SHOW #274 - NEW YEARS 2006                                             

New Year's Show! Ronin and EagleBeagle as guests 0:05
I know what you did last New Year's Party... 0:15
More Christmas Gifts (?) ... 0:29
Groucho Liesl and Friends... 0:40
Ronin Otter stars in "My Fair Lady" ... 1:05
Canoi Ferret, Strawberry, Blueberry Hyperactive Madness. Mysterious Universal Translator. 1:32
Hobbess calls in for 2005 Jeopardy... 2:10
Personal favorites for 2005, what people got, want  ... 2:25
ART JAMS - Pawpet New Year's Resolutions ... 3:19
WWE Reverend Rasvar vs Ronin Otter the Patriot - The Ultimate Sports-Fan Duel... 3:39
Last Minute Resolutions for the new year ... 3:52          End: Guide to Sword Markings
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******* START! *********
0:00 - Opening parade of openings.
0:02 - Stage. "Yappy New Year!" signs everywhere.
0:03 - Mutt does a lot of dodododoing "Happy 2006!"
  Lili "I just got used to 2005!" Yappy still puts 2005 on checks.
0:04 - Simba "I always write September 21st, 1978." Tod "Why?" "My birthday"
0:05 - Special Guests! Tod "Two!" "2!?" "No, two.." "Who's the other special
  guest?" Tod o_O "Ea-gle-Bea-gle." "He's not special!" Lili "Yes he is!"
  Mutt "He works here.. he's special, but not special-guest special.."
    Yappy "He's like staff."
  Lili/Liesl "*Speaking* of almost staff, shouldn't the website be updated?
    New characters.. new people?.." Jess offers to update if she gets the
    secret Yappy codes.
  Mutt yays! 1 sec later "Is it ready? Is it done yet?"
0:06 - Mutt "We're gonna talk about our New Years eve!" Lili starts laughing
    Tod "We have *pictures*!"
  Coffee belches vs The Real Stream.
0:07 - 2005 Jeopardy. Mutt "Like Alex Travek.. the question would be A vege-
    table you cannot eat. And the answer would be.." Lili "Carrot?" "Who is
      Terry Schivo."
  Lots of moans. Mutt "What!?"
0:08 - Combing 2005 for Jeopardy questions. Wierd shadow thing stage left.
  Ronin Otter is the special guest! People celebrate by saying his favorite
    team lost. Knows Patriots personally?
0:09 - Tod "Are you gonna tell them they SUCK this week?" "I could.. but
    they'd kick my ass."
  The proper way to pronounce Dolph-ins. Miami. Squeak.
0:10 - Jeff Gordon is the other special guest. People Jeff Gordon looks like.
0:11 - New Years parody! Herbie has Rare Steak for the first time, freaked
   out by dripping red water.
  Poink! "Where's a tampax when you need one!?" Lili "When you need one to
    stuff it in your mouth!" Mutt "I was craving it later.."
  Mutt munchs leftover tampon from the Christmas Show. People offer them to
    Lili, who doesn't want them. "They'll expand in your mouth, and.." dodges
    falling tampons.
0:12 - Jeff Gordon cam. Eaglebeagle cam. Simba headcam.
0:13 - Kitchen cam. KP and Jess. And crayons? People explain to Mutt why
    tampons are designed like hottogs. Shows one to the camera. Liesl "Why
    are we having this conversation?"
0:14 - Next challenge.. going without both fart jokes, AND tampoon jokes.
  Jess "Well at least they're including girly things on the show!" Closeup
    of Herbie stuffing a tampon into a vixen puppet. Liesl ews!
  Dangling hanging thread closeup. "Herbie.." Herbie "It's stuck!"
  It falls out. Poink "Happy New Year folks!" Jess notes most of the channel
    is male, and very freaked.
0:15 - Herbie notes people behind the stage can't read the channel.
    Lili "We can't talk about the party last night without breaking the
      rating.." Collars? "JR looks cute in a collar!" "Damn straight baby!"
  People try to change the subject. Mutt tries to get Bandit to fetch a
0:16 - Mutt "I was totally good! I didn't drive drunk :)"
  Party at Disneyworld shuts down main roads?
0:17 - <JeffGordonPose.gif> <EagleBeagle.cam> Back and forth. Eagle o_o
  Looks like guy in Nascar poster? Lili thinks races just go around and
    around, only interesting when someone crashes. "Or when drivers get into
    a fight." Poink "That's woosy! THey both have cars, drive into each
0:19 - <HelloKittyDoesTheNumaNumaThing.> Kitty dances with blunt paws,
  Poink thinks they're breasts.
0:20 - Moving the stage trashes the computer cords?  Technical Difficulties
0:21 - Mutt and Tod go computercord diving. Lili and Poink dance.
  Safety pins, clue, thumbtacks. The Pawpet Show.
0:22 - Hobbes makes the ultimate Sacrifice: Leaves the "relative safety" of
  World of Warcraft (ROCKS!) to watch the show. Poink "How geek of him." (o_o)
  Poink "The computer is for porn, leave your woosy (DruidInBearForm.gif)
    little games at home!"
  Yappy wonders if everyone's seen the WoW-Avenge Q 'The Internet is For Porn'
    thing? Oh yeahs. Poink "I've seen it." Mutt "It's stupid!" Tod "Let's show it!"
  WoW vs Second Life. Poink notes link was in mailing list. Yappy "I delete my
    emails daily." "Smart man!"
http://tinyurl.com/9pnqz (Don't worry, I save the good stuff)
  Tod "How many do you get?" "Spam or legit?" "About
    500 a day, that get through the spam filter."
0:23 - Mutt asks Liesl's voop "What's your name, voop?" She erks "My name is
    LiliVoop.. for like the 15millioned time.."
0:24 - Poink "As in LiliLiliCocopuffs!" Mutt "Tell us about the party! And when you
    were drunk and puking up :)" Lili chuckles softly. Poink "Did she act like a
  Mutt and Poink do the automatic yard sprinkler thing at different frequencies.
    "Che che che che.." "Bleg!" "Che che che che.." "Bleg!" Lili "Ok.. do you want
    to listen to what I drank?"
  Blackmail time, what both Liesl and Simba drank last somedayer.
  Lili notes 3 cosmopolitans. *Mach* Cosmopolitans, super. Shots of Southern
    Comfort. Tod "Wow." Poink "Marry me!"
0:25 - Lili scolds "You were still there at that point! The was -before- the love-
    fest on the couch :P" Poink oohs! Mutt "Heywhendidthathappen!? Everything
    happens after I leave!" "No, you were still there.." "I saw no boobies!"
  Mutt "I missed the boobies!?" Tod "Yep. You were busy talking to folks."
  Mutt cries. "I was in the living room the whole time!" Jess blinks "Is this
    something I missed too?" Tod "Futon!" Lili "You were in your bedroom then."
    Mutt "That wasn't public boobies! That was Ronin and Jess boobies!"
0:26 - Something about Raini and kitchens and booze. People try to piece together
  the events of the evening bases of diverse fragments of memory.
