SHOW #434 - HALLOWEEN 2009!

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A crazy fan project by Blackfoot Ferret.

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      This Timeline also contains several Games (usually marked by a WARNING: ) For pacing, you can skip these if you want and come back to them later.
      Any unidentified links that aren’t in sequence with the content in the show are purely the result of my mad imagination. You have been warned. Happy Halloween B)


<Background Music> (Open in a different tab or window while reading the Timeline!)
0:00  -     Intro, 2 Griffin’s Pawpet song, Brian Reynolds art montage.
0:02  -     Poink goes “WOO!” And the show is on!
            Complete Blackness. Ezra “It’s Daarrrrkk in here.. what’s going ooon..”
            Camera turns on, stage has cobwebs, gravestones, a spider and a skull. Ezra “Creeepy..”
                  Yappy’s voice “Would help if I remembered how to push the right buttons.. two weeks
                  Is a long time ago..” Poink pops up “CREEPY!!!” and ducks.
            Yappy & Ezra “What? What..” Poink “It’s just creepy?”
            Yappy “.. are you laying there in Soupy Sale’s grave?” Poink looks at the RIP stone and
                  Eh’s “Probably.”
            Ezra “Ah, Soupy! You had to go there already!” Poink “Kiss from a Rose.” Kisses the RIP. “I’m
                  Gonna Burn In Hell!” Ezra robs the top gravestone.
            Poink looks up, expecting Ezra to toss it. Instead, RIP falls over to bash him. “OUW*!!”
            Yappy hehs as both stones are put back “Are you one of those wiseasses who would go through a
                  Cemetery and break gravestones?” Poink “No.” Ezra “Yes he is!” “No..” “He collects them!
            Poink compromises “I –would- go through a funeral home and check the pockets?” Ezra sets the cross
                  At a lean so it might fall on Poink any moment. Poink “You never know what they’re going to
                  Bury these people with!” Ezra “You are.. such a Jerk!” Yappy cackles. Poink “They’re DEAD!”
0:03  -     Ezra “No respect..” “That money ain’t gonna do them a damn bit of good in hell!” “Ain’t gonna do you
                  any good when you get killed!” Poink gives the camera a constipated look with one eye glowing.
            Don’t fear the dead, fear the relatives! Poink “They’ll be too busy crying!” Ezra “No, you’ll be the
                  one crying when they shove this tombstone up your butt!” “.. what, the Pizza? I hope not,
                  pepperoni burns my sphincter!”
            Ezra “Well, hi everyone! Welcome to the HALLOWEEN episode of the Funday Pawpet show.. next Saturday’s
                  HalloWEEEN..” Poink “Or what we call –Assholious Maximums-.” “.. it’s all CREEPY!”
            Pause. Ezra “Creepy creepy creepy..” another pause. “ZORRO! R.I.P. does not stand for Rest In Poink!”
                  Poink “Again.. how sensitive my sphincter.” Ezra looks down “You have none!” “Oh..”
            Poink “Oh I do!” “You HAVE no-“ “I have the best one that money can buy!”
0:04        Poink looks constipated. Yappy “You buy your sphincter?” Ezra “What happened to your original one?”
                  Poink “(defensive) It’s artificial and diesel-powered..”  Ezra “You blow it out!?” “If I could
                  reach to blow it out..(looks at audience) *I’d never leave the house!* -Budumb-tum-.” Ezra ughs
            Poink “(apologetic) Yeah that joke was ripped..” “yEAH..”
            Ezra “So anyway..” Poink “WAIT! Everyone wants to see this, I’m on a Segway!” rrrs across screen.
                  “Anyway..” Ezra “That was not you on a Segway..” Yappy “Are you on a boat?” Poink “.. we’re not
                  going there again!” Yappy cackles. Poink “That joke’s about as dead as the GODDAMN WEST JOKE!”
            Kanye West jokes = drunk. Ezra “Do something different.”
            Channel takes about trouble with UStream. Ezra suggests XStream, and makes clicking noises.
0:05        Yappy “I know there’s an XTube, is there an XStream too?” Ezra “It’s pretty X-Stream!”
            Coffee and coughing. Ezra ohs! “We want to thank Yappy, our new sponsor, all of our coffee is being
                  brought to us by the Frito-Lay corporation!” Poink “Yeah, we walk in and it smells like Fritos
                  and feet!” “Yappy goes.. no, that’s coffee! WHAT KIND OF COFFEE DO YOU HAVE THAT SMELLS LIKE
                  FRITOS?” Poink “And he’s drinking it ICED!”
            Yappy gets cultured “It’s *Franjelico!*” Ezra and Poink in union “Who/What’s FRANJELICO?”
            Channel thinks its Italian for Frito. Ezra NOs! Poink looks up at Ezra “Well at least it’s not.. with
                  you it would be *MUNCHOS* coffee.” “Oh, I love my Munchos!” nomnomnoms. Yappy “Those things
                  are like eating Styrofoam peanuts!” Ezra nods “They’re AWESOME!” “I almost used that bag to
                  pack a thing I’ve got to ship back to Canada!” Ezra “You’d better not!” Poink “Are they dildos?
                  Yappy coughlaughs “I don’t have Canadian dildos!...” Ezra “What kind DO you have?”
                  Poink gets patriotic “Only get the best, Made in the USA! The ones with the John Deere logo!”
0:06  -     Laugher. Poink “And when you turn it on it goes.. ‘Like A Rock’!” Yappy wants a Chevy? The RIP stone
                  attacks Poink again. “Get off me!” Ezra “WHY does the SHOW go ALL THIS WRONG in only 5 MINUTES?
                  Poink has a Chevy engine inside him. Ezra “It’s your FAULT!” Thinks it’s a Yugo.
            Yappy yahs “Canadians couldn’t build anything that good!” Poink “0 to Disturbing in 10 seconds!”
            Yappy ponders Cheese and Maple Syrup? Ezra thinks Hyundai or Yugo.
            Yappy “Does Canada build ANY vehicles? I guess they do assemble..”
            Search is on for Canadian car brands. Nobody knows?
0:07  -     Poink “I love Canada myself!” Ezra “You like Canada Dry..” “It’s full of snow!.. and communist
            No luck with car search. Yappy “What DO they make up there?’ Poink suggests 1932 Walrus.
            Winter Olympics this year in Vancouver (2009). Poink likes leaves. Ezra “The what?” “Hockey team.”
            Yappy “Ok.. rim devices.” “.. WHAT?” Ezra “Why are you talking about rimming?” Yappy “A blackberry.”
                  Ezra “Oh, R.I.M. Research in Motion. Yeah, right.. mmmhmm..” Lots of nodding and sures.
0:08  -     Yappy “They make the Mountie?” More hmhmms. Ezra “They don’t make the Mounties, they’re BORN that way
                  Poink “That’s right Nell!..” Ezra wows. Poink “This is an old computer.. Google.com can’t be
<Background Music>
            Toilet Seat computer? Poink “It works for IRC..” Yapp goes into tech specs. 802.11b? “And.. I don’t
                  have that turned on..”
            Ezra has embarrassing story “I was talking with an old friend of mine from high school last week..”
                  Yappy “That was old for sure..” “Well, he –watched- the Pawpet Show..” Poink “Oh God.” “.. and
                  he said he’d be watching this week..HAROLD! TUNE OUT! DON’T WATCH! Oh my God.. with the stuff
                  that we’re talking about already..” Ezra has sphincter anxiety.
0:09  -     Poink heys! “THAT’S RIGHT! (conviction) Canada gave us WILLIAM SHATNER!”
            Yappy ponders Ezra’s 50’th class reunion. Ezra “I have that one year before you do my Friennd!”
            Yappy went to his 10th, sucked, so he never went back. Ezra things he should go to 50th. Yappy “I won’t
                  be alive then!” “Yes you well, I can see you.. you’ll have a power walker with all these LEDs
                  all over it, you’ll be like.. ‘wait a minute, is that food good for me? Let me Google it’”
                  Poink nopes. Thinks Ezra has LEDs, “He’ll have the LOW-RIDER.” Orange Valley Walkers?
0:10  -     Yappy wants a hovercraft. With bling. Lots of bling. Ezra “Steampunk too!’ Ipod docking station.
            Wang Newton Ipod Brain Implants. Poink “He just tilts his head one time and.. ‘Partridge Familyyy..”
            Poink wows as Yappy actually uses some of his ideas “First you got a Netflix account, now you’ve got
                  Rhapsody?!” Yappy “It was free for 7 days! J” Poink loves Rhapsody.
            Yappy “I don’t know if I want to spend $13 a month though..” Poink “You can get anything you want off
                  it, and if you’re like me, you can pirate it! ^_^”
<Background Music>
(NSFW) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/267768
            Laughter. Ezra “We did not say that folks!” Poink “YES I DID!!” Yappy “We don’t condone that..”
0:11  -     Yappy has issues with Rhapsody though “I wanted to listen to *A SONG*..” Another Brick in the Wall
                  by Pink Floyd has HOW MANY COVERS? Poink “There’s a Polka version of that!” “.. I had to
                  scroll though.. SIX PAGES of covers.. to get to the Pink Floyd version!”
            Works better on computer, Floyd is up first, but iphone app isn’t that smart. “173 tracks..”
            Ezra “Hey Poink, have you been depositing in the Swear Jar? Look at that thing! Look at all those
                  pieces of green money in there!” Yappy “Yeah, there was a nice big one in the a couple weeks
                  ago.” Ezra “Where did it go?” Yappy “(small) it went away..”
            Poink whews “I was just thinking of what you said.. have I been *depositing* in the Swear Jar..”
                  Ezra “You NEED to!” Poink “Yeah, when the lights are off, I’m sure depositing in there!”
0:12  -     Korn did Brick in the Wall? Ezra “They Korn-holed it!” Pink Boys do the Floyd? Ezra and Poink both
                  do singsong “All you aaare is just aaa.. nuther brick in tha wallll..”
                  Ezra keeps going “We don’t need naaawwo.. educasphtion.. we don’t know nawwwo.. throught con-
                        trawlll..” Poink “God, you’re Nathan Laneing on us!” Ezra keeps it up.
            Yappy keeps browsing “Group called Sour Cream for the Soul..” Ezra snaps out of it “What the HECK do
                  you LISTEN TO!?” “.. the Bikini Beach band..” “.. that’s like saying Guacamole for my Colon!”
<Background Music>
0:13  -     Yappy activates the Bikini Beach band. Late night lounge music. Venture’s style instrumental.
                  Ezra “This sounds like Pink Floyd Light?” sing along anyways. “Yappy don’t touch.. that control
0:14  -     Country twang for good measure. Ezra “After all we’re just a.. nother Pawpet in the wall.” Yappy “I
                  hope you’re not in my walls..”
            Bobbing up and down to the laid by rhythms.
            Ustream has crashed. Poink “Did we lose our Apple status?” Yappy think they’re streaming something
            Poink “U2 is doing a live You-Tube thing..” Yappy “Aw yeah, we’re screwed. We’ve been superseded.”
0:15  -     Ezra “We’ve been U-2ed.”
            No Canadian car brands, looking for a Canadian Wall cover?
            Yappy “I can’t even get the cookies I need.”
                  Random talk: Reverse Oreos.
0:16  -     Vegas version of Wall ends. Yappy has 100 more.. Roger Waters did live version when real wall fell?
            UStream back up? Poink “Whatever you did, disconnected me..” Yappy heys! “You’re the one who
                  disconnected US!”
            Toilet Seat computer running like ****. Poink “If you’re little toilet seat can’t handle this it’s
                  not my back hair..” Ezra “Don’t try pulling the toilet seat into the show-it makes us go into
                  the crapper!”
0:17  -     Poppers: The Wall. Poink “This is crap.” Yappy “It is :)”
            Yappy “Ok, the Sunset Lounge Orchestra!” Poink “(droll) This will be good..”
            New wave instrumental. Ezra cheers for four hours of awful Wall covers!
            Yappy “Here’s the Karaoke version?..” Poink “(deadpan) I’m frightened.”
<Background Music/Video>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_bvT-DGcWw (Famous part starts around 2:23)
            Yappy oh oh ohs! “Richard Cheese!” Poink actually is frightened now. “Oh GOD!”
0:18  -     Ezra doesn’t like Cheese. Relaxing piano longue music starts, Casio tones, wood blocks.
                  Cheese “We don’t need noo.. thought con-troll..” Poink “He’s like the White Sammy Davis Jr!”
                  “No dark sarcasmm.. inn –that- classrooomm..” Ezra “This song is going to.. kill this show..”
                  “Heyyyyy…” Yappy ohs! “Here’s ‘Gay Pride Ringtones’?”
                  Song dies. Poink “Thank you Yurex!” Ezra gargs! “Yappy, WHAT IS ON YOUR *MIND*??”
            Industrial tech music starts, sort of like Sprockets in the jungle. Poink “Oh GAWD.. HECKno?”
            “Juujuujujuujjjjjust… BEAT IT!” Not even the same song at all!
0:19  -     Yappy oks, ok “Here’s on by the Buddah Longue Ensemble..”
                  Dripping water, someone smashing the hell out of a huge drum. Poink “I need Doritos.” Leaves.
            Yappy tries again “Ok.. here’s on by the Tiny Tot Players!” Poink blinks “The WHO?” “Sleepy Time
                  with Pink Floyd!”
            Very soft, lullaby synth tones, as kindergartners peacefully dream of a world filled with horror.
                  Yappy “.. why are my parents calling me in the middle of a show?...”
0:20  -     People loudly hello to Yappy mom and dad! Poink “They’re WATCHING this one, and they’re pissed!”
                  Ezra wants to put them on loudspeaker! Yappy says it’s not technically feasible…
            Herbie arrives in the background! Poink narrates “Herbie just came in.. and gave Yappy a URINE
                  SAMPLE it looks like..” Laughter. More dream tones. Ezra “Yappy.. are you not gonna share with
                  us?..” Yappy “What, you want a urine sample?” “If YOU’RE trying it, it must be tasty!”
            More lullaby Floyd. Poink returns and blinks “This is the KIDS VERSION!?”
            Yappy turns up the volume, revealing previously unheard instruments. Poink “I know this is gonna
                  sound meanbutIDon’tCare.. I can see a tot HANGING HIMSELF from the crib over this..”
            Yappy again tries for compromise “Here’s one call ‘The Pink Side of the Moon’..”
<Background Music>
0:21  -     Yappy tells story of Pink Rabbit at Furfright “And on his tail..was the logo from a Pink Floyd album”
                  Dark side of the Moon. Rimshot. Yappy “How appropriate was that?” Poink “I don’t know.. I’ve
                  never thought of Rabbit Rectums when I listen to Dark Side of the Moon..” Ezra “YOU THINK OF
                  RABBIT RECTUMS all the time! Shut up!”
                  Bright side to the dark side. Ezra “Sick! Harold.. PLEASE don’t watch any more of the show..?”
            Yappy cues the next one. Ezra “Don’t.. anybody I know from high school who happened to find me,
                  please DON’T watch this show..”
0:22  -     Drama offstage. Mutt is MISSING? Calls for a stand-in stage Mutt!
            Herbie “I think Mutt’s still in the house..” Yappy cues up The Big Woo.
            Ezra “Apparently Mutt stayed home to smoke a doobie.. stand-in Stage Mutt!” Herbie “Oh boy…”
                  Herbie “This is my Costume?”
0:22:32     (SCREENSHOT) Mutt appears.. WITHOUT A NOSE.
            Poink “The Funday Pawpet Show.. where dignity NEVER rears it’s ugly head.” LeperMutt opens his
                  previous invisible mouth just a hair “Great…” ducks down, then decides to roll with it “I guess
                  this is my Costume..” shakes head like a ghost “I don’t like it..I feel creepy..”
            Mutt meows. Ezra “You don’t like that one?” “NO!” Ezra searches for Standin #2.
0:23  -     Yappy cues up an angry punk band. “We don’t need Nawwwooo.. Ed-Jew-Kay-Shun..”
            Search for the Missing Mutt, and some misc batteries too. Poink “Am I hearing a WAAH?”
            Ezra “We’re getting set up folks.. entertain YOURSELVES for just a moment!”


