D&D Icons

These are something I put together for our local Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition roleplaying sessions, they're a series of one inch titles that, once printed out, cut out, and pasted onto cardboard, heavy paper (or 1" wooden dollhouse floor titles in my case) can fit underneath a D&D miniature figure to display conditions effecting them, Stunned, Bloodied, Immobilized, Burning, etc. The four smaller icons in the corns are visible even when a miniature is sitting on top of the tile. They add quite a bit to the fight visually, and give everyone a better feel for the tactical position (and it makes it easier for healers to see when they need to jump in without wasting a power too soon). Feel free to print these out if you like, along with the legend for which icons mean what.

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The Legend page, and the production print pages for the BattleField Icons. (Size reduced, click on the images to view them at full size, then save and print.)

D&D Icons Legend    Icons #1  

Icons 3   Icons #3