  JR arghs after learning Liesl had Souther Comfort, right after she takes an
    ice cream drink. Timer starts.
0:27 - Jess "I had ten shots of SoCo thorugh the night and I was *fine*"
    Tod "Except your eyes were rolling in the back of your head!"
  Yappy "It's better when you yack early in the night, because everything's
    fresh? But if it ferments for a few hours.." Jess "Liesl and I had lots of
    sharing to do last night :)" Yappy "I saw it!"
0:28 - Gropeage detected. "Ronin started it with me.. so I had to pass it on to
    Liesl.." Clue: New Years party edition.
0:29 - While alcohol talk continues, stagehand passes out large wrapped poles
  to people? Poink "Oh, please tell me this didn't come from Parabella.."
  Pawpets mouth giant wrapped *things* "Are these what Syook was going to send?"
    Tod "Merry Christmas, from Blackfoot.." Poink holds up a sword? "OH YEAH!"
(Two of the packages contain metal-looking foam swords, the others have umbrellas
    with cardboard hilts under the wrapping paper so that they *look* like swords.)
(Just in case they got there in time for the gift exchange, thought the bogus
   swords would add a bit of color to what people decides to pick next <g>)
  Poink holds his up "By the power of Greyhooters I have the power, yay! MORTAL
    WOMBAT!" Starts fencing with Liesl before she can get the paper off, who then
    turns the package around for use as a mace.
0:30 - By pure luck, Poink won the 1/4 chance and got the Dark Sword, while Tod
  got the Light Sword! Herbie starts opening his umbrella. Rasvar "It's bad luck
    if you do that." "I can't open it, I've already got bad luck."
  Poink opens the umbrella and twirls it around. Liesl "Where is Seal??"
0:31 - More gifts from viewers! Mutt "Thank you from Blackfoot!" Tod "Blackfoot..
    why does my sword say Yo Quiero Taco Bell on it?"
(Oops, that must be the Dark Sword.. trade with Poink) Poink "What about the love
   scene we missed?" Umbrella and the Dark Sword do a dance. Mutt "It's.. Swordy.
     It's a new character on the show." "Hoi.." "Hoi." "Hoi."
>> Skip down to a guide to Swords info and Rune Guide
  Yappy "Do you sing?" "Am I a singing sword? ... nope."
  Lili "The Singing Bush.." Poink "I'd like to find that.." "What do you do, besides
    kill people?" "Uuugh.. I poke peopel!" Peforms dental work for Mutt, who opens
    his mouth.
0:32 - Kitche cam, cookies from Shamus! Poink "Are they Hashish?"
  Naked Poink (stagehand) "I need to pee!" Tod "You can't pee, you're not allowed!"
    "*You're* like a sprinkler!"
  Kitchen cam: Simba hmms "They had a keg, and it had Bud Lite in it, so I had
    a beer."
0:33 - Simba thinks back "Oh yeah, I had a shot of Southern Comfort, and -then- a
    beer.. first mistake :)"
  "And then I had an Emrauder Sour.. and then a beer.." Liesl andthenanotherbeers.
  "And then a Whiskey Sour.." "And then another beer?" "I woke up in the middle
    of the night, sweating.. drunk, had to pee.. bathroom.. was there on the floor"
0:34 - Simba talks to Mr. Porcelin. Liesl "Ok, you had an aftershock, I got sick
   right off the bat." "I got sick later, I wasn't drunk, then I woke up drunk
     and sick at the same time." Time bomb.
  More Christmas gifts. Art Jam topic? "Yacking Pawpets?" "Pawpets With Swords?"
  "No.. that would be bad." New Years Resolutions is agreed upon.
0:36 - Wild Bill sends in movies! Herbie gets Bail Out.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109199/ (That guy from Knight Rider?)
  ^-- Norwegen movie with David Hasselhoff in it. In Norwegen.
  KP gets Lust in the Dust. JR "Lust in the Dust! Devine is a hooker."
  Liesl gets Groucho Mark glasses. Simba gets a Peace Sign nightlight.
  Movie is actually Lust in the Dust II. Crappy gets Silly Putty!
0:37 - Jess unawares boobie cam! Toy guns, and a spatula!
0:38 - Spatula, plastic gun duel?
0:39 - Slow Down For Pet Chickens sign. "Pooch Power!" sign. JR chewing gum.
0:39:35 - Jeff Gordon eating a spatula.
0:39:54 - Simba munchs "Raisins are the best part, I love raisins.. Ahhhh.."
0:40 - Yappy shows up in the goggles, AHHHHS for the camera! "Science!"
0:40:09 - KP "Somebody screen capture this right now!"
0:40:47 - Liesl opens up the Groucho Goggles.
0:40:58 - Then the Goggles too "I'm ready."
  Jeff wows "She's now Glasses and Goggles wearing Hitler!"
0:41:18 - JR "Liesl, look right at the camera.. Sledgematic!"
0:41:28 - A part of Spatulas later, the infamous picture:
(Now I have a Screencapture utility.. Ho..Ho..Ho.. )
  People try to add more things "Ok, that's enough!"
0:42:02 - Jeff tries eating two microphones at once
0:43 - Herbie goes nuts with bubble wrap. Nicknack Snowman?
  Pixar Jackalope.
0:44 - Pixar logo with a lamp. Pixar stuff from Herbie's friend.
0:45 - Herbie gets $5 in cash! "WOO!"
0:46 - Heribe pops bubblepaper while KP groans in pleasure.
0:47 - Video: Ending credits from Madagasgar. "Move It Move It"
0:49 - Grooving 3D animals, old lady with bag.
  Back to the stage. "For those just joining, you just missed a screening of
0:50 - Tod MCs from the stage. JR blocks the camera. "Oh, there's JR's gut.
  "JR's finger.."
  Poink ate the Hannuka candles? Lili o_O at him. "They came out like wax too!"
    Lili sighs affectionately "That's disgusting.." "Now I've got candles!" "..ew."
0:51 - Kage has pictures of the Adams Mark hotel, being blasted? Old Anthrocon hotel
0:52 - Movie talk, Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong. JR "King Kong, just to spoil it
  for you, is about a big ape."
  Lots of folks have seen Narnia. Centaurs and Satyrs = Cool
0:53 - Everyone but Herbie says Yay. Tod "You can chastize him later." Herb's
   kidding though.
0:54 - Picture of destruction of Adams Mark ballrooms.
  Then the End. "What are they gonna put there?" "A Target." Walmart of Borg?
0:55 - Hotel with the Legendary Elevators of Not. Then the webpage crashes too.
0:57 - More about Narnia. Spoiler time! Tod "Put your fingers in your ears if you
   don't wanna hear!"
0:58 - Herbie's review. Jeff "And Aslan was the Shazma.
  Kids in RL weren't shown the set beforehand before going through the Wardrobe?
  Blue Diva from Fifth Element was also a surprise for the actors, trying to
    capture real surprise.
0:59 - Tod wants to see the White Witch fight Neo!
1:00 - Spoilers over. King Kong. "King LONG.. 5 hour movie." "3 1/2.." "Felt like 6"
  Peter Jackson gives giant ape movie the Lord of the Rings epic touch.