0:24  -     Floating EYEBALL ON A STICK looks around. Herbie ponders checking his car. “I’ve got so much
                  Halloween stuff stuck in that car..” Ezra/KP “I took a bunch out, but some of it’s back here..”
            Herbie “Ok.. so this is my costume..” Yappy “Is that, like, after you’ve watched The Wall?”
<Background Music>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tTHn2tHhcI (The video is awesome too. Gotta love covers.)
            Tiny dog with brown ears peeks out. Mutt “Ok.. (mouth distorts with each word) I feel SMALL..”
0:24:30     >> Screenshot
            “This is weird.. oh hey, I like the eyeball!” starts to air guitar with finger arms.
            Searching for ANOTHER Stage Mutt. Tiny Mutt “How many Stage Mutts do we HAVE?” Ezra “Until the joke
                  is dead!”
0:25        Second Stage Mutt gets tossed over the stage. “Rejected! Weeeee!”
            Yappy “Another Brick in the Wall, by Work My Ringtones..” Poink “That worries me.”
0:25:10     SUPER FAT BULLDOG MUTT heaves himself onto the stage. “AWWWGH…”
            Techno Wall begins. FatMutt “I feel like a Manatee!” hanging lips individually move, creepy.
            FatMutt lipsyncs (literally!) to Techno Wall. Hugh the Manatee pops up “What did you say Bitch?”
            FatMutt heys! “You don’t look all that bad now!” Hugh blinks, then looks at the camera “……I’ve been
                  working out!”
            Lipsyncing, Beebling, and noisy farts punctuate the latest Wall incarnation as both rock out.
            Blitz “Oh thanks.. now there’s a lake under the stage. Hugh ACKS! “Bandit, stop eating EARL! He’s
                  eating the EYEBALL!”
            Chorus of people ewwing and telling Bandit not to eat the eyeball. FatMutt “It’s all creepy now!”
                  Yappy “It’s a ball!” Ezra “This is something brand-new, that Poink actually developed for
                  the show!” Earl looks about, unable to do much else. Hugh “Now he’s going after the stick!”
0:26  -     Yappy keeps browsing, oblivious “PEARL JAM did Another Brick in the Wall?” Earl is pulled under the
                  stage, ARGHING. Hugh “Lawrence Welch did Another Brick in the Wall!” Ezra “Mel Tormay did
                  Another Brick in the Wall!” Hugh “Yah he did, actually.” “..did he really?” FatMutt tries
                  making regurgitating sounds. “It feels like I got a.. broken face.. grrragh.”
            Ezra “It’s not broken.. it’s just much more flexible.” FatMutt tries eating one of the giant spiders.
            Yappy cues up a Wall mashup. It’s actually pretty good. Ezra “Maybe we’ll just let you be Scream
                  Guy?” Herbie agrees. Hugh “I think the jokes’ dead.”
0:27  -     Stagehand replaces some props. Yappy “What is the Most Covered Song in the world?”
            Ezra “One of them was Yesterday by the Beatles.”
Checking the Web. http://www.coversproject.com/
            Blitz goes back to Polar Bear mode.
0:28  -     Poink has the list! “Ok, here it is.. The Most Covered Song.. Eleanor Rigby with 142 covers..”
            Yappy damns! Depressing song. Yesterday is #2, with 137. “So it’s all Beatles?” “Nope, Julie London
                  is #3 with Cry Me A River!” “Cry Me A River got remade?” “127 times!”
            I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Rolling Stones, 104. Ezra “Now we know why, people keep covering their
            Summertime by Abby Mitchel #5. Yappy “Is Mac the Knife on that list?” “Nnnn..oo.”
            Country Western upbeat version of The Wall. Stagehand taunts Blitz with a spider, yummy. He gahs
                  and starts stomping on it after it drops. Ezra aws “Put him back up there!” “Nawo.. he’s dead,
                  I just stepped on him!” “Put him back up there!” “Why?..”
0:29  -     Polar bear arghs, and tries heaving it back up there. Mac the Knife isn’t covered often? Ezra “Cause
                  we all know.. the Polar Bear absolutely LOVES spiders! Don’t you love spiders?” Polar bear
                  shakes head “No.. I hatem!” Ezra Polarbear cub looks down “Yes!” “No!” “Yes!” “No!”
            YesNoYesNoYesNoYesNAWO! Poink “The lowest covered song.. is the Ramones.”
            Cub peeks up “Yeah!” Polarbear shakes head “Nope.” then they trade roles. “Yes” “No!” “Yes” “No!”
0:30  -     Yappy “There’s a HIP HOP VERSION!” People gawd. “’The Happiest Days of Our Lives:Another Brick in
                  the Wall!”
            Helicopters start flying overhead. Yappy “So it’s gonna be machine gun fire rather than helicopters!”
                  Incoming missile.. then.. *BOOM* guitar starts. Sounds like Eye of the Tiger?
                  Herbie “It’s the Rye or the Kaiser.”
0:31  -     Scream Guy appears, while Ezra and Polar headwave to the music he starts eating the dead spider.
            Guy “(Elvis) Tastes like chicken maaannn!”
                  After big windup, lyrics finally start. “NOW it’s Hip Hop..”
0:32  -     Yappy “Ok.. let’s go back to Twangem up High..” Scream “Yappy.. leave this.. song.. alone..”
            Yappy finds something that even gives HIM pause. “Well.. this should be appropriate for Today’s show”
            Upbeat Folk Music starts, people start to dance.
0:33  -     Country cover of “Zombie” by the Cranberries? Horror and humor combined.
            Lots of people saying “You’re Beatifulllll..” over and over again, from that one song?
0:34  -     Yappy cues up another country song. Scream Guy notes someone was talking about Weird Al in channel.
                  “It was his Birthday this last week, don’t you know! Happy birthday Weird Al! If you’re
                  watching, call in.. plleeeasse!..”
            How old is Weird Al? Ezra “Let’s take a poll..”
            50? 55? Poink looks it up “He’s 50.” Scream “He still acts like he’s 15!” “He’s got the money to..”
            Yappy “Ok.. Twanged up.. Jimmy Hendrix..” JR’s birthday a few weeks ago, people HEY!
                  Blitz “We forgot to get JR a cake!” “I don’t care..”
0:35  -     Hendrix, Country version. Scream “Let’s order a cake!” JR “Make it out of Doritos..” “Let’s call
                  Pizza Hut and tell them to put a candle on that bitch!” Laughter. JR hmms.. “that might
                  actually improve the taste!”
            Brainstorming alternative Cakes. This could get messy fast.
            Death asks if there’s anything creamy in the house? Yappy “Let me go whip some up for you..”
                  “Oh REALLY? Make sure it’s FRESH!” JR “This is why I don’t bring these things up..”
0:36  -     Checking the ice cream and whip cream supplies, severely depleted recently? People wonder why..
            Bandit looks all confused? Yappy’s getting out some WhipIts?
            Country version of Foxy Lady. JR “The drunk at 2am version..”
            Yappy “I don’t know if I want to subscribe to this or not..” Rhapsody. “It’s not like Pandora where
                  it takes you on a trip.. with this one you need to know exactly what you want to hear.”
0:37  -     Yappy DJed earlier. “I made a mistake last night.. I thought I was gonna keep everything in my DJ
                  set only a year old.. and I thought ‘well, it’s Halloween, I can play some White Zombie..’?
                  Man, that dance floor cleared in a heartbeat!”
            Ezra “White Zombie? What were you thinking!?” “Well, the only one dancing out there was Ozzy..”
            Scream “Congratulations to MACH once again for doing an AMAZING Furloween!”
            Mad Scientist guy on the screen in Black and White. “Dr SPOOKY.. that’s ME!” JR “What the hell is
0:38  -     Vampira walks in. Not to be confused with Elvira. She doesn’t look happy. Dr. High Energy claps his

                  hands and a chorus of mutant children YAY! Then music begins to play..
VIDEO - WHITE ZOMBIE – I’m You’re Boogie Man!

            Googly-eyed drummers bang as fun begins. Poink “Oh GAWD..”
            Video officially just got cool. When it goes color and modern, with the undead covering KC and the
                  Sunshine band. “(breathless) I’m your Booogiie Mahhhhnnnnnn… that’s what I ammmmm…”

White Zombie.. or Rob Zombie? Ezra “Ok, now we know why Rob Zombie needs to be killed.”

0:39  -     Was Rob Zombie IN White Zombie? Scream “All zombies look alike..”
            Comparing Zombies. Ezra “Can’t we all get along?” Scream “Do we have to add racism into the zombie
<Background Music/Video>
            White Zombie, Rob Zombie, the Zombies. Dead people love metal. Scream OHS, wonders if zombies that
                  aren’t White Zombies are all Black then?
            Yappy puts on The Zombies to make peace. They sound.. laid back?
0:40  -     People think about zombies while ordering meat sandwiches. Scream Guy nees more meat on his bones.
            Scream saw some images of Herbie dancing and winces. “Oh man.. I do not look good in skin-tight
                  spandex when I’m in my fat phase..” Ezra “What is that time of the month?” Scream “It sure was!
                  “Were you a little bloated?” “I was a LOTTA bloated!”
                  “Do we need to get you some Pamprin?” “I was a Fat Zombie..”
            Pampers vs Pamprin. Ezra to Poink “I don’t wanna know what’s on YOUR mind!”
0:41  -     Herbie had too much of the awesome Furloween food, was ‘zorkin’ out. Lotsa chicken.
            Poink “Wait.. did you just say there was Meat Everywhere? You want to the Parliament House again
                  didn’t you?” We need the funk. “Wrong kinda meat..”
            Yappy “Why couldn’t I pronounce 90% of the people’s names there?” Not the only one. Ezra “I was
                  sitting there and like.. ok.. Your Name Is Bob.”
            One guy is actually named Bob. “I can’t remember his name, ever.”
            Polar Bear “There was someone there that put.. (slides) MmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrUFF!” “That was Ruffie!”
            Too many Anime names without vowels. “Stichskglugh!” “Where did that name come from?” “I don’t know,
                  I just made it up!” Inspiration by making random sounds.
0:42  -     The Scream-Scatman method to random sound name generation. SkadiBydoBahYeahRangRaingDiBeDodo.
            Poink has a test for Scream guy “Well I KNOW you’re a big fan of a certain Rock Group..?”
            Pause. Yappy “Didn’t want of them die just recently?” Poink “No.. but one of them down with Boob
                  Cancer..” Scream “That’s right, KISS!” Yappy looks for a file. Scream “I need to do more
                  pushups.. I don’t wanna get Boobie Cancer..”
0:43  -     Poink’s challenge: “I want to see if you know who this is.. he just put out a new album..”
            Starship alien sounds. Poink “And I’ll warn you up front.. this is CRAP :)”
<Background – The Actual Song>
            Electric Guitar “You said you wanted my love.. *riff* To be your body again..” Polar “Huh?”
            “.. but when I came from Above.. *riff* I looked around but..” she’s not there. Poink “Most of this
                  song is about outer space!”
            People start to sway. Poink wows “Even the Channel got it wrong..”
            “It’s like I told ya, I came from outer space!” Ezra and Polar both go from sways to headshaked
                  in unison. Gong.
            Poink “Getting anywhere with that Scream guy?” Scream “That’s Rat!” “No.. that’s ACE.”
            Peter Chris had the breast cancer.

0:44  -     Poink “Well here’s the proof of who that was..
            MUSIC VIDEO to the song, some kids and a mid-aged guy all waiting for the next Ace Frehly CD.
            Ace drives up through the fog in a motorcycle.. and he’s ugly. Ezra “Put the makeup back ON!”
0:45  -     Ace can’t use the KISS makeup, legal reasons. Band moves Ace performance so it doesn’t block theirs.
            Recent show up in Tampa. Scream “They rocked! They’re KISS.. but they’re not KISS.. but the –are- KISS..”
                  Ezra “They can KISS my ass..” “Well they’re missin half the band..” asks JR to name the two new guys
0:46  -     JR does, guy from Black and Blue, and Eric Carr. Scream drops his jaw “.. I know Eric Carr! Oh wait, he’s
                  dead, must be the other one then..”
            Ezra thinks KISS needs to redefine their name. “It’s not Knights In Satan’s Service anymore..” JR “It never
                  was!” “.. now it’s Knights In Social Security! They’re over the hill..” Yappy “Dinner break!”
            JR “Now what killed about the whole..” Yappy “-Dinner Break-?”
            Dinner Break. “Food!”
VIDEO:      Dog playing video games, Vixen sleeping. Narrator “Hey guys. Guys? GUYS!” They jump.
            “Don’t you know what day it is?” Puppets shrug. “It’s.. *HALLOWEEN*” Banner graphics.
0:47  -     Mysterious Voice teaches the Puppets about Halloween.
            Candy, Chocolate, Teeth Rotting Goodness.. nobody’s too old to Trick or Treat!
0:48  -     Selecting a Costume. Making a Ghost costume.
            Vixen has a colorful floral sheet, with two holes for her ears. Voice “Well.. the holes are supposed to
                  be for the eyes, and a white sheet WOULD be more appropriate.. unless you’re ghosting in a hippie
                  community?” Vixen mumbleswears. Dog tries wearing a big Smiley Face. Another dog shows up looking
                  just like the first one, freaking him out.
            Different takes at costumes. Vixen with IRS briefcase wins.
0:49  -     Planning a route. Maps, GPS, escape routes? Walk 50 miles to help burn off the candy.
            Loot containers. Don’t use one bigger than you are.
0:50  -     Security? Take parents with you. Dog goes and gets their ashes. Narrator suggests Tasers and rubber bands
                  might work too.
            Dry run.
0:51  -     Some people might pick The Trick. No treat? Use toilet paper! “Sugar in the gas tank is always a good
                  chuckle. But what’s always a good knee-slapper.. is a brink in the window.” *CRASH*
            Dog gets mousetrap in the face. Looks unhappy.
0:52  -     Some treats are different than others. Don’t accept healthy treats! Give them a trick.
            Dog and vixen fly about the room, defying gravity. Narrator “You should eat all of your treats, as soon
                  as you get home! They might go bad. And..” Matrix time-lapse high speed reveling “You might
                  experience a sensation knows as.. Sugar Rush.”
            “Now wasn’t that fun?” Dog and vixen both have hot water bottles, look sick. “Of course, there might be
                  a hangover after 20 pounds of chocolate..10 pounds of sugar.. and one bottle of vodka.”
            Closeup on Nov. 1 date. “Oh look! Only 364 days until Halloween! Keep COUNTING!...”
            Story and Video by Atkelar. Music by Brian Marshall.
0:53  -     Pawpet Logo. KISS discussion still on hold on account of food.
            VIDEO – Yellow fox fursuiter reading a comic. Hears MASSIVE FART? Looks up in dismay. Looks around, is
                  it him? Shrugs. Reads.
            ANOTHER MASSIVE FART. Fursuit farting may have lingering consequences. He’s really curious now, looking
0:54  -     Still nothing. Headscratch. Looks under the blankets. FART. Looks up quickly. Is it the plushie?
            Confusions. Then.. *LONG EXTENDED LIQUID GASEOUS ERUPTION!* He falls on his side, working out a bit
                  more gas with a foot flex.
0:55  -     VIDEO – DRUNKEST GUY EVER tries buy beer at a minimart, tottering about like a weeble. He can’t even STAND
                  and CARRY A CASE OF BEER! for SEVERAL MINUTES!! Benny Hill Yackety Sax music plays.
0:56  -     Store manager starts restocking things, then notices the guy, blinking in disbelief. Drunk guy tries to
                  wave, but ends up smacking himself. Oh boy.
            Grandpa and some employees start exchanging words with him.
            Heaving about, crashing into shelves, knocking things over. Store people tell him to sit still, but
                  he keeps trying to stand up and get out of the store anyway.
0:57  -     Guy finally collapses, story guy tells him to sit tight, help is on the way. Then he goes for the phone,
                  but the drunk guy totters out the door. The End.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCLIx8TBi5M&p=FE3F435240AAAF57&playnext=1&index=1 <Background if you want>
            Flash mob fun as music starts to play over the loudspeaker, one guy starts singing, holding up a pineapple
            “This fruit.. is lonely! The other fruits so far away..” people gawk at him.
            Girl joints in, holding an apple. “Let’s squish our fruits together! Let’s make a meal of love!!!”
0:59  -     Girl “Looks at these fruits! All in their separate bins! We’ve gotta squish them together!”
                  Business Guy “(million dollar smile) Whyyy?” “We can’t leave all this fruit alone!?”
            Pregnant lady “You wanna squish fruit together??” “That sounds crazy!” “But delicious!” more singing.
1:00  -     Everyone’s watching now as the four put on a show.

