ 8 - Sprite movie madness. "Don't hurt me! I'm only a level 2 archer! I'm too inexperienced to die!" Star Wars. Kirby turns into an apple? Megaman enemy freaks out. Sonic and Knuckles fight, again. Knock each other out. Ring gets got by a fly instead. Mario plays the harmonica until he gets punched out. Link goes for village woman instead of Zelda. Back to the Future guy's ghost gets hit by the time machine car.
THE BILL 'O' RIGHTS - Del tha funkee homosapien. The different rights people have one by one. Stinger missle for deer hunting? 5th Amendment. 9th, unlisted rights "You violated my unlisted rights!" Buck Fush.
STAR CRAP EPISODE 3 (1/2) - First half of flash listed above, which was an awesome Star Wars parody. "Episode III - Revenge of Your Mom" Anakin rants about Episode 1 and 2 while jet flying. R2D2 pulls out huge weapons arrow. Droid "Holy Crap.." BOOM! Rescuing Palpatine. "Your Arm's off!" "It's only a flesh wound." Monty Python. 5 signs warning about the Ray Shield. "We're smarter than this.." General Grievous has an Afro? Padme wants to hide the pregancy "Just tell people you're fat!'
Bloody Valentine - Fighter pilot says goodbye to his love, she waits as he suits up and heads out. Audio kim beLIEve. War in space. Detail mech battles, spaceships. Pilot dies, base explodes, girl watches the explosion. They meet as angels "We had nothing to do with this world.. lets go somewhere else and start over." Love.
FOOD NIPPLE GRUNT TLR PT2 - Shamus Aran fights the Master Chief and an alien. Lots of aliens get blown up. Cool high-speed moves! Shadow Sonic? Trailer. Goofy.
DIALOGUE AT THE ZOO - Elephant talks to a hyena. English gentleman talks to Cheech and Chong guy. Elephant punchs out guy with jar of peanuts. Hyena sees ladies, get shot with transqulizer gun in the wrong place. Wakes up at the zoo. Gets neutered, fixed o_O. Elephant says women are a drag. Kid "The doggie is missing his baby-maker!" Mutated Kermit the Frog starts singing a song "Why are there.. so many.. songs.. about.. genitals.." song gets cut for rock version of Rainbow Connection. Furry, goofy, Muppets.
ORLANDO'S JOINT #2 - Guy gets up for work, then remembers his employer is dead. Guy doesn't want to DJ again.. but dreams about it. Black guy freaks out at the sight of a white guy, thinking he's a cop. White guy is a lawyer, says Orlando now owns the coffee shop from the guy. Tune in next time.
PARTING - Little dust creatures jump around. One kisses another as Japanese music plays. Cute chibi love. Human comes and steals his love after he tells her to wait for him. Human brings her back as a desert, dead. Oriental version of Mozarts "A Little Nightmusic." Desc "Everyday... everytime... parting is coming. It pains us extremely to have to leave anyone." Love. Valentine's Day. Death, sadness. Drama.
LAGOMORHPIC BLUES - Furry! Rabbit plans to jump off a building. "Don't Jump! There is so much to live for!" "Bunnies are only good at fucking and being afraid.. and I'm so terribly sick of both." He jumps.. and.. no, he doesn't. "My name is Chester.. And tonight is the night I decided to live.." Drama. Suicide isn't the answer.
APPARTMENT 51 EP 5 - Aliens, demons and monsters try to pay the rent like regular folks. Attempt at doing the Green Day video ends in a car crash. Crashes into a bank, people think he tries to rob it. Escape from prison. Batboy is in a bad spot.
WHEN IN ROME - A kid and a, grandmother? are Roman gladiators, fighting it out with special moves. Battles goes back and forth. Then a lion eats the winner.
RATBAG & FURBALL #03 - Mouse and Cat play pong until the ball gets tires and pickes someone to loose. Mouse becomes Final Fantasy Black Mage? Bad dreams. Cat becomes Pong target in his nightmare. Both throw their controllers at the TV, breaking it. Both wake up and stare at it. The End! Too many video games.
LL - KLOP'S REVENGE - CLock gets turned into a Lock. Meets other locks. Lock Legion headquarters. Klop trains for revenge in the gym. Huge sword. Duel with Red Star Clock with energy swords. Battle to death with song Popcorn remix in background.
CLOWNING AROUND - Huge clown tries to ride a tiny motorcycle down a rollercoaster ramp. Hits Turbo boost, and almost hits a jet! Choose the good ending or bad ending. Good ending: He lives, only to land in a nuclear testing facility. Bad Ending: Face gets impaled on the nose of the jet, body and spinal column fall to the ground. Gory. Twisted Metal clown?
SPACE JERKS: EPISODE 8 - Wizard curses space pirates. Ships turns invisible. "I possess a few psychotic powers, yes." "You mean, Pscionic?" "No.. my powers are purely psychotic" Guy at laundry decides to join. Picks the name "The Jerks".
CHRONO TRIGGER UNGLUED 11 - The story continues. Chrono is a big trouble "Oh my god.. they're going to kill me in RHYME!" Benny Hill theme chase music. Lots of video game cameos, Pacman, Final Fantasy, Scooby Doo. Monty Python foot. "Let's tear out his chest, rip out his guts, use our swords, to cut off his nuts!"
O.N.E. - ONE. Toys on the computer desk do antics to the songs "Dzain - Intro... Arirang" come alive. Tophat stickfigure falls and hits the tape recorder, setting up "Britnery Spears Oops!! I did it again." Dancing articulated doll. Music Video. Girl with army helmet dances to "BoA  Don't Start Now" Robot does "Eminem  Stan (feat.Dido)" Manikins start dueling with music. "Drunken Tiger   Good Life" Janet Jackson "All For You" and some with Japanese Characters I can't identify. Dancing duel. Finally, both dolls dance together. Breakdancing. Stepping. Very detailed animation moves! "Music is the universal language" "N201- Animation ONE" And the song list. Peace and love. Music from Korea.
BadGuys3:BatteredMonsters - Pirate guy spooks out some Halloween Trick or Treaters. "Look at these cut little bastards!" Makes mummy dance, but he can't easily. Frankenstein and zombies are real. "What have I told you about the brains of our guests? Don't eat them." Wolfman "Get your furry ass back in the kitchen!"
WARHAMMER 40K TRIBUTE - Huge space ships, massive battles, war. A bit like Starcraft. Detailed carriers, marines. Humans vs Aliens. Lots, and lots, and LOTS of guns. Explosions. Swords!
OUR FIRST HALLOWEEN - A couple dresses up for Halloween, Garbage Fairy! Trick or Treat! Guy dressed up with a Got Milk bib. Kid "I'm a wizard!" Guy throws sugar at kids. "It hurts so bad, but it tastes so good!" Fills her costume with candy? Mother things they're having sex from the sound of effort in putting candy in her dress. Sex inuendo.
PENCILMATOIN 2 - Pencial draws stick figure with cannon, then flips it so it shoots the guy. Video game-like music. King builds castle, then hides from pencil. Eraser systematically destroys the place. Guy fights ther pencil as it gives him a mustach, then goes DragonballZ on it, pulls it into the frame! "I have the power!" Big pencil draws ninja who breathes fire, then eats the sword the guy summons. End of the page, then a wet spot on the page acts like quicksand.
AFTER WORK - A doctor is driving home late at night in the dark, with squirrles and raccoons exploring the road ahead of him in the traffic lights. The perfect scene of a horror movie.. he drops his ciggarette and fishes after it, then swerves to avoid a raccon, only to find it on TOP of his car! He spins the wheel, and sends his car into a sliding crash, then somehow emergest alive from the burning wreckage, and walks to a nearby house, missing a finger. The lady at the house thinks he's a zombie, smiles sweetly, and gives him a piece of candy, then slams the door. Happy Halloween! :)
BLOCKHEAD EP.4 - Guests - Guy goes to the Psycologist. Guy thinks Blockhead is just in his mind, until he actually walks into the room and makes a mockery of the female shrink's office! Church music in opening. Block hangs spraypaint and tinsel everywhere for Halloween. "You realize it's January, right?" Annoying Dad. #1 Guy. "Zoom!" "Shut up!" Insurance Salesman mistaken for Trick or Treater. Blockhead annoys the neighboorhood. Dad (grown up kid from earlier?) puts a gun to his own mouth, but when he pulls the triggur a small chunk flies off Blockhead's skull. "Huh, that's.. weird."
MARIO'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY - Tribute to all things Mario, mostly hand-drawn. Music video to Mario music remixes. Falling coins hit piano keys. Hammer smashes the evil Goomba brothers Matrix-style. "Welcome to the Warp zone you cheating S.O.B.!" Mario sees Peach in the shows, passes out. Lots of Bowser bashing. Brief drug hallucination sequence. Hand that stretches Mario's face as in Mario 64 gets hit by laser-eyes. Happy Birthday Mario!
BELONG TO EVERYONE - Ladybug and catterpillar munch bits of pumpkin as Riverdance music playes in the background. Ant plays the guitar for his firefly friend. Spider and Mantis trap other insects inside the pumpkin? Wait.. the other insects are trapping Fireflies in the Jack-o-lantern, so it lights up on Halloween! They cheer! The end!
LL - SAVE TONIGHT - Lock Legion. Music video to Staticnoise. Collaboration with members of the Lock Legions. Happy scenes mixed with random violence. "Safe tonight. Tommorrow I'll be gone."
DAFT PUNK COLLAB - Megaman raises an eyebrow. Record guy bats a fly, and interupts the sound. The "Work It   Harder, better faster stronger" song. "Our work is never over". Mickey Mouse as Michael Jackson? Sonic exercises until he's dizzy. Luigi and Mario work out. Luigi is Agent Smith. Dancing Mario and Mickey.
ANIMAL POLITICS - Animal caracatures of the main G8 world leaders. Bush is a buffalo! Animals all over the world sneeze at polution, including the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the British Griffin. Poor Penguins. Animals launch a bid for the extermination of Mankind. Other eight pressure Bush into signing. Trees grow out of the middle of a highway. "Take care of the nature, before the nature takes care of us!" Enviromentalism. Global Warming.
CASTLEVANIA 2 (GGT) - Simon gets kicked in the nuts when trying to ask out a girl.. and THEN hordes of the walking dead arrive! Poor guy. Hand in the ground grabs his nuts, the horror. Dracula hangs out in a pixel bar, ticks off Superman. Simon kicks zombie Halloween butt. Cool pixalated fight scenes! Fat priest has to escape the church. Dracula does the Mortal Kombat Outakes "Poofy!" thing while ally comes to help Simon. Holy dagger takes out Death. Statue swears. Superman convines Princess Peach magic beer helps him fly. She tries it out and falls to her death. "You're a real asshole when drunk."
MORTAL KOMBAT MISHAPS 2 - In the spirit of Mortal Kombat Outakes! Kane kills BOTH contestants in a WWF tactic. Liu Kang scares Jax by doing the Numa Numa dance. "Friendship. Numality." Reptile finishes SubZero, then gets hit by subway. SubZero gets hit too. Ken from Street Fighter 2 tries to hit on Mileena. Loses. Scorpion misses and hits Johnny Cage's nuts "What are you waiting for? Finish him!" "Censored, Believe me, it's too horible to watch. Benny Hill chase music! Smoke YOINKS. Chariots of Fire music. Smoke can't get in a bar because No Smoking is allowed. "Get over here!" Awesome!
THE FUTURE (5SOP) - 3D animated assembly line robot. Very real looking. Machine is making.. green M&Ms? Fast and very strange. Science fiction food.
LORDOFTHEMATRIXWARS - What you get when Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Star Wars and Final Fantasy get thrown together. Silly collection of popular characters. Princess Mario's Peach topless tackles Neo? o_O Neo porks Frodo's girlfriend? Hobbits. Cloud "Things just got interesting, we're in space now!" Death Star. Neo fights Cloud. Stupid anime scripts. Lightsaber fight "I always knew it would come to this.." Cloud uses dynamite suicide pack instead. Death Star explodes. Link "Let's go get wasted!" Breaks the rating a bit, but it's a cartoon! Goofy credits!
DRAGONGEM - Little kid in a silly RPG world tries to get a magic sword by throwing his into a lake. Throws Crocodile in so scuba monkey tosses out everything he has. Like Legend of Zelda and Link a bit.
THE GOOD AND THE EVIL -  Green tree of grey hearts on white background. Heart becomes a man. Surreal fantasy. Guy walks and meets different people, heart grows more red as he helps people. turns away drugs, guy with gun. Then dies and becomes an angel, meets all the people with red hearts. Down below, all the grey hearts fight. Be good. Peace.
STICK CITY - Film Noir like Sin City. Stick Figures. Guy gets shot walking to car. Mercenaries check his wallet.. a police badge. "BLOODY HELL! IT'S THE BULLET!" Policeman is alive, and takes them down. Action, suspense.
THE CROW 2: 2ND COMING - Man gets shot and stabbed for protecting a little girl. Comes back as the Crow. Black and White suspense. "Now the Crow must fix the ripple they cause in destiny's flow." Avenging deaths with more deaths, to win their salvation. "It's weird how one person'a life could effect so many." Crow himself gets shot too. Tribute to the movie.
WEARY BLUES FROM WAITIN' - An elf-butterfly puppet fairy sings old Madeleine Peyroux rhythm and blues song. Oldies.
APARTMENT 51 - EP 4 - Aliens and batpeople live together. Dracula's Halloween party. Darcula is a social climber, everyone has to be at his party. Bigfoot dresses as Chewbacha? Goofy costumes. Envy. Toilet paper mummy. Rumors. Hunting Dracula to see what he wears to bed. Teddy Bears! Paparazzi! Monster Mash remix.
BLARG! A Fred Halloween - "Blarg the Scary Monsters scream!" Twisted Christmas carols! Hark the Herald Angels Sing. You can download the song! "Pass out treats, don't be a louse! If you don't they'll egg your house!" Good clean fun :) "Have a spooky Halloween.." Werewolf and furry chicken people.
NIMBIN 3 - Slug, carrot and other characters have their stuff stolen. "This is a job for.." Gerkinman! "Actually I was going to say the police.." Superhero, sorta. Guy tries to trade all their stuff for a juice machine. They want an attractive girl instead. "Don't turn it on when it's empty.." Juicer works on a rock? Wow. Cool things to put in a blender. Blender sucks all the color from the world o_O. "Do you think he'll notice?" They taste the world color juice? Weirdly cool. "Well that was a crappy ending.." "How did you get the juicer going, there's no electricity.." The End.
SKITTLES N' BITZ 7 - Goofy video game parodies. Song about Princess toadstool from Mario. DragonballZ - Picolo challenges Gohan to a fight, busts out a super-fast set of exercises. Gohan shoots him. Pokemon used to directly blast the other trainer into dust. Final Fantasy cryptic code speak? Megaman thinks too hard, gets hit by a truck. Chrono Triggur mischief.
NOWAY - Strange animated clay pots. One smokes, until he gets hit by a soccer ball. Other pots try not to laugh at him, so he pokes one in the eye. Cute.
TREVOR WEINSTEIN - Jewish penguin goes skiing, goes up expert slope and tries it, and falls. Crossdressing freak rescures him. Bandaids, hockey stick. "Don't be afraid.." Penguin has to drink Old Spice cologne? Huge mole over eyelid. Date for Poink. REO Speedwagon "I Can't fight this feeling anymore" song as romance develops. Unlikely love, romance. Valentines Day.
DOC OCK - Doctor Octopus from Spiderman gets the Lord of the Rings video-editing treatment. Dancing "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the roof. Bad gas. Doc "Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom." Horrors! Singing Supervillians and superheros. "I need money... to buy me an ice cream cone!" (He wants a Sandwich?)
CHAMBER OF SEASONS - Audo by Jarrydn. In 2112 AD Global Warming has become chaotic. So man builds 4 superpowered cyborgs to control the 4 seasons. Then the robots become self-aware, and turned on mankind! All four fight with each other, Mortal Kombat style. Spring has sprung. Fall has fallen. Winter fights Summer. Later. Megaman-like.
FR - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - Dracula loves Frankenstein? Jerry Springer situation with the Wolfman. Trick or Treat fish guy gets hit with ninja star. Costumes that are too real. Ninja freaks out "It was a giant talking fish!" "I hate you guys." Mascots.
MORTALITY CHAPTER 1 - Girl gets hit by car as boyfriend watches in horror. "What... happened?" She dies in his arms. "I love you.." Dies. Sadness. "NOOO!!" "To this day I don't understand.. To this day I seek revenge.. And I won't rest until I find that bastard that changed my life." That's the end. Horror. Drama.
VEIN ACT III - Girl is tied up in a dungeon with an evil grey man. Dead girl on the floor. Flies buzzing. Vampire walks in on mad scientist, wants new hands? Fight, Scientist gets disebowled. YUCK O_O Unhappy Halloween. Vincent Price laughs.
THE FAMILY TRIP - 4 smiling happy people in the car sing the "Lollypop Song" oldies. Then they hit a deer. BOOM! It explodes. "AHHHH!!' Car goes off a cliff, 500 miles below. BOOM! Car Accident, then hit by a mac truck. Moral: People who sing oldies SUCK!
LEFT BEHIND - Audio by Ugly Duckling, music video to Rap song. Goofy visuals of 3 rappers walking down the street, encountering everything they sing in the song. Gismo from Gemlins, herd of cows. Mick Jagger's lips. Cyclops eyedrops? Moves very fast. "Better hurry up or get left behind." All ages. Fun. From the album "Bang for the buck." Martin Luther King speech (?) at end.
SHOUKEI: IMMORTALITY - Girl attached to a spooky fantasy altar. A mage casts a spell, trying to achieve Immortality. Girl breaks free and becomes an elven fairy. Mage just defeat the guardian to proceed. Final Fantasy music. Huge freaking Megaman armgun. Huge blasts that don't actually hurt anyone. Bug spray defeats her! Mage wins! Yay! Fairy "I'm SO not gonna use bug transformation next time.." Silly quests.
MGS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - Metal Gear Solid. Snake arghs as someone knocks on his door. Trick or Treat! "Huh? What is this Tomfoolery?" Calls base. Kids stare at him as he talks to nobody. "It's Halloween, give us SUGAR!!" They egg his house. Goofy fun!
THE AUTUMN ESSENCE - Wizard tap s atree with a stick, and the leaves begin to fall as Roland Kroell music video plays. Gnomes, jesters, dryads. Foreign language music.
INTERWEBNET - "A short flash expressing the danger of the 'interwebnet' or whatever you young hippies call it". Internet effects on today's youth! Internet and you! Jimmy masterbates to Anime? Jimmy will realize girls aren't that good looking in the world. Emotional trauma. Plays counterstrike, then joins Army for real, and can't it the B button! "Jimmy, would you like to visit your Granma?" "Not now Mom, I'm contributing to the illegal world of peer to peer file sharing!" Announcer "Jimmy will realize things cost money.. and will DIE because he has no #*#$ money!" Moral: "Don't use the fucking internet!"
WLF NEEDS FOOD BADLY - Gauntlet parody! Wizard, Valkyryie, Warrior and a Newbie Elf play multiplayer video game. Elf is clueless and doesn't follow directions! Goofs up the game. Noob. "You wasted a potion, and a key!' "Soorry!" "I need food!" Even though he has the best health. Wizard hits Gamefaqs. Elf steals food and treasure. Elf goes into a demon generator where they all do horrible things to him. Players finally start beating up on Elf on their own, then he shoots a wall and unleashes a horde of Deaths on them all. Game over man, Game over!
MJ'S HALLOWEEN JAM - Sprite movie to ParagonX9 music.
IMP EPISODE 24 - A mathmatics geek goes crazy trying to measure the dimensions of a flower. "I NEED TO KNOW!!" Artist in class gets given extra work by the teacher for drawing "Jesus is Pissed". Above, Jesus spins in his grave "WHEEEE!" Sonic character Zody draws on The Magic Paperblock. What Zody draws, really happens? Zoda loves ice cream.. Semi Furry.
-THE TIME MACHINE- - In 2009, a man invents The Time Machine, and gets the Nobel Prize! Another scientist gets an idea, and steals the machine, goes 40 years into the past, and claims HIS Noble Prize for inventing it. Then someone else steals it from him, and on, and on, and deeper and deeper into the past, until the Stone Age. Caveman scares the last guy away. "So, if nobody's invented a time machine by now.. NOBODY EVER WILL!" Science fiction. Mad Science.
BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD CS - Channel Surfing. B&B watch that little yellow creature from Bitey of Brackenwood on Nickelodeon, imitating it by spitting and such. Then they way "Bruce Willis Is On Fire" which turns out to be a goofy Animutation with the Benny Hill show theme playing! "OMG TEH SEIZURE!" "What IS this crap?" Channel Change, Pico's Japanese girlfriend sneaks about with a knife, then dodges sniper bullets. Screen goes blank, Bob Saget's giant floating head fires eyebeams at them "Dead by Dawn!"
BLACK MAGES 5 - Attack of the Black Mages returns, with new graphics! Final Fantasy mayhem as the high-level mages keep dealing damage numbers to the hapless party, then getting hit a few times as well. Red mage is on fire! Moogle steals gil and items from his roleplaying corpse. Giant meteor spell brings a pebble, Fighter laughs! Then gets CRUSHED. Slapstick mayhem.