1:01 - Kong is cool, a bit old after being in a lot of fights. Tod wishes there
  was an intermission.
1:02 - Famous movies with intermissions. Plays have assigned seats, people steal
  your seats? "The Family Guy movie has an intermission.."
  Earlier movies had multipler intermissions.
1:03 - Memoirs of the Geisha, Spielburg film. "It is also long.. however it was
  pretty good." Ronin Otter, on his back "It's really comfy here, can we do all
    interviews like this?" other note there's risks.
1:04 - As Ronin talks about the movie as people start feeding him things.
  Geisha = "Art Person", not prostitues. Every movement is controlled.
1:05 - Ronin finds it increasingly difficult to talk as his mouth gets more
  full of beef jerky. Tod asks him to quote lines from My Fair Lady.
  "On blackest moss.. the flower pots, were thickly crusted, one and all."
  Ronin mmphs! Stores tootsie rolls in his cheek, does it! Herbie "Excellent.. now
    pull out your wad of Tootsie Rolls." ".. that would be horrendously disgusting"
1:06 - People give Ronin the goggles to spit into? "Swallow it!"
  People get him a bib. "Noowww I louk like I'm at the denstiskt.." "Rinse and spit!
1:06:51 -
1:07 - People clap! "He laid a two-toner!" "And back they go!" Tod "(polite) It
   really does look like you're eating a turd :)"
1:07:13 -
  People start singing the Pink Flamingos song. Ronin escapes, nausious.
  Brokeback Mountain, gay cowboy movie?
http://www.psychicbunny.com/v2/projects/bareback-mountain/ (Parody: Bareback Mountain)
1:08 - Canoi (name?) hyperferret with Grocho Goggles. Ezra "Hey Canoi!" "DOO!!"
  SuperMicromachineSpeech! Poink thinks of John Wayne and James Stuart, in the movie
1:09 - Ezra "Canoi, did you see this movie?" Headshakes "Did you star in it?"
  Canoi gets very embarrassed. "You did!" Standin? Poink "He was a stunt penis."
    ".... dooooagugh..>:( "
  The risk of running into coworker while seeing the movie. Nobody seems to have
    seen it.
1:10 - Jess is ticked. "You can show full-frontal nudity for a woman, and still be
  rated R, but you cannot show full-frontal nudity for a man."
  Surprise video clip! Beavers "Are you ready for something different?" "AND HOW.."
  Girls with tops and no bottoms, bad video adding. Kids "I'll have the clam
    strips!"  -- "More funny videos at www.skoopy.com"
1:11 - Ezra and Canoi are freaked. So is everyone else. Poink "Everybody take a
   moment and wipe off your screen."
   Herbie "In Realplayer, that looked totally in focus." Ezra "I.. fell..DIRTY!"
   Yappy "That didn't break out rating, because that was on TV!" "That was on *CABLE
     "No, over the air TV!"
1:12 - Porky's II had a penis in it, but not erect, still R. Guy from Hollowman
  also. Yappy "You can't really tell the difference on a woman if she's excited
    or not.." Jess "SHE can though!"
  Mutt remembers Gone With the Wing "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn." The
    work 'Damn' caused tons of controversy.
1:13 - Ezra notes kids today can't sit at the gate and watch the airplanes take
    off and land, need a ticket to get in the terminal now.
1:14 - Airport security. "Buy a video!" Poink "Hurry up before all the airlines
   are gone.."
1:15 - Delta airlines, and why they need to go. Steward on Southwest Flight tells
  passengers to look out and wave to a Delta plan "We want them to see what a full
    airplane looks like." Ezra cracks up. (Only Southwest and Jet Blue seem to be
    doing well.)
1:16 - Southwest is cheaper, and Ronin recalls his father being a pilot for Delta
  for decades, while everyone in company takes 30% paycut and layoffs, the top 15
    Delta Executives took a $2million raise apiece. Bob Eisner. People nod.
1:17 - Jess reads the rollcall. <MexicanHatDance.mp3>
1:18:10 - Extreme Simba closeup. Very serious.
1:18:13 - He notices it.
  Simba starts mimicing Jess as she talks and reads the channel names. Canoi looks
    over his shoulder. People mess with him with the toy microphone, trying to get
    him to do the Numa Numa thing with odd names.
1:20 - Jess "And that's it! You guys are all weird!"
1:21 - Video - "Kidnap The Santa Claus!" from Nightmare Before Christmas.
  Technical Difficulties. KP warns people not to go in the living room "You'll get
1:22 - Tonight's Art Jam: Pawpet Resolutions.
  Sandy Claws - Take 2. Still choppy encoding.
1:23 - Herbie gives Bandit a wooden board with doorsprings attached to it? "I took
   four doorsprings and screwed them onto a piece of wood."
1:24:07 -
  Bandit loves his toy, as well as destroying it. "There are only two springs left"
  Bandit gabs on the wood? Why is it things kids love aren't good for them?
1:25 - Video: The Smurfs from Saturday Night Live! Smurfs at war.
1:27 - Smurfette "I want you to smurf me all over my smurfs!!"
  "Due to pending legal action, Smurfs may be called Blurfs."
1:28 - Mutt weirds as his bad luck continues.
1:29 - Kidnap Mr. Santa Claus Take #3... crashes again! .wmv sucks
  Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws Take #4.. crashing again.. and again.. and again..
    Yappy "Only 5 meg in file size, I wonder if it's right."
1:30 - Strayberry and Blueberry! "TheyfoundmetheyfoundmetheyfoundmeYAY!!"
  Canoi ferret speedtalks to Strayberry "Can someone translate for me please?"
  Ezra translates. "He's glad to be in Orlando and seeing his friends.." GARBLED
    "..he wonders why you didn't bring him any twinkies" (Ronin Otter behind ferret?
    "He says he doesn't wany any more Tootsie Rolls."
1:31 - Canoi garbles. Ezra "he wants to know why your shoe size is 11 1/2."
1:32 - Ezra "He wants to know if you'll support Republicans or Democrates in the
   primary." Strawberry "We don't talk about politcs on the show!"
  Syncronized EEEPING between Canoi, Strawberry and Blueberry. Stray "And he talks
    fast likedo, andhecanyaylikewe do. He's awesome! YAY!" "YAY!" "YAY!" "YAYYAYAYA!
1:33 - Canoi makes the moves on Strawberry. More yays!
1:34 - Blueberry "And it's an all-girl show again. YAY!!" Canoi is back "BAAAA!"
  Canoi talks in Spanish. Is sad when people can't understand him. Strawberry "Isn't
    it greate to have a forward boyfriend? :)"
  Canoi does the Mexican dance thing. "AyeAyeAyeAye! *GIGGLES*"
1:35 - "excuse me.." Canoi BOOPS by Blueberry "EEEK! You better not eat my bird!"
  Strawberry o_O.
  Arthur arrives, calms watching the hyperactive freaking people. "POUNCE!" people
    dodge, cheep at him in rhythm. Arthur "Meow.."