            Obama guy being wheeled in in a shopping cart. “You know.. the Man says we can’t eat our fruit together..
                  I say, YES WE CAN!” “YES WE CAN!!!” Directs onlookers to join in, everyone pick up a fruit.
                  “Are you with us?” Nobody says anything. “ARE YOU WITH US?” Four people “YEAH!!”
            “Look at what’s in your cart, and look at WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART!”
1:01  -     People clap! Yay! Singers disperse, Obama tries to get out of the cart.
            Guy in green shirt. “What just HAPPENED!? They just.. totally turned it into a music. Life.. they turned
                  life into a musical…” far off look
            Created by Improv Everywhere www.improveverywhere.com
            Song by Scott Brown & Anthony King www.gutenbergthemusical.com
            Thanks to TRIDENT LAYERS for making this possible! www.tridentgum.com
1:02  -     PAWPET REWIND! Earlier clips of show. Yappy voiceover “Let’s go back.. and do it like old silent movies,
                  like THIS..”
<Background music and/or video!>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iygcea6kQX8 (Clip shown starts at 3:50 on the video)
            1920’s music plays while show is suddenly zapped into black and white, with authentic grainy film effects,
                  line down the middle of the screen! Poink’s saying something, but nobody can listen.
            Ezra’s saying something to Mutt, but we can’t hear that either. Mutt starts eating the monitor in
                  frustration, then Ezra steals it and does the same. They start playing hockey with it.
1:03  -     Then they begin to dance! Mutt starts to pee? Ezra shakes his head.
            They BOTH start to pee? Gratuitous paw shots.
            Stagehand gives Ezra the middle finger, who then eats it.
            MORTAL KOMBAT!! Duel to the death as relaxing music plays on.
            Ezra peeks up and drags the monitor off, while MiniKage pops up, with a Christ the Redeemer statue pose?
                  Mutt bites off his head, then starts swinging the body around like a baseball bat. Take that Rio.
            Mutt drops it off the side. Ah, gratifying. Ezra pretends to be a whale?
1:04  -     Mutt headbutts Ezra so hard he goes flying and the monitor goes sliding!
            GIANT WORDS: *TAKE THAT!* cheerful violins.
            Zebra just watches as the sheepdogs go at it.
            Ezra’s glasses go flying.. CLONE WARS!!! Ezra performs amateur chiropractics on Mutt.
            *AND THAT!*
            Ezra (?) starts dancing, Ezra/Mutt #2 winds up a Street Fighter move where his feet move in a blur and
                  performs a 237 hit combo on his twin’s head. Then he says something
            *YOUR MOMMA!*
            Mutt #2 uses his tail as a giant middle finger, then attacks his other self with it. GAH!
            One of the sheepdogs starts dancing as a giant animated beet look at him, then leaves.
1:05  -     *YOU FIGHT LIKE A FURRY!*
            Ezmutt nods, then shakes his head. Who knows. Music becomes slightly more manic.
            Muzra practices his Ninja Turtle backslide breakdancing.
            Mutzira gets a visit from Scream Guy, who looks ready to eat him. Run Whatsyourname! He does.
            *DON’T WORRY*
            Scream Guy looks at his own middle finger curiously
            *I’M WEARING A CONDOM!*
            Scream Guy gives you a thumb’s up! Then points down, at what, we’ll never know.
            Vampire gerbil shows up, but Scream Guy eats it messily. Then *IT* starts getting the upper hand.
1:06  -     *IT’s THAT BIG.*
            Scream pinches two fingers together, as if trying to demonstrate something. He looks pained?
            Bulldog tries some more lipsynching as Death looks on.
            Scream Guy starts eating the Bulld.. no.. he’s not –eating- it.. lots of thrusting.. o_O    O_O
                  Scream Guy falls off the bulldog’s back
            *TOO SMALL.*
            Bulldog nods, looking.. smug? Stagehand mimics the size of a pea, then pinches to nothing. Dog dances.
            *TAKE ME LIKE A SMALL CHILD*               (sure he’s not getting paid?)
1:07  -     Two Headless Naked Barbies (HNB) perform nude kabuki theater as a ferret watches. The End.
VIDEO - SWEAR JAR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifjMgEWDoWQ
            Secretary has a Swear Jar when guy asks what it is. “Whenever you swear, you should put a quarter in it.”
                  “Who gets the money?” “(ponders) I don’t know. We’ll get it to buy something for the office..
                  like a.. case of Bud Light or something” “F*BEEP*ing awesome..” puts in a quarter.
            Clips throughout the day, as everyone swears at every opportunity to charge up the jar as fast as possible.
            Lady “Can I borrow your pen?” Guy ignores her. She sighs. “Can I borrow your F*BEEP*ing pen?” Guy nods and
                  gives it to her.
            Motivational speaker doesn’t mince words. At all.
1:08  -     Copyer breaks. Woman “Poop.” guy leans in “Doesn’t count!” “(irate) Shut the *BLANK* up!!”
            Who says the system is broken? Fix it to work for you.
            End of the day, EVERYONE has a beer. Woo! www.bud.tv
VIDEO – DEAD MEET - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lI6R45HFsI
            Oh great, ZOMBIES! A zombie walks past a door, moments before a guy goes through hit, and
                  bars it to the horde behind him.
            They’re breaking in.. then a fat guy runs down the street, and the zombies redirect to him.
            Kid whews.. then jumps as a sound comes from the hall nearby.. where a zombie is eating the
                  brain of a dead guy. Uh oh. “EWW!” Zombie girl looks up, and ohs! “Hey!”
1:09  -     Kid books it! Zombie Girl “(perfectly human voice) Hey, wait up?”
            Guy gets ready with a baseball bat, zombie girl comes in, sniffing. They look at each other, then
                  *WHAM*! bat connects. Girl reconnects her jaw, then looks at him “Dude, what’s your DAMAGE?”
            Guy runs. Girl looks after him “Seriously?”
            Guy starts running for the stairs, then totters. She offers him a hand “Grab on!” he hesitates, then
                  takes it.. and the hand pulls OFF. Moment of shock, then.. AGHHHhhh… down the stairs he goes.
            She sighs at him, dead with a broken neck, then hmms, and shrugs.
1:10  -     Another girl ducks in the door.. and turns to see her eating the guy’s brain.
                  Zombie girl looks up, face covered with brain gore. “Nice shoes..?”
            Credits. Made possible by a ton of people. 8-bit music.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo6dkHgT6TI <Background if you want>
            Rubs baby lotion on his hand, then his face. He blows.. a HUGE FREAKING BUBBLE! Then ANOTHER!
1:11  -     Shoots many out while groaning like a zombie. Ew!
            Kinda cool.. and kinda lewd at the same time..
            Zombie bubbles are big. Opera bubbles are small.
            Guy screams repeatedly in your face. “Amazing!” Closeup “AMAZING!” IN YOUR FACE “ *AMAZING*!!”
--- (Keep running the music)
1:12  -     VIDEO: News about guy who was got caught with 1000 child porn images on his computer.
            Twist: His cat did it. “Huh?” Cat likes to play with his keyboard.
            Grim mugshot of a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley “Try to guess if it was THIS GUY,
                  or his cat!”
1:13  -     Cat has the power of an Infinite Number of Monkeys. Girl “You don’t just click, you have to DOWNLOAD
                  it..” highly improbably.
            Guy thinks having the highly improbable happen 1000 times is improbably.
            “Seriously?” Yappy “It might have been a zip file!” Laughter.
                  People wonder why Yappy’s defending the guy? “I know what Bandit is capable of!”
            Herbie oohs.. “There’s all that ANIMAL art on your computer.. Bandit has a FurAffinity account I take it?”
1:14  -     VIDEO – FURCON, PEE WEE FURMAN! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyqDv9uyb2w <Background?>
            Guy in a Pee Wee Herman suit, red tie, and GIANT WOLF HEAD goes about as manic music plays.
            “HEY KIDS!! You wanna go to a FURCON??”
            Runs into Jason hockey mask lookalike with fox ears who points to him in the hallway, as if to say..
                  YOOOUU.. “This suit is even more threatening than MINE!”
            Accelerated walk-hopping.
            “Someone said the Secret Word of the Day, Kids!” Multiple people go “AAAARHHHHH!” Pain and pleasure both.
1:15  -     Is anyone touching Pee Wee’s bike? Not going there.
            Looking for fursuiters to wiggle fingers at.
            Voice works well in the suit! Giant eye in your face “Hahah! Whoho! haha!”
            Credits: FurFright 09 Starring: Coopertom. Edited by Rudo Fennec, video by Cray Wolf
            Yappy “Actually, he’s talking about coming here, November, December!”
            Ezra “What did you PROMISE him??” People throw out ideas.
            Poink mentions Awesome Sandwiches are ready, cut to another video.
1:16  -     VIDEO – Furry Anime? DRAW WITH ME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvjZ6VkLuCM
            Pretty colors everywhere as a furry touches a reflective glowing surface. Ambient music.
<Background Music>
            Cast MST3Ks it since there’s no dialog. Wolf guy –Poink: “It has a tail”- turns to see cat girl,
                  who has no nose –“It has no features..”- she waves.   Herbie “It’s anime..   Run!”
            Guy runs up, and says something to her, but she can’t hear it? He yells, and she blushes, shrugs.
                  Poink “It’s the Anime version of Take on Me.” People starting singing it.
            Guy hmms.. then finds some charcoal sticks. Maybe we can talk this way?
            Writes “Can..you..write?” then tosses her one of the sticks. People go on an A-ha craze.
                  Japanese background vocal starts.
1:17  -     She’s on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL! “Of course, Duh.” “How about Drawing? J” Poink “It’s anime! They’re
                  singling in Japanese, and writing in English!”
            “Yes!” she draws sexy cat pose of herself.
            Guy hmms, and draws a picture of her Flat-CHested? “You don’t even look like that.. <- Flat”
            She ARGHS! They start drawing in earnest now.
            Lots of drawings. She seems happy. He seems.. depressed? He wants to touch her, puts a hand against
                  the glass. Herbie “Oh by the way.. why are we here?..”
            She touches the glass too. Luv!
            He sighs, and draws “It feels cold.” Ezra “This is the story of the Boy in the Plastic Bubble.”
                  Poink looks at the floating lights “That would be all the snow..”
            Music swell “I want to be with you.” She smiles, and writs “You are with me.”
            “Only there’s a glass between us..” he starts punching the glass.. and it starts to crack! She
                  looks alarms, and shakes her head.. no?
1:18  -     Yes.. his fist smashes THROUGH the wall! Herbie “Ah! My hand is sliced open!” Poink “You’ll let out
                  all the water!” some weird implosion happens.
            Yappy “Oh no, he broke the TV screen!” The screen recombines.. and his hand is a mess. Herbie “Ah my
                  hand is gone.. I can’t draw anymore. And the glass is back..”
            Girl writes “Are you ok?” he nods, paw in a sling. “Wanna draw?”
            Wolf guy sighs, and uses his left hand “(squiggly) I can’t anymore…”
            Sadness. Fade out.
            Herbie “Don’t smash through glass walls!” Ezra “Drama.” Yappy “What was the point of that?” Poink “To
                  make you cut yourself.”
            Fade back in.. not over yet. She’s wearing a robe, and there’s a box on his side? Writing “For you.”
            Guy opens it, then starts. Writing “Draw with me.” she must have thrown it over the wall.
            Inside the box.. is her own hand.
            The End.
            Credits: “Draw with me” by Mike Inel. Dedicated to Doski. Music: “Cherish” by Ai Otsuka.
1:19  -     Ezra “Aw.. she gave him her own hand!” Yappy “WHAT!?” “How sweet!” Poink “That was just CREEPY!..”
                  Ezra “She helped him out, she gave him a hand!” Herbie “Someone really needs to explain that
                  one to me.” Ezra “It’s Japanese!”
            VIDEO – WASSUP JETS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LccqkFly0ok
(Ok, it’s not –quite- the same video, close as I could find though)
            Pilots WASSUP to each other, as in the famous Budwiser commercials.
1:20  -     Nothing better than a squadron of inebriated F-14 pilots flying over your house.
            Things start blowing up. WAAASUPPP??
1:21  -     Ok, maybe the earlier video IS the same video, just starts later in the clip.
            Things blow up, people dance, faces implode, people play golf off an aircraft carrier and try on
                  goofy goggles. Guy upends a drive over a pilot in gear. Herbie wonders how many thousands of
                  dollars of equipment damage that caused. Yappy “Your taxpayer dollars at work.”
1:22  -     Guy uses Playstation controller to perform mid-air refueling. “Yo TONAY!!...”
            16 jets fly over an aircraft carrier, saying WAZZAAAAP? While Superfreak/Can’tTouchThis plays in backgr.
            Drunk people having fun in airplanes. Start running. Mutt “This is actually funnier without the Bud
                  Light background.”
            Keeps going and going and goi Yappy “I’m gonna kill it.” Eject!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdhZzfpkS_8 (Keep a lookout for the Renamon)
1:23  -     Ezra “Are we done with the videos?” Nope “There’s like, 8000 more..”
            VIDEO WITH LOTS OF COLORED PAINTS (Gets Gonged quickly) Mutt “I wanna talk about All of Them!”
            “We weren’t on mic..” “We are now?”
            Grocery store is a hit. Ezra likes silent movie of them.
            Drunk guy too. Poink “That was from Chilli and Tabby.” Herbie “I’m thinking he’s on a lot of things,
                  other than just.. booze..” “Crystal Meth?” “Yeah, I’m thinkin that..”
            Falsetto voices OOOoohm as crayon flowers grow and vanish. “..cause when you’re that drunk, you don’t
                  have much coordination. I know.. from last night..”
1:24  -     Child’s fingerpaints appear, then rewind. Poink “Is anybody else not getting off here?” Gong.
            GONG. “Nice try.” Poink “See? Democracy is still alive. What else do we have?”
                  Yappy “(devious?) Controversy.” People hmm? Poink “We always have that..”
            VIDEO – G4TV.COM! People instant Oh Boy. Herbie “I gotta go home..”
            ATTACK OF THE SHOW! Poink “Oh God..”
            ATTACK OF THE SHOW PRESENTS : THE FURRY FETISH! Ezra “Actually I’ve seen this one..”
            Panda in pink hat and Toga Pirate pop up, Panta fires EYE BEAMS that make Pirate explode, releasing
                  a Spy in Purple who hits the screen with the words “BOW DOWN TO LORD ZYLOK!!!!”
            (Journalistic Excellence) *WTF!* “What the *BEEP*?” (Indeed)
            Quick clips of many fursuiters, including a tiger in panties. “If it’s nice and fluffy, we’re wearing it!
            Parade of fursuiters, cast recognizes one!
1:25        Several suiters pose seductively “They’re called Furries, or Furs for short. A huge community that dress up
                  as stuffed animals.”
            Furry Rock band, swinging at the park. Bowling!
            More high speed slips. “But it’s important to note that contrary to popular misconceptions, most Furries
                  don’t have a sexual fetish for Fur. In fact.. the majority of Furries.. are not sexual at all!”
            TOO True. Mutt “THANK YOU!!” Childhood innocence regained?
            Those few who DO have sex, have the Transformation fetish. Ezra “What?” Mutt “Huh?”
            “A perophilia, or sexual fetish.” Picture of naked human girl with censor bars. Who knows why.
                  “For people who are repressed about sex.. or insecure about their appearance..” Mutt “wwwwwwWHAT?”
            Quick skip to fursuiters playing Twister and enjoying it. Poink “They had to read HARD didn’t they?”
            Definition of Yiffing: Light Groping or Fondling. 
1:26  -     Overcoming barriers of shyness. (Maybe I should get a suit?)
            “..and connects them to their animalistic side.” Orange wolf “..GRRRARRRWR!”
            A few internet links, including fursuit makers.
            Conventions! Anthrocon, FurFright, and Furry Fiesta!
            “And how much do these furry friends cost to own, you ask?” Yappy “Well, that one there was $7000!”
            Show isn’t telling you not to zip up in a warm mascot “We’re just saying.. W-T-*BEEP*!”
1:27  -     Attack of the Show logo. Poink “O… K…”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZIZ9srmy88 (Controversy is FUN!)
            Discussion time. Herbie “Finally!” Ezra “It was pretty.. even-keel..” “That was one of the first
                  -honest- explanations that I’ve seen yet.”
            Brief video, canceled as already seen. Herbie “They didn’t mention that most of the furs who end up on
                  TV.. displaying their fetishes?.. get SHUNNED out of the fandom! Like what’s her face.. Tyra Banks?”
                  Yappy “She was at the con last night..” Poink “Who was?” “Tyra Banks” “.. I don’t know who that is.”
1:28  -     Yappy “I know she came up and was talking about my raccoon.” Mutt & Ezra “O RLY?”
<Background Music/Video>
            Music is “Luv (sic) Pt. 2” by Nujabes featuring Shing02. (not on iTunes, ARGH) R&B made from a track by
                  Kenny G, laid back. (Ok, I’ll try to ferret out a download, and put it in the Timeline Credits)
            Super Matrix slow motion as Japanese people run toward you goofily! Poink “I’ll bet she WAS talking
                  about your Raccoon..”
            Guy has his tongue hanging out. Herbie makes retarded noises. “Luukit Meeee!”
            Laid back R&D Back in the background
1:29  -     Fat guy starts thundering toward the camera, breathless.
            Girl with Ghost Pet walking stick runs toward you, goofy cross-eyed! Herbie “We so Crazy!” Ezra “Kiss that!
            Super Nerd dances toward you with Karate Headband thing. Poink “I like Pokémon, I like Pokémon..”
            Teenager dances while scores of little kids start at him in the background.
1:30  -     Song lyrics are somewhat spiritual, not the usually swearing you get from Rap. Talks of transcendence,
                  while the very human, running people almost seem like they’re flying.. it works somehow.
                  Ezra “What is wrong with the Japanese people?”
            Guy goes to scare some pigeons, who fly away slowly as guy charges you “Parteee!” Guy has a FISH in his
                  hand, attacks the camera with it!
1:31  -     Little boy gets into it, grinning like a million bucks. Cute! This is fun!
            Old guy does dance steps, while his wrists are held together by some sort of yellow thread weaving?
                  Ezra “He’s doing Tai Chi and Macramé at the same time!”
            SUPER FAT SUMO GUY ATTACKS! Every individual patch of skin BOUNCES and CONTORTS as he runs O_O
                  Laughter! Hoots! Poink “There’s a pizza calling that guy!” “He’s a Lava Lamp!”
1:32  -     Lady in swimming gear and goggles breaks the mold, just waving into the sky as the music talks about..
                  music. The joy of being alive, even if the world is mixed up.
            Orange with face. “Hey! Hey Apple! Hey!” Apple looks at him warily. “What, what, what is it?”
                  “I think we’ve shown this before..” “It’s Thumb Wars!”
            Orange grins. “ORANGE you glad I didn’t say Apple again? J”
1:33  -     Apple “That joke was funny the first 400 times you said it..”
            Orange sticks out his tongue. Can you do this? Apple arghs.
                  Poink “Why do I think the Orange is Yappy and the Apple’s Herbie?!” Everyone laughs, H and Y included
            “Hey Apple!” “WHAT??” “Knife!”
            Giant Kitchen Knife comes in, and SLICES Apple into quarters! “aaaaaaawwwwwgh!!” Orange looks horrified
                  “Well, I warned you..”
1:34  -     No more Apple to annoy. Orange hmms, then looks sideways. At Pear. “Hey PEAR!” “Oh God..”
            The End!
            Hurray for Viral Videos! Mutt still votes for the Shopping Center. Ezra for the Black and White film.
            Max comes in, breathing deeply. Mom looks over her shoulder “Max? What do you want for dinner?”
                  “(DEEP, BREATHLESS) JUSTICE..” clotheslines his mother and starts choking her out!
                  Strangling sounds. Then Max pops up again “(BREATHLESS) And a side order.. of Spagetti!”
            Max grabs his black lab dog by the ears and yells at it “WHERE IS HE!!?? WHERE IS HE!?!?!” dog just
                  sorta looks at him in confusion, the cries sounding very much like another dog barking.
            “WHERE IS HEEEEEY!!!?” Poink “This is Christian Bale’s kid?”
            Max starts eating Spaghetti. One spoon at a time. Like a robot. While elevator music plays.
                  He’s still doing it. Poink “No.. this is crap.”
            Mom recovers, looking disheveled, reads a cereal box “Mmm.. Zero Carbohydrates.. I like that.”
            The End. People Gong it “WAAAH.”
            Ezra “How many more videos do we have?” Poink “An Ass-load!” Yappy hehs “We’ve been off for two weeks”
1:36  -     Army of people equipped with Invisible Dogs.
            Guy watches from second story window as many down the street have the dogs.
                  Yappy “All this is going to make someone do is think there’s a new fad back!”
            Invisible dog tries to go after real dog.
1:37  -     One guy has five invisible dogs, dragged along by them!
            Another gets a baggy for an Invisible Dog Mess.
            Sign: Invisible Pets are Welcome Here! Invisible dogs sniff bowls.
1:38  -     Girl freaks out at first two dogs.. then sees a LOT of people doing it.
            Poink looks over Yappy’s shoulder, making sure they don’t played a ‘Burned’ video, R-rated and such.
                  Poink “I’m your Wingman tonight!” Herbie whines “They didn’t do any dog humping!”
                  Ezra “How do you KNOW? Did you see them?” “Oh, good point..”
            Poink ponders taking an invisible dog and beating cars with it “Just to see what people will do!”
            (Very little info is given, can’t track the video down. Not even sure it’s a furry con.)
Guy in tie and tophat makes a little motion for every single note in the song.
1:42  -     Too many little touches to count.
            Yappy pulls the video, ehs “Good one.” People hey! Herbie “Dude, what are you doing, that’s Awesome!”
                  back to the video.
            Background talk. Ezra says he’s a fursuiter, won an award for it, just didn’t wear the suit that day.
(Dang. Only one of the 16 videos of Anthrocon’s 2009 dance contest was flagged for Copyright and taken down.. I bet I
      know which one it was.)
1:43  -     “V” takes a bow. Ezra “V is one of the best dancers in the fandom.”
(Ok, I couldn’t find the Fireflies video, and I’m running out of time, so here’s V’s aka VegaGauy15’s Youtube channel)
http://www.youtube.com/user/VegaGuy15 (Google search for “V” = Snickers Bar commercial)
Herbie talks about con “I don’t know how they get such great acts.. there wasn’t any Poo..”CREEPYICECREAMMAN!!*”
      VIDEO : CREEPY ICE CREAM MAN. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80717432/
1:44  -     “(rinkydink) Creepy Ice Cream Man! He’s hatching his next plan!”
            “Charlie can’t you see? He makes ice cream from your pee..” Guy in prisoner strips giving out ice cream
                  as someone voiceovers the Chachachacha chaaaa.. generic horror movie sound effect.
            Kids just look at the camera and sorta grin. Ezra “Ok, this one I would Gong.” Yappy gongs it.
(Seems The Creepy Ice Cream Man man is having lawsuit problems, guy ‘playing’ the ice cream man didn’t know about it?)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oyx--y1Neo&feature=fvsr Creepy Ice Cream man is Creepy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qs1yTnI8U&feature=channel Creepy Ice Cream man is Rich
            Poink talks about Meth. Ezra “If you’re submitting things like that, please STOP.”
VIDEO: ELI ROTH’S FIVE FAVORITE FILMS. The Horror Director was first a Horror Fanboy.
1:45  -     Five favorite films Mainstream Audiences Haven’t seen.
            #5. Audition. 2001. “The torture scene at the end of his movie is unlike anything you’ve ever seen..”
            Girl gets back at her boss who goes ARGH repeatedly. Poink “I have a question.. why are we watching this?”
            “#4..” Yappy “Done”
            Who cares what Eli Roth thinks? Yappy shrugs “Believe me, I’ve already killed like 60 videos.”
                  Poink “You’re better than the Swine Flu tonight!”
1:46  -     People salute Poink’s Bionic humor. dodododadada…
                  Ezra “We should actually have our Subservient start getting dressed..”
            But first.. kid with some cars!
            Guinea Pigs hijack the cars and go racing! In Moscow!
            Lots of cheesy editing effects
1:47  -     *BEEP!* Everything stops, and the pigs just climb out of the cars. The End. In mid-song sentence.
                  Poink “I want those mintues.. of my life back.” Ezra “Do you now?” “That was FLAMIN crap!”
            Poink goes into additional details about the level of crap involved. “It’s been LIT.”
            Yappy “Well here, let’s do some stop motion.”

            Looks like a real aerial shot.. until you realize even the hordes of people are all mini models!
            Poink “I’ve been to Epcot, I don’t need it in Stop Motion!”
1:48  -     Water ferry, busses, monorail. Thousands of individually moving characters! People wonder what the guy
                  was smoking to do this?
            Working rides. Ezra “This feels like I’m watching Roller Coaster Tycoon.”
1:49  -     Stop Motion/Time Lapse effects, cars drive.
            Herbie wonders where they got the camera angles from? Poink “Those are people no longer with the company.”
            Floats, so detailed it’s hard to tell it’s not real.
1:50  -     Parade at night. Lots of lights on the floats! People heading out, janitors start sweepking, Mickey and
                  Friends do a last wave goodbye! Poink “(Minnie) Now we’re gonna get naked! Uhhuh!” Herbie “You had
                  to ruin it, didn’t ya?”
1:51  -     Back to the stage! “Wow, was that it for the videos?” Yappy “No.. for the rest though, I’m going to go
                  Select-All-Delete!” “No!”
Ezra notes there’s one video, and the person who won an award for it is
                  in channel. Poink  “Who cares..I’m kidding! We love ALL the people who send us videos!
“As a matter of fact, on the flash drive are a couple by another artist who’s sent us as well..”
            Subservient still needs some time. Herbie “Actually about half an hour..” “Let’s do the flash drive
                  because there –are- a couple of things on there that (looks at Ezra) I know you guys wanna SEE?”
            Looks at the camera. “This weeks NUT SHOTS!” “YAY!” “(smug) I found some INVENTIVE ONES this time!”
            Yappy looks for the drive? Poink “It’s still in there dude. .. That’s something I don’t say a lot either,
                  ‘It’s still in there!’” Mutt “Just checking!” “Normally it’s noticeable! (sings) Wrong hole…”
            VIDEO: OLD GUY GOING INTO THE LAVATORY AS OPERA MUSIC PLAYS. Poink “Nono, that’s an old one, you’re in
                  the wrong folder..”
1:52  -     People aren’t sure what they’re getting into. Poink “Go with ‘Airbag 2’..”
            Mutt wonders why so many fursuit videos take place on a Bed? Poink “It’s on the furniture most people
                  own!” Yappy “It’s the only clear space most people have in their apartments.”