JOAN AND MARK - Maxwell Edison guy returns. Joan and Mark and kid bounty hunters who take on a variety of giant insects, starting with a giant spider. Bankrupt the local sheriff so he has to wear a barrel. Joan gets attacked, and Mark has to decide wether to save the girl or the money. He picks her, although he isn't happy about it. Happy Valentine Halloween.
XIN Session 16 - More Japanese school violence. Fight in a lunchroom. Mr Dimir is in charge of the new school a group of rough students are transfered to, and wants to boost his reputation by taming them.. by force of necessary. Offers other tough students a clearing of records if they work for him to help take down Xin and the others. Girls fight in the library. Anime fighting moves.
JTHM - FO - Johnny the Homicial Maniac - Music video. "First of all.. I'd like to say.. Fuck off!" Prisoners do the chorus "Fuck off!" "You don't know, what it's like, to be like me." Band Reel Big Fish. Style of Invader Zim guy? Unhappy Halloween. Evil version of the Big Boy burger place. "I don't know what it's like to be like you, so I keep my mouth..." the end.
CU - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - College University Halloween Saftey and you. Hilly goes out as an asshole, flips off the audience. Attack vampires with garlic in the crotch. Frankensteinwolfmane.
SLOWLOFT - Drug commercial about guy who isn't happy. Doug goes to the internet for answers, finds porn, isn't satisfying. Doctor gets drug money. Madness parody! "Do you have these issues?" Dough doesn't get Slowloft, uses muffins instead. Dough goes on rampage when he can't get muffins, but sues the doctor for not giving him the drug he 'needed', and ends up getting rich. Too many pharamauticals.
BURNT FACE MAN 5 - BFM resigns as a superhero after being up upstaged by slightly bruised man. Watching TV in underwear. Reality TV parody, two rapids try to find girl in the woods? David Frith. "Dog nuts, a crunch treat." Mel Gibson's Safari 3. Weird Superheros. Have a Nice Day man? Villian attacks people with stale water. Atari Pitfall parody. Robot horse sidekick. Mel Gibson's Safari is a REAL GAME? http://martypoom.tripod.com/
+GENOCIDE+ - Somewhat random flash of a cartoon guy walking down the street and killing people in a variety of creative ways. Stress relief, a bit like Madness style but slower and set to happy music. After a lot of evil, guy kills Satan with a single rock. Does the Ozzy Osborne thing. Poison frog arrow. Then the animation shots the hero. Game over man.
MARVEL VILLAINS ASSEMBLE - Marvel Villians Ensemble. "According to a recent opinon poll.. most people think that we, look silly." Supervillians worry about colors. Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Spiderman. "Oh now! He's going to insulate my house!" Galactus likes his pink boots. Same guy who did the Xmen flashes.
Hellfire Club guy offers costume suggestions. The Blob in the dress "I feel pretty!" Venom. "Was there any other point to this meetings?" Galactus "I'm getting hungry."
Dr. Shroud in: BITB Pt.2 - The Boy In The Box. Vampire raised as a Hero by Vampire Hunters, who try to cure him. Girl steals lyposuction waste? Sound is a bit off, on purpose? Tangled plot of lady whose mother is a vampire, hunted by other vampires. Strange tangled web. Doctor Shroud's werid costume machien, removes his skin first? o_O Totally strange and bizarre.
A THEFT OF FUNNY (TTA) Episode 1 - Tiny Toon Adventures fan fiction. Babs Bunny "You might now that things look a little different around here." Buster Bunny "But with a budget of zero, things don't look that bad!" Has some issues with pauses and loading, let it load a while before hitting Play. Bonus: "No Censors!" Surprise school test. Bubs Bunny. Warner Brothers. Marvin the Martian attacks Acme Acres. Bugs like Playbunny magazine! (Playboy).
HALLOWEEN HOOPLA - Foamy the Squirrel rants about Halloween changes. Kinder Gentler Halloween. Foamy wants gore and blood! People without costumes. People with store-bought costumes! Good horror movies. "Put fake eyeballs in your mouth! (Do not put fake eyeballs in your mouth)" Money with tazer makes goth girl's lungs explode "Ow.."
POCAHONTAS BURNED - Funny critique of the Disney movie, and how historically inaccurate it was. "Pocahontas was a naked 12 year old, and Smith was a heavily bearded man.." Lack of language barriers, at least the part where Pocahontas saves Smith is correct. Michael Eisner strikes again. Next: The Seven Dwarves - 7 white guys living under one roof?
GREEN LIGHTS - Anime Music Video to the sound "Green Lights" (don't know the band). A girl with green hair searches for someone while dreaming. Sung in both Japanese and English. High tech ancient egyptian pyramid. Goddess gives the singer green energy wings.
X-MEN: HOUSE OF M PART 2 - Professor Xavier and the Xmen play Family Feud to determine what happens to Wanda's baby. Survivor parody, Kitty Pride gets voted off. I have NO CLUE what the plot is about, but who cares? It's Xmen, it's cool.
FRIGID - Soldiers walking through snow in WWI get shot at with bayonets. Snow jams guns, freezes sweat. Horror of war, soldier kills many of the enemy, but loses all of his friends. Back at home, he spends his time in the refrigerator, post traumatic stress disorder, shellshock. Gory. Music Video to the Zombies.
STICK ARENA TRAILER - Full video commercial for Xgen Studio's (Defend Your Castle) new Stick Arena online multiplayer game. 3 sorority girls overheard 3 nerds talking about playing the game, and think they're talking about sex instead.. almost invite them over until the glasses geek corrects them about that, making one of the girls violently ill. Drunk guy downs a beer, then vomits offscreen.
INUYASHA'S HALLOWEEN - Anime hero crashes Kagomi's Halloween party "Free food! What else?" kids pull Inuyasha's ears! "Hey, are those real?" Ghost bites them. "HEY!" Kagomi "Inuyasha... SIT BOY!" *Bam* Outside, dog guy mistakes kids in Final Fantasy costumes as minion of Niraku. Then Niraku shows up himself "Except this Halloween Night not to be an easy one.." Inuyasha eats the candy, so Kagomi has him to a 'trick' for the trick or treaters. More parody fun at the end! Limp sword? How embarrasing!
NUGGETS EP8 - HARD TIMES - Animated Chicken McNuggets get questions by the police sherriff. Sherriff tortures them with a fart! "It's like a Jalapeno pepper!" Lots of crying. Police brutality. Nuggets go to prison "Perfect.. we're all gonna get raped!" They get released because the baby (?) wasn't offical or born in the US.Tyrone digs his way out though "Freedom! Haha.. they're FECES all over me!" friends meet him outside, he o_O. Homepage is called "NuggetFuck.com" Tyrone returns home to snobbish rich people.
SONIC'S HALLOWEEN COSTUME - Sonic the hedgehog needs a costume in 30 seconds! He makes one by ripping off parts of Tails o_O. Shadow swears a lot. Horror. Pico closes the costume shop just before Sonic crashes into it. Psycho shower scene music.
CASTLEVANIA 1 (GGT) - Simon Bellmont defeats vampires.. and sometimes forces them to give him a blowjob? o_O Pixilated craziness. Belmont defeats Dracula, then sets him on fire and pees on him. Undead minions try to revive Dracula like Frankenstein, but he passes out and stay dead anyway, so they give up and go get the Death Knight. Lots of cilivians being splinterized by bone fragments.
INTERESTING CONVERSATION - Friend calls Alex to wish him a happy birthday. Surprise present coming, Alex tries to guess what it is, ask if it's a sex toy in many gross ways. Not safe for work. "It's a toaster man!' "Oh! So I *CAN* fuck it!" o_O Bad language, but not really graphic. Suggestive as hell though. Poink show.
WOLFBOY - Claymation of a thug who tries beating up a kid in a Superman costume, who then turns into a werewolf and exacts revenge. Pick on someone your own size.
DEAD STENCH EP1 - Kid gets kidnapped by serial killer, taken to a room where dismembered limbs are, then removes his and sews them onto another corpse. Police arrive and surround the place, then go in. Acid trap destroys one trooper's face. Zombies? To Be Contined. Happy Halloween Horror.
Ragnarok - Dojo Woe - Fantasy RPG heros cause all sorts of high-speed mayhem with lots of weird special attacks. Girl on wolf fires bow like machine gun. Special Moves. Fight Scenes. Character bios. Just for fun. Karate on steroids.
PIXELATED EP.1 - Kid poses as 83 year-old to pick up senior citizens benefits? "German Pie", from the people who made American Pie? Adolf Hitler's girlfriend Eva Braun wants to go out and party with strangers. Roosevelt (played by a Japanese guy) enjoys war! One-man Jackie Chan army goes to take down hitler? Jumps barrels like Donkey Kong. Hitler is a virgin? "Let's make a pact.. we all have to get laid by the time the Allies get here!" Benny Hill chase music! The new teen sex comedy of the summer! "That movie was awesome!" "..I hate you." WWII. Not. Alternate history.
Resident Dysentery Intro 2 - Kill Bill parody, Quentin Tarantino music. Girl on motocycle takes down zombies. Resident Evil? Lots of goofy nonexistant movie credits for Anime Archtypes. "P.S. Caffinated gum tastes like shit." Tito and Tarrantula.
A NEW BREED OF HERO - Danny Elfman Spiderman music, parody of Spider open animation! "Spider-Monkey!" Banannas and jungle vines. Superhero parody. Monkey throws poop at Zoo car, who tries to run him down. Grand! Tricks him into falling off a cliff. Poop impacts the screen at the end.
A TRIBUTE TO THE NES - Nintendo Entertainment System. Music Video to Benny Benassi's "Born to be Alive" song. Lots of clips from just about every NES game there is. Mario Zelda Megaman Kid Nikki. High speed Night on Bald Mountain midi music at end.
SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT - Public Service Annoucement from Ratbag and Furball. Clueless Newgrounds reviewers who pointlessly blam flash files. Rant! Quantity of voting vs QUALITY of voting. 69,000 votes for 1,400,000 views! VOTE! "Get a Life For Dummies" Honesty. Foamy and 2 Griffon would like this.
WITH ALL MY LOVE - Music video to "Larger Than Life" Stickfigure pulls a star from the sky down to impress his girlfriend. Romance, Valentine. One couple breaks up, the girl leaving the guy. Another girl approaches him, and he breaks up with her. Then she finds a guy who likes her as well. It takes two for love. Simple, beautiful romance. You sometimes have a look a while to find someone special. Don't give up.
Shadow and a Rock - Shadow skips a stone, which accidentally blast Sonic's boat in half.
How to Annoy Shadow - Sonic slurps his drink until Shadow stares at him.
Sonic Coffee - Sonic is wigged out on caffinee. Shadow "Uhh.. Sonic?" Sonic FREAKS!
Sonic and a Balloon - Sonic inhales Helium, then sings in a rinky-dink voice. Shadow backs up
Sonic Plays with Fireworks - Sonic lights a 4th of July rocket, then stares as it hits ground off camera and people scream. He runs.
RUSHING STARS - Guy parodies MGM roaring lion with his own face. Guy watches the Sun go out, and the world freezes and turns dark. Scientist digs a tunnel to the center of the Earth, and turns it into a huge rocketship! Earth accelerates through space, dodging asteroids in the search of a new Sun! "Blue Scientist saves mankind!" Save the Earth. Later on, mab scientist's grandchildren don't believe his stories. Search for the hidden items! Science Fiction. Fantasy.
TREEATER - Tree throws apples at the head of a stick figure, who summons ultimate Lord of the Rings Matrix powers, but gets pounded by the tree anyway. Each shotgun apple blast makes the guy's face more damaged as "Halleluja" chorus plays. Captain Planet attacks guy attacking the tree, stupid theme song. Funny! Evil Environmentalism.
A CARD - Scarry witch walks through black and white world, shows her pitcher of Blood card, then returns home to an appartment building where people are fighting in a window. Cyclops cuts living hands off a tree, then sews them on a doll. Witch uses a spell to turn the doll into her dead son. boy opens his eyes and sees the spook who animated him. Spooky Halloween flash, but more mysterious and ambient. Music by Positevely Dark.
MYSTERY BOOK - Magic book grants a fellow the power to fly. Flies about for the sheer enjoyment of it.. then falls, dazed. Mystery music plays, is he dead? No.. book turns him into a hero as a Dark Lord approaches. Sword fights with anime powers. Evil is defeated in the fantasy world, and everyone wakes up, except the guy, who gets transported back home, wondering if it was all a dream. But images of his fantasy adventures are stores in the book. Fairy Tale classical music at the end.
WHITMORE: H'WEEN SPECIAL - Halloween for the undead Whitmore the Toad Pirate. "But with a wailing cry he returns as a ghost! And this time, he's brought some tea bags!" Goofy poem. Duck man hires a beaver magician to bring Whitmore back. Episodes 10-12. Duck wants to have fun on Halloween night before Whitmore vanishes. Duck is in love with Whitmore? Whitmore "You smell bad." Toad has to be kissed by a duck before he vanishes. Beaver takes a picture "I'm going to post this on my website!" Whitmore vanishes, and the duck gets a wart on his beak. "Well congradulations." "You friends stayed true, even if you don't care!" Have a Horrible Halloween! Goofy poem curses.
JAZZ CHRIST - Jesus Christ lives in Post-Atomic Israel after Globalization has hit full swing. Boss tells Jazz that yesterday a guy got circumsized by Pakistani torturers with an Austrailian machete because he was stealing Canadian paper from a Japanese photocopier. Jazz "Fxxxing Globalization!" Jazz comes home to find God is a terroist? Everything's in Spanish with English subtitles. Company invests in PeaceAndLove Communications, which is part of a several-company chain that leads to a munitions factory. God tells Jazz that he isn't his son, he's actually the bastard child of a shopowner nearby that mom cheated with, so God is planning to blow himself up in that shop on the day of Kippur. This is so incredibly messed up that I can't look away..
DRAWING CONTEST #4 - RAGE - Two artists duel, trying to complete drawings in 20 seconds! (I think some editing was involved, but it's still fun to watch :) ) Many subjects, from Pico from Newgrounds, to Skeletor!
DAN'S WORLD 2 - The most annoying things about working at a bookstore! Costumers who can't make up their minds for that someone would like, so they make it your problem. People who wait until everything is scanned, then decide to go away and leave the register stuck. Children who wrestle the clerks for the books! People who go through the lines more than once. Kids who throw books everywhere while their parents don't DO anything to stop them.
DSTV6 - Three shorts from Dungeon Studios. Harvest Moon does Weird Al's Amish Paradise. Earthbound does Hardware Store, and Mario does the Plumbing Song. Weird Al goodness! Music video dancing.
HULKY - Knox claymation. Guy turns into shrimpy Incredible Hulk when angry. Friends beat on him.
DENNIS THE DEATH KNIGHT - Parts 1&2 - Death Knight is afraid of bunnies. Dragon overlord tries to get Dennis and his friend recaptured as they play Businessman boardgame with an imp. Parody of Dungeons and Dragons. Fantasy.
DARTH VULGAR - Opie and Anthony strike back! Star Wars. Dark Vader impersonator insults the entire cast one by one. "Luke, I am your father.. and your mother was the worse *BEEP* I ever had!" "Jaba the Hut, you Fat Bastard! You can't even see your *BEEP* anymore can you?" Crude, but funny as hell!
THE EVERQUEST - Matrix Morpheus gets sucked into Everquest, tries to convince a dark elf that none of it is real. Elf logs off, to become the white trash guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force in RL. Can't win them all. Cool EQ in-jokes.
SPLINTER CELL: LATE HOME - Agent has to enter his girlfriend's house after he's out late at work. Needs all your cunning ninja skills to shoot out lights and undo the traps. Very cool! First person shooter parody.
info http://jagged-r0cks.deviantart.com/
TAKE THE BREATH AWAY - Incredible cinematic presentation of several landscape paintings, from outer space. Camera zooms in on what looks like boat wakes on an ordinary lake.. then zooms out to show the reflection of huge comets blazing through the sky. Several pictures of  planets with rings, what a view from Saturn's moons might look like. Or mabye early on, when Saturn's rings were still forming and glowing.. pictures are also lightly animated with rippling water, and you can almost feel the wind racing across snow-covered mountain ridges revealed in twilight sunlight. Amazing works of art. Jagged is only 14 years old? Science Fiction, and maybe fact. Ordinary hand in hand with the Extraordinary.
Happy Halloween from Newgrounds. Pumpkin carves human o_O
"Shadow Government Puppet Show" By Disaster Labs, Misteroo's group. Alien sphere controls the US. Look out France! Search for hidden items. Dreamland is where Skeletor lives.
GOKU'S HAMSTER - After another Hamster steals his seen, Goku's Hamster summons DragonballZ powers, scaring the crap out of the other one o_O. The grey hamster faints, tossing the gold one the seed back, who then smiles. Peaceful negotiations ^_^
World's smallest webpage! Play Pacman and Pong in a tiny window
Comedy! Guy describes just how easy it is to crash a Mac
Arfenhouse 2! By cat-guy Misteroo
Gunny Bunny! What RTR would be like if he went postal Actual game!
Foam head-hats of college mascots for fans. Lots of animals!
The Smurks, parody of the Smurfs
Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom 2. Mario dies, Luigi does revenge.
Wacky Paintball. Painball shotgun? Nuke? Wierd Al's Trigger Happy!
Smuggler smuggles snakes in pants
Microsoft Christmas. Tune of Jingle Bells. Music by Wierd Al
Asteroids music video. "I'm not a girl.. and you're not a boy.."
Arnold Swarzenegger pick-a-phrase soundboard

Lots and lots of tv video files
President Bush debates against himself, Governor Bush. FUNNY!
Badger animation and lots of others, Yagermonster one too
Rocky and Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show
President Bush sends a goofy poem to his wife, Laura. RL.
Happy Hardcore music!
Happy Halloween from Newgrounds. Pumpkin carves human o_O
Wink tries to steal a diamond from druids like Indiana Jones. Girl likes
flower instead.
The Two Towers from Lord of the Rings, badly translated in Chinese
Furniture Porn movie about chairs doing it on the roof!
RL Martial arts robots
Shockwave: The Little Ninja
MAGIC (Retarded) ANIMAL BABIES! PG version! All about beer! Poem!
Goofy animation of Arnold S running for California Governor
Trapped 4, puzzle game
Smurfs - The Brainy Game. Throw balls through moving mouth.
Website devoted to finding the best in the worst in movies!
Tons and Tons of Posters! Main Site
The Cat Gang, cat and boy fight over remote control.
Info about TV shows!
Furry Music Foundation
Scorpion, from Mortal Kombat, takes out the whole MK cast
Genryu's Blade, awesome anime action sequence. Assassins in a subway try
to take out the Dragon Blade master.
Android pirates invade Umbrella City. FroFrog and his androgenous
4-brained alien friend investigate. Volume 2
Girls walks down  hall, blowing away sweet, thoughfull guys with a
shotgun, falls for jerky big guy, gets rebuffed, repeatedly shotguns guy
who tries to set them up.
Fish game! Eat smaller fish to grow bigger
Marshmellow Madness - Madness 1 - Con artist gives cannon-shot rides
into a giant marshmellow, that ends up falling over, taking them, and
him, with it.
Classic Madness! - Madness Combat - Madness 2 - Angry parkgoer trashes
people while The Chicken Dance techno plays in the background.
Madness Combat - Madness 3 - + guy hunts for the Sheriff
Madness Combat - Madness 4 - Second try at the Sheriff!
Madness Interactive, game, see how well you fight!
BLOX, cool puzzle game of pulling blocks together so they vanish.
Frank's Adventure! Adventure game where you try to find nude photos.
Ray, a South Park style adventure. Lots of guns, death and violence.
Non-PC. Whatever
Battleship asks lighthouse to move. No dice.


UN LAPIN! Sung in French. The Bunny has a Gun!
Two brothers beat-box to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS. NERDY!
Kikia - GIRL SCREAMS AT YOU a few moments into the song. AHHHHH!! Haloween
Rap. Guy is alergic to EVERYTHING. Dead Man Waiting to Happen. Goofy.
Arnold S. sound clips are used for a crank call.
Anime cat sings Wind's Noctorine. ASCII cat. Sad. Wishing On A Star. In
  Shii's song. She's lonely.. and finally winter comes. Very Sad.
Unemployed.  A day in the life. Cool! Lazy. Rated R for language.
SUBLIMINAL! Starts cools.. spot the images.. then SCREAMS AT YOU! Halloween.
Smurfs, the Lost Episode. X-RATED Rap. "Lick my ass bitch!"
A simple game of Pong gets complex fast! Like Tron!
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Life As Seen By Cynical. "Can't we all just get along?"
WORK IT - 16-bit exerice video "Harder! Better! Faster! Stronger!" Techno
Bomb Saddam! Calipso mutation. Good! Funny, if pro-war :P
Mystery of Britneyspears Breasts. Evidence photos. Size changes over time?