1:36 - Canoi argahkasd at Arthur "Anyone know what he's saying?" "Wehadatranslator
    earlier, buthebroke." People us the Star Trek computer. "It-is-good-to-see-you
1:37 - "Diplomacy-is-cool." Arthur "Not on this show.."
    "Political-Correctness-is-overatted." "I-enjoy-twinkies." Strawberry "THereGoes
      theRating!" "Strawberry-has-a-dirty-mind."
  ^-- The Living In Oblivion collecton, 5 CDs in all. Sidewalk Talk and also sorts of famous and/or CRAZY 80's songs.
1:38 - <SidewalkTalk.mp3> Tuminator
1:41 - Jellybean, with Madonna in it, song Sidewalk Talk.
  "The-carrot-is-a-vegetable." Birds ooooh at Carrot. Carrot "Eatworms!"
1:42 - Carrot, Peckers, and Carrot all go at once. "Be-sure-to-remember-that-carrots
  -will-give-you-gas." Yappy "They'll also keep you regular." "..Regular-gas."
1:43 - SuperSuperSuperHyperHyperHyperHyper!
  So hyper it attracts Javafrog! "AHH! I'm not into this NOISE!!"
  "I-am-not-a-toad." "That-is-correct-he-is-a-frog." Java "yAY! nOBODY nKOWNS mE
1:44 - Nonsanity's Vibrating Caption Photo?
1:45 - Blueberry is broken? Strawberry "You'd beter fix her."
   Canoi kisses Blueberry, resurrecting her with a AHHHHH!
1:46 - Canoi uses the Ferret neckpinch? Strawberry geekferrets.
  Aubry surprises Canoi "What, the heck is wwwrong with you?"
  "I-was-terrify-by-your-appearance." "Wook buster.. touch the pecker one more
    twyme.. and yow'll gonna pay for it.."
1:47 - Aubry plays the tough guy. Canoi "(translated) You-face-looks-as-though-it
   were-hit-by-a-rolling-pin." "Skljlwer!" "Ai'm gonna huwrt you.. and yow'ere gonna
   "Pain-is-not-fun." "I-am-hiding-now." Strawberry pops up "ThanksAudry." "I, don't
     like, anybody, who, touches, my pecker."
1:48 - Audry plans to use chock collars in a whip? Strawberry "SoundsKindaKinkyCan
    IWatch? :)"
1:49 - Attack of the Surprise computer! Jess "I'm gonna download this show at work,
   and watch it over and over and over :)"
   Java "Hey!" Audry "Hello Jawva. Whawts wrong with youw?" Canoi hides from Audry
1:50 - "Jawva, are you sticky?" Java "...No!" Strawberry "O-M-F-G!" Java "omFGah!"
  Audry strikes a deal, Canoi can touch the pink pecket, not the blue one.
  "Can-I-Touch-You?" Aubry nopes. Strawberry isn't sure wether to attack Canoi or
    the Universal Translator.
1:52 - Strawberry freaks out Canoi "The vaccum cleaning is coming for YOU carpet
    shark!" Canoi wewelrkej and leaves! Audry to Strawberry "I wuv you."
1:53 - Vaccum in the other room? Bandit barks!
1:54 - Canoi returns iwth an AXE? Lili is up now though "Who is that for?" "Where-Is
   -Audry? I-have-a-gift-for-her." Strawberry is getting nervous. Ponders turning
     off The Universal Translator. "The-Universal-Translator-Does-Not-Like-That-Idea
1:55 - "Unless-Lilivoop-Finds-the-hidden-power-button-I-cannot-be-turned-off." red
   button. Lili pushes. Silence "I got rid of him." Strawberry "YAY!"
1:56 - Canoi returns! Lili "Hi Poink." Canoi chitters. Strawberry likes him better
1:57 - Lili hmms "How many of the cast are performing with a hangover?" Straw "I've
   had ten shots of Soko and I don't have a hangover yet!" Lili "It's kinda worn
   Crappy "Mine's still here o_O" Lili aws.
1:58 - Comparing hangovers. Meds and alcohol don't mix. Lili/Liesl says that's the
   first time she's ever been that drunk. "But I did it with you guys." Canoi snugs
1:59 - Strawberry "Brushing your teeth to get ride of the alchohol mouth. That's
     always nasty." Crappy "(innocent) After I puked I used Scope!"
  (Isn't there alcohol -in- Scope?) "Garbage in Garbage out!"
  Lili "I get very.. effectionate when I'm that drunk." Strawberry giggles. Canoi
    moves in "I'm not drunk now, Canoi.."
2:00 - People talk about eggnog. Strawberry admits not having eggnog, says something
   ('but I was leaving it for you'?) to Crappy. Crappy "That's because you suck!"
  Strawberry "I was in Boston, that doesn't suck!" "It -Does- suck!"
2:01 - Canoi "BostonRocksor!BTownWOOO!" Orlando vs Boston. Urban combat.
2:02 - Comparing Mass Transportation systems? Canoi "Chowda!"
  Lili "It's getting really warm in here." Yappy has the air on. "I'll have to take
    my clothes off in a miniute." Canoi and Strawberry EEP WOO!
  Strawberry "So what's a voop without clothe look like.. oh wait.. you dont' have
    any clothes." Commands Canoi to step away from the fox, then gets spooked
    by Crappy "Bark!"
2:03 - Crappy tosses Canoi over his head wooo! Canoi eeeehs.
2:04 - Looking for callins for 2005 Jeopardy, lots of folks want to call.
2:04:44 - Crappy's smelly feet
2:05 - Lili thanks Colley for the Livejournal!
  Herbie mentions 2005's funniest icon contest.
2:06 - Livejournal = Blogs but was before Blogs. Bloggy before it was cool.
  Lili likes hunting for Livejournal icons.
  Crappy likes Manete bumping head against the tank wall?
2:07 - 80's songs on 45. Lili "What's a 45?" Herbie "Something before you were born"
2:08 - <More80'sMusic.mp3> Pawpet Livejournal Icons challenge next week.
  Send icons to carrot@pawpet.org
2:10 - Hobbes calls in, audio waves. Online for New Years eve, not inebriated.
  Hobbes "We were doing a five-time-zone thing in Second Life, I was DJing."
2:11 - Tech talk, Herbie thinks he's Powerbook isn't.
2:12 - Herbie hates having to multiclick things with lag on a Mac.
  Hobbes' New Year Resolutions. "Well, more or less get out and exercise a hell of
    a lot more, organize, get my life together, things like that you know." "That's
    cool." "Get a grasp on everything, stop coasting, I'm 35, it's time to do
    something with my life."
(I'm 32, hear you.) Mutt "What was one of the more momorable experiences you had
   during 2005?" Hobbes recalls Further Confusion first time last year, had a blast.
   Birth of Nephew and Niece, kids in the family.
2:13 - Mutt "What would you not repeat?" Hobbes pulls out of carport, slams the
   front fender of his car. Crappy "I did that 2 or 3 times in my garage this year!"
   Something to do over again? Thinks of the Con, but can't get there this year.