            QUICK VIDEO: Guy sanding on two chairs, Jackass style, with something on the floor below? Guy
                  holding a switch “Ready? And 5..4..3…” Cast “Oh God…”
            “2....” Everyone “No no…!” “1!...” Mutt “DIE!”
            *BOOM!* Airbang FLIES UP and SMACKS the guy in the balls. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!” Mutt “DIE!!!!!!!!!!”
            Guy physically rolls over end over end.. arghing on the floor, face down. Mutt “Die Die DIE! I hope you’re
            Ezra “Everybody say it with me!...”
            *BOOM* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhtimelapse….. “He can probably no longer
                  have children, and that’s a good thing!”
<Background Music>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCnLq9wS0wc (no idea what the video is, fan tribute)
1:53  -     Cast sympathy “I hope it hurts for the rest of his life!”
            Poink activates The Kicker. “Which one do you thing hurts worse?... THAT one… or.. THIS ONE?”
            #2. Guy is sitting in a chair with the airbag DIRECTLY BELOW. He’s grinning like an idiot.
            “10..9..8..” “Oh no…” “Same guy?” Not sure. “4…3..”
            “3..2..” Yappy “Why’s they put him on rubber pads?” Ezra “Hold on..”
            “1!” *FOOP* “OOOOOH!!”
            Airbag actually BROKE THE METAL CHAIR. “Those deserve Darwin Awards!”
            Mutt yahs “We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing (harmony) AT YOU!”
            Yappy presses a button, and Ace starts playing again. “You can kill it.”
1:54  -     Poink brought some other videos, but doesn’t want them played? “I brought them for him..”
            Choosing the Next Video. “This is an animator I met on Furaffinity..”
VIDEO: FERRET DANCE by Deezlberries! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2933064 (It’s even longer now!)
            Rinky dink dance to “Buddy Holly”, Weezer cover by The Moog Cookbook.
            Tube ferrets bounce around, 2D or 3D, hard to tell!
1:55  -     Poink talks about Deezleberries. “He did this one here.. as an advertisement for a Furcon over in
VIDEO: COME TO CONFUZZLED! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2944777/
            Stripy wolf/skunk eating an icecream cone. “Hey, you!” Wolfskunk blinks. “Yes, you! Are you furry?”
            He looks down, then up, nodding. “Like Britian? Roundabouts? Friendly Pubs? Tea?” quick pictures of
                  Doctor Who and others. Pitch material.
            Fur listens, then tries to get his oversized cookie into his tea, grring a bit as it won’t fit.
            The End! Yays! Mutt “What I liked about Blitzes reaction to the other video.. ‘They’re bouncy!’”
1:56  -     Poink “So.. do I have anything else, or do you do KP next?” Laughter. Ezra “Woah, not like –that-..”
            Anthrocon just announced winners of video contest. Oreowolf, a contributor, is in channel, won first
                  runner-up. Ezra “This was my personal favorite one.”
            Anthrocon 2009: OMG ALIENS.
1:57  -     Dancing, there’s V again, Mortak Kombat, glowsticks!
            Montage of many shots. Real bouncing kangaroo. Underdog just waves. Kage sticks his tongue out at you.
            Alien wolves with lights INSIDE THEIR EARS!
            Light night Discotech. DJ “INVADERS MUST DIE!”
1:58  -     Lots of invaders.. they seem to be multiplying! Dragon breathes smoke in your face.
            Pan out to the Whole World, from space! OMG, ALIENS!
1:59  -     Music: The Prodigy “INVADERS MUST DIE”

            “Nicely done Oreo!” “He was at FurFright too.” Poink “Did you pull both sides of him apart and see
                  what kind of filling he has?” Ezra “.. I was afraid to do so!”
            Yappy puts on the Tube Ferret video again. “YAYY!! TUBE FERRETS!!”
<Background Music>
            Ferrets bounce. Ezra “Blitz, you don’t have to bounce with Bandit!”
2:00  -     They all run away! “Yay!”
            Yappy cuts the video, people hey! “That video is only half finished! The other half has it comin”
            Ezra tells how Yamahu, contributor in Europe, did something with the series called Bummers? “He took up
                  the challenge, and he actually drew six bummers for us.”
            Folder on the Flash Drive named Bummers. Yappy “I didn’t see it..” Poink “(to Ezra) Are you sure you
                  didn’t label it Hummers?”

2:01  -     People sing the Moog Cookbook song while waiting. (Ok, the name of the song *IS* Buddy Holly, messed me up)
            BUMMER #1 – Porcupine SNEEZES while painting, multi-Criting the canvas with spines.
(Can’t find the Bummer images.. sorry) “Don’t you hate it when you work for hours on a drawing, and then you
                  sneeze on it right after you finish it?” Yappy “So have you done that, Mutt?” Mutt’s not in the
                  area. “Where is he?”
            BUMMER #2 – Anteater in parkling lot scratching his head ‘?’. “Don’t you just hate going someplace, then
                  forgetting where you parked your car?” Poink “Is that supposed to be an anteater?” “It’s an
                  Anteater.” “Anteaters don’t drive cars!..” “Yes they do!” “They drive sheeps!” “No they.. wwuuahHAH!”
2:02  -     Moving on. BUMMER #3. Wolf points a BAZOOKA at the dog behind him in the movie theater. “Don’t you just
                  hate it when the person behind you in the movie theater keeps talking?” Poink “But they’re naked?”
                  Girlfriend flinches beside guy staring into the barrel. Ezra “Well, they’re naked NOW..”
                  Yappy “What are they Eyes behind that chair?” Ezra “That’s Peewee Herman.” “Wow..”
            Bear lifts foot to reveal column of pink GUM connecting it to the ground. YUCK! “Don’t you just hate it
                  when you step on a wad of Chewing Gum?” BUMMER #4. Poink “I hope that’s gum..” Umm. “It’s *pink*..”
                  “Depends what people eat!”
            BUMMER #5. Grumpy canine in bedrobe and bunny slippers turns on the light.. which TZZKs and shorts out.
                  “Don’t you hate it when you turn on the light switch in the middle of the night.. and the lightbulb
                  burns out?” Poink “Don’t you hate it when you turn on the lights in the middle of the night and
                  get Electrocuted?”
            BUMMER #6. Fox is cooking popcorn, and it goes BOOOOOM! Mt. Vesuvius. “Don’t you hate it when you burn
                  your popcorn?”
                  Pause. Some chuckles. Poink “(confession) Well.. Yappy doesn’t have to worry about that..”
            Yappy cycles back to Lightbump “You know what I hate worse than that? When you –just- doze off in bed..”
                  Everyone “UH HUH?” Poink “And the phone rings and..” “Uh uh.. you just doze off.. and some battery
                  in a smoke detector decides it wants to go dead all of a sudden.” Chirp Chirp Chirp!
2:03  -     “And it requires you to have to get out of bed, dig out a ladder, climb up the ladder to get the thing
                  off the ceiling.. in order to change the battery in it.” Poink adds looking around in a dream haze
                  for a battery too. Yappy “And the problem with the ones in this house.. is that they’re all tied
                  together?” Don’t know which one. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!
            Talk of reinstating the Bummers part of the Art Jam.
            Ezra “So thank you Yamahu, for taking up the Bummer Challenge!”
2:04  -     Prepping for the Subservients. Not quite ready. Poink “(mumble) So we have to be entertaining for a minute”

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/520220 (Warning: Silly)

                  Ezra Lalala’s happy dance. Then ohs “I got an idea..it could be entertaining..”
<Background Music>
                  “If Poink wants to pop up and down..” Poink “I’m right here?” “We could do our own Tube Ferrets!”
            Two ferrets pop up and down “Do..do..do..do..” Poink hmms “(grumble) Let me cue up the song..”
            Poink looks. “Song’s on my Flash Drive.. so Yappy can’t have deleted it..” Ezra “Oh you never KNOW!”
            Poink wants to find the Moog Album for Yappy on Rhapsphody, “Today’s greatest hits.. all done with MOOG..”
2:05  -     (Maybe not –Today’s-..) “You know Yappy, he loves Moog ^_^” Ezra moves one of the tombstones.
            Stage is clear while they get ready. Blitz bounces!
            Poink arghs “Yappy keeps putting new programs on his computer, so I can’t mess with it anymore..”
                  Ezra “Oh you COULD! It would just be really dangerous to do so.” “It’s dangerous getting near his
2:06  -     Ezra notes it’s dangerous standing behind Yappy. Yappy starts saying something.. then stops. Stagehand
                  wags a finger at Yappy. JR “You do NOT wanna challenge me!”
                  Ezra “I don’t want EITHER ONE OF YOU to get into that kind of argument!”
            Breaking a candle backstage? Yappy lit 3-year old candle without knowing it was a candle. “You were
                  -lit- last night!”
            Poink hmms “You know what the appropriate music would be, I think?”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AxCRho2gc8 (Just the first few seconds!)
2:07  -     Ezra “Alright.. this is.. Soundstage X!” Spooky Moog music plays, and a GIANT BAT *RISES* in front
                  of the camera, does some poses. Woohaahaa! Ezra “It is.. Spooky Ozzy the bat! The Furloween Bat!”
<Background Music>
            Busy night, Furloween was yesterday! “And Ozzy was KILLING PEOPLE left and right last night!”
            Ozzy makes variety GOTCHA poses, then goes to the sofa.
            Stage Lamp is blocking some of the camera. Poink “I looks like it’s covering his privates.”
                  Haunted Lamp just –floats- away as Bandit sniffs at it. Ozzy does fingerwiggle curse things.
2:08  -    Ozzy is Subservient #1. “He’s been on the show before! That means he gets Double Trouble tonight!”
                  Ozzy acks, puts hand over his face, then rolls with it. “He gets to do two Subservient things
                  -together-..” music starts sounding vaguely familiar?
            Closeup. Ezra “And he does them in an evil way.. he’s always evil..” Ozzy nods!
                  Poink “There’s something about a Moog that’s inherently scary..”
            Channel requests hopping up and down, and waving his wings at once.
            Music starts to swell. “Hold on.. Yappy’s bringing the music up..” “We’re working on it!”
            “Creepy.. gotta be creepy.. say you’re creepy?” Ozzr wiggles his fingers.
Music becomes rinky-dink? Ozzy blinks, then smacks his own forehead. Oh GREAT.
      Ezra “You are now.. BOUNCY BAT!”
Ozzy keeps holding his head, while bouncing on his feet. Moog is evil.
2:09  -     “Move your wings.. in an evil way of course!” Ozzy adds wingflaps, then some forward clawing motions
                  to get in character. KP “Happy-bouncy-evil-flapping-of-the-wings!”
            Ozzy wants a music change, but next request is to bite Blitz. He crookfinger summons Blitz.
            Human Blitz starts crawling forwards. KP “But, while you’re biting Blitz on the neck, you have to
                  conduct a symphony orchestra!” Crookfinger becomes two hands waving with.. well,-some- enthusiasm..
            Ozzy repeatedly neckbites Blitz in time with the music. How evil. Then shoves the corpse onto the
                  sofa to crash for a while, then plants a foot on it, striking a We Are The Champions pose.
2:10  -     Ozzy blows a kiss to Blitz, who is still dead. Then Blitz rises in undeath and bugs out. As Ozzy waves
                  a membrained arm.
            Next up: Ozzy nosebeep the camera. He does it twice, again, evily.
            Somewhere Smurfs are dancing to the music. Poink “Ozzy! They want you to.. bite the head off of Bandit!”
            Ozzy clapclaps for Bandit, here boy! Bandit pads up.. then puts his ears back, not sure about this.
                  Ozzy patpats the ground. Bandit earwilts, then bugs out! Laughter “He’s smarter than the average dog!
            Bandit returns with a ball.
2:11  -     “Aw! He wants to play!” “Death wants to play Fetchball!”
            Bandit enjoys the back and forth, but still seems intimidated by the giant evil bat thing. Crouched down
                  as Ozzy crawls forward.
            Earrubs.. then. KP “CHOMP!!” Chomp. ChompChompChomp. Bandit headshakes and backs up a bit, confused.
            Next: Spread your wings like a cape. Then skip around in a Gay fashion. New Moog track in background.
                  Ozzy drops his wings and just looks constipated, lightly headshakes. Ezra “Come on!”
            Ozzy holds his forhead again, then does the Gay Dracula thing. Gackula.
2:12  -     Ezra “Dragula?” Poink “Song by Rob Zombie!” Ozzy holds his head again, not *quite* the same thing.
<Background music>
            Ozzy awaits his next command. KP to channel “No it is no LiberOZZY!”
            Stomp the Headless Naked Barbies! “And a Ken!” Black Barbie too “We don’t discriminate.”
2:13  -     Ozzy + Godzilla + Riverdance “K.. some appropriate music is coming up..”
            Stompy Stompy Stompy Stompy. Slow to the music. Poink “That looks gayer than before.”
            One more before Subservient overheats. “Ozzy, can you do the Cabbage Patch?” The what?
            Ozzy does a few moves, then scratches his head. Blitz demonstrates.
            Circular arm motion. Bust it like you’re churning a tub of butter.
2:14  -     One more. Ezra “We need the Chicken Dance music for this one!” “The Chicken Dance?” Ozzy looks like he
                  wants to be elsewhere. It is not.. evil..
            Ezra “Ozzy? You’ve been asked to Headbang while doing the chicken dance.”
                  Ozzy looks at him, looks at the camera? Scratches his chin.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UV3kRV46Zs (At least he didn’t do a Wall cover?)
            Ozzy gets into it, Yay! ClapClapClapClap! Bounce! He’s good at pretending to be happy. Points off
                  camera rhythmicly to the music, as if to say “You You You You!..”
            Channeling the power of Polka. Weird Al would be pleased.
            Ezra “And Finally.. STARE INTO THE CAMERA. Hypnotize our audience..” Zoom in, Ozzy gets in your face,
                  YOU..YOU.. “And make them appreciate the POWER.. of Ozzy the Furloween Bat!” Ozzy reaches out of the
                  screen and grabs hold of your mind, and you are elsewhere..

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/511685 (Warning: Surreal)

            Closeup of one blood-stained tooth as Ozzy works the crowd. Ezra “There he is friends.. he’s Evil..
                  He’s Blood-sucking.. and he’s out to getcha!” Poink “He needs toothpaste with Fluoride..”
2:15  -     Yays for Ozzy! Does Genie-blink, *doink*! Back to stage.
            New music.. tribal banging of drums? Ezra is possessed. Poink “What the hell is this?”
<Background Music>
            Indian War Dance? Naked Barben join in with Possessed Ezra. “Isn’t this that I Lost the Key to the
                  Restroom dance?” Ezra “No, that goes like this..” slides about looking constipated.
2:16  -     Still more constipation. Ezra “Rrrrr..OOoooOOH! RRRRR..” Poink “You sound like Miss Piggy..”
                  Ezra “You look like Miss Piggy!” Poink looks at the camera, then back up “That’s the best you can
                  do?” Ezra hmmmrrrrrrrs… “Yeah.” He nods. Poink looks at the camera again.
            Subservient intermission. Channel wants Tube Ferrets to bounce to the tribal drums?
            Constipated Poink and the 4-Clyinder Car Engine ferrets perform ‘Lots of Moving Up and Down’.
2:17  -     Poink trades off with various puppets now and then. Four ferrets above mix it up.
            Earl the Eyeball takes a bow.. er.. a bob.
            Earl bobs around happily. Ezra “Everybody, he’s giving you the evil eye!” Chanting people sound pained.
            Earl is the new Spokesthing for Visene? Earl stops, looks at the camera bloodshottedly, then spins.
2:18  -     Earl spins around like a shish kabob. Looks like Meatwad?
            Earl seems surprised at all the attention. Ezra “Everyone wants to meet Earl, the Amazing Evil Eyeball!”
                  Pops up “How have you been Earl?” Earl looks up? Then around. Then sorta nods. Ezra notes they’re
                  going to find different ways to abuse him.
            Acapella singing group does something in the background while people ponder Earl’s eviality.
2:19  -     Earl eats Doritos off-camera? Pops up out of a bag of Doritos. Ezra “Hear you have a new job at the
                  EYE-R-S?” Earl just sorta nods. Blitz wonders if he’s related to Jose Jalapeno, on a stick?
            Earl dances! Ezra “Following the bouncing eyesball!” spinning rave.
            Near, far. Ezra “Move back again, so we can’t see your fingers..”
2:20  -     “Now look off, to the side..” Earl rises, and you can see Stagehand’s middle finger displayed prominently.
            Earl does the Chicken Dance. Which considers of rthymic bobbing.
            Earl starts getting into it! Ezra starts adding lyrics to the music.
2:21  -     Chicken dance – Remixed! Yappy “There’s 225 versions of the Chicken Dance!”
<Background Music>
            NEXT SUBSERVIENT – Fur with metal claws, Darth Ursine mask and looking ready to shred people O_O
            “It’s PREDOPANTHER!” (Pika?) Predator feline hybrid wolfverine sith Conan Kilingon-ness.
            Skulls, lots of little trophies here and there. Poink “No, not PEDOpanther..”
            Predo goes through martial arts poses regardless as people debate the value of the letter ‘R’.
            Poink points out that Predators hunt endangered species? “Correct”
2:22  -     Poink “Well, we know who’s going out there first!!” Uh oh. Stagehand holds up Hugh, and Predo points a
                  knife at it. Hugh “ARGH! SonOfABITCH!” Mutt “They hunt to collect as well. They don’t always –kill-
                  what they hunt from what I understand..” Hugh thrashes “IHopeNot!”
            Predo approaches. Ezra “You don’t kill everything you hunt, do you?” Predo looks to him, then at his
                  own armblades, and shakes his head. Hugh isn’t convinced.
            Predo picks up Hugh and GUTS him with one good stroke. Hugh arhgs “Right in the blowhole!”
            Predo has trouble getting the knife out. Hugh “OOOooooh.. I’m Catholic now! Oh God.. where’s Jacque
                  Cousteau when I need him..” falls
2:23  -     PredatorPanther rather than Megapanther. Mutt “And I believe both are friends with Pounce Panther?”
                  People nod “And SantaPaws.”
            The Joy of Giving. First request “Run like the Sumo Guy!”
            Matrix Blubber moves. People start singing “Watch it wiggle.. see it jiggle..”
            Dreadlocks wave.
2:24  -     Extreme Closeup! Eye laserbeam? Lots of webbing.
            “Act like you just ate all you could eat at Golden Coral!”
                  Variation on the Sumo thing. BLARRG.. “Predator Panther’s Bulimic, apparently?”
            Hip Hop dance? To Reggae.
<Background Music>
2:25  -     Yappy “I don’t have any Reggae.” They gave him some Bob Marley. “I deleted it all.” “WHY!?”
                  Predo shrugs. Mutt “You might need him for Subservients someday!” Yappy “(grin) Guess he SUX!”
            War. Mutt “NO! Bob Marley does not SUCK..” “Yes he does ^_^” “..*U* suck..” “Bob Marley sucks ^_^”
            “Ok, let’s do some disco..” Yappy “Here you go.. REGGAE..” Remix of Bob Marley’s Redemption song.. for
                  solo lonely acoustic guitar. Rhapsody attacks.
            Yappy “Ok, here’s another Bob Marley..” Puts on an old big band version of “What’s up Pussycat.”
            Predo groves a bit. Mutt is exasperated. “That’s.. –this- -is- -not- -Bob- -Marley-..”
                  Yappy “Yes it IS!” Mutt “ *THIS IS NOT BOB MARLEY!!* ” “ *YES* *IT* *IS*!”
            “Woooooo..OooOOooooOOoooooo…” Yappy “Bob Marley and the Whalers :)”
            The Predator’s enjoying it at least. Ezra “Do you have any Ska?”
2:26  -     No Ska either. Ezra “What about Scatman?” Yappy “No..” grins.
<Background Music>
            Yappy puts on Scatman. “How’s he going to dance to that?” Predo ponders, then starts using the base.
            Request: Autistic Buttflap. Predo doesn’t know it? Call for Blitz to show off another dance. “You know it!
            Poink waits “So any roommate with Yappy turns into.. the Show Bitch?” Predo looks at his own claws
                  curiously. Mutt “Just wave your arms like you’re farting.”
            Predo starts waving a fart towards them “Nono.. not like that..”
2:27  -     Wave your hands behind your back, and step side to side. The Autistic Buttflap. “That’s as complicated as
                  we get.”
            Dancing to Boogie Nights. Waving the tail around.
            Predator invisibility? Mutt reads channel “We should cut a glowstick over you, so you bleed properly..”
            Request to Self-Destruct: Denied.
            Fight off Xenomorphs?
            Someone finds some Reggae. “Act like you’ve been listening to Bob Marley music.. for SEVERAL HOURS!”
2:28  -     “And whatever you happen to do while listening to Bob Marley..” Predo starts mimicking smoking.
            Bob Marley music – “Jammin” Mutt “And.. after that.. act like you’re chasing your tail.”
            Predo spins in a disoriented fashion, trying not to eviscerate himself.
            Poink “OH! And after doing that, what does your EYE look like?” Closeup on Earl, bloodshot. Laughs.
<Background Music>
            Armblades double as roach clips. Part of being hardcore is knowing how to accessorize.
            Someone asks the Predator to mimic the Slap Chop commercial. Poink “They don’t have Slap Chop on his
2:29  -     Slapchopping a random fennec plushie, in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
            Slapchop music starts!
            Predo takes a bow, then tosses the plushie away in the same motion.
            ATTACK THE CAMERA! Predo reaching out through the screen and grabs you, then pulls you into his world.