Guy loves his Machintosh! "It made me gay ^_^"
Girl says hello on an counterstrike forum! Gets so many hits she arghs
and leaves!
The Real Hussein. Parody of The Real Slim Shady.
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Megaman sings Queen's Bohemian Rasphsody
Tacoman's Haloween! Guests include Homestar Runner.
Bear sings about hamburgers and rootbeer. Quick and silly
You can't rollerscate in a buffalo herd. Just wacky. Colin wins!
Starts with Shiney Happy People, then SCREAMS AT YOU! O_O Haloween
Fish says hello to kitten cat stuck in fish bowl
Hide incrimating gear before your parents get home!
Triumph the insult comic dog CD!
The Ursa Major Awards, for Furry Excelence.
Ultra fat Jaba the Hut-like Slimfast guy who was in Blade.
Two young nerds do comedy comments on classic video games, Space
Invaders, Pong and
Donkey Kong. Mario's gay umbrella? FUNNY!
KITTY IS EVIL! Kittens with flashing eyes. After Cat Bowling game.
Awesome music video about kid going to Mars is interupted by Strawberry
Wierd Al's Angry White Guy Polka, done to animation. VERY COOL!
Stick person penalty chamber 2. 15 ways to blow up a stick figure. Gore.
Cool goofy zombie parody/movie! "Uhh..Uh... Chainsaw...Uhghghgh.."
Dear Penis. Twisted Country Western song by Rodney Carrington. Animated!
REGURGE video collection
News of the Solar System
Waterman. W and friends enter an Extreme Ping Pong tournament Ep 2
Horde of Anime ASCII cats. Techno music video!
Kiwi Bird dances endlessly.
Furry Girl clothing dress-up program.
Perfect Kirby, out of control Nintendo hero!
Sea Weasels! How to care for your Poink-like pets!
Montage of views from the Hubble Telescope. Awesome movie of the universe!
Megaman, Polarity 3. Cool tribute to the series, and a decent plot.
Burk. Claymation guy plays with a boomerang. Gets it up his butt o_O
Squirrel and Goth friend do the Matrix. "Free Your Mind!" 3-hour slowmo
Waiting for Star Wars. Animated folks wait and wait and wait in a
theater. Strong Bad makes some cameos! Just cool and wierd.
Fart causes atomic explosion.
Exercist girl jumps out at you. SURPRISE! AHHH!! Love song.
Data's First Emotion. Star Trek
Perfect Kirby 3.2
Goste. Beautiful short film done to candle piano music, about two lonely
kids who see each other from out the window, meet, neighter knowing what
to do, and ends with them meeting up, and just smiling.
Drawing exercise. Guy cuts off his right hand with a lightsaber to use
it instead of his left hand. Menthos music. Guy yays!... then passes out.
Atari 2600 video. MATRIX PITFALL! Totally Awesome, show #189
Junior Senior "MOVE YOUR FEET!" 8-bit Atari graphics, squirrel.
ME GONE WILD. Fat guy PG-poses for the camera.
Saltshaker wants to join the Autobot Transformers. Optimus isn't sure.
Sonic Vs Benny Hill. In case someone farts!
Trouble (clay) Claymation figures play arrow through apple, behead each
other, fart to reach the sink, then blow up Barney. Decent!
Ready's adventure. Boy in wheelchair draws. Artist. He enjoys his
fantasy adventures better than just going outside.
TacoMan hates the RIAA. Fake anti-music-downloading commercials.
Legendary Frog - Final Fantasy Remix! AWESOME!
The Dark. Ghosts try to scare kids. Old tech vers new tech. Shockwave #2
Trading Spaces, Hobo Edition. Hobos engage in redecorating reality TV show.
I'm a cow, flash animation. Evil farmer!
Hampsterdance! The website.
Thanksgiving cardboard cutouts
Star Trek parody of Queen's Bohemian Rapsody
Foamy's Rant. Rant about Fat Bastards and Cell Phones. Like 2 Griffin rants!
Crow Clock wants to buy a gun. 5 day waiting period. Then robs a jeweler.
Mile a Minute Star Wars! Whole movie condensed! Indiana Jones. Alf.
8-bit D&D. Dungeons and Dragons Dr Demento classic, Final Fantasy style
Very gross music video of Beastman and Skeletor CGI from Masters of the
Fun with claymation robot. Scared by a rat?
Fritz the Fox: The dogfight. Anthro fox flying-ace fights British dogs.
Colin Macrey fights Jesus H Christ in a war between Animutation and
Fanimutation! Ep 3
Coldplay song. Guy wonders what he could have done to keep his
girlfriend. Regret.
Mr. T vs Unicron Part III, Transformers evil planet gets blasted by MrT
Mr. T vs The Columbia. Astronauts use space laser to blow up youth centers.
Mr. T vs Gargamel! Mr T helps the Smurfs
Mr. T vs Godzilla. Christmas music!
Mr. T vs Hitler! Hilter goes forward in time to steal MrTs gold chains
to power a superweapon,
stealing the phone booth from Bill and Ted. T and Murdock fight him to
get it. Bill and Ted get
their own COUNTRY!
Mr. T vs Joe Millionaire. Reality show. Unicron's head makes a cameo
Mr. T vs MechaT. EPISODE RIGHT BEFORE UNICRON!! Newman and Kramer make a
robot duplicate of Mr. T Newman goes to Spice World, then plots with
Mr. T vs Megatron. Early episode, introduces several characters.
Mr. T vs the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. USE THIS FIRST!!!!
Mr. T vs Osama bin Lauden. Still images, not nearly as good as the rest.
Mr. T gets saved by the WWE wrestler THE HURRICANE! The author? He saves
Mr. T. Last picture is a RL photo of the author with Mr.T! Save for last
Dogfight. British guy shoots down an annoying twit.
Goofy nightmare to German rock music. 'I said forked'
Hanibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs. Cooking with Hannibal. Vegetarian
The Matrix, parts of the movie dubbed. Neo gets to meet the crew. Cook:
The Matrix, stick-figure Xao Xao like fight simulation. Don't look at
the lady in the red dress!
Lars the sheep sheerer. Really likes guys in armor. Something Poink
might like.
Hummers in Heaven. South Baptist religous song! Style, anyway.. Rated R O_O
Molestor. Michael Jackson's nose testifies.
Stickfigure Ska Tetris. Blocks bury stick figures. Madness! Madness!!
Movie Alien eats blue claymation blob-men!
Goofy animated rap. Do YOU have a pickle? Pickle pickle pickle?
Weight loss for Dummies! Exercise and diet! DUH!
Merry Christmas! Silent FART. To tune of Silent Night.
Hacked version of George W Bush's Senate Speech. FUNNY!
The Final Sneeze. BOOM!!! Head explodes o_O
Yoshi's Sandwich. Baby Bowser tries to steal it. Yoshi farts it back at
hime O_o
Video where a guy defeats ALL OF SUPER MARIO 3 IN ELEVEN MINUTES!!!
Lego people explain how to do still-shot animation.
Weeble's stuff. Badgers and other things.
Dog slides and plays in the winter snow.
Bud light honors : Mr Foot-long hotdog inventor
Elves get revenge on Santa
Qi, or Chee, life force. A Fantasia-like odyessy is a computer-generated
world, shown from
the eyes of a spark of life.
Christmas Combat! Aka Mortal Combat. Or Immortal Combat
Harry Potter Puppet Pals 2! Voltemort tries to take over the school.
Potter friends run, then retun with Uzis! All hug Snape, who hates it ^_^
Bob the Ball! Happy, children book about a ball who takes out Nazi
Pirate Bastards! Mr T!
The Owl and the Pussycat. Classic poem, illustrated.
Operation Decaf. No coffee or chocolate shall be above the law.
Redneck Snowman gets snowball revenge on skiers
Mad Christmas! Fan uses Krinkle's Madness combat style.
Foamy the squirrels' Non-Holiday Special. Trashing holidays!
I AM SANTA CLAUS! Merry Christmas. Iron Man parody. Anime powers!
Perfect Kirby hates Christmas! After Perfect Kirby Series
King Kong New Year!
Eminem - Feels so Empty without me - Video game soldiers rock out to video!
Eminem - The Kids - South Park - Drugs are just Bad, ok?
Dr. Who Flash animations!
More Mortal Kombat bloopers! Like Scorpion Melee. Babeality! Sexality!
Quest for Color. Stick figure kills others to get more detail.
Hamburgers and Rootbeer. A&W! Another Burger King like knockoff
Rock and Roll McDonalds! Westly Willis. Worse than Burger King
German bugle horn player does classic music and Popcorn. Awesome!
Supermodels play with their meat! Hamburgers! Hamburgers! Potatoe Salad?
Sort of like Badger Badgers, but with food! :)
Ben and Jerry's uses Oreos to explain federal budget. Bush policies.
Military spending. Funding. How US military is too much of a priority,
and we outspend everyone.
Three-headed naked barbie
Badger Badger with real life RL people! Acting out on stage. Weeble
snake mushroom
The End of the World! Nuclear War. Missles. Kangaroos. Everyone dies but
Animutation "Untitled" Drugs. Colin. Neil. Crocodile. Mario. Archie.
A Christmas Carol, rock and flash style. GOOD!
Anime Music Videos. Hello Kitty MORTAL KOMBAT!
Batman and Robin sing Aqua's Barbie Girl. Eminem runs them over
The Evil Burger King Apple Pie Flash!
SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Street Fighter 2 spirts and others sing Outkast (outcast) dancing Peanut
Butter Jelly Time
Video Game Museum of sprits and screen captures!
Hubble space telescope slideshow! Awesome
FLUSH! Song about toilet troubles.
MESSIAH II - Jesus comes back to kick some ass. Easter.
WINDOWS- Really Good Edition - Play around with crashing desktop. XP
SINGING HORSE QUARTET! As seen on Pawpet show.
Final Fantasy 1 vs FF7. Black mage fries Cloud.
Chasing Beaver beer commercial. Canada.
Tripping the Rift. Star Wars parody. Evil clown. Language.
KISS pandas.. black spots shaped like rock star band.
ANGRY ALIEN PRODUCTIONS. Exorcist bunnies. 30 seconds. Watch for new links.
THE MATRIX HAS YOU. 5 Newgrounds superstars parody the Matrix!
Bitey of Blackenwood. Saytr has a comic duel with a witch.
BUTTERFLY ANIMUTATION - Anime Beavis Sonic Warner Sword Samauri Coolness
Captain Crimson - Old pirate finds stack of pornography on duck pond island!
THE BAAABLE - Heavenly Goat king tries to restore justice to the world.
THE BAAABLE PART 2 - Angel Goat destroys enemy Llama warlord army. Like
Lord of the Rings, except bad guys have a tank. Mountain falls on their
THE STICKTRIX RESOLUTIONS - Matrix 3 parody with stick figures. Good!
Benny Hill. Neo stuck in train station.
SHAO FOREVER - Anime style love story, VERY GOOD IMAGING! Great song
sung in Japanese, medievil Inuyasha-like scene. Valentines day.
THE YEARBOOK - PART 1 - Kid is kidnapped by black ops MIB people, who
tell him to sneak into a top secret secondary school building, and steal
the Yearbook plans. Mario music in background.
THE YEARBOOK - PART 2 - More top secret info about the upcoming
yearbook. Produced for a media project in high school :)
FOAMY CARD CULT MEETING - Foamy gets the help of two other hyperactive
squirrels in the question to make a card cult about himself.
SOCIALLY AWKWARD MALE VIRGINS 3 - Mr 68% - Lucky guy passes driving
test, other guy hates that he didn't.Moral lesson.. be nice to your
friends, don't get envious.
Friends make up, but Alex gets his license revolked. Other guy wants to
turn gramcrackers into a license so they can go to the cabin in spring
break. Guy turns into golum. Precious!
NEWGROUNDS TOURNAMENTS - Xiao Xiao vs Gravekeeper. Madness vs Mario next?
FOAMY - THE FATKINS DIET - Rant about the Atkins diet. Worthy of 2 griffin!
everyone got acne and it was gross.." Moses defeats the British. Drugs!
THE CLOAK - Animated cloak fights communism on Mars. Trashes
Stormtroppers. By guy that did Battle for the Portal. Annoying happyface
ball. - Episode 1 "Moo!"
CRAZY MYST-LIKE game involving wood asteroids!
Chocolate Bunny Easter Death animation.
THERE SHE IS! - Bunny is in love with a tomcat who runs! Valentines Day!
WATERMAN EP2 - PART 2 - Death Matrix PingPong! That Agent Smith Reloaded
battle music. "The Heart of the Paddle" Yugioh parody?
NEWGROUNDS TIME TRIAL 7 - Early video games. Tron. Black background as
main theme. Metroids attacks White and Black smoo's. Tenacious D "One
Note Song"
PINK LEMONADE - Opening for Anime show. Out of control spacecraft takes
girls to space station. Sun explodes when they crash into it.
SQUIRREL BANTER - Foamy and his card cult friends talk about. Foamy
thinks ice cream should have antidepresents in them to cure fat bastards.
KNOX "RELOADED" 3 - MST3K of Matrix Reloaded Mr Smith fight scene!
EARTHBOUND OUTTAKES - Mad take on fictional early Nintendo game. Lots of
outtakes! Aliens, time travel, getting toasted by bosses. Funny!
SYSTEM INTERUPTED - Netrunner shuts down the system. Rasvar wrecks more
equipment. Yay! Tron. Destruction. Metroid.
TWISTED PUNCH PT1 - Girl and her magical rapid friend try to retrieve
her wind-blown kite from a boared up haunted house. Just beautiful!
bunnies. Dead bunnies.
NEWGROUNDS TIME TRIAL 8 - EASTER EGGS - Eggs escape from factories.
THE INTRUIGING MOVIE - A tribute to Arfenhouse and Misteroo! Ten minutes
of totally random flash, video game references, Bone Marrow the
roleplaying skeleton, and fun!
THE LEGOMATRIX - Secret Agent Bob does lego Neo bashing Smiths. Smith
fight scene!
THE VOID - PART 1 - The Clock Crew uncover a pyramid, and cryptic Color
Clocks warning of the VOID coming. Ghosts of blammed flashes create void
gate. "It begins"
THE VOID - PART 2 - A black hole is consuming Newgrounds! The Clocks
fight back.
AWESOME FLASH! Strawberry is an idiot.
HYPNOTIC FOAMY - Foamy the squirrel tries to hyptnotize his goth friend.
DIE IN STYLE - Stick figure gets killed with your choice of weapons. Or
does he? Science experiment.
GRIM REAPER 2 - Bush in The Butt Room. Atheist goes to wine/sex land.
WILLIAM THE DEMON KILLER - The Dell dude is a demon! Little william
reveals him, and carves him up with a chainsaw. Take that, evil computer
PEEPS FROM OUTER SPACE - Game - Stop the attacking Easter Bunnies and Peeps!
WATERMAN - EP1 - Optimus Prime "Word" - Breakfast Mascot Club. Waterman
and friend have trouble asking girl out. Pointless cameos.
THE GRIM REAPER SHOW - Death sorts through the different religions on an
WATERMAN 3 - CHRITMAS. Runs over Mr. Dillo.
SCARY SQUIRREL WORLD - Cults devoted to Squirrels. Pirate Squirrels.
Wierd. Cool.
IMPERIAL BOOTCAMP - Darth Maul trains some Stormtroopers. Star Wars.
Bunny Pancake Headgear.
Whitmore the Toad Pirate. Duck tries talking to him. Warts. Evil hand
LOST AT SEA - Pirates mistake island of seals for Mermaids! Ork, Ork!
"Pray, dirty heathens"
GRIM REAPER 4 - Reaper takes over the Presidency from Arnold Clone #3.
campaign reform.
GLASS OF WATER - Knox claypeople can't swim. Doh.
TEAM LASER EXPLOSION - Weeble and Bob get to be superheros! Badger
Badger guy
CYBERSEX GONE WRONG! Wizard hat guy. Britney Spears gets lightning blasted.
WINDOWS NOISES! Musical jam involving Windows sounds and error messages.
FINAL FANTASY - A+ - Warrior, Black Mage and White Mage are students
battling problems. Where FF has never gone before! DEFEAT THE EVIL TEACHER!!
VIDEO GAME SPRITeS - page with lots of sprites.
SPAR - Orc and Lizardman battle over and over again in different places.
Ultimately both get eaten by a giant gorrilla. Violence doesnt' solve
ANYTHING! War. Iraq. Grub.
TRON SECTOR. Disney movie fanpage.
TONY HAWK IN TRON! Duels with Lightboard.
TRON TANK raises gun, and blasts the viewer.
FAMILY GUY - Friends met playing game of Tron Lightcycles.
THE LEGOMATRIX - REVOLUTIONS - Lego remake of final battle with Smith.
MRS DASH! Veloso's 1st Animutation.
Bert is Yellow, Elmo is Red, character for each color!
Copy of original YATTA Green Leaves broadcast
CELEBRITY SECRETS. Poink show. Zipperfish investigator finds fake breasts.
SCOTSMAN ROCKET - Bagpipe player launches himself skyward. FPS list Whiffert
CHANNEL 101 - **SOCK BABY!** Very cool FPS list Trejaan anime cult classic
Video Game Trailers, like movie trailers. See what new games are coming out!
NYMUG - Hick gets his mac computer robbed in a subway car. Loves New
York anyway
ROKEMON! Parody of POKEMON. WOW!!! Megaman X Mario Video paradise.
BLUNDERCATS - Thundercats bloopers. Obscene! Poink show.
SMILE! - ... or die. dark future distopia.
AUTHOR SPACE EP 100 - Cream the Rabbit from Sonic goes on a rampage in Mega
Man Goliath ride armor. Steals Dr Pepper and starts destroying things.
Evil doctor. Aliance of video game superheros!
WOLLIS AND VOMIT - Wallace and Gromit parody. Gromits leaves little
gingerbread-man turds that Wallace unwittingly eats. >From story in Mad
Page with lots of video game gifs and sounds. FROM FPS LIST
NONSANITY ASCII FPS ART - Ezra dares Nonsanity to make ASCII art without
a converter, and he does! Show 208.
PACMANHATAN - Everything about PacMan! Videos, sounds, links. video game
YEA OLD STAR WARS - Grainy B&W B-grade remake of classic Lucas film.
The Siscovery - Four friends realize they have an animation project due,
and throw something together. Supposed to be "The Discovery", they
forgot the theme until the last minute.
KENYA LIVE! Live action version of Weeble animation! Lions Tigers Only
in Kenya!
THE ARTIST'S AMBUSH! Fuzzy collection of art-jam-like drawing contests.
BANANA PHONE - Song posesses people, drives them MAD! "Ding on ding, banana
phone.." only one person can hear the song. Bing Crosby "Don't need
computer or TV to have
a real good time!"
you hip thrust. Like Laser Fart!
TOILET PAPER! "Up to 2000%x more absorbent than just using your hand."
MOCKTROID - Metroid parody. Ridly and Kraid do it.. Poink show?
Strong Bad drinks Sobe crap.
HEY HEY 16k! WHAT DOES THAT GET YOU TODAY? Animation of family singing
about Apple ][ 2 computers, old video games. Score! Apple Emulation show.
PORTAL OF B3TA - All sorts of cool stuff.
TICKET COUNTER - Movie Theater employee deals with people who
mispronounce "Seabuisket" horse movie. Head finally explodes.
LINK'S GLITCH PART 2 - Battle with Megaman. Saved by superchicken, and
BADGER BANANA PHONE! - Filking Bananaphone with Transformers!
X227 - Stick figure 3d shooting game
BEYOND COMPREHENSION - Thinking about the Universe. Your life in
insignificant, but NOT meaningless! Make use of your time. 3D background
animations. Cool!
METAL GEAR SOLID OUTTAKES - Snake ninja box sneaking clown in box AGHHH!!
JEDI TRAINING! - Bob wants Yoda to train him. Yoda does it for laughs.
Metal Mavrick.
BRUNCH OF THE DEAD - 4- Zombies take turns trying to kill the hero. No
luck. Funny!
BEANER - Music video about Mexico, US, racism. Crossing the boarder.
Swearing badly.
FRESH MEAT - Zombie attacks. BRAINS! Horror movie spoof.
SONIC STEREO - Evil Sonic flips channels with batgirl, radio explodes.
Steals Sonic's radio.
BIG BUNNY - EP5 - Big Bunny tells the story of the Red Squirrel. Red Red
Red. Chops up his enemies. "Have you ever heard of Brain Decay?" Brains!
Cool! Happy Tree Friends.
XOMBIE PART 3 - zombie tries to save a human girl. Halloween. Horror.
goofy. Cool
YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON- 6- Courtney Love - Drugs, nudity, Reginold
proves he isn't gay. "It's not.. unusual, to be love by anyone.. (singing)
Moron 1 - Jessica Simpson    Moron 2 - More Jessica Simpson. Bat friend
Moron 3 - Slugger replaces Barkley. Fred Durst, Limp Biskit band leader.
Britney Spears?
Moron 4 - Sigfried and Roy.
Moron 5 - PRESIDENT BUSH!     Moron 6 - Courtney Love
Moron 7 - Michael Jackson  Moron 8 - Britney Spears
YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON- 8 - Britney Spears
STRATEGY GUIDE #3 - Bubble Bobble! - Alien and sister try out the game..