2:15 - Questions from KP: #1 - "The Good News of this Pop Music star is that he's
   Not Guilty. The bad news for Children everywhere is that he's going to Disneyland
  Hobbes "What is Michael Freakazoid Jackson." "Yay!" "I prefer 'what'"
  2 - This South Park Gueststar is no longer doing Satan, but is now on Trial
  Hobbes o_O "What is Michael Jackson?" Who dates Satan. "What is Saddam Hussein!"
2:16 - 3 - "This one-hit wonder from the 80's blew through and left her mark on
   New Orleans." "What is Katrina?" *dinging*
  4 - "Once again MIcrosoft creates Havoc in 1,000's of Broken Hearted Children by
    not making enough of this toy." "What is the XBox." Yappy "He didn't say 360!"
  5 - "This 2005 blockbuster wasn't quite as good as the book, and was much darker
    than it's predecessor." Harry Potter. Hobbes "I'm sorry Jess, forgive me!"
2:18 - Crappy's smelly feet. 6 - "This Disney released film about a bird that
   sucked it's own eggs." Hobbes things... "I didn't know they put a film out this
     year!" Chooses Chicken Little. *ding* "That was *DISNEY?* Oh dear God."
2:19 - 7 - "This new Pawpet cast member got back from Germany, and had WAY too much
    to drink last night!" "Who is Liesl?" Yays!
  Liesl oks.. "Should I be offended that I have a reputation for having too much
    to drink?" Hobbes "Actually you controll yourself very well, if you'd had TOO
    much to drink you wouldn't have been here today!" "Very true." "Being here today
    proved you -can- go to Germany, have too much to drink, and you still kick butt"
  Liesl aws! "Thank you :)" Mutt "Ah Hobbes, sweet talkin!"
2:20 - Magic 8-ball "Will this year be the year I finally make it big?"
  Big in what? "Um... anything!" Mutt "Big in anything.. in porn!"
  Shakeshake "And the answer.. is....... It Is Decidedly So!" "Wooho!" "You are
    going to make it big as a porn star!"
2:21 - Hobbes thinks it's great, unless it's a tape he didn't know people had.
  Words of Wisdom - From a song "I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than
    a frontal lobotamy!" Yays!
  VIDEO: Beaver in Canada. People chase beaver, literally. Molson Canadian beer
    commercial "What to drink when you're chasing beaver."
http://www.duke.edu/~amwhite/College/college6.htm (Scroll down)
2:22 - Mutt asks the channel for New Years Resolutions. Mutt wants to exercise more,
   recalls doing it two months, then being hit by Curious George.
  VIDEO - car stereo has rabbit and bear jumping together!
2:23 - Snuffles the Kitten - Wants to go to a con.
Liesl - I resolve to have more fun
Yurex - Stop playing the New York Lottery
Wolfy - To do more stuff
Keithbear - Move somewhere warm for next winter
Akeakami - To break all my resolutions.
ScooterSkunk - Get a new car.
NoelWoofa - Get first kiss this year. Or..
2:24 - Mutt arghs "They're all scrollling up past me.. I'm gonna have to miss some
  of them, sorry! Yappy went to a video."
Barz - To show me the monkey
   Channel talks about the video.
   KP asks Mutt what Christmas things people did? Mutt "Good question! Yappy, go
     to a video!" chuckling. KP "In other words, he doesn't wanna answer :)"
2:25 - Mutt gets 25 lbs of Chocolate. He o_O "I'm gonna have diabetis by the end
   of the year if I eat this chocolate!" boxes and boxes "And one large tshirt!
     Funny stuff!"
  KP found eggnog flavored chocolate at Ghiradeli. Mutt "How about you Liesl, what
    did you get for Christmas that you really liked?   Yappy, go to a video.."
    Liesl chuckles, hmms.. Ipod? Crystal vase "I also got..." roomate framed a
    bunch of pictures on her computer.
2:26 - Mutt tries for email card, 830 cards to send out. He o_O KP writes out 100+
    cards, handwritten. Hand cramps.
2:27 - KP gets messages back "Thank you for the cards!" Mutt "That's what Christmas
   is really all about" contacting old friends.
2:28 - EagleBeagle got chocolate for Christmas, work done on car, new nitrogen
   tires. Mutt "Can anyone back that up?"
(Got some when I got new tires at Costco, Nitrogen is supposed to be a larger
  molecule, and has more resistance getting out of the tire then regular air.)
2:29 - Mutt wants Nitrus Oxide tires, make people happy. "Not that kind.."
2:30 - Crappy got a 125 piece toolset. Changed liscense plates on car, he's got the
   tools. "And a can of Poppycock!" Mutt "What's Poppycock!? Oh, it's food!"
2:31 - People getting Poppycock comas. Ronan gets books, wireless weather station,
  Grandfather got him the same book this year as last year. Clothes. "I got my
    First Tie for Christmas!" Ezra organizes a necktie raid for Ronan next xmas.
    "You're goonna me me feel old!" Ties with polkadots Mutt "Klatu.. Barata..
2:32 - Jess got art supplies, getting back into painting. Liesl got her a scarf
   from Germany, gift certificates, Ronan visited!
2:33 - Mutt "You brought your present with you!" looks over "What did you get
   Poink?" Poink "What did I get who?" War of the World DVD, Aerosmith CD 'Dude
     looks like a schmuck (?). "I got a 17-inch dildo.." "What?" ".. a 14-inch
     dildo for when I.. can't take the 17 inch.. and a two-inch when I feel like
     just a little prick." he walks off "Merry Christmas."
2:34 - 7 different kinds of KP hot sauces? Talk of other places, lots of people
    miss Trendane, Ne'er moose dude.
2:35 - Clucky chicken? Some want to go, others don't. "We can do the 911 challenge!"
    Poink "YOU can do the 911 challenge.."
  Crappy goes to Consumer Eletronics show, costs $800 to get in?
  Mutt notes real cons take lots of money to get into "If the con costs 30-40 bucks
    to get in, it's not a real con, it's called a -joke-. The real cons are like
    $800 to get in.." KP does damage control "He doesn't mean that totally Kage!"
    "Except for Kagecon! Kagecon rules!"
2:36 - Other cons, flea market cons? Comiccon?
2:37 - Mutt reads the channel "Yes Recheri, you're absolutely right!" "What?"
   "You'll have to read the channel :)"
(Note to self: Keep channel logs) "What else what else? Yappy! What's you get
   for Christmas?" Yappy doesnt' move, working on controls and stuff. Poink "Use
     the mike or I swear I'll fart.." Yappy grins, reluctant?
2:38 - Theories abound. Poink "He must not have gotten what he wanted for xmas.."
   New Years resoluation? Favorite thing this year? AC? Vegas? Ka show?
2:39 - Scene in Ka didn't work, so they give everyone else free tickets for their
   next show! $150 per ticket, they -want- you to see it.
2:40 - Overhead battle like anime? KP liked the crabs? Creatures appear from the
   sand on the stage, then disappear into it.
   Zoomanity, Oooh, other shows. Avenue Q?