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/404463 (Warning: Spooky..)

2:30  -     “Act like Arnold Schwarzenegger while attacking Yappy!”  People give suggestions about how to talk like
                  Arnold S, Mutt doing Arthur “Hiya..Hi..Hiya..HiYAA..Hi-Yaaaah…” Predo puts his claws over his
                  hearing devices. Poink “Act like Arnold Schwarzenegger, ruin the Batman franchise.”
            Mutt “Califlower’s on Firaah.. WhooCares!?”
            “Strike one very serious Predator Panther Pose..”
2:31  -     Applause for Predator Panther! Poink “I’m curious, what –would- a gay predator act like?”
            Predo shows, limp wristed forearm-knife-bladed caricature. Mutt “(Gay) Come to my *planet*, I’m going
                  ta kill you noooow.. run away, Run Awwwwwaaay!”
            Yappy wants him to do a spider walk. “A what?” When you walk on your back, Predo headshakes, nope.
            “Do a.. breakdance?” Another headshake.
2:32  -     People cheer for Predator Panther! Hugh “Mooo.. MOOOO!” still mutilated.
            “Mooo! MOOOO! Moooooh..” Ezra “WHAT?” Hugh pops up WEARING Earl “I stuck something in my EYE!”
                  Rimshot. People laugh. Hugh “OOWWWW!!!” runs off.
<Background Music>
            7:30 Time for Rolecall! Poink “And get in your Art Jams about the topic we didn’t give you!”
                  Mutt “This show’s already been on for an hour and a half?” TWO hours and a half. Wow.
            163 people in channel. Ezra “.. that’s it.” Rollcall done! Nope.
2:33  -     Lots of Dead people in channel.
            Ezra speed rollcall. Reggae background, or something.
            Lots of People with Alts.
2:34  -     Ezra “Kuddlepup.. KuddlepupForPresident..”
            “Pawpetfan27, hey the 27th fan is here!”
            Music reverts to Mexican Hat Dance.
            Ezra looks at one carefully “Sick..Pervery..” coughs “’cuse me, I need some water.”
2:35  -     Mexican Hat Naked Barbie dancing behind Ezra.
            “VoteGreen.. WhackAFerret..” (Hey!)
            “YappyForPresident.. YappyLostTheGame.. YoureNearTheEnd..”
2:36  -     End of Line. Mutt “’YoureNearTheEnd’?? That’s funny.. our audience is very funny!” Ezra “They are the
                  show..” Mutt “I like watching the audience”
            (Paranoia) Hugh looks at the camera strangely. “moooo… moooooo…”
            Thanks to Ozzy and Predator Panther, Subservients of the night! Ezra “And thank you to Wildwolf for
                  making TheMostAwesomeSandwiches!” Yappy “Coleslaw is actually a good topping to a sandwich..”
            From show Man vs Food? Hugh “I think Man lost..” Mutt “Oh, I’ve gotta lose in the morning.”
<Background Music>
2:37  -     Movie talk. Ezra saw “Where the Wild Things Are” Hugh “Where are they?”
            Mutt heard mixed reviews. Ezra “There are a lot of mixed reviews, and a lot of controversy about this
                  film as well.” Mutt “Oooh, porn!” “No.”
            Max, kid, dressed up as wolf, runs away, goes to island filled with monsters. “He deals with the Wild
                  Things, and then he eventually has to return home.” Mutt “.. The End! So you don’t have to go see
                  the movie now.” “There you go!” “There you go.”
            Ezra “It’s a really short, 15 page book it’s base on, so they had to embellish it. *I* liked it, I thought
                  it was a good film. Not a great film, but a good film. But a lot of controversy surrounds how the
                  Wild Things are portrayed. At least three or four documented cases of kids who have seen this
                  film.. they actually started emulating Max and the Wild Things. One little girl has bit her Mom
                  because of it..” Hugh “Little girls have been bitting their Moms for years!” “Well, she actually
                  said she bit her Mom because Max did. Because it was OK for Max to do it. He could go away and
                  live with the Wild Things if he bit his Mom.”
2:38  -     Scream Guy “Oh, by the way.. *SPOILER ALERT*!!” Ezra oh yeahs. “Well, there’s a lot more that happens
                  in this film”
(My Quick summary: Max gets mad at his parents, runs off to a place where giant beasts act like children, lies to establish himself as their King, enjoys being in charge for a while, but gradually finds himself playing Parent to many moody, immature, and sometimes even violent Wild Things he does not have the power to control. Everyone has different wants, different personalities, wildly different powers... and it’s impossible for everyone to get their way all the time. Max learns the hard way that simply establishing understanding and peace between others are two of the most difficult tasks in the world. Maybe he shouldn’t have bit his Mom? How do you tell your best friend you lied to him.. without getting *EATEN?* ..)
            Ezra “So there’s a huge controvery, ‘Is this a Good Film for Kids’? It *is* dark.. the Wild Things
                  are scary.. not really the kinds of things little kids would wanna see. Cause they can give them
            Scream WOAHS! Points to himself “(Elvis) Scarrry.. like *ME*?” Ezra nods “(calm) Scarier than you.”
                  Scream WOWS “I gotta see this moovayy…”
            Author of the book endorses the movie. Ezra “He’s 80 years old, and his opinion is this – ‘There is no
                  reason in the world, that you should try to protect your kids from being scared, because there’s
                  a lot of things in this world that can hurt them. and if they don’t learn to be scared at a young
                  age of things that can hurt them.. they’re never gonna learn to be safe.”
2:39  -     Hugh and Yingyang look at each other. Ezra “So he’s very much of the opinion, Yes, take your three year
                  old and let them scream and cry at night and be scared of the Wild Things, so that they will learn
                  there are things that can hurt them, and they don’t have to live in a world where ‘It’s ok, Mommy
                  and Daddy are going to take care of you Every Day for the Rest of Your Life.”
            Scream “That’sRRiiight!” Hugh “(to the camera) The moral of this movie is.. wear a condom.” Scream “I love
                  the kids who will not run awaaaay.. it will GETTEM!”
            Ezra “It’s very refreshing actually.. he’s of the opinion that .. people do not have a right to NOT
                  be offended. They do not have a right to NOT be scared. He grew up in a world where.. your parents
                  would scare the crap out of you by telling you Stories! At Night! Around Campfires that were
                  Designed to scare you! And they would give you Nightmares!”
            Scream “Just look at all the classic Brothers Grimm! Oh my gosh, they all ended in a nightmare!”
2:40  -     Don’t be afraid, of being afraid. It’s part of growing up. Hugh “I’m gonna take my kid to see a guy get
                  executed!” Yappy “Take him to see Saw VI”
<Background Music>
            (See..Saw?) Scream “Has anyone Seen Saw Six yet?” (mental image of Tube Ferrets bouncing on seesaw bandsaw)
                  Ezra “I have not yet.” Scream “I’ve been dying to see it Literally..” “A 36% rating on Rotten
                  Tomatoes..Wow” Scream “That’s pretty high for a Saw movie!”
            People nod. Mexican Hat Dance carries on blissfully in the background.
            Hugh talks about movie with lots of cool things, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold S blowing up the White
                  House, Aliens from the moon “And it was adapted from the book ‘Big Lies in 30 Days.”
            The music stops abruptly. People blink. Scream “Huh.” Ezra “..What?” YingYang “It was.. wha?”
                  Hugh “OhWaitAMinuteIWasDreaminAfterTooManyChalupas..” departs stage right.
            Happy music. Ezra “We just need to Tape Your Mouth SHUT..” Hugh pops up “I’mEndangeredYaCan’t” leaves.
2:41  -     Anyways. Opinions on seeing Saw 6?
            Yappy “There are 235 versions of Mexican Hat Dance!” Ezra “Let’s choose all!”
            Poink brings up the Dead Pool?
2:42  -     Technical difficulties. Everyone’s Left Ear is missing? Find the plug. Ezra “But we didn’t touch it..”
                  Scream “IT’S HAUNTED BABY! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” falls. KP “You just killed..BOTH of my ears!”
                  Scream guy has the shakes. Poink “Damn, remember that Air Bag video? My sack just went off like that!
            Soupy Sales passed away this week. And Captain Lou Albano of WWF. (now WWE)
                  Herbie is still laughging “Nutsack.. exploded.. like a freaking Airbag!..” Ezra “You need to stop!”
                  “I.. caannnhahaha!” Ezra “I don’t wanna think about those nutshots!” “I’m gonna throw up..”
                  Herbie makes pained noises. JR helps. “You know what it looked like? It looked just like this!”
                        Stagehand does POOF explosion mimic again. YingYang mimics throwing up.
            JR “Only the left one! The right one goes on through the passenger!” Ezra “Great..”
2:42  -     Pain. Laughter. Many people dead. “Anyway, DEAD POOL!”
<Background Music>
2:43  -     Soupy. Lou. Mutt. “Who else do we think is gonna die soon? A lot of people are aging..” Poink “Well, we do
                  that every day..”
            Ezra votes for Dick Van Dyke, poor health. Bob Barker as well.
            (I don’t know.. he was trained by Chuck Norris..) George Bush Sr. too.
                  Poink goes for Mickey Rooney. Barbara Billingsly. Mutt “Hugh Belmont.” Ezra says he’s already gone.
2:44  -     Audio trouble again. Ezra “Mine is coming in and out.” Poink “Boy, THAT could be taken the wrong way..”
            Music audio chairs. Mutt “My left ear’s gone now..” Poink “What are you, Van GOH?”
                  Herbie is still giggling. Poink “Hey Scream guy!” Burst motion with hand.
            Audio trouble. Herbie “I didn’t touch it!” “That’s what she said.” “Scream guy is killing the audio by
                  touching things back here.”
2:45  -     Back to the Death Pool. Again. Herbie “ME!”
            Poink “What’s really depressing.. is when a celebrity dies.. and everyone says, ‘He was still ALIVE?’”
                  Career dead. People still alive. All the Batman TV series are gone?
            Even the audience can hear the odd audio now. “Hey! He’s doing that on purpose!” Yappy is caught!
                  Poink “I just looked at him like.. Dude, you’re handing a Magnum to a Chimp! You are letting them
                  play with wires back there.. you know you’re gonna get zapped!” Yappy heees!
2:46  -     Yappy’s the one giggling breathlessly now. Ezra “I don’t know what’s going on, it’s like (Left) Stuff
                  is over here.. (Right) And now it’s over HERE.. (Left) Then it’s over HERE…”
            YingYang goes here and there. Ezra “I want it in both ears!” Poink “You want it in BOTH EARS?”
                  Having to hire two hookers.
            Yappy “You see.. Your-in the right ear, and Mutt’s in the left air!” Ponk “Urine the Right Ear??”
            Fun with audio tricks. Yappy starts moving himself around too.
2:47  -     Yappy tries to get Twist and Shout going, with everyone with their own channels. “(falsetto) Shake it up
                  Babbby  now!” “(Falsetto) Shake it up Baby..” Poink “Twist and Shout!” Ezra “We are sad..”
                  Poink “budubumLeftTesticleJustDroppedOnDowwnnn..”
                  Poink whews “If somebody draws that tonight, I’m retiring!”
            Ezra wants to do Twist and Shout! Poink “You know, if the Amish had Airbags.. they’d have to inflate them
                  themselves? OhLookATruckPuffPuffPuffPuff! *PUFH!*” mimics face smash against the window, falls.
            Ezra “What’s really disturbing is that Yappy’s continuing to play with it.. and I heard Poink’s blowing
                  going from one ear to the other..”
            Herbie hehehs “Playing with it.. he’s gonna go BLIND!”
2:48  -     Karaeoke TWIST AND SHOUT! Country version. “Now you can sing it in the other ear!”
            Emulating Miss Piggy. Everyone jams! Ezra earswings. Scream eats half of his own face and weebles.
<Background Music>
2:49  -     Yappy high speed shifts it several times a second “Ah…” “AH..” “*AH*..” Scream “*AHHHHHHHH!!!!*”
            Talk of acid flashbacks. Poink talks about the STACK of DVDs and shudders.
2:50  -     Ezra “Just pick a random DVD and throw it in there!” POINK “NO! You’ve seen the movies in his collection!”
            The joys of Yappy’s file system. Poink “What, it took him eight years after VHS DIED to go to DVD!?”
            Random holiday theater! Scream “Merrry CHRISTMAS!!”
            Opening Yappy’s little Black Book. JR “This is all the Women he’s been with..” no, show listing.
2:51  -     Ezra “For those who don’t know what an Acid Flashback is.. we have been doing this show since 1999..”
            Lots of things have happened in the last ten years. Poink “A lot of things have happened in HISTORY..”
            Birth of Jesus. Scream “Furloween started in 99 too!”
            Megaplex, 2001. 2000 it was Furry Spring Break.
            Going back to view the past. Poink “And the real reason we do this.. is that we all have bladders the
                  size of Grapenuts.” another constipated look.
2:52  -     Ezra “Poink has Grapenuts –for Nuts-, so that’s ok.”

******************** TIME ************************
*****************  W A R P ***********************

            DVD.. YEAR 2000 HALLOWEEN SHOW! “This.. the very first.. Halloween show on the Pawpet show!”
            ‘Tales from the Crypt’ theme plays in the background. Poink “We’re going to MST3K our own SHOW?”
                  Herbie “There’s not gonna know which is which!”
2:53  -     “c2000, Randy Fox” Poink “Well, you know how they can tell? It’s 2000, I wasn’t on the show!”
            Long Entries. Talking about early theme songs. They play the whole thing to give time to set things up.
            THE OLD STAGE! Mutt with KISS Star over one eye, lots of black HAIR, lots of cheesy plastic skulls and
                  a craft store Pumpkin Face grinning at your center stage.
2:54  -     AceMutt “Cool! Alright! It’s the Halloween Show! Isn’t it?” Mach “WOOHAhaHAAA!”
            Ezra “He’s just as retarded as ever.”
            AceMutt “Tonight Special Guest we’ve got Stanlee from CA! And KP’s here! Of course Simba. And RaineCute!
                  Harik. Yappy. Rasvar and Mach! Mach is your in-channel host..” AceMutt’s wig rebels.
            AceMutt “How’s everyone doing out there?” Poink “FINE, you Son Of A Bitch!”
            ARTHUR shows up, with Molly Ringwald HAIR? “HAAAA!” People crack up everywhere.
            AceMutt “Oh high there Arthur!” Arthur “(upbeat) HI!” he swings his hair around, each ponytail having
                  almost a foot of weapon range. “I can take things out with this stuff!”
            Knocks a candle to the floor. KP laughs! “I can remember buying that for him!” AceMutt “It’s a weapon!”
                  Poink “Arthur becomes a WHO!” Arthur thinks it’s all really awesome!
            Clicking sounds. AceMutt “I hear Mach typing away down there!” Mach “Always.” “How’s it going Mach!”
                  Mach shrugs “Goin Ok.. gotta do Damage Control..” “How was your week?” “Oh.. week was interesting..”
            Mostly spent in recovery? Ace “That’s right, from your party last week!” Mach “Not my party.. OUR party.”
2:55  -     The first Furloween! AceMutt “And we got a little video from it..” Mach “Uh Oh..” Watching a video of
                  a people watching a video of people watching a video!
            “How many people showed up? Like a thousand?” Mach “64.” Poink “2!” Mutt “Close enough.. like 180..”
            “65! He didn’t count himself!” Mach “No, I didn’t count ANY of… er.. SIXTY FOUR!”
                  Poink “I just realized something.. Mach is like the Scotty of this show..”
            Arthur looks at Mutt “Gotta come up with a costume for you..” Mutt “What ARE you?” “I don’t KNOW!”
                  “Pippi Longstockings?” “ARGH!”
            Yappy starts pushing buttons. Chapter Warp?
            JAVAFROG! “OOOH!!! You gotta rewind this!” “This was going to the Torture Center!” ModernMutt “Oh My Gosh
                  I forgot all about this!”
2:56  -     Chapter rewind. Darth Mutt and Arthurlocks talk about the Torture Chamber. Mach “Java enjoyed himself
                  WAY too much..”
            Poink “Now I’VE never seen this..” Mutt “Java likes all that kind of stuff!” Arthur “Fine, they got me
                  locked up.”
            Mach’s Halloween costume got destroyed at Furloween? “It was me as a White Belt.”
            Mutt looks off to the side. “KP, why are you laughing?” Arthut “Oh, he’s looking at me.” Mutt “Arthur’s
                  head is funny. He’s hair’s a trip!” Arthur starts doing Pokémon attack drills with it.
            Mutt “We need to keep these costumes in a box for next year!” EarlyYappy LAUGHS “Yeah right, we don’t
                  have ANY of THOSE..” Arthur bounces around like a cheerleader, hairbashed a ghost, then
                  accidentally KO’s Mutt.
2:57  -     Rasvar “Looks like an Anime weapon..” Mutt “Anime hair.. ATTACK!” Arthur heys “(Arnold S) If it vwasnt for
                  dat.. I woulda taken this thing off soonasI got here.” Laughter, past and present.
            Mutt “So you gonna be wearing that all night Arthur?”
                  Pause. Arthur looks sideways at him? “I got to think about dat.”
            Mutt “It’s very funny! I can see props hitting the floor everywhere..” <BLOODCURDLING SCREAM!>
<Background Music>
                  “WOAH!” Rasvar’s pushing sound effect buttons. “What in the WORLD?” Sounds like someone being
                  eaten alive by ants. Arthur “My complements exactly.”
            >EARRARGGGHGHHGHHGGGGHH!!!< Mach “(Ben Stein) Ow.   Ow. Ow. OW.”
            >AAAAAARRGGHSGWERWRWESGSGGHHH!!!<   Musical Ow’s. Mutt wonders where Yappy got the track? Mach thinks he
                  doesn’t want to know.
            Mutt “Yappy, who ya got in the back roo>>WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!<<<<
            Screaming stops. Mutt turns to see Javafrog, covered with little bits of napkin as if to heal shaving
                  cuts in 50 different places. Arthur “OhMyGoshIThinkTheySawJavaFrog..”
            Mutt freaks “Oh My Gosh! JAVA!” Java “wAA?” totally laid back about it.
2:58  -     Extreme Closeup on Java.. no.. his face is covered in *EYES* O_O o_o O_o o_O Has one in his mouth, which
                  he starts sucking on.
            Mutt “You found all your EYES! You didn’t lose just one..” Jave just looks at the camera, wondering what
                  that commotion is. *oooO_Oooo* “.... WOW!” looks around, EVERYWHERE AT ONCE “This is almost as
                  good as the Torture Chamber!”
            Java “Yay!” Somebody “Segway…”
            Mutt notes Java once lost and eye, so they got him some extras. “Just in case he loses more.” or eats his
                  own face again.
            Mutt “.. Speaking of the Torture Chamber!..” breathing and grinding sounds.. things start dropping
                  on Mutt
            Spider on a string JUMPS OUT ALMOST LANDING ON THE CAMERA! Mutt “Oh, hi Cow!” Cow “Moo?” “Cow is here!”
                  Cow moos. Mutt “Hi Cow, how are you?” Cow “Idonmooo..” “Moo Moo?” “moomoo!”
            Whatever the question, the answer is “Moo!”
            Mutt “What are you gonna be for Halloween Moo?” Moo “… a ghost.” Poink “Yeah, he can TALK here.” Not the
                  early form of Pikachu.
2:59  -     Mutt “Maybe you could be Santa Claus? For Halloween.” Moo ponders this “.. –that’s- an original idea..”
                  Poink “This was before the accident..”
            <HowlingWolves.mp3> Mutt “Rasvar’s going to be manning all the sound effect in the background.”
            Fast forward, scary warp effects.
            ModernMutt and Poink make tape winding noises. Poink “Buffering. Buffering. Buffering.”
<Background Music>
            THE TORTURE CHAMBER! Videos within Videos. Mutt pats Java goodbye as he sits in a chair with a spiked
                  back and seat.
            The Muttsexcutioner speaks. “No matter what answer you give, you’re guilty! And you’re gonna get.. nailed”
3:00  -     Java doesn’t say much, seems to be liking it. Scary sound effects.
            The SAW.. La Sierra. Mutt explains the would hang people upside down, and SAW them from the Crotch..
                  down to the Neck.. he then freaks out bigtime. “AHH! It looks like SOMEBODY ACTUALY DID IT! Looks
                  like IT’S BEEN USED!” Java “(drunk, and hopefull) wE’Re gONNA gIVe a lIVE DeMonStRATION!?” “NO!!”
            Fuzzle (or some ferret) points out the device is rusted. “You’re gonna have to get a Tetanus Shot!”
            THE HEADCRUSHER. Java’s head is in the device, one eyeball protruding as if getting ready to pop from
                  it’s skull. (If a Puppet’s head nearly fills that thing.. OH GOD!)
            Mutt explains how they’d slowly crush the skill like an egg. Java makes some mumbling pleased sounds, but
                  part of his cortex is missing.
            Mutt “Java’s going to be demonstrating all of the devices.. Who ARE you.. Vanna WHITE?”