MADNESS COMBAT - Trashing foes to the tune of the Chicken Dance.
MADNESS REDEEMER - Madness Combat 2
MADNESS AVENGER - Madness Combat 3 - Sherrif hunter tries again
MADNESS: PSEUDO. Fan tribute to MADNESS series.
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY EP7 - Episode in college capers, with Transformers too!
PONINJAS - EP 6 - Pirate kicks butts, style similar to Madness
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM 1 - Mario is dead, Luigi avernges him.
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM 2 - Mario is dead. Luigi avenges him.
ARFENHOUSE TEH MOVIE 2 - Mistroo's crew makes roleplaying FF madness!
PERFECT KIRBY 3.3 - AWESOME SERIES! Nintendo, Mario, Starfox
ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT OUTTAKES - Grid of fatality bloopers!
R1,C1,Rain-Robot dies by MS Blue Screen  R1,C2,Reptile-Turns into Yoshi.
R1,C3,Stryker-Dead by Gas                         R1,C4,Jax - Turns into
Hulk at taunting
R1,C5,Nightwolf - Crushed by XBox            R1,C6,Jade - Loses arm in
fatality. Wins?
R1,C7,nOOB sAIBOT- Crushed by Mickey Mouse. Sean Connery yays!
R2,C1,Sonya - Kano blows fire back at her  R2,C2,Kano - Crushed by
Snorlax Pokemon
R2,C3,Milenna - Turns into Chocobo            R2,C5,Subzero - Turns into
Ice Climber
R2,C6,SubZero - Turns into Gun Monkey     R2,C7,Kung Lao -Friendship!
Menthos mints
R3,C1,Sektor - Robot Sex. EVIL! GROSS! R3,C2,Kitana - "Friendship?"
Lesbian kiss
R3,C3,Ermac - Turns other into Baby. Babality. Stolen by Michael Jackson?
R3,C4,Scorpion - Scorpion kicks Sub Zero's butt! "wtfwtfwtf!??"
R4,C1,Kabal - MARRIES OPPONENT! "Friendship!" Sexality. Babality.
R4,C2,Sindel - Belches. SubZero "Dudette, that was sweet!" "FRIENDSHIP?
R4,C3,Smoke - Steals Woman's top, Censor bar, and Mario star. YOINK!!
R4,C4,Liu Kang - Throws SubZero into space. Captain Kirk "KHANNN!!!"
R4,C5,Shang Tsung - Turns into Disco Stu from Simpsons. "FRIENDSHIP?
(R1, C1 Shang Tsung - Turns Earthworm Jim) (R1,C2 Sindel, Horrible Singing!)
(R1,C3 Jax - Turns Balika from SF2. Animality) (R1,C4, Kano Prefight
heat vision)
(R1,C5 Liu Kang, Gets hurt in nuts a lot. )       (R2,C1 Sonya, BRITNEY
SPEARS friend)
(R2,C2 Stryker. Has sex with dead Sonya)     (R2,C4 SubZero, Babality.
Koopas take)
(R2,C5 Cyrax, Peanut Butter Jelly 1!)             (R3,C1 Sektor, picture
of Michael Jackson)
(R3,C2 Nightwolf, deadly hiphop music)         (R3,C3 Sheeva, THE RING)
(R3,C4 Kung Lao, Friendship! WARCRAFT!) (R3,C5 Kabal, OZZY OSBORN)

THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 1 - Introduction. Clay army on the move.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 2- Legomen release The Clown on the Zombie.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 3- Strawberry clock invades Clay City.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 4- Final war for the Crown of Newgrounds!
BONUS STAGE! -1 - Kid sells house for a car, then car for a cardboard box.
BONUS STAGE! - 2- Tshirt zombie.
BONUS STAGE! - 3- Phil makes fan-fiction about his own life. Operation
Football "Can't I just play Operation Wolf?" Character development. "I'm
evolving, I'm a dynamic character"
BONUS STAGE! - 4- Christmas! "Did you get my a present?" "NO." "It's
time for some generic Christmas Revenge.." Ellie makes an
appearance.Christmas challenges.. kill
Fraggles of Fraggle Rock?
BONUS STAGE! - 5 - New Years. Need a date? Yellow character does
copyright infrignment. New years party turns nasty.
BONUS STAGE! - 7 - Time Cube. "Time Cube is not a religion!" Megaman.
Anime references. Inyuasha. Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
B&W DRAMA THEATRE - 1 - Plant eats wife's boyfriend. Scissors.
THE GEORGE BUSH SHOW - Part 5 - No Tree Left Behind. Secret Plans

XOMBIE PART 3 - zombie tries to save a human girl. Halloween. Horror.
goofy. Cool
CRIMSON WARFARE - Build tanks and planes and trash your opponent. Game
BUSH SHOOTOUT - Battle terrorists with Bush and Rice. Shoot, duck, reload!
DE_DUST - Stick figures play Half-life: Counterstrike. terrorists.
Snipers. Camper.
YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON- 6- Courtney Love - Drugs, nudity, Reginold proves
he isn't gay. "It's not.. unusual, to be love by anyone.. (singing)
Moron 1 - Jessica Simpson    Moron 2 - More Jessica Simpson. Bat friend
Moron 3 - Slugger replaces Barkley. Fred Durst, Limp Biskit band leader.
Britney Spears?
Moron 4 - Sigfried and Roy.
Moron 5 - PRESIDENT BUSH!     Moron 6 - Courtney Love
Moron 7 - Michael Jackson  Moron 8 - Britney Spears
YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON- 8 - Britney Spears
BOB THE BALL - Twisted children's story. Nazi Pirates!
SMOKE KILLS - A fellow who starts smoking accidentally ends civilization
ROCKMAN NEO - Teaster for an anime Mega-man like series
CLUBBY THE SEAL - Game - Seal inflicts bloody revenge on humans. GROSS!
STRATEGY GUIDE #3 - Bubble Bobble! - Alien and sister try out the game..
MADNESS COMBAT - Trashing foes to the tune of the Chicken Dance.
MADNESS REDEEMER - Madness Combat 2
MADNESS AVENGER - Madness Combat 3 - Sherrif hunter tries again
FANTASTIC REALMS - CHAPTER 1 - Very detailed art. Guy helps princess
with water.
ANGRY WHITE BOY POLKA - Flash of Wierd Al's song!
RETURN OF GANONDORF - Link is suspicious of Ganon's return. Nice now? LFrog
THE BLAMMED. Film Noir of the death of countless rejected flash
animations. Sad.
GENRYU'S BLADE - Very cool anime fight animation, also by one guy.
Subway fight
FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE - Legendary Frog does FF music remix!
FRANK'S ADVENTURE - Frank looks for naked pictures
FRANK'S ADVENTURE 2 - Game - Frank looks for more naked photos in
LOVE HIM SIM DATE RPG - Date Anime girls, but be prepared for battle
TOMORRROWS NOBODIES 5 - Jew jokes, Dicks beer jokes. Evil KISS guy.
MARIO WORLD - OVERRUN - Buy weapons and defends the castle! Game.
THE REAL LEGEND - Link of Zelda fame is a big fat sissy.
60SECS: ARNOLD GOVERNATOR - Arnold's fantasy world of governance.
POTTER PUPPET PALS 2! - Voldemort attacks! Hidden clip: Star when V zaps S
MUTANT NINJA TURTLES EP1 - Fan animation of Turtles TV show
KERRI'S BIG INVENTION - Legendary Frog. Dream machine, Peanut butter jelly
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY EP7 - Episode in college capers, with Transformers too!
LOS DIAS SIN DIAS - Foreign animation of a guy afraid to die, who is
given peace by
his friend and lover.
ALL YOUR PIE - Ark tries not to eat Kerrigan's pie.. Legendary Frog
RAY - PART 1 - South park style choose-your-own-adventure. Very rough.
8 BIT D&D - Classic D&D radio skit, done by FF 8-bit characters
KENYA - Lions and tigers, and Norway and Weeble.. classic animation
HOW IT WILL END. Nonsense, and doom by whales walking on land. Bad water
RONIN- SPIRIT OF THE SWORD - X-rated anime swordfight game masterpiece
QUEST FOR COLOR - Stick figure kills people to advance in detail, animation
PONINJAS - EP 6 - Pirate kicks butts, style similar to Madness
TACTICS CORE DEMO. Practice fighting another adventuring party. RPG game
TILL DEATH DO US PART - Deep, dark, serious flash about child abuse
RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM 2 - Mario is dead. Luigi avenges him.
QI - Visual oddessy about life, joy, pain, and resurrection. Natural and
cybernetic scenes.
ARFENHOUSE TEH MOVIE 2 - Mistroo's crew makes roleplaying FF madness!
FROSTY VS RUDOLPH - The snowman and reindeer engage in mortal combat. FUNNY!
PUSTOTA - Well done but very grim and gothic animation about trying to
escape death.
MY ANGEL - Anime hero saves girlfriend from mountain demons, recalls
while walking home
READY'S VOYAGE - While other kids are playing, Ready uses his drawing
to visit other worlds, flying pirate ship, deep sea. Handicapped? No
way. Disney quote.
LOVE, WINK - Gel guy tries to get his girlfriend a diamond from Indiana
Jones-like temple.
MEGAMAN: TITANIUM RHAPSODY - MM and friends sing the famous Queen song.
DIVINE INTERVENTION PT1 - Game - Priest guns down demons
PERFECT KIRBY 3.3 - AWESOME SERIES! Nintendo, Mario, Starfox
FREE YOUR MIND - Foamy the squirell does The Matrix! Neo. Stuck in slow
SPELL-A-CASTERS - Foamy the squirell gets fried by a spell from his goth
friend Halloween
FOAMY'S RANT 2 - Fat Bastards. Fat people sue McDonalds? No Cell Phones!
Speak English in America.
MANI GOLF - Cell Phone golf game! Minigolf. Fun. Insect ant golfer
DEAD RAIN 5 - Sick Death Fiend's zombie opera
ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT OUTTAKES - Grid of fatality bloopers!
R1,C1,Rain-Robot dies by MS Blue Screen  R1,C2,Reptile-Turns into Yoshi.
R1,C3,Stryker-Dead by Gas                         R1,C4,Jax - Turns into
Hulk at taunting
R1,C5,Nightwolf - Crushed by XBox            R1,C6,Jade - Loses arm in
fatality. Wins?
R1,C7,nOOB sAIBOT- Crushed by Mickey Mouse. Sean Connery yays!
R2,C1,Sonya - Kano blows fire back at her  R2,C2,Kano - Crushed by
Snorlax Pokemon
R2,C3,Milenna - Turns into Chocobo            R2,C5,Subzero - Turns into
Ice Climber
R2,C6,SubZero - Turns into Gun Monkey     R2,C7,Kung Lao -Friendship!
Menthos mints
R3,C1,Sektor - Robot Sex. EVIL! GROSS! R3,C2,Kitana - "Friendship?"
Lesbian kiss
R3,C3,Ermac - Turns other into Baby. Babality. Stolen by Michael Jackson?
R3,C4,Scorpion - Scorpion kicks Sub Zero's butt! "wtfwtfwtf!??"
R4,C1,Kabal - MARRIES OPPONENT! "Friendship!" Sexality. Babality.
R4,C2,Sindel - Belches. SubZero "Dudette, that was sweet!" "FRIENDSHIP?
R4,C3,Smoke - Steals Woman's top, Censor bar, and Mario star. YOINK!!
R4,C4,Liu Kang - Throws SubZero into space. Captain Kirk "KHANNN!!!"
R4,C5,Shang Tsung - Turns into Disco Stu from Simpsons. "FRIENDSHIP?
SOUNDS OF THUNDER. Russian love story, that becomes one of loss. Boy
likes to go out and rave. Girl waits at home.. and eventually commits
suicide. Very very serious.
DEPENDENCY Robot tries to escape, but is limited by his power cord. Nine
Inch Nails music.
KLASH OF TITANS. Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter fame battle it out in
fighting action! Unfinished at present. Happy Hardcore music!
JOHNNY ROCKETFINGERS - Jerk "Suppish" stick-figure detective tries to
find a missing girl so he can get paid. Adventure game
MADNESS: PSEUDO. Fan tribute to MADNESS series.
LAME - Ep1 - Three brothers order a robotic cat from Japan. Some
assembly required.
LAME - Ep2 - Robot cat turns evil, attacks! Real cat saves the day!
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 1 - Introduction. Clay army on the move.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 2- Legomen release The Clown on the Zombie.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 3- Strawberry clock invades Clay City.
THE BATTLE FOR THE PORTAL - 4- Final war for the Crown of Newgrounds!
ADAM ANDROID STRIKES BACK - Anime kid fights crime! Firestarter robot.
SONIC X CHAOTIC BATTLE - Sonic and his Evil Twin have a race.
THE BARD'S SONG. Tale of battle. Two fathers. One must die. Peace, everyone.
THE JERRY AND FRANCO SHOW - Cat tries to explain to his owner how
they're all
in this together. Story of cats, dogs, and human ganging together in the
face of other threats.
DISORDERLY - Game - Janitor at a retirement home is ordered to eliminate
as many of the poor residents as possible. Final Fight, Golden Age style
fighting game!
DEFEND YOUR CASTLE! - Original castle-defending game. Convert stickfigures.
I AM RESIDENT EVIL! Legendary Frog. Propaganda parody of video game. Dr.
THE GRIM REAPER SHOW. Death tells how he lets people decide how they
will be found
NON-HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Foamy does a non-holiday holiday special. All
holidays in one.
METAL ARM FAWEGE - Robot 3D fighting game.
FOAM'S CARD CULT - Spreading the word "Foamy" to strangers. A way to help
anti-social people.
TOO MUCH TELEVISION - Television rots your mind. Strong bad cameo.
GAME: DOMO-KUN ANGRY SMASHFEST! All sort of video game reference
THE THONG SONG - 3D Animation hippo girl dances in a thong. Good evil.
ELVIS LIVES IN FLASH - Lots and lots of animated characters dancing to
elvis. Homestar bananna man.
PIE HOLE - Six windows of a guy's mouth all sing together.
HEWO - Flying fish says HELLO to kitten stuck in fishbowl. 3 seconds
long, quick cool!
THE SINGING HORSES! Click on one of the four to start them singing.
SAMSUNG MEANS TO COME: Animation done entirely in text and piano music.
MAD SCIENTIST TORMENTS HAMPSTER - Shakes and sings Britney Spears.
SHUMWAY - Animutation (Fanimutation)  Afghani (?) chorus sings wierd
collection of songs. Cameos by Mr. T and Mario and Space Ghost! Guy with
fox curled on his head. Sounds like Arthur!
ENTERPRISE 2 - Choose your own adventure! >From guy who made Data's
First and Second Emotions. Can be goofy, or mature!
CREATE A FURSONA! - Build your own furry avatar! Dress up game.
FF7: RANDOM BATTLES - Legendary Frog helps Cloud in B/W film. Narrated
by Doctor Evil. "Ooooh! Here's looking at YOU Aeris!" Decent, but not as
good as Chocobo Mix.
BEBOOP THE BUNNY 3 - Furry! Beboop tries hitting on a manequine at the mall.
SQUEEZE THE PENGUIN! - Mouse over the penguin and squeeze!
NEWGROUNDS DEATHMATCH 1(1/2) - Knox does claymation of NG artists
battling to the death Celebrity Deathmatch style! One guy uses Mario
hammer and flying cap. Other uses Grand Theft Auto weapons.
STAR DUDES - High speed parody of Star Wars Episode One. Whole story!
SPIN - Peoplemation! Guy tries to capture his renegate room fan.
Assulted by army of fans! They become friends, and help keep him cool.
CHORNO TRIGGER - Escape to Snow Path. Part 1.
CIG'S DEATH - Death of a Cigarette. Animated Short. Sorta sad.
STAR DUDES - EP 4 - Original Star Wars movie, super fast in Dude style.
COMPUTER MUSIC - Hardware this time.
THE ROBOT ODYSSEY RESOUCRE! - Apple ][ robot circuit programming game.
Nothing like it ever! I've been looking for this for a LONG TIME..
TROY's TOP TEN NIP SLIPS - Zipperfish nerd surfs the net for best
accidental-boobie revealing celebrity pictures. Poink would love this :)
THE WAITING ROOM - Fellow crashes while trying to dodge traffic,
handling a cell phone an a Starbucks coffee at the same time. Dies, goes
to Cloud 9 in Heaven, meets other dead people waiting for ressurection.
Ticks off God, gets resurrected as a fly, swatted, goes back.
TOUCHDOWN - Old wife and husband have a farting contest. Who can be
loudest? Add points each fart "Halftime, switch sides!"
OVER THERE TV INTRO - 16bit video game show intro. Part by Gel. Atari!
THE LOCKS ARE BORED 2 - Using tank to break friend out of jail. Clock
Crew parody.
HEAD'S ALMIGHTY - Lock Crew. Video to Rob Zombie's "Scum of the Earth"
TRIBUTE TO KEENSPACE WEBCOMICS! None furry, but its a start.
BECAUSE - Beattles song of same name. War. Death. We all could be happy..
((( LIFE ))) - Nerdish God punches buttons to create a planet, blinks at
violence on the 6th day, then hits delete. Planet goes into a whole box
of rejects, one of which is the Earth.
My Moral: Don't throw something away just because it has flaws.
KINDERGARDEN! - Dudes in KG talk philosophy, odd food, if Barney is
better than Sesame Street, if you can kill Dracula, sort of like
Thirtysomthing. Pointless! Funny.
"Hey man, today I kneezed, and out came meat from the chopped sewy I had
last night."
THE CLIMB 2 - Stickfigure goes on obstacle course, Atari Pitfall style.
Awesome! WINS!!
(((( ADAM )))) - Goofy Adam gets sent to Earth by UFO. Keeps pressing
SOS button, until Eve comes, and the world gets overpopulated. Then UFO
destroys the SOS button.
THE DING DONG SONG - Video of people rubbing each other. Swedish. FPS
GOOGLEWAR! Which of two things has more hits? Bush kicks Hilter's ass!
LOCK HAWK DOWN - Black Hawk Down, Clock Crew vs Lock Crew.
FUCK YOU VERY MUCH THE FCC - Monty Python does tribute to US FCC.
Clearchannel. Censorship. BBC.
CATS ARE EVIL! Ep1 - Cats are taking over the world. Orange dog calls on
Steve Irwin to try and stop them! Excellent jet dogfight.
vending machine. Other friend tries to record dating video. Mr T in
background poster.
HOSPITAL HEALTH - Janitor poses as a doctor. Patient has a SAW stuck
inside them?
WATERMAN FIVE - Waterman owns a pirate ship!
THE CHASE ++ - Anime kid runs to catch up to clown-guy's railroad train.
Clown shoots at him, then starts throwing furniture, but all are dodged!
Anime guy finally lands on the train with him "Sir, you dropped this"
hands him his wallet back. "Oh." Travel together. Not everyone that
seems like an enemy is!
SOCKBABY HOMEPAGE! "Best Zero-Budget Combat ever". Style to the max!
CRIMSON PISTOLS - Guy kills 47 people to retrieve boss's ring, who tries
to shoot him.
BLUE SCREEN EP 1 - Lock Crew plans to assasinate Bill Gates after blue
screen crashes their animation. Final Fantasy fight scene!
RISEN: DIRECTOR'S CUT - Stick figure guns gang, gets shot, goes to hell,
gets sent back up as a hell knight to take out the rest. Sort of
ick-like, Devilboyish.
PSYCHO BUNNY - Bunny swordsman is frightened of gremlins. They make use
of this and torture him. He takes a lot of it, then, finally, fights
back. Stylized and gorey.
A.A.O.G.M. NICK'S CARTOON! - Government tries to dissect kid they think
was abducted by aliens. Another friend poses as a private eye, real PE
tries to throw him out, long song sequence where friends tries to
convince him not to. Brief Mario show image. Done by bunch of goofy RL
friends, who uses their own pictures a lot.
TOKYO PLASTIC - 3D animation. Weird, hungry morphing figures. Arms, girl
SUPERBEN! - Super Ben "Ben has a towel! Ben has a TOWEL!!" and his super
family fight the mean-bots of General Gingerbread man to prevent him
from hauling a train of stolen toys to Mexico. Thrown into Poopy
Wasteland. Final Fantasy victory music!
ART CLASS HIJINKS - Teacher deals with misbehaving students.
GREMLINS - Somewhat bad flash loop of Gremlins theme, with clock grems
UNCLE ORVALD'S TALES #1 - Furry announcer tells about cozy story.. of a
bear biting of one of a guy's two heads, and his angry axe-rampage.
Gross! Cute. "I smell, BACON!"
ZELDA: THE LOCK OF TIME - Lock crew gets sucked into Nintento game.
OVER THE RAINBOW - Stick fight! Battle with giant boss breaking columns.
Song from Wizard of Oz playing in the background, rock version.
SPORKFEST - Sporks dance to BANANAPHONE song! Visit world. Freak out a cat.