2:41 - Yappy's regret for 2005 - Getting hit by a car. "Did you ever hear back from
   that guy? No? He literally ran." Called KP "I just wanna make sure he's ok.."
     Yappy would like money better.
   Ronin's New Years resolution "Never to eat Tootsie Rolls.. again."
2:42 - KP "Now you get to eat Tootsie rolls while watching Pink Flamingos!" Poink
   notes they have a new Divine movie now, Lust in the Dust.
  Things the Channel would like to do over again. ".. Yappy play a video.."
Oaks - 1024x768, monitor.
Liesl - "That's for me to know, and you to never find out :)"
2:43 - One things to do all over again.
   Jess would like to sit down and talk with Ronin at Herbie's place after Megaplex
     again. Mutt "That's cool! You could do that right now!" "That's how we ended up
     getting together." "Really?? Aw! Love connection!"
2:44 - Multi-smoopies. Shamus- Have birthday over again.
  KP isn't sure of his favorite highlight. Recherei wants to move in to a house
    across the street from Yappy! Yappy "He just got a certificate of occupancy,
    it's ready to go."
WildBill- Air Astros to World Series "And win this time."
DocAbsinthy - Steal everything not nailed down before he left his last job.
Liesl - Repeat the entire month of October :) Poink looks up "Why." "Just because :)
   "Why.." Mutt "Yurex wasnt to go to AC again.."
2:45 - "Why?" Liesl "Ok! I want to repeat October because it was my birthday.."
   Poink "Yay!" "And it was Halloween.." "Yay.." "And I met a ton of people."
   "Yay." "And.. it was just a great month :)" "You're forgetting a part.."
     Pause. Mutt "Got some!" "Yeah." Liesl "What??" "The Weasel." "Oh! That too :)
     I'm sorry." "No! I mean me and you, and the park and the wine and the nudity
       and.." Liesl tisks "I forgot about that.." "Thanks.." "Oh.. I definitely
       want to repeat October now!!"
   Poink goes for a cold shower. Crappy "Nice!"
2:46 - Mutt invites Yurex to go to Cedar Poink with folks in May, Toraneko is
   flying out too. 2nd week in May. KP "We need to plan it so we actually have a
     full week." Kids in school. Storms shut down some rides, Hobbes wants to go
     too "Pawpet con! Oh wait, already happened, called Megaplex."
2:47 - Big event? Folks just want to go on rides.
   New character: Doctor Evil? No fursuits at Cedar Point, park owns own characters.
2:48 - VIDEO - Two commercial jets get in a drag race? Stay on the ground like
   cars. Spin out, slamming into things. Xbox commercial. Attendent "The plan is
     now ready to board." gear collapses.
2:50 - Yays! Mutt "The best thing about Xbox commercials is that they make me not
   want to buy an Xbox, they make me want to go out and get a life!"
  Mutt likes the water balloon fight commerical "I actually want to go out and
    have a water balloon first!
  Crappy "I like the one where people go out and uses their fingers as guns!"
2:51 - Canoi wants a waterballoon fight!
  Bodies show? Dead bodies doing everyday things? Mummified human corpses, you
    see the muscles. "The Body: The Exhibit." Annoymous corpses.
2:53 - Ronin "That sounds impressively creepy." Negitiating when to go there.
  Ronin doesn't live in the area "Someone get Bandit to eat my return flight ticket
2:54 - OZ: The Pawpet. "Where's Bob?" NO: The Pawpet.
2:55 - Resolutions: Working out more.
2:56 - Mutt meets Cousin It/Howard Stern. Moves to Satelite Radio.
  Mutt "What's his show going to be like, when he moves to non-FCC censored
    radio?" stream of rude words? KP "Do you remember what happened to Ren and
    Stimpy when they went to Spike TV?" Sometimes limits are good, shock value only
    goes so far.
2:58 - Howard's "Unclean Beaver" CD was just crude.
  Ronin has crazy wig on. Blows hair out of eyes repeatedly.
2:59 - Funniest Icons: Will Farrel SNL Cowbell guy skit. Animated.
  Olypic stick figure anime. GUy tries to get through closed door, huge hammers,
    then tries the knob. Stick figure tries to open door. "Jesus saves! The rest of
    you take full damage." D&D dice.
3:03 - Gay Spiderman icon.
3:04 - Back to Howard Jeff Gordon. "Nobody tell me what this wig was used for."
  Mutt has a favorite icon, but nobody else knows where it is? KP notes he goes to
    the bad places on the internet that get blocked.
3:05 - Mutt thanks the annoymous person who emailed him with a link for free porn.
   Repeatedly over and over.
  Passed-out guy video, still drunk when they open his eyes? Mutt "This was Liesl
    last night."
3:06 - Kiddnapped the Sandy Claus still isn't working :/ Mutt "That's been on Yappys
    monitor half the night, still can't get it to work."
3:07 - Proposal - Animaniacs out on DVD. It's coming? Licenses being released from
3:08 - Spielburg sold to both Cartoon Network and Nickelodion. Too many new shows
   on both pushed back the showing?
  Ronin "Cartoon Networks new shows really suck, I'm sorry."
  Foster's Home for Imaginary friends is good, Futurama, Family Guy, remakes of
    Transformers and He-man.. eh.
3:09 - Mutt "We love Loonatics! Loonatics is awesome.." Poink ".. we do?" Mutt
   shhhhss. Good art ... .... Mutt "The stories? Maybe the voicers should write
     the stories.."
3:10 - Once again: KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS! Take 20.
  .. and once again.. kerblewie. Technical Difficulties. Yappy "The keyframes were
    mixed up." Pinicle Studio, low budget, Yappy cuts the audio on and off to
    form a realistic simulation.
3:12 - Strategic audio cuts right when someone tries to say a URL. Mutt goes into
   a 20-second silent URL.
3:13 - People look for an otter puppet.
  VIDEO - "Kero presents - Stand Up. Featuring a Wacky Waving inflatable-arm
    Tube Man!" Editting footage makes neon-colored wacky waving guys dance to
3:14 - Bandit brings Herbie a Tootsie Roll. A homemade Tootsieroll. "My guess is it
   was a Kilingon.." describes the pooper with artistic attention to detail. Ick.
3:15 - Poink "That's gross." Audio clip: "And I'm Liesl!" people laugh! Stewie
   Griffin clip? Poink "Show the picture I sent, too!"
  Liesl "I'm gonna take that.. and I'm gonna use it for startup."
3:16 - Liesl is scared of picture. Poink "It's not what you think.."
  Group party photo! Everyone leaning on the other..
  Poink "I will point out that Rasvar takes up 1/3 of the left side of the screen..
  Ronin "YOu're making fun of him while he's not here :)" "Oh, I'd do it if he
    was here anyways :)"
3:17 - Bandit's in the front. Mach's new puppy bearpaw. KP's dog Magic. Tail of
  Scritch. Yappy coverd in background by Jess's head.
3:18 - Heribe icks "Bandit, learn to wipe!" Bandit looks at him? "It was in the
   shape of a dorito.." "Please don't show it.. I don't want to see it.." "It was
     like someone stepped on a Tootsie roll!"