3:01  -     This time Arthur’s in the device. He FREAKS, looking for chinks in a metal prison wall. “OhMyGodDuDuDu
                  DONE? DayPutMeInHearIWantTobeOUT.(looks left-right-up-down).SomeboDysaveme! I’mssawrry!!”
            Mutt takes a dip in The Cauldron. “They would slowly boil you.. over a period of three or for DAYS?..
                  until you were soup! I’ve got my foot in here.. oh gross!”
                  Poink “Well THERE’s a first.. Mutt is in POT vs the other way around..”
            Yappy “Are you about to be a Chinese Delicacy, of Deep-fried Dog?” Mutt “Oh, I hope so!” Creepy chords.
                  Ferret looks curious about eating Deep Fried Dog. Ezra “They’re saying in channel this was the
                  original Hot Tub.” Mutt “Splish Splash I was taken a bath.. I’m Gonna DIE!”
3:02  -     Some invisible hand grabs Mutt and hauls him off to his doom. Creepy chords.
            ‘La Cuna de Judas’. “Welcome to the Judas Cradle!”
            Victim is strung up above a very sharp pyramid point. Lowered onto it so it goes up his.. you get the idea
                  Mutt “Basically it was a chair.. or a very good laxative.”
            “Oh no.. NOO!!” Java is using the spare machine. Poink “They charge you five bucks for ten minutes in
                  there!... at the Parliament House..” Arthur “Yuck.”
            ‘THE RACK’ Rollers with little BLADES on them. Mutt “You lie on top of the blades apparently.. it’s like
                  a meat tenderizer. And it helps to loosen you up even more so you can be stretched out FARTHER..”
                  Java’s in this one too. Scritch “HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT YOU SILLY FROG!?”
                  Java wants more! Scritch pushes at the levers “I can’t GO anymore, it’s stuck!” “Huuuuuuuuh!!”
3:03  -     ‘The Coffin’ “Otherwise known as the Iron Maiden…” (EXCELLENT! *guitar riffs*)
            Mutt “They would chain you up, and set you out to dry, for weeks and weeks, until the bugs ate at
                  you, not only that, they would strip you down naked.” (*BOGUS..*)
            Mutt reflects that Medieval people have a fascination with nakedness and death.
                  Javafrog tests out the Maiden too.
                        Ezra “Oh! I forgot.. THE PEAR..”
            Guillotine’s up next. Early version “It wouldn’t actually remove your head..” heavy wood plank set above
                  you neck, slowly breaking it and crushing.
                  Java’s in this one too, looking UP at the blade with his mouth open. Poink “He looks like a Basset
3:04  -     The Garrotee. Head and neck clamped to a wood plank, drill slowly works into your neck.
            Java urges the ferret on while the ferret ACTUALLY TURNS THE SCREW.
            Java squirms about “Oohh! I cAN fEEl mY EyES pOpping oUt of My hEAD! kEeep gOing!” Starts to strangle,
                  then stops moving, looking constipated. Laughter.
3:05  -     Masks that ladies who mouthed off would be put into, making them unable to eat or talk for days.
            Ferret’s in one “I guess you’ve been mouthing off.. Oh JAVA!!”
                  Java’s big EYES are directly in the eyeholes. OOhh. O_O
                  Java tries to say something.. but can’t. Extreme EXTREME closeup on his LEFT *EYE*. He talks
                  like the muffled Team Fortress Pyro. “HmmmmdrrrmmurfDeerffee!”
            The Neck Catcher, spiked collar for dissidents. Spikes are on the INSIDE. Sneak up and put this around
                  someone’s neck, and they’ll go where you go.
            Mutt peruses several varieties of Thumb Screws. “It sounds like I’m selling these things.. ‘Come buy
                  our thumb screws!’” Yappy “I’m Billy Mays here, and here we got Thumb Screws!” Slap Chop 2.
3:06  -     My mistake.. THIS is the Spiked Collar o_O Spikes IN, Spikes OUT, Spikes all about! “‘Welcome to.. boy
                  that’s gotta hurt!’” Poink “I can’t afford the swear jar.. otherwise I’d so say something right now!
            Salad Forks.. of Eating You.
            “And this is.. The Pear!” Java goes nuts over the Pear. “thIS.. iS mY fAVORITEiTStHE PEAR!”
            Device that enters the body.. then EXPANDS. Mutt looks at it “You put it in the mouth.. or.. whatever..”
                  Yappy cackles. Mutt “You crank it up, it would expand, and expand, and.. I’m getting sick..”
                  Java wants to eat the glass to get at it. Frog likes pain. Shatterproof? “Oh..nOOO!”
3:07  -     Compromise. Java explains/employs the Noisemaker’s Vice. Squeezes your neck and metal rods hold you to
                  the wall. Curse too much, they put you in it. Java “wOW! wE nEED tO gET mACH dOWN hERE hEY!”
            Mutt “Here’s everyone’s favorite.. the CHASTITY BELT!” They have TEETH!? “They’re keeping everything
                  out.. and even keeping some stuff in! Picture your wife wearing one of these things!” Poink “Keeps
                  the freshness in.” “.. hurt your fingers.. and make a mess.. and not even want to think about it..”
            Joy of Love in the Middle Ages. “If you look at somebody sideways, you’re gonna lose a head!”
            More salad forks? Somebody “Those are Breast Gripper.” Mutt “BREAST GRIPPERS!? No WAY!!”
                  Yes way, Ted. Mutt catalogues the different cup sizes.
3:08  -     D-cups made for a dragoness? “These things have seen some mileage, too!”
            Mutt, the ferret, and one of Java’s exposed eyes salute you from the Torture Chamber tour!
                  Final exhibit: The Winery door. Alcohol! Woo! Mutt “Back to our regularly scheduled mess!”
            Up one Dream Level to the show again. Yappy looks for Furloween footage.
            Mutt heys “I remember when we actually used to do stuff for the show.. that’s like, 10 minutes before the
                  show ‘Wanna do anything for Halloween’?” KP “Well, we had TIME back then..”
<Background Music>
3:09  -     MAD CALIOPE MUSIC PLAYS as Puppets dance in Ultraviolet light. Wearing police hats? Mutt “Man, that
                  keyboard’s really out of tune!”  Yappy actives warp again “That just.. scre.. ok..”
            Fast Forwarding. Yappy “Remember the first Furloween? We actually did a Puppet Show add.” Mutt remembers
                  doing a Rocky Horror thing too.
            Pawpets West video! Yappy “Old school :)” Warp.
            Crazy random clips fly by at warp speed. A puppet spins in circles, early Art Jam! A horse, a Snail, and a
                  Crocodile sing Nightmare Before Christmas music. Warp.
            Laughter. Mutt “This show always sucks!”
3:10  -     Phonecall “Um, I don’t know.. I..” Warp.
            Shrieking Fry Guys prepare to eat AceMutt’s brain. Warp. KP “The Hell?”
            Early Ezra and a stagehand with a CD held within. Rasvar “Teddy Ruxpin..” Ezra opens his mouth. Warp.
            KP “We gotta have SOME time?” Clip of Mutt and Ezra having a WAR OF FARTS. Gotta count it. Laughter. Warp.
            Glassless Ezra looking sleepy/traumatized. KP “HOLD ON! Go back to that! I need to see what we were doing!”
                  Poink “Oh, you have to ASK? It’s the same thing we do now!”
            French Ferret talks to Vixen. Stagehand puts a toilet seat on the stage, for some reason, then tries to
                  steal it again. In the background, the eyes of the Skull move to watch the couple. Warp.
            Carrot and a giant snowman bounce around as an animated slash of BLOOD VIDEO EFFECT cuts the screen in
                  half, Ghostbusters plays in the background. Warp.
            Snail sings Elvis. Mutt “Got back to the farting thing!” Ezra “Yeah, go back” Yappy “I’m trying to find
                  the Furloween thing before we run out of show!”
            Drawing lesson live? Warp.
            AceMutt and Vixen headbanging to something about White Trash. Skull ignores them. Warp.
            FURLOWEEN! Mutt “This is actually a very funny video.. we should do that a lot, just fast-forward
            Fursuit square dancing? Er, dancing in a circle rather. Mutt names of the various fursuiters in sequence
                  while “Werewolves of London” plays.
3:11  -     Turns out to be the Second Furloween. Yappy doesn’t remember the Chandelier? Poink notes that’s because
                  con outgrew the venue.
<Background Music>
            Kuddlepup(KP) dances! Poink “And now we know that Kuddlepup invented the Electric Slide..”
            You can’t see it. It’s electric. Boogiewoogiewoogie. KP’s first feet! Mutt “(quiet) and the music hasn’t
                  changed..we’re still playing the same songs..” Yappy “YOU are.” Laughter. KP cuts a rug. Mutt “I just
                  played that ONE song, just to bust your butt!” “What was it?” Sandstorm?
            KP gazes at the camera while busting a movie. Looks very clean. KP “That was when Kuddlepup was very very
3:12  -     Dancehopping on one foot! KP is still showing off. Poink “Oh yeah, this ups the manliness quotient!”
            12 fursuiters have their Funky Bus Fare. Double Dutch Bus. KP notes Yappys plays it ALL the time.
            JPop, a Verdun Werewolf, camera moves around. Mutt reminds people this was before the days of Whitefox
                  and Latin Vixen, fursuiting ninjas. KP “It was very rare to have a handbuilt costume.” Mutt “Or a
                  good-looking costume! Everything was passible. You only threw up in your mouth a –little- when you
                  saw one.”
            Lion guy with roaring mouth totally has the moves. “Is that Brocken?” KP things so too.
3:13  -     Mutt “OMG, is that Mousepaws!?” Giant mouse in the house.
            Mach dancing in a white karate robe, while Rasvar dancing in a Country Musician outfit complete with hat.
                  KP wows “That’s Mach with hair!” Mach does some aerial kicks, Rasvar sways side to side and claps
                  his hands. Poink “Rasvar was trying to be.. the Steve Irwin dude.”
            Mach shows off some Ryu Street Fighter 2 moves, real karate! Mutt “Holy smokes! He could never do that
                  today!” Past Mach glances at the camera and gathers Chi for a fireball. Poink “I hear him starting
                  his car Mutt..”
3:14  -     All at once, people recognize the Lost in Space Theme (Movie version). Poink “Back when people thought the
                  movie was going to be a hit!”
            KP (human) dances with Pacer (fox). Yappy “God.. the songs we were playing.. to thing that song was only
                  10 years old back then.. now it’s 20 years old!” Destroying hanging streamers. KP “That’s when
                  Pacer figured out his ears were lethal weapons!”
            Mutt “Now Pacer’s suit still holds to today’s standards.. everyone else?..” Yappy “He had a Shawn
                  Keller head!” (The Horrible Look at the Furfans guy?) Poink “Yeah, and he keeps it in a Cyrogenics
                  chamber..” KP dances, looking up to try and keep Pacer’s ears out of the overhead lighting.
3:15  -     Stanley D Lion, lost? Yappy says stolen, 5 years ago. Pacer KP cut a rub. Mutt “Wha?” “Oh, we were trying
                  to act out the song.” Song – “Obsession” by Animotion, 80’s love. Poink “.. THIS?”
            Yappy “Damn, quite a fog machine back then!” Poink “That wasn’t fog, you were just flatulent.” Chilli?
            KP and Pacer stroll for the camera. Poink “That’s the one thing I miss about the new Furloween, it’s
                  Mach’s Sheppard’s Pie.” Mutt “Well, we have to do the catering thing..” “I know..”
            The joy of large party logistics. Long-haired Simba sighting, and SK-1.
<Background Music>
3:16  -     WE GO BANANAS! People following the leader in a conga line, listening to Harry Belafonte. DAAAAAAYooo..
                  JR/Poink names names. “I was actually AT this one.. I was sitting off in a corner!”
            Terry, Raini, Verp, lots of folks.
            Kool & the Gang, Celebration! “WaaHOO!” Mutt “Oh my gosh.. this music would never last today.”
                  Yappy “(defensive) They still play this at wedding and crap..” “Yeah.” Not downtown though.
            Another try: Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” People ham it up. Mutt moans. “I’m not surprised..”
3:17  -     Poink notes the song had recently come out. Toxic laser disco lighting. Yappy “That light fixture’s still
                  being used.” Poink “Yeah, by old people!” KP “That was being used last night!”
            Furpile? Poink “Oh, I remember.. you guys are ganging up on Raini.”
            Bearclaw! Guy we haven’t seen before. Mutt “Tickling the crap out of Raini.” Poink “That’s another reason
                  they wouldn’t let us back, is the crap. They couldn’t clean it up.” Herbie waves from 2000.
                  Mutt “I know this is only 10 years ago.. but it feels like 30.” Yappy “I don’t REMEMBER this one
                  that much..” “Those brain cells are LONG GONE..”
3:18  -     Few people do. KP remembers Brocken carrying pumpkins when “I’ve Got Big Balls” started playing.
            Mutt “This is before Furry ever has a *MAGAZINE ARTICLE* written about it” Yappy “False.” Early though.
                  Vanity Fair. Yay. Cute the flesh-eating weasels. People argue over the article date. Also article
                  in Loaded.
            Had to be after the show started.. Java did Variety FROG!
            The Furries keep dancing anyway.
3:19  -     Lady and fursuiter dance to Aqua’s “Cartoon Heroes”! (Now I feel old too)
            Being Furries when Furry wasn’t warm and Fuzzy. Or Cool, or whatever.
            Another lost art, ONSCREEN GRAPHICS! >HAPPY HALLOWEEN!< Mutt “Ah, Graphics!” Rasvar kinda Yays.
3:20  -     AceMutt talks while, back to the Future, Poink gets a private message from Mach “He’s going to give us
                  $200 if you promise never to show that again!” Laughter. Mutt “For real?” “No. If he was actually
                  watching that he’d just have the house naked from orbit!”
            Back to the Present! Ezra “So there you go, that was Furloween from the Year 2000!” Somewhere, Conan
                  O’Brien is celebrating.
            Blitz “So those of you who want to see it again.. just wait till Yappy uploads tonight’s show..”
            Video before video technology was cool. Joy of VHS. (I had a Beta..)
            Yappy actives TIME WARP again. Random nonsequitor clips.
            Mutt “.. GOOD SEGWAY!..” freezes, Warp.
3:21  -     Mutt rocks out to “Dancing with Myself” Warp. Poink “Now there’s some old stuff.”
            Raini and others attacking the stage? Rasvar “SHE HAS TO BE HERE DOING PUPPET!!..She’s not where she’s
                  supposed to be!” Yay, Raini! Who were they tickling? Pacer, Jaypop human forms.
<Background Music>
            Wireless camera, welcome to Yappy’s Old Appartment! Arthur “There’s some bright lights..” EXTREME CLOSEUP
                  ON KP, who turns around and heys at the camera. “And there’s Harik’s hair!” Harik grins at the
                  attack camera, but it passes him and looks at what he’s cooking. “DONUTS!” Onions too. Poink “This
                  was before the Slap Chop!”
            Yappy “This was the Day After Furloween!” Meanwhile, back at Headquarters.
3:22  -     Mach appears, distributing food as people talk about the Shepard’s Pie. And in the background.. Poink “I
                  think that’s ME..” another geeky guy. Nope. “That’s not me.”
            Apartment party. People are eating and stuff. Poink “Oh wait a minute, it’s Bill Gates!”
            Closeup on That Guy, Vitapup. Wireless camera weaves about, showing an engineering view of the Stage.
                  Mutt and Carrot peek out. “Alright.. Hi!”
3:23  -     “And there’s Carrot and Simba!” Carrot highpitchedmumblehis!
            Rasvar cam, guy with all the headgear and consoles. KP “That was when the studio took up Yappy’s ENTIRE
                  living room and dining room!” Poink “This is like a TERRORIST VIDEO!”
            Teddytiger is in the closet. No, literally, Yappy has ANOTHER terminal set up in there.
            Teddy presses some buttons, and The Stage pops up in a little window, Mutt goes nuts!
            “Extreme Closeup!” The Post-Apocalyptic Wayne’s World. Mutt “There’s Extreme Rasvar.. there’s Extreme
                  Keyboard..” looks at camera “Extreme Video Feedback!” People feedback..feedback..feedback…
            Camera looks at its OWN IMAGE in the monitor window, causing a disturbing rift in space and time..