CALVIN CARCASS - Dead guy goes skiing. Like Weekend at Bernies.
USS ENTERPRISE 2 - Evil parody of Star Trek! Beware Riker! Alf, Star
Wars, coolness!
MADNESS APOTHESIS - Last of Krinkle's Madness flashes. Agent Smith guy.
PENCILMATION! - Stick figure gets tormented by animator's pencil. UFO,
water balloon.
Girlfriend gets turned into a monkey. Draws a hole himself and leaves.
STRIPPED - Rammstein (Du Hast, You Hate Me) song done to Anime images.
Music video
PONINJAS RELINQUISHED - Another Madness-like fight flash, with different
style. Very artfull weapons duels, with little blood, like video game.
KRUD: MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS - Shower of peanuts. Guy puts up hat to catch
them, gets flattened by a falling elephant. Advertisment for a band!
Crud. Crap. Poink.
TOILET ROLL - Gypsy puts curse on pirate, so he can only say Toilet
Roll. Genie offers 4 wishes, pirate wishes for 4... toilet rolls!
Frustrated, leaves. Genie can only grant toilet rolls anyway.
HALF LIFE 3: HEADCRABS! - Security guard gets promoted off offing
headcrabs. Takes some some scientists too. video game.shoot.
LITTLE FIGHTER ALPHA CH.3 - Final Fantasy - like fighting party deals
with generic sorcerors, boss. All but hero are teleported away, boss
escapes. Hero looks for friends.
ONE WISH - Wheelchair student meets a girl who loves him for himself. He
makes a wish to walk, and hugs her before she moves back to Calilfornia.
He becomes an Olypic athlete.
GING RASVAR THONG FLASH! >From Pawpet show 212 - Made folks laugh! Not
seen on show, too bad!
THINGS THAT HAPPENS - Girl's boyfriend is killed by an our of control
truck, just when they were happy. Sometimes things happen that just
don't make sense. Song "Blame it on the moon, cause its not my fault.."
pain is still real though.
THE ORAYU BLADE - A test of 3d fighting animation. Guy takes down head
assassin of a corporation. Music "I don't know what I"m fighting for, I
don't know what I need.." Anime.
dude and his cat. Knox claymation!
GANG FIGHT SIMULATION - Random gunfight between Eastside Westside
stickfigures. Random outcome, lots of people die in either case.
MICHAEL J FOX IS ON FIRE - Turd of the week! Tiny flash, but simple.
BOB THE BALL 2! - TRex dinosaurs in hats attack! Billy has a Battlemech!
Zomibe Nazi Pirate Captain "Brains!"
LOOKIE LOOKIE, FIRE! - Careless guy with matches sets himself on fire,
then other people, then buildings, then the entire planet. Smokey the
Bear would like this. Black and White old movie reel.
ATKINS DIET - Fox News viewer pigs out on the Atkins diet. Gets even
fatter. Fox News bashing!
THE THINKING IMPARED - Kids try playing soccer with a rock. Ninjas
deliver cool XYLO sideways frisbees, granting them all unbelievable
powers. Cartoons. Whatever.
DUDE, WHERE IS MY FACE? - Friends make photoshop mutations using
friend's face. Turn him into evil world leaders, rock stars, babies.
THE WEAPONSMASTER PT2 - Stick figure fights Corrupt and his gang, very
good use of weapons, magic powers.
MACHETE SLAPDASH - Pacman video game references, horror movies, Kill
Bill, random like Arfenhouse. Goofy! Not really tha gory. Alien tries to
kill people. Goth guy has weapons. Pawpet Show theme! Godfather. Mario!
BRUTALLY AMBUSHED - Art and Poop. Guy tells his cat how he was ambushed
by a Tai Chi marital arts karate game. Only got hit twice.. but it took
six hours for them to preform their snow-motion Matrix movies. Short and
sweet! fight
COME TOGETHER - 3D Animation of the BEATLES singing same song. GOOD! Drugs.
RL pictures of students moving to the groove. Some bad language, not bad.
"DADDY, WOULD YOU LIKE SOME SAUSAGE?" over and over again, from Tom
Green Freddy Got Fingered movie. Pointless loop. MC Hammer. People
riding a hot dog.
ALL-IN-ONE-TUTORIAL - Guide on how to make flash animations easily!
TIMEFIGHT! - Stick figure battle, blue fighter uses Time Device to be
several places at once! Freaky cool! Takes TRex tail back from the past,
leaves bad guy stranded there.
RULES FOR THE MASSES - Foamy the Squirrel goes to an Anime convention.
Friend dresses up as Sailor Moon, doesn't like the boob-bouncing outfit.
SHENANIGANS - Perfect Kirby annoys people at the Institute. Enters wrong
code on safe, it turns into a mech and attacks him. Mario offers his
some lunch. "NOOOOO!!'
PUNKTIGER'S PAWPET SHOW MP3 SPLICE! - Different characters have a
conversation together while the Soul Bossa Nova song is going on. COOL!
MODERN LIFE 3 - ONLINE GAMING. Guy won't come out of his room for anything.
Final Fantasy quick fight. Locks?
VIDEO GAME INSANITY 2 - Experiences Russian players battle inexperienced
German Noobs (new players). Goofy team fortress crazyiness.
SUPER UTENSIL 3000 - Gel (Love, Wink) stares in commercial for bizzare
eating tool.
THE OPPOSITES - Stick figure's house is destroyed from space.
ICEWIND DALE - Fan animation. Someone killed a Red Mage. Magic crystal
gets thrown into temporal warp.
SOLID STICK FIGHT - STAGE 4 - Stick figures icons fight it out anime
style, a bit surreal. People cut in half recombine. Finally White
destroys the Red boss.
BLACK AND WHITE STUFF #4 - UFO - Alien kid changes a human's DNA while
"Putting on the Ritz" is playing. Discards human to die. Human turns
super and damages the UFO. UFO hits Earth. Earth gets damaged. "And that
is how the world will end. Thank You."
PUNCHOUT CHAPTER ONE - Little Mac gets busted for drugs, spends ten
years in jail. His trainer finds him, and tries to straighten him out.
Dramatic, like Rocky. Boxing. Video game. Nintendo.
FAIRY SORROW - An elf-like fairy sees a portal invade his land, attempts
to shoot anything coming out, but is sucked in, to Earth. Disables a
medical team and mechnized soldiers to escape, only to find himself
trapped in New York City, a world away. Beautiful 3D!
INFINITY SNAIL! - Snail superhero! Cartoon on lined drawing doodle
paper. Goes to save city from evil giant bug. Not very fast though.. bug
laughs, raises a building to squash him, and ends up crushing himself.
Snail turns and slimes away. YAY! Very cute.
AN EMERGENCY - Guy's hand turned into a dictionary. Supergirlfriend
bashes it into his forehead. Dictionary Hand Show! Puppets take over the
show. Guy turns into slime. Ok..
"Hi! I'm high on a little thing called Life!"
AN EXAMPLE - Episode 2 of An Emergency. More demented. Ghost toast?
DRAW LIKE A PRO! - Step by step animation for drawing Sub Zero and
several Final Fantasy heros! Mortal Combat Kombat. Art. How to.
accessing porn on the library computer. Or orb.
SIM GOLF SHORTS #2 - NASA club takes out a blimp.
LIVING IN GAMETOWN 2 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force skit reenacted with Mario
Mall, Sinistar, Stitch and who knows what..
6 BILLION EURO MAN - *CRAZY* animation of super-powered DJ turned soccer
player. Out of sight! Disco. Soda Pop. Drugs. Music. Dancing. You name it!
CREATIVE ISSUES - FOAMY THE SQUIRREL - Foamy's goth friend suffers the
pain of being a writer. Actually talks a lot for once! Foams wants her
to take a break and gets him some creamy cheezy food.
XOMBIE CHAPTER 4 - Amazing story of a zombie and his dog who try to help
a girl find her own kind. Chapter 4 - Attacked by dinosaur in museum.
Mummy greets them?
SUPERCONDUCTOR - Blue Stickguy conductor tries to throw Green
hobostickguy off a moving train when he boards without a ticket.
SIMPLY EGG 2 - An egg daredevil jumps from the top of a refrigerator
into a sack of flower. Short but decent.
WEEBL AND BOB TRIBUTE - Fan animation of weebles fighting a giant evil pie!
SUPER MCCORP LAND! - Bird tries to save his sheep friend. Uses guns,
jetpack! A bit like Mario.
BLACK BELT VS BLACK MAGE - Final Fantasy Ninja and Black Mage annoy each
other. Black Mage tricks Ninja into going into the lady's bathroom, gets
hammered by White Mage, who then hammers Black Mage "Oh Yeah.. she wants
me!" Then Ninja boobytraps Black Mage's kitchen. Has outtakes! AWESOME!
Garland vs Imps guy, has more animations!
BLUES CLUES POO! - Blue and friend tell people how to use the toilet!
Actual clip from Blue's Clues Nickleodion show.
ATTACK OF THE BLACK MAGES - Half-baked Final Fantasy flash, lots of
people killing each other with special moves. War doesn't pay.
CARROT CHAOS - Horse stomps a carrot.
EURO 2004 - Soccer flash, guy uses super-powered Dragonballz kick to
blast through 3 people, then laser blast the bored goalkeeper. "You just
trashed our own goalkeeper, numbnuts!" "It was still a sweet goal!"
sports craziness.
VIOLIN TORTURE! - Turd of the week. How not to play a violin.
WEBLEY PARK - Soccer nuts get stuck in a video game. Another reason
sports fans are crazy. Lady-disguise scene from Total Recall.
RIHM AND MAURICE - Cat tries to beat up his owner after he eats all the
Sugar-Frosted Kidney Stones. Yappy!
THE OLYMPIC GAMES OF MR OTTO! - >From FPS list. Stick figure slapstick
of just about every olypic game there is! REALLY COOL!! T'Chall found.
SIM GOLF SHORTS #3 - Drunk guy crashes golf cart.
TELETUBBY LAND! Like the BOO BAH thing. Interactive exploration.
FERRET COAT! - Guy trains pet ferrets to be a coat for him. They scatter
off when he comes home! COOL!!! >From FPS list, Velvetears
I FEEL GREAT! - Guy eats a granola bar, gets an I Feel Greatness High
that infects everyone around him. Quits his job, gets married, starts
his own company. Oh, YES!!! FPS list,
Procyon lotor.
ARJ AND POOPY - Guy is in love with a philospher. "She doesn't even know
I exist. But the worst things is.. she can prove it." And that's the end.
METROID CONFUSION - Video game nintendo.pirates steal Aran's cookies. 3D.
BOY SCOUT - Happy Tree Friends style lifeguard doesn't save lives.
CTHOOLU - Cthuhlu takeoff of HP Lovecraft. Elder multifaced entity
argues with itself.
DR. HOLMES - A zombie sings a song to try and make peace with a young
girl he's just bought and brought into the house. His wife and child are
gone, all he wants is a friend. Touching. Nightmare Before Christmas
NEWGROUNDS GETS HACKED! - A hacker attacks Tom Pulp's computer as he
works on BBS repairs early in the morning. Talks in chat window Matrix
and 2001 Space Odessy HAL style. Tries to download passwords - Ninja
kills him first. "Don't mess with Newgrounds, or a Ninja will come to
your house and decapitate you!"
HOW TO KILL A COOKIE - 4 different methods. A bit like Mortal Kombat.
WEMBLEY PARK Ep12 - English Soccer Team bus gets lost in Albania,
freaked out players turn to canibalism after just one hour. Doh.
RESIDENT EVIL - Stick figure battles zombies.
THE BATTLEFIELD  IV - Ringfinger creates a stick figure battle with no
hero, everyone eventually dies in a wide variety of means. Very good
production value, car crashes.
KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE - Ghost scares women so she meets a man she likes.
They grow close, fall in love, have a family, grow old and die. Guy
returns as a ghost, and sees a young man much like himself looking for
someone. The ghost smiles. "Happy Mexican Day of the Dead." rock music,
touching. Happy ending.
STICKS IN REALITY - RL guy fights stick figures.
SHAOLIN PING PONG - Japanese TV copy. Also on Stupid Videos.
VIRTUAL BUBBLE WRAP - Recherei FPS list. Pop them all!
VILLIANSUPPLY . com - Evil world domination equipment emporioum. FPS Zorro
Tour of Disneyland from 50s and 60s. FPS Eric Hunting
50s 60s food items! Disneyland kids
50s 60s food items for adults.
GIANT BATTLE MONSTERS - Hobbes vs Mutt. FPS list
FEAR - Young girl has a nightmare of dead parents. Zombie ghost.
BOYSCOUT 3 - Happy Tree Friends. Boyscout causes mayhem at campfire.
Burning cat catapult takes out gas station. Doh.
METROID CONFUSION - Two space pirates try to steal their cookies back
from Shamus.
Chuck E Cheese doom! Guy scared of mice. Magic mushrooms, guy thinks
he's The Crow? Mushrooms recreate Monkey Island.
THE ESCAPE - Two kids with Akira-like superpowers escape from a
corporate building.
Anime lots of people exploding.
NANATHON! - Telethon with a twist.. if they don't get enough money
they're going to kill Nana O_O. Evil game show host. Choose several
possible Nana deaths. Transporter mishap?
CHASE ME - Pointless ninja-walk down a street. Dishonorable dog? The Weebl
SIM GOLF SHORT #4 - Golfer attacked by alligators. "AUGH!" Kills all 5? o_O
BUILD UP - Color-changing stick fighters using Dragonballz Matrix Anime
NEWGROUNDS RELOADED - Flash files realize they're on the net. Matrix.
ROBO'S REVIEW COMMENTARY - Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy. Robo rewards
and punishes good and bad Newgrounds review leveled at his Final Fantasy
series. FUNNY!!!
DRAGONBALLZ - IS THAT OK? - Parody of the show, while characters
repeating stupid phrases. One finally loses it, and destroys the planet.
BOOM!!! "Is THAT Ok!?!" Anime.
BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL - Guy finds money on sidewalk, Angle and Devil
appear on shoulders and have the usual argument, although it gets
twisted a bit. Devin wants him to give the money to the poor, to for the
moral dilema on them instead? A robot appears too ^_^
BUD LIGHT COMMERICAL - Mr. DrivingRangeBallPickerUpper. Golf.
SPY VS SPY 4 - Black spy tries to open safe, gets pile-driven.
GNOMES - Guy doesn't think Gnomes control the Statillites, so they space
cannon him.
BUSH-O-MATIC - Paper cutout of Bush says various hacked things. Can use
like Mortal Kombat! 1. America most dangerous regime. 2. Ignore
religions to dominate middle east.
3. 2/3 americans violent things, offensive to world. 4. Patriot Act. 5.
Perscription drugs for
Seniors. 6. Families must support Bush's chaos. 7. No child left behind.
8. Letters: People needs to commit crimes and return to prison? 9.
Prevent gays from becoming parents.
10. Law discriminates agains teenagers.
DENNIS THE DEATH KNIGHT - Death Knight has nightmare about Bunnies, and
Dennis saving him. Dennis yawns. They meet an Imp, who traps them. To Be
KOOPA STRIKE - Mario characters play gorey version of Half-Life
Counterstrike. Princess calls Mario a Wop. "..FUCK YOU!!" boom. Luigi
gets him though. Sorta funny.
MAD MOUSEBALL - Kick the mouse with the soccer ball butt. Pointless.
Sports annoying.
THE INTERVIEW WITH GOD. Beautiful. Lots of Nature scenes. God talks
about being a parent. Doesn't pitch any particular faith, just spirituality.
WOLF FROM BLACK AND WHITE 2 - Growls, does a dance, very cool. Video game
PLATFORMS - Pong/Breakout sim while stick figures sit on the bricks.
Stick death.
INK - Ink emerges from an inkwell in different shapes.. then turns back
into ink. Sort of dark, arty flash, ending with an ink nuke destroying
ink sheep. >From ink, to ink. Erf.
GRAND THEFT BONER - Grand Theft Auto fans find the game taking over
their world. All sorts of 80's music!
OPERATION KICK ASS - Mechs fighting tanks in a castle. Lots of
explosives. War!
ZELDA: HEROIC RAGE 5 - Fan animation of Link kicking Ganon's ass.
ULTIMATE TUTORIAL - Learn what's what in Newgrounds.
THE PICARD SONG - Star Trek. Picard sings. >From Enterprise 2 guy.
STRAWBERRY'S SUMMER Barbeque - Pube Muppet (Kermit's head with hairs
around it) goes nuts atta summer party. Clock Crew. Attacks Strawberry
FOAMY: KAVORKIAN SCARF - Goth girl in Hospital still. Drug Squirrel puts
on Blood Pressure Tester like a scarf. Hurk O_O
W.A.A.D.D - Web Artists Against Drunk Driving! The Walrus. Guys
skinny-dip in neighboor's pool in Februrary. Don't drink and do anything
AKIDOG - Ninja dog gets gift from his master. Goes furry.
LAMBI PART 3 - 3D modeled characters, policeman and penguin. An evil
Artist makes 2D images of himself to rob and take over the city, Lambi
fights him and his super-cute-giant robot with his superpowers.
LANCERS AND DRAGOONS 1 - Knockoff of Final Fantasy 4. Episodes 2 and 3
now up.
GLOBAL WARMING - Beaver Fart marks the end of the world.
HE-MAN BREAKS DOWN - Masters of Universe. Radio dispute ends with Orko
blasting He-Man's engine. Oops. Shaggy from Scooby Doo mocks him. "Loser!"
HONDA - IT MUST BE LOVE - Pictures of cars and their people. Resemblance
like pets?
KITTY CAT DANCE - "Cat's.. I'm a Kittycat! And I
SHUT THE FUCK UP (STFU) - Nerdy girl sings for office camera "And I
feel..." gets head on the head with a telephone book.
JESUS CHRIST ACTION FIGURE - Collect all 3! Earn the Spear of Destiny!
The Holy Grail! And the Arc of the Covenant! (Kid opens it, and his face
MONKEY BEER - Guy wakes up in monkey cage after getting drunk "Sometimes
the best beer is a rootbeer.."
SONG ABOUT CEREAL AND MILK - Guy limbsynch to some song. Give to the
needy? "Keep it for myself!"
FADE TO BLACK - Classical music. What would you do.. if one day a big
planet flew out of nowhere, and Earth became its Moon? Beautiful animation.
THE SAFTEY DANCE - Men Without Hats song. Outlines of people jam to the
ZOMBIE NATION - Part 2.  3 British kids decides to watch TV instead of
run or fight the zombies. Steal neighboor's car to escape, dooming the
THAT HALO PARODY 2 - Short Alien threatens to bite off kneecaps. Soldier
studies odd worm-like things, then gets attacked by them. Friend is
actually a cardboard prop.
RAINBOW BRIGHT: SMUT PEDDLER! - Brite tries to sell lemonade, but gets
trumped by XXX video houses nearby. She sells nature videos labled as
'porn', although the footage is alwasys G-rated. She escapes with the
cash, Music Man style ^_^
YEOWI THE PERVERT - >From maker of Sonic the Pervert, undress various
well-drawn *FURRY* characters! Rip off the clothes by gliding your
sphere over them layer after layer, don't get caught by their sphere!
TOURETTE SYNDROME BARBIE! - Barbie bashes her head against the screen
and channels various voices. Not naked and headless, but close.
THE FRENCH EROTIC FILM - Animutation. Colin locks himself in his locker
until zapped into a Scottish person. Everyone gets zapped Scottish.
Colin cameos as Mario! Various Animuation stars combines to becomes
Jesus H. Christ, who kicks Colin's butt.
RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 10 - Babies use Stepdad's computer, access
internet porn, get sucked into the Tron universe, the Mario universe,
Homestarrunner, the Retarded Animal Babies, and the Happy Tree Friends!
Would be great if it wasn't SICK!!! Time paradox as babies restart their
OWN flash on Newgrounds, meeting themselves earlier in the episode.
CLIVE THE FROG #1 - Frog gets distracted by fly, tries to nail it, but
it breaths fire on his tongue. "Dragonfly.."
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY 3.1 - Parks gets interupted from a Gladiator dream to
fight Unicron. Pokes him in the eye. Gets woken up by monkey poking his
own eye. Trip to bookstore to get beer. Kangaroo mascot kicks a guy away
at 50mph.
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY 3.2 - Karl's Kung Foo Coffee and Wacky Tabacy. Alien
behind the desk. Alien from Utah? Friend doesn't think he's an alien.
Monkey physics professor?
COLLEGE UNIVERSITY 3.3 - Sasquatch is behind the book counter, wearing
Mike's stolen underware. "Want it back?" Mike delines. Optimus Prime
lost the Matrix, asks Sasquatch if there's a lost and found? Guys play
Mase vs Puff Daddy crime video game. Overprices books.
Wash your dishes with barf.
SALAD FINGERS 2 - Freaky guy tries tasting his puppets. Tricks friend
helping get his fish out of the oven by closeing the door behind him.
Very very freaky. Halloween.
SONIC CHARACTER DESIGNER - Build your own Sonic-style people! Video game
SECOND LOVE - A doll is pulled out of the trash by a stranger, and sent
through a machine with several other old toys. Doll expects the worst..
but the machine heals her, and she finds another girl. Happy ending.