3:19 - ART JAMS
  Liesl, passed out after the party
  Groucho Liesl
3:20 - KniftwieldingJess and Ronin Otter in Mutt's Love Connection!
  Ronin is freaked out at image of him in a 3-piece suit.
  Poink gets ready for bed after New Years resolutions.. Audry?
3:21 - Liesl "In bed with a screaming sheep? HEEEY!"
  Super high-speed Crappy
  YAY! More peckers! More singing and screaming!
  8 HOUR SHOWS! O_O O_O o_O O_o o_o Strawberry >_<
  Audry with attitude!
  Silly Putty University diploma for Crappy
  GrouchoGoogledSpatulaWieldingLiesl attacks!
  Two Fat Ladies from BBC Two watch the Pawpet Show?
3:24 - Ezra "Liesl?" "Yes?" "Do you want your Wienershitzel? With those Spatulas?"
  Classic movies. Mutt falls asleep in Wonderful Life?
3:25 - Poink does synopsis of movie. Says it will be better when Tim Burton remakes
3:26 - CAPTIONS: Kungfu Hampster
  Celebrity deaths, Dunkin Donuts guy? Brickstone guy who makes cream sour?
3:27 - Dunkin Donuts guy is in Batman Returns? Vincent Shiveli.
3:28 - Just a few, most from 2 weeks ago. "To the owner of a White Toyota.. you left your lights on." 2 weeks ago.
3:29 - Anonymous person who sees show for first time.
  Shout Outs, plugs and Christmas wishes.
  5th Night of Hanukuah, Christmas is 1st night of Hanukuah? "Spatulas!"
3:30 - Exactly when are the 12 Days of Christmas? Epiphany is Wiseman's voyage?
3:31 - Bringing back flashbacks?
3:32 - Ronin has in idea "Take old cartoons, and MST3K them, I know you did that
  with a Pokemon episode.."
(Doesn't need to be old cartoons..) Sound checks on MST3K, movie vs set volume
  Ezra's friend from work cracks up at the Kage DingFriesAreDone thing
  Ezra "Paul, if you're watching.. why are you wasting another four hours!?"
  Paul's little cousin loved the bit with the tampoons. "Why is that dude playing
    with Maxipads.." Mutt "Because I'm WEIRD! You can't explain it.. it's a stupid
3:34 - Mutt "It's a bunch of.. guys who are too old to be doing this stuff.. on
  Sunday nights :P" Ezra "We're having fun. That's what it's about."
  Ronin "It's not that we don't have anything better to do, it's that we choose
    to do this." Mutt "I love you guys man!"
  Yappy cuts to a video -- QUEEN - FLASH GORDON.
3:35 - Original Music video.
3:37 - Ezra remembers 1st Megaplace, Pacerfox and JPop filk it.
3:38 - Memories with Pacerfox, keeping touch. "I wanna goof Flash Gordon, I wanna
   do it really bad.."
3:39 - Rasvar's here! Ezra "How did the Jaguars do?"
  Ras goes into WWE annoucer mode "OOooh they did well and I have a Prediction.."
    "What?" "... Come Saturday... ...in the mud-pitten Blizzard that will be the
    Hell-hole called Bulet Stadium..." "Yeah, Yeah?" "..... THERE WILL BE.... WITH
    A *MINUTE* LEFT IN THE GAME... Mark Estroud and John Henderson will CONVERGE!.."
  (Why not take out all eight of them?) Mutt YEAHS! Rasvar preaches "..ON A FAILED
    FOURTH DOWN CONVERSION!!.." "Sing it brother! Preach it!" ".. to PRESERVE!..
    .. A *FOUR* *POINT* *JAGUAR* *VICTORY!* and send the *Patriots* down IN FLAMES!!
3:40 - Rasvar talks trash with Ronin over favorite teams. Ronin "You are DOOMED!
   ASK the BUCANNEERS what happens when you CHANNENGE US on our OWN TURF!" "That's
     the BUCANNEERS! This is a team of **POWER**.." people clap!
   Ezra talks to the camera "Folks? This has turned into Pounds Sports Words.."
   Rasvar and Ronin go at it nonstop in the background. Mutt "PLAY MORE LIVE!"
   Poink "Guys.. you are taking the opinion of someone who almost came home as a
     Woman on Thursday.."
3:41 - Poink takes Rasvar in to have his Wisdom Teeth pulled. "An hour and a half
   later.. 'Dan, is it?' Yes. 'Your friend will be finished, and we'll bring *her*
     out soon..' I'm like, you just finished yanking his molars, WHAT ELSE DID YOU
     PULL!?" Laughter.
  Clerical error. "He came in with a big guy.." "...Oh!"
  Poink "It gets better.. it gets better.. they explained to her "Well, yes, he
    has boobs, but he's a guy!"
3:42 - Poink "But then they bring me to the back to pick him up.. OWWW!" Poink's
   story is interupted by a tipped hit with a medicine ball. Ezra "Ow! You hit *ME*!
  Poink peeks up from cover "..but they come up this ramp, and I swear to you I'm
    not embellishing this.. Nurse 'He's right here.. no right here.. Jim? Do you
    have your pants back on?..' He's getting his TEETH PULLED!!"
  Ronin repeatdly bangs his head. Poink "WHY ARE YOUR PANTS OFF!?" Rasvar "She did
    NOT say that!" "They DID!"
  Ezra "You know what Rasvar.. for hitting me in the head when I didn't do anything
    to you.. THE JAGUARS ARE GONNA **LOSE**!"
  Poink recalls Ras driving home, mouth full of gause. Rasvar writes down "I forgot
    to pick up food."
3:43 - Ezra "I have an idea for a wager.. between Rasvar and Ronin.." Mutt "One
    dollar!" Looser has to wear the jersy of the winning team! Ronin "I'll get one
      for you!"
  Rasvar notes "The Houstin Texans.. clinched the Bush Bowl!" after the worst
    record in the NFL.
  Ezra looks at the camera "Denise! (aka MommaGyng).. Rasvar's Girlfriend is also
    a Texan's fan.. Denise he's doggin your team!" Mutt "WoooOOW!" "Put him in the
    Dog House!'
3:44 - Rasvar "She's not online, she's not watching this :P" "She's download!" Ronin
  asks Ras's jersy size while Rasvar cackles with evil zeal.
  Jess notes -her- boyfriend just ripped her favorite team here on Pawpet. Ronin
    nodsnodsnods with otter zeal! Ezra "Ronin.. since you don't live in Orlando..
    you have to wear a Byron Leftwood jersy at Megaplex!"
3:45 - Ronin oks "Channel, right this down, this is a wager.." (Got it)
  Ronin "Rasvar.. will you hold yourself to this?" Rasvar gives his work "I will!"
  Ronin "What does the channel think of this?" Mutt "The channel hates football!"
(Hey, I love the Portland Timbers soccer team!) Channel predicts Jess will save
   Ronin by getting him out of the jersey.
  Ronin "THe Patriots are not toast.. but I am o_O"
3:46 - Ronin "Where's Bradhound? Brandhound, give me some support! Come on!"