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/92234 (Warning: *SCARY* )

            Camera explores. Yappy “Same ceiling fan.” Poink “Of course! You don’t throw anything away, do you?”
3:24  -     Camera.. cam! Stage camera picks up the Wireless camera.
            KP “You ever wonder how GARAGE BAND we were with this show..”
            Mutt and Arthur on stage as Wireless cam zooms in, EXTREME CLOSEUP ON ARTHUR, who goes gaga while you
                  can actually see Simba talking into the microphone down below.
            Warp. Disembodied Ghost Mutt floats around as camera explores. “I am your conscience!”
            Only White gets picked up by the camera. KP “Back when we used to do Chromakey!”
            Mutt shows up well, but only Arthur’s whiskers and mouth appear, looks ready to eat someone.
            Yappy heys! “I put a TV out in the backyard!” Poink “Now it looks like the basement from Silence of
                  the Lambs!”
            People watch the show in the Backyard.. as ghost Mutt and Arthur watch *THEM*.
3:25  -     Big apartment. Yappy “It was a duplex! We were playing porn music.”
            Warp speed again. Yappy had rats? Poink “They came with the apartment.”
            Lightning quick 3 second music videos. Pacerfox does the Safety Dance. Someone murrs. “Did you just Murr?”
            Domino, Doberman does “I’m Too Sexy.”
3:26  -     Group photo in Yappy’s Kitchen! Frysco and others. Yappy “I know we did some neat things that night,
                  but I can’t..” Warp.
            Mutt and Frysco on the stage. Rasvar “(punch line) At least he wasn’t that bad with olive oil!”
                  Warp. KP “What a great line!” Poink “They were talking about Popeye!”
            Poink “I remember this episode.. I was watching it at home..” Yappy! “Yappy with HAIR!”
            2000Yappy points out more friends of his, a set of 5 tower computers sitting in a row! Yappy “All those
                  damn computers!” Yappy waves from his spacecraft in construction.
3:27  -     Yappy pushes buttons, back to stage. Mutt and Pacer’s Coyote he does the Hank Hill voice with.
            Best thing at party? Yote votes for free food. Mutt “And what don’t you do?” “… Windows” “A lot of people
                  don’t do Windows, Yappy does UNIX.” Mach “Wait.. you can’t DO a eunuch!..” groans span a decade.
                  Poink “Playing the part of Mach.. is Mach!” Mutt doesn’t do UNIX either. Mach “Oh yeah.. that was
3:28  -     Warp speed, engage!
            Totally freaking RANDOMNESS. Lionhead hiyas as his paws go floating about the room. Everyone’s doing
                  Beatle-like music. Poink “You did some damn good drugs back then! That wasn’t the only inflatable
                  thing in Yappy’s closet..” one of Lion’s own paws baps him from the ceiling, he looks at it,
                  unconcerned. Canine jams on the keyboard. Coyote GAHS. Mutt “The show’s not getting any
            Warp. Poink “This was like a bad PBS special.” Prince Charles, radiant in his Blue Silks, delivers a karate
                  kick to the head of you, the Viewer. Poink “WHAT THE HECK?” Warp.
            The giant head of Mutt overlooks two Yappy Houseguests like Big Brother. Mutt “GO BACK! GO BACK!”
            UnWarp. Prince Charles, aka Crossdressing Ken, attempts to eat your brain.

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/375622 (Warning: Survival Action)

            Ken hides. Mutt “That’ll make the Best-Of Show.”
3:29  -     Art Jams. Baby Tempferret! ModernMutt “(soft) we’ll be playing that ten years from now..”
            Mach “These are from, Ben Bruin.” Tales of the Questor guy. Mutt “Hi Ben!” Drunk Coyote “Ddahts too
            Baby Voops. Ben attacks again.
            Back to Big Brother Mutt. Warp.
            Mutt Window as a replacement HEAD for an interviewie. Warp.
            Various puppets take turnings talking as the interviewie talks, acting as his head. Poink “We were
                  easily amused!”
            Warp. Closeup on Totally Hungover Javafrog. “Loving You” music plays as Mutt peeps up from between
                  Java’s legs? Then Coyote reaches up and bites Java from below.
                  Poink “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU **DOING**!?”
            Warp. Blank stage. Mutt “I need a voop.” Poink “NOW you need a voop!?”
>> Animated GIF!
3:30  -     Little bunny joins in too! Ah.. AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!
            Warp. Ezra “What were we ON?” Poink “Obviously not Cable!”
            Warp. Verdun Manor Werewolf horde ATTACK! Or.. at least pose in the kitchen.
            ALL the Verdun Werewolves are there. Mutt “It’s a great honor.. guys are traveling all around..”
            Mutt “Are they Evil werewolves?...” Lead werewolf does the Doctor Evil finger to mouth.. thing.
3:31  -     Rasvar “Ok, here we go!” “Let’s do it!”
<Background Music>
            Rasvar cues up Werewolves on London. It’s an instant hit. Poink thinks it belongs on YouTube.
            One werewolf was Lance Rund (artist, info taken off Wikifur by request) Mutt “Lance Rund, who is no
                  longer with us.”
>> Animated GIF 3:31:36 singing
            Mist machine turns on. Someone hands the lead werewolf a FREAKING HUGE MICROPHONE INFLATABLE THING,
                  he just looks at it, shrugs, and rolls with it. AhhhOOO!!!!
3:32  -     Tosses the Microphone back, which bounces off another wolf’s head, who throws it back at HIM. *BONK*
            They like the AHOOOO part especially. Warp.
            Werewolves in the Kitchen! Mutt “To sharpen your CLAWS!!” Wolf shows off well manicured claws. Warp.
            Poink “You were even doing subservients back then!”
            Mutt, turned into a werewolf (I think I saw this episode!) says “No I’m alright, I feel FINE!” Warp.
            Raini being lifted by two huge fursuits “That’s Rainicute.. and Yahooi!” Warp. Mutt “And Yipee..”
            *TOTAL COMPLETE STATIC* Poink “I believe that was when we did the Rocky Horror thing..”
                  Yappy “Nope, that was the end of the show..” rewinds.
            Yappy recalled The Smokey Dragon, dragon used as Fog Machine.
3:33  -     Ezra remembers it was rare to have all the Verdun Werewolves together. “Virgin Werewolves?” “Ver-DUN.”
            Yappy “Our first controversial show! Show #60.” Ezra “The Drunk Show!” “Okok.. SECOND controversial show..”
                  Ezra “Are you talking about the infamous Sinkhole show?” “No, that was later on.”
            And the Second Controversial Pawpet show IS: Yappy “Keyhole Cam!”
            Varying reactions. Mutt ohgods. Ezra “Keyhole cam! I *LOVED* keyhole cam!” Poink looks constipated.
            Discussion on Acid Flashback to keyhole cam. Need to do Art Jams first though. Poink “You know, for the
                  next season of Pawpet, we could do half the show as nothing but flashbacks!”
3:34  -     Yappy “What I should do is get a DVD server..” wonders if someone can donate a 100-disc carrousel. “What
                  I’ll do is just start up the stream.. put 100 discs in it.. hit *PLAY*, and just have it streaming
                  all day long.”
            Ideas. Poink “Wow…” Ezra “It will take over a MONTH to get through all of those at one time..”
                  Yappy “That would just a hundred at a time!” Poink “Some people would be sitting there in front of
                  the computer WIRED.”
            Yappy oks “So if someone wants to see.. Infinite FPS.. 24 hours a day..” Scream “.. WHAT?” “.. someone
                  needs to send in a 100 disc CD changer..”
            Someone in channel says just put them all on the hard drive. Poink “Let me correct a fallacy here.. THEY
                  don’t make a GOOGLEBYTE hard drive!” Scream Guy looks.. *SCARED*. Ezra “GOOGLEbyte?” “You’d have
                  to invent the GOOGLEBYTE!”
            Yappy “And as far as bandwidth? I don’t care.. it’s all UStream! I could have the FPS channel for 24 hours
                  a day on UStream :)”
3:35  -     FPS Forever. When you’re done waiting for Duke Nukem. Scream hides behind his own skeletal hand, which
                  somehow does conceal his face. Poink “A Terabyte? This should would spite a Terabyte out like
                  a hooker!”
            Yappy “Every episode would be about 4.8 Gigs.. cause that’s what a DVD is.” Corrects to 4.7. People nod.
            Anyways, Ezra is glad they showed the Werewolves again. Scream Guy “We should start doing things for the
                  show again! It’s been back in the day..” Ezra and Poink nod.
            Poink warns Bill Gates HE has the rights Googlebytes now. Price: Send him a Googlebyte hard drive.
            Scream “How much does one of those.. 100 disc DVDs.. go far?” makes hand gestures. Poink “One MILLION
                  DOLLARS!” Dr. Evil Industries.
3:36  -     Yappy notes the TIME it takes to transfer them to a hard drive is a factor too.
            Still no Art Jam topic, but they have over 10 art jams? Scream “The topic would be HALLOWEEN!”
            Yappy “That’s because of This Guy-“

*** ART JAMS: HALLOWEEN EDITION! **** http://archives.pawpet.tv/view/2009/2009-10-25

<Background Music>

            The Famous Garrison Skunk’s Very Popular List of Top 40ish Things Said This Week –
            Poink “Alright, who wants evens, I’ll take odds..” Ezra opts in.
      40-“Stay there, you silly sausage!”
      39-“I have the best spincter that money can buy!” Poink sounds pleased.
      38-“We walk in and Yappy’s house smells like Fritos and Feet!”
      37-“I don’t have Canadian dildos!” Poink is still pleased.
      36-“(curious) Poink, have you been depositing in the Swear Jar?”
      35-“Sour cream from the soul? That’s like guacamole from my colon.”
      34-“Sleepytime with Pink Floyd”
      33-“Hi Yappy’s Mom and Dad!”
      32-“Herbie just came in and handed Yappy something that looks like a urine sample..”
      31-“It feels like my face is broken..”
      30-“Ok.. now we know why Rob Zombie must be killed.”
      29-“Make MINE with extra meat!”
      28-“Chicken meat, not man meat.”
      27-“I’ll warn you up front, this is crap.”
      26-“Let’s squish our fruits together!”
      25-“<RTDragon> I can see food sex coming from this!” Yay channel people.
      24-“<Shane_Graytail> squashes a banana against Elton John “Am I doing this right?”
      23-“<Bloodfox> Soooo fruittarded!”
      22-“Will the owner of a white car in the parking lot please f<BEEP>K yourself?”
      21-“Bandit has a Furaffinity account I see..”
3:37  20-“If it’s nice and furry, we’re wearing it!”
      19-“Tyra Banks came up and asked me about my raccoon!”
      18-“Why do I think the orange is Yappy and the apple is Herbie? And the pear is KP.”
      17-“Invisible pets are welcome here.”
      16-“Awww.. they didn’t do any dog humping!”
      15-“Yurex_SL was at the nearby amusement park getting scared and riding a coaster build into a mountainside J”
      14-“It’s still in there, Dude!”
      13-“I like the little floppy arms!”
      12-“Do I have anything else or do you need to do KP now?”
      11-“They’re BOUNCY!”
      10-“Porcupines would be especially hard.”
      9-“You know Yappy, He loves Moog.”
      8-“Bounce and flap your wings! Bounce and flap your wings! Bounce and flap your wings!”
      6-“Bob Marley sucks!” “YOU suck!”
      5-“…” Poink arghs “Somebody brace Herbie..”
      5-    “Remember that airbag earlier? My nutsack just went off like THAT!” Herbie muahahahas.
      4-“(needy) I want it in both ears!”
      3-“Yappy keeps playing with it and now I can hear Poink blowing in my left ear, way over to the right!”
      2-“Hole me closer, tiny bladder.”

<Background Music> (First 30 sec)

            Poink “And the #1 Quotes of the Night WERE…”

      1-“Don’t plug the toilet seat into the computer, it makes the show go in the crapper!” AND
      1-“I never think of rabbit rectums when I listen to “Dark Side of the Moon”.

-TADA!- Much rejoicing.

Today’s Top 40 quotes were brought to you by..
      The Carol Brady Meatloaf Special. Poink “.. Oh GOD. You guys don’t let the podcast sit out there for a day
            do you!?” (Poinkcasts http://poink.furryhost.com/directorypage1.html )

<Background Music>

      Florence Henderson presents – F.L.O.H. Flaming Lesbians and Harleys. Two girls on a motorcycle.
            Poink “By the way the new one’s up… OH GOD!!! Flaming Lesbians on Harleys, that’s FLOH alright! I would
                  still do her, by the way..”
      Poink “I’m gonna have to explain this in a minute..” But first, Soupy Sales
      Soupy sells a Puppet Show. “Poor Soupy..”
      Picture of Yappy with debonair expression, and a cigarette penciled in. “If you remember it.. you weren’t there”
3:39  -     People nod. Ezra “Those eyes look very Chuck Jones-ish.” Poink “They look feminine!”
      Someone’s butt with KISS tattoos on it. Poink “You can KISS my ass!” Atkelar. (Good furson!)
      Eyeball guy meets the Jalapeno on a Stick. Jalapeno “I’m sorry, Senior, he’s no cousin of mine.” Eyeball.. looks
      Fudgy’s Dead Air Timer for 434.. “2 Weeks, 17 Secs”
      Yappy fursuiters with a walker with Bling. “Yappyfox in: Pimp my walker!”
      You just have to see this one.. Poink, red-eyed, with smoke coming out of his earphones.. standing.. with
            an EXPLOSION MARK between his legs..
      Reactions. Ezra “Thank you Snapai, I love the fact that his crotch blew up too!” Poink “I think I just did an
            airbag!” “Well you have headphones on..” “I always do when I’m doing the show!”
      Second Life(?) – Happy Halloween From the Furmily.
3:40  -     Jackrabbit, Hugh, AND Poink, all as the Green Lantern! JR laughs! “It’s ALL OF ME, Hugh and Poink T
                  Weasel..” People laugh. Poink wows “God.. (looks at Hugh, who weighs 1800 lbs) that’s the fattest
                  Green Lantern back there I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!” Hugh the Hutt.
      One more remains..
      Bummer when you drop clothes you just finished washing.
3:41  -     Poink thanks Snapai again “I’m going to have to put that up on my FurAffinity account tonight!”
      Poink explains the Florence Handerson thing. F.L.O.W. is a group dedicated to helping Senior Citizens get
            online. Recent Poinkcast (http://poink.furryhost.com/poinkcasts/Flow.mp3 ) had fun with this..
      Yappy “Florence Henderson is a Lesbian?” Poink “No, I made that up..”
            Floh just learned to use her Webcam in an interview. Poink “I thought.. hot Gran on Gran action!”
<Background Music>
*** SHOUT OUTS *** Scream guy waves his hand spookily and stuff
3:42  -     People give Darkie advice for getting a coffee table.
            Issaya Eagle gets a fursuit.
3:43  -     People wonder when the new FPS sign is going up? Scream Guy recalls they’re selling the old one at
                  the next Telethon Show, in a couple weeks.
            Furfright smashing Pumpking tradition invitation for Yappy! Yappy “Did we have a Pumpking smashing.. I must
                  have went to bed.” Forgot.  Scream “You were asleep at 11:00 every night.” “Yep.”
            Daylight savings time announcement. Europe goes early.
3:44  -     Yappy “Yappy, how did you make that wireless cam.. huh.” Poink “He didn’t!” Did. “It was duct tape.. a
                  pack of batteries..” Poink “Wow..” “.. and one of those cheesy 600mHz videos.. air things.”
            Yappy’s last name is Heterodyne.
            Poink mentions a con coming up. “Yep.” “And how many of us are going?” Yappy cuts back in from his train
                  of thought, which derails. Scream “WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?!?”
            Midwest Furfest coming up. Poink thinks programming guy Pero is a good guy. Scream “We love PERO!”
                  Ezra “I’ve been working with Pero for a while, he’s going NUTS right now.”
            Joys of Con logistics. Ezra “I totally feel his pain.. all the last minute requests..”
3:45  -     Midwest Furfest attendance between 1-2 thousand. http://www.furfest.org/
            Limited amount of time in each room. Everyone waits until last minute to request time. Brain implodes.
            Ezra gives public service announcement to not wait until a month before the con to request space, programs
                  are already done. “For bigger cons? They’ve already been BILLED.”
            Poink “I do the programming for Megaplex.. and it’s a small con.. doesn’t have a lot going on, and I’m
                  ready to Kill all you Mofos by the end of it!”
3:46  -     Scream “People don’t fail to plain.. wait.. they don’t plan to fail.. they fail to plan..” Poink nods “And
                  they plan to smoke pot apparently.” Scream takes a hit from his fingers, then looks at them, empty.
            Ezra “Hats off to you Pero, I’m sorry you’re going through it right now.”
            Poink “Now who from the cast will be going?” Ezra and Poink. Yingyang shakes head. Poink “I’m actually
                  going to be doing standup. Lots of things going on, and I want to do a quick shoutout..”
            Special Tags you see at AC and places? Screen goes to Heart tage with bar code “Retain Tag for Reference.
                  Do Not Feed After Midnight. Do Not Fold or Steam. Cold Wash Only.” and a piece of cake.
                  Poink “This is a special tag that’s going to be made for fursuiters by Chillimouse, they’re going to
                  be numbered, there’s going to be about 500..” donates go to KARE. chillimouse@gmail.com
(different charity this year (2010) http://www.furfest.org/charity )
3:47  -     MFM in three weeks. Poink “And you know what comes after THAT? Grannycon! THANKSGIVING!!”
            More new cons coming out. Fursconsin? (couldn’t find it)
            Scream “Is there a webpage.. that lists every single convention?” Ezra “There sure is.” Poink “Not yet.”
            Ezra pulls up http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/WikiFur_Furry_Central
            http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Top_conventions_by_year (Scroll down to modern year, see how big each one is)
http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/List_of_conventions_by_attendance (this has them all I think)
            So many cons now that weekends around Anthrocon have one or even two cons! Worldwide.
                  Scream Guy “I wanna know if there’s any weekends left! Who’s gonna get the last weekend?”
<Background Music> (And a disturbing slideshow too!)
3:48  -     Christmas Convention? Yappy “Foxmas just got bailed on.” Scream “What, the sex convention?” “They deny
                  that..” “They had sex on their webpage!” “.. but the hotel saw their webpage, and pulled their
                  contract and ripped it up.” Scream “Because it was all-sexcon! DUH!”
            Yingyang looks up, exchanges Duhs with Scream, student and master. Ezra pulls up the list.
            Poink pitches Another Big Con coming up in March of next year. “It’s called.. AC. AIRBAG CON! You get to
                  go and see people EXPLODE AIRBAGS and ALL KINDS OF THINGS!” Scream drops his jaw at the thought.
            Ezra pulls up 45 registered conventions. Scream wows! “Do the list! at the top!”
            Poink “Do it in SONG!”