Danny Elfman music.
UGLY - Cute little girl mocks an ugly smoking guy. "Mr. You're Ugly!"
After crying 5 minutes the guy goes pyscho, kills her, and wears her
face. Ew o_O Halloween.
FINAL FANTASY : MIXED IN BALAMB. Non-sprite. Lots of FF character get
together for a school field trip. Don't quite get along. Kinda slow,
have to be a fan.
AURORA Part 1 - B&W crime drama. Fighter learns a company wants his
eyes. He and a friend go to investigate after he beats up a black suit
that had a file on him.
RAG TAG - Music video from Smashing Pumpkins song "Clones". Characters
from Rag Tag the online comic.
LOST MEMORIES 1 - Final Fantasy Chrono Trigger - Character with amnesia
finds a bow and arrows, saves Frog from Discordian knights. Finds
village after an attack.
THE JETPACK ESCAPER CAPER - Saddam and Osama are trying to escape. Shoot
them down!
Robots in Ancient Greece - Janitor bot has a very bad day. Sewage
backup, then gets zapped into a teleporter to Ancient Greece. Movie ends
there. Oh well.
LORD OF THE RINGS PARODY Pt 1 - Clips from the movie with people saying
very different things.
HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - Clock Crew. Music video about having good
speakers and stuff. Brief Dr. Who on television.
MEGAMAN X OLB Pt 1 - Vileclones are destroying humanity. Zero has
fallen, X has fallen.. only the Hunters are left. Who can help now?
BOMBERMAN ZZZ - Bman wants to get to sleep like his wolf friend, but
can't. He counts 10001 sheep, then blows them up when they mock him.
Then he can sleep!
BANANA'S TV - Redemption Clock chases Banana to get him to return an
expensive TV. Irish wonders who God was speaking to with "Let there be
light!" Fonzie?
SPRITE SURVIVOR - Ep 1 - Video game sprites play Survivor, fight and try
not to get voted off by the Newgrounds audience. Mario's there, but it's
more about Final Fantasy. Magical Harry Potter like sorting hat!
SYENIKA - PROLOGUE - A young warrior touches the Book of Black Pages,
absorbing wild magic. Very well animated. Brings gremliln to blacksmith
to have its nosering removed. Look for Chapter 1.
THE BEER SONG - MUSIC VIDEO - Wierd Al's Beer Song, take off on
classical music. Good for Yappyfox!
ABUSIVE REVIEWS - Bomb Lock goes through all the steps to make sure you
don't leave an abusive review on Newgrounds. Plenty of examples of what
not to do. "This is a one word review.." don't say "Eat shit and die you
furry faggot!"
TALES OF TERROR AND STUFF 1 - Guy gets hammer on head, decides to be a
plumber. Takes up with two plumbers (Mario and Luigi?) sees crazy video
of Tommy the Toilet and tips for plumbers. Tommy leaves to become Disney
Character. Evil Ronald McDonald.
BACKWOODS FOAMY - Fan fic of real Foamy. Countryboy plans on shooting
squirrels. BFoamy convinces him he isn't a squirrel, a chipmuck with
Thyroid trouble.
STAR FALCO - Starfox parody. Falco has had enough annoying chatter, he
tries to take out fox while the vulpine rocks out to pop music. End up
with Smash Brothers fight
BOMBERMAN & BIN LAUDEN - Bomberman screws up Osama by getting all his
terrorists addicted to video games. They won't do anything else.
HOT FISH - SAME BUT DIFFERENT - Anime-like music video. Girl is sad she
didn't do well on SAT test. Guy cheers her up with crunchy hot-fish.
 >From the There She Is! rabbit-cat romance team! Everyone's different.
That makes your special. Pitch for comic of same name.
STARLIGHT 3D ODYSSEY MOVIE - Starfox-like Arwing battles enemy ships,
gorgeous 3D effects.
FOAMY: SITCOM SILLYNESS - Guy tries to ask Goth Girl out, she rather
strongly declines. Meanwhile, Foamy tries inventing the worst insults ever.
HAMSTER HAVOC - Two hampters fight Madness-style.
CHARLIE BROWN THE WEAPON - Twisted tale of Charlie and Lucy as secret
MRS MILLER'S WORLD - Remixes of lots of tunes, horribly. Pawpet Show #217.
MOONLIGHT - A warrior fights skeletons, a centaur, and an evil king to
save the world. Dies from a fatal wound at the end. Amazing fantasy
movie! Final Fantasy?
MEGAMAN VS QUICKMAN - 3D animated battle, Mega must find the right
weapon to defeat Quickman. High scorer.
CLAVEMAN Epidode 1/5 - Caveman raised by calliflour tries to find the
Nike-wearing person who assailed his food parents. Lives in a sewer.
SNIPER TIME - Knox blows away clay people as they try to take a salad.
AVOIDING BLAMNATION - Jujube Lock gives tips on how to make good Flashes
that won't get blammed. Provides several examples. Tutorial, funny! Clock.
MARIO AND THE WIGGLER - Mario's a jerk that goes around killing weak
enemies. The Wiggler tries to stop him, Yoshi eats it instead. Mario
still wins, jerk.Rob Zombie music.
U.F.O. - An alien falls in love with the cow she abducted. Then her
boyfriend finds out.
DR SHROUD #1/3 - A green superhero vampire tries to save a 50-year old
guy from a family curse as a wraith tries to take him over. Portable
Vaporizer vacuum cleaner. Odd. Kinda cool
PIXIE BLUES - Unhappy pixie is cheered up by a friendly ladybug after
being mocked by evil thing creatures. Very fast and good.
COUNTERSTRIKE PERSONALITIES - Non-stick CS parody. Cheating Admin. Audio
spammer. Newbie. Terrorists win.
HIGH TAIL HALL 1.5 - Totaly pornographic area where you can pick up
various furry guys and girls. Maybe good for the Poink Show.. otherwise no.
IN THE WOODS - Guy runs from Death in the woods. Death finally catches
him.. "Tag, you're it!" "Ah, shit.." Deat runs. The end! Halloween.
24 MINUTES - Parody of show "24". Super kid totally kicks back robber's ass.
MY BROTHER"S AN IRISHMAN - Leperchaun makes life difficult for his human
brother, particularly with dates.
INTO THE OBLIVION - Final Fantasy. Cloud has killed Bahumat, and
Sephiroth wants to kills him. Chunky 3D animation, but cool. Clock crew
911 the Movie 2 - Suspenceful opening for a potential blockbuster movie.
VAMP - Zombie with a burlap sack over his head goes hunting the vampire
that rendered him undead. Mexican day of the dead. Matrix.
CREATIVE SHADOWS - A blue Knox-like clay figure destroys its builder's home.
ALIEN VS PREDATOR PONG - Totally and utterly pointless.
FINAL FANTASY 8 - TOUR OF BALAMB - Squall gives you a reluctant tour of
the base. Sitcom silliness. Enemy steals his draw point.
CHICKENMAN "He's everywhere he's everywhere!!" crime fighter, shoe store
clerk. Origin of the guy. Tries to get a costume that inspires fear.
Chicken over Teddybear.
THE 10 SECOND SHOWCASE - 30 Newgrounds artists give 10 second animations
to highlight what they can do. Legendary Frog among others.
FOAMY: SQUIRREL SONGS - Foamy tries to sing for donations "I Will, kill
you all.."
very cheese ninja action movie.
BONZAII BUNNY I - Rabbit in red slices off bear's claw when it gives him
the finger.
BONZAII BUNNY II - Behind the scenes. Between girlfirends, Bonzaii talks
to his agent about a lawsuit from another Samauri Rabbit (Usagi
Yojimbo). Chances his costume to a ninja to avoid further comparisons.
BONZAII BUNNY III - Old Geezer rabbit tells disgustingly cute kids about
how Bonzaii tries to take out an Eagle. After many misadventures, he
manages to end up in a full body cast. Eagle lands to tell Geezer how it
really happened, handing the deformed Bonazii his sword back out of seer
pity. Magic sword restores Bonazii. Eagle started a speech, but gets
distracted and killed by the rabbit assassin. "A samurii may have honor,
but a -Ninja- gets the job done!"
BONZAII BUNNY IV - Rat monks attack the Ninja Rabbit, who again claims
he hasn't seen Usagi Yojimbo. Furry!
XIN - SESSION 10 - Baseball pitchers try to keep new batter off the
team, but he aces their pitches. Kids and faculty from violent closed
school are suddenly accepted into a bigger academy. Why? Xin wonders.
HUNTER ZERO - Ep1 - Megaman. Zero and 3 super robots are destroying the
world. When will Megaman show up?
ELWOOD AND THE FLY - Canine goes to war with a housefly. Telephone book,
bug zapper don't work. Gets drawn to it himself. Fly escapes outside!
ADAM AND ANDY TEASER - Guy tells friend to throw 8ball at him, so he can
mentally stop it in midair. Friend throws, Matrix music, guy gets beaned
by it "You dumbass!" Quick and cool.
GREEN: EPISODE ONE - Comic book panel story of crooks holding a heist
and trying to escape from cops. You can navigate from ep 1 to 2 to 3
just in the window.
LITTLE JOHN CAREER DAY 2 - President Bush talks before school kids,
discussing what a "Tradgedy" is for them. Say not to example, except for
one about him getting eaten by crocodiles." "Can you say what that's a
tradgety?" "Well, it wouldn't be an accident, and it wouldn't be a Great
fucking Loss!"
STRAGEDY GUIDE 4 TRAILER - Neils' friend Ron rants for 3 minutes about
how Lazy Neil (artist) is. "Make flash, not money!"
REACHING THE STARS - Robot from Lambi 3 tries stepping on a cardboard
box to touch a star. Day comes up, he falls down the street. Tries again
though. Space isn't easy.
WOLF & RAVEN - Rock Music  video from song by group of the same name.
Green monster wishes to be free of his evil master, yet serves him still
hoping for being granted freedom. "To garner your favor I will kill the
King.." Thrilling, if a bit sad. Heavy Metal.
ZIPPERFISH ZHORT #1 - A Dick explains how horrible it is being him. "My
nearest neighboor is an asshole!" Funny, if adult and gross.
VIOLENCE ON TELEVISION - A mocku-documentary in the 1950's style
decrying violence on televison, and proclaiming SEX would be the cure.
Goofy out-of-the-air statistics. Have a point through, I'd rather see
sex than violence.
EVANESCENSE - HELLO - Music video/poem about a girl who collapsed
outside of a playground, and nobody noticed. She isn't breathing. Final
scene of her ghost watching the children at play.
THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO JAMACIA - Filk of old Devil Went Down to Georgia
song, Devil and Johnny have a contest to see who's selling the better
dope. Drugs. Poink.
IMPERICAL BOOTCAMP 2 - Star Wars. Darth Maul trains Stormtroopers.
Infiltrate slacker Rebel Base. Action Figures!
DONKEY BONG - Tree demon tells Bear to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Bear
gets despressed. >From JoeCartoon.com. Video doesn't cheer him up. Sheep
bites off friend's legs when he tries to give her flowers. Tree guy
punches bear up Donkey's ass, tail sticks out! Bear sings Song of
Silence filk in donkey's colon. Donkey farts, everyone dies. Ok.. o_O
out the entire clock crew with a nuke, then finishes Mario in sprite world.
NEWGROUNDS TIME TRIAL 11 - Fruits and Vegetables. Potatoes sing Beatles
(Zombie!), tomatoes do Queen's Bohemian Rhasphody. Carrot gets injured
NEWGROUND TIME TRIAL 11 - B - Carrot and Brocolli duel with mace and
sword. The Legend of Zuccinii Man, saves veggies from evil tomatoe.
Cherries don't want to get put in a Sundae!
OBSCURE - Music video for Deftones - Massive Attack - Evil guy with
lollypop lures in kids to steal their hearts. Kid dies.. goes to land of
Dead, where a girl who also lost hers heals the gap in his chest. He
returns to life, and blasts the evil man with power, turning him to
dust. Then goes outside and prevents the girl who saved him from
accepting a similar lollypop. Love can conquer the darkness.
FINAL FANTASY X - DIRECTOR'S CUT - Bloopers with Blitzball. Auron
belches. Yuna whaps Tidus with cane as he starts coughing. 1,000 Id for
registering with Blitzball tourney. Chocking underwater during love scene.
WEAPONSMASTER Pt3 - Stick fighting. Super-cool battle with weapons,
Matrix powers. Invisible boss Corrupt.
I, COMODE - Parody of Asimov's "I, Robot" toilets starts rebelling
against their human controllers! Funny! Chronicles of Glendale.
DRAGONBALLZ STICK SAGA - Part 1/5 of Goku and friends with balls.
LITTLE FIGHTER ALPHA Ep6 - Final Fantasy style chibi fighters battling
evil. Serious crowd butt-kicking, great animation.
MARATHON - Whole Clock Crew goes jogging. Clocktopia!
HOW TO AVOID GETTING FLAMED - Jujube Lock's third tutorial, in human
voice. More about the Newgrounds posting options. Says "Furry Faggot"
again. Flame!
THE ANT AND THE DRAGON - Friendly dragon puts apple on ant's back. Ant
gets crushed under it. Dragon waves and flies away. 30 second flash for
UNWEIGHT 3000 - Clock Crew. Orange tries to pitch his new diet drink for
Fat Bastards. Folks have mixed reactions.
THE SUPERMARKET - Among other items, guns are freely stacked on shelves
all over the market. Parents and kids buy all sorts of weapons. Then one
little girl's baloon pops, and everyone immediately pulls out a gun and
aims it at the nearest person. A moment of tension, then.. **BLAM!**
fade to black. Guns don't kill people, but they make it a LOT easier..
LORD OF THE RINGS PARODY SE2 - Orcs get put on hold while trying to cell
phone someone to open THE BLACK GATE. Gandalf steals Gimli's weed!
Better than part one.
Technical Difficulties!
THEMROCK - Story of a dwarf trying to make something good to get into
heaven. Gets tormented by leaves. Play Rock Scissors Paper with a stone
golem. Rents a hero to acompany him.
A TIMELY DEATH 5 - Stick figures war with aliens as they try to blow up
a power plant.
EGOCITY REVELATION PART 5 - Anime-ish kid fights gargoyles in a Matrix
subway with a power lightsaber. Have to see the rest first.
TINT RED - Death has to deliver scrolls to all of the dead. Walks into a
warzone, and scrolls start falling like rain, then a bomber flies over
head. Death becomes a casualty himself. Sad.
GREEN DAY - TIME OF YOUR LIFE - Music video about changing times. "It's
something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you have the
time of your life!" straightforward.
TALES OF GLENDALE - THE VILLAGE - Parody of movie by same name. Dad
moves to The Village, sees a monster, then quickly moves right back
where he was.
THE CLOCK BAR - More food from the Clock Crew. "It's like an orgasm in
your mouth." "It tastes like Grandpa!" Spits or Swallows. SPITS!
LINK VS DARKLINK. Video game. Nintendo.
CLOCK CREW: CURING DEPRESSION. Clocks offer to come over and beat up
depressed people so they can get their lives back in line.
SONIC MOVIE MADNESS 1 - Sonic steals box from Robotnik, trashes Disney
characters, Final Fantasy characters, just about everybody. It turns
into a wedding ring? Sonic is swarmed! Wakes up married o_O Video Game.
THE PUPPET IN THE CLOSET - Puppet accuses another of eating Mayonese.
CSI investigation. Fake marriage. Eaten by giant rat. Kinda cool. Ninja
"Yay! I'm in the.." The End.
WHAT CAN BE CHANGED - Russian flash about a callus guy who returns home
to drink beer and watch TV after yet another day. However, this time,
Twilight Zone style, he gets to see what he did and didn't do and how
things might have been different. People could have been happier. A
blind walker might have lived. He might have met a girl. Can you look at
all the bad events on TV, and tell yourself that you haven't contributed
to them? Bush. 2004
WHITE HOUSE RATS - Rats inpersonate Cheney to annoy Bush. Confuse him
royal. "Normally to get in the White House, you have to be a rodent, or
elected." "DEM-OC-*RATS!*"
MR. HAPPY FACE - Smiley character jumps through a kid's tv and turns
ALIVE - By Alone In The Dark - Snapshots of people all over the world,
from kids playing Star Wars to thieves on the run, then an eclipsing
shadow that covers them all equalty. The essence of life in a compact
space. "Click to Live again."
PACMANHATTAN - Live action roleplaying team that plays Pacman in New
York! LARP
THE BILLY GOATS GRUFF - Goats outfox the troll "You don't want to eat
me.. I've got AIDS!" Troll talks on cellphone. Black and white movie
concession popcorn intermission. Goat eats troll. Egon ghostbusters
troll ghost!
MARIO KART UNDERGROUND - Night car racing turns wild, Mario and Luigi
crash, Donkey Kong and Ditty win! Princess Peach is a hooker? Grand
Theft Auto.
RESIDENT EARTHBOUND - Resident Evil parody. Video Game RPG. News:
Britney Spears marries Walt Disney? Zombie attack everywhere! Cute kids
with PK powers battle evil. Just into sewer like Mario.Beer commercial
"Get piss in a mug." Parody of Madness chicken dance as kid guns down
zombies. Kid shoots "Who let the Dogs Out" DJ. Sort of like Final
Fantasy! Alien distracted kid with Ren and Stimpy, then fries him in UFO.
DEAD LOVE - A wraith comes to marry a ghost girl at her overseas run
down castle. Imps attack, and she falls into the sea. Wraits grows wings
to save her and catches her. She grows angel wings, and leaves with her
whole family. Wraith is left alone looking at the sea. A little deep,
but makes you feel. Sad.
ARC WARFARE - Little Blue Balls and Red Balls fight with helmets and
guns, Madness style. Not the best, but good production.
XUMATO Ep1 - Sort of silly anime flash. Samarui with super sword dodges
bullets from gang trying to get it from home, stows away in pickup
truck. Police get him after he eats watermelons in the back. Report goes
to check him out. Magic sword shocks police investigator. A bit like
Final Fantasy. A bit of a parody of anime.
MANGA-GAGA 100 OMAKE - Another video for that song that would work well
with the Arthur Awards, felines everywhere and techno. Guy does tribute
to his own comic. Lots of Sonic-like characters.
I WILL BEAT PACMAN!! - Guy is on 865th level of packman, but still can't
find the ending. "You're draining my BANK ACCOUNT PACMAN!!" guy starts
going insane playing the video game. Whole house is eventually reposed.
"They're a pretzel flying around the screen.. I just ate a BANANA!!"
WEAR MY HAT - Video go Phil Collins song. Guy gives his clothes to girls
who come up and like him. Valentines day. Love. Sex? Guy trots off in
underpants into the sunset.
CLOCK CREW: THE FALL - Black and White sort of gothic movie about the
corruption of the Clock Crew. Tribute to Clock Crew webpage being closed
because newbie flash makers were overwhelming the dedicated Clock
artists, and the admins didn't want the Clocks to become spam trash, but
keep high production values. Flash admonishes animators that, if they
are True Clocks, there are folks that will help them learn flash and
learn to do quality work. Dark, sad.
KILL JACK SEVEN WAYS - 1-Drowned inside giant water bear, then exploded
2-Hit by a car, turned into Jello Pudding 3-ARROWS, hits wall after
Balista round. Little guy pees on him. Arrow hits little guy. Red pee.
4-Samauri "POKEMON!" 5-Giant Fat Rabbit rolls on him. Star Wars theme!
6-The Ring, horror movie 7-Eaten by Dinosaur. Mario theme in background
CLOCK CREW: Fabric of Time - Nef's Clockday movie. Dark monologue about
the evils of time turns into humor as Strawberry Clock interupts. Nef
"You interupted my clockday movie, thanks a lot!" Strawberry molifies
her with a baked potatoe, and they stroll off together.
Slinky song at the end!
CLOCK CRAFT 3 - Thrioll's vision - Parody of opening to Warcraft III.
AN UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY - Clock Crew, a discovered bag of smack turns
several clocks into zombies. Oranged gets abducted by aliens. Strawberry
is still king.
TEH CLOCK CREW SLUMBER PARTY Pt1 - Cat clock invites friends over.
Phantom clock tries to catch weapons, go through and hit Ancient Dragon
Clock, who comes after them in the second half. People explode from
eating too much pizza. Goofiness between friends.
MERC-540 - A military robot becomes alive, and tries to escape. Destroys
Johnny-5 from Short Circuit to get his laser! "Techno.." uses 80's laser
to smash tanks, then gets beheaded by viking robot, only to upload his
mind to the other robot and take it over. Nice robot!
RILSTIXS CLOCKDAY MOVIE 2 - Strawberry Clock sings "I am happy and I
special there's only one of me!..Sugar-coated me!" song sours as singer
gets disgusted. Band 'Liam Freakin' Lynch'. Clock Crew
IBR - CLOCK DAY - Clock Crew gets ready for their birthday! Parody of
Christmas and Easter. Irish Clock tries to show Banana Clock the true
meaning of Clockday with help from Clock Jesus, but he remains a
Scrooge. Clock Bunny rabbit.