  Other folks and where they live.
3:47 - Kitchen cam, Rasvar opens his Christmas present! Mutt "Yay! PLAYDOH!"
  Ronin "He gets Playdoh and I get Spatulas! The world is unjust!" Rasvar nails
    Ronin with a thrown spatula.
3:48 - Mutt "Are you telling me the Jaguar are making it to the Superbowl?" Playoffs
   start next week. Another round starts! There can be only one!
  Jess "This is the battle of the SUCK DIVISIONS, OK?" Rasvar "Hey! We were 12 and
    4!" 12 wins, 4 losses.
3:50 - Mutt is into Flag Football. Ezra whisper "Yappy HATES sports.." to the
   camera. Yappy stays in hiding while Ras and Ronin go at it. Ezra "(urgent)Yappy
     is about to fart to stop this talking! Yappy HATES this! There's a fart
     building! He's gonna clear this area!"
3:51 - Mutt snaps Ronin's attention back by licking himself "MUTT!" "What? Are we
   done?" Checks himself for Tootsieroll nachos. Ezra "..oh boy, should we do the
3:52 - Mutt "Channel! Resolutions! What do you wanna do!??"
Barr- Hugs Rapid T Rabbit. Ronin "Uh.. these are not resolutions."
WildBill - Learn Unix, maybe got to Megaplex.
Keni - Go to Megaplex/Megaplaques
Zorro - Becomes a Millionaire
GenaDoberman - May off Hospital Bills
Gerome - Bachelor's Degree
KMPP - Say Hello this year. Ezra "Hi!"
NotPC - Blue Sexy Kitty Fursuit made. Ezra
Ephraim - Get A's
Plumpdragon - Do more art for my friends
Keni - Go to Cedar Fair
JadeRoo - I wanna get a good job and go get some stuff on Furbid
Wolfe - Changes resolution for his resolution "Ha Ha Ha"
Amberkitty - Fursuit
Hobbess - Improve himself.
(Blackfoot- Go back to writing short stories, start work on a novel)
DocAbsinth - Get his own website up.
(It's easy if you use http://www.harelink.biz/ (Yes, it's a real company)
 and edit the page with Nvu http://www.nvu.com/ , Nvu is free, and just went 1.0)
3:54 - Deepthought - Doing Geeky stuff to his computer (See above)
MWPP - No long does resolutions.
Shamus - Talk to Scream Guy? Ezra "Kill 2005! 2005 is DEAD!"
Scream Guy - "Who brought me back from the land of the dead? Shamus? He's going down
  "And stop this life thing.. get a big ABomb going.. everyone's gonna be dead."
  Yappy "You're building a big bong in your living room?" "Yes!"
Ronin - Eat out less, dead by sushi. Or chocolate.
3:56 - Ezra notes it's the first show in 2006! Death "You cannot stop fate! This
   show will die in 1 1/2 minutes!"
  Death "Will the Patriots die.. or the Jaguars die?" Yappy votes for the Jaguars.
3:57 - <Goodnight!.mp3> Dead fights with his own rebellious hand. Upside down head?
3:58 - Death thanks people for watching!
  CREDITS - Still hard to see on Realplayer, ghostly.
(I still play the saved show on Realplayer. I'm a pretend geek, I don't know how tech stuff works :P )
3:59 - Yappy arghs, has to update the Copyright date now, darn 2006.
Quick guide to the Runes on the Swords:
Both of them are offical Live-Action Roleplay weapons from The Badger's Den, and have a solid core surrounded by foam with a molded laytex skin designed to look like metal. You can hit people all you want with the flat of the blade, although you have to be carefull with point-attacks and thrusts, since the tip is the most vulernable part of the weapon. But basically, you can repeatly bash someone with them without worry.
I had two longswords in my closet, so after the bit about the Narnia swords last week I thought up a lot of phrases what would be funny if uses as the sacred runes on a blade, and incribed them on the blades with permanent marker. I wrapped them up (although with two umbrellas modified to -look- like swords under the wrapping, in case folks wanted to use them for White Elephant)
Since some of the 'engravings' are a bit obscure, here's a full list of what the writing on the blades means:
-When Aslan eats his beets, Winter holds its breath. (Gas)
-By the power of White Castle, there shall be no more beans! (No more gas. Burgers)
-Veni Vidi Vici Poinki (Julius Caesar - "I came, I saw, I conquered.. Poink")
-Mierda Santa, Leones! - (Spanish - "Holy Crap, Lions!")
-Manna Manna - (Muppet Song)
-Killroy was here - (Famous album from STYX. It's the Good sword, so STYX has to be listed somewhere)
-Fly with only on Oriental Airlines (The airline The Bride uses in Kill Bill, taking her sword as a carryon)
-Bonbon Delicieux (French - "Delicious Candy" - Point of the sword)
-Tejon Tejon Tejon (Spanish - "Badger Badger Badger")
-Feliz Navidad! - (Spanish "Merry Christmas!" Sword Point)
-All I want is a proper cup of coffee. Now.
-Coolus Totalis (Totally Cool - Harry Potter lingo)
-Brains -> (Destination of point)
-Don't Ruin "The Magic"
-Hilt runes: "The Magic"
-Yo quiero Taco Bell     (Taco Bell dog says "I love Taco Bell")
-E Poinkinus Unum      (E Plurubus Unum = In God We Trust. You get the idea)
-The Internet is for Porn (Avenue Q)
-Mya He Mya Ho Mya Ha Mya HaHa!     (Numa Numa)
-Van Nyet Corova Machina     (I believe this means Bart Simpson's famous saying "Don't Have A Cow Man" in Russian. Tt was something our Student Exchange group thought up with an imperfect grasp of the language, so it probably translates to "Have no bovine, male child", but the phrase stuck in our heads.)
-Cognito ergo sum nachos ("Cognito Ergo Sum" is the famous phrase in Greek philospohy "I think, therefore I am." The "sum Nachos" on the end is either a misstatement, or means "I think, therefore I eat nachos")
-KISS: Destroyer              (Famous KISS Album. It's the Evil Sword, so KISS had to be on this one)
-This end toward the enemy (Self explanitory)
-Windscar!                       (Inuyasha's big sword attack)
-Sony says: All you base are belong to us.   (Sony makes a lot of audio equipment. Forget it, bad pun)
-Go ahead, pull my finger!  (Not advised)
-Kids, *THIS* is a pancreas!  (Medeival weaponry applied as an aid to modern anatomy studies)
-I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.  (Code to activate The Maurader's Map in Harry Potter)
-Brains ->                       (Swordpoint destination)
-Buttcrack ->                  (+5 to-hit seeking enchantment against Rasvar)
-Hilt Motto: "E Poinkinus Unum" (In Poink We Trust)
One set of rules for one-on-one dueling is that if you hit an arm, you can't use that arm, and if you hit a leg that person's foot becomes rooted to the spot. Headshots aren't allowed, but a blow to the chest is an instant win, as is any second hit to an already wounded limb.
Happy New Year! - Blackfoot