<Background Music>
            Ezra “There are in order of attendance:” http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/List_of_conventions_by_attendance
            Further Confusion.
            Midwest Furfest.        Scream guy dances.
            Furry Weekend Atlanta
            Furfright.              Scream guy “Dates!” Ezra … “I’m just filling out the list” (dates on Wiki page)
3:49  -     Anthrocon
            Further Confusion.
            Midwest Furfest.
            Furry Weekend Atlanta.
            Furry Connection North.
            Furry Fiesta
            Mephit Furmeet.
            Rocky Mountain Fur Con
            FA: United!             Scream and Yingyang dances to nonexistent song              (Gotcha covered)
            Furnal Equinox
            Rocket City FurMeet
            What the Fur
            RBW 2009
            Elliott’s Winter Carnival     Yappy “That’s not a Furry con though..”
            (Something in Russian)        Ezra “I don’t speak Cyrillic..”
            All Fur Fun 2009
            New Year’s Furry Ball
            Western PA Furry Weekend
            Delaware FurBowl
            Camp Feral!
            CeSFuR (Norway?)              Ezra guesses Czechoslovakia
            Campfire Tails
            Furthest North
            RivFur (Australia)
            Futrzakon (Poland)            Scream “There’s a POLAND FURCON??” Poink “And it farts?”
            Abando (San Paulo)
            Furry Ski Weekend
            Animales Sueltos (Argentina)
            UFACon (Argentina)            Scream “I wanna got to Fruit Farts!”
            Zillercon (Tyrol)
            ConFurtiva (Mexico)
            Tropicon (Germany)
            South Furrica Meet (South Africa)
            Cape May Fur Meet (New Jersey)
<Background Music>
3:50  -     Scream “There’s a SOUTH AFRICA CON?” Poink starts singing We Are the World.
            (Ever been in a 2 person room with six people?) Scream heys! “Anyone from Poland watching.. er,
                  it’s too late for them.. they’re all undead..”
                  Poink asks Death “How do YOU know? Did you take a POLL?”
                  Delayed reaction. “Wha…… OH!!!! Wakka Wakka!”
            Scream “I wanna go to Pollock Con!”  Giggling. “(defensive) I really do!” Poink “You’re ALREADY THERE!”
                  More giggling. Scream “(soft) every week..”
            Ezra yahs, there are a LOT of CONS. Looks for Con calendar.
3:51  -     Scream “I don’t even know anybody from Pollockia..” Yappy “(oblivious) Let’s see.. somebody could buy
                  a Petabyte hard drive for the show..” Ezra “That’s above a terabyte..” Poink “You’re ALREADY
                  LOOKING IT *UP*?!”
            (Seems to work, you can download almost all the shows now) Yappy “$117,000” Poink “You are the Window
                  Shopper from HELL! How many Googlebytes is that?” Scream “(oblivious) Tod’s News needs to go over
                  some of these Cons that we’ve never heard of..” Ezra says he’ll contact him. Blitz “I think it says
                  67 Terabytes or something..”
            Yappy “It’s 45 hard drives.. 4 SATA cards.. 2 power supplies..” Poink “And a partridge in a pear tree..”
                  Yappy “.. a motherboard, and 4 GIG of ram.”
                  Ezra “And how much is it?” Poink “More than we’re worth..” $117,000. YingYang nodsnods.
            Scream “(oblivious) Would someone say how much this thing is? Curiosity.” $117,000. “… SCREW THAT!!”
3:52  -     Yappy “Yes, but think of all the YouTube video you could store! RAIN-BOWS!”
            Yappy compromises “64 *TERABYTES*, for $8000.” Scream “Damn.. we’re just trying to stay on the air!”
                  Poink “If I had that much PORN my thingy would fall off..”
            Segway to the Telethon show in November though. Ezra/KP “Yappy, what is the Goal that you need for
                  equipment?” Yappy “(stars in eyes, dreamy) I.. I don’t know..” Scream “This is an expensive process..
                  this ain’t cheap, this ain’t free..”
            Yappy “(amazed?) I don’t know what equipment I need to replace this year..”
                  Ezra points out song licensing, the ability to broadcast. Poink nods “Yeah, and that’s like
                  $18,000.” Coughing. Ezra “NO, that’s YOUR porn cost!”
            Poink appeals to the audience. “Yappy, why do you keep lying.. oh ok.. He wants a PONY folks!” Laughter.
                  “We need to donate at least enough to get him a Shetland!”
            Poink sets off chorus of “GET YAPPY A PONY! GET YAPPY A PONY!” others join in.
3:53  -     “GET YAPPY A PONY!!” Yappy “Where am I gonna PUT the damn thing??” Poink “It’ll be a Shetland, you can
                  put it in the closet!” Yappy hmms “Someone brought up $125,000? That would do it, that would buy up
                  FPS studios.” Lots of gear donated and collected over years. Yappy “So then I would just leave this
                  place here for the puppet show.. and I’ll go buy a new house elsewhere!”
            Privacy is good. Poink “Oh GOOD! Then YOU can drive for BFE every week!” (Did I mention I hate KISS?)
            Ezra “Hey Poink?” “Yeah?” “Believe it or not, Yappy just had a donation.” lifts Shetland puppet up.
                  “Somebody sent Yappy a pony!” Pony looks about, and nods. Poink “Now, they told him to Go F— A Pony!”
                  “There’s a difference!” Pony looks at the camera, freaks out and runs.
            Waking up with a Pony Head in your bed. Yappy “See, I want enough Hard Drive space so that I can mirror
                  Google.” Googlebytes. Ezra “I beat.” Yappy cackles. Poink “…WHY?” Yappy giggles.
            A world with two Googles. Poink “What would the other one be called, GOGGLE?” Mutt votes for Twoggle.
            From channel question, Poink notes that he does have a Donate button on his Poinkcast page also.
                  Poink “The two things are ENTIRELY SEPARATE! I don’t want the billing problems that Yappy’s got!”
            Yappy says one word. “Yapple.”
3:54  -     Ezra notes from penny-stretching he’d vote for Frugal. Poink “(recovers senses) .. YAPPLE? The furry
            Scream notes they’re going to be auctioning some FPS gear as well “So you’re not gonna walk away from this
                  empty-handed b-aby!” Yappy “I don’t know.. need to figure what we want to throw away..” Ezra “Why
                  you wanna say Throw Away?” Poink “I am looking into doing some live Poinkcast stuff..”
            Poink ponders doing a Poinkcast by Request. Yappy wonders about getting a 13” flat monitor behind the
                  stage. Ezra “The one back here sucks..” Poink heys! “One of the good things about working backstage
                  is that you don’t have to SEE IT!” Yappy chuckles. Ezra “No.. cause we’re always like, hey, what’s
                  going on up there?” Poink “Oh yeah, we’re FLYIN BLIND, dude! If you guys are my wingman I’m going
3:55  -     Scream “If we don’t need it, we’re not gonna get it! Don’t worry, we’re not gonna get greedah!”
                  Back to Frugal. Scream “We only ask for help when we NEED IT!” People nod, going serious.
            Poink “And if you think about it, none of the money goes into our pockets-wish it did!-but the truth of
                  the matter is, running this equipment.. paying the license, and paying our CABLE BILL!” Ezra adds
                  the electric bill to that.
            Yappy “Actually, Rasvar just said what we need to do is switch everything to HD…”
            Pause. Ezra earshakes “NO WE DON’T! NO!” Poink thinks it’s a bad idea. “What you need to do is kiss my
                  ever-loving white hineey!” Scream “.. then you’d see how bad this stage is!”
            Ezra “Rasvar is obsessed with HD! He was not happy until he had a television screen where he could see
                  the perspiration glistening off football player’s butts!” Scream “Looked good in Bluray!”
                  Poink thinks he was looking at the cheerleaders.. Scream “Blurry..”
            If You Really Saw FPS in HD. Poink looks up at Ezra “He’s NOT WHITE! He has acne.” Ezra looks down at
                  Poink? “..O.K.!” Yappy ponders a live zit-popping.
<Background Music>
3:56  -     People EEEHG! Actually scared by something! Ezra “We’re not gonna pop a ZIT!” Scream “Hey, I’ve got an
                  idea.. what don’t we give JR a .. wax..” Poink “(constipated) I’ve got an idea.. Why don’t you
                  SUCK ON MY AIRBAG!” Scream Guy does the POPPING gesture himself, then collapses. Ezra “We could
                  ducktape JR’s leg, then pull it all off!” Poink “I’VE GOT AN IDEA, why don’t you suck on the OTHER
            People love JR, just don’t know how to show it. Ezra “I say, why don’t we duck tape EVERYTHING!”
                  Scream “Can we do a flashback.. of..” Poink “NO!!” Ezra “Let’s do THAT one!” Scream guy points
                  “I swear there was a half-second of penis.. on that show..” Ezra “I just saw a testicle..”
            Poink “(Very Constipated) Some people-“ Yappy “There was! I missed a bit with the block-out!”
                  Poink “—SOME PEOPLE have actually SAID that all I’ve got is half a second of penis!” Scream “Screen
                  Saver. That’s a lifejournal icon baby.”
            Poink takes control “You know what? I’m ok with it, because THAT VIDEO was what made me get my ass
                  in shape! Cause I looked at that and like.. ‘are they shaving a Manetee’? Oh wait a minute..(looks
                  in close) That’s me..” Strange Genesis of Hugh. “.. and two beautiful women I’ll never have now!”
            Jess and Raini. JR vows to work out. Ezra “They’re both married now anyway.”
3:57  -     Poink “Yeah.. but I’ll be ready for the next one! I’m.. Charles.. Atlas Poink.” Scream “(hillbilly) That’s
                  true you were totally buck naked lying on da flor getting all wazxed up! Oh Mah Gosh!”
                  Poink “You know what the worst thing was? They didn’t see the outtakes with.. Voit the Volleyball!”
            Scream recaps “So anyways.. don’t miss the.. charity.. the uh..” gestures “WHAT’S THE NAME OF IT AGAIN?”
                  Poink “Telethon?” “TELE-THON!”
            Yappy “We’ll probably do the telethon the week before Thanksgiving.” Poink “Jerry Lewis is gonna slap
                  you!” Scream bonks himself “Pawpet-thon..”
            Haggling over the date. MFM week busy. Same time as Anniversiary show? Poink “Oh, you want to be sober so
                  you can count the money!” Laughter. “Because he wants to ride his new pony!”
            Yappy cues the GOODNIGHT music! Scream “Happy Halloween!”

*********** SHOW CREDITS *************

                        Hugh has a solo.
3:58  -     Interlude. Ezra “Wow, the show went by quick! Lots of fun stuff!” Scream makes a hand burst.
            PAWPET SHOW #434        Ezra “Thank you to Ozzy for Furloween Bat..”
            STARRING   YAPPY FOX    “As well as the PredoPanther..”
            HERBIE KUDDLEPUP        Poink “Thank you to Wildwolf for those Sandwiches!”
            BRACE BEAR
            SPECIAL GUESSTS         Scream “Thank you all for tha FOOOOODD!!!”
3:59  -     WILD WOLF               Ezra “Also, thanks to our regular cast.. thanks to Mutt for stopping on by..”
                                    Scream “Mutt wasn’t here at ALL tonight!”
            Thanks go all around, cast, people who send in Art Jams and things.
            Poink “And the Radio Unifurse is next!” Earl the eye pops up, like the CBS logo on drugs.
            Scream keeps trying to Poke Ezra, but Ezra seems to be immune. People continue singing.
            “Adios.. Aur Revior.. Alfeetazaine.. “ Scream picks up the Giant Spider and rubs it on Ezra’s head.
                  “SPIDAH ON YOR HEAD!”



INFECTONATOR! - 8Bit goodness! It's your job to START a ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST! You have *60 SECONDS TOTAL* to destroy 15
increasingly large towns! The timer starts each time you drop your Zombie Plague Bomb, and stops whenever the death
total for each level is reached. Infected people turn into Zombies, who will attack any humans nearby on their own
until they are killed, or rot out of existance. Scout the map beforehand, and make your bomb count, then buy Mad
Scientist upgrades and weapons with the cash you earn from the Dead to make the next map easier. BEWARE: Many people
are armed, and Heros and Secret Agents are immune to the initial infection bomb. They'll try to kill your zombies
before they can grow into a proper horde.. best to drop a grenade on them pronto!
DEAD FRONTIER: OUTBREAK - Deadly "Choose Your Own Adventure" game, giving you multiple options at each decision
point to choose from. You're on the tenth floor of an office building when reports of 'rabid' people start echoing
through the city. Radio says to destroy their brains. What the hell is going on? Is your wife safe at home? Escape
the building, find transportation, get back home and STAY ALIVE! Be Smart.. many choices end in 'The End'. Where
were YOU the day the zombies came? Can you stay alive.. AND earn a high Human Compassion rating, or will what makes
you human be a casualty as well?
THE VISITOR - Click Adventure. Zeebarf attacks. You're a tiny alien worm who just crashlanded on Earth. First order
of business.. find some food. Click items in the scene to manipulate them telepathicly, figure out how to advance.
You'll soon realize that you gain power from things you eat.. see what this world has to offer..
EXMORTIS - *SCARY* Click adventure. You awaken with a headache in front of an abandoned house. What happened? Look
around, and explore, but beware.. -something- is hunting you. (HINT: Locked doors check the number of clickable and
readable objects you've found. If you can't open a door, go back and explore more throughly, it should be open later
on. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENED to play this game alone, in the dark, at night with the speakers up.)
THE LAST STAND - Action Strategy as you search the land for survivors and weapons to man and repair your barricade
during the precious daylight hours, preparing for the inevitable assault by zombies at night.
PLANTS VS ZOMBIES! - Quite possibly one of the most addictive action games in the WORLD.


** THEMES **



THE MOOG COOKBOOK – ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT. Rinky-dink Moog Synthesizer remix! You’ll like it if you love KISS, but
especially if you don’t.
THE MOOG COOKBOOK – HOTEL CALIFORNIA – Demonstration of what the Moog Synthesizer can DO to a song, as The Eagle’s
hit “Hotel California” is transformed into a rinky-dink carnival of horrors!
FERRET DANCE! THE MOOG COOKBOOK. Animation by Deezlberries. Tube ferrets rinky dink dance! Now ever longer! Song
“Buddy Holly” (by Weezer?) remixed by The Moog Cookbook. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHPkgIPDfcE (later half of
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5iQJLpVnM  <- Original Weezer version. Warped into Happy Days!



THE GMOD IDIOT BOX: LEFT 4 DEAD WASSUP (CLIP FROM BOX #8) – Renamon is hanged in one part, some users accuse
DasBoSchitt of hating furries?
TAGGED 8] – DasBoSchitt reveals a few things about himself #1. “I Do Not Hate Furries (Just Renamon)”
RE: THE CHAOTIC 50,000 SUBSCRIBER MILESTONE – An annoy guy wants Das to recreate him in 3D! What are the odds?..
ODDMALL MATT … IN 3D FORM!!!! – Yes, Das actually does it. And Renamon is in the background!


To download this show!



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk2DBU8wZEc&feature=player_embedded#!  instant
http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00160/  info
A Tribute to Soupy Sales.
CHRONAMUT - KH2: MONOCHROME DREAMS - From the Steamboat Mickey B&W level in Kingdom Hearts 2. OLDSCHOOL.
ZSTRIEFEL - IT'S GREAT TO BE A PIRATE! - Drunken swearing piratey voice acting fun.
THE STAR WARS GANGSTA RAP! (Youtube clip version)
IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE FISHMEN - Music video to the HP Lovecraft Historical society filk of "It's
beginning to look a lot like Christmas" converted into the Cthuhlu Mythos.
THERE'S A ZOMBIE ON YOUR LAWN - Ending music video to the game Plants vs Zombies (If you haven't played it, DO!)
HOW TO: TRICK OR TREAT. Mysterious narrator teaches Dog and Vixen.
IMPROV EVERYWHERE – LET’S SQUISH OUR FRUITS TOGETHER! – Flash mob grocery store musical.
PAWPET SHOW #426 SILENT MOVIE THEATER! (Starts at 3:50 in the video)
DRAW WITH ME – Furry anime.
GMOD IDIOT BOX #8 *CLIP* - WASSUP LEFT 4 DEAD? (Also the beginning of the Rhianmon craziness.)
JAPANESE PEOPLE RUNNING TOWARDS THE CAMERA! (real name in Japanese characters) Song is “Luv (sic) pt. 2” by Nujabes
feat. Shing02. (Not on iTunes, but you can download it here
      >> http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=7144829&song=Luv%28sic.%29+pt2 
BATMAN COSTUME FOR CHRISTMAS – “Hey Max, what do you want for dinner?” “JUSTICE..” *WHAM*
V’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL – Fursuiter dancer who did the Fireflies thing at Anthrocon. (Sorry I couldn’t find it.)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oyx--y1Neo&feature=fvsr  Creepy Ice Cream man is Creepy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qs1yTnI8U&feature=channel  Creepy Ice Cream man is Rich
Five Favorite Films with Eli Roth (Guy who did Hostel)
AIRBAG-POWERED NUTSHOT - Warning.. just watching this will hurt anyone male.
FERRET DANCE! THE MOOG COOKBOOK. Animation by Deezlberries. Tube ferrets rinky dink dance! Now ever longer! Song
“Buddy Holly” (by Weezer?) remixed by The Moog Cookbook. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHPkgIPDfcE (later half of
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5iQJLpVnM  <- Original Weezer version. Warped into Happy Days!
COME TO CONFUZZLED! BRITISH FURRY CON. Another Deezlberries animation.
THE MOOG COOKBOOK – By band of the same name. Rinky Dink Moog Synthesizer goodness.
DRAGONFORCE – STORMING THE BURNING FIELDS – (Someone lights a candle.. and sets ALL THE GAS ON FIRE!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!)
ROB ZOMBIE – DRAGULA  (Dracula + Gay = Dragula?)
THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW: CHICKEN DANCE - Insructional video on One of the Most Popular Dances In America!
HAPPYHARRY - ARMED PROPHET: ZOMBIES - Intro music for Predopanther.
GIFTED BUT TWISTED - OBLADI OBLADA (PUNK/SKA COVER) - With Zombie backup. Life goes onnnnnnnnn!
DJRECOIL - LEFT4DEAD RECOIL MIX - "Oh my God.. heherhehre THEY COME!" For Rollcall.
THE FREEZE - DjBjra - "(Cthuhlu) DJ DROP THE BEAT!.."
SLAP CHOP RAP – Vince Offer (backup from the Scout in Team Fortress 2?)
ZIRCONMUSIC - KINDRED (SUPER METROID) - For the Where the Wild Things are discussion.
SHADOWFOX2 - HIPSTER'S HALLOWEEN. - For early Furloween dancing.
LASHMUSH - RADIANCE - Music to explore Yappy's Technological lair with.
TMM43 - INFINITY (DJ-P REMIX) - Infinity Pawpets!
SHAWN KELLER WIKIFUR PAGE – Sadly, furryfans.com seems to be offline.
About the Vanity Fair article.
ART JAMS for Show 434!
I LIKE YOUR HAT - Dan Paladin - Goofy music to read Top 40 lists by.
SEGATA SANSHIRO! - DruoxtheShredder - First 30 seconds used for drama effect. (rest of the song is awesome too)
C64 Parallax - Loader - MusicWizard - Mystic etheral remix of the C64 game tune. Good for Halloween Art Jams.
PoinkTWeasel's FurAffinity account.
The Poinkcast the Florence Henderson FLOW thing was referring to.
JOEANDTOM - DISPENSER ERECTIN' - Cover (hahahah, love those) of Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Eruption", remade with
autotuned voices from Team Fortress 2. The Engineer sings about all the things he's going to do to that @#$@$ SPY.
Page for Midwest Furfest.
THE DEEP ONE SONG - The fish people, enslaved by Cthuhlu, give their own take on the Chipmunk Song. For Foxmas.
THE WORST HOTEL - For everyone who's ever stayed at a Furry con. Because it's Halloween, and I'm evil.
ZIRCONMUSIC - MONSTROUS TURTLES! - Timeline Closing theme (has to be a Mario mix) Happy Halloween Everyone!