-CLOCKDAY- - Post-Apocalyptic doom comes to the clocks. Nef punches her
own eye out o_O Guts, gore. Banana declares himself king, until
Strawberry returns from the pool. Um.. yuck, but maybe useful.
CLOCKDAY-THE SADNESS - A trip through the abandoned builds of the
clocks. The voices of departed clocks echo in the halls.. all is dead
since the website was delated.. all is lost.. a clock appears "Screw
This!" warp to fun picnic in the sun! Happy Clock Crew day!
CLOCKDAY STUFF - Parody of Apple Mac commercial. One clock tells
Eggplant Lock he sucks at flash. Cool/Crude animated music video with
lots of random stuff blowing up. Goofyness. Rock music.
"GOOD" GUITAR PLAYING - A rock dude gets disgusted with his playing, and
throws his guitar out the window. The flying guitar hits several people,
and ends up destroying several buildings, finally taking out Agent Smith
just before his final Matrix battle with Neo. Pointless, but very fun.
CLOCK CREK "PSYCHO" - Reenactment of the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie,
all of it. Long winded opening scenes where you have to right-click to
get it started. Straightforward, not all that inspiring.
TOM CRUISE STRIKES BACKep1 - Tom using alien space ship to destroy the
world's largest ball of twine. Military calls Phallic Moose teenage crew
to defeat him, again. Escape from robot in assult helicopter. Commander
doesn't have pants on. Sorta cool.
WHISPER 2 - Angel Heart battles Evil Demon Hearts for control of Earth.
Each falling meteor turns into a Demon Heart, which then tries to
destroy the city. First half and second half in one flash.
SPACE TREE THE SPACE TREE. In space. Unlikely astronaut.
WHINEY SUPERSTARS Vol 2 - A pirate and his parrot talk about paintball
guns. Parrot was in therapy?
games, plays and stars in knocks off of several of them, until his wife
pulls the plug on the computer. They got to bed, but Wink plays with a
Gameboy in bed!
MEGAMAN & POMPOUS ROBOTS - Two of MM's rivals end up fighting each other
to see who will fight him, while MM goes to play a game of Old Maid with
a goofy friend and his companion dog robot. Very well done!
ATTACK OF THE MORNING - CRY WOLFEN - Wolfe twins wake up in the morning,
play Rock Scissors Paper to see how makes breakfast. Cute furry
misadventures, guy puts popcorn in the coffee brower, causing it to fire
everywhere like a machine gun! Anime brook attack. Popcorn can explodes,
filling the house. Cute and cool!
PONINJAS EPISODE 6.5 - Two ships with pirate Poninjas fire at each other
with cannons and bombs, until a sea monster destroys one of them. The
second ship crew blinks in surprise, the battle over quite quickly.
"What happened to the rum?" the end. Message of more episodes coming soon!
WHAT ARE MEN'S NIPPLES FOR? - Touch them and random things happen.
KEGEL'S DOWNHILL SKI RACE - Winter Olypics. Kegel doesn't want to go
skiing! Nervous.. furry, slow to the finish line, a flea pushes the gate
open, Kegel FLIES DOWNHILL! WORLD RECORD! Wait.. disqualified.. for
cheating by lassoing a bullet, running without skis, and riding a donkey
over the finish line. DOH! "Mexican food gives you a boost." fart jet?
of Madness and Pico and DragonballZ to fight an immortal. Video games,
Mortal Kombat! Amrak gets revenge by destroying Fanboy in several
different universes, including Sonic, a Nazi world ruled by Bill Gates,
and finding battling hordes of stick figures drawn by Fanboy. Also kills
the Clock Crew.
THE BOSS - Joe Cartoon - Torture your mean boss! Throw stuff at him.
Boss tries bribe you, while the little animal guy keeps insulting you.
Boss tells bear to shut up! You're off the bowling team. Lots of
swearing, but Poink would like it :) Put the gerble in the microwave.
WEEBL AND BOB - JAM BAND - Jam jar plan to overthrow the government by
forming a rock band. Clumbsy jam keeps hammering his friends, then fills
the car with beans. Funny!
CHECKPOINT... DONE - HALO parody. Revert to saved a lot, guy keeps
getting killed. Aliens, annoying talking box.
29 DAY WAY - Alien Invasion, that you learn in the end is actually
engineered by the United States. Fox News strikes again.
NEWGROUNDS TIME TRIAL 12 - Use shape as starting point. Garden of Eden.
Bath Water, parody of Open Water, rubber duckies are disappearing. Video
game sword adventure. Flash where the entire movie is the goofy opening
sequence. ASCII
ARMAGEGGON - A huge egg is falling from space, a person on the ground
laments the end of the world, then finds a magic egg-cup at the last
moment. Against all odds, asteroids falling all around, he raises the
egg cup, which expands and captures the egg, and saves the world!
Everything turns green! No matter how bad things look, there is hope!
RAI GROTTPOJKEN PARODY ep1 - A group of cavepeople/jungle dwellers live
in a primative village in a land ruled by dinosaurs. A TRex is comming!
What do they do? The Elder suggests everyone smokes the Peace Pipe.
Everyone passes out. Elder goes outside, and pees on the TRex's foot the
next morning. No time to run, they must fight! Turok without cool
weapons. Beautiful, Bambi-like forest imagry.
THE BONSAI pt1 - Alien blood turns a harmless little bonsai tree into a
huge city-destroying plant. Seeds fire off and start other Bonsai, the
world's being taken over by flora!! Scientist responsible places his
last hope in also injecting a ladybug with alien blood.. pt2 Matrix
music, scientist rides giant ladybug, injects HIMSELF with alien blood,
gains DragonballZ powers. Fights alien with giant magical light. "Sound
of Silence" song in background. Giant Cactus at end. Genetic engineering
can be dangerous.
F.N.F #3 - Water Bubbly - A jerk scientist leaves a can of shaken-up
Pepsi drink on a sidewalk. Old guy comes along, helps himself to it, and
the blast of fizz blows away his contacts "My contacts! I can't see
anything without my contacts!!" gets hit by a vehicle, blood. The end.
HNT - HOW NOT TO - FINALE - A tutorial by Jujube_Lock! How to vote on
Newgrounds, or in life: Vote the way you want to vote, not the way you
think you -should- vote! That's what makes Democracy work ^_^
NEWGROUNDS TIME TRIAL 12 - "Bad Day" - Skeleton head turns into golfball
"FORE!" hits guy, who dies in surgery, who goes to heaven, gets
consigned to hell, gets burned into a skeleton, and opens his eyes, a
golf ball again. A bad day indeed.
THE ANTICLOCKCLOCK SHOW - Anti goes over all the bad reviews people have
given his earlier flashes, several 0's. A whole bunch of swearing!
ZHORT #2 - I LOVE THE OLYPICS - A geek watches Olypic girl's volleyball
on his computer, using it as porn. "Oh God, I love the Olypics! Pat her
ass, pat her ass!" "This is SO much better than Star Trek.."
LIGHTSHADOW SAMPLE FIGHT - CGI 3D fight scene of two samauri dueling in
a forest, using Matrix moves. Somewhat comical with overly powerful
kicks. Good evasions!
WHITE HOUSE RATS #2 - Rats throw voice so it sounds like George Senior
is talking to George Junior, Junior cries. #3 - Channeling Chenney, rats
try it with Chenney this time, Bush discovers them "Usually sir, to get
in the White House, you have to be a rodent, or elected." "DEMO-C-RATS!"
#4 - War Games. Rats feed bush a pellet of rat feces, but Bush thinks
its a chocolate chip. Too stupid to know the difference. Bush keeps
playing with toy soldiers.
HIT THAT - Super-fast frame music video. A mother takes her child and
leaves because Daddy's out having fun and drinking. Drunk Dad can't
drive, hits a tree, care explodes "Consequences are a lot but HEY!
That's the way... that's the way.. that's the way things go.." don't be
a jerk.
DRAGONBALL CG Ep1 - All-out parody of Dragonball! Long! Goku's friends
battles on the Super Nintendo, Mario and Luigi! Friend plays gameboy.
Supervillians get resurrected by Stupid Kid, destroy his planet, then go
to Earth to annoy Goku. Really stupid exchanges! Malfunctioning powers.
Awesome! Also an injoke: "Is THAT OK?" "As a matter of fact, it isn't.."
use after earlier flash!
CLOUD TALK - Foamy the squirrel and his friend Germaine look up and
watch clouds, talking about the meaning of life. Germaine is sad
humanity is doing so well, very little creativity and morals. Foamy note
humanity invented the cars and race it around and circles, and inventred
the internet to look up porn and stupid internet cartoons. "Hey, I like
those net cartoons.." Squirrels mocks humans again.
THE MOVIE - Knox claymen try to make a B&W pirate movie. Camera keeps
going to the computer equipment. Stupid, stupid movie. Thus cool :)
Hampster steals magic carrot.
THE CROW REBORN - Comic book hero comes back from the dead to avenge
himself and his girlfriend, who were killed by thugs. Dies, turns into a
crow, and returns to his girlfriend in death after a quick Matrix
BATMAN: BRUTAL - The bat trashes bank robbers with bazookas, and the
joker in a car fight. Great action. Batgirl claims him when he gets home :)
BATMAN LIVES! - Very cool 3D introduction, Danny Elfman music score,
gothic architecture.. musical swell.. Batman! TaDaaaaAAAAA... he falls
off the building "WOAH! Oww...OWW! My baterange.. oh that hurts.."
lighten up! humor funny parody.
BATMAN BEYOND - Classic Batman fights a flying demon, crashing him to
the ground with swift rope-work. Music from Batman Beyond.
KNUCKLES ADVENTURE 8 - Sonic the Hedgehog sprite mutation. Inuyasha,
Pickachu, all sorts of video game characters from different universes do
crazy stuff together.
Funny picture: Christmas Kerrigan. Evil queen of the Zerg in red and
white suit. Blizzard video game.
PROWLIES AT THE RIVER - Bitey of Brackenwood returns, satyr. Deals with
woodpecker lizard. Scares peacefull creatures at river, which gang up on
him Matrix-style. Elf peeks in the creek he's drinking from. Serves him
VAN HELTHING vl 1 - Rubber Ninja parody's Van Helsing movie of fighitng
monsters, Frankenstein and Dracula. Power Puff girls zombies! "THX -
K-THX-BAI!" Matrix moves. Benny Hill mob chasing Frankenstein scene.
Fight with leprechaun. Final Fantasy victory music! "Get Smart" secret
entrance in confession booth. James Bond weapons lab. A-ha's Take On Me
80's music.
WATERMAN 8 - Robotic Chuck Noris and friends pig out on Bacones ice
cream, with Nicotine spelled backwards. Contest, 16 buttons of justice
visits whoever eats the most "How many bacones does it take to have a
heart attack?" Mr Owl dies. Atkins diet. Racoon guy visits. Pointless
home movies. Aradillo guy. People get massively overweight. Spits of
SANDWICH SHOP NINJA - Ninja uses matrix movies to make a subway
sandwich, ends up taking out the costume on accident. Doh. Slow
beginning. Spits or Swallows.
ALIEN REPORT 4 - Conclusion to DragonballZ-like drama of invaders and
COFFEE HOUSE PROPAGANDA - Foamy the Squirrel takes on a clerk at
Starbucks (Starsmucks) weird instructions on how to order coffee, stupid
image quirks. Foamy likes Freddy vs Jason.
AKAI YUMA - Ninja goes to assasinate tratorious lord. Lots of minions
die. Part 1.
SNES WORLD TOURNAMENT pt 2 - Megaman and Luke Skywalker and Ryu and lots
of other people from fighting games like Mortal Kombat duel for pictures
of naked women. Funny sprite goodness! Video game Star Wars.
METAL GEAR SOLID: THE TWIN NOODLES - Snake needs to take a dump in a
torpedo, leaves debris trail. Snake uses wristwatch, gets sex line.
Snakes talks vulcan into being friends. Snake hides from helicopter in
box. Spamtaro attacks, destroys helicopter! Spamtaro takes out the
battlemech! "And that kids, is how I defeated Jesus Christ." "Yay!"
SECRET AGENT DAN - Dot.comer that was laid off has secret life as Secret
Agent Dan. KISS poster on wall. Loser.
TIER - Rammstein, German Rock band who did You Hate Me (Du Hast) does
industrial song about a guy who runs a Mech factory. All sorts of
machinery, mad scientist. Massive robot army moves to take over the Earth.
KNOX CLAMATION - SPIDERMAN! - Blue clay guy pretends to be Spiderman,
sings the stupid song, gets friend to be Mary Jane, covers friend in
white toothpaste, who then gets blasted by the Sherrif who thinks he's a
THE SINGSONS - Mutated parody of the Simpsons, with them being from
India. Goofy irreverent cultural fun!
FIGHT YOUR OWN DEMONS SE - Rock song starts with Pop goes the Weasel,
then "Out goes the Evil.." Guy becomes a dark angle, had to kill his
personal demon in hell. Quick fight, kills it. Band Lords of Acid "Out
comes the Evil."
MEGAMAN - ONE LAST BREATH - Ep4 - Megaman returns from dead to save the
city from hoard of mavrick clones.
THE GREAT EGGESCAPE - The Great Escape. An egg prision of war must get
out of a german prison. Lots of Castle Wolfenstein-like action, assult
helicopter? o_O
FINAL FANTASY - EPIC CHRONICLES - By Chill! Black mage and fighter are
at it again. Part one of LONG series..
MARIO AND LUIGI 3 - By Chill! Mario gets dumber as he keeps banging his
head against a wall, wants to become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by
being bite by a radioactive koopa. Luigi has fun training a zombie koopa
to use a sword, so he can kill a Final Fantasy character and eat her
brains. Plastic sword though. Day 6 approaches, and marshmellow doom for
the world..
DOG VS GOD - God gets angry at a dog for pooping in heaven, sends angel
hordes after him. Poopy power to the rescue! Final showdown between
divine magical blasts and very bad breath..
H.O.T.M 2 Part C - 5th of a series of goofy friends and Transformers.
One autobot tries to convince the others that Optimus Prime is evil
because he's different from them, and he wears a Shredder-like mask "Do
you know WHY?" "Er.. maybe they were on sale?"
THE JOY OF SPRING - Doctor Demento song "Poisoning Pidgeons in the Park"
music video!
ROBOTS ARE OUR FRIENDS! - Robots dance and sing.. and occasionally kill
ATTACK OF THE BLACK MAGES : Goofy final fantasy parody, clown fighters
and mages deal with horde of Black mages, taking damage for everything
from getting slapped to having someone throw a safe on them.
HUGE HAMBURGER PICTURE! 3 people chow down to 6pound burgers. Spits or
Swallows. Food.
THE DECLINE OF VIDEO GAMING 2 - *Incredible flash* 3 gamers get ticked
to E3, and are stalked by the heads of 3 game companies. Mario parody.
FINAL FANTSY parody with South Park canadians! Mario creatue goes Link
with stupid guy asking a racoon Mario question. Too much to believe! It
even has a Robin Hobb reference about FitzChivarly Farseer!
I LOVE EGG ep 11 - Jungle raid - Commando Egg trains for a covert
mission to capture an evil dictator (North Korean?) fights ninjas gunmen
dodging bullets, then pulling out an throughly unrealistic number of
weapons to blast them all. Good guys win! Cute. Food.
I LOVE EGG - EGG SONG - Entirely too cute and good sound about people
who love Love LOVE eggs! Has to be sponsored by some farming coalition.
LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW - Know claymation. Guy travels to 2005. Blue clay
people want to grow eyes like their friend! "IwanteyeIwanteyessszz.."
grows ears. Friends try to use sports balls are eyes. Time travel
paradoxes. Doctor Who!
WHEN NATURE CALLS - A tree gets pissed off as a cute little Bambi-like
bird perches on his branch. Starts swearing at it profusely, the finally
kills it. A frog takes its place. Ent swears again.
WAR - X troops fight O troops fight Triangle troops. Planes tanks and
infantry outlines. War is stupid, avoid it.
NOX - A thief takes out guards and steals a magic grail in a fantasy
world, then makes his difficult escape. Knights, archers and a mage
chase him, but he gets away. D&D
SECRET AGENT DAN - THE ATTACK - ep2 - Dan the fast food worker slips
into his fantasy and beats up the cable guy, thinking he's some horrible
mad scientist.
ED - BREAKING THE HABIT - Awesome music video to Linkin Park. "I don't
want to be the one who battles on with you, 'cause inside I know that
I'm the one confused.." fellow feels trapped by his history of failures
"I don't know how I got this way, I'll never be 'All Right', so I'm
EGOCITY CHAPTER 1 - From same artist as Breaking the Habit. Mystery
madman needs to collect 3 Orbs to destroy the world, scout team tries to
intercept his UFO, runs the hell away from giant freaking laser beam
that destroys Ego City. Small Mario Mushroom scene at the end, help from
the Yoshi Islanders. Not Anime, a unique angular style.
KEGEL: PIRATE CREW - named "Sunflowers/Kittens" for some reason. Kegel
the dog (see Olypic thing earlier) and his doberman friend take to the
high sees. Come up with a system to identify cursed stolen treasure by
flipping TV channels and seeing what's there. Rat crewmember steals
valuable sword.
FLU CHAPTER 1 - Spanish-language Science Fiction SF story of a doctor
assasinated by thugs while using a strange energy-gathering device,
exists in half-space and communicates with his friends via
lightning-charged Television set. Spooky and cool. Science fiction, Star
Trek Star Wars -like.
Geo City. Geo Sphinx. Egypt. Amazing series! Matrix powers.
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CYCON - "It's Gonna Be A Nice Day!" happy happy joy
joy song in the background, while Cycon does mindlessly violent things.
Have a nice day.
THE METAL ROSE DREAM - A kid dreams, probably after eating too many bad
mushrooms and pizza. Wierd stick figure fighting nightmares with a heavy
metal warpage of the Palace Theme from Legend of Zelda in the
background. Don't do drugs.
NEOJAM - Nef (not clockified this time) does three quick flashes about
NeoPets. Saying "Hot" violates terms of service, resulting in Nef and
her pet getting frozen "You h ave no chance to survive, make your
time.." Collecting avatars bogs down an unsuspecting Neopet. 3rd flash
has Nef tossing one of her pets into the Monster's ice cave to go get
some treasure, pet ends up getting eaten. "And that's how ___ becomes a
ghost.." other pets blink.
MEGAMAN - REAL ADVENTURE ep1 - Megaman goes after Pharaohman, battles a
horde of silly robot minions in the forest, is almost overwhelmed when
Sonic the Hedgehog and 3 of his friends drop in the help! Options scenes
as you get to pick which Sonic character helps MM in the next battle.
21 O'CLOCK STREET - Clock Crew. Strawberry and mutant crew parody 21
Jump street police show. Strawberry turns in his badge, but NOT his gun!
Some swearing.
PubeMuppet is the evil drug dealer! FIGHT SCENE! Strangeclock avoids
bullets as they pass through him. Pube escapes with British male swim
deam. Go West plays in background. Strawberry takes the drugs and plans
a party at home. Slightly breaks the rating, but nothing's pictured.
NOROVAI - pt 1 -Fantasy involving a floating city and people who ride
giant birds. The king dies, leaving two sons with magic rings. The
eldest becomes king, while the younger gets envious, learns dark magic,
gathers followers and attacks the fortress. Eldest son gives his own son
his magic ring and sends him away on a bird, which gets shot down.
Brothers fight, dark mage defeats Eldest, and his sword flies out in the
air, landing, by chance, right next to where his son crashlanded. A bit
hard to follow at first, but quite impressive.
LINK SOAP ep3 - Zelda captures Luigi and Link, then invades the Mushroom
Kingdom with Hamtaro! Kill Mario and Bowser playing Uno. Link searches
for Ganon, his gay lover, to stop the madness. Luigi thinks he's pregnant.
LUKY AND SUICIDE MEG ep2 - COSTUMES - Two grimey friends look about for
costumes to go to a Halloween party.
STAR WARS: CUP OF COFFEE - Girl takes a sip of Super-strength Star Wars
coffee, and has flashes from all 5 of the films for 30 seconds. "It's
that damn strong." Eye alien offers to teach you how to disarm a therman
detonator at the end, but it blows up.
ELISHA THE CRUEL - Elisha, apprencie to EliJA, walks by Bethlahem when a
whole bunch of kids come out and mock him for being bald. He cursed
them, twoshe-bears some out of the woods, and mangled 42 of them! It's
an actual story from the Bible! One your probaly won't hear in Sunday
School. 2nd Kings 2:23. Looked it up.
SONIC: THE LOST WORLD - Sonic and Knuckles get warped to Mario world,
then Metroid world, lots of strange warps. Sort of slow, but decent.
THE SUBURBAN NINJA 2 - Ninja gets *PISSED* at being bothered my
countless AOL 7.0 advertisments. Breaks into AOL HQ and destroy it
"Goodbye!" BOOM!
Doesn't stop the horror though.
