This is the playlist I put together for Further Confusion each year, during the Eye of Argon reading. What better tribute to the World's Worst Fantasy Story, the mere reading of which can bring uncontrolled laugher to a room, than an epic classical soundtrack tailored to all the twists and turns of this famous work? Combing some track from the Medieval Times soundtrack, several cameo tracks from popular films, a few completely original tracks by artists in the Newgrounds Audio Portal (publicly available for free download) and a TON of bastardized classical remixes of famous rock anthems and video game themes (my personal geeky collection obsession),and you get about three hours of classical doom mixed with shameless action rock and roll. Listen closely, and you might discover several musical jokes, regardish which song is playing at what moment in the story...
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FC 2010 - This year favors classical-ified versions of famous rock songs placed strategically in the reading, and highlights:
    E.S.Posthumus for their excellent original Ancient Classical (Roman/Greek) movie tracks, flavored with a -touch- of modern rock.
    The Vitamin String Quartet, for their no-limits String-ification of even hardcore rock tracks (ie, Rob Zombie, Dragonforce)
    And a few tracks in honor of Michael Jackson.

FC 2009 - My first attempt at the Soundtrack, mostly video game remixes and favorite Newgrounds artists