HACKY SACK MADNESS - A stick figures does Matrix moves while keeping a
Hacky Sack in the air. Sports. Olypics.
resistance gets t-ed off when he sees subtitles of what he's saying
appearing on the screen, although he's using perfect English. Funny! FPS
FOOD FIGHT - Mr T engages karate dude in silly eating contest. Mr T is
Budda! Mr T is DEFEATED!! No way...
TRIBUTE TO MR.T - Pictures of Mr T along with a song of his "If you
don't..wanna be.. a cra-zy, fool, then hear..what I say..and
stay..in.school..." slightly Shatneristic, goofy.
MR T's JIBA JABA - Game where you can touch Mr. T in various places,
each area returning a different sound effect "I made it.. you EAT IT!"
MR T VS *THE ENTERPRISE*! - Chance encounter in deep space between
Picard's ship and Mr T's van takes a turn for the worse, with lots of
phasers going off. Who's gonna win???
STAR WARS - BLACK MENACE - Darth Vader is actually Mr. T.
STAR BARS EPISODE IV - Stormtroopers attack Action Figure bar. Mr T
destroys Jar Jar!
PICO'S UNLOADED - Pico, the Newgrounds mascot, battles evil clones of a
ice cream store attendant to Matrix music.
I MISS YOU DADDY - Touching animation about a little girl who lost her
Dad on 9/11
FADED - Video to Counting Crows song, lots of maple leaf, gold and blue
imagry, guy morns for a lost love, ponders meaning in life. Church, sun.
Lots of light.
TROUBLE WINDOWS - Anime version of Microsoft windows, each operating
system with a different character. Goofy! Wierd. 98SE SUCKS! Powerpuff
THE MATRIX STILL HAS YOU - Sequel to earlier LegendaryFrog
collaboration. Matrix run on 56k modem, crashes with Windows ME. Twin
feels pain while pinned in door "Just phase through the door!" Neo tries
to escape the subway.
NEWGROUNDS VERSUS - FINAL - Gel vs Jerm. Gel's flash has stick figures
learning to evolve, stick turns into sexy girl! Evil one turns into a
monster. Cool magical powers of changing places.. Mario world for a
second! Anime fight sequences. Quite cool. Click Gel's on the left hand
side.. the one of the right is a slasher horror movie I don't even like o_O
TECH SUPPORT - Foamy the squirrel calls India tech support, which isn't
very helpful. "This fucking operating system is as mess up as Charles
Manson!" Windows sucks. India guy asks series of questions like "Is your
computer plugged in?" Smell (Dell) computer company. "You American
bastards are only paying me $20 a week!" Horray for job outsourcing.
PALADIN Ep1 - Wizard creates evil undead army to destroy a town, rides
death dragon! Burns village, priest saves one child and escapes
underground, then teaches the child to read, write, and swordfight. Once
a man, the priest gives his adopted son a magic sword. Time for some
LEGENDARY TALES - LegendaryFrog! Four stories. Cooking with Sal.
"Midnight snacks.. OOH!" sandwich lore. Spits or Swallows. Magical
George Foreman grill. Ark "Sal, what are you doing in my house in the
middle of the night??" #2: Backseat gaming. Kerrigan tells Ark what
buttons to push. Just for entering his name?? #3: Metal Gear Tech
Support. Snake wonders how to work his top secret gear. "Did you insert
the disk?" "Oh, no.. I'll do that now." Ninjas aren't tech experts.
Floppy drive "This thing isn't floppy.." "Eject the Floppy? Hehehe.."
Anime convention pictures! Snake wows "No man should be allowed to wear
something like that.. or carry a pink glittery baton.." Everquest. "Call
me sometime!" "Goodbye Snake."
#4. Dance Dance Dance! Kerrigan does DDR. Ark wants to play too, but
Kerr is so into it she doesn't hear, until he produces quarters. Ark
screws up at DDR, machine insults him. Runs from evil Whack-a-Mole machine.
BITCH HERMIT - Foamy the squirrel gives 9 ways for his goth friend to
avoid society. Keep internet on so nobody can get through the phone.
Subsist on things sent in by mail-order. Sleep during the day, insult
Saturday Night Live shows "You, SUCK!" Live by selling junk on Ebay.
Live on sugary junk food. "Listen to Morrison, and the Smiths, and
realise the world is a bleak place to live." Foamy "STAY INSIDE!" guide,
goths for dummies.
LIKE JAILBAIT? - Zipperfish crusty sergent gets in your face, and
challenges you to watch ten pictures of attractive women, determining
wether each one is above or below 18 years of age. "Are you a PEDOPHILE?
Do you watch way to much NICKELODION??" Poink
TIME FREEZISH - A slightly old fellow working day after day at a factory
with each day seeming to go faster than the next sudden finds that time
has stopped for everyone but himself. He'll never be able to talk to
anyone, or date the woman he always loved but never had the guts to ask
out. Falls asleep at her feet, an angle touches him, and he's
transported to the Central Office of Time, where the time guardian has
apparently died at the console. The guy looks at the terminal, then
turns Earth back ON. Time starts running again. He dons the Time
Guardian's helmet, and becomes the new guardian. Escaped a boring live,
kindof. Very very different.
I'M THE MONSTER - A lab monster escape and kills his scientist, then
battles military guards. Machine guns have no effect. Blowing up the
building has no effect. Monster 1- People 0. Mad scientist.
KNOX - DEATH BY HOROSCOPE - Clay man offers friend Pop Rocks, friend
says horoscope says he should stay away from him. Another says horoscope
says flood is coming. Dinosaur eats first guy. "I better go read my
horoscope.. don't want to get attacked by a dinosaur"
INJECTIONS ARE FUN - B/W movie of little cute guy saying "Injections are
fun!" Gets multiple injections with "Yay!" "Woo!" until a horde of
syringes attack him, bursting his eyes. "Ow.." propoganda.
GUMBI - Prt1 pt2- Blockhead kills Pokey with a machine gun, then steals
the Professor's cloning machine, creating a Star Wars style army of
clone soldiers that rampage through toyland, attacking the Lego
military. To arms! Gumbi packs big weapons, lots of claymatching gore.
Gumbi wins.. but his thirst for carnage is has turned him evil...
STAR FOX - Fox kills Toad, then starts his own flash. Use after Toad's
Rage! Starfox flight simulator, Strawberry Clock gets shot, then Slippy
loses both wings flying through a wing. Fox does loop, then hits the
ground. Mario, through by the Glove, lands in the background.
CHOCOLATE NIBLET BEANS - Totally randomized antimutation to anime music.
The Canadian province of Saskechuan attacks the city. Spoon rocker
bikers to the rescue! Very brief Zig Zag reference. Spoon power
transforms baby into goofy bouncing anime head. Disney's DarkWing Duck
gets repeated pies in face. Momentary Black Mage cameo. Hordes of quick
text messages. "Linkin Park is a roller coaster!" Quiz: things that
rhyme with Orange, Dr. Demento references. Bub-Bob from Bubble Bobble.
Sailor Moon (Spoon). Cinnamon toast crunch. Transformers. Poples. Just
about EVERYTHING from the 1980's. Dream of how to beat Shaq. Handpuppet
"Well kids, that's all you get! READ A BOOK!!!"
DA GREATEST FLASH EVER!! - Long introductory sequence to 2001 Theme,
prepare yourself for the greatest flash movie ever made! Then... mutant
hairballs eat the end. So.. goofy pictures of toasters! Mario gets eaten
by pacman. The end!
ELVIS NOT INCLUDED - A *double* animutation "And now for something
completely different!" Song Walk the Dinosaur. Little Richard narrates
and mutates into various things, including Mario. Opens with parody of
sad anime of lonely ASCII cat. Fat Albert, disco. Evil baby heads. Dr
Evil, Godzilla, Ninja Turtles.. 100s more. Bob Barker. Colin Mocerei
uses Zamboni to haul off sleeping Grimaces. Strong Bad homestarrunner.
Monty Python. Hunt JarJar! Mr.T is still weirded out.
GO GO CACTUS MAN - The Cactus Man hypnotizes you, very annoying flash
with lots of text messages that go on for minutes 'Maybe the point is
just to annoy you.. so you can send it to your friends, to annoy your
friends.." >From Shumway guy.
GUY BEING HIT BY PIG - Big wind up, then a lego guy rocks out, before
being run over by a tank. Long ending credits. Anything overblown, like
Star Wars.
MR. PRINGLE'S FUNK MACHINE - "Woah, Woah, I like to dream of coffee.."
Mr. T shrinky dinks. Blue Man Group. Pringle's raps. "Pacman: US Only.
Other players will be chomped." "Hey, is that the pizza location?" Star
Wars, boredom.
PONG: THE MOVIE - Video game best of 5 match between Red and Blue.
Clapping monkey. Red finally blasts Blue with the ball, destroying it.
"And there was much rejoicing."
TYPICAL FLASH VID OF 2001 - Bob Barker hates that 40% of Newgrounds
flashes deal with Osama bin Laden, Strawberry clock or Goku from
Dragonballz. So he had Goku beat up both of the others. B and S suck..
"Goku's cool man!"
WAKUFCHITA! - Totaly animuation barrage of pop culture things while funk
band sings remix of "Land of a Thousand Dances". Paul Harvey "And how
you know.. the rest of the story."
IT'S *NOT* PEANUTE BUTTER JELLY TIME - Guy shoots annoying bananaman.
The End.
BERSERK AMV - Manga Anime of violent swordfight, lots of screen shaking,
very good thundering feel. Tribute to Berserk comic. Fantasy action
DUDE - WHERE'S MY LIGHTSABER? - Bill and Ted are Jedi, and have to fight
their evil Robot Us-es. Plan to drop sabers back in the future, and it
works. Star Wars. COOL! Dude, where's my car?
GERKINMAN'S TIPS FOR COSPLAY - How to become the ultimate costumer.
"There is nothing worse than seeing a 6 ft tall fat guy, picking a
Pikachu.." Anime. Fursuit.
Act like the character "So.. you must be Goku.." "Uh huh.. I wanna get
hiiigh.." Dragonballz Reasons for cosplaying. Trogdor. ALIEN MR.T!
WALK-SMASH-WALK - A little robot walks, then hammers nails in tune with
music video music. Little helicopter friend helps him. Goes into tunnel,
gets chased by giant mech, but leaves one nail up to trip it up. The
bigger they are, the harder they fall. science fiction.
SEXY ASS EGGNOG - Christmas. Spits or Swallows. Forbidden love. Food.
Animation about a fellow who wants to marry his cup of eggnog "Don't be
embarrased, because you too love eggnog.." stranger than furries. Poink
THREE MOLES - A mole looks out "I smell honey!" Another mole looks out
beside him "Nope, it's maple syrup.." 3rd one approaches behind them
both "That's funny.. all I smell is mole-asses.." Rimshot. Bad evil
joke. food spits swallows
HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN TASER - video. Shock a friend! Rewire a camera.
MAXIMUMNINJA_2 - A Ninja saves the Madness dude from Krinkle's series,
they both attack an airport. A fan flash of Madness, but very advanced!
STORY OF A BEAR - A baby bear pulls off the wings of a butterflyl, and
gets called to task by its huge alien insect mother. Bear's Mom tries to
reason with the insect, attempting to glue the wings back on with honey,
but the insect demands the baby bear's arm be cut off instead. Luckily
it's only a nightmare the baby bear is having, and he wakes up. Be good
to others. Starts of happy and carefree, but turns dark, then happy again.

KEGEL: JAZZ IN MY ASS - Magic fish gives Kegel the dog a wish. He asks
for jazz to come out of his ass. Can't change the channel. Furry. Friend
"WHY? Is this a permanent thing?"
STAR WARS SPOOF 2 - Stormtrooper shoots R2D2, who malfunctions, during
into a car alarm, a Swiss Army knife, a popcorn popper, and a Coke
machine. C3PO "Malfunctioning little twerp!" R2D2 moans. Fast, and funny!
STAR WARS SPOOF 4 - Han cuts open the packbeast's guts, only to find..
it's a pinata? Han yays and gulps down the candy while Luke watches.
STAR WARS SPOOF 3 - Final Battle with Darth Maul. After lightsaber
fight, Maul hits his head against the door, breaking off his horns and
knocking himself unconcious. Klutz.
FRENCH POODLE RESISTANCE - Dr. Evil plans an army of robot cats. CATS R
EVIL! Furry. Poodles rescue another dog in the snow. Episode 3.
THICKER THAN WATER - Comic strip recorded on flash. Evil dead bird. Kids
of divorced household. Dad's a born-again drug addict. Breaks the rating
in several places. Based on artist's real life.
YORIMASA VS NEW - Animation of Japanese folklore about a samauri who
killed a monster that was slowly draining strength from the Emperor each
STAR WARS SPOOF 1 - Anakin pilots ship at start of Episode 2, electric
charge trap causes both him and Ben to have big hair.
SMILEY FAIRY - From a 10 second animation competition. Witch rips off
the head of a crying little girl, then conjures a new head, one that's
smiling. Scene of happy smiling children in the street. Gothic
twilight-zone horror "Why are you crying?..."
R_A_G_E - Another scary one. A dad recalls his lovely 10 year old
daughter.. then a bad feeling. Newspaper article.. she.. was raped.. and
murdered.. ... ... Dad loses it, and literally rips the attacker appart
while having a flashback conversation with his daughter, as if she was
still alive. Flashing words on the screen "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE
DONE TO MY HEART!??" Halloween. Horror.
CHRONO TRIGGUR UNGLUED 2 - Chrono deals with evil carnies at the
Millenial Fair. Guy has 9 pairs of twins. Tries to push a fork off as
the Rainbow Sword. Chrono's Cat is a lady's man. Princess runs into
Chrono "Urge to kill rising.." Interactive, you can play some parts like
a game. Be stupid and dont find the pendant. End so far. Final Fantasy -ish.
ATTACK OF THE BLACK MAGES 3 - Final Fantasy. More goofy damange numbers
as characters bump into each other. Silly Anime parody action. Black
Mage hordes carry off frozen fighter, score a few points this time.
Party captured! Thief gets fried trying to save them. White mage throws
Thief as a weapon, kicks ass! Fighers uses the Anchor Blade. "You killed
my family!" "What are you talking about?" "Shut up and die!" Anchorblade
breaks, finally becoming a wieldable size.
QUETZI - pt1 - The Aztec gods create Quetzacoutal (sp?) the feather
serpent, as the future leader of mankind. Cute winged snake Furry. One
god doesn't want him to grow up, and sends the Fire god early to begin
his training, then has a wild jaguar (also cute) attack. The Fire god
uses fire against it, then runs outside to pursue, not realizes that he
just set the palace on fire, and Quetzi doesn't know how to slither or
fly to escape yet. Quetzi sees the serpents and birds leaving the temple
though, and learns fast. Rather slow-placed flash with a low frame-rate,
but looks decent.
STAN-BATHROOM BREAK - Office guy drinks 50 bottles of water, then
realizes he'd better go to the john. Line outside, momentary Matrix
Agent Smith fight music. Finally gets to go, ahhhh... then realizes
there's no toilet paper left. "AHHHH!!!" The End.
3-D SOLIDER DANCES THE MACARENA - Also has English translation of the
song. Spanish
STARFOX 2 MOCK TRAILER - Slow-paced flash with some good tech work in it
of Fox flying his fighter. Very good closeups on Fox's grim expression,
in the cockit and on the ground. I wish more actually happened during
the movie.. but it isn't finished yet.
seriously cool hit combs. You can choose the ending, but Shadow does so
many awesome things to Ryu that the winner is clear. Street Fighter 2.
Video game.
BLADE AND MYSTIC - BladeHedgehog and MysticKitsune make a flash about a
very strange conversation they both had. Friends bugging friends,
threatening to throw each other in Mount Doom. "DOOOOM!" Video game
characters that are Blue. Major Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Wonderfully
pointless and random humor. New word for "A Sonic fan with no life."
Furry fun. Thanks folks at once point for watching to that point. First
posted on DeviantArt. Mystic "I eat record players.. and I've got gas."
o_O Airplane with tails, Magic School bus bites it.
FISHING CARTMAN - South Park. Cartman fishes to Lord of the Rings music.
Catches increasingly disgusting junk, toilet seat. "YOU BASTARD!" Whole
load of fish! Then finds a wallet.. grabs it, and gets pulled
underwater. Next beautiful morning, the fish toss out Canned Cartman.
Cartman bangs the tin from inside "Son of a BITCH!" the world is happy
ANAPHALACTIC SHOCK - Two hicks try to blow a fire ant nest into a bag
with a leaf blower, after a few misshaps, it works, and the mound
bursts, covering one of them in fire ants, causing him to swell "I
swear, you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.." Red-Green show. Redneck.
BRITNEY BRITNEY BRITNEY - Janet Jackson (cheerleader) watches Britney
Spears (cheerleader) perform on television, and asks a scientist to help
her become more popular than Britney. Scientist shows 99% of the world's
population already knows. Japanese scientist proposes planting
microchips in newborn babies, in collaboration with another project for
Coke. Britney gained popularity when her breast popped out of her outfit
during an awards ceremoony. Janet "That was an *accident*. I can't base
my career on *accidents*!" Technology of breast exposure systems.
Believe it or not, this flash was made in 2001, before the Superbowl
CHIRSTMAS ELF eCARD- SNOWBALL FIGHT - Elves read various letters to
Santa, form letter, one from a company. Ends with Rock-Scissors-Paper
snowball fight game, with DragonballZ powerups!
CLIO BARKER - Miss Cleo Psychic Slapdown advertisment. Jay Donaldson
offers lots of entertaining things you can do if you contribute to
Paypal. Kegel guy.
CLOWN TECH SUPPORT - Kegel sings "Like An Egyptian" Kegel gets no new
email, calls Tech Support because his site is down. "You need level 2
tech support.. I'm only Level 1" Hyper Hampster is level 2. Wierd spam
ELF GOLF - Christmas elves play golf in Florida. 8 different outcomes.
Tiger Woods congradulates on hole in one! "Sweet! It's Michael Jordan!"
KEGEL "HEROWEEN" Furry dog and friends dress up for Halloween as comic
book heros. Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Dardevil (no eye holes, just
like the real thing. And he hates Ben Affleck "Af-lack!") and Mr. Roark
from fantasy island. Basically, the house gets destroyed.
and his large friend Argus to be detectives and recover a brain from
some thugs. Blows up a tree in the front yard, and makes it snow in
summer, just to convince them. They beat up the thungs Pulp Fiction
style. Doctor puts the brain into a giant mechanical pig. What a day.
Part 6, the other parts done by lots of other artists.
KEGEL: "WHISTLE TIP" Car excuse attachment that whistles as you drive.
Car mysteriously stops, and Kegel wants to take it off, but a two black
dudes wow about how cool it is "WooWOO!" piercings.
KEGEL & ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Kegel tries to spontaniously combust. Argus
offers tips from time to time while reading the paper. "Don't strain
your rectal muscles too much, it will give you hemorroids." "What's a
hemorroid?" "That thing on Enrique Iglesias's face." Nightmare clinic
scene where Iglesias's head comes out of Kegel's rear.   o_O
KEGEL & KEANU, J Lo, Ally - Kegel dreams up a reality show where two
people are voted off the Earth each week, doomed to pilot the decrepid
Space Shuttle. Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez, and Cristy Ally are the
lucky bunch. Kegel attacks actions figures of all of the them to a
firework rocket, then Argus launches it. Brief tribute to Space Shuttle
Columbia, kindof.
KARMA GHOST - Little ghosts with tshirts provide bad karma for a jerky guy.
THE TAKAMORI LEGEND - A samauri reads from the century-old book of a
hero who defeated all enemies. A ninja tries to steal the book from the
reader. The sword fight is close, but just as the reader is about to
die, Takamori's ghost possesses him, making short work of the ninja. The
book will grant power to whoever had it.. but it is cursed, and the
reader will have a life of sorror, just as Takamori did. Fantasy non-anime.
KNOX - THE KOLORS OF KLAY - Green and Red claypeople arrive a the Blue
Clay city. Is there peace? Blues debate, use an axe on one of them. They
all ask the Boogie Monster what they should do, its brain almost
overloads. It decides on peace, but as it turns around its tail kills
the last two that stayed to listen. Stupid funny awesome race racial
discrimination. Part 2: Battle between a Blue and a Green stupidly kills
everyone in the audience except themselves. Blue finally offers to let
Green stay "This is all we really do here.."
XIN 12 - Violence at the new school. 4 students run everything. Anime
BUSH KERRY DEBATE IN 60 SECONDS - Totally mutated word rearraignment.
Funny! Both Bush and Kerry are beweirdified.
INSTANT MESSAGE FIGHT - 3 guys uses IMs for argument, even though
they're all in the same room. Denim hat theft. End up playing football
on Playstation. Cell phone each other
FOAM FAN MAIL 6 - Defender of Atkins diet. Fat bastards. Twinkies. Foamy
needs a girlfriend? Foamy makes it up as he goes? Improv. "If you want
to make creative stories, go work for the New York Times!"
PAPERTRICKS 1-6 - Guy uses stop motion techniques at his computer to
make it look like he's eating paper, and spitting it out whole. Funny!
Magic tricks. Magician. Food. Spits Swallows.
UNREAL - Awesome 3D animation of peaceful forest scene, where a <